"Master Of The Grill" BURNS EVERYTHING | Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares
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Jdub14000 Soat oldin
The daughters are lookers.
Elle Reacts
Elle Reacts 6 soat oldin
“I call it a hot mess” “I call it a hot joke”
Patrick Quiambao
Patrick Quiambao 7 soat oldin
what episode is this
Scribble 7 soat oldin
Did anyone read the description?
Evan Shore
Evan Shore 10 soat oldin
The girls seem like they are the parents lol
Evan Shore
Evan Shore 10 soat oldin
The girls seem like kind people encouraging their father
Ivan Cerecer
Ivan Cerecer 10 soat oldin
When she said "he has a hard time taking criticism" i knew that this was gonna be good
516 Jude
516 Jude 10 soat oldin
They are *noseblind*
Paris Holmes
Paris Holmes 22 soat oldin
Its 11:30 and I've been watching these videos since 9 so yea
Kimosuji Akira
Kimosuji Akira Kun oldin
8:34 Whats next? For the finale its gonna be... NINOOOOOOOOOOOO
Mitch Barredo
Mitch Barredo Kun oldin
Filthy dining room, filthy kitchen. Delusional, lazy owner/chef. Keeps talking about all the customers that like what he makes, I see one table of customers in a huge dining room.
Zackstaa Kun oldin
I ain’t gonna lie that steak looked pretty.... *N I N O*
Probably not a tsundere
*_3:01_**_-_**_3:05_* *_ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT?_*
Dylan Mitchell
Dylan Mitchell Kun oldin
Army RM
Army RM 2 kun oldin
Just because you're a chef for 15 or more years DOESN'T mean you can call yourself a professional or even rate your food a 10.
The Phoenix
The Phoenix 2 kun oldin
The girl though,it ain’t the food I’d be eating out......
Captain Smek
Captain Smek 3 kun oldin
Why do they keep calling him Jeff Ramsay
Skids Somethinh
Skids Somethinh 3 kun oldin
For the finale its gonna be NINO
Gwen SleepyHead
Gwen SleepyHead 4 kun oldin
For once I agree with all the pervert comments about the daughter, she makes me question my sexuality (as I'm straight) * q *
Nicolas Ceresoli
Nicolas Ceresoli 4 kun oldin
Master of the Crematorium Grill
Manny Jimenez
Manny Jimenez 4 kun oldin
Lexi can have my children
Zwei4815 5 kun oldin
"I know what my customers like." Only one other table seated after 5pm.
Ivanka2024 for POTUS
Not the steak too😡
The D3RP Clan
The D3RP Clan 5 kun oldin
AZIZ S 5 kun oldin
"Medium Rare Steak" *Overcooks It* I Wonder What Would've Happened If Gordon Ordered It Normal... *The Place Would've Been Set On Fire*
Paul Merideth
Paul Merideth 5 kun oldin
Damn his daughters are cute s hell
聖斗酒鬼薔薇 5 kun oldin
I only watch these videos for the Nino jokes at the very end
Dan Henry
Dan Henry 6 kun oldin
The manager eats the piece he spits out
Pirate Labs
Pirate Labs 6 kun oldin
Owner: "The food is not the problem here." (why do all of them say that?) Ramsay: "Fuck me."
BonBon 983
BonBon 983 6 kun oldin
I got a fucken Gordon Ramsay add before this video lmao 🤣
Alex Cristino
Alex Cristino 6 kun oldin
Damn the hostess is cute
Chill Kid
Chill Kid 6 kun oldin
Legend says Gordan Ramsey seasons his wife's ass before eating it.
Met3lAngel 6 kun oldin
Apart from the steak, I'd eat the shit out of everything else.
Ford Prefect
Ford Prefect 6 kun oldin
Whenever I watch "Kitchen Nightmares" I always wonder "Is Gordon Ramsay really picky or are all the restaurants he goes to REALLY BAD?"
Ivan Fernandez
Ivan Fernandez 7 kun oldin
how do you burn a steak and it still be red in the middle
Andrew Shea
Andrew Shea 7 kun oldin
“You look Glamorous” Truer words couldn’t have been said Gordon
THE ARAV26 7 kun oldin
i like how the other people in the restaurant didn't look like they knew who he was
elm street
elm street 7 kun oldin
5:34 oof
Chicken Draws Dogs
Chicken Draws Dogs 7 kun oldin
"He's gonna like it." On...Kitchen Nightmares....
bluewhale18 7 kun oldin
Do they always give Ramsey the cute waitresses
New_Cosmos 7 kun oldin
Nino always make sure his restaurant smells good. He has photos to prove the smell.
Lost Turtle 23
Lost Turtle 23 7 kun oldin
6:48 can tell he didn't wanna eat it lmao
Mr.Swaggins 7 kun oldin
I can’t say for sure that I would be different than most of these owners Holy crap none of them can take responsibility
Taylor H
Taylor H 7 kun oldin
"good to see you" "same here" Only in the USA would a person so inept at talking to another human being be allowed to become a restaurant manager.
H G 8 kun oldin
I love watching stuck up assholes get degraded
Aaron Arshad
Aaron Arshad 8 kun oldin
So if Gordon is here to help with the food I think they should stop saying that
Aaron Arshad
Aaron Arshad 8 kun oldin
Yep well eveyone thinks that Gordon will like there food, out of eveyone that says that he normally doesnt
Jack Stenson
Jack Stenson 8 kun oldin
show is fake asf. if Gordon was coming you wouldnt half ass shit im sorry its all an act.
