maybe i could eat blades of grass

bill wurtz
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30-Yan, 2018

bill wurtzbillwurtzdamien maymdienblades of grassyep sure that's me



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Fikrlar 11 912
Aynonay Stuay
Aynonay Stuay 4 daqiqa oldin
'Damien Maymdien'
Mayaellie2000 7 soat oldin
ok then
BoxCodePlace 11 soat oldin
we could make religion out of this
Kinda might be Alexander Hamilton
this is the first episode I have ACTUALLY seen bill in.
Marco5py Greenteam
Marco5py Greenteam 3 kun oldin
0:39 is calling for the moth meme
ToastedCarrot 4 kun oldin
please make more of these types of videos
Kady Whelan
Kady Whelan 5 kun oldin
eat healthy kids
Space Shuttle Atlantis
What “grass” did you eat, Bill?
A Savage Cookie
A Savage Cookie 6 kun oldin
*only for people over 5 years old*
Trolliixz 6 kun oldin
Relatable have a good day
Jake Waclawczyk
Jake Waclawczyk 7 kun oldin
I’ve already ate blades of grass
Mighty Bravebear
Mighty Bravebear 7 kun oldin
Heres a rock with a plaid shirt
GDguy 7 kun oldin
I ate grass Immediately regretted it
SuB_N3rVs 8 kun oldin
Westward Eggplant Studios
I recited this from memory to my Creative Writing teacher. It was...pretty cool
One Shot
One Shot 8 kun oldin
Michael F.
Michael F. 10 kun oldin
bill wurtz's content is the randomness i want to achieve
수히 10 kun oldin
Rubbish Definition Gaming
Bill wurtz face reveal 0:45
Third Inquiry
Third Inquiry 11 kun oldin
This video is like one of my friend's brain
Rishabh Kalwar
Rishabh Kalwar 12 kun oldin
Who came here after long long journey??
1Coby 13 kun oldin
What are you on? I need some...
That One Pyro Chef Friliatic [Roblox, MPP and More]
*One struggles to figure out what a Bill Wurtz' video is about*
青い水Mizu 14 kun oldin
m e s t u p i d
Jasmine Potato ._.
Jasmine Potato ._. 14 kun oldin
Just...dont eat grass near me cause *bOi I aM LiTeRaLly aLlErGiC tO gRaSs.*
Malia Payne
Malia Payne 16 kun oldin
You Are So Nice Now read the first word and that will say who's beautiful!
Natalya Witkowski
Natalya Witkowski 16 kun oldin
grass and clovers taste good
Louis 17 kun oldin
This video is stubid
Izzi912 17 kun oldin
This is my favorite Walt Whitman poem
Maelstrom Magnet
Maelstrom Magnet 17 kun oldin
*have you ever been betrayed abandoned or otherwise made an incoherent fool out of* _why yes I have, thanks for asking_
SnivyLink 19 kun oldin
That grass probably tastes really good and is real special.
Pixel Bean
Pixel Bean 19 kun oldin
P h o t o s y n t h e s i s
ginger man
ginger man 19 kun oldin
*s t o o p e d*
Eternity 20 kun oldin
Hi, I'm Satan *Read more*
Eternity 20 kun oldin
These are the original surreal memes
chagri Omar
chagri Omar 20 kun oldin
Jonathan Shi
Jonathan Shi 20 kun oldin
wish I could throw together incoherent dissonance and facts to make a viral youtube channel...
Thomas Rogan
Thomas Rogan 20 kun oldin
Talk to me Why is everything so dumb and stupid?
Runswithpizz A
Runswithpizz A 20 kun oldin
0:38 LAMP
Phoenix Muhammad
Phoenix Muhammad 21 kun oldin
You can make a religion out of this.
Itzz Belluhh
Itzz Belluhh 21 kun oldin
This dude is either a creative genius or on drugs
Fiona Minecraft
Fiona Minecraft 21 kun oldin
I like da taste of grass lol
chubbs beginner
chubbs beginner 21 kun oldin
Are we just going to ignore the fact that steve, or rather Bill just did a face reveal....? 0:45 - 0:53
Pabstar47 !
Pabstar47 ! 22 kun oldin
*b r i c k*
Aeron Alarkia
Aeron Alarkia 24 kun oldin
Eclipsed 24 kun oldin
I do, I smoke grass.
Soup Time
Soup Time 24 kun oldin
0:37 that's a hat on a stick
Ethan OI
Ethan OI 25 kun oldin
i could listen to this guy sing for hours
Richard '
Richard ' 25 kun oldin
