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MasterChef Junior Season 1 Episode 5 (US 2013)

Rosie Jones
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MasterChef Junior Season 1 Episode 5 US 2013
MASTERCHEF JUNIOR is produced by Shine America and One Potato Two Potato, and is based on the format created by Franc Roddam and Shine. Shine International handles distribution for the MASTERCHEF format. Elisabeth Murdoch, Eden Gaha, Paul Franklin, Robin Ashbrook, Gordon Ramsay, Adeline Ramage Rooney, Patricia Llewellyn and Ben Adler serve as executive producers.




29-Okt, 2013



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Lucas Pickles
Lucas Pickles Soat oldin
When Sara cried I laughed. Am I a bad person. Like if you did the same
Dean Gaskill
Dean Gaskill 4 soat oldin
Gorden: Hi Yes Dad
Dean Gaskill
Dean Gaskill 5 soat oldin
Me :makes ramen noodles "in head did I forget to put water in it" blows up house so I did now fuck
harryRS729 5 soat oldin
How does a 12 yo boy lose a fight to a 9 yo girl
Tylersoccer1 16 soat oldin
Send Troy to the ranch
SonicSketches 18 soat oldin
Am I the only one from the last episode that Sara is the villain of this series
SonicSketches 18 soat oldin
Troy:did you use the flour?! Viewer: TROY IS BOSSING EVERYONE AROUND
Gunner Schwieterman
Gunner Schwieterman 23 soat oldin
Wow impressive
Lisa Aisyah
Lisa Aisyah 23 soat oldin
I love sarah
James Thomas
James Thomas Kun oldin
Troys voice is so annoying
GatchaCreater 28
I don’t think Troy should have gone to top 4 I think it should have been Gavin
Jewel Grier
Jewel Grier Kun oldin
Love master chef
Amber lin
Amber lin Kun oldin
Gordon:hi YES CHIEF!
Dean Gaskill
Dean Gaskill 4 soat oldin
Gorden: Gasp the won tong Yes cheif old meme
Shift Radiant
Shift Radiant Kun oldin
Troy is such a brat
BoredPerson Kun oldin
Isn't Troy in FBE?
*Swimming=Cooking* Yeah seems about right Dara.
Parker Goedel
Parker Goedel Kun oldin
Sarah is dookie
ThePowers95 Kun oldin
Fuck troy hes a fucking bitch
dragon 2004
dragon 2004 2 kun oldin
I dont like Troy at all bro he is mean
TepigTheBeast- Animations, Pokemon, Fun
They're even better than the adults 😂
music burger
music burger 2 kun oldin
How the hell did Troy continue and not Sarah???
Ian Yang
Ian Yang 2 kun oldin
My name is Ian we got the same name
Cecilia Mariska
Cecilia Mariska 2 kun oldin
Can troy stop being mean to sarah
Christopher Salem
Christopher Salem 3 kun oldin
11:18 "Sarah this matters a lot" Yeah no shit sherlock 😂
Malaika Scott
Malaika Scott 3 kun oldin
troy really it should have been sarah
Sniper perfect Bruh
The restaurant looks fancy. But the portions are so small and the combos sound nasty
panda_ man3
panda_ man3 3 kun oldin
Man fuck Troy he a lil b*tch how you yell at a lil girl like that and you not the captain fake ass sweet life of Zach and cody
Forrest Love
Forrest Love 3 kun oldin
chill out on troy, sarah was being super naggy and annoying. he definitely could’ve handled it a little better but saying it’s “bullying” is just silly
sysya schaatsen
sysya schaatsen 2 kun oldin
The only reason Sarah was being naggy was because Troy kept butting in, if he would have just let her work she wouldn't have to nag. He is 3 years older, he should be the mature one, instead Sarah was the one actually stepping up and helping Gavin
Yarii Perez
Yarii Perez 3 kun oldin
Troy is not being fair to sarah
The L N A Show
The L N A Show 3 kun oldin
Gavin is cute 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😍😍
Elvis Nguyen
Elvis Nguyen 4 kun oldin
Who are these kid they are so cringy 😂🤦‍♀️
Sage Marks
Sage Marks 4 kun oldin
Rip Gavin he was a G
kill4fun Diaz
kill4fun Diaz 5 kun oldin
Shouldn't have been trouble shouldve been the blue team captain
Olivia_ King00
Olivia_ King00 6 kun oldin
I really hate Troy. Yes I mean HATE he’s actually a bitch, Sarah’s crying because Troy is trying to take over but GAVIN is NOT Troy so Troy can go f*ck himself.
