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Chuck Todd (Kyle Mooney), Eugene Robinson (Kenan Thompson), Peggy Noonan (Cecily Strong) and Donna Brazile (Leslie Jones) debate what Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' penis looks like in stolen texts on Meet the Press.
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10-Fev, 2019

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sweatpantsprincess 2 soat oldin
I love Aidy in the bald cap??? what is happening
Despina838 3 soat oldin
I love their political cold opens, but this one was a big dud. I got a laugh out of seeing McKinnon, but that was it.
Tutty Masala
Tutty Masala 4 soat oldin
Firewolf2 6 soat oldin
How is this in Mkatwood’s meme dumps
Magnificent Hawkes
Magnificent Hawkes 9 soat oldin
I’m ten years old, and my parents watch msnbc and I’m sure he’s gonna laugh at this on an episode
Suzy Lux
Suzy Lux 17 soat oldin
Keenan did NOT nail the Eugene Robinson voice AT ALL. Eugene is pure Kermit T Frog if you were just listening and not watching and this is fact.
matt mammone
matt mammone 21 soat oldin
Oh my god I'm gonna be found dead at my laptop from eating and choking laughing at this...
Sarah Kun oldin
You would never have made this sketch if Bezos was a woman.
Bethesda Boy
Bethesda Boy Kun oldin
An accurate representation of our sham of an excuse for media. Keep 'em distracted from anything that's real.
fedgov zombie
fedgov zombie 2 kun oldin
Mooney, you really blew this. You used none of the Todd mannerisms. The piercing lips after each question.... I guess you have never watched MtP. This was actually pretty awful... apparently SNL writers had some sort of adolescent flash-back.
Javier Baez
Javier Baez 2 kun oldin
This is funny 🤷🏾‍♀️
carschmn 3 kun oldin
You guys really got the man baby appearance of Whitaker.
lowkey_fla 3 kun oldin
Lynell Tiller
Lynell Tiller 3 kun oldin
The state of the press these days...
Adolfo Pena
Adolfo Pena 3 kun oldin
He looks like Sam Rockwell.
07:19 3 kun oldin
2:51 Why does the cc say "adult marijuana"
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Left Twix
Left Twix 3 kun oldin
I only get my news from SNL
golondrina1231 3 kun oldin
Is it a spoof on an actual interview?
Ericka Williams
Ericka Williams 3 kun oldin
ahhaha stop it
neurosmos 3 kun oldin
"Pecker’s friendship with Trump" nyti.ms/2USBBNF
Captain Con Queso
Captain Con Queso 3 kun oldin
Leslie looks so good with silver hair. 😯
Elliott Harris
Elliott Harris 3 kun oldin
Respect the hell out of how Kyle Mooney delivered the "Live from New York" line. Subtle is the way to go.
Boop Boys
Boop Boys 3 kun oldin
This shit is awful. But what isnt awful are the hilarious skits on this channel!
Ralph Williams
Ralph Williams 4 kun oldin
Worst 1 yet really talking about sum man's🍆 smh
Randy Doyle
Randy Doyle 4 kun oldin
Got to be making fun of Nancy f****** Pelosi and Chuck Schumer you one way f****** c*********** bastard mother f******
Randy Doyle
Randy Doyle 4 kun oldin
You completely suck you are a bunch of f*** tards you suck your show sucks and the people as into it they suck too
Dreadiid0tG0d 4 kun oldin
Kate #1 snl actress ever
Gary Dorman
Gary Dorman 4 kun oldin
The dump I was taking while watching this had more charisma and humor than this…and I actually find the topic funny.
jpalm32 4 kun oldin
Cancel this show
Bob Lowney
Bob Lowney 4 kun oldin
Airy looks great! So happy that Melissa started all of this with spicer.
Denise R.
Denise R. 4 kun oldin
Kyle looks just like Chuck.
