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We met with John & Mack, blonde-hair and blue-eyed brothers from America who speak perfect Korean and are on their way to stardom in the Korean entertainment scene. This is their story.
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6-Dek, 2018

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If you want to keep up to date with John & Mack's latest adventures, you can follow them on their social media: UZvid ► bit.ly/2QdZJfQ Instagram ►instagram.com/JohnAndMack Given John & Mack's age and out of respect for their mother, any inappropriate and offensive comments will be censored. Thanks for watching everybody and stay curious.
ataon 27 kun oldin
Asian Boss Korean Propaganda channel. You Koreans are ENEMY.
Mostupdate 27 kun oldin
Meet John & Mack: The White American Kids that became a celebrity in Korea...simply because of the COLOR OF SKIN and language Fluency! Meet insert [any name of 1st Gen. Full Kenyan kids]: The Kenyan kids that became a celebrity in the United States of America...simply because of the COLOR OF SKIN and Language Fluency! Meet insert [any name of 1st Gen. Full Korean kids]: The Korean Kids that became a celebrity in the United States of America...simply because of the COLOR OF SKIN and Language Fluency! Meet insert [any name of 1st Gen. Full Chinese kids]: The Chinese kids that became a celebrity in the United States of America...simply because of the COLOR OF SKIN and Language Fluency! Meet insert [any name of 1st Gen. Full Cambodian kids]: The Cambodian kids that became a celebrity in the United States of America...simply because of the COLOR OF SKIN and Language Fluency! Anybody want to take a stab at it?
찌구 Oy oldin
+High Fidelity 맞아요. 영어로 말하는데 영어잘한다고 계속 그러는거 자체가 인종차별이 될 수 있다고 하더라구요. 아무래도 한국어가 그렇게 널리 쓰이지 않고 인지도가 낮다보니 그런거같네요...이런거를 일일이 신기하다고 할 시기는 지난거 같은데. 민족주의가 강하게 자리잡고 있기 때문일까요? 반대로 저도 영어할 수 있는데 왜 안 유명한건지ㅇㅅㅇ
*puppuriin 6 soat oldin
wtf they’re so cute,,,
Alice Peirce
Alice Peirce 10 soat oldin
1yr and a half?!
Vívian Santos  Cruzeiro
viewfromheavenn 15 soat oldin
the comments are disgusting...... these boys are adorable, good looking and very smart. Their mother is also a very a good mother and has the right mindset. People are just jealous !
Jdm Outlaw
Jdm Outlaw 21 soat oldin
Ey koreans using them to make $$ what's wrong with that lol. People in comments gettin worked up.
Jaymoney 22 soat oldin
Their mom looks sane person to me but hope they don't turn out to be Macaulay Culkin. No matter how talented they are, being famous at young age ain't easy thing.
Leila Alaoui
Leila Alaoui Kun oldin
Thèse kids are just being kids and living their life. They didn’t ask for the attention. Stop hating
King_ Namjoon
King_ Namjoon Kun oldin
I really want to go to Korea (to see bts)
kikalcala Kun oldin
Having kids on the entertainment industry is not that weird, I mean, have you ever checked Disney Channel? There are like dozen of sitcoms starred by kids and teenagers... Haha The point here is how exotic it is to find someone so different speaking your language so perfectly, that is something unique. There's a youtube channel owned by a korean guy who grew up in the Canary Islands (Spain) and he has like more than a million subscribers and I'm sure many people just watch his videos to hear a korean guy speaking spanish with the soooo genuine accent from the islands... And I don't think that's a bad thing, he looks like he enjoys it lol
Louzenell Bacadon
I want my kids like them..they speak good in Korean language👏👏👏
Elly Anne
Elly Anne 2 kun oldin
I babysit two kids who are half Mexican and half American and grew up in China. The speak Mandarin, Spanish, English, and some Korean. They are some of the strangest kids I know because they have so many cultures in their mind. They speak English to their mom, Spanish to their dad, and Chinese to each other. They weren’t treated as very different in China even though they went to a Chinese school and spoke fluent Chinese. Maybe China is different from Korea in that way, I don’t know
Justin Belling
Justin Belling 2 kun oldin
Should see the channel the Feed japans independant kids those kids should be famous but eh there just kids dont be so harsh on em they don't see racial differences or history between cultures etc.
marc nelson apolinario
In Philippines were different in school, in school were loud af if we dont know something instead of putting your arms up we just shout "WHAT IS THAT SIR/MA'AM! We dont understand" and if they dont explain and just stares at us we say "Why?" And if the teacher is gone even if your in the model classroom we loud af thats Philippine schools
ByungKwan Min
ByungKwan Min 3 kun oldin
SEONUK HA 3 kun oldin
미친년들 사진부탁하는주제에 이리와봐는 뭐야 폰을 부숴버린라
Mellory Lopes
Mellory Lopes 3 kun oldin
If you're not allowed to ask questions at a teacher then how are you suppose to learn? For Math, Chemistry and Physics I have to ask questions in order to understand certain subjects. Teachers in the West like that kind of attitude, because that means you're interested and you genuinely want to learn.
