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ANIMATED BY HARICZ ► uzvid.com/show-UC7FetDSR8i3iRjGlTxy_oow
ASSISTED BY TOONCEE ► uzvid.com/show-UC9L3VJUMynz7d_L7KXzukIg
Animated From Pretzels ► uzvid.com/video/video-3xWnU089wwo.html
This might be one of the funniest animations anyone has ever made of me! PLEASE show Haricz and ToonCee all the love in the world!
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3-Noy, 2018

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sugar sedative
sugar sedative Soat oldin
this is what I'll show people next time and they ask me what it's like for me to have an ADHD "episode"
Aury LaChai
Aury LaChai 4 soat oldin
Why is this so funny😂😂😂
Matt Leab
Matt Leab 4 soat oldin
Galaxy Foxx22
Galaxy Foxx22 5 soat oldin
What's with the "new Markiplier" channel??? Is it legit? Did I miss something??
Meagan Robinson
Meagan Robinson 7 soat oldin
Meh, one more!
Aiden Scheib
Aiden Scheib 7 soat oldin
why just why... a pretzel vampire
The Chosen One
The Chosen One 9 soat oldin
*Markiplier Why you are not watching my animation and mading reactions to my videos*
DAO Comics
DAO Comics 10 soat oldin
I'm gonna eat sum pretzels now
Jim Feigum
Jim Feigum 11 soat oldin
what is harder 1 defeating thanos or 2 stop eating pretzels who am i kidding its obviously number 2
TimesNewLogan 13 soat oldin
Damn, now I really want some pretzels.
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 13 soat oldin
Now I hate pretzels...
Lord Omega
Lord Omega 16 soat oldin
*Wrong shaped pretzels*
Purple N Yellow Productions
I was eating a bag of pretzels while watching
GIO THE DJ FOX 21 soat oldin
dabbingpanda 1234
dabbingpanda 1234 22 soat oldin
yOu eVeR jUsT yOu eVeR jUsT eAt a pReTzEl?
Cool Drew 27
Cool Drew 27 22 soat oldin
Are you a scientist!? Scientist: .......... *music plays*
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 23 soat oldin
Pretzels Pretzels Pretzels, I really, really love Pretzels! LOLOLOL
Commenter Commenty pants
I can see Mark doing literally everything in this video, including and especially biting the old lady.
Reality Pacleb
Reality Pacleb Kun oldin
I just spent 3 minutes and 8 seconds watching an animated version of markiplier eat pretzels........time well spent
Mark: are you a scientist? Me:He look like one...so...yeah! He's a scientist!!
LaDawna Taylor
LaDawna Taylor Kun oldin
I don't get the ending
Sup I'm Jackie
Sup I'm Jackie Kun oldin
"That was borderline inpleasant" I'll tell you what's INPLEASANT!!! When youre a person who has SEVERE TYRAPHOBIA and you look at 2:25 I felt like I was going to throw up 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
Sean Pumphrey
Sean Pumphrey Kun oldin
do more animated pls pls
•Anime Siri•
T o o n C e e
Tarun Ramdonee
Tarun Ramdonee Kun oldin
That sure is a really good pretzel
ET 15
ET 15 Kun oldin
Isn't that Tooncee??
SpoopyWoolf Kun oldin
AFK OR FEED Kun oldin
And another one
GamerTime007 Kun oldin
1960: In the future, we will have a flying car! 2018: (Mark: .....YOU TRICKED ME)
Jung Hoseok’s Sprite
*M a y B e ~ O n e ~ MO r E*
ROBLOX Player Kun oldin
Markiplier is *hawt*
T0xic Kun oldin
Just before he gets hit by the car is the best
TayoEXE 2 kun oldin
Ashton Hefner
Ashton Hefner 2 kun oldin
Normies-goes to college gets job works hard makes lots of money Mark- eats pretzels
pinky princess
pinky princess 2 kun oldin
Me and my friend say pretzels instead of I love you now
Kayleigh Haines
Kayleigh Haines 2 kun oldin
Oh man, and here i was thinking it would be hard to come up with an animation for Mark eating pretzels... SOOOO FUNNY! ^_^
Mr. Grinch
Mr. Grinch 2 kun oldin
Pretzels are bad
Derp Dood
Derp Dood 2 kun oldin
0:59 it is wendsday my doods
Ashlee Vigil
Ashlee Vigil 2 kun oldin
eh.... maybe one more
amien g
amien g 2 kun oldin
who heard the scp containment breach menu theme?
I Tak3 DubbZ
I Tak3 DubbZ 2 kun oldin
*Legend says markplier has still been eating pretzels til this day*
coolnick13 nick
coolnick13 nick 2 kun oldin
If you listen closely, you can listen to the SCP Containment Breach Menu Theme in the background..
Nightcoremoon 2 kun oldin
that SCP music is bothering me
charmander team
charmander team 2 kun oldin
Are you a scientist!!!!!
Самир Фарзалиев
Шо блять происходит?
