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Matt Barnes on DeMarcus Cousins signing a one-year deal with the Warriors | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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Matt Barnes joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to talk NBA. Hear their thoughts on DeMarcus Cousins joining the Golden State Warriors.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Matt Barnes on DeMarcus Cousins signing a one-year deal with the Warriors | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED




5-Iyl, 2018

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Will the Warriors win a title with DeMarcus Cousins?
Ashe Gatchalian
Ashe Gatchalian 2 oy oldin
Tracy Sharp
Tracy Sharp 3 oy oldin
+Prynce NY yeap! Stay mad!
Tracy Sharp
Tracy Sharp 3 oy oldin
What a stupid question! Of course they will!😂
Michael Guernsey
Michael Guernsey 5 oy oldin
Is this even a question? I thought this was a fact.
Scumgang_23 World
No there gonna lose to Lonzo😑 OBVIOUSLY THERE BOUT TO WIN THE NEXT 5-7 finals
Russell Moore
Russell Moore 2 oy oldin
Matt Barnes is very Insightful. I've been saying that the Lakers should get Boogie Cousins for awhile. DeMarcus Cousins is the man, Matt should coach somewhere... Come on Matt, don't keep you knowledge to yourself.
glenn rey tinawin
NBA and The Players Have Become Soft. #NoCompetition
Tommy Johnson
Tommy Johnson 4 oy oldin
😂😂😂 oh these guys are very sad individual. GSW about to sign Jesus next week. I hope they can sign Detroit the whole team with our logos to the warriors we need a dub 😂😂😂😂
Joshua Harner
Joshua Harner 5 oy oldin
it will be interesting if these players get 4 or 5 rings will they still stay with golden state r will they move on to challenge themselves
Chris Diaz
Chris Diaz 5 oy oldin
Why is skip attacking LA
brion burkett
brion burkett 5 oy oldin
Music at the end was Severely annoying and out of place
Eschatonx 6 oy oldin
Damn, Molly is bangin
ray allen
ray allen 6 oy oldin
Cousins and Durant are the greatest bandwagons of all time
Gerald Leonard
Gerald Leonard 6 oy oldin
Honestly with or without cousins the warriors are still better then any team.. That being said I'm not a sure a 280 pound man can come back and average 26 a game with the warriors this year. Especially since he will be back mid year like January or February I say he averages 10-15 a game this year
daisy Jesse
daisy Jesse 6 oy oldin
Matt knows what he is talking about. He was a Worrior. Twice.
Sara Ilustre
Sara Ilustre 6 oy oldin
Matt Barnes can be a part of any show , he’s great well spoken guy..
blekidud 6 oy oldin
Give matt barnes a real seat on these shoes hes been in. So articulate. Very very smart man.
Edward Yamada
Edward Yamada 7 oy oldin
KD can win 5 straight Finals MVPs. Why would he go to the Lakers?
Francis Salazar
Francis Salazar 7 oy oldin
He looks like Fp from riverdale
Supreme McD
Supreme McD 7 oy oldin
This right here is the problem u bring dudes who was role player at best and u bring them on the show for they opinion who cares what he think a lot of dudes need too send lebron a check cause If u played with him there bring u on like u was a player in the league this why now a days everybody think they got a opinion
mike monroe
mike monroe 7 oy oldin
these commercials need to stop honestly!!!!
Midwest 7 oy oldin
Matt made all of them sound like him....laid back. He is a fraud though.
Brendan Tran
Brendan Tran 7 oy oldin
Thats bs the pelicans still wanted him
VZ935 7 oy oldin
Matt should be announcing or be an analyst.
Christian 7 oy oldin
redazi1 7 oy oldin
Matt is great guy ,well articulated and I was kinda disappointed that he retired soon after winning a shampion ship
Desus BloodyShoes
The lightskin anger god
Leon Powe
Leon Powe 7 oy oldin
They can make more money in promotions outside of the NBA playing for Warriors in the Silicon Valley.
Demetrius Harris
Demetrius Harris 7 oy oldin
Yes I think the warriors will win a championship with Demarcus cousins Matt barns say take away his attitude he will be a beast
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page 7 oy oldin
Lakers have too many DRAFT BABIES.😞😞😞 Don't have time to use a roster spot on a player that can't play until January.
ZelB84 7 oy oldin
They are about to really lead the league in techs now
4 Fake
4 Fake 7 oy oldin
I hate Matt Barnes
Bible Believer
Bible Believer 7 oy oldin
I will be rooting for Demarcus this year!
