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This original Video got deleted due to some reasons at 7 million
Watch this GAG REEL mashup from the Marvel Universe
movies inlcuding the characters Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Loki, The Winter Soldier, Ant-Man, Wolverine and many more.
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26-Iyl, 2018

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DanePsiq 20 soat oldin
1:20 LOL the best
Catherine Barr
Catherine Barr 22 soat oldin
Thanos Kun oldin
"DudE yOUr'E oN YoUR owN!"
esdras sagastume
esdras sagastume 2 kun oldin
Song at 2:58?
Sarwan Hardoel
Sarwan Hardoel 2 kun oldin
Banner running away was the most funniest..
Thanos 3 kun oldin
Me snapping half of you wasn’t a blooper was it?
Oceanus Perigean
Oceanus Perigean 3 kun oldin
Love these. Going to miss them when they are gone.
Yeiri C. Serrano
Yeiri C. Serrano 3 kun oldin
In love with all of them!!
Julian Obzen
Julian Obzen 3 kun oldin
This is literally the same as I'm Filmy's video just mirrored...
Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher 4 kun oldin
Georgi Ganchev
Georgi Ganchev 4 kun oldin
"Oh God!!" **SMASH** "Sorry... " FFS Sebastian! xD
midnight unicorn
midnight unicorn 4 kun oldin
6:08 hilarious
Carina Snape
Carina Snape 5 kun oldin
4:02 what's the name of the guy in the background
Carina Snape
Carina Snape 5 kun oldin
What's the name of the song at the beginning?
Sloth Iland
Sloth Iland 5 kun oldin
Julia Sponheimer
Julia Sponheimer 5 kun oldin
0:35 I think most of us can agree that we would scream like that if we kissed Hugh Jackman 😂
CC Lo 6 kun oldin
PitchToTheRhino1 6 kun oldin
How great is Robert Downey? Big difference from Don Adams in Get Smart bloopers.
Tanya Stark
Tanya Stark 6 kun oldin
Danguole Krevskaja
Danguole Krevskaja 6 kun oldin
5:45 it sounds "bitch" in LT 😂
Mason Deitsch
Mason Deitsch 7 kun oldin
5:13 Loki is Alan Rickman???
Diego's game stuff
Diego's game stuff 8 kun oldin
Anyone who doesn't like Tony stark/RDJ can go to hell
RoxxyFly 8 kun oldin
Samule l jakson giggles????
1:56 I would accept that as canon if that actually happened
Bat Man
Bat Man 8 kun oldin
Glad the actors can have fun on set despite them having a very serious line of work
deadphishiy 9 kun oldin
I like how the first word spoken in the video is "nigger" that's great. Just wow
z1i 9 kun oldin
whats the intro song?
deqnq 9 kun oldin
Vision smiling is something you don't see every week
Froggyman145 9 kun oldin
The C-3P0 gag gets me every time
Exotic Potato Artist
I heard you I HEARD YOU *I HEARD Y-*
Lorenzo Sanabria
Lorenzo Sanabria 9 kun oldin
Kyla Sharma
Kyla Sharma 9 kun oldin
1:24 You’re welcome
Kyla Sharma
Kyla Sharma 9 kun oldin
I would never end up being serious XD
Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith 9 kun oldin
4:04: "Yé m'en bats les couilles"
Susnn 10 kun oldin
6:19 spoiler?? Lol
Choryllis 10 kun oldin
Wolverine: **makes out with Storm** Wolverine: "See you later." Storm: **runs off shouting and squealing** Bruh, I'd do the same if Hugh Jackman did that to me
Dane Rindshoj
Dane Rindshoj 11 kun oldin
So many ads
Alienowsky Incognito
But what if the bloopers are staged.
Lee saiyuen
Lee saiyuen 11 kun oldin
7:54 whoooh that's just making me laugh for 1hour 😂
Maisie Green
Maisie Green 11 kun oldin
0:15 WhY CAnT I tALk???
Cole Sampson
Cole Sampson 12 kun oldin
2:37 kills me
Annalise Bluhm
Annalise Bluhm 12 kun oldin
Awe Tom Hiddleston sounded like Snape 😂😍👌
Hackers Quackerz
Hackers Quackerz 12 kun oldin
How longs he been called derek since the beginning 😂
Yassin Amrullah
Yassin Amrullah 12 kun oldin
0:44 that connection is so real, they're so cute
RetroOtter 13 kun oldin
the first work in this video was a racial slur, I don't care who's saying it or what how it's being said, it's still racist
k6de 13 kun oldin
i dont feel like the earth is that safe after watching these
Richard Appugliese
Richard Appugliese 13 kun oldin
i forgot the name of it please remind me so i will never buy or recommend it.
Richard Appugliese
Richard Appugliese 13 kun oldin
She is the person in the room that annoys everyone the best and the smartest that never made it. This is a program for losers.
Smash Nerd
Smash Nerd 13 kun oldin
0:00 i'm gunna say the N word
fenly lim
fenly lim 13 kun oldin
what's that intro song?
Nathan Graham
Nathan Graham 14 kun oldin
Who getting sick of tik tok ads?
Ayo_ Ocho
Ayo_ Ocho 15 kun oldin
5:17 that an Alan ring men impersonation right
Daniela Venice Mallari
7:54 gosh! HAHAHA 😂❤
iSevenWonders 15 kun oldin
1:31 Mark Ruffalo is amazing
Remmy 15 kun oldin
I wish they had left the"Dudes your on your own" in it fits Hulks character.
