Men and Women Seek to Understand Each Other

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26-Dek, 2018



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 9 763
Karen Mohamed
Karen Mohamed 8 soat oldin
Is it just me or does joe look like the guy from cloudy with a chance of meatballs? 🤔
dw4lubu 10 soat oldin
Hodor conversation was way too short
Yo Momma
Yo Momma 12 soat oldin
I think the moment you acknowledge aggression, pride and horniness as emotions, men are right up there with women and their sappy emotions.
giggle_bizz_shit_show 17 soat oldin
Men have a debate with their property
Amari_ Lombardi
Amari_ Lombardi 20 soat oldin
I loved this
Rhiannon Treichler
Rhiannon Treichler 20 soat oldin
Someone should do one of these with me in it, I’d love to voice my opinion from an outside stand- meaning someone not from Los Angles or a fancy place. I’m from the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania and I have a lot of options on a lot of these questions that I’d love to debate
Eggz_is_good _scrambled
Trevor Thompson
Trevor Thompson Kun oldin
Why should there be a gay guy in this discussion. They literally do not have the same viewpoints of the average man, giving false info.
Geoffrey Herbon
Geoffrey Herbon Kun oldin
At Christmas, me, my sisters, mom and dad were opening presents. My dad suddenly went into a seizure and my sisters and mom started freaking out not knowing what to do. Instinctually, I stayed calm and ran to my fathers side and layed him on his side and tended to him. I've never been a heroic or brave person, and am not saying I "saved the day" but some kind of instinct kicked in when I sensed danger. I've also been told by girlfriends that I'm too stoic when it comes to serious relationship conversations. So I think it a necessary instinctual trait, that has some downsides.
EZart2015 Kun oldin
This one was bland
Ivan Kun oldin
From the first few seconds I can conclude men r scary therefore I shall dress as a man for holloween; wall up to this persons door and proceed to scare. It’s going to be hilarious
Fortnite Insane Plays
7:00 that is just wrong. A king doesn’t open a door not because hes unable to. No he does it cause he’s treated with the upmost respect.
Cris Bowman
Cris Bowman 2 kun oldin
Any dudes just literally have less emotion, and not because people supported it, if anything they attacked me for not showing as much. Society didn't push it on me, I just instinctually respond differently than emotional people. If I have an emotional attachment to someone who died, I tear up. If I didn't know them, I just have that nasty pang in my gut. I feel in both situations, but my body responds chemically differently. I don't agree that men are more aggressive, I think that is societie's fault, but it happens so easily because we are often more dissagreable. I'm not sure why. I am less sensitive to sad and happy things, although it is easy to anger me if you push the right buttons. Being "Stoic" is not toxic in and of itself, being cold or aggressive are though. If I want to walk barefoot in snow, I'm not being toxic, I'm enjoying strength. Humans can be strong but we don't have to. Women can be stoic too, and I see no evidence that they aren't naturally, but I do see a lot of young people complaining about the hardships of life.
Just An Insomniac
Just An Insomniac 2 kun oldin
women can definitely be scary especially highschool girls they are vicious it's not even funny and I'm honestly just afraid of people because everyone has that dark scary side
Shane Duncan
Shane Duncan 2 kun oldin
Horrible example of different perspectives imo
LooksLikeLove _
LooksLikeLove _ 2 kun oldin
The feminist still butt hurt lol
Alexis F
Alexis F 2 kun oldin
Wtf men arent scary thats a generalization. Seriously the girls didnt represent us at all👎👎
Alexis F
Alexis F 2 kun oldin
I feel bad for guys who are told to not share there feelings or show emotion. Everyone cries its ok.
J.s .n
J.s .n 3 kun oldin
The white mans nose tho
aryan ambastha
aryan ambastha 3 kun oldin
Feminist: We want men to treat us with love, respect and equality! Same Feminist on Twitter: A man just held a door open for me, he thought i was weak to open a door! Also same Feminist on Twitter: A man just shut a door on me even when he noticed me behind and not held the door for me!
j a
j a 3 kun oldin
I guess I’m not holding doors open for women anymore cuz it shows that I don’t think they can do it. YOU CAN DO IT! OPEN THAT DOOR!!