YourDaddyTyron X
YourDaddyTyron X 9 kun oldin
Nice chancre
YourDaddyTyron X
YourDaddyTyron X 9 kun oldin
Hqhahah he said “ woow thats gross”😂😂
MrStickman1997 9 kun oldin
0:26 No, I just smell you. Gordon Ramsay: o_o
GRAv3S 666
GRAv3S 666 9 kun oldin
So he didn’t think to strain the shrimp??? You’re a chef have some pride there’s no way I’d be happy with myself knowing I served the chef god shit food.
goat 9 kun oldin
Gordon's game on point
Raverconvict 9 kun oldin
Abdullah Hamdan
Abdullah Hamdan 9 kun oldin
watching this makes me feel that i can cook better than the chef
Dee Luu
Dee Luu 9 kun oldin
"I can't afford to be up all night with the sh*ts" 😭😂😂😂
Blade Walters
Blade Walters 9 kun oldin
The restaurant with no identity. Sjw heaven
Blade Walters
Blade Walters 9 kun oldin
Lexi wants that Ramsey d
Sigh1 films
Sigh1 films 10 kun oldin
hot mamacita
Samantha Godard
Samantha Godard 10 kun oldin
“For the finale it’s gonna be NINO!”
AmbblyPuff 10 kun oldin
"I smell your cologne, it smells good" lol
Carlos Banegas
Carlos Banegas 10 kun oldin
Lexi so beautiful 😍
The Ghost
The Ghost 10 kun oldin
Mike seems like a good dude if you watch the entire episode
INSANE SALINAS 10 kun oldin
I'd eat her ass 😋
Jungkook's Wifeú
Jungkook's Wifeú 10 kun oldin
4:17 " I dont know what he's talking about. Im a perfectionist " Bitch please! Dude no ones perfect you should know that! Even you yiur not perfect so how come your a perfectionist?
Potato lord The first
Nino wouldn’t burn the food.He had the pictures to prove it.
Vinyl Blair
Vinyl Blair 11 kun oldin
Lexi is hot.... I would happily eat their shit food if she worked there. BTW WTF is Chicken Murphy ??? Surprisingly it Sounds Shit, looked Like Shit and yep tasted like shit
Riste Pancurov
Riste Pancurov 11 kun oldin
Subscribe to peediepie
Lindsay 11 kun oldin
lmao bro if chef Ramsay is in your MF kitchen.... your food sucks 100% lol.. why do ppl not take his advise like grow up
No thanks B
No thanks B 11 kun oldin
“I can only smell your cologne” *”which smells really good”* I can’t tell if Gordon was flattered by that comment or cringed😂
Ian 11 kun oldin
His daughter is a 9
Sileight PorscheFam
Sileight PorscheFam 11 kun oldin
8====D bone her
Phillip Oukh
Phillip Oukh 11 kun oldin
I'd smash the girl at the beginning
W KM 12 kun oldin
W KM 12 kun oldin
billie gaskell silver
she got sooooooo used to the smell that she didn't smell anything
Jeremy Williams
Jeremy Williams 12 kun oldin
Did expo really stand there and hold the tray as the server passed plates...
swish 12 kun oldin
i would smash mikes daughter
GameTimeWithDan 12 kun oldin
Master of Grill? More like Master of Fire.
ToTheSkies 12 kun oldin
Restaurant is failing and falling in debt. Proceed to act like nothing is wrong.
beautyfool 13 kun oldin
The decor and aesthetics of that restaurant would keep me from eating there. Ramsey is a brave man.
Arch Angel
Arch Angel 13 kun oldin
Einstein was actually terrible at math, you can look it up. I believe he failed several classes in high school as well.
bluewhale18 7 kun oldin
Arch Angel not true I
notgonnapay 13 kun oldin
Damn, his daughter at the front door is so cute.
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un 13 kun oldin
Gordon: How would you rate your food? Mike: upper 9 Gordon: Wow i love the confidence! cant wait to taste it. Inner Gordon: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this egotistic bastard thinks his food is a 9 id rather eat poodle shit than to eat his food. Embarrassing Dreadful Soggy and raw!!!
Cesar Sandoval
Cesar Sandoval 13 kun oldin
@ 5:42 We finally found Chef Mikes cousin
Shannon Denise
Shannon Denise 14 kun oldin
anyone: hi mr ramsy gordon:BLAND
Eli Stimson
Eli Stimson 14 kun oldin
What's that smell? 😂 "flavor"
Andrew T
Andrew T 14 kun oldin
Damn hes ass at cooking I can see just how nasty that food looks
fah q
fah q 14 kun oldin
Sexi Lexi
Twistedmist 14 kun oldin
So the crazy thing is the filth, I dont get it how can you have a filthy restaurant. I own a restaurant, you keep that staff and make them clean, maybe because its family they dont want to force his staff to clean?
Boogaloo Shrimp
Boogaloo Shrimp 14 kun oldin
For the finale its gonna be *NINO*
GD Fast
GD Fast 14 kun oldin
For the finale it's going to be NINOOOOO
Cavin Bob
Cavin Bob 14 kun oldin
The only thing I would eat raw is that ass
꧁Jade Today ꧁
꧁Jade Today ꧁ 14 kun oldin
Gordon:IT RAW Mike:Nope not this time
Till son
Till son 14 kun oldin
At 5:34 is there porn going on in the kitchen TV? No wonder the chef is serving shit
No Thanks
No Thanks 15 kun oldin
Right at the beginning of the video I thought Ramsey had just gone out and was coming back inside.
All Might
All Might 15 kun oldin
8:34 The editor of these video has the best job ever.
Crypt Gamer
Crypt Gamer 15 kun oldin
Girl was lowkey flirting with gordon
bseo927 15 kun oldin
I never hear a complaint. No shit sherlock. The customers just don't bother to criticize your food. They just won't come back.
Dirchtang 15 kun oldin
master of the microwave
Dirchtang 15 kun oldin
the guy's name is chef mike