"Master Of The Grill" BURNS EVERYTHING | Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares
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Cap G
Cap G 5 soat oldin
Every episode: ITS BLAND
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson 9 soat oldin
I'd literally eat Lexi's farts.
BaPe Juice
BaPe Juice 11 soat oldin
Food he makes it shitty but the daughters he made are just 😍😍
Matteo Kovac
Matteo Kovac 23 soat oldin
Damn, watching so many episodes of this I learnt that women will even sell out their own family just to be in agreement with a man with some money and "power"..
Moechtegernpilot1 23 soat oldin
6:17 he talks like Trump 😂
davids11131113 Kun oldin
'I know just what my customers like I'm an expert on that'.....what fucking customers your restaurant is empty and going down the drain!
Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo Lopez Kun oldin
I wish I could fucking slap these delusional fucking owners.
breach Kun oldin
"it tastes like charcoal" "he didn't like it?"
Don Cartegena
Don Cartegena Kun oldin
How can you deny the steak is cooked to coal when its visually black?? Hahah my goodness
Musical Author
Musical Author 2 kun oldin
Chef Mike should've used Chef Mike...rowave
hektus96 2 kun oldin
I just realized that I don’t get why these waitresses stay. I’m from Germany so they get paid by the hour but in the USA when needing the tips it’s a riddle to me why they stay 😄
Dominik Gucanin
Dominik Gucanin 2 kun oldin
5:30 the old women looks fucking scary 😂👀omg
Luke Slade
Luke Slade 2 kun oldin
I want to put my sausage inside Lexi's bun.
andrewchen425 2 kun oldin
How is business not popping at this restaurant with Lexi as hostess
Elena 2 kun oldin
*Ramsay farts* Gordon: Do you smell that? 😂
E J 2 kun oldin
Who's idea is it to post clips from a show without the season# episode# what if I would like to watch that episode now I can't find it n I now I won't watch it
Munibmessi10 3 kun oldin
Lexi the hostess is so cute!
your roommate
your roommate 3 kun oldin
"Your food tastes gross. I'd rather have your daughters instead ." -said nobody that I know of
T. D
T. D 3 kun oldin
She is beautiful 😍
[] Jem
[] Jem 3 kun oldin
"I call it a hot mess" "I call it a hot joke" *I call it my fuck life*
Master Jedi
Master Jedi 4 kun oldin
Ramsey “I call it a hot joke” ... then the staff all parts lol
cult friction
cult friction 4 kun oldin
Restaurant, a business centered around food quality. Too think your food is not the problem is moronic.
Izzy Rossi Stuart
Izzy Rossi Stuart 4 kun oldin
That sister was like flirting with Gordon that was so awkward!
Lee marshall
Lee marshall 4 kun oldin
Nice little jew girl
mexighosthunter 86
mexighosthunter 86 4 kun oldin
And the perfect finally niiiinooooooo
ToooMuch2Handle 4 kun oldin
I didn’t realise that the chef was Big Les reincarnated
slowfaller 4 kun oldin
Ever notice Gordon is never happy to "meet" anyone? Always avoids that word usually saying "nice to see you"
ANNEX 4 kun oldin
Reason why no one complains. No ones in the restaurant
Alberto Sanchez
Alberto Sanchez 5 kun oldin
Lexi was like your cologne smells good. Meaning we can fuck if i can get some money!!!! She flirted back!!!!
Rob James
Rob James 5 kun oldin
"What's that smell?" Gordan says. "It's you. I smell you." Says the hostess, giving us a superb example of projection and denial complexes.
Cacteyes 5 kun oldin
*“diD sOmEonE PeE pEE oN mY mEnU?”*
New York native
New York native 5 kun oldin
Its a fat Anthony bourdain
Melly Kidd
Melly Kidd 6 kun oldin
Being a perfectionist doesn’t mean anything if you’re not cooking properly to begin with; you’ll only succeed in making the perfect imperfection.
Robbie D
Robbie D 6 kun oldin
Has any owner ever watched an episode before agreeing to be on this show?
