Melania's "I Really Don't Care" Jacket Controversy | The View

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Me Sergio Venneri
Me Sergio Venneri 6 kun oldin
Don't care what you people think. You are always wrong.
Micheal Myers
Micheal Myers 16 kun oldin
fashion is dead
kelly shaw
kelly shaw 17 kun oldin
I agree with Whoopi. It’s a jacket she through on & no cryptic message.
Azula Oy oldin
Being a birther didn't change Megan's opinion. Wow
nicholas espinoza
What happened to "stand up for womans right" it's annoying how the media are evil and hypocrites.
nicholas espinoza
You're all losers, bullies , and hypocrites.
Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown Oy oldin
She gave y’all b*tches something to yap about
Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown Oy oldin
She was letting people know she don’t give a f*ck about y’all
Harris Matthew
Birds of a feather flock together ... she’s just like trump no matter how soft spoken and caring she pretends to be
Napo Laguerre
Napo Laguerre 2 oy oldin
I believe that trump make her wearing that jacket.
Ashlee Gonzales
Ashlee Gonzales 2 oy oldin
Inappropriate? Definitely. But do I care what anyone else wears? Nope?
Valery Rivera
Valery Rivera 2 oy oldin
First time I applaud Megan!
Lulu R
Lulu R 2 oy oldin
How many times has Meghan say that her head would explode on national television, pleas Meghan stop teasing!!!
jennifer ramirez
jennifer ramirez 2 oy oldin
I thought she was just being a bimbo (tone deaf) but when I found out it was on her way to see encaged immigrant children, there’s only one word for that and that is CRUEL. And second of all what First Lady where’s that? No class 🙄
Thomas Cibula
Thomas Cibula 3 oy oldin
In your face all you haters! Lmao!! She wore that briefly as to shove it in your face😍...little do you know it came off as quickly as it went on...seed planted 😏
Tavon Fenwick
Tavon Fenwick 3 oy oldin
How would you know if everything a First Lady wears is political.. your mom was never a First Lady
Tavon Fenwick
Tavon Fenwick 3 oy oldin
While Michele Obama was in office children would NOT be in cages so she wouldn’t need to visit them and if she did she would NOT wear that jacket!
Energizer Erica
Energizer Erica 3 oy oldin
3:36 Whoopi, Melania DID do it ON PURPOSE! She admitted it!
J P 3 oy oldin
Hahaha Sunny, she has no friends. She’s busy with other things, instead of talking about people on a TV show. 😂😂😂😂 more like I wish we were friends. That’s like a childish opinion with what you just said.
J P 3 oy oldin
I’m sure she wore it intentionally. But not in a fashion sense. It was intentional to give the View some other non sense to talk about. The shouldn’t be called The View, it should be called One Topic or Our Issues or What We Think or Same Discussion or One Topic.
Alana's Take
Alana's Take 3 oy oldin
very unclassy thing to do. This is the first trashy first lady i think we have had.
Lets Create
Lets Create 3 oy oldin
it's a Jacket
Marie James
Marie James 3 oy oldin
Even though she speaks 5 languages
Ajiah Ci
Ajiah Ci 4 oy oldin
She did it on purpose there is a interview if anyone wants to watch were she tried to put it off on once again blaming Democrats for their critiques is the reason she said she did it. Stupid answer. Wrong timing, bad jacket, wrong message. Democrats didn't force you to wear disrespectfully attire she needs to hold accountability for own actions.
King Jeho
King Jeho 4 oy oldin
You laugh at her saying 'she doesnt have any friends' Thats a form of bullying, I see no love here! I say let Trump be Trump!
Corianne Holt
Corianne Holt 4 oy oldin
She just said in an exclusive interview that statement was made about how the media likes to criticize her and what she wears...it said she doesnt care, which honestly I am sure a lot of the country doesnt care if she decides to wear a hat in Africa or wears an expensive ball gown.
Joy was right. She admitted today she wore it on purpose.
Raeda Masri
Raeda Masri 4 oy oldin
She claimed it was an "f u" to the media who critizes what she wears
Zac Miller
Zac Miller 4 oy oldin
Just let the woman wear what she wants!! You people are insane!
Linda Hollingsworth
Again, Meghan McCain is right. We have to care. The jacket was inappropriate on so many levels. We know you are unhappy and angry Melania..........please try to act like a first lady! You come across looking mean, uncaring and self serving. Also, stand up to your husband and refuse to be a doormat. Money isn't everything.
Herald Hung
Herald Hung 4 oy oldin
The meaning is that this is all a grand show, you fools! They're mocking us now more than ever. Elections are not real.
atinis 4 oy oldin
Waaah! I really want that jacket coool !!!
#Teasipper# 4 oy oldin
Thanks Magan
William Lockhart
William Lockhart 5 oy oldin
Someone call Olivia Pope 😂😂😂
Tony Tiger
Tony Tiger 5 oy oldin
Stupid cunts
Fashion Review
Fashion Review 5 oy oldin
Melania Trump is the First Lady. Me seeing her wearing this is a fucking malfunction
WHISKEY JACK 5 oy oldin
Talk about fashion. Look at yourself and can anybody do anything about your looks or is it a lost cause. Jeolous because Malania is a brilliant classy lady with all the attention. She wore this for you people who always find something to ridicule.
