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Meghan Trainor - Let You Be Right

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Choreographed by: Charm La’ Donna
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4-Iyn, 2018

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Angel Thomas
Angel Thomas 47 daqiqa oldin
It so cute😊
Yokim Bonggotgetsakul
This video is so satisfying to watch
Ngọc Quý
Ngọc Quý Soat oldin
Zisky ღ
Zisky ღ 2 soat oldin
Published on my Birthday!
King Elsa
King Elsa 2 soat oldin
It's such a shame that neither "No Excuses", nor "Can't Dance" or even this catchy bop didn't even properly enter the charts. What happened to today's music business? I can't ... "Let You Be Right" is such a cute bop, it's radio-friendly, it's memorable and this beat is everything. This video is purely entertaining. I love it. Can't wait for the new album, I really love her new music. werk it, gurl.
normah ahmad
normah ahmad 2 soat oldin
Did you guys hurt your eyes? Cause I do its so beautiful ;)
Love me love Don't forget you love me Trust me trust me I need you to trust me 💕💕
Raquael Koh
Raquael Koh 3 soat oldin
Melissa Brown
Melissa Brown 3 soat oldin
She looks so gorgeous! Love the pink hair. Im so happy for her. She sounds great and looks great! You go girl!😉😁
srikanth varanasi
srikanth varanasi 3 soat oldin
Is no one gonna talk about those icy moves? Damn! the choreography is top notch, at least where Meg isn't caressing her own face....
J BellaBella
J BellaBella 3 soat oldin
This is a good tip for most relationships.
Lucas S
Lucas S 4 soat oldin
Stella Zviedre
Stella Zviedre 4 soat oldin
I love
Menina Do Bolo Plays
0:56 Delicious....... 😻 ❤
Marcos Marques
Marcos Marques 6 soat oldin
Random kids gaming TV
Meghan if you're reading this I love you and want to meat you I'm a girl byw
Stephanie Florence Del Mundo
The sparkly scenes are like ari's no tears left to cry
hola soy belinda
hola soy belinda 7 soat oldin
more videos
hola soy belinda
hola soy belinda 7 soat oldin
i love video
carlton matlock
carlton matlock 7 soat oldin
I want to see Megan trainor featured Anna Marie dwet together
ixymariposa Perez
ixymariposa Perez 8 soat oldin
Love it!!
Erica Lauren Horn
Erica Lauren Horn 8 soat oldin
Love ❤️💋
AAKHRA S. H. 8 soat oldin
Mg u r best for ever 😇😘😍😍😍😍😎😎🤰
Joann Ridenour
Joann Ridenour 12 soat oldin
Can come to my birthday you too Megan traner
Joann Ridenour
Joann Ridenour 12 soat oldin
I wish I can met her on my birthday on machine 16!!!!! hope you guys ca
David Olesh ASSUR
David Olesh ASSUR 12 soat oldin
I love it
Damisola Adedeji
Damisola Adedeji 13 soat oldin
I need a dance tutorial for this asap
Valeria Tibocha
Valeria Tibocha 13 soat oldin
sooooo cool
Lila Roberts
Lila Roberts 14 soat oldin
This was overly sexualized. I mean the white bodysuit Meghan wore showed off half her butt. Maybe tone it down? Amazing song though! Super catchy.
Hemara Otimi
Hemara Otimi 15 soat oldin
Meghan you've evolved beautifully along with that lovely voice blessings
Ahmed Osama
Ahmed Osama 16 soat oldin
ميجان ترينر العسل
Ahmed Osama
Ahmed Osama 16 soat oldin
feels like we back to early's 2000
Heather Yanos
Heather Yanos 16 soat oldin
okay, but what does any of the video have to do with the song?
Rebbeca Gomez
Rebbeca Gomez 17 soat oldin
I fell of you Meghan 💙
John Schneider
John Schneider 18 soat oldin
That pink hair is amazing if it is really pink
FLdancer00 18 soat oldin
When I saw the roller rink and their outfits, I was like, Yes! A banger! They are about to get DOWN. And then she served me some lukewarm soup :(
Sandra Maritz
Sandra Maritz 18 soat oldin
Hi, a am Anzel
angelina hanna
angelina hanna 19 soat oldin
I love it
Lanse Steiner
Lanse Steiner 20 soat oldin
She thinks she’s sexy. I say hell no!!
Thomas Espås
Thomas Espås 20 soat oldin
The song is a song you hear when you walk throu Cubus.
shamma 099
shamma 099 20 soat oldin
Tan Rocero
Tan Rocero 22 soat oldin
Its not VEVO!!! Omgggg Without support!!
Brown Suga
Brown Suga 23 soat oldin
I love this New Song and the Music Video is Cool❗️I am a Fan of Meghan Trainor ( Singer) that I like Old and New Songs. She is the Queen of Pop Music. 😃❤️✨
Giulia Bracco
Giulia Bracco 23 soat oldin
Hello meghan Trainor 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
anjana paul
anjana paul Kun oldin
Nice song and amazing video.
anjana paul
anjana paul Kun oldin
Great and best song.
John Markz
John Markz Kun oldin
chubby hot
Jaiquan Littleton
This is my favorite song out all of your songs and that's saying something #Queen Meghan👑
gcover02 z
gcover02 z Kun oldin
why only 5M??????
