Mark Zuckberg Faces Backlash For Not Censoring Holocaust Deniers | The View

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David Choate
David Choate 8 kun oldin
Then stop denying when you know that is a CHILD in the womb of that woman: An Actual Human Being!!!! ALL YOU ABORTION DOCTORS, STOP Murdering Kids !!!!
Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly 9 kun oldin
Oy vey Mark! Oy vey!
Ben Covington
Ben Covington 16 kun oldin
I love how they hate Trump but Whoopie says Fake news just like him. You Broads are Fake Jews !
28dayslater559 16 kun oldin
Thank you Sunny for being the voice of reason, it's about the narrative, NEVER CENSOR FREE SPEECH PERIOD.
Kettle Bell Kyle
“ fire in a crowded theater “ that’s the type of argument you see in high school debate.
Giovanni trafficante TAMPA, FLORIDA
How much as wippy Goldberg study the issue I bet she has even looked at it
Misanthropic Lycanthrope
those who shut people up instead of engaging with them really dont seem to have the truth on their side. it just looks fishy just saying.
Una Bomber
Una Bomber Oy oldin
As soon as these people get the power to censor these fake history idiots they will move on to silence every one who disagrees with them just like they will call me a right wing nazi because I'm conservative.
Grey Hat
Grey Hat 2 oy oldin
Free speech. You can have a stupid opinion but the rest of the people should be educated enough to dismiss it
oscar6418 2 oy oldin
theres no such thing as HC denial....some people question what happened based on modern forensic and scientific evidence along with released documents after the fall of the USSR...history is all about reviewing the past and rewriting history based on fresh evidence,thats what historians do every day...to the average man or woman in the street who has seen Swindlers List and a handful of documentaries all put out by )00 owned media it has the affect of triggering their programming that they have received via academia and media and they jump to its defence...in Europe u can be imprisoned for just questioning the official narrative and many have been including an 89 year old lady named Ursula Haverbeck
Alex Dashkoff
Alex Dashkoff 2 oy oldin
Ughhhh, silences conservatives, pardons Holocaust deniers. Mr. Zuckerberg, you have lost your Jew card. You are not allowed in my temple
I think they're missing that point that most "deniers" are contesting the actual figures and details. Not that it ever happened.
Why So Serious
Why So Serious 5 oy oldin
Truth needs no law to protect it
Kabuki Syneri
Kabuki Syneri 6 oy oldin
The View = Fakest News
rickrudd 6 oy oldin
Look, I know this is the View, but if people who have done ZERO research seem irrationally married to a number, then you should always check out the veracity of said claims. It is not anti-Semitic to say, "well, were there in fact 6 million killed, or could it be 5.5 million? Perhaps it's actually 6.8 million. Why don't we actually try to find out." I'm a lot more interested in accuracy than I am scared of being slandered via flippant slurs by hysterical know-nothings. I totally made up my examples of 5.5 and 6.8 million, but it illustrates an important point: The discrepancy could be much higher, and 500k is not a insignificant statistical error. People love to lob slurs at scholars who are legitimately interested in truth - I'm not talking about people with ulterior motives - FACTS MATTER to real scholars and something as important as arriving at an accurate number in lieu of accepting a rounded figure is NOT ANTI-SEMITIC.
Mr Twister
Mr Twister 6 oy oldin
1st amendment. Sure, as long as people aren't abusing it. Which deniers clearly are.
glittergold0333 6 oy oldin
People still think Sandy Hook is real?
glittergold0333 6 oy oldin
Still trying to figure out who determines what "Fake News" is and who would over see that on Facebook...
R R 6 oy oldin
Meghan acts so bratty. "Thanks we have to go" .
