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We met with John & Mack, blonde-hair and blue-eyed brothers from America who speak perfect Korean and are on their way to stardom in the Korean entertainment scene. This is their story.
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6-Dek, 2018



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Asian Boss
Asian Boss 3 oy oldin
If you want to keep up to date with John & Mack's latest adventures, you can follow them on their social media: UZvid ► bit.ly/2QdZJfQ Instagram ►instagram.com/JohnAndMack Given John & Mack's age and out of respect for their mother, any inappropriate and offensive comments will be censored. Thanks for watching everybody and stay curious.
Abdul Aziz
Abdul Aziz 6 kun oldin
Very cute childs
ataon 3 oy oldin
Asian Boss Korean Propaganda channel. You Koreans are ENEMY.
Mostupdate 3 oy oldin
Meet John & Mack: The White American Kids that became a celebrity in Korea...simply because of the COLOR OF SKIN and language Fluency! Meet insert [any name of 1st Gen. Full Kenyan kids]: The Kenyan kids that became a celebrity in the United States of America...simply because of the COLOR OF SKIN and Language Fluency! Meet insert [any name of 1st Gen. Full Korean kids]: The Korean Kids that became a celebrity in the United States of America...simply because of the COLOR OF SKIN and Language Fluency! Meet insert [any name of 1st Gen. Full Chinese kids]: The Chinese kids that became a celebrity in the United States of America...simply because of the COLOR OF SKIN and Language Fluency! Meet insert [any name of 1st Gen. Full Cambodian kids]: The Cambodian kids that became a celebrity in the United States of America...simply because of the COLOR OF SKIN and Language Fluency! Anybody want to take a stab at it?
Graham Wild
Graham Wild 4 soat oldin
how much is it to live in south korea, it is south right, cause korea is made up of north and south, you can only visit the south right.
Patricia Hopey
Patricia Hopey 15 soat oldin
C'est tres bien .merci beaucoup
DarkMidgit177 Kun oldin
They living the life rn yo, they gonna get a bunch of Korean cuties over there I’m jealous. Do Korean girls like Puerto Rican’s that can’t speak Korean??😭😭
Hamzah Mohammad
Hamzah Mohammad 2 kun oldin
For a second I thought they were famous for an actual reason.
Betsybett Martinez
Betsybett Martinez 2 kun oldin
He does not look 13
Betsybett Martinez
Betsybett Martinez 2 kun oldin
Wow Americans kids speaking Korea
Rossi Amalia
Rossi Amalia 2 kun oldin
people: _i moved to another country and fluent in many languages_ me: *my country has been the only one I stepped in*
Amanda Gan
Amanda Gan 3 kun oldin
they modelled with seo kangjun JSJSJSJSJ
Queen_ rehema
Queen_ rehema 4 kun oldin
Those kid is like they were born in Korea like I want to be korea I speak a little
James 4 kun oldin
White privilege.
Fernando Torres
Fernando Torres 6 kun oldin
Honestly if you make yourself stick out in any Asian country as an American they're gonna think you're someone famous that's visiting. I've had Asian ask for pictures with me and I'm a nobody just heavily tattooed and wear cool clothes.
Ding Jiahui
Ding Jiahui 6 kun oldin
The two boys are just average white boys. I couldn't understand why they are so popular in korea. There are a number of Asians who speak absolutely fluent English. Are they that liked by huge people?
jennifer jackson
jennifer jackson 6 kun oldin
What a cool mom she is. I just want my kids to be happy. That’s her idea of success, happy kids.
Bom Vau
Bom Vau 6 kun oldin
Their family line will not see a school shooter unless they move back to America.
Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson 6 kun oldin
나는 한국어를하는 유일한 사람인가?
Fluffy Clowd
Fluffy Clowd 7 kun oldin
I ❤️ Korean People
Kat Chin
Kat Chin 7 kun oldin
It's admirable that John and Mack speak such fluent Korean. Their mom is admirable too. How many out there can do these well? Many people go live in another country but to stick to their own. Mom of John & Mack did well because they go and blend into Korean culture & people. They didn't go to stick to Americans living abroad. Hence, that's a big difference. I enjoyed this coverage. They are remarkable. Thank you Asian Boss!
Cheese Days
Cheese Days 7 kun oldin
Famous for speaking Korean and being white? Sounds about white.
bl00dy mArY
bl00dy mArY 7 kun oldin
There korean is really good!