Elijah G
Elijah G 7 kun oldin
I hate Sarah
Jaidanime 7 kun oldin
I wanted Troy out so badly!
kartick munisamy
kartick munisamy 7 kun oldin
It's a gifted kids with that kind of cooking skills in this age imagine if they reach 19 i Think they will be great chefs for sure
Metalhead 7 kun oldin
Troy and Sara need to get raised all over again
jorge reyes
jorge reyes 8 kun oldin
Why they look so damn ugly when they cry
Not Benjamin
Not Benjamin 8 kun oldin
TRoy is stupid
phillip viands
phillip viands 9 kun oldin
I'm not trying to be mean but that blone girl is being a b**ch she just annoys me
K3swan •
K3swan • 10 kun oldin
God damn jack can cook
K3swan •
K3swan • 10 kun oldin
Troy is annoying as hell
OCC 10 kun oldin
Man that Troy kid is a bully. What a shame, he definitely didn't deserved to stay
Wynn Faith
Wynn Faith 10 kun oldin
Troy is a bitch
Mr Macaroni
Mr Macaroni 11 kun oldin
Another thing I noticed is how tense it is, one team stars doing well, the other is doing sort of bad. It completely fluctuates after like two seconds
Mr Macaroni
Mr Macaroni 11 kun oldin
Troy is being such an ass to Sarah, she literally changed from she devil to almost tearing up in just one episode
nßa youngboy
nßa youngboy 11 kun oldin
Why and good cook r fat? Cuz they eat a lot of food 😂
Ecast Castill
Ecast Castill 11 kun oldin
Supercooldada 11 kun oldin
Supercooldada 11 kun oldin
Are gonna see the mean side of gorden Ramsey?!? 😬😬😬😬
Mariana Sloat
Mariana Sloat 11 kun oldin
I think that's so unfair that Troy went through because he was the one causing the problems. 😡😡😡
MI STELLA 11 kun oldin
Ziyad Khan
Ziyad Khan 12 kun oldin
Sarah was a liability
K D 12 kun oldin
It’s me why Troy is annoying Sarah
Randompersonthateveryonehates :/
awww even though Sarah got bossed around by Troy but in the end she still thinks Troy would win so adorable 😊
Troy shouldn't be save
FUSWUI hmmm 12 kun oldin
Gordon was on d edge from screaming "fuck"
Dr YJJ 12 kun oldin
0:57 ohhhhh this is a little inappropriate ohhhh no I need god 😂😂😂
Lps Sammy
Lps Sammy 13 kun oldin
I typed in master chef Junior season one episode six and then I found out what team wins
Lps Sammy
Lps Sammy 13 kun oldin
Dislike for blue like for read
Anthony Gates
Anthony Gates 13 kun oldin
Nigga said apple juice 😂😂😂
- HUNTER - 13 kun oldin
I hope troy gets big rape
Thien-Tam Tang
Thien-Tam Tang 14 kun oldin
Even though Troy screwd up the most and was acting bossy the whole time, no one should feel bad for anyone in teams if one person messes up then the it’s the whole teams fault. Sarah and Troy were just being little bitches, and if anyone should feel bad for anyone on the blue team don’t feel bad for Sarah feel bad for Gavin.
