Match the Baby to Their Parent (Karlos) | Lineup | Cut

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Match the Baby to Their Parent (Karlos) | Lineup | Cut
#Cut #Lineup #Challenge




4-Dek, 2018

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Fikrlar 710
LOL GAMING with Miguel
LOL GAMING with Miguel 8 daqiqa oldin
0:14 - 0:26 Why is that so accurate and still so funny 😂😂😂
Emily/Bacon Seto
Emily/Bacon Seto 25 daqiqa oldin
Karlos: I don’t like babies Karlos 2 mins later: YOURE JUST SO CUUUTE
Miss Shaneice
Miss Shaneice 3 soat oldin
this was cute. lol that one baby ran to her mom.
It’s me Kimmy
It’s me Kimmy 3 soat oldin
3:35 did anyone notice on the far right the baby pulled her moms hair?😂😂
Siok Oey
Siok Oey 5 soat oldin
Tanee Robinson
Tanee Robinson 8 soat oldin
Is that baby’s name Foxx that’s so cute
Ricardo Monteiro
Ricardo Monteiro 16 soat oldin
I like to watch videos with Karlos, he's funny af
Unknown User
Unknown User 22 soat oldin
The one on the left don’t look happy for crap as if like shit I got to stay a single mom for the rest of my life with this damn baby
tayanna Hart
tayanna Hart Kun oldin
I like how he stares the baby down tho
Lyric T
Lyric T Kun oldin
Karlos is a terrible person
William Estrada
William Estrada 2 kun oldin
Unicorn Ape1234
Unicorn Ape1234 2 kun oldin
Karlos is de beste
Melina 2 kun oldin
do more of these omg I love babies
Sirens 123
Sirens 123 2 kun oldin
Too much inter racial breeding. You don't know who the Hell is who. Fucking Gross! 😝
Samantha 3 kun oldin
That man was not happy when he had no baby
Ladystagga 3 kun oldin
Did he just call the baby a Beast 😳😂
Zarai Hammond
Zarai Hammond 3 kun oldin
I'm having deja vu from like the whole video
Joss Groenendyk
Joss Groenendyk 3 kun oldin
Y'all should make one where you have a matching babies/ toddlers to their siblings
Goonz 3 kun oldin
Karlos is a fucking brute 😂
Стас Стас
Стас Стас 3 kun oldin
Children bring happy life.
Karmajas 3 kun oldin
2:50 💀💀💀💀💀
Anna Tairova
Anna Tairova 3 kun oldin
He, in fact, really likes babies, but only similar to his skin tone babies. Can you see that?
мooɴlιɢнт dreαмιɴ
get some help
Xyrabelle Perocho
Xyrabelle Perocho 3 kun oldin
I'd be like "They all mine"
Desiree C
Desiree C 4 kun oldin
He was a baby once so that means he hates himself
Layla the Unicorn
Layla the Unicorn 4 kun oldin
2:52 “hey lil mama” lol I’m dead
its ya boi jeremiah welch
Why do u just have gay people
Katie M
Katie M 4 kun oldin
Why are y’all just recycling old videos? I don’t want to see a video you uploaded over a year ago just so you don’t need to think of new ideas.
Tomas Petkevičius
Tomas Petkevičius 4 kun oldin
Karlos is my favorite dude from this channel.
Bye Lover
Bye Lover 5 kun oldin
They reposted this video to remind us of how much we really love Karlos 🤣😭
Carlos Ariza
Carlos Ariza 5 kun oldin
volk dukh
volk dukh 5 kun oldin
Is Karlos anyone elses favorite person on cut ? , He's the only funny one
Begi1234 5 kun oldin
Is he gay?
a-wanderingcloud 0-0
Kpop plus Yaoi
Kpop plus Yaoi 5 kun oldin
His laugh gives me life 😂
Aleah L S
Aleah L S 5 kun oldin
3:51 "why y'all have me judgin' these babies" lmao
Flaffy Cheez
Flaffy Cheez 5 kun oldin
I love how he turned around and was like "heheheh that ain't yo baby"
EL à Nore rigby
EL à Nore rigby 6 kun oldin
1:40 wisest move
Jung Hosucc
Jung Hosucc 6 kun oldin
That dad about to throw hands at 2:52
Snek 6 kun oldin
“Congratulations to your parented for pushing this beast out” Bitch, What?
Derek Gonzalez
Derek Gonzalez 6 kun oldin
how do you block a channel on UZvid. i thought i figured it out but i guess not. CUT YOU HAVE LITERAL GARBAGE CONTENT. i hate you and i hate seeing you in my suggestions
kate c
kate c 6 kun oldin
“Conratulations to your partner for delivering this beast” lmfao karlos has no filter
bear bear plusheen
bear bear plusheen 6 kun oldin
bear bear plusheen
bear bear plusheen 6 kun oldin
Hazi 6 kun oldin
Karlos is so rude, he completely neglected the fact that the gentleman had a kid, a stereotypical idiot
Jasmin Bush
Jasmin Bush 6 kun oldin
I hate when people think the baby’s not yours because of skin complexion 😠 *NEWS FLASH*: POC come in a bajillion different skin tones, and even two parents with the same skin tone can have a baby of another! 😑
Ryan Castillo
Ryan Castillo 6 kun oldin
