Mary J. Blige Tried to WARN Us About A'ALIYAH

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In no way did I state the rumor that is circulating around the internet about Aaliyah's mother allegedly sleeping with her daughter and R.Kelly is fact. I wasn't there, and am confused as everyone else. .....EVERYTHING IS ALLEGED!!!!!!!!!!
All Rumors in this video are alleged, and public knowledge across the internet.

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7-Yan, 2019

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Queen Shadey
Queen Shadey 2 kun oldin
I think Aaliyah was Beyoncé’s sacrifice. Here’s my theory (hear me out:) Aaliyah was getting extremely big throughout the music and acting industries. Aaliyah was in Romeo must die and queen of the damned, which she made 12 million off of alone. She was also going to be in the matrix and the matrix remake, sparkle, and HONEY. In 2001, Aaliyah died. In 2003, crazy in love was released by beyonce. After Aaliyah died Beyoncé got even more famous, fast, and became a solo artist and eventually became the mega star we know today. Now, you guys could be skeptical, but here are some other points relating to my theory; I believe that the “higher powers” were going to pick someone that could easily influence people with their star power and music. Their first few picks to be the “leader” of the new generation of music was Brandi, Monica, Beyoncé, and Aaliyah. None of them made the cut EXCEPT Aaliyah. Aaliyah refused. But because her UNCLE had already offered up her soul, her blood price would have to be paid one way or another. Either she would kill and have her soul taken away from her, or she would die because she refused. Aaliyah Refused, and the blood price was left unpaid. Her uncle was in hot water, he had to replace the debt he owed the higher powers. He chose, to kill his niece to save himself. Remind you; he was a mason, and masons have close ties to the Illuminati. Once she was killed, the runner up was chosen to take over, and that was Beyoncé. Jay z was more of the guider, he is an important figure in the Illuminati and his task was to lead the new Illuminati “King or Queen” in the right direction. Aaliyah strayed too far from that path and was sacrificed, her star power given to Beyoncé. Jay Z also discovered RIHANNA, who started off as a sweet innocent girl and then “went bad.” He even said that in Beyoncé’s crazy in love. “Good girl gone bad.” But why? Because, they have to go through brain altering simulations so they can FULLY become Illuminati puppets, they use drugs, sex appeal, and violence to control the people in their music. But subconsciously, using the lyrics, call out for help and tell us to wake up if you play their songs backwards. Aaliyah always had a fear of Planes. Why? Because she was told how she was going to die. When asked WHY she had to get on that specific plane? She simply replied, “I just gotta do it.” Because she knew she would not be getting off. Aaliyah didn’t sell herself so she was killed. Even artists like drake, Mary j, and all other artists who got “inspiration” from her like Rihanna, kash doll and even Whitney Houston, knew what happened to her. They all felt bad but they couldn’t do anything. In conclusion,The “true queen” of the Illuminati is Aaliyah. Beyoncé was the runner up. Aaliyah didn’t fulfill her duties that were given to her before she could say no, and was killed. Beyoncé replaced her and Rihanna became Beyoncé’s runner up. Funny how jay z went to one of the poorest islands in the work looking for “talent.” No. He already knew who he was looking for. I know it’s a lot but that’s just my theory lol. Thanks guys
Krystle Turner
Krystle Turner Soat oldin
You own it mama. Expose the truth.
Herall Dinnall
Herall Dinnall Soat oldin
+Erin Johnson Some people are ignorant and small-minded.
Jennifer Hamm
Jennifer Hamm Soat oldin
Little confused what was her duties that would make her be killed
Vickie Hughes
Vickie Hughes 3 soat oldin
Queen Shadey I read the thing and it’s sounds like your on to something first real thought on her demise thank for the insight..... u had two uncles that were Freemasons and true they are very secretive........
Joshua Derrico
Joshua Derrico 6 soat oldin
Your 100 percent right. I've been telling people the truth for so long that none would believe me . Michael Jackson was an illuminati victim up until he did Thriller and rebelled when he did Bad . And Dangerous Album . Dont forget lefteye lisa Lopez was a victim too. Tboz and chilli agreed to sacrifice lisa Lopez for their promotion. Look up Aaliyah rock the boat backwards she talks about Jay a and Beyonce. It's on UZvid type Aaliyah rock the boat backwards . And look up beyonce stole aaliyahs career. And Beyonce the biggest copie cat part 1 2 3 4 and 5.
