Match the Baby to Their Parent (Karlos) | Lineup | Cut

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Match the Baby to Their Parent (Karlos) | Lineup | Cut
#Cut #Lineup #Challenge




4-Dek, 2018

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Fikrlar 1 652
JJ Jenkins
JJ Jenkins Soat oldin
The white guy could’ve had the darker baby
Filip Klasan
Filip Klasan 2 soat oldin
He was a baby once and sucked the money from parents wallets. The f*** is he talking about?
Cassie Slaughter
Cassie Slaughter 5 soat oldin
I died when he said "hey lil mama"
EmpressfromNy 7 soat oldin
"This is the cute one" Perfect thing to say around other parents holding their babies lmaooo
davies mejia
davies mejia 8 soat oldin
0:56 that aint your baby 😂😂 And im gonna like my own cause no one else will........dont jugde😊😊
Deanna alexis
Deanna alexis 11 soat oldin
umm that was obvious. I guessed it correctly. And I actually like big babies more than small babies. I have noticed bigger babies are taller people.
Steph Anie
Steph Anie 12 soat oldin
"Congratulations to your partner delivering this beast" LMAO
sdwillis39 12 soat oldin
Awwwww it was so funny though Hahahahaha
Flow Jowi
Flow Jowi 13 soat oldin
Here is the story of Solomon. . Two women were fighting .. one wanted the baby split into two.. one said Don't! Just give her the baby .. so that was the mother. She had compassion. This little rude man 🙄 even if it's a joke I don't like it. But I understand.. u don't like babies and u were once a baby
bho nj
bho nj 19 soat oldin
I hate babies blablablablabla and you realized thats you stupid
Gabriella Carneiro
Gabriella Carneiro 21 soat oldin
he reminds me of Larry
Indigo Morgan
Indigo Morgan 22 soat oldin
I feel bad for the dad, the chooser was Ike so rude
Sarah Wellington
1:13 killed me
Celinda Sanchez
Celinda Sanchez Kun oldin
"Hahathat ant yourdady
Kate Dancer :D
Kate Dancer :D Kun oldin
I think you should match pet to person
Mary T.
Mary T. 2 kun oldin
I died at 1:45
emily somers
emily somers 2 kun oldin
10 seconds in is the best
Sabrina playz
Sabrina playz 2 kun oldin
my mom is white and im black so he would pick us first if i was a baby and say i wasnt her baby xD
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor 2 kun oldin
I don’t like babies. ThIs Is ThE cUtE oNe
asmr videos
asmr videos 2 kun oldin
did you notice that the last parent baby pulled her hair and her mom said quick STOP
Russ 2 kun oldin
It's fun in here
how tf you suck dick on accident
... why would you call someone’s baby, that you don’t know at all, a beast?? sometimes this guy just 💆🏽‍♀️
C Rendon
C Rendon 3 kun oldin
I love Karlos!!! Lol he's the honest friend every one needs hahaha
Apps' Videos
Apps' Videos 3 kun oldin
"That's the cutest baby" the heck dude? Really? In front of all the parents?
Tania Pena
Tania Pena 4 kun oldin
*or is the mailman* omg i cnat with him
Zayn Kloski
Zayn Kloski 4 kun oldin
Now all hell would break lose if he wasn’t black and accused a black woman of having more than one kid. Get rid of him
phantom freddy
phantom freddy 4 kun oldin
Is CUT related to HiHo?
You should do this with dogs. That would be so hard, because they would be happy with anyone.
Isabella Zemelko
Isabella Zemelko 4 kun oldin
2:44 Imagin how offended the father and mother of that baby must have felt😂😂😂
Razar Raz
Razar Raz 4 kun oldin
How dare you assume those kids gender!!! Sarcasm...
Lost in the Stars
Lost in the Stars 4 kun oldin
At 3:36 they're talking in their own mysterious language
SF7Gamer 4 kun oldin
Whoever doesn't love Karlos, what are you doing? Karlos is the best guest on Cut.
Movement of Life
Movement of Life 4 kun oldin
I definitely don't like Karlos. He tells the guy that the baby he's holding isn't his simply because he's white. Completely stupidity.
Real Kekee
Real Kekee 5 kun oldin
He just said “congratulations to your wife for pushing out this beast”
Mastodon Jack
Mastodon Jack 5 kun oldin
He is so disrespectful oh my god. It is kinda covered by his fun persona but jesus
Rachel Serenity
Rachel Serenity 5 kun oldin
I do not judge her cause I am the same way but the Mom on the far right was very serious.
Georgia Elizabeth
Georgia Elizabeth 5 kun oldin
he acts like every hispanic parent when they say they don’t want a dog. like “i don’t like babies” but then baby talks it’s so funny
Kitty Likes
Kitty Likes 6 kun oldin
💀💀💀just the first few seconds of the video
Raena Brendtro
Raena Brendtro 6 kun oldin
This is so cute
Lily Cui
Lily Cui 6 kun oldin
Hi y'all random people if you don't mind checking out my new cover i'll really appreciate it and I know it's kinda cringe but I'll get better:)
