Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame | "Mission" Spot

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"You know your teams. You know your missions." Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame is in theaters April 26.
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11-Apr, 2019



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Diego Flores
Diego Flores 29 daqiqa oldin
Les pido que sea mas brutal en la película que los trailers
The Mooing Pig
The Mooing Pig 47 daqiqa oldin
Best tv spot so far
Peggy Mit
Peggy Mit 2 soat oldin
Silver fox Tony😘😘😘
Nate CAR
Nate CAR 3 soat oldin
Ganesh Venkatachalam
Iron man and Black widow die in Endgame. Tony dies after snapping away Thanos and his army.
Aarish Masss
Aarish Masss 7 soat oldin
2days to go
shikhar Rastogi
shikhar Rastogi 8 soat oldin
No mistakes, No do over's Look out for each other. This is the fight of our lives.
Samik Das
Samik Das 8 soat oldin
The background music has been taken from Aquaman Final extended official trailer 2.
Samik Das
Samik Das 8 soat oldin
Did anyone else notice that this background music was in Aquaman trailer ????
Boazy Gentlemen
Boazy Gentlemen 14 soat oldin
PUBG PLAYERS BE LIKE. You kno ur squads You kno ur skills No camping No looting Look out for ur teammates. This the game of our lives. Tencent-hes preety g0od at that My frnds-right?
Mrinal Olive pani
Mrinal Olive pani 15 soat oldin
Brothers I have taken tickets for two shows already..one for the first day First show..and another for the recliner enjoying like a king ticket..This is the movie of my life..not gonna miss it..
Samsung J7core
Samsung J7core 16 soat oldin
I can't stop watching this 😌😌😌
TheGoldenAnvil 17 soat oldin
*Cap saying* You know your teams...you know your missions...no mistakes...no do-overs...look out for each other... *Tony saying* and for gosh sake watch your language... (The Golden Moment From AOU)
Alan Gonzalez
Alan Gonzalez Kun oldin
Does anyone know the song's name?
Ilia Basaria
Ilia Basaria Kun oldin
No one: Marvel studios: Avengers: Endgame “Hulk farts” TV Spot
Kullai Swamy
Kullai Swamy Kun oldin
Where is Hulk???
Stephen Madden
Stephen Madden Kun oldin
Rhodey is wearing two different sets of armor in this, one plain gray and black modern looking suit, and one futuristic digital camo suit
Atheus Kun oldin
You know your theatres You know your seats No being late No pee breaks This is the event of our generation. Bladder: Do you trust me? Me: I do Bathroom: you could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me
Yannanas cld
Yannanas cld 2 kun oldin
Can anyone tell me what does cap says No mistakes No ... Thanks
Mylene Mejia
Mylene Mejia Kun oldin
No do overs
Pietro B. Vitali
Pietro B. Vitali 2 kun oldin
Does anyone know if there’s a full version of the theme in this TV spot?
Yannanas cld
Yannanas cld 2 kun oldin
Can u pls tell me what's after no mistakes
Satish Maurya
Satish Maurya 2 kun oldin
In India, ticket sales started today, due to huge traffic the booking site crashed several times. All over India tickets for 26th, 27th, 28th are already sold, early morning 7am shows are sold out. People are going crazy; many are disappointed for being unable to get the tickets. I myself could not get IMAX ticket so had to be complacent with the normal 3D. Its crazy here.
Venom De Lego
Venom De Lego 2 kun oldin
My Body is Ready
Not NibioYT _
Not NibioYT _ 2 kun oldin
How people in Creative Be in Fortnite You know ur teams You know ur places No Respawing No Spawn Killing Look out for a trap This is the game of our lives
salah adjal
salah adjal 2 kun oldin
Where can I find te music of this tv spot ?
NightVoid 2
NightVoid 2 2 kun oldin
Captain America:This is the fight of our lives Us:This is the movie of our lives
Devanshu Singh
Devanshu Singh 2 kun oldin
Can somebody please tell me what is saying after "no mistakes" ? I am not getting the accent.
Devanshu Singh
Devanshu Singh 2 kun oldin
+Yannanas cld Welcome. We will find it out. Whatever it takes. 😁
Yannanas cld
Yannanas cld 2 kun oldin
K thanks. I don't think it's since but still thanks
Devanshu Singh
Devanshu Singh 2 kun oldin
+Yannanas cld I think he is saying " no mistakes, no dual faces" but I am not sure.