Scolian _
Scolian _ 15 kun oldin
6:07 - 6:10 : Me trying to run away from responsibilities.
Amber Andrews
Amber Andrews 15 kun oldin
I don't understand the joke Scarlett made about the trapdoor. Can someone explain?
Melvin Crews
Melvin Crews 10 kun oldin
+Amber Andrews My guess was she was trying to be funny I only laughed because of the way she said vibranium
Amber Andrews
Amber Andrews 10 kun oldin
+Melvin Crews I've seen both of those movies and I still don't understand. Vibranium is lightweight, so why would she have trouble lifting it?
Melvin Crews
Melvin Crews 11 kun oldin
Unless your talking about at 6:40 than how do you not get that joke Unless you have seen Black Panther or Civil War (which if you haven't what are doing) than you would get this joke
Соня Шмидт
Соня Шмидт 15 kun oldin
Нихера не понимаю, но смешно
nima 16 kun oldin
5:16 it really sounds like he's impersonating Alan Rickman
Samoo whale
Samoo whale 16 kun oldin
The little girl being like "I heard you" she was so adorable
Jeremie Evans
Jeremie Evans 16 kun oldin
Why nobody talks about 6:00 its so cute~ hehe
Dany_ Gold
Dany_ Gold 17 kun oldin
what is your intro song called
Thedragon 2295
Thedragon 2295 17 kun oldin
i love the Agents Of S.H.E.I.L.D. ones XD May LOL
Jessika Kreuzer
Jessika Kreuzer 17 kun oldin
Waht is the Name oft the intro song?
Intro song?
Cheezeblade 18 kun oldin
2:43 Lmao perfect chemistry here
Anne Scroll
Anne Scroll 18 kun oldin
Destiny Buchanan
Destiny Buchanan 19 kun oldin
3:45 "you broke my fuckin chimes"
Alhimdor 19 kun oldin
6:32 ooooo moment aaaa
alinabee 3
alinabee 3 19 kun oldin
2:38. Got I love Paul Rudd.
germanottass 19 kun oldin
5:25 you're welcome
shiro neko
shiro neko 20 kun oldin
Albert-Xavier Martinez Abarca
"Wook out"
Grace Stenson
Grace Stenson 20 kun oldin
The running joke of Chris and the parachute pack is killing me 😂
Val Forsdyke
Val Forsdyke 21 kun oldin
5:24 how long did he keep a straight face
Val Forsdyke
Val Forsdyke 21 kun oldin
C3PO got me
Grace Zentmeyer
Grace Zentmeyer 21 kun oldin
RDJ encouraging his costar with "you got it" when she couldn't remember the lines I love it
Alphaphoxx 2969
Alphaphoxx 2969 21 kun oldin
7:58 When Steve cries when he cant break the lock, it's just, awww.
Alphaphoxx 2969
Alphaphoxx 2969 21 kun oldin
1:50 Awww. Bucky drops the door and he's just like "Oh god. sorry."
Gerald Siahaan
Gerald Siahaan 21 kun oldin
The thor part with a woman on blue screen is so hilarious
Amjed Alderbi
Amjed Alderbi 22 kun oldin
7:54 Come on. “If you’re gonna be loud you gotta be proud” Gene Belcher
NekoMiki82 22 kun oldin
Missed Agent's of SHIELD so much couldn't wait for new season next summer.
hermione hu
hermione hu 23 kun oldin
Awwwwwwwww 5:17 7:25 8:39 8:54 11:06 LOKI is SOOOOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEEE AWWWWWWWWWW * Fangirl FACE
hurricane tortilla
hurricane tortilla 24 kun oldin
2:42 love this one
CARrot Nav
CARrot Nav 24 kun oldin
These are funny to watch
Prolific Pops
Prolific Pops 26 kun oldin
7:08 I love Scott Lang bruh
Amber Thompson
Amber Thompson 27 kun oldin
Who's the actor at 10:22??? honestly can't remember and it's annoying me, please help!!
Nada 27 kun oldin
Do someone knows the music of opening?
Tun Nay Thway
Tun Nay Thway 27 kun oldin
Astroboy Sid
Astroboy Sid 28 kun oldin
Watching Apocalypse being goofy is the best lol
dominique tobey
dominique tobey 28 kun oldin
These are hilarious
Potato Chip
Potato Chip 28 kun oldin
If I was in a movie there would be millions of bloopers 😂
Denss DJ
Denss DJ 28 kun oldin
11:39 me when I find out I’m home alone
ujala bhagat
ujala bhagat 28 kun oldin
ISRO,trying his best to rescue tony stark from space.
Conor McNevin
Conor McNevin 28 kun oldin
Anyone know what the song at the beginning was?
m29422 29 kun oldin
God! Loki is so handsome!
- W O L F -
- W O L F - 29 kun oldin
2:39 hahaha
Greta Blackwell
Greta Blackwell 29 kun oldin
5:20 _mmmehscot_
Aditya AAR
Aditya AAR 29 kun oldin
Wow an ad every 1 min 15 sec
Phoenix is Awesome
I literally got the Avengers: Endgame trailer while watching this. The one ad I don't skip.