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 6 kun oldin
Hey! I'm an up and coming page, who doesnt post memes, or News, or, ‘quotes’ against a black back drop. I'm posting youtube comments that I've read, and screenshotted for some reason or another. Check me out. And join the community I hope to create, or, I'll try to. And I'm public, so give me atleast a quick stop and you can maybe find something you like. Follow me Ig: @youtubecommentsilver Ik Ramsay fans like words
Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star 6 kun oldin
Gordon Ramsay has jokes.
Andrew Sallee
Andrew Sallee 6 kun oldin
Haha 5:23 " I cant afford to be up all night with the shits"
dustysnoop 6 kun oldin
Pussies on the two slut daughters are a 9
dustysnoop 6 kun oldin
Who is the sexy cunt who greets him at entrance?
Louisana Boss
Louisana Boss 6 kun oldin
I would eat the food everyday to meet those fine arse women.
Kinzarn 6 kun oldin
"Same here" is such a bad response
I b miss shy
I b miss shy 6 kun oldin
❤ chef Ramsay
Super American Best Friends Play
Y Marina
Y Marina 6 kun oldin
Anyone ever saw Grandma's Boy? I want Lexi to SIT ON MY FACE
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 7 kun oldin
I want to eat lexis ass
Frank Lopez
Frank Lopez 7 kun oldin
Lexi wanted Gordon so bad.
Tommy The hospital fish
Honestly I could eat that entire steak right now I’m so hungry And it looks so good to a non cook
James Morris
James Morris 7 kun oldin
Im loving how they wipe their faces with the line towels...
Tristan Santiago
Tristan Santiago 8 kun oldin
Mike: "Chef Ramsey will like the food. I guarantee it." Bro he don't even like the damn restaurant.
swizzy bk
swizzy bk 8 kun oldin
I’m in love
Simon Black
Simon Black 8 kun oldin
Wonder where this place is, looks vaugely familiar.
Dark ImpulseGB
Dark ImpulseGB 8 kun oldin
*For the finally is going to be NINO*
golden honey drops
golden honey drops 8 kun oldin
Gordon: Is this water seasoned? It taste bland, it needs salt".
Hentai Samurai
Hentai Samurai 8 kun oldin
She is cute. Damn!
Dennis T.
Dennis T. 8 kun oldin
You know, there's one thing that I only thought about just now (after watching at least 15 kitchen nightmares). When a food critic visits an establishment, if the employees know it's a critic they tend to "up their game" and serve the best they can. Normally critics don't reveal themselves though to get an idea of how the food in general is. Now then, it just struck me that even though they know Gordon is the recipient of those dishes they prepare, it is still more often than not, dreadful. I assume they all try to make their dishes the best they can for Gordon and yet they still come out dreadful. Imagine how the food must taste to the average patron...who doesn't get the "make the food good for Chef!" treatment? Ugh...
Goon Guzzler 9000
Goon Guzzler 9000 9 kun oldin
I’d pork Lexi
Dafelle Roscoe
Dafelle Roscoe 9 kun oldin
well he didnt burn "everything"
Jahseh Onfroy
Jahseh Onfroy 9 kun oldin
2:04 why does that girl look like an older version of Britney Spears?
Christian Payne
Christian Payne 10 kun oldin
"I'm a master of the grill" *torches steak with a flamethrower*
ou812 ou812
ou812 ou812 10 kun oldin
She's a good daughter she's a good woman just trying to correct your father because he's stubborn individual nothing but love
McDonald's Big Mac
McDonald's Big Mac 10 kun oldin
They invite chef Ramsay when their restaurant is failing and they want help and then the dad says that their food is perfect OBVIOUSLY IT'S NOT YOU AUTISTIC IDIOT
Level 4999 different angle oh yeah yeah soldier
Me when I'm trying to cook
George Barrett
George Barrett 11 kun oldin
Lexi is one fine dessert.
ViividYoshi 12 kun oldin
I want some Lexi for dinner at that restaurant.