maybe everything is just a big confusion $.3
عبدالرحمن العيباني
The great news: O people, your world has ended and your hereafter came, and your reckoning draw near while you turn www.the-greatnews.com/showthread.php?1178
Anya Dicki
Anya Dicki 26 kun oldin
Why is Damien sperm?
love churro
love churro 26 kun oldin
h̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶e̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶f̶l̶o̶w̶n̶ ̶a̶ ̶b̶i̶r̶d̶ *have you ever been flown by a bird?*
Rose Thornbow
Rose Thornbow 27 kun oldin
ProGiDY X 27 kun oldin
So you're stupid too? 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Leo Costa
Leo Costa 28 kun oldin
I keep imagining bill writing the first things that come to his mind at three in the morning and singing them
Derek Arredondo
Derek Arredondo 29 kun oldin
Diniz Vissangy
Diniz Vissangy 29 kun oldin
This is too good. Why is it so entertaining??
The Ting goes Skraaa
0:37 bröther bill wűrtz has föund LÄMP
Can we hit 10.000 subs with almost no videos?
0:37... And here... Here, is where the moth memes started.
MarkDoesRBLX Oy oldin
*Lamp* 0:38
Techno Blitz
Techno Blitz Oy oldin
Señor Everything
0:37 for the moths out there
Samsung Gamer777
0:37 Moth: Hi *L A M P*
Crimson Knight
I don't want your lamp I WANT A SPOOKY LAMP
Toasted Oy oldin
thought this was an edit
Toucan Mc Guppy
Yes maybe you could
Crystal We
Crystal We Oy oldin
Have you ever BEEN a bird?
-Bit Block-
-Bit Block- Oy oldin
Tyler Rivel
Tyler Rivel Oy oldin
are you bread? sure!
Spicy Egg
Spicy Egg Oy oldin
I once ate several blades of grass *_I wanted to be a cow dont judge_*
Magic Skittle
Magic Skittle Oy oldin
Alright I’m gonna go eat some grass now
xD90o1/FE FPV
xD90o1/FE FPV Oy oldin
*_L A M P_*
Cristian Soto
Cristian Soto Oy oldin
Maxterdaxter PartP&C
2 mil subs btw
Bob And Bob
Bob And Bob Oy oldin
Everything is hey lets grow some trees question
Aqua86 Oy oldin
I listen to this while doing my homework it helps me focus XD
Isabella Oy oldin
We could make religion out of this
Calum Whittingham
Ben Oy oldin
me, 4 years old:
Your Boi Wubbzy
Your Boi Wubbzy
Ok, This is crazy
GrimTheSecond Oy oldin
Jumped straight into it
Pinesong Oy oldin
These are so pointless XD but I still love em
Sushicat 3212
Sushicat 3212 Oy oldin
are you a lamp? okay sure. Moth: oh my
Summer Reagan
Summer Reagan Oy oldin
Wait what are these questions being used for?
Mr. Wolf
Mr. Wolf Oy oldin
Did you say lamp?
Galileo Figaro
I don’t know how to react to any of this..
Matthew Paul
Matthew Paul Oy oldin
What is this and how the fuck did I get here?
Sir Georgestin the 20th
0:37 *L A M P B R O T H E R*
Jaii Raph
Jaii Raph Oy oldin
everything is stupid
-` simply me ́-
My life in 1 minute and 1 second
Sergio Pérez
Sergio Pérez Oy oldin
Believability Bob
0:53 there i am
Rick Weerdenburg
0:37 LÄMP
Dan N. Ernawa
Dan N. Ernawa Oy oldin
Am I the only one who thinks his voice sounds like oversimplified.
l l
l l Oy oldin
0:37 the moths will come here so fast once i put on ig and twitter
Jack&DadGamer Oy oldin
on next episode of mabye i could eat blades of grass well try to answer whats the meaning of life
Kori Chan
Kori Chan Oy oldin
“Have you ever- *what does it say?* Have you ever been betrayed, abandoned, or otherwise made an incoherent fool out of?” “yEP, SURE *THAT'S ME.* *T H A T ' S M E.”*
Viktor Maag
Viktor Maag Oy oldin
What did I just watch
A Friend
A Friend Oy oldin
The best ending up to date. What a way to raise the bar!
the guy
the guy Oy oldin
Why are these vids so addictive
Brayden Hodder
Yos i is LÄMP
9 oy oldin
Lawn Bubble
3 yil oldin
song: i like
4 yil oldin
soap tips
Yil oldin
song: new canaan
4 yil oldin
Slow Down
4 kun oldin
hi, i'm steve
Yil oldin