Men and Women Seek to Understand Each Other

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26-Dek, 2018

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byay 33 daqiqa oldin
this is so interesting! they shoulda included one gay guy and lesbian woman
MidnightFlower13 2 soat oldin
0:06 I don't think you realize how delusional and paranoid you are.
Kyilan Thomas
Kyilan Thomas 3 soat oldin
I’m a woman . I’m stronger than most of the guys on my high school football team. When I’m presented with a problem I want to fix it on my own. I know guys where every little thing can tick them off and make them mad ( that’s also considered emotional ) so I feel like the whole man vs woman thing is skewed when it comes to a lot of things.
Chloe Elumeze-Smith
Chloe Elumeze-Smith 6 soat oldin
Really? she'll wait there until a guy opens the door for her?!. This just deepens the inequality. Brett was right, it shows the same level of incapability perceived by men in male dominant work forces. it also shows reliance and dependency that woman such as gabi have on men which is a no no.
Tre C.
Tre C. 7 soat oldin
Wow....they got 3 men to sit in the kitchen and talk to the ladies Jk
Olive Beard
Olive Beard 7 soat oldin
Feminists and meninists
MKMusic 7 soat oldin
That one woman is so scared of men. That is why she has excaped them and built her own masculinity in being decisive, self-assured etc. But at the same time she lost her ability of trusting, loving, submitting, caring and perceiving which is the feminine spirit that the world needs and that gets continually disrupted.
MKMusic 7 soat oldin
5:20 White Men in America have no disadvantages or lack of opportunities? I don't think so. In fact you are being looked down upon by so many other white men all the time, the competition is real. Women have a completely different approach to others than man. But disadvantages exist everywhere. Stop the propaganda.
Ismail Dafac
Ismail Dafac 9 soat oldin
Gabi is an actress, not an actor.
jnelson 10 soat oldin
To the women in grey, yes everyones capable but in some senarios men are better. And some times women are better. When it comes to critical thinking women tend to be better. But when it comes to duing physically demanding task men tend to be better. Both can do it but there are biological differences, if you cant accept that lifes going to be hard.
Todss 16 soat oldin
"I'm am actor," *says she works in a hardware store to win the argument* *still loses argument*.
Alyana Lewis
Alyana Lewis Kun oldin
Just open the door for each other? If I get to the door first I’m opening it and holding it open for you. This is an equal relationship so.
chef boi r gene
chef boi r gene Kun oldin
They got the most liberal people
AshG321M Kun oldin
I hate when they just stand there but when someone go to set they suddenly decide to go too
Emily Donahue
Emily Donahue Kun oldin
really you dont need to be a male to hold the door like you hold the door to who ever is behind you its called "manners' XD
Prapa Mohanty
Prapa Mohanty Kun oldin
It's been only a few hundred years that men and women have seen change in their roles for society. In the past long long ago, men needed to hunt and since they are stronger they did that job while women did the smaller tasks. If you compare the whole time lapse of the industrialisation and our society coming into being, to 24 hours, men and women have only been equally competent in the last minute of those 24 hours. Do you really think basic human evolution and adaptation is going to forget the first 23 hours and 59 minutes and just adapt to equal needs or whatsoever in a minute? That's impossible. Yes it is important to treat EVERY human being with kindness and respect irrespective of their gender but men will always be stronger physically and women will be emotional and caring. Society however is changing now and people who can't adapt to this change end up being sexist. Equal responsibilities are creating conflicts between the genders, nonetheless i believe everyone should try to adapt to it and be kinder to the opposite gender. You might be a man or a woman, but you're a human being capable of being empathetic and kind first.
I A Kun oldin
Julibee please do 2 gender believers and 2+ genders believers
martad Kun oldin
Brett is so right everyyytime
Matthew Sisti
Matthew Sisti Kun oldin
The guy at the end summed it up well...there's a beauty when men and women come together well and it could also go bad if it's abused.
The Irish Elk
The Irish Elk Kun oldin
We need the same episode but with Alpha males because these men are clearly Betas
The Irish Elk
The Irish Elk Kun oldin
People should open doors for people regardless of gender like wtf
GIHAN Kun oldin
Topic: left wingers vs right wingers
Alan Saldivar
Alan Saldivar 2 kun oldin
The most privileged men are the ones taught to be respectful and the men who aren't are the ones who are the most equal
Peter James
Peter James 2 kun oldin
that girl with the afro like is so hurt or insecure. i can’t tell exactly which but she’s definitely coming from a emotional and/or personal place.
james kent
james kent 2 kun oldin
I have a feeling that people don't have a problem with Brett's emotions because she's a woman but because she uses her emotions as an excuse to be massively disrespectful to people.
kitty archer
kitty archer 2 kun oldin
Today my teacher told me a story of how her daughter had a male care worker when she was in nursery, and because he was male and wanted to have a job traditionally 'for females' he was told by other parents that he was a pedophile. I was disgusted that gender stereotypes could be so toxic to the point that someone could be accused of something that could potentially get them sent to jail.