*I wish the discussion over global weather temperature ended back in the 1970's.* *Then we would NOT have all these global freezing deniers spreading fake news on the* *internet and the TV today. We all would agree, the world is getting colder, and it's a crisis.*
*Back in the 70's, I was smart enough to go against the 3 big news networks,* *telling us that mankind had caused a global weather crisis. First, like now, we* *hadn't had enough time to record the temperatures to say that.*
Jules198 6 oy oldin
Over 50 million Christians were killed at the hands of the Bolshevik Communists, starting with the Red Terror in 1918. Red Terror and Communism was a Jewish created movement in Russia. Lenin and Trotsky were Jews. Their main officers and helpers were Jews. History books like to just refer to it as "Russian Communists " or "Bolshevik ", to cover the fact that it was a Jewish started murderous movement to kill White Christians in Russia and install Atheism . Why don't the family members of those 50 million Christians murdered get any kind of reparations.??? They don't get anything. Their family was murdered in cold blood and hardly anyone knows their stories. There are no constant Hollywood movies about them. No constant articles paying tribute to them. Complete double standard. Jews own all major media companies and they own Hollywood. They make sure the Russian Jewish Communist murder of over 50 million Christians gets completely swept under the rug.
Boi 6 oy oldin
weve gone full 360 and now its bad if you dont censor
J. Opeo
J. Opeo 6 oy oldin
Zargle 6 oy oldin
Good on him. Freedom for the win.
Kyla N'Cole
Kyla N'Cole 6 oy oldin
Same people who scream for freedom of speech...these people have a right to be ignorant. People have a right to lie and we can't fight it.
Lemroyal James
Lemroyal James 6 oy oldin
Like it or not Free Speech and freedom of expression are protected by the first amendment.....any attempt to destroy the first amendment prove rebellion against the United States, and before it is said and done the United States will become a dictatorship by choice of the ignorant and when they discover they are under Authoritarianship it will be too late and they only have themselves to blame
Jaden Pearson
Jaden Pearson 6 oy oldin
Sarah I questioned when this video came out when I saw you. I though you were Candice Cameron Bure. 😅
F 7 oy oldin
Facebook is evil. Terrible. Facebook censors breastfeeding women but not Holocaust deniers....he's an idiot.
Axel Annala
Axel Annala 7 oy oldin
I NEVER agree with Sunny but she got this right.
Stars N’ Stripes Forever
Good on zuck to uphold free speech, no matter how stupid
Truth Exposed
Truth Exposed 7 oy oldin
BREAKING NEWS: communismbythebackdoor.tv/
Joshua Howell
Joshua Howell 7 oy oldin
I don't understand why Facebook needs to infringe on the rights of people. I mean, America protects people's rights to have a KKK or Neo-Nazi parade in the streets. How about, instead of calling out FACEBOOK, you call out the Government and change the laws.
HerSupreme 7 oy oldin
He shouldn’t. People tell blacks that we should get over slavery, those people aren’t censored and neither should the deniers
Peter Paz
Peter Paz 7 oy oldin
DEFINE IRONY: Americans decry Muslims for wanting to "destroy American values and free speech and bla bla bla". Yet, it is always Americans who would throw out the Constitution and violate its citizens rights on a whim. This is covered under free speech. Nothing to see here.
Teffre Minilik
Teffre Minilik 7 oy oldin
Fake show offfff
Tim Summers
Tim Summers 7 oy oldin
How can you filter/censor ignorance?
K Bar
K Bar 7 oy oldin
He will lose his platform if he starts censoring.....whether I agree or not. Plus these woman call republicans fake and liars every day....That is their opinion! Not everyone's opinion! Diamond and Silk come on!
When Your
When Your 7 oy oldin
I actually agree with sunny for the first time ever.
J R 7 oy oldin
Sarah looks great as always - looks like she was having fun with makeup and hair today!! Please don't go!
Braulder 7 oy oldin
Sunlight is the best disinfectant.
