"Master Of The Grill" BURNS EVERYTHING | Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares
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The Best Person In All Of Space
9 more days till my 11th bday and I can cook better than alot of these chefs
The Best Person In All Of Space
Gordon: rate your food 1-10 Person: *thinking I can't say 10 he will think I'm just saying that because it's my food uhhh oh wait I know I should say 9 Person: 9
Brian Weiss
Brian Weiss 8 soat oldin
The only thing I'd eat from that restraunt is Lexi's snatch
Alli Friend
Alli Friend 8 soat oldin
Please can you come and eat in le Delice hoe street if I knew how do to get you there I will
Grant H
Grant H 9 soat oldin
THAT DESCRIPTION THOUGH!!! Using comic-sans in their menu isn't a good sign. If you liked this clip check out the rest of Gordon's channels: uzvid.com/u-gordonramsay uzvid.com/u-thefword uzvid.com/u-kitchennightmares More Gordon Ramsay: Website: www.gordonramsay.com Facebook: facebook.com/GordonRamsay01 Twitter: twitter.com/GordonRamsay
Abi Kerr
Abi Kerr 17 soat oldin
*bloody hell*
Thomas Biondi
Thomas Biondi 17 soat oldin
For the finale there's gonna be NINO!
GUO TINGYU XV 18 soat oldin
master of burnt.
Sum yout00ber
Sum yout00ber 18 soat oldin
Lmao the title
Tard 21 soat oldin
Omg that girl… I’d marry her so hard and then I’d raise a family with her until she can’t walk anymore.
Gabbie Hernandez
I love when Gordon has the staff try the food. It’s hard to get a real idea of just how awful something must taste because Gordon, being a world class chef, has a super refined palate, so he may be pickier about taste than others. So seeing all these average joes try the food and then proceed to cringe or spit it out reaffirms that YES, THE FOOD REALLY IS THAT DISGUSTING. NO ONE LIKES IT. No one.
Danny Nanez
Danny Nanez Kun oldin
FTWinnick Kun oldin
Does it bother anyone else when the waitress sides with Ramsey like right away?
Ben -
Ben - Kun oldin
Man seasoned the steak after putting it on the grill.
ヨヨ Kun oldin
"I can run a failing business! I know what my customers like and I think you're wrong, Ramsay!"
DAVID Dailidė
DAVID Dailidė Kun oldin
iam good cheff famous last words
fireflames 1994
fireflames 1994 Kun oldin
That guy's daughter is the only thing there I would eat out.
Ragnarok Clan
Ragnarok Clan Kun oldin
Pls. Make me cake gordan ramsey and my birthday is 5
Brian Baurmash
Brian Baurmash Kun oldin
Those two young ladies are beautiful.
dread knot
dread knot Kun oldin
When master chef enter the restaurant and grills everyone.
Anime Fan
Anime Fan 2 kun oldin
I've seen worse molds in restaurants
the_others 2 kun oldin
"Using comic-sans in their menu isn't a good sign." LOL
xDarcanine321 2 kun oldin
i just go for the girl
Miss LoLo
Miss LoLo 2 kun oldin
Ramsey was low key flirting with the girl in the beginning
orgonko the wildly untamed
the only things worth eating at that restaurant are the brunette waitresses
orgonko the wildly untamed
chef's self evaluation of 9 must have been on 1-100 scale
Jailong Kong
Jailong Kong 2 kun oldin
His lines are getting deeper I couldn’t stop staring at them 😂
Tired_David - Twitch.tv
"We have a restaurant problem" about sums it up. With the owner and operator having an attitude like that, the restaurant deserves to fail.
A and A
A and A 2 kun oldin
she doesn’t smell the smell cuz she has already adapted to it lmao
Damien Grey
Damien Grey 2 kun oldin
Manager: Mike, he said it tastes like charcoal. Mike: So he didn't like it? I know we're not dealing with a genius here. But who in their right mind likes eating charcoal?
Jaegar Ultima
Jaegar Ultima 2 kun oldin
The only way the drunk chef is burning everything is that he's either putting everything on way too long or he has the stoves on at high and not watching his food because he's too busy drinking.
ProxKei 2 kun oldin
That damn server is damn fine
Crusader 3 kun oldin
"There ain't no way in Hell I overcooked that steak" *Literally blackened, scorched steak*
Brian Dupuis
Brian Dupuis 3 kun oldin
how do you squander the incomparable advantage of having the world's cutest hostess, just make the food passable and you'd make bank. so sad lol
Antony Suraj S
Antony Suraj S 3 kun oldin
Daughter no 1 is sooooooo cuteeeeee.
InvisibleCosmos 3 kun oldin
:master of the grill"
Christopher Hayes
Christopher Hayes 3 kun oldin
Good job
Sandi Billingsley
Sandi Billingsley 3 kun oldin
Please consider the nightmares the animals liveed before ending up on your grill.
Mrak Smeet
Mrak Smeet 3 kun oldin
Mr Lim
Mr Lim 3 kun oldin
chef bill clinton
The Creeper King
The Creeper King 3 kun oldin
Just a critique, the Steak Nellie, he seasoned it on the grill. I cringed badly when he did that
Roland Lee
Roland Lee 3 kun oldin
Ah, the NINO joke never gets old..
MG TOW 3 kun oldin
"You are glamorous"...I don't know sounds like sexual harassment. I'm a snowflake! #metoo
Celestyal 3 kun oldin
That description. I love you, editor.