Sounds like spongebob- I nEEEd ITTT
FearlessRobloxian Tiger
Looks like mark has an addiction to pretzels
DeltaSilver88 3 kun oldin
I've never eaten dry pretzels before... just the huge, soft ones that are basically a bun in a knot. The bun type is infinitely better... at least it doesn't get stuck in your teeth or get drier the more you eat. XD
Wolfuspocus DigDroagoon
Someone is taking your videos under the name new markipliar. I don’t think I got the name right but still not the point.
Jackie _Rios78
Jackie _Rios78 3 kun oldin
U on pretzels
Lps Rainbow Donuts Productions
It's so dry xD
Brandon IsAsian
Brandon IsAsian 3 kun oldin
Ametrion Johnson
Ametrion Johnson 3 kun oldin
Nathan McConnell
Nathan McConnell 3 kun oldin
Whoever made this is amazing😂
I just sat here For 3 mins And watched An Animation Of a UZvidr With 22 million subs Eat pretzels What has my life come to
Potato bruh
Potato bruh 3 kun oldin
the lost miner gamingandmore
I was eating pretzels whilst watching this 🥨
the lost miner gamingandmore
Dammit i ate the whole pack dangit
ZePren 64
ZePren 64 3 kun oldin
I heard the SCP:CB menu theme.
Conner RK800
Conner RK800 3 kun oldin
Mark shouldn't have surived that car crash, it ran over his head, not his leg from the shot
GvG Legend
GvG Legend 3 kun oldin
Thats so great
Unoriginal Name
Unoriginal Name 3 kun oldin
Markiplier: *is thirsty* Markiplier: *takes a sip out of the fecking IV DRIP*
monster gamer
monster gamer 4 kun oldin
I got this add it was a board game called smart ads 😂
noob the hero
noob the hero 4 kun oldin
Pretzel lover =p
saltyboy 4 kun oldin
Singleplayer 4 kun oldin
I’m eating pretzels right now so I can feel what Mark tastes! XD
Chickster Chick
Chickster Chick 4 kun oldin
I really needed this... I learned about puberty
Zarakost 12
Zarakost 12 4 kun oldin
What were in those Pretzels?
Donut The Destroyer :0
Watching a grown *man* eat *pretzels* Proud
Anonymous164 Tetris
What a waste of time
Taegan Berkshire
Taegan Berkshire 4 kun oldin
I want pretzels now
KidsTeachingKids 80906
Am I the only one who can make out the SCP music
SpookCanNot 4 kun oldin
vampire bit made my mouth feel very, very uncomfortable
video Gamer girl
video Gamer girl 4 kun oldin
Im eating pretzels right now who else is 🤣🤣
Galaxycat 4 kun oldin
On he put toon cee in this omg YASSSS
Radek Kochowski
Radek Kochowski 4 kun oldin
White wolf 24
White wolf 24 4 kun oldin
1:35 its that alex(minecraft)???????? playing minecraft in her phone
Laz 4 kun oldin
I went and bought pretzels to eat while watching this video. Couldn't find the straight ones though. Not close enough to christmas for those.
Faris Khan
Faris Khan 4 kun oldin
I love markiplier doing animation videos
Sanji Vinsmoke
Sanji Vinsmoke 4 kun oldin
And this is funny because.?
silas velders
silas velders 4 kun oldin
One a marke vampire
Katrina Dixon
Katrina Dixon 4 kun oldin
The first time I saw this video, I was constantly confused. But now I understand. It’s because PRETZELS.
Lester Roquefort
Lester Roquefort 4 kun oldin
I have no idea why i'm enjoying this, and i love that.
Reilly Kemhus
Reilly Kemhus 4 kun oldin
Me eating candy
Ryleigh B
Ryleigh B 4 kun oldin
My friend told me that this video is the reason she subscribed...
Wishyz 5 kun oldin
Now this is the quality I wanna watch right here
Emily Wolfe
Emily Wolfe 5 kun oldin
this is the reason im still alive
Wechang Krim
Wechang Krim 5 kun oldin
hey do u need help? i anyone knows of craziness it's us
Jesenia Hernandez
Jesenia Hernandez 5 kun oldin
It was the pretzel video 😂
Nicholas Harner
Nicholas Harner 5 kun oldin
A+ head is funny
Scratchy’s Vore Lucario
I was eating prestels while whating this. 😸
TFed 5 kun oldin
These pretzels... are MAKING ME THIRSTY!!
Luke Waldron
Luke Waldron 5 kun oldin
Forget the game PRETZELS
SonicGirl9198 5 kun oldin
Uhhh... I'm eating pretzels right now... Should I be concern??? XD
Baboultje 5 kun oldin
better than fnaf
Suqqar 5 kun oldin
Doctor: you have exactly 3 minutes and 8 seconds to live Me: *watches this video*
Brandon Bruns
Brandon Bruns 5 kun oldin
Hey Mark you should make a video on the new game Deltarune(Undertale 2)
Suspicious Looking Penguin
Tristan Foss
Tristan Foss 5 kun oldin
Stopped me from sucking.
Elizabeth 5 kun oldin
Suddenly,I wanna to eat some pretzels 🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨🥨 too.
Zzz Fff
Zzz Fff 5 kun oldin
I've been had!!! 2:19
Life: The Game
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