Judy Myers
Judy Myers 7 oy oldin
I am firmly supportive of freedom of speech do I like what is said no however that said their are some kind that’s is illegal you can’t scream fire in a movie theater and so forth however I don’t like banning things either as much as I hated what Rosanna said it was her right to be a bigoted human being banning is a slippery slope that I feel should never be used after in history banning books was ok and it isn’t ok for me as a parent I do my best not to let my children expose too young to thing but remember the Bible whom everyone loves and holds so dear as thing in it as well someone my not want to expose their children too just saying people wrong information my be wrong but it is still a form of speech you don’t want to see it do what I do with fake fox turn it off
Tim Holm
Tim Holm 7 oy oldin
They should change the name to Fakebook
zoei 7 oy oldin
This is exactly how whoopie got about the debate w Ann where she got in trouble. If someone argued against her a scene may have occurred but no one did
Catherine B
Catherine B 7 oy oldin
3:45 correct
Sevipants19 7 oy oldin
No one is going to tell whoopie she was out of line when she lost it the day the judge was there.
Tangerine Rose
Tangerine Rose 7 oy oldin
Can't hide the truth forever Zuckie. "The Greatest Story Never Told"....look it up !
Aaron Richards
Aaron Richards 7 oy oldin
debunked. look it up! imgur.com/nUtifYK
Soho Haus Rules
Soho Haus Rules 7 oy oldin
I'm so sick of the socials. All this social media is for people who don't matter so they can think they matter. Let's go back to the people who matter. Hollywood. Let them speak. Let them run. This is why I only read VF and THR. No, I'm not going to follow you unless you matter, which you don't. Yuck. I miss the old days of Hollywood when only the important had a voice.
mark9241 7 oy oldin
Whoopi is a fucking idiot. Of course her argument is "Fire in a movie theater!" and illegal immigrants.
Das espensive
Das espensive 7 oy oldin
I 100% agree with Sonny. It can easily turn biased real quick and that's something BOTH sides should be afraid of. You might find it horribly offensive when people say that Sandy Hook was a haux but you DO NOT have the right to silence them.
Marina corriendo
Marina corriendo 7 oy oldin
so whos mark zuckberg? :)
Scott Leeper
Scott Leeper 7 oy oldin
I simply no longer uae facebook what-so-ever.
angelica lim
angelica lim 7 oy oldin
Never knew Mark Z. can be that stupid.
Joseph Bowen
Joseph Bowen 7 oy oldin
Whoopi and left retards would vote for him thats how stupid celebrities are
Sherry Grace
Sherry Grace 7 oy oldin
I think censorship shouldn’t happen because after a while it starts becoming biased to the company...or who’s running it. Once you censor one thing, they start censoring everything. And then it’s Twitter. As much as I hate what some people say, I can say things other people might hate.
HeroOfTheEmblem 7 oy oldin
According to this logic, conspiracy theorists saying that the moon landing was fake and Flat Earth believers speaking of their beliefs should also be banned.
Aaron Richards
Aaron Richards 7 oy oldin
saying the moon landing was fake does not really foster hatred for nasa astronauts. saying the earth is flat doesnt want anyone to go beat up a scientist. saying jews have been lying to us for 7 decades and created the biggest extortion racket in the history of the west however, does make you begin to loathe them, doesnt it?
Bagz more
Bagz more 7 oy oldin
Whoopi said it so it must be true. Lol.
JokersSerious 7 oy oldin
what a chode. yeah, yeah, they have the right, they might not know, blah blah blah... and Facebook is NOT a public, tax-funded forum. it's technically a PRIVATELY owned site. and Zuckerberg should know this, with his billions of dollars. HE has the right to ban all of them. That can be his prerogative as a business owner, and would be his right to do so. either he's the richest retard in the world (muricah, huh) or there's something else going on here.
Maria 7 oy oldin
I'm always astonished by how much sympathy and recognition the jews get while others die in Palestine, Bosnia,Armenia,Rwandan...etc it's sickening that tragedy is derailed and instead of learning from it they choose to politicise it and use it to push certain agendas. I agree that the deniers shouldn't have that much freedom to do so,but surely you'd do the same to homophobic,Islamophobic...etc right?!
MFLIAM 7 oy oldin
Whoop got to tf Go! Unacceptable behavior
bubu joo Estes
bubu joo Estes 7 oy oldin
Whoopi is OOB. Don't say the same thing over and over again.You can't breathe .
