Meet The Rhino Beetle Gladiators | Rhino Beetle Games 2019

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The 2019 Rhino Beetle Games are coming! Our collection of adult male rhino beetles, Dionysus, Poseidon, Apollo, Zeus, Ares, Hephaestus, and Hades, are now arriving and gearing up for life above ground. Meet these rhino beetle gladiators, who will be competing to win a life of protection in a beetle paradise, complete with endless rotting fruit to eat, female beetles to breed with, and space to burrow and live in for the rest of his life. In this video we learn about the biology of these amazing scarab beetle giants, as well as, how you can win a special prize from the AntsCanada shop if you happen to choose the winning beetle! Good luck to all! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.
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12-Yan, 2019



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AntsCanada 2 oy oldin
AC Family, this video was freshly uploaded so it will be a little more longer until you can watch it in 4K. Hang tight, AC Family! Meanwhile please remember to give the video a LIKE, leave me a COMMENT, and hit the SUBSCRIBE button and BELL to join the Notification Squad! Thank you for watching, and hope you guys enjoy this week's episode! Ant love forever!
Hades Striker
Hades Striker 2 oy oldin
I chose hades as my gladiator
Zendo Zen
Zendo Zen 2 oy oldin
I vote for apollo
CrazySpidey8002 2 oy oldin
+Tyler Etzkorn Medusa isn't one of the Greek Gods. At least, I don't think she is...
samron811 lol
samron811 lol 2 oy oldin
Lets go ares we can do this
CrazySpidey8002 2 oy oldin
+CGS gamer x Dude! NOT COOL! You should know better than to advertise your own youtube channel on someone else's vids! You should be ASHAMED of yourself! D:<
Sarah Leong
Sarah Leong 8 soat oldin
Hi Man
Hi Man 12 soat oldin
As someone who loves Greek mythology and wants to major in it, this is conflicting me cause I love all these gods and goddess T^T Rip mythology nerds
Hi Man
Hi Man 12 soat oldin
Only you can make bugs interesting XD keep up the amazing work
Michael Cruz
Michael Cruz 17 soat oldin
Zeonzelous Nile
Zeonzelous Nile 17 soat oldin
Long h named beetle
Salty King
Salty King 17 soat oldin
Go hephest
Boran Aydin
Boran Aydin 21 soat oldin
Boran Aydin
Boran Aydin 21 soat oldin
Diego Isreal Barraza
Diego Isreal Barraza 23 soat oldin
#team posiden
Zach Titan
Zach Titan Kun oldin
Lets go Zeus
awesome kids Scott
awesome kids Scott 2 kun oldin
I hope Dionysus is going to win
awesome kids Scott
awesome kids Scott 2 kun oldin
I'm going to root for the beetle that has the shortest horn
James F.
James F. 2 kun oldin
Pussy I want to see those beetles fight to the death
just a dude
just a dude 2 kun oldin
Wren Remm.
Wren Remm. 3 kun oldin
#TeamHades Go Hades!
ClassicWolf Gameing
Tashi sherpa 13579
Tashi sherpa 13579 3 kun oldin
Kenny Stone
Kenny Stone 3 kun oldin
Vito Cacucciolo
Vito Cacucciolo 3 kun oldin
I’m on Apollo
Vito Cacucciolo
Vito Cacucciolo 3 kun oldin
garnet universe
garnet universe 4 kun oldin
8:06 love that ost
Idiots Unknown
Idiots Unknown 4 kun oldin
I was curious, who did you buy the larva from?
Lucy Zhang
Lucy Zhang 4 kun oldin
#TeamAres !!!!!
Brett Hutchinson
Brett Hutchinson 5 kun oldin
Just do the game
Brett Hutchinson
Brett Hutchinson 5 kun oldin
Zeus and Apollo
Brett Hutchinson
Brett Hutchinson 5 kun oldin
James Spicer
James Spicer 6 kun oldin
I’m going to go with team Zeus, Mikey❗️❗️❗️ let’s gooooo rhino beetle games 😁😁😁🙏🙌
Sludge Lord \m/
Sludge Lord \m/ 6 kun oldin
U have a wild imagination with ur bugs man. Giving them names, and stuff. Pretty cool, but funny too. Lol
Peu Barbosa
Peu Barbosa 7 kun oldin
Tiny Gaming
Tiny Gaming 7 kun oldin
I’m going for Hades the youngest 😄
alpha wolf
alpha wolf 7 kun oldin
Team dionesus
malxblood creepypasta
#teamzeus zues will win!