Grampz 31 daqiqa oldin
Fuck your victim blaming. Plus your intro is too long and loud compared to the rest of your audio
richard King
richard King 45 daqiqa oldin
Pick a woman?? Don’t make a video ever again!!
xSharinganDomain Incognito
Krystle Turner
Krystle Turner Soat oldin
This is very interesting.
Jennifer Hamm
Jennifer Hamm 2 soat oldin
I can see I he married his wife lol damn
henree simp
henree simp 2 soat oldin
R.kelly ,jay z,Dam douche are all scumbags and will go to hell.
Shea Unique
Shea Unique 3 soat oldin
I got tee on him. He tried to get my baby sister back in the ninties of course from the mall. Me and my bff was impressed that she had the number and we called him. But, I guess he wasn't feeling 21 yr olds. Thank God my sister was into just being a kid and having fun with get friends
monique bowman
monique bowman 3 soat oldin
Good Video over all
monique bowman
monique bowman 3 soat oldin
So What Who Are You To Tell HerWhat Andrea What She Should Do With Her Last Name
nicole hunt
nicole hunt 4 soat oldin
I remember the mtv interview they asked Aaliyah if you died how would you like to be remembered she told the guy she would like to be remembered as an entertainer few days later plane crash following week left eye
Jo Shaw
Jo Shaw 4 soat oldin
Maybe she wants the same name as her children have? And because someone twerks means they've never been abused? Nah that's some ignorant bs right there. 🙄
The Willie Good Show
When Groupies Attack!
Kitabananas Moberly
Kitabananas Moberly 6 soat oldin
Kitabananas Moberly
Kitabananas Moberly 6 soat oldin
BITCH FUCK YOU!!!!!! You are so ignorant and rude! Here you are riding on these 12,13,14,15,18 year olds abuse. I’m going to report you. You need your head checked. “Girl?” BITCH
Talishia Graves
Talishia Graves 8 soat oldin
So we really fenna act like she cant have fun or a life after the abuse? That's messed up and closed minded. Who wants to sit up and be sulking over the hurt everyday. At least she ain't out here drinking the pain away. And what's the difference from when Tina Turner kept her abuser's last name. Or we just gonna forget that too huh. (Well Tina made a name for herself off of that)....and D isnt. Gotta swindle some things to make sure you and yo babes eat in some way. But apparently it ain't all good if she had to be on a reality show. Like she said. KELLY still would control her even when she left
My mental illness
My mental illness 8 soat oldin
I can't wait to hear the stories when these young male actors come out later in life saying a older woman raped them.. World sad
Shakariabrown 8 soat oldin
R Kelly looks scary tbh
Becca Campbell
Becca Campbell 9 soat oldin
I doubt Kelly slept with Aaliyah's mom. Her mom wasn't young enough for his ass.
Odessa Scruggs
Odessa Scruggs 9 soat oldin
What was the point of this video
Sharon Nix
Sharon Nix 10 soat oldin
I think that's fucked up
Lael Davis
Lael Davis 11 soat oldin
Im gonna need the videos to be a little more cohesive. They are all over the place.
D. Carmouche
D. Carmouche 11 soat oldin
Your comments in the beginning of this video are IGNORANT AF. DOWN VOTING FOR VICTIM BLAMING
Toya Wiggins
Toya Wiggins 12 soat oldin
If you think Andrea Kelly wearing the same last name as the children she had out of that marriage is a sign that she’s secretly wanting to be tied to his fame...she’s not the weirdo, you are! Oh and that woman is a professional dancer and has been for more than two decades...🙄🙄 please, cut it out
Nikki SL
Nikki SL 12 soat oldin
You sound so ignorant
shana anderson
shana anderson 12 soat oldin
Shame on you making a mockery of women suffering. And you are a black woman that is exactly the problem Disgusting and dsigracful trying to make a buck off of someone's suffering. Yuck!
Creola Jones
Creola Jones 12 soat oldin
Damn right she earned that last name
Kala Blackwood
Kala Blackwood 12 soat oldin
I grew up listening n admiring Aaliyah. She was so humble and talented. I legit was hurt and grieved her passing
AK 12 soat oldin
Girl....everyone knows that to become an Illuminati member, you gotta sacrifice someone close to you that you love...and everyone knows that she was engaged to be married to Damon Dash. Word on the street is that when Jay-Z approached Dash with the promise of even more fame and fortune, he told him that he would have to make a sacrifice so that the higher ups knew that Damon was serious... I know what y’all thinking... “oh that’s just a rumor”...but ask yourself, how many times have rumors turned out to be TRUE? Or at least mostly true with little tidbits incorrect? Rumors swirl around because they’re started by one person hearing the TRUTH of the matter and telling one other, who goes on to tell one other....it’s like whisper down the lane, it gets somewhat distorted, but the gist of it and bulk of it stays intact. So I think that Mary was one of the first groups of people to have heard that swirl about Aaliyah. And I bet you she heard it from Puff....who maybe was trying to recruit HER?! And girl, don’t even act like you don’t know who Puffy sacrificed in order to join the club... More Tea for ya: Word on the street is that Jay also approached Kanye to become a member and that Ye sacrificed his mother Donda....