Rmir2 7 kun oldin
Kids can learn anything. It is much wiser to study and learn than to demonstrate in favor of the climate or whatever.
musician lap
musician lap 7 kun oldin
Which school there in lol
musician lap
musician lap 7 kun oldin
Which school there in lol
롤로 입 좀 털지마
First of all, I'm sorry I used the translator. I hope you read it. Since a long time ago, Korea was composed of only Korean people, and the policy of seclusion was carried out during the period of the opening of the door, so it was not common for Westerners to melt into their daily lives even after the Korean War. Since Korea became Korea by making extreme economic development in the world's poorest country, it has not actually met a foreigner until the 2000s. So when we see exotic-looking people speaking Korean on the streets, everyone in Korea knows that they are surprised. But what if a foreign kid? This is just a piece of media and in Korea, black children and adults who speak Korean are also very famous. Thank you.
롤로 입 좀 털지마
For example, Jonathan and Ravi who came from Congo are very famous for speaking Korean.
Faith Ann
Faith Ann 8 kun oldin
Y’all are hating just because they are getting attention. I’m sure they never planned on getting famous. They are young kids, damn. Leave them alone.
junggeun ahn
junggeun ahn 8 kun oldin
this interviewer is a total douchebag. he's one of those pathetic and embarrassing korean americans who have a twisted attitude and view of his own culture that he is somehow better because he is american educated. his comments and questions are often ignorant. "aren't you afraid they will lose their independent way of thinking?" (possibly not word for word) what an idiot. there is that insinuation that if you are education by the korean system you become limited.
E V 8 kun oldin
Yes maybe the only reason is bc they’re white but they’re having fun and not harming anyone can’t y’all just be happy for them
Armando Vera
Armando Vera 8 kun oldin
Comment section is like "I SPEAK 20 LANGUAGES Y ME NO POPULAR???" If you're jealous of two little kids because they got a luck streak and go famous, please kill yourself.
Dogs Cats
Dogs Cats 8 kun oldin
As a Black American I don’t see why y’all getting mad for these kids being white. Y’all need to calm down and grow up.
cutie wiya
cutie wiya 8 kun oldin
This should be william and bently from the return of superman lol
itsmetessyandariiftheytestmetheysorry ._.
Well I get what you mean but they are born in Korea and are half Korean
a1d4n_ b5
a1d4n_ b5 8 kun oldin
Because they are white
Ogunyemi lilian
Ogunyemi lilian 8 kun oldin
Asian boss...interview a black kid too
·captainEdits 8 kun oldin
What in Philippines it's ASK.ASK.ASK
El Cee
El Cee 8 kun oldin
wow only being in korea for 4 yrs....their korean is quite impressive
lilJabbagirl7 9 kun oldin
I've been in Korea for a year and my Korean speaking/listening still sucks😩 Welp if they can do it, I can do it too. 난 할수 있어요! 포기하지마요. 화이팅!😊
Kim Ji-Hyung Shit down
12:08 so those kids met Seo Kang-Joon! I want to move to Korea and learn Korean and go to college. but I am already 16 years old. and money needs.
Xoë Suejung
Xoë Suejung 10 kun oldin
They all seem sweet and I think it’s cool she and her husband were open to just picking up and moving to another country lol. But, I really don’t get why they’re “famous”. They have learned Korean in the best possible way: young brains, immersion, tutoring, AND a Korean public school. Given the person is dedicated, *ANYONE* would be able to reach fluency within a year. So, it’s kinda boring to see more people getting famous _just_ because they can speak Korean and they’re foreigners
Sai Laxamana
Sai Laxamana 10 kun oldin
They’re really well mannered wow
Adam 534
Adam 534 10 kun oldin
That kid has HUGE ears
Bts :P
Bts :P 11 kun oldin
I’m kinda offended too, like they’re famous because they’re white and American...buuut if they were black i think people wouldn’t bring the topic of race in it and would actually be pretty ‘meh’ about it all, ( which is racism all over again) and if they were brown they’d well...idk. Point is...ehh figure it out ^
surprised pikachu face
Probably because they're the perfect image of "foreigner" stereotype. For example in my country (Thailand) if you ask people around here what is their image of foreigner, most will usually think of White American or something similar. Seems like for Asian countries people define "Foreigner" to being "White". But that's from my experience with people around me anyway, for others it might be different. Edit: To add more to my point we even call foreigners "Farang" which, according to The Royal Institute Dictionary, means "a person of white race" but we also use it on foreigners that aren't White (Black, Latino, etc.)
Jongbum Park
Jongbum Park 11 kun oldin
Being bilingual is not a big deal nowadays. They got famous cause they are cute
눈치 11 kun oldin
I am korean but I can tell straight up that this is what you call “white worship” that can happen sometimes in asian countries
눈치 9 kun oldin
They are very cute though! This comment isn’t targeting them at all❤️
parkchimchim 11 kun oldin
So much jealousy in these comments jeez... they are just some kids having fun what is so wrong with that ??