Yannanas cld
Yannanas cld 2 kun oldin
Me too I don't get it. I tried with subtitles but they're in Spanish. I can hear no duels or no duworkers
blue jetty
blue jetty 2 kun oldin
marvel entertainment please we want old tamil dubbing team this tamil dubbing trailer and promo it is very bad to see that it is irritating our tamil marvel fans so please please change that
Satish Maurya
Satish Maurya 2 kun oldin
Got the first day first show ticket
Rohan Mishra
Rohan Mishra 2 kun oldin
Background score copied from Aquaman Trailer
macedonian boy
macedonian boy 2 kun oldin
#lazy Girl
#lazy Girl 2 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thinks the background music is similar to that of aquaman movie😳
Russell Jackson
Russell Jackson 2 kun oldin
Well tony starks make replica glove with all the Infinity Stones. Baner is wereing it and thor has a beard
Arsham Eghtedary
Arsham Eghtedary 2 kun oldin
man i really dont like this captain marvel attitude! just make me nervous how arrogant and full of her self both the actor and the character are
Mrinal Olive pani
Mrinal Olive pani 15 soat oldin
Guess they are preparing for the Civil War II arc, with Captain Marvel..the person with so much arrogance and attitude..
John Driscoll
John Driscoll 2 kun oldin
Marvel not on trending *drops another teaser* Rocket “he’s pretty good at that”
Acrozeツ 3 kun oldin
I don’t get it why Avengers: Endgame is 3 hours why not 5☹️
GamerManLives 3 kun oldin
Can anyone tell where else this music was used? I can't remember.
GamerManLives 2 kun oldin
+Yannanas cld Oh thank you very much.
Yannanas cld
Yannanas cld 2 kun oldin
BlazingSkull 3 kun oldin
Soundtrack ???
Star GamerBoy
Star GamerBoy 3 kun oldin
Ant-Man:Here’s ANTMAM *Jumps into thanus* Thanos:I regret everything I’ve done
Lyriix 3 kun oldin
I'm pretty famous I played a very key role in Marvel. I watched the post credits scene of Captain Marvel, so yah bow before my presents My presents.. presentsXD
jigar shah
jigar shah 3 kun oldin
@0:25 see friends count the hands....marvel is hiding professor hulk
Dear Future Self
Dear Future Self 4 kun oldin
Is that Deadpool helping to "clean up timelines" with Cable's handheld time travel device at 0:23??? LOL ;)
TinyNerd 4 kun oldin
0:18 with the explosion got me 🐧
Amar Shukla
Amar Shukla 4 kun oldin
How i will survive these days
Ana Paula Tovar Serna
No me canso de ver todo esto...Es magico!!
VirtuallyGame 4 kun oldin
dicky satria
dicky satria 4 kun oldin
Rocket : "aah here we go again...... Bunch of jackass standing in the circle" 0:25
THE CRAFTING 4 kun oldin
Cosy 7404
Cosy 7404 4 kun oldin
1 week!!!
cristian febles
cristian febles 4 kun oldin
Song please 😅
Noah Weyer
Noah Weyer 5 kun oldin
“You know you teams” They’re gonna split up and travel to different time periods to get the past versions of the stones and make their own gauntlet.
Yannanas cld
Yannanas cld 2 kun oldin
What's after no mistakes
MMiiPYE 5 kun oldin
What is music?
uwupatty 5 kun oldin
wait. since when has Tony BLONDE HAIR?!?!?
Robiel F
Robiel F 5 kun oldin
how will it end up differently then it did before.
ahmed mamun
ahmed mamun 5 kun oldin
আমরা বাংলাদেশীরা ক্যাপটেন মার্বেলকে দেখার অপেক্ষা! আমরা ওয়ান্ডার ওমেন ইহুদীটাকে ঘৃণা করি।
ahmed mamun
ahmed mamun 5 kun oldin
Bangladesh cannot wait!
ahmed mamun
ahmed mamun 5 kun oldin
Wait is like dead.
