Mean Tweets - Music Edition 5

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Music fans can be very passionate. Some love to express their enthusiasm and lack of it and from time to time we like to shine a spotlight on the unpleasant things people post on social media and tonight, we’ve done it again in an all music edition of #MeanTweets featuring: Gwen Stefani, The Chainsmokers, Tyga, Imagine Dragons, Halsey, Jason Mraz, Luke Bryan, Jason Derulo, Dua Lipa, The Strokes, Pink, Elvis Costello, ScHoolboyQ, G-Eazy, Luke Combs, Korn, Nickelback and more.
Mean Tweets - Music Edition 5




10-Okt, 2018

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Nick Jacoby
Nick Jacoby 5 soat oldin
Next time UFC edition please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee 9 soat oldin
These ppl too mean!
Mariah Michel
Mariah Michel 22 soat oldin
Nelovich Esquire
I feel like, with all the internet out there, that they went easy on Nickelback
Don’t  Move
Don’t Move Kun oldin
Mean Tweets- Model Edition ? Like if you’d like to see that 👍🏻
Sirius XXX
Sirius XXX Kun oldin
Dua Lipa 😂😩❤
Amara Winchester
These tweets are not funny. Some are actually very true.
Monika Mogilany
Monika Mogilany Kun oldin
Pink is everything omg ❤️
Ashok Debnath
Ashok Debnath Kun oldin
can we have tom hardy here plz?? xD
Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce Knowles 2 kun oldin
Duc Luc
Duc Luc 2 kun oldin
God!! Gwen is still a Goddess! That is one beautiful woman. Age will always reveal true beauty
jdvicvega0 2 kun oldin
I'll lick Gwen Stefani's butthole on her period
Popular Loner
Popular Loner 2 kun oldin
ASFV MORINA 2 kun oldin
Diana Taran
Diana Taran 2 kun oldin
Why would anyone hate on pink? One of the strongest female vocalists. Dua, Ariana, cyrus, Selena, etc... can’t relate
Giuls Stark
Giuls Stark 2 kun oldin
I came here for imagine dragons
YannickGuitarist 2 kun oldin
Saying Korn is worse than Nickelback is kind of a low blow. Insults like that should be reserved for the truly heinous.
Rivo Haavandi
Rivo Haavandi 2 kun oldin
Илья  Огрызков
Didn't get the G-Eazy one, anybody can explain that?
Xvx_ Tencent
Xvx_ Tencent 2 kun oldin
1:01 he forgot to say No hOmO
Jacura2 StaffordCity
starbucks pay2win sheep are worshipping and licking her butthole til they are pink. That is not even a good mean tweet. here is my mean tweet for pink. Pink is like short lasting bubblegum her music taste alright but then you want to spit it out after the first 2 minutes
NPC #1456829
NPC #1456829 2 kun oldin
Diandra Taylor
Diandra Taylor 3 kun oldin
Pink is awesome
Supernova Lel
Supernova Lel 3 kun oldin
If I were on Twitter and someone described me as smelly, I would report them for stalking since they apparently know what I smell like. But yeah, sticking up the middle finger works too. Good job, Miley!
Anna Paula Sp
Anna Paula Sp 3 kun oldin
Gotta love Miley
Cristina 3 kun oldin
Angelique Betera
Angelique Betera 3 kun oldin
Dua lipa's accent 😍😍😍😍
Svahn 3 kun oldin
Korn is still playing? What's going on here, gota get my FILA shirt back I guess
Mark Harwood
Mark Harwood 3 kun oldin
Shout out to pink for her response :D
Mark Turner
Mark Turner 3 kun oldin
JaWatDenn Jonge
JaWatDenn Jonge 3 kun oldin
Why are you uploading this so late?! The singer of Imagine Dragons looked like this in 2015!
Caeden Emerald
Caeden Emerald 3 kun oldin
Half of these are kind of true
Brendan Primus
Brendan Primus 3 kun oldin
I've never seen a band more publicly hated then nickleback
Theresa Gomez
Theresa Gomez 3 kun oldin
With gwen,s hair and makeup she looks like the girl from 2 broke girls
Fruitboi Peach-Peach
Tommynski 3 kun oldin
Christian Nunez
Christian Nunez 3 kun oldin
I love these😂😂😂 these are so hilarious.
Deba Dev
Deba Dev 3 kun oldin
I love how they are laughing good on them
veronica negrete
veronica negrete 3 kun oldin
The licorice hair made me crack up
AyBegii 3 kun oldin
P!nk is snapped.
Niecey 3 kun oldin
Nobody talks about Korn like that.. someone cut that's dude ahole off.. the Nickelback comeback was hilarious though
Shabir Hussain
Shabir Hussain 3 kun oldin
Dualipa is so peng
yøunganimal doompatrol
lowkey highkey middlekey like Nickelback
晓明于 3 kun oldin
Pink's facial expression's funny
chasing clouds
chasing clouds 3 kun oldin
I love how pink just laughed at it
69 420
69 420 4 kun oldin
I don't normally watch this crap, but I'm treasuring every moment I have on here now since UZvid went down