Hanan Mohamed
Hanan Mohamed 11 kun oldin
Jaime 12 kun oldin
Why are americans talking about race? You know, skin color is not a big deal outside of America, you are not the center of the universe.
AdiFury 12 kun oldin
Don't reas the comments, for the best
vina otuh
vina otuh 13 kun oldin
i see the beauty of cultures here, but why most people are still asking unnecessary questions?
Pug 13 kun oldin
Cute kids! Ignore all the comments from bitter/jealous people who search for ways to be offended. Keep doing you!
I love BTS Army
I love BTS Army 13 kun oldin
I really want them to meet BTS
Princess Jay
Princess Jay 13 kun oldin
I’m fully Hispanic and my friend is Jamaican and Hispanic, we’re moving to Korea for school jxjjd i swear we better get this famous for speaking fluent Korean
Hotbacon xoxo
Hotbacon xoxo 13 kun oldin
I’m Asian but not from Korea and for some reason my parents cook Korean food. why am I telling u guys this. meh alone.
alexandra 14 kun oldin
Well, they are adorable.
Lilo Angeles
Lilo Angeles 14 kun oldin
Okay UZvid, I watched it!
Erin Carmichael
Erin Carmichael 14 kun oldin
With some languages it seems just saying “bleh blah” means like “Hello. How are you today?” And I don’t understand how two syllables can translate to a whole two sentences 😂
ForeverMe 16 kun oldin
I wonder why people go out of their way to help them...🤔
Hobiii Flw
Hobiii Flw 16 kun oldin
The little one is so cute 😔
Vøtīøn 16 kun oldin
I speak arabic *Egypt accent* and english..Wheres my Fans at? ;-;.
Lua Beraldi
Lua Beraldi 16 kun oldin
Que lindinhos, idioma impecável ♡
Robin Duong Music
Robin Duong Music 16 kun oldin
We have people living on
BioHazardGround0 16 kun oldin
So many jealous people in the comments. ; D
Estella Light
Estella Light 17 kun oldin
This comment section is something else I'll tell you that:/ But in so happy for this family, you can tell that the boys seem more comfortable speaking Korean honestly. Like I'm infatuated with the culture, the people, food etc all because of kpop and someday I hope to go there, maybe even live there. I'm currently teaching myself Korean and it's hard and I'm 18, I'm so impressed that these boys are speaking it fluently at a young age 👏👏👏👏
crazynoodles k
crazynoodles k 18 kun oldin
you guys are saying that they are racist when the started from a photo shoot.
LilFire Fox
LilFire Fox 18 kun oldin
I agree with the mom. Here I ask my Doctor, of any field questions. Why? B/c that is what they went to school for, they know a hell of allot more then me or I ever will, so ask them. I never knew that about Eastern countries, the 'not question' policy. Thinking about it, then what is the point in being a teacher if you can't fully teach? I mean sure, your up there saying knowledge and putting it on the board, but what if a child doesn't fully understand what your teaching and how? To me then your not 'Fully' a teacher cause your not 'Fully' teaching them. It's just a title then. If that was the case, I could go, write gibberish English on the board and fly by no problem.
AilNik 19 kun oldin
they're cute. but never seen them before. famous??
장미유나 20 kun oldin
I don't know what all you problem is we korean think u are beutiful and you are mad i dont know why?
HiyaitsJenny 21 kun oldin
some of y'all are hating on a 13 and 9 year old. its disgusting. if you don't like the video, just move on from it. there's no need to hate on children.
national breadgirl
national breadgirl 21 kun oldin
I really like their mom she cool😁🤔
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung 21 kun oldin
John and Mack are so cute I want to marry John and Kim Taehyung
Healthy Body Is A Healthy Mind
the reason why they are famous is also because of their handsome face, with that blue eyes, they are very pretty tho and we all know koreans prioritize faces more.
junky 101
junky 101 21 kun oldin
blessedchild 93
blessedchild 93 23 kun oldin
Hello so we're just going to pretend that William and Seungjae from The Return of Superman don't exist?
outlaw law
outlaw law 23 kun oldin
When american kid raise in asia country... They develop manner
Carlos Rubio
Carlos Rubio 23 kun oldin
John & Mack you both are wonderful kids and I wish you the best. Don't pay attention to the negative racist comments, people are jealous of you guys.