Jeff Bardot
Jeff Bardot 4 kun oldin
I want to be an Asian boss!
藤原竜也 4 kun oldin
The Asian Boss making me getting good English skills. I really appreciate it👍👍
Koon Jay
Koon Jay 4 kun oldin
If they are famous how come I don't know them. .
John Ram
John Ram 4 kun oldin
She's from long beach or San Jose ..
Compact 4 kun oldin
It’s interesting how when there’s a person with a dark skin color you guys say “the most famous black man in Korea” but when it’s someone with a light complexion you guys completely ignore that they also have a skin color and say their nationality instead: “the most famous American kids” and not the most famous white kids. As if being white is the norm and being black is a defining quality on a person! Like, a black man is not American, is not unique is just a black man in Korea..
TT4Days 4 kun oldin
Wish i could say the xomments aren't accurate but its pretty true. You never see the black children or latino children, who are fluent in korean ,being put on tv and put on a pedastal. Asian people have an obsession with caucasians and this is just a clear example of that. Thekids are enjoying themselves but its kinda sad that thier fame i based almost entirely off the colour of their skin in relation to where they are in the world. Please dont hate on them because you cant blame them fo how the korean society works - but dont encourage this caucasian enfatuation, support them for their talents not their skin colour.
pueblorock911 4 kun oldin
The only reason they get hired is because of their look, which in China is call "white monkey". As long as the kids don't mind the work and they are making money, it's all good.
Johnkillz P
Johnkillz P 5 kun oldin
Let them come to queens flushing nyc ima rob em
Viennaforever 1
Viennaforever 1 5 kun oldin
You guys are really weak. Just be happy for them. Good for them that they’re happy. I honestly don’t even think it’s very common for a white American family to move to Korea just because , so I would be a little surprised too. Hell, if a black family came to live in Korea just because I would be surprised too. You guys sound like you’re all miserable.
shazai 5 kun oldin
I wanna learn Korean but to graduate from my school I need 3-4 years of a language. We only have Spanish so I don’t have time to learn Korean...
TheManiacc45 5 kun oldin
These comments are cancerous
Nana Storming
Nana Storming 6 kun oldin
i can speak Dutch, English, German and Croatian & am currently learning Spanish and Korean... now waiting for my moment of fame lol
송윤혜 6 kun oldin
아이들인데 배울 점이 많네요^^
CHITA LEE 6 kun oldin
Everywhere you go , everyone always praises white people like If they are God or something. It’s sad , really sad .
비밀 6 kun oldin
테러 조심해야해
Mocotari• 7 kun oldin
I really have to go back to Japan *They have good Wifi*
Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 6 kun oldin
I'm in japan in my grandfathers house and I'm getting 500kb/sec, I think you mean Tokyo.
SH Karen
SH Karen 7 kun oldin
I was born in Korea and lived in Korea for more than 20 years, but I just saw these kids for the first time through this video. I didn't know who they are. I've heard of Sam Okyere(from Ghana) and Lucky(from India) tho.
tv싸운드캡쳐 7 kun oldin
ㅋㅋㅋ 귀요미들
Mrs Styles
Mrs Styles 7 kun oldin
She is a role model mom
sheneh lee
sheneh lee 7 kun oldin
In Korea, any foreinger(white or black or other asian) who can speak Korean well can be famous easily. Many examples : 쌤오취리(from Africa, black), 럭키(from India), 수잔(from nepal), 휘트니(famous youtuber, black),... 휘트니- she is my favorite youtube star~, really nice girl~These two kids (maybe they're kids~, many Koreans think it very new~ things, they can speak perfect Korean.
JJkitty L
JJkitty L 7 kun oldin
They aren't that special. They are just white kids that can speak Korean. Also, the kids are pretty average looking...
Yannah Gamer Roblox
Omg....I saw those kids in a different video before this....*sorry for bad english*
ALI khirkhaah
ALI khirkhaah 7 kun oldin
See how warm and friendly Asians are. Hope westerners be friendly and not reciest.