Anjeanette Jones
Anjeanette Jones 12 soat oldin
To the real people who believe what's going on in this industry knows that they have to make sacrifices, be cloned, be in sex rituals or under mind control. Aaliyah was killed by the Illuminati (Hollywood) bc she didn't want to play by their rules. That's why they killed her n Beyonce the hoe took her place. That's truth...
Mztaj100 12 soat oldin
Andrea could never be Aaliyah
L Franklin
L Franklin 13 soat oldin
R Kelly should be ashamed of his ex wife
tasha dotts
tasha dotts 13 soat oldin
You're really dumb🤦🏽‍♀️
Mike Cobb
Mike Cobb 13 soat oldin
Damn you's a ignorant ass bitch what's good
Mike Cobb
Mike Cobb 13 soat oldin
tasha dotts
tasha dotts 13 soat oldin
You're ignorant as fuck! This is the dumbest shit i've ever seen! You're an entire clown for this video!!!
Ciarra Emon
Ciarra Emon 13 soat oldin
Have you ever been in an abusive relationship?! You’re victim shaming at its finest!! This is the issue and it’s people like you that continue to support rapists and men who walk over women especially black women . TRASH 🗑
Lori Hackney
Lori Hackney 13 soat oldin
I think Mary was talking about how we put so much time and effort into our physical belongings, like the clothes and the jewelry that it blinds us from seeing what is really going on around us. And I think she's saying Aaliyah dying that way opened her eyes that she needed to start enjoying the simple things in life cause the shit that doesn't matter will devour you whole.
S Briggs
S Briggs 14 soat oldin
This whole Blog is so Disrespectful period.
BitesizeTiff 14 soat oldin
This video was a mess
Chloedagoddxss 15 soat oldin
She messed it up tho in that twerking video
Theresa Davis
Theresa Davis 15 soat oldin
She earned that name. Also his own daughter made a statement saying RKelly, is a monster. Keep that last name and the fame, keep twerking, and keep being happy. She living her BEST LIFE!
Stephen Aiden
Stephen Aiden 15 soat oldin
Life time...lol..... own by a pedophile who was convicted of child porn
Cmama 16 soat oldin
fresh B
fresh B 16 soat oldin
I need facts, a threesome. REALLY!!! GTFOH
Chelsea’s Corner
Chelsea’s Corner 16 soat oldin
His ex was a dancer.. what’s wrong with her having fun? Is she supposed to be sad and depressed the rest of her life? A lot of ppl keep the last name of their spouse.. abused, or not... this isn’t unheard of
Vow Oath
Vow Oath 17 soat oldin
Sacrificed. They carrying the casket on there shoulders.
Delaney Rierdan
Delaney Rierdan 17 soat oldin
How did this trash get over a million views? You literally sound like you could be in reading classes with R Kelly.
Kamen Anew
Kamen Anew 17 soat oldin
I don't really see this video as victim shaming. Y'all ate sp quick to be harsh and jump on someone and somehow personally feel attacked, this doesn't seem like an attack. This is just real talk. Opinions. Chill. Agree or disagree, then move on. That's it.
tia2lovely29 18 soat oldin
I agree it all was a set up. And for them females that claim they was held captive, they could have gotten away,they had to a phone to call him to go to the bathroom they could have call the police. They just want his money.
Ali_Star 18 soat oldin
Trash trash trash hope Aayliah family Sue's you like that shit was mad disrespectful talking about alleged threesome of mother and daughter with rkelly. 🤨
Portia C.
Portia C. 18 soat oldin
You sound fuckin ignorant so because he abused her shes suppose to walk around showing it?? Her hurt isnt for us to see thats yall fuckin problem now. Just dumb & ignorant
Micha Brock
Micha Brock 19 soat oldin
ranodah swan
ranodah swan 19 soat oldin
Just because she's enjoying her life doesn't take away from what he did to her. These things happened years ago. And she doesn't have to change her name. Have a seat!