CrustiestSpy 735
CrustiestSpy 735 7 kun oldin
#teamhades Let’s Go!!! He may be young but he’s got potential
Elizabeth Jurrians
Elizabeth Jurrians 8 kun oldin
I am going to say Ares
fred cool
fred cool 8 kun oldin
Find black dragons
Mr Beast
Mr Beast 8 kun oldin
Max Nova
Max Nova 8 kun oldin
Victoria Coccoz
Victoria Coccoz 8 kun oldin
xXEnmanuelXx julio
xXEnmanuelXx julio 9 kun oldin
#TeamAres sorry i forgot to comment here first...
Michael Grant
Michael Grant 9 kun oldin
#teamdionysus get litty!!
Mythical Doodles
Mythical Doodles 9 kun oldin
I’m #TeamAres literally because Aries is my star sign lol
Matt Munson
Matt Munson 9 kun oldin
Ares will win
Michelle Gaskell
Michelle Gaskell 9 kun oldin
To clean
Ange Zappia
Ange Zappia 9 kun oldin
Mango Spooksuits
Mango Spooksuits 9 kun oldin
Idk if I already said this but #teamhades !!!!!
Jere' Stanley
Jere' Stanley 9 kun oldin
I am rooting for Hephaestus!
Artur Arruda
Artur Arruda 9 kun oldin
So nice to watch this again. Sad Zeus is gone now. But I'll keep cheering my Poseidon!!!
RNG Pandas Hyper
RNG Pandas Hyper 10 kun oldin
Ares I choose tyou
Medhat Youssef
Medhat Youssef 10 kun oldin
#TeamHades you can do it buddy
Nate Arcos
Nate Arcos 10 kun oldin
#teamPoseidon we hope you win
Maximus Ezekiel
Maximus Ezekiel 10 kun oldin
Mr Melon
Mr Melon 10 kun oldin
14:24 now I know it’s probably just common copyright free music but if anybody watches SCP illustrate same music
Realm Royale busyfool
Alyssa Fisel
Alyssa Fisel 11 kun oldin
The body mites feed on the bad mites that will hurt the beetles and drink there blood.. Also #teamhades lol
Monique Mendez
Monique Mendez 11 kun oldin
I’m going for Dionysus. #TeamDionysus
Jose Estrada
Jose Estrada 11 kun oldin
#Team Zeus
Jarem Hallows
Jarem Hallows 12 kun oldin
#team Dionysus
Lethalhax 13 kun oldin
#teamzeus am I the only one?
Shushi 13 kun oldin
Team Ares
Smart Lion
Smart Lion 13 kun oldin
I would love to have the one which has the smallest horns
Yodel boi
Yodel boi 13 kun oldin
AJhani Tinsley
AJhani Tinsley 13 kun oldin
Lesley Quezada
Lesley Quezada 13 kun oldin
#team ares
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 13 kun oldin
Ulises Galvan
Ulises Galvan 13 kun oldin
Shad0w St4r Gaming
Shad0w St4r Gaming 13 kun oldin
Shad0w St4r Gaming
Shad0w St4r Gaming 13 kun oldin
Why why why
the unknown gamer
the unknown gamer 14 kun oldin
Palwinder Singh
Palwinder Singh 14 kun oldin
Hypoaspis mites are very useful predators indeed. They feed on fungus gnat larvae, springtails, thrips pupae, and other small harmful soil insects. When introduced into a growing area that isn't already plagued by fungus gnats, they have a significant impact in reducing and eventually eradicating them. they help beetles to get rid of harmful mites by eating them and they both share a bond of friendship bu helping each other.
Zach Maine
Zach Maine 14 kun oldin
Mallory T
Mallory T 14 kun oldin
#TeamAres Because Clarisse la Rue is cool (PJO?)
Dark Mind
Dark Mind 14 kun oldin
#teamhades ❤️
Charles Luken
Charles Luken 14 kun oldin
#TeamHephaestus We must give homage to the blacksmith of the Greek gods.
flexflix 15 kun oldin
#TeamDionysus for the win!
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