Maja Mintoft
Maja Mintoft 7 oy oldin
Matt Barnes keeps this cast on topic: When the topic is on GSW news/comments/analyses Skip and Shannon can't quickly switch on glorifying Lebron. They tried, but Barnes brought the topic back on Boogie and the Dubs! Matt Barnes should be permanently on this show--I'd watch it more often. BTW, wasn't Barnes a Warrior when the Dubs won their first championship in 2015?? I believe he was, and thus knows what he's talking about when it comes to the GSW team/franchise. :-)
David yu
David yu 7 oy oldin
If boogie doesn't workout warriors should sign omeka okafor and with the same roster that Dallas has right now if boogie goes there it would be good.
Leonardo Espiritu
It's not all about money in NBA.
Leonardo Espiritu
I love Matt Barnes!!!
shogun 012
shogun 012 7 oy oldin
He mad cause Gloria banging Fish
Jrtheth3rd TV
Jrtheth3rd TV 7 oy oldin
NBA music --> itunes.apple.com/us/album/all-in/1338615692?i=1338615695
Lee Wang
Lee Wang 7 oy oldin
Is Boogie a better centre than DeAndre Jordan?
72defender 7 oy oldin
Does pu**y feel good?
Carp Bottomfeeder
These guys just aren't listening to Matt. They have an agenda and Shannon Sharp is a novice when it comes to basketball.
Lunati Lunati
Lunati Lunati 7 oy oldin
Damn she looks good.i want her in my bed.
Marcus McNair
Marcus McNair 7 oy oldin
Y'all still to mention he called Golden State Golden State didn't call him the Pelicans offer them 20 million dollars in April and he turned it down
Rahmian O. Cody
Rahmian O. Cody 7 oy oldin
They are only 7 deep on the roster. Curry. Thompson. Durant. Greene. Cousins. Livingston. Andrea. No one else is of relevance. Tgats a problem. Because LAL Has a stacked out squad of at least 10 deep. However. As a NYK fan I must say. Our roster is shaping up nicely. Looking for to what is done after the SL Signings.
Maxantium 7 oy oldin
Only Shannon Sharp and black people think having a few million is enough. Smh
Christopher McRae
very articulate
Mike Paulo
Mike Paulo 7 oy oldin
Matt Barnes so intelligent in the interview.
rksp215 7 oy oldin
Harrison Barnes looks like Aaron Hernandez his henchman
J R 7 oy oldin
I like listening to matty
Adam Mohamed
Adam Mohamed 7 oy oldin
Boogie wants to be with the lakers so he signed with golden state so the Lakers will pay more for him next year because they want him and want him off the warriors
Super Viral Sick Vids
Matt Barnes!!!
Nine45 Eight7
Nine45 Eight7 7 oy oldin
booom silicon valley is why the bay is making noise
Lamar Carraway Jr.
Matt the Truth Barnes.... love his honesty
DLX MYSTIK 7 oy oldin
This is scary. Just give GSW the title now.
jonathan hampton
jonathan hampton 7 oy oldin
Why she looking at Matt like that
Valery Lavrov
Valery Lavrov 7 oy oldin
Why anyone even bring up LAL they not relevant in today NBA. In my book Magic did not yet found anyone good. And LB with or without Magic wanna go to LA quite for some time.
Bigotes Bigotes
Bigotes Bigotes 7 oy oldin
That's a woman!!!
Bigotes Bigotes
Bigotes Bigotes 7 oy oldin
Matts eyes all glossy LOL,
Ghostwriter DBE
Ghostwriter DBE 7 oy oldin
its done
RASHTG 7 oy oldin
I have been telling people. If the core players of GSW (Curry, Klay, KD and Draymond) stay together, GSW will win 6 titles with KD having 5. It’s just doable but it’s up to the players. Also money means nothing without a ring. Look at Melo, Look at Chuck. Klay can finish his career in China and make more money after he wins his 6th ring in the US. Same with Draymond they can even play on the same team and dominate there.
DickDabb 7 oy oldin
Well done Matt Barnes!