Earl Campbell
Earl Campbell 7 kun oldin
I'm a 14 year old GIRL and I'm still learning the alphabet😂😂 (Hunguel)
Amen Hallelujah
Amen Hallelujah 7 kun oldin
I loveeee them and their mother as well 💓
kurakai18 8 kun oldin
# a great mom # mom goals
Gill kill Bill
Gill kill Bill 8 kun oldin
I speak English ,Cantonese,Hindi, Mandarin,Punjabi and French .Why am I not famous ?oh wait I don’t have blond hair and blue eyes
BASIC G 4 kun oldin
Just how u know that many like damn u should start doin lessons lmfao like sign me tf up 😂😂💯
Rachelcookie321 8 kun oldin
How did her husband find a job in Korea? I’ve been looking at engineering jobs in japan but everything is in Tokyo. I don’t know where to look.
Rachelcookie321 8 kun oldin
John is so cute!! I wish he was my boyfriend!
Mira Cruz
Mira Cruz 8 kun oldin
I read very fast de title and i thought it's about Johnny and Mark of NCT
Kitty_ Chashire
Kitty_ Chashire 8 kun oldin
I really want to move to Korea when im older and then when I have a child or children they can be bilingual also Korea is known for the street dancers and I would love to see that. a lot of people call me a koreaboo for wanting to move to Korea when im older but I don't care I have reasons for wanting to live there I don't really like the u.s. Also, I've always wanted to learn a different language I plan on taking Korean when I go to college but currently im taking French
kei 8 kun oldin
isn't mack the kid in ep 1 of Legend of the Blue Sea?
Påřķ Mïyøųńğ-sśï
Wow they're around my age but i'm in the middle amd their Korean made me shook oof
Hi Hello
Hi Hello 8 kun oldin
Koreans don’t really idolize white people. Their society is mostly comprised of the same race, so of course people that are unique get some attention. Their society has such strict expectations that they don’t usually come across Caucasian children that can fluently speak Korean let alone people that are of other races. This is just another case of people recognizing people that are strange or unusual (since Koreans don’t really come across fluent Korean speakers that aren’t Korean in Korea).
Human Heart
Human Heart 8 kun oldin
3:55 black guy looks klike Will Smith but healthier, maybe because he's living in Korea
Muslimah Afiz
Muslimah Afiz 9 kun oldin
Korea's obsession with white skin and blonde hair is reeeeeal!!! There is nothing special about these kids honestly. Asian kids in western societies speak the language of the country they reside in fluently and even learn more languages too and they don't get this much attention. Kids of other races do so much more but don't get this much appreciation. White people really have it easy in many ways just for being white.😒😒😒
Citra S.
Citra S. 9 kun oldin
Is true that Koreans treat someone based on their skin colors? When you have dark skin then they'll treat you differently Not to offend but i really wanna know... thanks to anyone who reply this ! 😊
Aiber Lane
Aiber Lane 9 kun oldin
I can't imagine just suddenly jumping into another country with your family where you know nothing about the culture or the language! It's crazy! I'm glad they did it because they seem happy. But I could never do something that scary.
Anastasiya Dolya
Anastasiya Dolya 9 kun oldin
it's not "white" or "caucasian", it's "American". i'm white, who is fluent in Japanese and quiet good in Chinese, but i'm not American or from any other english-speaking country, that's why i don't have any kind of attention, especially from media. and fyi, saying "oh these damn white people are so racist" and stuff, it is you, who is being racist.
Ares 9 kun oldin
Man kids are amazing, just think about if you could have the brain power of a kid and learn languages like it's nothing
André Lima
André Lima 9 kun oldin
4:50 wow.......just saying.
Santa N Amezcua
Santa N Amezcua 9 kun oldin
My brother looks exactly like the 13 year old 😂😂😂 Well guys I'm taking my brother to korea to be a model
Martha R
Martha R 9 kun oldin
These boys are doing a wonderful thing. Where at this time they are seen as a novelty will someday be accepted as the norm. Not saying that Seoul will become the next Venice Beach, CA, but at least less homogeneous. I wish nothing but the best for these charming kids.
Vi Vi
Vi Vi 9 kun oldin
if you want to watch a video about white privilege in East Asia, this is it.
Jun Mel
Jun Mel 9 kun oldin
I am from Philippines and I speak Mandarin, Korean and English, fluently. why am i not popular???????????😭😭
Jean-Luc Claudel
Jean-Luc Claudel 9 kun oldin
It's really sad to see so many anti-white and anti-American comments in this thread.
rach l
rach l 9 kun oldin
If it was a chinese or Thai they wouldn’t have been treated this way lmao
블리 공주민
블리 공주민 10 kun oldin
So cuteeeeeeeeeeeee
americano spicy
americano spicy 10 kun oldin
This channel itself, asking random white girls “would you date asian guys?”, is a nonsense.