Pathrick Bautista
Pathrick Bautista 5 kun oldin
This soundtrack in aquaman trailer 2
salman d shaikh
salman d shaikh 5 kun oldin
My friend books tickets of this movie.... I reply him you are Avengers now... And he feels proud😌
alma andres
alma andres 5 kun oldin
T- Series
T- Series 5 kun oldin
0:16 The Diving into Thanus
JoelyBob365 v2
JoelyBob365 v2 5 kun oldin
Some people won't watch all the trailers But not us NOT US
데이브 5 kun oldin
조회수 1043만 실화냐..?!
Piouh 5 kun oldin
Sarath Nandakumar
Sarath Nandakumar 5 kun oldin
I have a exam on 27th April but no one can stop me on 26th April watching the ENDGAME. MARVEL FOREVER!!!
Yannanas cld
Yannanas cld 2 kun oldin
Can u tell me what's after no mistakes
John Drennan
John Drennan 5 kun oldin
Brie Larson ruined MCU!!!!
TONY STARK 5 kun oldin
Captain marvel sucks
a. carlos
a. carlos 5 kun oldin
Thor costume already ordered and you better bet I’m watching this movie in gear opening night
BMG97 5 kun oldin
0:26 Characters Clockwise: Rocket Raccoon, Thor, Ant-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, War Machine, Nebula You're welcome
Lizard Llama
Lizard Llama 5 kun oldin
All these trailers basically show the same thing. But they pump me up everything time.
Hament Pandit
Hament Pandit 5 kun oldin
Black widow can defeat Thanos with Pistols...Prove me wrong....😉
K J 5 kun oldin
christopher yepes
christopher yepes 5 kun oldin
Lol imagine thanks seeing ant-man he is gonna be thinking 💭 WTF IS THIS THING he is smaller than my nutsack of a chin
christopher yepes
christopher yepes 5 kun oldin
Us : they did not tease that much for avengers infinity war, they won’t tease that much for avengers endgame. Marvel : ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT??
Midgette Linsey
Midgette Linsey 5 kun oldin
Brennen Zerstorer
Brennen Zerstorer 5 kun oldin
Which is the song?
Cam and Mia
Cam and Mia 5 kun oldin
Can’t wait💗
Jovany Villa
Jovany Villa 5 kun oldin
TheMillycow 5 kun oldin
Mister twister
Mister twister 6 kun oldin
Thor (looking at Captain Marvel): I'd like to try my AXE on this one (goes for her head) .... Another!!!
Afzal Sait
Afzal Sait 6 kun oldin
Marvel will release the whole movie on UZvid before April 26th
Fetus Deletus
Fetus Deletus 6 kun oldin
My life has been ruined.. I accidentally clicked on a biiiig spoiler
Sci-Fi SRanger
Sci-Fi SRanger 3 kun oldin
Монолита Фантик
ma dant
ma dant 6 kun oldin
i measn steve says
ma dant
ma dant 6 kun oldin
it offcial they are spliting into teams becuase he says you know your teams you now your missions
Darryl Curay
Darryl Curay 6 kun oldin
Why Star Lord can be a leader Why not Of course im just joking
0:16 SPOILER ALERT!! Thanos' death leaked
I'm a duck
I'm a duck 6 kun oldin
I love rockets little avengers outfit
You’re right Bro
You’re right Bro 6 kun oldin
Where’s Thanos ?
Diego DeLaO
Diego DeLaO 6 kun oldin
Phil -Pride
Phil -Pride 6 kun oldin
Amazing Trash Panda
TexiG TexiG
TexiG TexiG 6 kun oldin
I don't even wanna buy a drink in the theater because I don't wanna lose time on the toilet
ZACH Walkzzz
ZACH Walkzzz 6 kun oldin
Man!! For The First Time I Have Seen Woah!!! 301k Likes
Brock Connor
Brock Connor 6 kun oldin
Sadiq MhD
Sadiq MhD 6 kun oldin
Anybody noticed how rocket was not able to reach his hands when they were assembling?
RedChallenger 3
RedChallenger 3 6 kun oldin
all these trailers are hyping it up soooooo much
crystal peaches
crystal peaches 6 kun oldin
What were the x-men and fantastic four doing during all this cx
VDO BADSHAH 6 kun oldin
handsom.chris 6 kun oldin
This movie better has to have 43736 post credit scenes
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