Amina Sadiq
Amina Sadiq 3 kun oldin
Its ironic when the women say why do men have to be the strong ones and that women can be strong too. But then they say they won't open the door. Just hold and open the door to everyone regardless of gender and race.
Taylor TV
Taylor TV 3 kun oldin
meem raaa
meem raaa 3 kun oldin
I have opened doors for men duh
Spirits Gods
Spirits Gods 3 kun oldin
Put a mma man vs a mma women who would win? Male duhhh. If you are a man who is getting abuse by a women Increase your testosterone eat healthy exercise everyday be a leader take charge and have confident! Male have bigger bone mass and tissues thick skin then female. Man are hardwired to be strong and protective.
Morgane McKay
Morgane McKay 4 kun oldin
I think that men SOULD open dors for women not because we can’t do it ourselves, but because it’s kinda like a traditional way of respect and kindness. It’s like the way women will tie mans ties. It’s not because that the women’s job or the man can’t do it, it a way to be polite and nice, and kind
lennon galla
lennon galla 4 kun oldin
‘If I’m with a man I’m not opening the door’ girl..... open the damn door no one is obligated to do anything for you
colette chidalek
colette chidalek 5 kun oldin
You guys should do euthanasia
Andrew Healis
Andrew Healis 5 kun oldin
“I don’t think a lot of men realize how scary just they are.” Yeah, men are scary. Men decide they’re not in love any more, break off the marriage, and consistently take their spouse’s money. Oh wait, that’s women. In a single moment, women can ruin any man’s career, reputation, financial status, life, etc. Being scary is not something belonging to one gender alone.
ktfaithful 5 kun oldin
the girl with short curly hair talks exactly like rachel from friends lol
FlyGuy GbG
FlyGuy GbG 5 kun oldin
Yep Brett makes me want to chew rocks
bryan81 5 kun oldin
You don't open the door? We both staying outside then
Aysiah Albores
Aysiah Albores 5 kun oldin
Men and women don’t look different for no reason.
Aysiah Albores
Aysiah Albores 5 kun oldin
I’m a Black conservative female, I enjoy gender roles so long as there’s equal opportunity. 🇺🇸
Benjamin Koh
Benjamin Koh 5 kun oldin
Lol who cares if you are a man or a woman... You are still a person, right? I mean, unless you're an octopus.
Hope lives
Hope lives 5 kun oldin
They women/feminist with fuzzy hair is feminist a am i right
Nikki Lim
Nikki Lim 5 kun oldin
we have found a middle ground and its called sex
Jasmine Tígre
Jasmine Tígre 5 kun oldin
My sister Hates when a dude opens a car door 😆 she says it’s the most corniest thing ever! She’s like I can open it myself, you’re wasting time walking allll the way around the car, then you have to walk alll the way back around when we could’ve been down the road already🤣
XoX YoY 6 kun oldin
The girl who behaves kinda like a man kinda talks outta point at times. Lol
Hi,ImRachel 6 kun oldin
This ones good
Hi,ImRachel 6 kun oldin
Parents need to teach their children basic respect
David 7 kun oldin
gabi’s got some milkers man
HaMadeYouReadThis 7 kun oldin
Men have it harder in society change my mind
Heather Marie
Heather Marie 7 kun oldin
I live in the South. Men are taught that women are fragile and they HAVE to do certain things for them. Like open a door. But my reality has been that when I open a door for a man, he seems shocked and pleasantly surprised. I always get a smile and a ‘Thank you so much!’