7jandi7 19 soat oldin
RKellys ex wife is doing a lot of crying for her self and kids but not one mention of the other kids he molested. I believe she new at some point she was the beard 🧔 to hide RKellys true self. I believe RKelly was molested by his sister and men. If you watch the UZvid interview of one of his kid slaves she speaks about him making her strap on a dildo to use on him the. Forcing her to watch him with a man sexually. I think he likes power weather it’s a girl or boy. He’s just damaged goods and needs to be taking away from the public so he can no longer do harm. His not repairable ! Last if a women dances sexy that does attract demonic dark spirited men and women but DOES not mean she’s deserving of abuse.
Kiana Jenkins
Kiana Jenkins 19 soat oldin
You're an asshole for this one.
Curtis Burel
Curtis Burel 19 soat oldin
Shit you already know me don't know shit just got clues all I can say is R.I.P AALIYAH
Betty 19 soat oldin
Am going to leave this mess alone I heard by other Mary J was not there to see that young lady murder! She knew something was going to happen am done with this! No more comment about this let this young lady Rest In Peace Amen 🙏🏿🙏🏿♥️
Karen Emerson
Karen Emerson 20 soat oldin
I have to Ask the GOOD LORD TO FORGIVE ME for watxtthis Garbage of All days, On Aaliyah's Birthday. No time would have Been a Good Time. My heart's aches for any mother who has Lost a Child so Tragically. Sometimes we don't know why a particular CHAIN OF EVENTS TAKE PLACE. But I do Believe this, Some people are DEEMED TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD BY THE THE ONE WHO KNOWS OUR HEARTS AND SOULS BEST. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL. FOR YOUR ARE THE PICK OF THE LITTER. SAFE IN YOUR "HEAVENLY FATHER'S ARMS WHERE NOTHING OR NO ONE WILL EVER HURT YOU AGAIN."
Nelly Mendoza
Nelly Mendoza 20 soat oldin
Victim shaming is never ok
Derek White
Derek White 20 soat oldin
Enrico Poole
Enrico Poole 20 soat oldin
You should take down this terrible video.
Glassboulders 21 soat oldin
UZvid, stop recommending this bullshit to me. Thanks. 🙏
noname needed
noname needed 21 soat oldin
Girl yiy wasted my damn time . You ain't said shit & these fucking conspiracy theories are for crazy ppl . Get your head checked . Bye bitches .
Kyon Catajen
Kyon Catajen 21 soat oldin
Drea's a professional dancer...so...her dancing isn't...news?
Ciara Alfeni Shakur
Ciara Alfeni Shakur 21 soat oldin
and thats why her uncle has owner ship of his music
Sheena Rehema
Sheena Rehema 21 soat oldin
I really do belive there's evil in the music industry. her death was definetly weird and made no sense and how did one person survive that? something is wrong in the industry there definetly doing some devilish things. even after listening to some music at home I always feel weird so how I've stopped playing music in my house
Kaya Childs
Kaya Childs 21 soat oldin
I personally feel like R kelly was so in love with that young girl that after she tried to leave him he had something to do with her death. We all know he controlled everyone he had a sexual encounter with so why would she be any different? Maybe her personality kept her from being controlled and rob didn’t like that idk maybe I’m wrong but it’s really strange that before her death she stopped contacting r kelly and gravitated more to Damien dash maybe r kelly was jealous
Zippered Zippy
Zippered Zippy 22 soat oldin
Starts at 7:25
Sheena Rehema
Sheena Rehema 22 soat oldin
what does his ex wife having his last name have to do with her abuse? very distasteful video! have u forgotten they have 3 kids!
brinda oviedo
brinda oviedo 22 soat oldin
Cant yall leave aaliyah alone shes been dead for like 20 yrs already .🙄
C J 22 soat oldin
Lady please stop being an apologist for a child molester. You can add what you want but ponder one thing. Does it change his desires and actions to be with underaged girls?
Suki Singh
Suki Singh 22 soat oldin
You should be ashamed of yourself for even making this video. Speaking as a survivor myself, I walk around with my head held high, I laugh, I smile and crack jokes. But according to your video us "victims" arent suppose to be happy? Gtfoh...I also know a lot of people who are divorced that kept the husbands last name. Who cares, what's it to you?
Lashaun jones
Lashaun jones 22 soat oldin
If u go deep in the story not only the pilot was overloaded but the pilot driver was on drugs... .
Jasmine Ivy
Jasmine Ivy 23 soat oldin
I take it you aren’t married with children. Otherwise you’d likely understand why some women choose to keep the name their children have after divorce.
MissN Perfection
MissN Perfection 23 soat oldin
Something sinister is a foot in your brain...this video is trash!! Glad to see all the dislikes!! Glad people can see through your garbage!🙄
Lindsay Booth
Lindsay Booth Kun oldin
You're disgusting
Jai Norman
Jai Norman Kun oldin
The king of r&b!