Nesfield J
Nesfield J 3 kun oldin
Stake looked good to me
vonunov 4 kun oldin
Why the hell would you put a massive kickplate on the doors and then put up a sign saying not to kick the doors
SatireShrimp 4 kun oldin
Why could I smell shit through my screen?
David Mayer
David Mayer 4 kun oldin
Confess investment meter emission lemon interview heavily save cover task.
Ali G
Ali G 4 kun oldin
Lexi highkey a hoe, thirsty for ramsay lmao
Demon Gamer
Demon Gamer 4 kun oldin
The steak is not RAWWWWW It is BURNEDDDDD
I Don't Know Anymore
*I oNlY sMeLl YoU*
IceZZZ 4 kun oldin
They posted this again
Steeler Mom
Steeler Mom 4 kun oldin
Lamb sauce?
Mat Rp
Mat Rp 4 kun oldin
The restaurant is disgusting but I'd eat Lexi 24/7
Tammy Mcwhirter
Tammy Mcwhirter 4 kun oldin
anything that I make him he's gonna love. guarantee.
Swagsteroo 4 kun oldin
Legend has it that the smell was never identified.
Will Sszz
Will Sszz 4 kun oldin
what episode is this?
God 4 kun oldin
“I can’t afford to be up all night with the shits” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Best comment I’ve ever heard in my life!
Evan Miller
Evan Miller 4 kun oldin
3:08 That light looks like an intake
ForeverStokes 4 kun oldin
There is always that one server ready and willing to throw the whole operation under the bus! hahaha love it.
Maurice H
Maurice H 4 kun oldin
if you cant even grill just take your purse and sache out of there
Seth 4 kun oldin
Sexie Lexie
Kaan 4 kun oldin
She wants the D
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 4 kun oldin
de0509 5 kun oldin
Hot daughter is hot
big nut
big nut 5 kun oldin
bitter is always better
the irony thooooough lmao
Nice Shot
Nice Shot 5 kun oldin
Chicken Murphy looked good to me.
Thomas Yates
Thomas Yates 5 kun oldin
That steak actually looked medium rare. How the fuck do get a steak not overcooked but black on the outside?
SavoryEmpress 5 kun oldin
It’s not over cooked it’s B U R N T.
TattedCatt 5 kun oldin
Ok how can people call him for help and Still expect him to love the food? If you need ramseys help you better not give him ANY shit.
Daleo '
Daleo ' 5 kun oldin
I love it that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
George Branham
George Branham 5 kun oldin
3:33 im not racist but that black guy is sitting at the wrong table
Nice Shot
Nice Shot 5 kun oldin
Intercepted Internet
Looks like an old Wendy’s. They had those atrium windows up front.
Alexis Dzink
Alexis Dzink 5 kun oldin
what episode is this from/what restaurant is this
Liberty Rising
Liberty Rising 5 kun oldin
WOW!!! Brits have incredibly low standards as to what constitutes a "glamorous" woman...
Cipta Pradja
Cipta Pradja 5 kun oldin
According to the owner, food is not the problem. Its the atmosphere. But he never changed the interior for 15 years. Why murican is stupid?
george vine
george vine 5 kun oldin
The daughter looks like pat phelans daughter
Trace Absence
Trace Absence 5 kun oldin
Every episode has the same exact plot.
JZPH Quevas
JZPH Quevas 5 kun oldin
Why all Lexi I know was gorgeous. Example Lexi Lore Lexi Belle Lexi Aaane And now her!! Geez
Triggered_Atheist 5 kun oldin
_"Master Of The Grill" BURNS EVERYTHING_ Not the best title to a video...
f f
f f 5 kun oldin
Gordon: Do u mind leaving im trying to eat here :|
tlongworth19 5 kun oldin
So sick of chefs tooting their little horns about being 9/10 because they think they are the "best"
DrakenSk 5 kun oldin
5:04 - "I would let you do anything to me".
EdgyShooter 5 kun oldin
Really want to go over that carpet with a rug doctor just to see the difference 😂
MrMentalia 5 kun oldin
I'd eat it And I'm not talking about the food
Insanity Provides
Insanity Provides 5 kun oldin
what episode is this
Carter Beeson
Carter Beeson 5 kun oldin
love this show
Kuma 5 kun oldin
"for the finale it's gonna be NINOOOO!"
jimmy hayden
jimmy hayden 5 kun oldin
Do people who go on this show know who Gordon is ?
joe mama
joe mama 5 kun oldin
That man can't cook for shit but he shuuuu can make some delicious daughters!! Mmmm tender n juicy.
Adrian Jones
Adrian Jones 5 kun oldin
Gordon wanted to bang his daughter so bad lol
Nick Denis
Nick Denis 5 kun oldin
That daughter in the dress isnt half bad looking.
Volvo Gaben
Volvo Gaben 6 kun oldin
Swag Dinner Money
Swag Dinner Money 6 kun oldin
Master Of The Grill? More like Master Of Staying Still. (get it cuz he burns the food)
Antim8ah 6 kun oldin
Sometimes I feel like Gordon is overly critical on the food when it's uneeded just for TV/entertaining purposes.
Der Jens
Der Jens 6 kun oldin
Was there ever a restaurant on this show where the food was just "okay"? I feel like it's always either blant, disgusting or delicious...
Nick S
Nick S 6 kun oldin
"Murphy" is a FUCKING UGLY name for a dish, no matter what meat is in it. The last thing anybody is gonna want in and around their mouth is something with the name "Murphy"
Binyam And Basketball
Frick u Gordon dummy
Billy 6 kun oldin
5:29 - 5:33 you can tell big lady on the left lie about the chicken from how she's quickly cleaning her stuffed mouth to look presentable for the camera