MasterChef Junior Season 1 Episode 5 (US 2013)

Rosie Jones
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MasterChef Junior Season 1 Episode 5 US 2013
MASTERCHEF JUNIOR is produced by Shine America and One Potato Two Potato, and is based on the format created by Franc Roddam and Shine. Shine International handles distribution for the MASTERCHEF format. Elisabeth Murdoch, Eden Gaha, Paul Franklin, Robin Ashbrook, Gordon Ramsay, Adeline Ramage Rooney, Patricia Llewellyn and Ben Adler serve as executive producers.




29-Okt, 2013

MasterChef Junior Season 1 Episode 5 US 2013



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Fikrlar 3 841
At first i wanted to punch sarah now my fist are leaning towards Troy
Me Ho
Me Ho 11 soat oldin
I fucking hate that little bitch sarah
Skytheguy09 14 soat oldin
Sarah is just being way to pushy and thinks she’s better than she is
Neptune 15 soat oldin
Bro the team picking reminds me of school
ROBLOX Naro 16 soat oldin
let’s celebrate with apple juice
elevator kid Hinds
elevator kid Hinds 18 soat oldin
Army Monster
Army Monster 20 soat oldin
I would’ve beat troys ass made him cry
ChrisDs Vlogs
ChrisDs Vlogs Kun oldin
They doodoo
xinru Li
xinru Li Kun oldin
Why are the comments so mean? They are just kids!!!
TheFunnyBro Kun oldin
Imagine Troy reading the comments💀
sNpR_AFKing Kun oldin
“ hey kids do you want to follow a strange man with a British” “ yes chef”
Aiza Manzoor
Aiza Manzoor Kun oldin
In ep 4 everybody was hating on Sarah and ep 5 they r feeling bad for her
vanessa mae
vanessa mae Kun oldin
gavins little stare at sarah 22:37 aww these cuties
Michael jr G. Camacho
Something I'd wrong with sarah
BLACKnWHITE animate Animations
Damn I couldn’t even divide at Their age
Itz Metro
Itz Metro Kun oldin
Why is Sarah in this?!!?
Dave McCallister
Troy that effing meanie should not have made it through...he made the environment in the kitchen so terrible
Dave McCallister
This was SO fun to watch ahhhhh
Dave McCallister
Dave McCallister 2 kun oldin
“Guys you should have 2 or 3 done” .... “I only have 1”
Elite cryptic
Elite cryptic 2 kun oldin
Sarah’s crying sounds so fake😂
Nerdy Skittles!
Nerdy Skittles! 2 kun oldin
13:55 “what?” Would have been my exact reaction 😂
crypticarus 2 kun oldin
In all honesty, it's tough choice for Blue team, which is hard to understand when you only see a few clips of the whole progress. The obvious flaws in the Blue team was Troy's micromanaging, which would have gotten him kicked out of a job if they were adults. It's extremely unprofessional to be rude like that, but that is understandable as he's only 12. Once he grows up, I hope he learns kitchen manners. But, he's oldest and has very good skills in the kitchen, had a good eye, too. I'm very sure there were more moments like that which we didnt get to see, which saved the team from putting out and wasting time on unfit plates. Gavin, unfortunately, lacks leadership which can be equally devastating in a kitchen, but as a team captain he didn't need leadership or be the best. What he needs is MANAGING skills. Figure out what his team member's best skills are and weaknesses to position them where they can bring their best to the result. That is difficult to do if you didnt know them all too well or if any skills havent stuck out in the time you spent around them so far. Or you avoid weaknesses. When Sarah said she didnt feel confident with the vegetables, Gavin should have memorised it as it did cost them two pans of veggies later on, but Gavin was thrust into a difficult position and assigned a difficult job. When Troy started micromanaging, Gavin should have cut in with a firm hand. Troy was right in what he said, but not in the delivery. But dissolving tension in a kitchen takes finnesse and people skills which a 10yo cant be expected to have. Great job that Gavin still maintained composure and although he was intimidated and put in a corner with the frying, he was still sweet. Very proud he didnt have a breakdown, which some adults would have. With Sarah, I am sad to see she got the short straw like that. Being the only girl in a team is never nice (while being the only guy in a girl team is a lot easier). Additionally, she was the youngest and Troy had obviously not only bullied her but also dismissed her skills. She's right in saying that no one listened to what she had to say, which is unfortunately something