Meet The Tallest Girl In The World

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8-Yan, 2019

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Mening pleylistlarim
Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 7 125
MARS Music
MARS Music 4 soat oldin
Imma 5'10 prolly the tallest girl in these comments 😂😂
QuickDraw PaperGirl
QuickDraw PaperGirl 5 soat oldin
My brother is 9,2
Camren Anstead
Camren Anstead 5 soat oldin
It is a disease called gigantism
Ana Hale
Ana Hale 6 soat oldin
... I can’t even make it to 5’2 and I’m 18... 🤦🏽‍♀️
Mohamed Shrek
Mohamed Shrek 7 soat oldin
Perfect together lol
JaydenSucksAtMath2 7 soat oldin
9:29 giraffe time
Arima 9 soat oldin
I'm in 7th grade 13 *14 in september* and I'm fcking 4'11/5 ft ;(
Emme C
Emme C 10 soat oldin
Abe lincin
Mondie Lucius
Mondie Lucius 12 soat oldin
Kamryn_N_Cameron 12 soat oldin
DANG HES 6’3?!
Duck Sucks
Duck Sucks 13 soat oldin
im 13 and 5'7
epic war pig 5000
epic war pig 5000 13 soat oldin
I was 8pounds 6 ounses as a baby and I'm short for my age
Narindra Fortnite
Narindra Fortnite 13 soat oldin
SUPERIOR HAWK 17 soat oldin
The tallest person I know is your neck
Pixie Fuentes
Pixie Fuentes 18 soat oldin
I have a friend called Darío. He is elven and he is 1.73m tall
Maya Berry
Maya Berry 21 soat oldin
my cousin is the tallest person, XD I have to look up to him when we talk! He's 15
Shannon Elenbaas
Shannon Elenbaas 22 soat oldin
My tallest fam member is 6 4
Lootedboi 22 soat oldin
Galacticious Girl19
Galacticious Girl19 23 soat oldin
tallllllllllll peoplezz
Y̳e̳l̳l̳o̳w̳ ̳ s̳n̳o̳w̳
How much did that guy say fetish in 3 seconds
Gabby Grace
Gabby Grace Kun oldin
my big bro is REALLY TALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Deez2broz Kun oldin
Cody from Dude Perfect. He’s 6 foot 6 inches
Deez2broz Kun oldin
“The ladies man” Alfredo!!😝
The King Of Art
The King Of Art Kun oldin
I'm like really tall and really short at the same time
Ninalouie1 Kun oldin
someone I saw was 6,10
I Love Zebras I love snow
starlord face
starlord face Kun oldin
thsin dude at school is like 2.7m tall we call him long
sumanjit arora
sumanjit arora Kun oldin
actullay im all years old im 5ft exaxt
Vena Bartaby
Vena Bartaby Kun oldin
My dad he
Tania Howes
Tania Howes Kun oldin
My brother
Josh Morrow
Josh Morrow Kun oldin
My brother is 56 and is 12 year old
Scarlett Random Stuff
My brother is 6’7” and I am 5’9”
MARWAN TGM Kun oldin
XxGalaxy_GamerxX Wolf
4:45 lol Tal’s face XD
Bektassolmaz11111 Solmaz
You are the first tall person I ever sore
david akala
david akala Kun oldin
there's a guy that is 7ft in my school had to bend his head to enter a room
Audrey Harris
Audrey Harris Kun oldin
I love your chanel
Pink& Peachy
Pink& Peachy Kun oldin
I'm 14 and I'm 5'1
Isabella Kun oldin
My great uncle is 6,5 😂😂
Cristian Diaz
Cristian Diaz Kun oldin
Hi shout me out hi hi hi hi
Jaafar ALSalman
Jaafar ALSalman Kun oldin
the tallest person in the world is tal
emily zarla
emily zarla Kun oldin
The tallest person I know is my dog
Haroldas Vilhelmas
Vampires exist. Tal U R doomed.
KawaiiKitten! Kawaii Puppy!
*hello* Tall,taller and tallest 🙂
Storm King
Storm King 2 kun oldin
steven adam wats the tallest pearson ive met hes 7 ft
Wicked Wednesday
Wicked Wednesday 2 kun oldin
Did Anyone else smile or laugh when Tal smiles and laugh
Koko Sharima
Koko Sharima 2 kun oldin
That voice tho...
Angie Felter
Angie Felter 2 kun oldin
They have such low voices
Gabriel Modig
Gabriel Modig 2 kun oldin
I am 9 and I am 5 foot 2 inches.