Michelle Gauthier
If Melania didn't mean to wear it, didn't know it said that, she should have addressed the mistake when she returned to the White House. She has not talked about it, so I'm to assume that she had it made or made it herself and has a meaning to it.
muhammad berkowitz
Whoopi has officially lost it. You are a woman you know better. You know this was on purpose
Leleth Kairu
Leleth Kairu 6 oy oldin
# I don't care! Trump2020
Gabi Iannacone
Gabi Iannacone 6 oy oldin
What do you mean somebody "let" her wear that jacket ? She's a grown woman... That is ridiculous...
dreams 6 oy oldin
Fox News would’ve imploded if Michelle Obama did this!
dreams 6 oy oldin
“She doesn’t have any friends” Sunny is such a savage😂😂😂
Rocky Rae
Rocky Rae 6 oy oldin
What she is really saying is that she doesn't care about her husband or her marriage.
celeste ahouma
celeste ahouma 6 oy oldin
THANK GOD is wasn't Michelle Obama
aeonjoey 6 oy oldin
isn't it hilarious how the ONE thing Meghan condemns the 45 administration on is something trivial and non-substantive. children held in cages? a-ok right Meghan? Jacket? noooo!
Tom greifzu
Tom greifzu 6 oy oldin
She knew what it said on the back of that coat. I've never known a woman that doesn't know what's on the clothing she's wearing, from inside to the outside and everything in between. She knew, she was just getting love from Trump supporters. How cruel she is!
MandyGlobal 6 oy oldin
+Yesss Meghan. +Ms Whoopi said "DONT LET US FIND OUT...!" She meant it too. 😂😂SHOOK!
Dante Ferrise
Dante Ferrise 7 oy oldin
Noelle K
Noelle K 7 oy oldin
I might be babying Melania but i think she was set up with that i think her privilege got to her head i don’t think she was really thinking about what she was doing
marie 7 oy oldin
How people can compare Michelle Obama and Melania Trump?! Come on people, Michelle's on an other level she's a top educated lady, she would've never made a faux pas like that.
Shenaiya Emmanuel
Go off Meghan
me too
me too 7 oy oldin
The phrase is not just a phrase here. This is the slogan of mussolini and Italian fascists. The owner of Forever 21 has a past with these fascists. In Italy this phrase is immediately recognizable. Melania is fluent in Italian and lived there for years. I'm not into conspiracy theories either.
Meta Self
Meta Self 7 oy oldin
It likely means she doesn't care what the fake new media (like the VIEW) think about her. These people speculated she was kidnapped or went missing a couple of months ago.
Eduardo Camacho
Eduardo Camacho 7 oy oldin
Can anybody ware what ever they want.
Eduardo Camacho
Eduardo Camacho 7 oy oldin
Jealous of the First Lady.
PDZ1028 7 oy oldin
Wow! Respect for Meghan McCain! She's a Republican AND she has integrity. (It IS possible???? If only......)
grandmarocks7 7 oy oldin
It costs $39. Why would she have anything in her closet that cost $39.? It was on purpose!!!!!
Prophets Of Rock TV
It was intentional.
Marie Mackey
Marie Mackey 7 oy oldin
F the view. GO TRUMP!!!
Monika Weitzel
Monika Weitzel 7 oy oldin
Melania does not care - she also tells us this officially. She got that jacket from Putin.
BusaridingT B.
BusaridingT B. 7 oy oldin
Whoopie dont make excuses for these people, it was deliberate
Linda Martin
Linda Martin 7 oy oldin
It’s ok for many people to say all thing about her her son, her husband, but this is not ok .mmmmm
Camille Storm
Camille Storm 7 oy oldin
Poor Melania lol
Zoe Fang
Zoe Fang 7 oy oldin
When you're First Lady, Malaria, YOU HAVE TO CARE. Period. Your jacket is never "Just a jacket!" This is no time to be funny or sassy. Your job is to care for your citizens. You're not at some event where it's to show off the latest style or at a teenage party. GOD.
Pwn Network
Pwn Network 7 oy oldin
#freemelania, let her choose to not be first lady!
Rosa Lainez
Rosa Lainez 7 oy oldin
She show no respect for america n people
Diana Echevarria
Diana Echevarria 7 oy oldin
Melania is an AIR HEAD..
Beaumont W
Beaumont W 7 oy oldin
Megan is fake. Come down girl! I almost believed you! And don't compare that trash gold digger to M.Obama!! Really! I respect your father but I definitely don't respect you .snowflake drama queen!