Christina Post
Christina Post 7 oy oldin
I am German and I am dealing with that guild of my nation everyday generally and on various dates where we still officially apologize for it specifically. TAKE IT DOWN! There is no reason stuff like that should be up there to be believed if some people "choose to". NO! This happened. And if the victims and the offenders agree that it happened and it was bad - how can you let anyone think that it did not happen?! How can anyone justify that?
R Navs
R Navs 7 oy oldin
Whoopi has gone off the deep end.
Tosin Ojo
Tosin Ojo 7 oy oldin
If they sensor them for being deniers, one day they would censor you too. Stop fighting for your rights to be taken away.
greeklawyer2002 7 oy oldin
kickthespike 7 oy oldin
I don't believe your first amendment rights can allow you to lie! It's slander, libel or lies.
Alexander Castillo
Haha geez Zuckerberg.
danielleonyett 7 oy oldin
Whoopi, I'm so disappointed. Our government told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. How is Facebook supposed to deal with that kind of stuff? Should we also remove the National Enquirer from grocery stores? Facebook should not be deciding what's real and what's fake. As free Americans, we should be capable of deciding for ourselves what information to digest. We don't need Facebook babysitting us.
10X My Income
10X My Income 7 oy oldin
Can someone tell me who was the foreign power who wants to destabilize our democracy? They want WAR
86thislove 7 oy oldin
These topics need more time.
Hello 7 oy oldin
I agree with Mark! Facebook is FB. LEAVE IT BE!! Report it when you see something offensive or block and unfriend. I've rarely been offended by things I see on FB. Chose your friends well people
Miriam 7 oy oldin
Sunny, would it be okay to say that slavery never happened?
ZadZadrack 7 oy oldin
The holocaust of WWII DID HAPPEN. The current holocaust of poor Gaza Palestinians by the Zionist Government of Israel is ALSO HAPPENING NOW. The Hocolcaust of Rohinga Muslims in Burma has also happened . What about Bosnia's War of the 90s ? How many Muslims were slaughtered by the Seb Regime of that period ? Why is it that ONLY POOR PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD get murdered en mass ? Each of these historic events have happened, and many of the Politicians responsible for these CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY ARE ALLOWED TO GO ON WITH THEIR CRIMES WITH IMPUNITY ?
z delany
z delany 7 oy oldin
OMG ca n megan get anything right .....the whole dimond thing was a computer programme which noted that they had used buzz words and it was automatically taken down and was put back up in hours
John Dinsky
John Dinsky 7 oy oldin
Only lies need laws and censorship
Kosh Naranek
Kosh Naranek 7 oy oldin
Sandra Shubs
Sandra Shubs 7 oy oldin
Don't take down stuff that is unpopular - take down LIES.
Kosh Naranek
Kosh Naranek 7 oy oldin
Mark is more "white" than Jewish. And that's "white" in the why David Duke views whiteness NOT in the "you came out your mom with pink skin" "white"
Jo 7 oy oldin
I’m with Sunny on this. It’s very scary when you start “censoring” things you find offensive, because something being offensive, is subjective (most of the time).
Councilman Les Wynan
Freedom of speech covers lying
Lucille Bonds
Lucille Bonds 7 oy oldin
There is another side of the coin, that's what he meant? The only Holocaust that I am aware of is "The Crucifixion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Can somebody follow that? That is the Real Holocaust. And it happened to the 2nd Person of the Blessed Trinity. I am tired of this people using the word holocaust when it doesn't compare to the sufferings of the Creator of the Heaven and Earth.
Aaron Richards
Aaron Richards 7 oy oldin
According to your religion, wasn't the crucifixion of Christ supposed to happen? You should thank Jews for fulfilling prophecy and enabling your guy to come back from the dead and start his billion strong religion.
Be1smaht 7 oy oldin
I agree with Zuckerberg your opinion is your opinion as long as it's not hateful.