Jerry 7 kun oldin
"If I'm with a male I won't touch the door" Lmao. Poor guys she dates. *Red flag waving violently*
Lori Mae
Lori Mae 7 kun oldin
Disadvantages huh? One girl lightly touched sexual assault.. I'm disappointed none of the guys said that male sexual assault victims are over looked
reactions 4u
reactions 4u 7 kun oldin
She won't touch the door? That just triggers me badly
AL R 7 kun oldin
I agree with brett in every answer she gave to the questions💙
Marrow 7 kun oldin
The girl with the Afro kinda annoying
Clinton Lowery
Clinton Lowery 7 kun oldin
baha altamimi
baha altamimi 7 kun oldin
Generalizations are always a bad thing. I see what you did there 😏
Bionic Spider
Bionic Spider 6 kun oldin
baha altamimi under rated comment
WiZZard 8 kun oldin
Why does this video exist?
Aya Afterlife
Aya Afterlife 8 kun oldin
Please stop. If he opens the door for you, he’s showing you respect and politeness, he’s not saying that you’re too weak to open a goddamned door. Thank you.
Aya Afterlife
Aya Afterlife 8 kun oldin
*Clicks on video* *Watches the first second* *claps* 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻
sophie daniel
sophie daniel 8 kun oldin
men should not have to feel pressured to hold the door for women. holding the door is just good manner, i hold the for anyone regardless of gender.
Talk About It
Talk About It 8 kun oldin
why did i laugh at 'hi my name's joe'
Christina R.
Christina R. 8 kun oldin
“Lack of barriers”... umm I think the word you’re looking for, sir, is PRIVILEGE
Christina R.
Christina R. 7 kun oldin
Clinton Lowery lol... good one dude 👍🏼
Clinton Lowery
Clinton Lowery 7 kun oldin
Good calpback, you're so woke. I mean, just so much wokeness. You probably never sleep because you're always woke.
eternalzba1234 bopbeep
I thought we were over the door issue I guess not 😒
Penalty Police
Penalty Police 9 kun oldin
Everyone is already equal so I have no idea what the girl with the Afro was talking about.
Penalty Police
Penalty Police 9 kun oldin
People only want the “positives of equality” without the negatives. That’s what I’ve personally noticed.
Jessica Van Horn
Jessica Van Horn 9 kun oldin
I like holding the door and having the door held for me. It’s nice to be acknowledged and acknowledge others in a positive way :)
circuswannabe 9 kun oldin
Obviously women know how to open doors, but when a guy opens a door for me i think its kind. I say thank you whether a guy or girl gets the door.
circuswannabe 9 kun oldin
“I don’t think men realize how scary they are” ahh off to a great start..
Bobby Ranger
Bobby Ranger 9 kun oldin
I am curious about the question "Men should open doors for women". Is this figurative or literal? The question could be interpreted as "men should level the playing field by providing women with opportunities that they've been denied." Should is an interesting word. If we are talking about literal doors then I would argue that "it would be nice for people to open doors for people." If we are talking about opportunities then my position is, "I highly encourage people in positions of advantage to tackle disadvantage."
Lenny The Hopeless
Lenny The Hopeless 9 kun oldin
Disadvantage of being a woman is having to give birth and getting periods. Disadvantage of being a man is surprise boners... or maybe not so surprise boners. Lol There's advantages and disadvantages to both really. At least that was my first thoughts haha
Clinton Lowery
Clinton Lowery 7 kun oldin
True, but most that die in wars are men, most who die fighting fires are men, most who die in workplace accidents are men because most dangerous jobs are held by men, most that die in law enforcement are men, most who die in jail are men, most who go to jail are men, most ppl who are raped are men (because of jail) another words, a period and giving birth vs boners may be a little off for who has it worse.
Talia& DaltonVlogs
Talia& DaltonVlogs 9 kun oldin
The girl in the grey is the reason I’m not a “feminist” she makes very valid points, but everything in your life is not horrible because you are a woman, you are different. Answer questions based on your life
Noel Garcia
Noel Garcia 9 kun oldin
Why does Brett sound like Gina from Brooklyn 99
D Valentine Bernabé
We're different but compliment eachother.