Chris Ferrero
Chris Ferrero 10 kun oldin
White people who can't make it in the West travel to Asian countries because it's like shooting fish in a a barrel for them over there.
benblexbenblex 10 kun oldin
White privilege
me un
me un 10 kun oldin
who is white kids good at Korean speaking If they go to Korea, become famous and have a good job
EmanuCorn The Macaroon
I swear metal chopsticks leave marks on my skin like deep red marks
chimmychinchin 11 kun oldin
so they really just jumped into another country lol
chimmychinchin 11 kun oldin
Kotato Shosho
Kotato Shosho 11 kun oldin
Even though I know they've probably got scouted because they're the "perfect foreigner image", you can't deny how adorable and talented her kids are. This family is the model for a good home and I'm just glad they aren't pretentious snobs. They stay normal even as stars
Moonroof 11 kun oldin
Why am I watching this?
Long E
Long E 11 kun oldin
its gonna be sad the day when the charm wears off...
Sam Kline
Sam Kline 11 kun oldin
There very pleasant, grateful little boys ya I get ppl bein heated over their genes giving them stardom but so many ppl are famous for just wealth or wealthy for their parents making a living atleast this family enjoyed the culture and stayed bc of it.
Tineke Williams
Tineke Williams 11 kun oldin
Gosh, to my ears they got it right. I still speak English with a Dutch accent. Not too bad but enough for people that know other Dutch they can find a word or two I don't pronounce right. But get them to teach me is impossible as they just say it's charming, UGH!
nimo__ 0
nimo__ 0 11 kun oldin
I came across this video before and avoid watching because it was OBVIOUS why they were famous... TADAH
nimo__ 0
nimo__ 0 11 kun oldin
Me and my friend was wearing hanbuk in korea and we passed a gallery room with the artists there... and they kept on taking pictures of us with them, with their pics, with them and their pics 😂😂😂 & they were older men and women and We couldn't say NO because even when we politely did, they will drag us by our wrists 😥 BEST & WORSE part of that dat 😂😂😂
cute ideas
cute ideas 11 kun oldin
i can speak korea,chinese,english and urdu why m not famous....why?why?
Lower Twin Cosplay쌍둥이 코스트 플레이 안녕
😂 i moved to austin when i was 2 years old
Henry Thoreau
Henry Thoreau 11 kun oldin
In case you monochromatic brown people are wondering how these kids suddenly became models. It's because Asian girls love White guys. Period.
Sheilla migan migan
Sheilla migan migan 11 kun oldin
For those who’re complaining if it was other race .... Check the most famous black man in Korea Check other cultures and races being x here Wake up and stop blaming everything on race
Sheilla migan migan
Sheilla migan migan 11 kun oldin
Let this kids live I’m happy for y’all of you Love from Nairobi 😀
Savage Truth
Savage Truth 11 kun oldin
Life isn't about always being happy. You're a child teaching children.
EG EG 11 kun oldin
This interview is gold!
Janssen Black
Janssen Black 11 kun oldin
And there Philippines was mentioned again.😍 nothing. Just nothing. I was just proud it was mentioned.😂
AND SPRITE 11 kun oldin
So.... They’re special because they’re white and speak fluent korean??? Man I’ve been doing this all wrong this whole time.
elizabeth sage.
elizabeth sage. 11 kun oldin
people are elevating others for irrelevant reasons. they're foreigners, speaks Korean fluently, and have blue eyes and blonde hair. in all honesty that is no reason to label them famous. I'm 13, American, and fluent in mandarin Chinese; but I'm not getting praised am I? if you're going to give this type of attention to people like them, then we should all receive it.
yazkaz 12 kun oldin
Seeing this video my attention is not on these third-world boys but instead Steve himself as he appears to be Korean American and has a more interesting business background
ZipKick 12 kun oldin
When two white kids are more Asian than you
1,000,000 Subscribers with no videos
I can barely speak my own language
Alicia Sonyeondan
Alicia Sonyeondan 12 kun oldin
sweet potato163
sweet potato163 12 kun oldin
How to be popular in korea : *be an american*
pj's pajamas
pj's pajamas 12 kun oldin
I don't get the hype with them. If I go to Korea, go to school there and learn Korean in a year as a Filipino will I be able to get this attention as well?
Leblanc Shiro
Leblanc Shiro 12 kun oldin
Finally ! Someone talk about doctor in korea, case of a members of shinee, depression, they don't really care they just give medics,
Emma Beal
Emma Beal 13 kun oldin
Well. Now I feel extremely inferior.
Taco Farmer
Taco Farmer 13 kun oldin
Asian Boss has turned into a piece of trash with manipulative interviews.
Taco Farmer
Taco Farmer 13 kun oldin
People hate white men so much these days that these poor little boys are being degraded in this comment section because Korean people are fascinated to see a non-Asian youth speaking such good Korean, manners and all. This is getting ridiculous. Leave the Korean people alone and allow them to like people as they please.
Low Roar
Low Roar 13 kun oldin
God why are asians so obsessed with white people lol