Naru Hinacosplay
Naru Hinacosplay 24 kun oldin
Wtf John literally looks 5 I was like there’s no way he’s 13 😮
Yong Pak
Yong Pak 25 kun oldin
어머 둘다 귀엽네요. 부끄럽네요. 둘다 너무너무 한국말 잘하네요. 우리 애들으보다 더 잘해요. 미국에서 바쁘다는 핑계로 애들한테 소홀했네요. I totally agree with you mom. I think it's great.. Importantly two kids to be happy.
Hwan 25 kun oldin
OMG The comments are TOO RACIST. Are you serious? Did they become famous because they are whites and good at Korean? Don't denigrate their efforts like that. First of all, I am Korean, Those kids aren't even famous. I've never seen those kids in this video before. Besides these children, there are many more famous African-American, white, Latino, Chinese, and Japanese foreign celebrities. Han Hyun-min (black), Sam O-churi (black), Sam Hamington (white), Zhang Yuan (Chinese), members of the IOI (Japanese), O'Heli-lung (white), Christian (Mexico Latino), and Sammy (egypt). And korea is a country with 99 percent of Koreans. korea has become known around the world for less than 20 years. It's only natural that there are fewer foreigners.
Nora 25 kun oldin
These are lovely boys and smart too, and although it’s possible they’re famous in Korea mostly because they have the stereotypical Caucasian features much revered by Asians, I hope it doesn’t make them feel any less of themselves when they realize the truth. I hope they grow up healthy and wise❤️
Ev-olution 27 kun oldin
Wow. Very interesting. She’s a great parent just her manner of speaking, her respect for other cultures and her open mind to allowing her kids to experience what they choose. Ultimately every parents wish is to see her children happy and she’s definitely helping her kids do so. I wish them the best.
Steph Mae Acoba
Steph Mae Acoba 28 kun oldin
Wao, need to see them
Katelyn Barrington
Katelyn Barrington 28 kun oldin
These comments are so.....toxic. Like excuse me they’re just kids and they’re happy that’s all that matters and yes they Have gotten many opportunities for being foreigners but you have to understand that they’re respect and are open minded about their culture and that’s the MAIN reason why they have gotten opportunities. Just because something is considered wrong or unusual in your country doesn’t mean it’ll be the same for s.korea. In order to understand you have to have a open mind and I personally find it sickening that people are throwing shade to CHILDREN who are just trying to live happy lives. Please try to understand what I’m saying and if you can’t then I’m truly sorry. Thank you for reading(•3•)
Duck Master
Duck Master 29 kun oldin
She’s literally the best mom ever
Winnie Lau
Winnie Lau 29 kun oldin
I really enjoyed watching this. One of my favorite Asian Boss' so far. Kids learn so easily. With all the BTS songs and videos I've been watching, maybe I'll learn to speak Korean too. It's never too late. 🤗
Yura Uro
Yura Uro 29 kun oldin
Imagine being famous for being white
berry1897 29 kun oldin
I click because of the guy in the thumbnail. Not for the boys 😂
мσмσ вєαя
мσмσ вєαя 29 kun oldin
I'm looking for that one comment saying that these kids are koreaboos
Tomisato 9
Tomisato 9 Oy oldin
luo .v
luo .v Oy oldin
I only know how to speak English and Spanish fluently so far im learning Japanese and German by my self is there a way to learn them quickly?
DreamBlackVelvet in Neverland
Now I want to know if the boys also listen to kpop
LookAtMe Oy oldin
I heard super fast wifi, time to move!
Michael Trinta
I guess it's not just westerns that make people famous for literally nothing
Felix Nilsson
Felix Nilsson Oy oldin
It’s kinda embarrassing that the parents still haven’t learned Korean despite them there for already 4 years.
Katie 7 kun oldin
It's hard to learn a new language it happens a lot where it takes years to learn.
Trisha Lagusad
A true Moolody
The korean education is all about sit and listen while the westerners they learn to keep questioning. While in Malaysia, we learn to sit and listen first then at the end of the class, the teacher will ask if we have a question regarding the subject.
Adjen Adjen
Adjen Adjen Oy oldin
Lampcap Oy oldin
Wow, it just baffles and boggles my mind that these people line up to get pictures with children half their age or more. Here in America, I cannot bring myself to idolize or even really listen or watch people who are even a few years younger than me...maybe its me, maybe its my culture but wow. That is absolutely insane.
Alpsbeach Oy oldin
I visited Asian boss media and get quite disappointed I haven't seen the host!?
When he say hot chocolate. I remember chaelisa of blackpink 😂
jake jake
jake jake Oy oldin
jake jake
jake jake Oy oldin
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