Just do pot
Just do pot 10 kun oldin
Having a random as Boner in class
Demospolsion 10 kun oldin
The disadvantage of being a white middle class man is I am unable to pay for college...
Pete B
Pete B 10 kun oldin
If a woman ever refused to open the door and just sat there looking at me, Id walk in the door myself and not hold it, her ass can stay outside
Kenii Leigh
Kenii Leigh 10 kun oldin
i’m a female and i tend to only ask males about mechanic stuff and i’d ask a female about like home goods stuff.
Blush 10 kun oldin
Next episode: Wives and Side Chicks
kaleb horvath
kaleb horvath 10 kun oldin
Saying holding a door for women is putting them down is like saying jumping in front of a bullet for your best friend is implying that they are less than and not capable of saving themselves. You jumped in front of that bullet out of respect and service, period dot.
Kate Holly
Kate Holly 10 kun oldin
I don’t think that either gender will ever fully understand each other because they are different. It has been a long standing joke that a man will never understand what goes on on a women’s mind and I think that is completely true on both sides.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 10 kun oldin
I thinks it’s hilarious how many people here are criticizing the other gender without having spent a single second in their shoes
Clinton Lowery
Clinton Lowery 7 kun oldin
So it's hilarious that they're criticizing the other side, yet you're criticizing both sides? See the irony there?
Axxidous 10 kun oldin
I think one big issue is that we don't know what is and isn't masculine or feminine. We just decide what's masculine and what's feminine, and then go from there. Even people who try to cite biology mostly just talk about whatever's convenient for them.
Axxidous 3 kun oldin
+Clinton Lowery Well, if there are definitions to each word, and people refer to things that do not relate to those definitions, I don't think those people know. And I doubt you can speak for everyone accurately. But if you speak for yourself then good for you.
Clinton Lowery
Clinton Lowery 7 kun oldin
Ummmmm, we know. There is literally definitions to each word.
Shadayvia Wallace
Shadayvia Wallace 10 kun oldin
I think this would have been more interesting if there were transgender folx or people who do not conform to any gender binary
Clinton Lowery
Clinton Lowery 7 kun oldin
They probably didn't want to go with make believe and prefered to stay grounded in reality.
Kiwi Blair
Kiwi Blair 10 kun oldin
these are basically throwing a bunch of libtards in a room to argue
Christopher Underwood
yknow it's funny cuz men b emotional af !!!! like anger, tantrums, pouting, bitterness, all the traits associated with "overemotional" women is more often done by men i feel like LOL also they did not need to invalidate my black sis at the end, like they rlly tried to invalidate and drag her :/
goldcookie 10 kun oldin
Brett high or something
Jorim Huang
Jorim Huang 10 kun oldin
Just have to say, Brett's comment "We can't have women running the country. What if she is on her period, we will go to war" is so funny and if people do actually believe that that is really ignorant of them. xD
Clinton Lowery
Clinton Lowery 7 kun oldin
It's a long time running joke that comedians have said. Nobody actually believes it. We all know women couldn't run the country because they have laundry to do.
i can’t believe
i can’t believe 10 kun oldin
Opening doors is an issue now?
Charlie Wall
Charlie Wall 10 kun oldin
Idk if its just me but watching brett talk with her mouth open pissed me off
Ksid 06
Ksid 06 11 kun oldin
Can we just agree that there are probably more disadvantages to being a man. A lot of women are (that I have met at least) radical feminists, and they tend to be over entitled about their femininity, and they see men as “the enemy”
Jared Alexander
Jared Alexander 11 kun oldin
K but the best male UFC fighter vs the best female UFC fighter the male is going to win the average man is stronger than the average women it ain't sexist it's facts i'm not saying I can beat up the best UFC female fighter i'm just saying it would be less difficult
Clinton Lowery
Clinton Lowery 7 kun oldin
Nah, you probably could beat up the best woman UFC fighter. Just throw her a laundry basket and then pounce. She won't know whether to hit you are get to folding them damn clothes.