Nicholas Snipes
Nicholas Snipes 2 kun oldin
My dad
Antonio Bearden
Antonio Bearden 2 kun oldin
Rui Fernandes
Rui Fernandes 2 kun oldin
I'm sorry but why does she sound like JarJar Binks
Carlie Dozier
Carlie Dozier 2 kun oldin
Dang I thought I was tall. For y’all curious people out there. I’m 6’1
juan tecun
juan tecun 2 kun oldin
I know right
Dathomigay 4
Dathomigay 4 2 kun oldin
TimmyTim 2019
TimmyTim 2019 2 kun oldin
TocoLocoLLama 2 kun oldin
I 'd get her to put up my Christmas tree
Liam unboxes
Liam unboxes 2 kun oldin
The tallest person that is my friend is Like she's pretty tall the tallest in my grade!
Saray Mangal
Saray Mangal 2 kun oldin
i am the tallest person i know
Cameron Hummel
Cameron Hummel 2 kun oldin
I know a kid that’s 6 foot 5 and he is only in the sixth grade
Beauty Boss
Beauty Boss 2 kun oldin
0:45 LOL 😂😂😂
Joe Ashcroft Gaming
I’m tall as anything
Braydon The Gorilla
Your neck is not as tall as jack's forehead
Nicolai andersen
Nicolai andersen 2 kun oldin
two outros?? lol
TBNRdragon - Gaming
I love Alfredo
Indigo Ige-Ceylan
Indigo Ige-Ceylan 2 kun oldin
noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol
Indigo Ige-Ceylan
Indigo Ige-Ceylan 2 kun oldin
ha lol
Rochelle N
Rochelle N 2 kun oldin
maybe everyone is just really short
Indigo Ige-Ceylan
Indigo Ige-Ceylan 2 kun oldin
lol yussssssssssss
Isabel Miles
Isabel Miles 2 kun oldin
My dad is 6,6
Ojeightgray Ricarro
actually im 9,11
ThatOneNarwhal 2 kun oldin
The tal-est person I know is...... Tal the giraffe 0:52
ThatOneNarwhal 2 kun oldin
I’m decades of years younger than that host and I’m 4’11
The_laurel_witch O_O
I'm 5 '3 and people say I'm tall
Krissy Franks
Krissy Franks 2 kun oldin
Jeremiah Rivers
Jeremiah Rivers 2 kun oldin
A kid in my school is 6’6
Peter Silby
Peter Silby 3 kun oldin
Mi Dad
cool plays plays
cool plays plays 3 kun oldin
My brother is tall also
Jay-z Hoare
Jay-z Hoare 3 kun oldin
At thirteen I was 6 feet
Dylon Strange
Dylon Strange 3 kun oldin
Tallest guy I’ve met is 7,3
Linda Guzman
Linda Guzman 3 kun oldin
I feel like no one buys his clothes
Ivys world
Ivys world 3 kun oldin
Do they have short conventions
Cameron Mueller
Cameron Mueller 3 kun oldin
my uncle was 7'3
I'm a Tator Tot
I'm a Tator Tot 3 kun oldin
My cousin (14 year old) is like 6'7 idk but he tall😂
Hailey Hobby
Hailey Hobby 3 kun oldin
I am the tallest girl student in my school (second tallest out of all students)
Magestic Madonna
Magestic Madonna 3 kun oldin
A teacher at my school is like 7 feet tall with big shoulders 😂
Izabelle Jade
Izabelle Jade 3 kun oldin
Tallest person I know is my brother who is 6,10
Ali O.
Ali O. 3 kun oldin
nO sHaDe buttt y r ur vids so longggg I never watch ur vids to the end bc there so long 💀 but I love ur content
Cringe Cringe Clan
Cringe Cringe Clan 3 kun oldin
7’0 he is sooooooooooooooooooo talllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Kika 3 kun oldin
His neck is not long is shoulders are too low
Kika 3 kun oldin
I dont believe that you have 6'3", you are shorter. Because in UE we use the metros and that means that you have 1,90m 😮
Kalle Osterlof
Kalle Osterlof 3 kun oldin
Peter Tawfeek
Peter Tawfeek 3 kun oldin
John Man
John Man 3 kun oldin
Why does he cut a lot of parts in his video
KassieAnimates 3 kun oldin
I have a friend who’s 7’1 and she’s in fifth grade..I feel so small next to her I’m only 4’3..
Shamphavi Fire warrior
The tallest person I know is my dad besides him there is a dude named Abdullah who is 12 and I think he is 5 foot something and then there is a dude named Imran who is 13 and is almost as tall as Abdulah
Shamphavi Fire warrior
There's is one thing you have that isn't tall! 😏 ALFREDO!
Minecraft Aventures
my sister is the tallest person i know now
do you like ducks
do you like ducks 3 kun oldin
I like tall girls.jk
Alfredo Rodriguez
Alfredo Rodriguez 3 kun oldin
My name is Alfredo