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Maroon 5 - Three Little Birds

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"3 Little Birds” is out now.

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“Three Little Birds” - a Bob Marley song as performed by Maroon 5.





9-Iyn, 2018

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Sridhar Sahu
Sridhar Sahu 11 daqiqa oldin
Girls like you
Sarinya Phuangjumpa
Sarinya Phuangjumpa 14 daqiqa oldin
So Cool!
Rumeysa Rumeysa
Rumeysa Rumeysa 25 daqiqa oldin
My class and I had to sing this song 😂 and the whole school saw us 😂
Romello Valentine
Romello Valentine 28 daqiqa oldin
Eh its alriiiiiight
Geenel Bandojo
Geenel Bandojo 31 daqiqa oldin
Dinosaur RichieRich
Dinosaur RichieRich 2 soat oldin
These acrobats are awesome, make one for fuckiefucks!''
Wiskey Boy
Wiskey Boy 2 soat oldin
It's New HYUNDAI Car advertisement actually if y haven't notice yet .
Marvin Laviña
Marvin Laviña 2 soat oldin
When i saw this video, i saw it 1hr ago
Vincent Potgieter
Vincent Potgieter 2 soat oldin
This was done perfectly👊👍 maroon 5 is the best😰
Josh McReynolds
Josh McReynolds 2 soat oldin
Nice, not as good as Bob Marley but its a damn close No.2
iNui 3 soat oldin
AntoMat!c 3 soat oldin
Maroon 5 videos are starting to become technolgically advanced productions
ThrillerGirl 101
ThrillerGirl 101 4 soat oldin
who's here before 10m?
Martin Baybay
Martin Baybay 4 soat oldin
and this is?
Just fell the beat and youll see the beauty. :)
J.C. Aldridge
J.C. Aldridge 5 soat oldin
What is with all these comments about "culture" and shit. We're all humans at the end of the fucking day, people! We are all free to sing what we like!
Bharati Brahma
Bharati Brahma 5 soat oldin
I was a big fan of bob marly
dirty rat
dirty rat 7 soat oldin
nice hyundai commercial
Official RandEstes
Official RandEstes 8 soat oldin
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Mafer LVL
Mafer LVL 8 soat oldin
Maroon 5 - Three Creepy Birds
Nicole Nguyen
Nicole Nguyen 8 soat oldin
straight up dislike af
Fire Blast
Fire Blast 8 soat oldin
1:12 I thought groot is coming :D
Paul Benedict
Paul Benedict 9 soat oldin
Maroon % "Don't worry about a thing. Cause every little thing 's gonna be alright." You guys rock and we are grateful to know that you like a Bob Marley song.
Yemisi Daboiku
Yemisi Daboiku 9 soat oldin
I love Maroon 5 but no one can sing this song better than Bob Marley
Instructional Development And Design
Thanks for doing the cover. Can't compare to Bob's. And what type of BS music video is this???
shahine wisdom
shahine wisdom 10 soat oldin
Music videos always lit though
Silly Kitty
Silly Kitty 10 soat oldin
Rip bob marley 😞
Rajat Khandelwal
Rajat Khandelwal 10 soat oldin
Amazing Cover by Maroon 5, Who are these 14k people who disliked?
UP2REP206 10 soat oldin
ever wonder what bob marley thinks of all these types of people are going to make with my music when i die? lol
Sport Dope
Sport Dope 11 soat oldin
if you came here from Hunday Commercial Settle down here
Hamza999_ Clash Royale
0:33 Mr. Maroon i dont feel so good.
Andrew The Grape
Andrew The Grape 13 soat oldin
I feels like I am Jamacia
Sasha Meow
Sasha Meow 13 soat oldin
don't worryyyyy about a ting cause every little tingggggg gonna be alright nowwwwwwww.
metsystem29 13 soat oldin
It's almost same as the original
Franco Del Aguila
Franco Del Aguila 13 soat oldin
Bob marley song? Wtf this amazing PERÚ in the house
Renzo Jorge Durán Ayambo
Who else is here from FIFA World Cup 2018?
Márcia Rodrigues
Márcia Rodrigues 15 soat oldin
Free downloads
Free downloads 15 soat oldin
Coming from the world cup 👍
Diaa Onsa
Diaa Onsa 15 soat oldin
I love this song
Martin Somogyvári
Martin Somogyvári 16 soat oldin
I am Legend :)
Noel McGovern
Noel McGovern 16 soat oldin
Hyundai world cup ad? I'm not the biggest fan of maroon 5 but this cover is rather nice.
GerriTM PietromonacoTM
Wish I could go to your concert in Sacramento,Ca I'm so sober now,and forever grateful for your music! You rib factors been safe,glove up,lil1
Mc Wolf
Mc Wolf 17 soat oldin
Hyundai product placement 😒
Juan Julio Espinosa
Juan Julio Espinosa 17 soat oldin
El espanta tiburones ?😭😭
Franco Agustin
Franco Agustin 17 soat oldin
alguien mas vio esta canción en una publicidad del mundial?
Luis Salas
Luis Salas 17 soat oldin
Nick Cross
Nick Cross 18 soat oldin
Love it
Dain Vigilant
Dain Vigilant 18 soat oldin
Job well done!!
Emanuel Cibeira
Emanuel Cibeira 18 soat oldin
Disnotg 19 soat oldin
So this is what Maroon 5 becomes ... jesus fucking christ this band of wussies
double XoxO
double XoxO 19 soat oldin
not bad
Fill the prankster
Fill the prankster 19 soat oldin
Umm this is bob’s song
Abigail B
Abigail B 19 soat oldin
This is kinda a rip off
iAmMarina 20 soat oldin
Wow this video is amazing
Jesus Fake
Jesus Fake 20 soat oldin
My favorite cover
Reja Imani