Jordon Sandra Lee
This video is fucking stupid
Jai Norman
Jai Norman Kun oldin
Deborah cooke
Deborah cooke Kun oldin
Mean shit huh smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ disgusting seeing women talk about women like that
Evrett Kun oldin
Wtf you just danced around it. Just tell us wtf happened.
Kelly M
Kelly M Kun oldin
“Bitch, this is not Ramadan.” YAAAAASSSSS 🙌🏻❤️
Kam Murphy
Kam Murphy Kun oldin
How the actuall fuck did he survive??? Look at that plane!! Its wrecked !! The front is gone! But that pos survived... And if its true! About the 3some! Omg...and I always believed, it was bs!!
Some women keep their married name because of their children. They want to have the same name as HER CHILDREN.
kahlilamc Kun oldin
So what? How many women keep their married name? Have you ever divorced? It's a a lot to change your name back, bank accounts, drivers license, ss card etc. Lossing his last name.is prob the last on her list at first when trying to get away. And yes, maybe she is keeping it for reasons of personal gain, as keeping his name would get her farther still. But who are you to say what course of action someone should take after the fact. He doesn't pay child support deliberately... so if using his name brings in income, then so be it. And then ur making references to mystical and cover up death. Mary is referring to the fact that she was doing to much! We all know Mary was doing coke and drunk all the time in the 90's. That's what she was talking about you are part of the problem. I think your theory is absurd and you do not help black women or women in suffering at all. You are entitled to your opinions, but you have not given any real references for proof about anything deas ie theory you've put put out in this video. Smh
Mari Coronado
Mari Coronado Kun oldin
thank u 4 tha video I have been think in bout this 4 along time
Mari Coronado
Mari Coronado Kun oldin
I think it was a set up haters can't c ppl doing gd so they make up there own ways r.i.p aaliyah luv.u.gurl💗
Melysa Diaz
Melysa Diaz Kun oldin
her kids have that last name.
K. Williams
K. Williams Kun oldin
Girl sit down and stfu. You wasted all that time to write some bullshit. Stop believing everything you get off the internet.
Breaktronix Kun oldin
Off topic, can someone tell me what song was playing at the end of the video?
Xavier LeBeau
Xavier LeBeau Kun oldin
FINALLY somebody keeping it ALL the way real!!
Jennifer Ramos
Jennifer Ramos Kun oldin
Wow who ever made this video is too judgemental about drea being abused in the pass. R.I.P Aaliyah bc obviously certain ppl aren't letting u rest wtf!!!
Kanguesso Kang
Kanguesso Kang Kun oldin
Why can’t people just die now a days? Why does there have to be some sort of conspiracy behind every single incident that happens? It was a small fucking plane, overloaded and a coked out pilot, recipe for disaster!
Miracle TheHoneyBee
Subscribe to my channel ❤️. I’ll subscribe back!!
bigredstrgn24 Kun oldin
She has the last name Kelly because her kids also have that name. It bonds her to more than just the marriage.
Donna Taylor
Donna Taylor Kun oldin
What is she supposed to do, crawl under a rock? She's no longer in that situation and hasn't been in that situation for years. You don't sound very mature, she has children with that man. Many women perfer to have the same last name as their children.
comment on Life
comment on Life Kun oldin
You need to be slapped for this video! How dare n i mean HOW DARE YOU! If you never been through it don't speak on it!
Aundria Eli
Aundria Eli Kun oldin
Lady, you are horrible! Drea Kelly possibly keeps her name because she has children with the man. Her children carry his name. I believe it has absolutely nothing to do with fame or money! I know a non celebrity woman that keeps an abusers name because of her children. She doesn't want her children to feel some type of way that she changes her name and they don't. You also sound crazy for asking why is the former Mrs Kelly loving her life dancing, twerking and don't what she does. The woman was abused and she should go on to love her life. She was abused. She is living. She's stated several times she doesn't get any support for her 3 children. Like some women dance on poles for money to support their families, she's has options and 1 just so happened to be realty tv. The woman did what she needed to do and what was best for her to earn some money. I do believe like those women dancing on poles for money, they have other options, they chose to do that. As for Aaliyah and her mother, maybe there was a threesome. Do you have "receipts"? You sound like someone that just wants to have something to say.
Andrea Hendricks
This shit is to get are mind off this government shit
Deidre Ritter
Deidre Ritter Kun oldin
Aaliyah July, 2001
18 kun oldin