Richard Harris
Richard Harris 7 oy oldin
Who dat fine af female host
romienails 7 oy oldin
GS is making a greatest move in the NBA. Now they can let CT go and it won’t hurt them. Or DG. It amazing.
nurseypie 7 oy oldin
Klay has said time & again that he only wants to play for the Warriors, have his dog Rocco, & date IG models. Sorry to disappoint you Shannon, but not all are motivated by getting all of the money.
mark beard
mark beard 7 oy oldin
Matt barnes heard derek fisher approaching at 9:49
sky9810 7 oy oldin
He is so fine 😍
King HaK
King HaK 7 oy oldin
Matt Barnes needs to work on Espn asap!!
K J 7 oy oldin
When Boogie is ready the Dubs can start Team USA.
Gabriel Leung
Gabriel Leung 7 oy oldin
Game here for the eye candy. That chick has a solid rack
Austin Vilaboy
Austin Vilaboy 7 oy oldin
Yo Matt Barnes is tittied 25/8
Marcell Gordon
Marcell Gordon 7 oy oldin
Not guaranteed they gonna make the playoffs next season......
Eli's Two Cents
Eli's Two Cents 7 oy oldin
Why is Matt Barnes whispering, MAN UP, speak loudly into the mic...this ain’t no R&B album
Tenzin Yougyal
Tenzin Yougyal 7 oy oldin
John Edwards
John Edwards 7 oy oldin
All these talking media heads want to see the Warriors team break up. Klay recently said he's not going anywhere. KD too. All want to help Lebron win.
Dave Bourne
Dave Bourne 7 oy oldin
Any team that will pay Boogie over 10 million after his one year with the GSW will be questionable.
Dave Bourne
Dave Bourne 7 oy oldin
Wait to the ego clash as they all try to claim MVP
Joel Jose
Joel Jose 7 oy oldin
I'm surprised at how well-spoken Barnes is, not gonna lie
Emmanuel Silvera
Emmanuel Silvera 7 oy oldin
We Believe!!!
deandre hobbs
deandre hobbs 7 oy oldin
he always "lil bro" ing somebody
FRE FLO DO 7 oy oldin
Shannon & Skip are always trying to pretend they know what these Warriors are thinking, but they just don't get it. They're so used to the money grabbers that they cannot imagine a player taking less to keep their squad going. At this level, they're making bread, albeit some more than others. But $$$ does not equal legacy or rings!
Anwar Ladson
Anwar Ladson 7 oy oldin
Leave it to shannon to bring up lebron name first
Tc Grant
Tc Grant 7 oy oldin
Shannon wants golden state to break up for beating down his lover
Tc Grant
Tc Grant 7 oy oldin
Shannon must of forgot cuz was traded so how was he in line for a max deal with the kings
ArtByGFK 7 oy oldin
matt barnes seems fried af lol
If your in the league Matt Barnes is no longer your friend. He wants the inside scoop to have a 12mins segment next to Skiuuupppp (Shannon voice)
Frank White
Frank White 7 oy oldin
I hope dat injury don't resolve so fast so he get in late in the season this is bad
locampo43 7 oy oldin
Shannon n nick wright are trying to push klay to LA with lebron.. Oh 4 rings let me get that bag now 😂😂😂 klay was born with THAT BAG...
Mason Baum
Mason Baum 7 oy oldin
Lol why would kd wanna play with Lebron if he can for sure win with golden state
John Doe
John Doe 7 oy oldin
Shannon full of it.. Anyone can sound smart if the topics are preplanned.. He need to stop acting like Undisputed his show. I'm pretty sure the title has Skip in big letters and shannon in them mini letters
Devon 7 oy oldin
I want to hear Matt Barnes and Shannnon discuss money 'You can't eat four rings' shannon ' but you'll have more money than you could ever spend' Matt Barnes.
james d
james d 7 oy oldin
Its great to have Matt talk because he actually KNOWS the players he isn't just talking about sources.
Smooth Eadie
Smooth Eadie 7 oy oldin
Matt you need your own show you speak the truth good luck !!
Joseph Daniel Batino
if a 75% healthy Demarcus comes back for the playoffs, Warriors would be impossible to beat. These teams should have signed him and not let GSW get a hold of him.
Evan The Beard
Evan The Beard 7 oy oldin
Team USA vs The NBA essentially
Russ B
Russ B 7 oy oldin
Why Lakers didn’t sign him,it’s simple,Lebron probably didn’t want him.
Lukha Qangule
Lukha Qangule 7 oy oldin
Everyone complaining about Boogie going to the Warriors, yall need to shut up and grow some man underwear. Dude had a potentially career ending injury. He wanted a team that wouldnt pressure him to come back quickly. Great move for him
Dkouts57 7 oy oldin
Boogie is going to take his time fully heal get in the best shape he can get into average less #s win a championship and decide if he likes the party or find someone to give him the max he'll be fine!