Geraldine Moore
Geraldine Moore 7 oy oldin
It was to trump
B H 7 oy oldin
Ricky Renton
Ricky Renton 7 oy oldin
Her jacket speaks alot on her opinion about your show.. hahaha
Michael Love
Michael Love 7 oy oldin
Haha good one
Lori Ann Reese
Lori Ann Reese 7 oy oldin
I think the first lady was thinking "I really don't care" about the online bullying and hostility, not about children. If you know anything about the current First Lady, she loves children and she is a wonderful mother. She inspected the sites because she wanted to see first hand, about the welfare of immigrant children. To slander her for this is wrong. I may not be a fan of her husband, but I believe her to be a good person... with very bad wardrobe assistants/consultants who SHOULD have advised her that the casual jacket would be offensive to many people. I really think it was an accident, and I don't think it expressed her true feelings about immigrant children... it was a moment of not thinking it through in my personal opinion. I feel bad for her. She needs better assistants who have better instincts and judgement to guide her.
Bobby MKD
Bobby MKD 7 oy oldin
She is a disgrace to Slovenia! What an idiot!
erzan 7 oy oldin
Listening to people trying to find excuses for this adult woman is making me angry. 🙄
Marilyn Jones
Marilyn Jones 7 oy oldin
melania has NO friends! Very True!!!!! She’s as bad as all her trump counterparts!
Last Panda
Last Panda 7 oy oldin
Sunny is my favourite
Joyce Duncan
Joyce Duncan 7 oy oldin
Of course there is no 'hidden message'. It is crystal clear! When someone shows themselves - believe it!
Johnny lee
Johnny lee 7 oy oldin
You know it's so sad the view is still going on it's the most worst show I ever seen in my life them ladies don't got nothing good to say and they're supposed to be ladies but I guess they're all whores
Amby Cakes
Amby Cakes 7 oy oldin
Yea... was in pretty bad taste ffs
Switch Back Image
Cindy McCain would have NEVER 'made this statement'
martin martin
martin martin 7 oy oldin
who cares what she wears ...and bottom line who cares ... i hope those children leave the country
clubredken 7 oy oldin
Kind of sums up the whole Trump camp. Pretty shocking she would wear that on her one visit to the border. But she wears a jacket saying she doesn't care. This reminds me of when the Nazis took Jews out of their homes to a nearby field and machine gunned them all. That's how shocking it is to me in this day and age.
sharona akaseng
sharona akaseng 7 oy oldin
The Trump administration sucks
Isabel Lopez
Isabel Lopez 7 oy oldin
She has no friends.😂😂😝
CIA THE REBEL 7 oy oldin
No Whoopi😒
J Taj
J Taj 7 oy oldin
She clearly knew what she was doing she is just not that smart so she didn't think there was anything wrong with it.
tili ayala
tili ayala 7 oy oldin
I don't care about the View show, they are lady dragons a bunch of haters! Malania was talking about the FREAKEN MEDIA, I DON'T CARE ABOUT FAKE NEWS!
Valentina Loraels
Gosh.. Let this woman.. Always the negativ.. She changed the Situation with the kids..
K O 7 oy oldin
Not only is MANlania not smart. She has no class. She is a gold digger that married a man to stay in the country. She is inarticulate and copied Mrs. Obama’s speech because she is too lazy to have an original one written for her! And so dumb she didn’t even recognize that the speech was already given by Mrs. Obama!! She posed naked with another naked woman! That’s your First Lady? She’s trash! She isn’t fit to scrub the floors in the Oval Office! She is essentially the same as Stormy ⛈ Daniels!!
PyroShayNiac 7 oy oldin
I remember when The republicans went off on Michelle for wearing a sleeveless dress on a hot day.
Anna Williams
Anna Williams 7 oy oldin
So she cares about the children, lets dumb this down for u, maybe she don't give a bleep about the talk the paparazzi the crap going on with president trump and the fake news
Tasha Vladimiroff
This evil woman doesn’t care. There is a debate about this😳?
N J.
N J. 7 oy oldin
Believe it or not I like Donald Trump but can't stand Caitlyn Jenner look alike Melania.
Acacia Farrow
Acacia Farrow 7 oy oldin
Y’all. If someone tells you who they are believe them. She knew what she was doing. I’m sure somebody told her 😂. SHE DOES NOT CARE!!! she knew exactly what that jacket says and she knew exactly where she was going
Jeffrey Clarke
Jeffrey Clarke 7 oy oldin
Obama wasn't born in this country you delusional things, not human.
Christine Carman
Christine Carman 7 oy oldin
OMG!!!!!! SONNY YOUR EVIL!!!! Melanie has sooooooo much class, Don't hate on our 1st beautiful lady , Sonny she has better class than you all day!!!
Sergio Venneri
Sergio Venneri 7 oy oldin
When you're ugly and jealous, you all try to figure out blah blah blah.......
Anna Rankin
Anna Rankin 7 oy oldin
Maybe Melania's jacket was a personal message to her husband about how she doesn't care for his mess. :)
Al Castill
Al Castill 7 oy oldin
People pretended to care about their country and then waste so much time criticizing what people wear.
The View February 21, 2019
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