Murat Aydın
Murat Aydın Kun oldin
Sibel Cana bir ben mi benzettim...?
Yazzi Gillam
Yazzi Gillam Kun oldin
Dident this song sound s bite like anne marie style #2002
cocoa jack
cocoa jack Kun oldin
Megan trainer never disappoints (:
Sabrina Nicolas
Sabrina Nicolas Kun oldin
i love you
felisita jackson
kimesa coppin
kimesa coppin Kun oldin
😄😍😘 what a wonderful song
Saba Sauce
Saba Sauce Kun oldin
meghan, can literally rock every hair color and her songs are MAZING. I wanna be meghan...
gabrielle johnson
more likes then yesterday!
Kendra's World
Kendra's World Kun oldin
I love her music and no hate but I like her better with long hair lol😂💙✌🏼🎉
Emzie z
Emzie z Kun oldin
Porky Mars
Porky Mars Kun oldin
August 31st here we go!!!
Nadia Juárez
Nadia Juárez Kun oldin
love her pink hair!!!
Darwin Castillo
Darwin Castillo Kun oldin
I love the simplicity of this video yet the song is soooo catchy! 💋💋💕
Kimberly Salcido
Me encantó
Arturas Paulauskas
☺☺☺❤💞Labai grazu jus to vertos❤💞Super grazi daina👍👏👏👏💐🐼
Yosra Yaghi
Yosra Yaghi Kun oldin
لك بموت فيكيييي😍😍😍😍😍
wasted youth
wasted youth Kun oldin
moon boy
moon boy Kun oldin
This video is awesome, so UNDERATED !!!! love the song keep going Meghan
Iris Azul
Iris Azul Kun oldin
I get melanie martinez vibes from this
Jaiden Creasor
Jaiden Creasor Kun oldin
what happened, her videos used to be so popular. C'mon Meghan deserves the views
MrPanda Gaming
MrPanda Gaming Kun oldin
Dam u lost weight
JeremiahVEVO Mclean
Beautiful Song Meghan
Leho Delfinison
Leho Delfinison Kun oldin
Margaret Ashley
Margaret Ashley Kun oldin
Ok, I THOUGHT this looked a lot like her “No” video! She needs another choreographer! Girl can dance, there is no reason to recycle so much. I love this song though!!
Howie Long
Howie Long Kun oldin
I like this song and being right, everybody likes being right don't they?
M̤̮a̤̮r̤̮y̤̮l̤̮o̤̮ṳ̮ H̤̮a̤̮w̤̮a̤̮
Y̤̮y̤̮y̤̮y̤̮a̤̮a̤̮a̤̮a̤̮a̤̮s̤̮s̤̮s̤̮s̤̮s̤̮s̤̮ Q̤̮Ṳ̮E̤̮E̤̮N̤̮ 👑
M̤̮a̤̮r̤̮y̤̮l̤̮o̤̮ṳ̮ H̤̮a̤̮w̤̮a̤̮
Q̤̮ṳ̮e̤̮e̤̮n̤̮ 👑a̤̮n̤̮d̤̮ I̤̮ m̤̮e̤̮a̤̮n̤̮ i̤̮t̤̮
JoyE Krrr
JoyE Krrr Kun oldin
Pretty and cute at the same time 😍😍
Hoàng Quang Trần
Need more views. Its a good song, but low view.
Myrto Badou
Myrto Badou Kun oldin
the queen is back with another bop
Peyofoz Kun oldin
We are gonna see this on the album soon omg cant wait
Patricia Melodie
Diogo Oliveira
Diogo Oliveira Kun oldin
você arrasar!!!
Diogo Oliveira
Diogo Oliveira Kun oldin
você é minha estrela!!!
Diogo Oliveira
Diogo Oliveira Kun oldin
Deus abençoe princesa!!!
Diogo Oliveira
Diogo Oliveira Kun oldin
Eu sou apaixonado por suas musicas.
Diogo Oliveira
Diogo Oliveira Kun oldin
love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emilija Prazarkevičiūtė
I love you and hair and song I love you
Erma Benner
Erma Benner Kun oldin
We all love you♥️
xxxHolic41 Kun oldin
why does this only have 5M views?? it's very catchy??
Lucy Lloyd
Lucy Lloyd Kun oldin
The song is amazing and catchy 😍
Xhai Code
Xhai Code Kun oldin
So glam. 😍
Avinash Vishnu Sadanandan
Repeat Mode 😘😍
Rabia Naeem
Rabia Naeem 2 kun oldin
That two pony hairstyle look soooo cute
Slodder 2 kun oldin
Guys show your opinion why Meghan's 2018 singles doesn't get many views as previous ones
Giselle Garcia
Giselle Garcia Kun oldin
Slodder Meghan deserves so much more views, but some people don't know the talent she has! Just MY opinion no hate here
Kleauver Torres
Kleauver Torres 2 kun oldin
I love everything about this.
Himanshi gupta
Himanshi gupta 2 kun oldin
That all black dress though😍with those cool shoes😍❤
Texas Busch
Texas Busch 2 kun oldin
Has she lost weight?
christopher lorete
christopher lorete 2 kun oldin
Underrated 😔
Unicorn Power
Unicorn Power 2 kun oldin
Omg her hair so pretty she is pretty
Johan Gabriel
Johan Gabriel 2 kun oldin
Keep up the work
8 kun oldin