Reja Imani 20 soat oldin
Great Band, just so sad that "Maroon 5" excluding Adam Levine (I mean the other members left) haven't got a star in the walk of Fame, only Adam did. But no hate, he's indeed a talented good singer.
ZeneticX 20 soat oldin
Is this video made by the same people who made the video for Major Lazer - Light It Up?
Jothan Joseph
Jothan Joseph 20 soat oldin
My favourite Maroon song 🔒💥🎶 🎶
Franco Spencer Gutierrez Collao
Jothan Joseph
Jothan Joseph 20 soat oldin
My favorite Maroon song🔒🔒💥💥🎶🎶
jordanacidburn 20 soat oldin
OMg go die stay legend alone u suck
Cole Mitchell
Cole Mitchell 21 soat oldin
My favourite maroon song
Riley 21 soat oldin
bob marly!
RimFire 21 soat oldin
Again with the "HOW LONG DID THIS TAKE TO RENDER" comments.
slimmy666 21 soat oldin
I am legend... Anybody?
Viviane Marical
Viviane Marical 21 soat oldin
tres belle reprise!!!
HeyItsAnik 21 soat oldin
Bob Marley would have been so happy if he was alive. Peace to the world :-)
Az Kropka
Az Kropka 22 soat oldin
There is no thing that can not be screwed up.
Francisco Antonio Escobar Patino
Simple, wonderfull, magnificent. I love this song. Thank you Marron 5 for this cover.
AJ 22 soat oldin
Worst thing I’ve ever heard
Y Fun
Y Fun 22 soat oldin
Adriana SOLIS Galindo
Adriana SOLIS Galindo 22 soat oldin
VENOM 22 soat oldin
thx you
free spirit
free spirit 23 soat oldin
love it !
Ibrahim 23 soat oldin
Light it up part 2
Kathia Ubilla
Kathia Ubilla 23 soat oldin
The people dancing in this video look so similar to the ones in lean on of mayor lazer
Ibrahim 23 soat oldin
Kathia Ubilla light it up*
Riski Akbar
Riski Akbar Kun oldin
reggae 🎧
Julia Schulz
Julia Schulz Kun oldin
1. I think it's a really good cover and Marley would be proud, that it overtook this long time. 2. THANK GOOD, a “new Maroon5 song/version“ (you know what I mean - so please no hates 😅) without any bullshit audiotunes, so that we could hear the whole band! I LOVE their songs, from Songs About Jane, Hands All Over😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 to Overexposed, also Sugar, and know that they have to go with the time, but also hope that they'll find a way back to their past sound. 🙌💞😍
Jae-Hyeong kim
Jae-Hyeong kim Kun oldin
Top scorers in football
love bob marley's version better
Deon Richards
Deon Richards Kun oldin
If the song is going to uplift your musical soul whether it be Bob Marley or Maroon 5 for me it is just awesome!
Kaito Hax
Kaito Hax Kun oldin
Nope no no no Not even close I would appreciate it if you made your own version. You just copies the flow and the tone
Si Eiw
Si Eiw Kun oldin
ความหมายดีคัก อ้ายทิด
bruna carvalho
bruna carvalho Kun oldin
Uuuuuuu reggae 🔥❤
Supaporn Sangkarjang
maroon5 forever...😊☁🎈🎈☁🎈🎈☁ 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 ☁🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈☁ ☁☁🎈🎈🎈☁☁ ☁☁☁🎈☁☁☁
Jonathan Lauw
Jonathan Lauw Kun oldin
maroon 5 goes to shimmer
Miss_rabbitgirl_ Woods!
Is it just me that finds it annoying that on singers UZvid pages when you click videos unlike other youtubers where the most recent is at the top,it's all mixed up!!
Dalitso Shawa
Dalitso Shawa Kun oldin
I have heard this song but I heard it 7 years ago
KING CASE Kun oldin
Shit cover
Hung nguyen quoc
hakuna matata :))
Pump Lill pLiz
Pump Lill pLiz Kun oldin
thing to watch when your high got me here
Dark Soul
Dark Soul Kun oldin
arya lily
arya lily Kun oldin
i hope these people are not blind, pls look at the decription before you hate. """ “Three Little Birds” - a Bob Marley song as performed by Maroon 5. ""
Unruly Man
Unruly Man Kun oldin
Bob Marley
— cαtαstrophe.
I'll never understand people who get offended with covers. Covers happen all the time. I love Bob Marley and Maroon 5 and no one could have done this song better. Geez, kids. Grow up maybe?!
— cαtαstrophe.
— cαtαstrophe. 5 soat oldin
Soda King I agree with you on the Credits thing. But they did credit Bob Marley in the description
Soda King
Soda King 8 soat oldin
- cαtαstrophe. I can explain it to you very simply notice they didn't actually title it as a cover ie making some people think this is the original and also I don't want anyone to think this was originally made by them because its not just like The Boys are back in town was made by Thin Lizzy not anyone else the singing was decent but I worry people will think this is the original I mean. They have many pop songs they can sing and make but Three Little birds was Iconic and unique probably the most famous reggae song of all time see when you make a cover your supposed to A credit who you covered it from and B title it as such none of which they currently did shame
คิบะ ยุจิ
I am Thai aged 14 I Iove and Iove your music a Iot. I keep track of all your woyk. คนไทยคับ
liv rollison
liv rollison Kun oldin
Love this
Pranav Kumar
Pranav Kumar Kun oldin
Trippy Song 🔥💫
Maroon 5 - Sugar
3 yil oldin