#AAIPD think tank
#AAIPD think tank 4 kun oldin
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Azariah Caffey
Azariah Caffey 4 kun oldin
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Temperamento 4 kun oldin
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sonyahannah 4 kun oldin
First SNL sketch in a LONG time that I've actually disliked: now they're abetting the National Enquirer in harassing Jeff Bezos??????
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 4 kun oldin
Everybody here needs to go on Google and look at pictures of mutilated white babies murdered by black racist monsters in South Africa. Saddest thing I've ever seen. This is your future, United States. Don't let evil black racists win! Fight back! Those could be your innocent babies being murdered by evil black racist monsters!bziz
HailG3 4 kun oldin
Kate is so good at playing creepy old men
oil9vinergar 4 kun oldin
SNL??? oh, yeah... that show was pulled off the air in the late 70's when all their talent left.... go figure, eh....
pigskin1000 4 kun oldin
So SNL could not do a cold open about AOC and what a nut bag she is and that she looks like a deranged animal that has rabies? such easy fodder.
Judy Childs
Judy Childs 4 kun oldin
Joe Franklin
Joe Franklin 4 kun oldin
I like how Leslie's Brazile is supposed to be the moral compass when she corrupted the 2016 Democrat primary for HRC.
Alexander Kloumann
Alexander Kloumann 4 kun oldin
So petty of SNL to have every male Trump administration official played by a woman, obviously to be demeaning somehow. I don't remember them doing that to Obama's people. Of course SNL should make fun of them, as it's what they do, but pick cast members of the appropriate sex. It's a played out cheap shot.
ArtsyMN 4 kun oldin
Pray tell, why would a woman playing a man be demeaning?
Georgia L
Georgia L 4 kun oldin
Leslie Kenan & Aidy rock this sketch
Brandon BP
Brandon BP 4 kun oldin
Hey, do you guys remember back when SNL was funny? Me neither.
Eric Sanchez
Eric Sanchez 4 kun oldin
Mr Ross has definitely seen a jar of pickles back in his day lol 😅😅😅😅😅
Maria Silva
Maria Silva 4 kun oldin
2 years and they still hating
Maria Silva
Maria Silva 4 kun oldin
+tommy rich pendejo
tommy rich
tommy rich 4 kun oldin
Khalil Razak
Khalil Razak 4 kun oldin
The REPUBLICUNTS are all low life, evil, crafty, racist, bigoted DEPLORABLE SCUM.
Милашка ТВК
SleepingDog 4 kun oldin
Mr Bag
Mr Bag 4 kun oldin
Kate McKinnon saved/redeemed this sketch for me
CDOUBLETV 4 kun oldin
How many likes can I get
Joe Shmoe
Joe Shmoe 4 kun oldin
Saw description. Immediately disliked.
SuperSportRob95 4 kun oldin
SNL you’re not funny anymore. We don’t want to see cheap shots at politics its over-played and uninteresting. This is in general not just this video
Havestar Havestar
Havestar Havestar 4 kun oldin
A Man Has No Name
A Man Has No Name 4 kun oldin
Soon as they cut to kate I loss it
NightHD 4 kun oldin
If you can say these four words fast without even getting tongue tied YOU ARE A GENIUS! 1) Eye 2) Yam 3) Stew 4) Peed
SightSeer 4 kun oldin
Just not FUNNY anymore.
Lee W
Lee W 4 kun oldin
“Plus he’s a runner “ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gyumri Salute
Gyumri Salute 4 kun oldin
I can't believe people find this funny. I don't care about the political side of it. Just purely speaking of the quality of the comedy. Going from Sandler, Farley, Steve Martin, Will Farrell, Cheri Oteri, and some of the other greats to this? Have you people ever watched SNL classics? Wow. How the mighty have fallen. It's unwatchable now. I didn't even crack a smirk.