Bestsk8eva 12 kun oldin
You could say that the food got *roasted* 😂
Vizard 13 kun oldin
*Did someone pee pee on my menu?*
Emmanuel PerezHernandez
This username is not unnecessarily long
90% of the comic are just saying the owner's daughter is hot
Coolgirl118 #GD
Coolgirl118 #GD Soat oldin
Dani_Is_Terrible 1
Dani_Is_Terrible 1 15 kun oldin
45% is about Gordon farting 55% is about doing sexually things to his nice daughters wtf! This comment section is RAW!
Jason Bean
Jason Bean 15 kun oldin
Lexi kept saying, "Come with me." I would have left.
jesse3TWO 15 kun oldin
lex would get itttttt
Hick Rarrison
Hick Rarrison 15 kun oldin
Atleast it's not raw.
Rob Fowler
Rob Fowler 15 kun oldin
I would literally want to marry Lexi within 5 seconds of meeting her
dawson parker
dawson parker 16 kun oldin
He wasnt "being critical" he was stating the obvious
Jay Haviv
Jay Haviv 16 kun oldin
The manager is sleeping with the daughter
just chilllin
just chilllin 16 kun oldin
They all say they dont give a shit.. but Gordon didnt just appear there to help you for free.. these are facts
just chilllin
just chilllin 16 kun oldin
He doesnt know what the problem is.. look at the fuckin carpet!! Ever run a vaccuum?
paula sutton
paula sutton 16 kun oldin
Ramsey,He's like I can't afford to be up all night with the shits 😂😂
RJ Arano
RJ Arano 17 kun oldin
He’s a master of burning food 😂
87Oscar87 17 kun oldin
When you're eating in a restaurant and Gordon Ramsey walks in with a camera crew.
New Name
New Name 17 kun oldin
Where I’m from we like our burgers and hot dogs burnt on the charcoal grill ..me personally I throw wood chips on top of the charcoal so it doesn’t taste like fuel
VETO KOOLAID 17 kun oldin
She wants to get on that
Aircooled Tech
Aircooled Tech 17 kun oldin
6:07 👍
Nae1992 17 kun oldin
martin price
martin price 17 kun oldin
I made it so its right on the money! What money? Fucking Ugandan shilling???
General grevious
General grevious 18 kun oldin
3:17 him talking and the music synced perfectly
h i
h i 18 kun oldin
Props to the sound effects guy/woman
Mom2adevildog W
Mom2adevildog W 18 kun oldin
When he said "He couldn't afford to be up all night with the shits"......I died!!! 😂🤣
M -Kube
M -Kube 18 kun oldin
At least he didn't burn the restaurant
Timothy Benedict
Timothy Benedict 19 kun oldin
Another fine episode of Chefs in Denial brought to you by Gordon Ramsay.
Lash Gash
Lash Gash 19 kun oldin
That pretty girl just changed everything for me
[BRSH] Oggaly Boogaly
Lol 0:09 what is that smell ? Giggity
Mohd Mohsin
Mohd Mohsin 20 kun oldin
Ramsay.... when ever see him just wanna kill him .....so much of attitude.....idiot
LowSpirits ِ
LowSpirits ِ 20 kun oldin
Every depreciating restaurant has the same problem. (Owner's Self Confidence) Could be overconfident too (Bad Reputation) (Cheap Food Quality) (Waitress Service) (Kitchen Roles) Let's see how many people agree by giving it a like or comment or whatever.
LowSpirits ِ
LowSpirits ِ 4 kun oldin
hanajinks 🥺
hanajinks 4 kun oldin
I'm more concerned about your weird English.
v0d3r 22 kun oldin
"Is that a piece of steak or charcoal?" "No, chef, that's a piece of the steak." Cracks me up when people answer his rhetorical questions with seriousness. lol
allu 22 kun oldin
That Einstein shit was next level
Pancho Billa
Pancho Billa 23 kun oldin
This dude looks nasty just by lookin at him lol
Pancho Billa
Pancho Billa 23 kun oldin
6:38 the mtf nasty ass animal foreal he putt it out his mouth n made dude eat it smh
Raffi Bel.
Raffi Bel. 23 kun oldin
3:10 Demonic Gordon Ramsey rises from hell to criticize atmosphere
Arti 23 kun oldin
I don’t know about you but even though he doesn’t like the food he doesn’t need to have one spoonful and then throw it away in the bin.
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