Pedrophile 7 oy oldin
Skip Bayless is a bullshitter
King Flip
King Flip 7 oy oldin
This proves the nba is rigged I’ve seen worse players get better deals coming off man injury
Charles Honeycutt
Cousins plays with passion and is an emotional man. But look at his game? 26-13-7 who couldn’t use that and he’s 7 ft with a jump shot from three come on that’s crazy he got no offers. He has no off court issues no family drama no women accusing him of anything. I think he is a scary dude and people are afraid of him but so what I want him on my team anyway.
Charles Honeycutt
Who is that young lady on this show? My God she’s beautiful
Harold Smith
Harold Smith 7 oy oldin
As a die-heart fan of the Warriors I savor each moment to add to the conversation whether this team has what it takes to Go for other championships beyond 2018....A few of the regular commentators "get it" about how each of those guys are locked in on the dynamic of "unselfishness" as their "Achilles Heel" for ANY player on the court from all of the 30 teams in the NBA! And not to be biased against some of the other all time great teams out there in this era other than the Warriors...their own competitiveness help bring out that "killer instinct" of the "greatest all-time team on the planet", namely the Warriors...I would not doubt that many of the coaches do discuss and try to drill into their teams the same kind of togetherness they see in this championship team..but many of these other teams have too many "self-absorbed" competitors,who individually are as hungry for titles and to be seen as potentially MVP contenders! It is not necessarily a bad thing as a competitor...but long range as the team tries to gel together ...it is a killer of whole team championship caliber to any team out there! It does not matter that Lebron was considered the best ever individual player in the league on the planet as he played on some great teams....but the grind and fervor they seemed to put into the team was overcome by Golden State all the time! It shows no matter what! the opponents did not have each player contributing to the effort as the Warriors do night after night game after game....Have they ever seemed fatigued and was flat on defense throughout the season at times...yes! The wear and tear and grind will wear any team down...but after a while the fatigue will transform into mental "reset" to finish well during some of those games...It is no shame to admit even as the greatest team ever at least for now...fatigue or not being focused did not play in many of their down fall moments...but I tell you one thing..even if their opponents will not admit it ...it is no walk in the park to beat even the Warriors at their own game....and vice-versa! Barkley was joking with Curry how stressed he looked after beating The CAVALIERS for the 2nd time to win the Championship Trophy..He should ask the Cavaliers how they felt after the game...Apart from being eliminated from the title chase, they had to be very weary...because the Warriors did not give them an easy game to play that night...Both teams played their hearts out! One more item I will add to the greatness of this team-Stephen Curry and his lovely wife are Christians..and he is unapologetic about giving God the Glory for the team's success! Even when JR. became confused and threw the ball away or whatever in that first game..where both teams were tied at the buzzer! I believe this was "God moment" in favor of the Warriors.As it became one of the most talked about moves of the playoffs....I literally prayed along with Steph for the team's success in winning the title... each game they played from the Pelicans all the way to The invincible Rockets ,who had the best records this season! Just this feat alone was supernatural the way I see it! It was not so much what Hardin DID OR DID NOT DO... or CP3'S INJURY OR WHATEVER..It was destined for this team to be where they ended up by the Will of God! Plus God did not just give them another trophy...they earned it with stellar defense no other team can execute defense the way they do...period! So I see Boogie Cousins will fit in nicely with Golden State...for a little money or not...he will be in a good place next season if he buys into what every other warrior has done! Look at David West band Durant both came in very locked in to get the job done...and they have only added to their meal tickets! Like Klay said after the games...he like others do not make as much as the super stars but feels he has still made an incredible lot of money and he is very grateful for where he is being a Warrior! See! all of these guys from Curry to Javelle ...nether of them worry about who will be the "unicorn" or the MVP ...it doe not even matter ...once each person begins to help the other get better it begins to open up opportunities for each of them to "KEEP CRAFTING their own game" and getting better as a professional basketball player...whether they 4-peat in 2019 or not .they will keep crafting their skill sets for more trophies in the future!!
tintman831 7 oy oldin
I like Matt Barnes. He keeps it real
Josh Holman
Josh Holman 7 oy oldin
First real team with a family environment? AD wore his jersey at the all star game because he truly cared about him. He wanted everyone to know his teammate made it too despite his injury.
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