Cici’s World
Cici’s World 7 oy oldin
He would be a better President than Trump
Someone Somewhere
Free speech basically....I don't see anything wrong with Free speech, just choose not to accept it
george mcelroy
george mcelroy 7 oy oldin
Holocaust denial punishable by fines and imprisonment ? Not long ago, an American Senator advocated Climate Change deniers be jailed also. People deny the Armenian killing or Holocaust of 1.5 Armenians during WW I as well. But no one cares about Armenians, it's the Jews. As no one cares much for the atrocities of the Communists or Imperial Japan. This censorship, fine and jail mentality goes against the Enlightenment. Classical Liberalism, not the modern connotation. It reckons back to the church persecuting Galileo. Burning heretics and those reading the Bible in their native language. Khmer Rouge of Cambodia murdering those speaking French or English, that wore eye glasses or were intellectuals. Beware of those imposing "their" moral codes and "their" facts upon you for your own good by force, intimidation, deception and censorship.
Aaron Richards
Aaron Richards 7 oy oldin
denying the Armenian genocide is illegal in several countries
george mcelroy
george mcelroy 7 oy oldin
Zuckerberg shouldn't censor. So Whoopi is determining when someone should express / not to express. " Take it down ! Take it down !!" -- Whoopi. And the mindless , Pavlov trained audience.
Anastazia Jenkins
When I say thungs in defence of myself and LGBT to hateful people I get called but poeple can post fights and deaths all day long not to mention the hate threats I get all day
Anastazia Jenkins
When I say thungs in defence of myself and LGBT to hateful people I get called but poeple can post fights and deaths all day long not to mention the hate threats I get all day
Anastazia Jenkins
When Facebook stops forcing Transgenders to use there make birth names I'll use it again
Louise E
Louise E 7 oy oldin
I think it would be great if someone smart and rich would run for president against Trump. How about Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos? Anyone with a LOT more money and a LOT more brains than Trump will do! I’m sure we could get them to release their tax returns as well! Of course, Meghan will make up a derogatory description for anyone that goes against her beliefs (just like Trump). Thank god we were saved by the voice in the earpiece on this one!
Get IT J
Get IT J 7 oy oldin
Boycott FB and it will come down. I do not care for it anyway. People should b so scared that their info. Is being shared to foreign entities for money and he didnt care until he was caught...like most rich business people who do not care about anyone else but themselves and their money. Amercia is being sold out by the rich and business owners to Russia China India etc then play on small minds with racism, abortion, taxes, etc to distract that they are making decisions to keep the middle class down and poor.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 7 oy oldin
If Facebook is taking down fake news, why is the Daily Caller still able to post their lying articles?
Gary Williams
Gary Williams 7 oy oldin
Sunny is wrong. Facebook should take down easily demonstrably wrong stuff. So Holocaust denying or the Sandyhook thing, or even that HRC was running a pedophile ring should not be allowed on.
PJ688 7 oy oldin
People should be able to spew whatever garbage they want. If you don't like it, don't read it.
Rebecca Byrne
Rebecca Byrne 7 oy oldin
Whoopi needs to stop repeating herself over and over and let someone else speak. Sheesh.
Destinee Mercer
Destinee Mercer 7 oy oldin
I love Whoopi Goldberg
Tingle Matthews
Tingle Matthews 7 oy oldin
Whoopi wants to shut down anyone who has a different point of view. So immature!
G M 7 oy oldin
Christian Romero
Christian Romero 7 oy oldin
Facebook has become part of the problem and refuses to be part of the solution. There is no Money in truth.
Erin Bailey
Erin Bailey 7 oy oldin
I really don’t think this is Facebook’s responsibility. It’s social media a public space. People can share and post anything. Unless a crime is being done, our speech shouldn’t be policed, even if it’s unpopular or wrong. People need to be more educated. You can’t pass disinformation if people are already informed.
The Girl
The Girl 7 oy oldin
There are things I find offensive that’s been all over social media the last few years, but even then I think it’s dangerous to censor even with good intentions. You can’t eliminate stupid all you can do is make sure the facts are there for everyone to see & if they still CHOOSE to believe certain things and share their believes with people then that says everything about them.
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