Kay Dale
Kay Dale 2 kun oldin
Sometimes, the nicest thing that you can do for someone, is to let them do something for you.
kaliaxiong12 2 kun oldin
Wtf? Girl, you can open your own damn door. Everyone can open their own damn door. My god.
kittysrock16 2 kun oldin
Men are conditioned to be unemotional and stoic and it’s really sad.
Pickle Jar
Pickle Jar 3 kun oldin
Women should not expect men to open doors. If the man wants to do it he can.
Steven Marleyy
Steven Marleyy 3 kun oldin
Reality is created by the mind. We can change reality by changing our mind - Plato We can view men and women differently the way we see reality example all girls are not gay, all men are not strong, we are all built differently in our own unique physical appearance and mentality.
Zuma Dude
Zuma Dude 3 kun oldin
I can’t stand how everyone thinks men don’t have disadvantages White man goes to park they get kicked out, ostracized, arrested Woman goes to park and nothing nappens
Tane Curtze
Tane Curtze 3 kun oldin
I didn’t like the black woman, I felt some hatred towards men from her xd
*Ever Queen*
*Ever Queen* 3 kun oldin
Who else was cringing when that girl in the grey started to talk
Jezzy Diaz
Jezzy Diaz 3 kun oldin
Do a video on females in law enforcement vs males in law enforcement please
noa s
noa s 3 kun oldin
Did you just assume my gender
Senpai Nertified
Senpai Nertified 2 kun oldin
Did you assume my gender on UZvid?
Creed x Vale
Creed x Vale 3 kun oldin
He does realize that there are male UFC fighters too who are genetically more talented in martial arts
super man
super man 4 kun oldin
I think men have it much harder these days. Women have more rights. People believe women more, people care about women's feelings more, it is pc to criticize men and blame men for everything and unacceptable to criticize women for even the smallest thing. Women get into less trouble for the things they do wrong. A woman can find a man to support her and she never has to work. I could go on and on.
Zanell Parks
Zanell Parks 4 kun oldin
Holding doors open for someone doesn’t have jack to do with gender. If your brought up thinking men should always hold doors open for women, that’s only because of what you’ve been taught. When you hold the doors open for somebody it is not insinuating that you’re unable to open it yourself it is COMMON CURTESY, REGARDLESS OF AGE, GENDER, RACE, OR FEATURES. It comes out of the kindness of your heart.
Audrey E
Audrey E 4 kun oldin
society teaches men to hide emotions ! change my mind.
Senpai Nertified
Senpai Nertified 2 kun oldin
Lol no I'm a guy who 21 years old and my emotions are in check a guy hides his emotion online more than real life cause they prefer to express kindness online than hate unless you're political then I just avoid you.
Raging Beaver
Raging Beaver 4 kun oldin
Nature and nurture.
눈치 4 kun oldin
I open the door for everyone. doesn’t matter if it’s a woman, man, kid or old person.
눈치 4 kun oldin
2:10 disagree, it’s just a personality thing. maybe his female friends have very similar personalities. I have a few female friends with very strong personalities, very precise and calculated and approach the situation very logically. Like I said, it’s just a personality.
Mike Hamilton
Mike Hamilton 4 kun oldin
And this is what you call an echo chamber.
Abraham Chinye
Abraham Chinye 4 kun oldin
I 100%believed he was gonna say "hi my name is dae and I'm a man"
AlexThe Sniper
AlexThe Sniper 4 kun oldin
Wish there was a more insecure guy here though
Kelly Bates
Kelly Bates 4 kun oldin
empowerment and respect are two different things. holding a door open for someone is not meant to be empowering, it is meant as a sign of respect, and like that guy said, chivalry. anyway people should just hold the door open for everyone regardless of their gender.