Takes a real nigga to be around children, and not go out and get milk...
Demure Drey
Demure Drey 6 kun oldin
This is gonna be interesting 😂😅
Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey 6 kun oldin
You are doing God's work by sorting the babies to their parent
shooglechic 6 kun oldin
Such a terrible way to look at a baby when we all start out that way.
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller 6 kun oldin
I've seen this happen live before. It was cringey af
Ahmed Jama
Ahmed Jama 6 kun oldin
This guy totally insensitive
God Lee
God Lee 6 kun oldin
Interracial babies are so ugly
Heath Gower
Heath Gower 6 kun oldin
1:34 Yep that's her baby😂 look at the way she is swinging him so naturally😂
pet 6 kun oldin
is this a reupload?
Emma Clinton
Emma Clinton 6 kun oldin
I can’t be the only one who saw this video a few months ago... right?
Candie Luvv
Candie Luvv 6 kun oldin
Did they reupload this??
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 6 kun oldin
Nigga be like all you white one kid each ? Whatttt?
Joel Darcheville
Joel Darcheville 7 kun oldin
Babies Rule!!!
Kenneth Lucas
Kenneth Lucas 7 kun oldin
Omg Karlos is so disrespectful I am half joking half serious
Platz 7 kun oldin
this guy is exploiting the kids
Michael Druker
Michael Druker 7 kun oldin
One word RACIST
Bobbie Koppejan
Bobbie Koppejan 7 kun oldin
Just throw the baby in the air then you'll find out soon enough.
vivian 7 kun oldin
Y D 7 kun oldin
I wonder how much they pay each person..
Bryan Lopez
Bryan Lopez 7 kun oldin
Karlos is a complete idiot. You guys need to remove him.
Amanda P
Amanda P 7 kun oldin
This guy is so funny! As a parent I can say his assessment of parenthood is.... pretty much right on the money! Lol.
Mayank MYK
Mayank MYK 7 kun oldin
I lub babies
lifey yermi
lifey yermi 7 kun oldin
ThatGuyNick 7 kun oldin
I almost spat out my Lipton.... a couple times...
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Noah Flinn
Noah Flinn 7 kun oldin
1:14 get off me , you gay piece of shit.
Noah Flinn
Noah Flinn 7 kun oldin
I hate that black carlos dickhead. Fucking gay 🤮
Jon Idoncair
Jon Idoncair 7 kun oldin
I clicked just for the hot dad 1:35 what is red shirt doin....
GEMS VLOGS 7 kun oldin
1:13 was hilarious hahahaha the face u give your mom when u confused
Aylen Raynes
Aylen Raynes 7 kun oldin
“Congratulations to your wife for delivering this beast... “HEY MOMMA!”” 🤦🏼‍♀️😂
Raul oceans
Raul oceans 7 kun oldin
Omg Karlos is so rude sometimes. I would've slapped him if he called my baby a beast lmao
xxIluvyouguysxx 7 kun oldin
Hello Old friend
Hello Old friend 8 kun oldin
" that aint your baby"
Marie J
Marie J 8 kun oldin
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Triple ThreatsXx
Triple ThreatsXx 8 kun oldin
New condoms video
Thatonegirl 8 kun oldin
He callee thw baby a beast
Guy DC
Guy DC 8 kun oldin
this is the dumbest thing I've ever seen
Ragna Xi
Ragna Xi 8 kun oldin
00:06 Totally okay for a black dude to be racist... Why the fuck couldn't this be his baby? Because he's white? You know there's bi racial parents, you racist moron. I stopped there, don't care for this shit.
JB loves Strawberries -Ahgase- TTT
He called the baby a beast....like WTF 😔😔😔
Danica Greeley
Danica Greeley 8 kun oldin
Wow thinks a white man isn't the father because the baby is mixed and not white.
S B 8 kun oldin
Gay people are so anti human and degenerate
S B 8 kun oldin
So glad y’all invited back the racist black guy
Truck Taxi
Truck Taxi 8 kun oldin
Ohhh, the amount of germs that were shared in these four minutes
AvEryBadApPLe 8 kun oldin
This clearly should’ve been, This Isn’t Your Dildo.
lilianne martinez
lilianne martinez 8 kun oldin
The big man hold all babies like there were his, so cute😭
sveta// ja
sveta// ja 8 kun oldin
I want more videos like this 😍
King1978 f Kindom
King1978 f Kindom 8 kun oldin
Curtis Tisberger
Curtis Tisberger 8 kun oldin
nahkmiyan 8 kun oldin
this is going to get weirder and weirder
Stella Bella
Stella Bella 8 kun oldin
Karlos is a joy
Sexy Damsel
Sexy Damsel 8 kun oldin
*Love you Karlos the babies are so cute*
Karlos Dillard
Karlos Dillard 8 kun oldin
Sexy Damsel ❤️
Daiboun Sahel Yasser
what u put again a video that u already uploaded months ago ?
Fan Pet
Fan Pet 8 kun oldin
The second hand embarrassment is crazy
Ahab T
Ahab T 8 kun oldin
jaysolo 8 kun oldin
Oh no it's about to get racist 😂