Marvel - Hilarious Bloopers

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This original Video got deleted due to some reasons at 7 million
Watch this GAG REEL mashup from the Marvel Universe
movies inlcuding the characters Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Loki, The Winter Soldier, Ant-Man, Wolverine and many more.
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26-Iyl, 2018



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Fikrlar 947
James Harvey
James Harvey Soat oldin
what's your intro song
BloodEnthused 2 soat oldin
i watched justice league and it's all bloopers
FartyFiddler 4 soat oldin
"Less angry Rosie O'Donnell" 😂😂😂
Christopher Chance
Christopher Chance 4 soat oldin
I wish we got a Black Widow movie instead of Captain Marvel
Loki Laufeyson
Loki Laufeyson 8 soat oldin
Why is no one taking about 3:40
Hakim RABIA 8 soat oldin
i bet dc's are too serious thats why they failed
Slarkel Rijit
Slarkel Rijit 9 soat oldin
Today power becomes the only law!.....Wait that's not right is it? 😂
Slarkel Rijit
Slarkel Rijit 9 soat oldin
You're gonna leave me all alone here with Busta Rhymes? :P
Slarkel Rijit
Slarkel Rijit 9 soat oldin
1:52 xD
sibiris 10 soat oldin
Havent laughed so hard in a while. Thx.
Macka Leven
Macka Leven 10 soat oldin
haha intro is shit. vid is wicked gj
Ameya Shetty
Ameya Shetty 14 soat oldin
1:57 best blooper of all time
Adi Sajwan
Adi Sajwan 14 soat oldin
Dude the Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D Cast is soooo underrated
GuessWhoDrewitt 15 soat oldin
i just want an ant-man + Deadpool scene
The2KXperience 18 soat oldin
I feel like the main reason the MCU works so well is because it's a bunch of talented actors who are dorks for comic books working with many different talented directors who are dorks for comic books all overseen by Kevin Feige who makes sure they never lose sight of the fact that while comic books means many different things to many different peoples, the one thing comic books and comic book-inspired movies can do better than anything is inspire hope.
Trevor Moses
Trevor Moses 19 soat oldin
Almost all of this footage's been reversed or mirrored?
Carlos Augusto Saraiva
For some reason I absolutely despise the intro goddamn.
Pasquale 21 soat oldin
3:20 that's why you don't give real guns to actors.
Raw Salmon
Raw Salmon 21 soat oldin
I'm that one guy that shouts out his own channel-in another persons video.
Enoch Zhang
Enoch Zhang 23 soat oldin
Enoch Zhang
Enoch Zhang 23 soat oldin
1:52 soorey
Darth Vader Rulz
2:39 lol
JessicaTAP - Games
How do they get anything done with these clowns 😂😂😂
AJ Van Zoeren
AJ Van Zoeren Kun oldin
RDJ lowkey directing / bossing the other actors around during his scenes
Raffaella Sanieri
5:27 that smile
Patrick Finegan
Patrick Finegan Kun oldin
what is the title of the intro song
noelicoan Kun oldin
Scarlett Johansson's "Assemble!" Was at a perfect timing!! 2:01
AE Kun oldin
3:42 gets me every time
7FoX Kun oldin
10:46 he looks like the German Officer from Inglorious Basterds in the basement pub scene
Atupele Isaac
Atupele Isaac Kun oldin
seeing ronin dance was hard for me
benjamin stevens
Enthusiasm literature excited trait charge shade observation except immigrant simply guess.
Miss Laufeyson
Miss Laufeyson Kun oldin
At 5:17 Loki sounded like Snape from hp
Ayegrey Grey
Ayegrey Grey Kun oldin
No one going to talk about how Scarlett Johansson humps his face? 11:15
bunny of insanity
bunny of insanity 2 kun oldin
Who wouldn't want to kiss Hugh Jackman
aj2314aj 2 kun oldin
whats the song in the beginning?
idoda dodo
idoda dodo 2 kun oldin
i want to be an actor
Kidd Movie Reviews
Kidd Movie Reviews 2 kun oldin
*Clicks video of innocent film bloopers* “NIGGAS WANNA SEE ME FALL” ....ok
Jesse Johnson
Jesse Johnson 2 kun oldin
"dudes your on your own" my favorite part
Jane 2 kun oldin
1:54 he’s so cute
Aisha Gordon
Aisha Gordon 3 kun oldin
Why is everything flipped?? It’s all supposed to be the other way around....
Thomas Laing
Thomas Laing 3 kun oldin
What's the intro song calles
Eijiro -Kirishima
Eijiro -Kirishima 3 kun oldin
1:26 ok but nobody's gonna mention his laugh?
Edgar Peralta-Cortez
8:16 lmfao
Matt Edwards
Matt Edwards 3 kun oldin
Idk who Loki was trying to impersonate there at 5:15, but it sounds like professor Snape from Harry Potter and I love it
LogD0v0 gaming
LogD0v0 gaming 3 kun oldin
your intro said the n-word
jayash kakria
jayash kakria 3 kun oldin
Wats the name of the song ?... Which is used in intro?
