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Martin Garrix feat. Mike Yung - Dreamer (Official Video)

Martin Garrix
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Martin Garrix feat. Mike Yung - Dreamer (Official Video)
♫ Dreamer feat. Mike Yung is out now: stmpd.co/MGMDRID
♫ Glitch with Julian Jordan is out now: stmpd.co/MJGLID
My new track Dreamer with Mike Yung is out now! Hope you like this one as much as I do!
Turn on/off subtitles for lyrics!
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Directed by Damian Karsznia
Cinematographer Julian Lomaga
Cam Op Amsterdam: Mees Roozen
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1-Noy, 2018

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Martin Garrix
Martin Garrix 2 oy oldin
I hope you like this very special track with my friend Mike Yung!
Dejan Siljanovski
Dejan Siljanovski 2 kun oldin
One of the best :)
lidia garcia
lidia garcia Oy oldin
México 🇲🇽 loves you
kolade olajumoke
kolade olajumoke 2 oy oldin
Martin Garrix God bless you heaps! You are indeed an arrow in God’s hands! More blessings and more grace!
muhd basyeer
muhd basyeer 2 oy oldin
it's awesome martin... it's beautiful to hear 🎶
Regga Loka
Regga Loka 12 daqiqa oldin
The voice of the future 👏 the voice of humanity
Joseph Starswell
Joseph Starswell 2 soat oldin
we love it my Best heart its you with all my love to you .
Justin Reiss
Justin Reiss 2 soat oldin
Best music video I’ve seen in a long time. Truly incredible story for Mike
Nafta X
Nafta X 2 soat oldin
Mike has such an incredible voice stunning.
Michel Gonzalez
Michel Gonzalez 3 soat oldin
just wow.... tears dropping down.
Alejandro fernandez
Alejandro fernandez 4 soat oldin
AAaaaaaaaaa Love this song-Perú :)
Anderson Lucas
Anderson Lucas 4 soat oldin
Larissa Swinters
Larissa Swinters 7 soat oldin
2019 peeps? 😂
GUTÏ MUSIC 8 soat oldin
like si eres boliviano - (( el mejor martín :")
Roberto Minero
Roberto Minero 8 soat oldin
It is a masterpiece! The most beautiful song that I've heard in 2018.
Chris L
Chris L 9 soat oldin
If you're aware of this man's strory I don't know how you can dislike this video
Kookie Jacklai
Kookie Jacklai 10 soat oldin
What a beautiful letter. 💜
jai zaint
jai zaint 12 soat oldin
I love it , a lot of happiness ☘️
Ruben Gamael
Ruben Gamael 14 soat oldin
This is so amazing OMG ,
JJ L 15 soat oldin
I believe in the message of this song.
Hayley B
Hayley B Kun oldin
I want to hear more
Brecht Kun oldin
Hasta que al fin youtube sugiere algo bueno :3
Sannie Kun oldin
Love this song!!!!
Rick Berrenchina
PENSADOR Kun oldin
beautiful voice.
Michele Brega
Michele Brega Kun oldin
Daniela Cordoba
Daniela Cordoba Kun oldin
dzemal cizmic
dzemal cizmic Kun oldin
i cannot tell how happy i am for mike, i always hoped he would make his own song, we need more singers like him and less nicki minaj, cardi b, drake trash
Bronk Kun oldin
mike old
Monika Simon
Monika Simon Kun oldin
kautra12 Kun oldin
Respect for Garrix for giving a chance for Mike :)
Binay Kumar Gupta
Daniel Mwangi
Daniel Mwangi Kun oldin
Y3AH... As long as....
Manteous Kun oldin
This song sounds Like Marcus Mouya - Trust
ashvata Kun oldin
YES!!! Great song. Thank you!
Big Kev
Big Kev Kun oldin
This is amazing something to jog too
Aryan Jaiswal
Aryan Jaiswal Kun oldin
I want this to be played more often on the radio ❤
#DOG BIRD 39 Kun oldin
CorruptCarrot Kun oldin
Goosebumps what a voice
Christopher Coles
I have a dream. And I do believe. Happy Dayz. 4 it's Martin Luther King Jr Day, and We haveth no school! Love this jam!!!
Ben Kaml
Ben Kaml Kun oldin
So beutyfull 😭
Vagner Brum
Vagner Brum 2 kun oldin
Janice Agee
Janice Agee 2 kun oldin
That’s a very powerful song
DIhyrim ND
DIhyrim ND 2 kun oldin
Martin ,Mike ...thank you for that song...🔥➕✖🔥
CBLT 2 kun oldin
👌🏻 excellent
Derek Talley
Derek Talley 2 kun oldin
Nice song
Qazybek Aimakhambet
Hes' voice...ATOM!
Rahul Hulra
Rahul Hulra 2 kun oldin
This song Always touch to my heart ❤
alvaro moscoso
alvaro moscoso 2 kun oldin
Only 2 word to describe this song: MASTER PIECE
上田翔夢 2 kun oldin
I love this song from🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵
DOSS KOZ 2 kun oldin
Very nice voice !great Mike young !
ponzioblablabla n
ponzioblablabla n 2 kun oldin
incredible voice
Felice Dorothy
Felice Dorothy 2 kun oldin
This song decribes me so well 💞🙏
Lady Maimee
Lady Maimee 2 kun oldin
Inspiring hopes and dreams 😊