El Maniatico Chetos NY
13:55 i even said what lol
Simon Dimmack
Simon Dimmack 13 kun oldin
Wtf is your channel
Zachary Brown
Zachary Brown 14 kun oldin
I'm over here like: Why does it matter how it looks. It matters how it tastes 🍴
RING O 14 kun oldin
Troy is such a jerk
xXJkePlayzXx 14 kun oldin
"you have to work together" triggered a memory
xXJkePlayzXx 14 kun oldin
troy is being like too selfish
Chelsea Melville
Chelsea Melville 15 kun oldin
Sorry for Sarah shes mean i dont like her
Double G
Double G 15 kun oldin
Likes for Sara Comments for Troy
PinkGalaxy 15 kun oldin
Troy shares a little too much of his feelings about the other competitors... Edit 1: I’m like, why the heck is Troy so immature. I was like, “Obviously, Troy can’t move on, so I think Gavin or Sarah should.” That was disappointing. Also why the heck is Sarah is on Troy’s side after all of that. She is very nice and kind.
TTV F2Mythical
TTV F2Mythical 15 kun oldin
Reminds me of the food wars anime
Xx-Velocity-xX 2095
Xx-Velocity-xX 2095 15 kun oldin
Troy should just do all of it by himself
Van Thao Nguyen
Van Thao Nguyen 16 kun oldin
Where is the lam souce😰😤😡😂
Mustafa Beltagui
Mustafa Beltagui 17 kun oldin
2 0 1 9
Galaxies Art
Galaxies Art 17 kun oldin
Gavin legit went like dksdieninwbudbjdjjsd i do jdkjsnkjfkshfkshfsi
K A 17 kun oldin
Jack is mini Gordon Ramsey
Nuvo Astro
Nuvo Astro 17 kun oldin
That dara girl has a giant inflatable purple bow it’s so ugly lol
Landonracer989 17 kun oldin
I wanna choke trou
juliannee 17 kun oldin
Tbh, it’s all Troy’s fault. He was being rude to Sarah and causing trouble to blue team.
M1X 1S
M1X 1S 17 kun oldin
I know everybody is saying that Troy was very rude against Sarah. But Sarah really keeps messing everything up, which is very stressfull.
Crimson Katana
Crimson Katana 17 kun oldin
Saddest elimination in mcj and even mc, Sarah was bullied out of the competition, while her bully forever has the privilege of being in the top 4. Since she was so young, she might still feel the devastation to this day.
Roshaan Fahad
Roshaan Fahad 17 kun oldin
Gavins cheeks, voice, face are hideous
Bill Gates
Bill Gates 17 kun oldin
The bloods (red) vs the crips (Blue) secret footage
garux gaming
garux gaming 17 kun oldin
Me = Suck on that sarah cause she is spoiled , i feal sorry for gavin because he is a nice boy
YT Kurgan
YT Kurgan 18 kun oldin
Bro when I was nine I Burt a grilled cheese sandwich in a microwave
Moving Sideways
Moving Sideways 18 kun oldin
Like if Troy's a bitch
Celia Mazuera
Celia Mazuera 18 kun oldin
Troy "sarah calm down!!! SARAH CALM DOWN" no no... YOU need to calm down.... So unfair, poor girl... really... it's not fair. I fell very sorry for her :(
Celia Mazuera
Celia Mazuera 18 kun oldin
...I am dying.... there are ALL so cute....I...I....it's too much for me *keep looking*
Omar Nashukati
Omar Nashukati 18 kun oldin
Did she have to cry at the end
Sher Ahmed
Sher Ahmed 18 kun oldin
Troy wasn't bullying Sarah tbh,she was soo annoying
ZeGypsy 18 kun oldin
that bow on the fat asian kids head is ridicules
Eli Schmidt
Eli Schmidt 19 kun oldin
Troy is so punchable
Carter Bowden
Carter Bowden 19 kun oldin
Troy was being an actual jerk he was bossing her around when he wasn’t the team captain and he just annoys me
solaR Dinosaur
solaR Dinosaur 19 kun oldin
Like is 9 yr old or reply is troy
Aaron Soto
Aaron Soto 19 kun oldin
Troy is a bitch
Qais Hijazi
Qais Hijazi 19 kun oldin
ramia rumi
ramia rumi 19 kun oldin
OH YEAH!!!! evil Sarah left!!
TheBlue Gamer
TheBlue Gamer 20 kun oldin
I’m not sure but I think I knew Alex from school in NYC
garux gaming
garux gaming 17 kun oldin
Are you sure?
Travis Baker
Travis Baker 20 kun oldin
when you're that age, your drink only contains adhd meds, not alcohol
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