6IU 3 kun oldin
I swear i nearly went deaf at the intro
C.J. Midgley
C.J. Midgley 3 kun oldin
0:24 She is all of us.
Casper 3 kun oldin
none of those were of just Drax proving that he is the best
bladerZakk story
bladerZakk story 4 kun oldin
shadow heart
shadow heart 4 kun oldin
*Broke muh fuckin' chimes!*
Kyle Webb
Kyle Webb 4 kun oldin
Song in the intro?
Jacob Lyons
Jacob Lyons 4 kun oldin
Anyone know the intro song?
Ryan Soleim
Ryan Soleim 4 kun oldin
7:08 gets me every time
Jyn Xui
Jyn Xui 4 kun oldin
i need more. i wish they'd upload all their bloopers, i'd pay to watch a movie of their bloopers.
Shripad Kini Jr
Shripad Kini Jr 4 kun oldin
Play the video at 0.25x at 3:47 and you will be able to see on account of a perfect pauseplay.
יובל קונסקר
lol love bloopers
Conner Buxton
Conner Buxton 4 kun oldin
SWfan100 4 kun oldin
Petition to make Paul Rudd the next C-3PO
Zenevo Game
Zenevo Game 4 kun oldin
1:56 Avengers...... 2:00 aaaa....😃🤣
Weyamusic 4 kun oldin
7:21 Fucking killed me hahahahah
Ali Makki
Ali Makki 4 kun oldin
Emperor Zoditron
Emperor Zoditron 5 kun oldin
"dudes, your on your own!" 1:30
SWAY_Keep-it-G-d 5 kun oldin
Connor Johnson
Connor Johnson 5 kun oldin
Missed title pun Should have been Marvelous bloopers
Yung Pharaoh
Yung Pharaoh 5 kun oldin
this really makes me want to become an actor
Uganda knuckles Infinity war
Why can't I talk 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Vince Owen
Vince Owen 5 kun oldin
0:39 pedophile
aiyaaa. 5 kun oldin
cut the check
Shakia Frasier
Shakia Frasier 5 kun oldin
Nice 🎶 music
Ambra Coss
Ambra Coss 5 kun oldin
Where is Tom Holland?!🤨
Lemnis 5 kun oldin
Intro music name?
Abhishek Pillai
Abhishek Pillai 5 kun oldin
who else thought they would just show the mcu clips but got really excited to see other marvel films too?
harel shami
harel shami 5 kun oldin
when i first saw that scene in gotg with yondo and the dealer i thought to myself "wow that must have taken a lot of takes to film right"
LostSurvivor1876 5 kun oldin
What song is that
Callum Inglis
Callum Inglis 5 kun oldin
Intro is gay
Jace Papp
Jace Papp 5 kun oldin
Broke my Fuc*ing chimes
Vivi Nurhafizha
Vivi Nurhafizha 5 kun oldin
Bobby Bobberton
Bobby Bobberton 5 kun oldin
Legends say Cap is still trying to bust open that door
22843 5 kun oldin
the way the footage is cut made my think my screen is broken
Bryce Sanders
Bryce Sanders 5 kun oldin
Stan 😂, so innocent "oh God....sorry..."
_ Maza _
_ Maza _ 6 kun oldin
Is it me or does RDJ always seem just mildly annoyed that everyone else can't be as good as him?
Kirotone 6 kun oldin
5:52 Absolutely lost my shit at Charles there
lizzy N
lizzy N 6 kun oldin
those actors sure love their dance offs.
Laken Payne
Laken Payne 6 kun oldin
if i was in a avengers movie i would just be staring at Robert Downey Jr the whole time.
Andreea Sarah
Andreea Sarah 6 kun oldin
What song is on the beggining?
Wazz Upp
Wazz Upp 6 kun oldin
Toby Maguire is such a og
Sara R
Sara R 6 kun oldin
1:55 Sebastain is the cutest. Ugh that soft "sorry"
Smug Cat
Smug Cat 7 kun oldin
There needs to be a Jane slapping people compilation
Lani Gooley
Lani Gooley 7 kun oldin
"HOW LONG HAS HE BEEN CALLED DEREK?" "since the beginning ..."
Michala Burnes
Michala Burnes 7 kun oldin
Halle's reaction after kissing Hugh. Wow
TheUnrealFairy 7 kun oldin
5:26 that smile and giggle thoooo
CANACO 7 kun oldin
7:58 Is the best hahahaha
Christopher Columbus
who gave this dude the n-word pass
GhostJC777 7 kun oldin
7:20 best part 😂😂😂
Spuder Mon
Spuder Mon 7 kun oldin
Who else is happy to see agents of shield
Georgia Robbie
Georgia Robbie 7 kun oldin
2:38 One of my favourite Marvel bloopers of all time.
HIGH 7 kun oldin
7:32, was this a scene or what lmao
Dečija posla
Dečija posla 7 kun oldin
Chris Evans crying when he cannot break the lock worked out in my everyday life 😂😂
FaranelHD 7 kun oldin
10:45 me when i start talking to girl i like lmao
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