that she'll encounter in the culinary business as she grows up, but I am glad she didnt shut down. The only possible hit or miss is when you help your teammates and while it turned out great with Gavin, from the small moment we saw I cant tell of Troy needed the help or not, only his reaction. That could have been because he has a horrible attitude or maybe he truly didnt need the help. Either way, helping out is either her strong suit, which shows she has a great eye, but if you get your nose up someone else's business you have to be careful that you aren't intruding. With Sarah, however, I believe its likely that its the first and not the latter. Overall, she's a lot more skilled than people believe her to be and although its true she lacks certain technical skills (too much pepper on the veggies, for example), she's still extraordinary. From what we've seen as an audience it is obvious that Troy seems unfair as a choice. As a judge, I believe the lack of kitchen manners would have disqualified him on the spot, no matter the good skills. But, I also think many people in the comments here are letting themselves forget that these are little kids who have not yet developed socially and thus lack certain soft skills you need when working as a professional cook and additionally let themselves forget that in the final edit of episodes many scenes are cut out and those kids were a lot longer in the kitchen than the 20min we got to see. Maybe there was time that warranted him as a choice.
Fruitix YT
Fruitix YT 2 kun oldin
That 9 yr old is so punchable
Ann's Gaming Profile
I don't like Troy!He is very bad at team work!!🙄
That Kid There
That Kid There 2 kun oldin
Troys a little shit
Maksim Gough
Maksim Gough 2 kun oldin
Trey Michel
Trey Michel 2 kun oldin
Troys a prick he didn’t deserve to move on. Should’ve been Gavin.
J9. xoxox
J9. xoxox 2 kun oldin
Tbh, Sarah was probably mean because the others look down on her cause she's only 9. But i think she did awesome
Diellona Aliaj
Diellona Aliaj 3 kun oldin
Wtf she be cooking for 6 years she’s 9😂
Sophia Carandang
Sophia Carandang 3 kun oldin
Why Troy?
TheCV Show
TheCV Show 3 kun oldin
Why are kids better than adults?
oncegram 3 kun oldin
day in jail.
Mokel Entertainment
Sarah is really too young for this, how old is she 9? I can really see it. She shouldn't be doing this.
Axel Hornung
Axel Hornung 3 kun oldin
Really on red tou are going to say about the age difference. That doesn't mean any sense
Axel Hornung
Axel Hornung 3 kun oldin
And you chose Troy, bad choice Sarah should of been picked she helped everyone, Troy caused problems and the other one mess up but Sarah did everything right
Ultra Gamez
Ultra Gamez 3 kun oldin
I thought Gordon gave them beer
Fuck T-Series
Fuck T-Series 3 kun oldin
Bella and Troy 👀👀
「 my emergency 」
These kids are more shady and dramatic than me
quirky cats
quirky cats 4 kun oldin
I felt like Troy and Sarah were siblings fighting/arguing about food 😂
Brandon Sanchez
Brandon Sanchez 4 kun oldin
Sarah is 14 years old by today and this year when it’s her birthday she will be 15 years old
Je _ Boi
Je _ Boi 4 kun oldin
Sahar is so thump she says she knows it but then she does it wrong
ivan kenneth ana
ivan kenneth ana 4 kun oldin
Troy is so annoying
Jj 4 kun oldin
*Troy deserved to go home in my opinion* ✋
C G 4 kun oldin
I hate when girls cry to get their way on this show
Ke3kzie 4 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thought Sarah was annoying???
Lui Lui
Lui Lui 4 kun oldin
Why did Troy make it😒😒
Nicole_Ofelia 4 kun oldin
I think the kid that “thought” that had everything under control thought he was better than Sarah and was not giving her a chance to show him that she’s a big girl and she can do it herself. She doesn’t need anyone to tell her that she’s doing this and that wrong. The captain is not trying to stop it which isn’t good bc they need to communicate. The red team is calm and isn’t getting flustered and isn’t under estimating their teammates.
Stephanie Sarkis
Stephanie Sarkis 4 kun oldin
Omg poor Sarah she was about to cry Troy is so rude to younger kids wow .
Daegu Min
Daegu Min 4 kun oldin
I prefer Sarah to stay. She might be quite competitive but all that can be excepted I understand she would behave like that :
zZClutch 4 kun oldin
2:32 isn’t he on the react channel
Alex Kim
Alex Kim 4 kun oldin
Why he say “yeah” like that at 7:47 😂😂😂