K.K. LONDON 6 kun oldin
Lmao that baby went right to her mom she was over it
ASH 6 kun oldin
Chris rock?
Pamela Christie
Pamela Christie 7 kun oldin
Lol very funny
Tee 7 kun oldin
1:54 I think these are both her babies, not because she's Asian..... yes because she's Asian LMAO
SP Zone
SP Zone 7 kun oldin
This guy has no filter. He's trying to sound funny but he's not.
terrica m
terrica m 7 kun oldin
so cute.
faye witch
faye witch 7 kun oldin
He's like I don't like kids but they love him.
TrapLordHodor 7 kun oldin
Damn this gay dude kinda rude
My Kookie
My Kookie 7 kun oldin
I like how he went from “I don’t like babies” to “your so cutteeee” Or he is a really good actor
nobody 7 kun oldin
We need more of these baby and dog vids!
Saravana Anand
Saravana Anand 7 kun oldin
Poor babies
Saravana Anand
Saravana Anand 7 kun oldin
YaY April is in the vid (Austins mom from hiho kids)
Ahmad Sadiq
Ahmad Sadiq 7 kun oldin
Is your partner darker or she just came out? lmao
Jayden Joaquin
Jayden Joaquin 7 kun oldin
He called that baby a beast😂😂😂
lori 8 kun oldin
"that aint yo baby"
Diana Prince Wonder Woman
3:35 all babies talking to each other
Taliah Scott
Taliah Scott 8 kun oldin
He’s so tactless omg
Random Name
Random Name 8 kun oldin
By far the funniest intro to a video I've ever seen🤣🤣🤣
Smore Queen
Smore Queen 8 kun oldin
😬😬😬😬 not sure how I felt about this episode
rungPHilo 8 kun oldin
Karlos is very rude, why is he still used?
Illyana Amara
Illyana Amara 8 kun oldin
3:26 me with my four month old daughter.
Alexa Levon
Alexa Levon 8 kun oldin
That was so funny, and when Isabella was put down and she went to her mom, it was so adorable.
Peera The Legendary
the second baby is so cuteee
AliStar Videos
AliStar Videos 9 kun oldin
“This îs the cute one “ really ? Fuck off ... 😓😑
Jacki Couture
Jacki Couture 9 kun oldin
No me gustan sus comentarios u.u
Ada Obi
Ada Obi 9 kun oldin
The intro hahahaha
True Woman American
lmao they suck ur financial at 18
Madison Turkey
Madison Turkey 9 kun oldin
He’s so sassy I LOVE IT
Alvaro Rodriguez Gomez
Wow this nigga is racist for real
Alyssa Madeleine
Alyssa Madeleine 9 kun oldin
I’d be so good at this!!
mesa 9 kun oldin
"That ain't yo baby"
cece CeCe
cece CeCe 9 kun oldin
me: i dont want kids me later: come here aww u so cute
Tima Kathleen
Tima Kathleen 10 kun oldin
Asian baby so cute😍
Stephanie Mays
Stephanie Mays 10 kun oldin
That was fun 😃
Mimi's Glitch
Mimi's Glitch 11 kun oldin
3:36 lol there was a a baby choir going on in the background
Ysabelle Sison
Ysabelle Sison 11 kun oldin
I like his accent
Liv 11 kun oldin
This dudes a queen
T W 11 kun oldin
OMG he is so blunt wowww
KIM YOUNG 12 kun oldin
This is a bit insulting! This title should say”what not to say to parents”! 😂
Sarah Ossorio
Sarah Ossorio 12 kun oldin
“that ain’t cho baby”😭😭 14 seconds in and im laughing
Melissa Gonzalez
Melissa Gonzalez 12 kun oldin
1:06 Angelica Hale are u? 😂
Chloe Kim
Chloe Kim 13 kun oldin
He just says what is on his mind🤣
Eva Schachermayr
Eva Schachermayr 13 kun oldin
0:59 the baby be like: yah probably it's you idk🤷
Prxncess Regina
Prxncess Regina 13 kun oldin
3:26 she was like boy get your hands out my face.
Charlie Hands
Charlie Hands 13 kun oldin
this beast🤣🤣🤣
cam tudo
cam tudo 13 kun oldin
1:33 bro wtf you doing with your baby it's gonna throw up
Jasmine W.
Jasmine W. 14 kun oldin
I know people think Karlos is rude, but it's actually hilarious asf
Yusuf :0
Yusuf :0 14 kun oldin
Okay there are a few things you dont say 2 babies in front of their parents, he said all of them and more! He called the baby a "beast"
Ms Morrison
Ms Morrison 14 kun oldin
Karlos is so funny. I can watch him all day. Now Say " Suck my dick!"
isa 14 kun oldin
"What's her name?" " *isabella* " Me an isabella: *_SKAMSKSFMDK_*
Wanderoy Visuals
Wanderoy Visuals 15 kun oldin
"or is the mailman really the dad? ;)" lmaooo
lizbeth vega
lizbeth vega 15 kun oldin
I love the videos but I CANNOT stand Karlos, y'all gotta let him go
elangoe 16 kun oldin
3:35 they're all talkin shit
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry 16 kun oldin
At 2:44 I would say it’s really rude to call it big but I’m really suprised he didn’t say anything
Ruben Sentosa
Ruben Sentosa 16 kun oldin
For someone who doesn't like babies, he's pretty good with babies.
Niki Edmonds
Niki Edmonds 16 kun oldin
I always like these kinds of experiments but this dude karlos or whatever is so ANNOYING!!!!!
Sophie Rahis
Sophie Rahis 16 kun oldin
karlos is the best
Lulu Belle
Lulu Belle 16 kun oldin
ninja l
ninja l 16 kun oldin
I don't like this guy
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