MaximillianMus Army
MaximillianMus Army 11 kun oldin
3:27 oh of course lmao cringe. All the girls had to come in to complain
Mikey the Robloxian
Mikey the Robloxian 11 kun oldin
If I’m with someone and I’m scared, I won’t answer the door. I would tell them not to because the person outside could be dangerous.
McGoof17 11 kun oldin
The media plants the fear of men in women just the same as they plant the fear of their children getting abducted in parents. Does it happen? Obviously. Will it happen to you? Most likely not, and when it does it will be by someone you know and not a stranger.
Tea Tea
Tea Tea 11 kun oldin
First western world problems
tawonga munyanduri
tawonga munyanduri 11 kun oldin
Sjw's all around 😂😂
Josh Lyon
Josh Lyon 11 kun oldin
"Men open doors because they don't think women can..." Wut...
RoseGold 25
RoseGold 25 11 kun oldin
The girl with the curly Afro sounds like someone else but I can’t place who
Clinton Lowery
Clinton Lowery 7 kun oldin
I was thinking the same thing, but I couldn't remember the dingbats name.
uck 100
uck 100 11 kun oldin
i definitely wasn’t expecting everyone to sit down on the “men should open doors for women.” like who actually cares if a man opens a door for a woman? Just seems a bit excessive to me.
Clinton Lowery
Clinton Lowery 7 kun oldin
That's democrats for ya!
Cesar Cruz
Cesar Cruz 12 kun oldin
Without Men, Women Cannot Survive Without Women, Men Cannot Survive *Change My Mind*
PVNCHO s14 4 soat oldin
My left hand: idk bout that
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 6 kun oldin
well that's Incredible my dear google “sexual dimorphism”
well that's Incredible my dear
Mike Hunt U got proof? Do you seriously think you’re that important?
Clinton Lowery
Clinton Lowery 7 kun oldin
A fellow Crowder fan I see. ✌
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 9 kun oldin
well that's Incredible my dear if men magically disappeared overnight 98% of women would die within a week
Gabriella Reynoso
Gabriella Reynoso 12 kun oldin
Obviously don't know the identities of the people in this video, but I think this conversation really could've benefitted from having a focus on trans/nonbinary/gender nonconfirming perspectives. I don't think the perspectives here were diverse enough to lead to a meaningful discussion, especially since they opened up with a pretty cisnormative question.
Clinton Lowery
Clinton Lowery 7 kun oldin
But I think they're trying to keep this reality based. They didn't want to go into make believe land.
vinylseulqi 12 kun oldin
joe is so sweet bye
Sofia Vera
Sofia Vera 12 kun oldin
I do not feel comfortable around men.
V Shuzen
V Shuzen 12 kun oldin
I feel weird when people run to open the door for me and some people feel like oh they respect me but it's a damn door that's no respect compared to respecting my hard work, opinions and such. It's such a trivial thing
Andy Schlein
Andy Schlein 12 kun oldin
I once held a door open for a man who was walking behind me, and he stepped right up to me, reached over my head, and held the door open for me instead. It was frankly the rudest encounter i've ever had in my life. Why are you violating my personal space just to fulfil your fantasy of chivalry? Never felt more uncomfortable.
Clinton Lowery
Clinton Lowery 7 kun oldin
If you've never felt more uncomfortable than that, then you have lived a very comfortable and fortunate life. Consider yourself lucky and stop whinning.
Matthew McCartney
Matthew McCartney 12 kun oldin
8:15 "I don't think that a lot of men realise how scary; just they are." - Ok, I'm going to spin this, imagen if I said: "I don't think that a lot of [black] men realise how scary; just they are." This is just a mass generalisation of men - we aren't all rapists.
Laura Beth
Laura Beth 11 kun oldin
There goes the point!!! Right over your head
al gonzález
al gonzález 12 kun oldin
thats the trap, you can only say it to "oppressor" groups
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