Dudist Priest
Dudist Priest 4 kun oldin
This skit had a weird premise, Donna Brazil would have had the question in advance.
expatted 4 kun oldin
gawd awful crap -- stopped watching you guys in 1979
expatted 4 kun oldin
now do the same with Hillary's vagina
Lance Manion
Lance Manion 4 kun oldin
It would appear there's really no longer any need for male cast members at all .. three cheers for the progressive programming on SNL!
Schaefer . K
Schaefer . K 4 kun oldin
I didn’t even need to watch to know it’s not funny
Wayne R
Wayne R 4 kun oldin
I laugh like this at the actual Meet the press Since it’s better comedy than S&L
jonny5isalive3 4 kun oldin
im , behind the times, did the guy get thin and bald , thin makes you bald?
Your Mom Is Pretty Hot
Leslie Jones is unfunny
Daniel Flinchum
Daniel Flinchum 4 kun oldin
Ugh stop forcing things....... please be funny!!!!!
James Bruno
James Bruno 4 kun oldin
Its a darker lester holt!
Repent, Ye
Repent, Ye 4 kun oldin
ourforgiveness. c*o*m Gods strength is made perfect in my weakness. And my faith is made stronger through my trials.
Sunconurelotl Boi
Sunconurelotl Boi 4 kun oldin
Chao Lee
Chao Lee 4 kun oldin
“I’ve been hearing ghosts” 😂😂
Mabus Iambus
Mabus Iambus 4 kun oldin
Nice to see the mainstream media all sticking up for the 1%
Mabus Iambus
Mabus Iambus 4 kun oldin
Old tired SNL. This ain't the 60's fuck your dumb ass old show.
Wolcott Project
Wolcott Project 4 kun oldin
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Peshwaz Waise
Peshwaz Waise 5 kun oldin
Allah is The Creator, Jesus follows Islam, don't give pork to kids, listen to Quran
Barbara Hock
Barbara Hock 5 kun oldin
Kind of missing something now that Keenan lost weight.
JazzToast 5 kun oldin
*desk slap*
mysteryof7 5 kun oldin
Kate is a hoot. I can watch her impersonations all day
fredEVOIX 5 kun oldin
Kingpin is in this video
A K 5 kun oldin
Peggy is spot on lol
Jawbrace 5 kun oldin
2 million views and this is what they pass off as funny now?
david didia
david didia 5 kun oldin
Fuck SNL liberal media.
Adam J. Smith
Adam J. Smith 5 kun oldin
Let me be on the Saturday Night Live!
Arthur Johnston
Arthur Johnston 5 kun oldin
Snl is both leftist propaganda and unfunny now. Sad
Idols for no one
Idols for no one 5 kun oldin
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Sharon Shade
Sharon Shade 5 kun oldin
An Echo or Dot? 😂
jzizzles 5 kun oldin
Pretty sure its Bezos HUGE by now. I bought some pills at Amazon, and I went from 6" to 9" in 6 months. It really works!
ronsmac 5 kun oldin
Leslie Jones is terrible. I know snl feels like they need to have black women on the show but there has to be funnier and better black actresses.
No One
No One 5 kun oldin
Lol :)
omarkhalid 5 kun oldin
his mustache falling off is all i can focus on.
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance 5 kun oldin
Hello, Humans. “You talking to me?” Taxi Driver, 1976 Fun fact: Robert DeNiro improvised this line. The script only said "Travis speaks to himself in the mirror" so DeNiro took some liberties and was ultimately successful.
K Rogers
K Rogers 5 kun oldin
Ok....Kate McKinnon looked like Christopher Walken...anyone else think so?? Loved it
Meme Gimygimy15
Meme Gimygimy15 5 kun oldin
He looks a lot like him (Chuck Todd). He looks like a guy who would have really bad dandruff.
KHRISNA KHRIST 5 kun oldin
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Peyten Ford
Peyten Ford 5 kun oldin
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Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton 5 kun oldin
Sorry, how does Jeff Bezos penis have anything to do with Donald Trump? You people are seriously fucked in the head at this point.
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