cat 4 kun oldin
1:26 love her
cat 4 kun oldin
The strokes?
virgil scott
virgil scott 4 kun oldin
I dead ass didn't know that was Gwen Stefani until she started reading the tweet.
Rodolfo Castro
Rodolfo Castro 4 kun oldin
Whoa, low blow for Korn
hi00118 4 kun oldin
That schoolboy q one don’t count that’s the beginning of look out for detox. Either that or Kendrick wrote the tweet too
rackelthejackel 4 kun oldin
Wtf happened to this show ? I used to love the mean tweet series , they were hilarious ... ? Each episode has been worse than the last , I don’t even bother watching it live anymore..Sooner than later I won’t bother watching the UZvid snippets either . Shame😒
Ajdacho 4 kun oldin
0:30 that would go to Maroon V
ESS JEE 4 kun oldin
great respond miley..
Manil Chauhan
Manil Chauhan 4 kun oldin
NOBODY dìsses korn though they are the best!!!
Chad Reffner
Chad Reffner 4 kun oldin
Moneyman moneymoneyman
I’m in love with dua
Satriani M
Satriani M 4 kun oldin
That ScHoolboy Q one wasn’t really a mean tweet. They’re Kendrick lyrics from Look Out For Detox 👀
Mrs Murder
Mrs Murder 4 kun oldin
Nickleback lmfao 😂
Janis Ibarra
Janis Ibarra 4 kun oldin
Omg the strokes
Jeck cariaga
Jeck cariaga 4 kun oldin
Kisha McDonald
Kisha McDonald 4 kun oldin
More mean tweets!!!!
raphshady 4 kun oldin
Eminem please
raphshady 4 kun oldin
Make Eminem do this
raphshady 4 kun oldin
Make Eminem do this please
raphshady 4 kun oldin
Please make Eminem do this
Nick B
Nick B 4 kun oldin
the comment about pink being a pig is 100% correct.
Chase Black
Chase Black 4 kun oldin
I was going to like the video,until nickelback showed up
Booty GAwD
Booty GAwD 4 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂😂 the timing of the end
leopold petersen
leopold petersen 5 kun oldin
Why would one hate imagine dragons.. They aren't that bad.
Jee 5 kun oldin
Mean Tweets - Kardashian Edition. Make it happen!!
Weiki Huang
Weiki Huang 5 kun oldin
The dua comment was weak AF
Jesse 4R
Jesse 4R 5 kun oldin
Dude.. Halsey.. Im sorry but the Bald short head hair thing does NOT FIT you nor look good on you. . JizzEasy is a ugly goofy looking guy but damn come on
Milutin Jovic
Milutin Jovic 5 kun oldin
seka 5 kun oldin
you just know the strokes ain't never doing this again
Jackson Beal
Jackson Beal 5 kun oldin
0:34, Imagine Dragons is my favorite band, and I actually like Maroon 5, so that hurt
itsjemmabond 5 kun oldin
Chad Kroger of Nickleback got hot...🌶
itsjemmabond 5 kun oldin
Am I the only person who didn't recognise Gwen Stefani?
jauchiu 5 kun oldin
Kimmel and his entire family can go to hell.
UhhhhFink 5 kun oldin
Imagine Dragons are way worse than Nickleback
Tionna Johnson
Tionna Johnson 5 kun oldin
Gween is beautiful
Kriositivity 5 kun oldin
This needs to continue in 2019. I must admit I'm not a huge fan of Jimmy Kimmel but this series is the best
fatpatMC 5 kun oldin
touche nickelback
Kate Chalmers
Kate Chalmers 5 kun oldin
They were just tweeting at Schoolboy Q something Kendrick said to him in lookout for detox 😒😒
Shirel Sharon
Shirel Sharon 5 kun oldin
you should do a UZvid audition with tweets from UZvid!! you should check the comments on James charles red carpet something its to die for lol
Nana Diaries
Nana Diaries 5 kun oldin
That pink tweet was so mean omg ..glad she was hilarious with it
KIHYUN OWNS MY ASS 5 kun oldin
Pink's "Thank You" LMAO
just sal
just sal 5 kun oldin
Lmaooo pink👍
just sal
just sal 5 kun oldin
Jason Derulo 🙈😂😂
Chris Davis
Chris Davis 5 kun oldin
Black unemployment = record low Asian unemployment = record low Hispanic Unemployment = record low GDP 4.2 % Trump is a winner and 90% of media is liberal
Rockin Randy89
Rockin Randy89 5 kun oldin
Pink Was The Best 😂😂😂😂😂
MPSecare 5 kun oldin
Gwen Stefani really is terrible.
Was that G-eazy one even an insult ??
Jacqueline Filo
Jacqueline Filo 5 kun oldin
Well, they were quite right about Miley Cyrus. I mean, she is a whore and everybody knows that.
Amalia Mathews
Amalia Mathews 5 kun oldin
Wisdom Mbambu
Wisdom Mbambu 5 kun oldin
Dua Lipa was low key thinking about giving one
Tuned In
Tuned In 5 kun oldin
Damn! What happend to Gwen Stefani?!
Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson 5 kun oldin
dang, these were underwhelming
Aaric Stone
Aaric Stone 5 kun oldin
Jason Derulo looked like "How did y'all know?!!"
Cheng Li
Cheng Li 5 kun oldin
LMAO. Smelly Pirate Hooker!!!!!!!!!
This is it...
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