Senpai Nertified
Senpai Nertified 2 kun oldin
What if a door Sue me for sexual harassment I touched the knob or the handle it said push is that assault maybe I'll pull instead Cops:DOWN ON THE GROUND GET DOWN NOW BY LAW YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO ASK THE DOOR TO LEAVE MEN LIKE YOU MAKE ME SICK!!!
treshawn wilson
treshawn wilson 4 kun oldin
I'm sorry but Koree HELLA THICK
Nola Garavaglia-McGann
Can't believe this needs clarifying but SO many people on this thread are getting two very different things confused. It is one thing to go through a door and, knowing that there are people behind you, hold it open for them. This is just good manners and everyone should do it for everyone. It is another thing, and this is what they are talking about in the video, to stop before going through a door, hold it open for the person behind you and let them walk through the door before you. This is what you should be discussing, not the first example.
Mona Saud
Mona Saud 4 kun oldin
I hold the door for anyone if I’m passing through in front. Never ever thought twice about it, ever! And I’m a girl! Can you believe it?
Nikolay Tkachenko
Nikolay Tkachenko 4 kun oldin
Everything is so much cheaper as a woman
Mista Love
Mista Love 4 kun oldin
Yeah that girl with a gap is a feminist
Jemimah E. Olive
Jemimah E. Olive 4 kun oldin
Scenario: You stub your toe Feeling: pain Scenario: finds a dollar on the street Feeling: satisfaction, pleasure Scenario: work promotion Feeling: Satisfaction, a sense of achivement Scenario: your dog dies Emotion: sadness Scenario: you've been robbed Emotion: Anger, stress Scenario: A family member dies Emotion: Sadness, most likely tears Scenario: You lose your job Emotion/s: stress, anger, sadness Scenario: you have a lot of work to do in little time Emotion/s: stress, determination, positivity, negativity. Scenario: someone says something mean Emotion/s: sadness, insecurity, anger Scenario: your life is in danger Emotions: fear, dread, bravery, determination, sadness, protective These are just general feelings. You might not feel all of them but don't get triggered, they're just examples!!! 😂 We all experience emotions, some people are just more forward about them which isn't a bad thing!!! People react differently to those emotions. For example some people cry. Crying is a coping mechanism to help process what is happening. It's one of the quickest ways to relieve a bit of the emotion you're feeling. In relation to crying, some people would rather bottle up emotions/dismiss them. That's just how they cope. It's not bad to cry and it's not bad to not cry. Everyone is different. Let's not generalise. Who cares!!!
This is so sad , Alexa play despacito
I would trust a woman on her period more than I would trust a man with an erection.
Claren Dennis
Claren Dennis 5 kun oldin
I guess these are the guys that represent us huh??? Feminine guys buy I guess that how the media wants it to be
Claren Dennis
Claren Dennis 5 kun oldin
Chivalry in the time of equality huh???
Yutz 5 kun oldin
Don't really like this one.. this has really nothing to do with gender, but with how people are raised...
Kian Mcginness
Kian Mcginness 5 kun oldin
Farhoud just seems like the nicest guy ever.
Truth Is What You seek
That gay guy shouldn’t have been there and those men were all beta.
Geoff Sierra
Geoff Sierra 5 kun oldin
Hodor taught me to hold the door for people.
TooManyFandoms 5 kun oldin
Women are generally more empathetic and caring because of estrogen. Its basic biology and physiological factors. Dont take so much offense at stereotypes of women being over emotional. Ofc, stereotypes are horrible, but there are a lot more pressing matters than the ones stereotypes present facing women.
Josie Herrin
Josie Herrin 5 kun oldin
Why is nobody talking about how respectful these people are towards each other!! It’s really refreshing to see.
DeeDo 5 kun oldin
It’s it great that every song one of these people is from LA and work in film and media? Lol
j r
j r 5 kun oldin
So where are all the blue collar men in this video? All I see is six women who work in offices
Merry Chrysler
Merry Chrysler 5 kun oldin
That white guy is a beta
K!NG 5 kun oldin
when she mention and reminded me that woman can go on the period at any that may me realize what if we do go to war cuz she's has a temper tantrum from or something?
Jojo Snow
Jojo Snow 5 kun oldin
Women suffer. Men suffer. Does one side suffer more than the other? Probably. Does it matter? Both men and women should listen to each other's experiences with compassion and understanding.
Flávia  Nobre
Flávia Nobre 5 kun oldin
Farhoud and Brett are great
KxngSoul 5 kun oldin
How tf do you empower or depower somebody by holding the door for them? It’s just a nice gesture, maybe I’m just missing something but being in the Midwest I feel like holding the door for any and everybody is the typical thing to do.
Rosbron 5 kun oldin
This is really gay
KING JON 5 kun oldin
As a men I understand we are just hot wired differently. I believe we are equal but not the same. Girls are just better at some things than men and vise versa. There is disadvantages of both sexes.
Your Worst Nightmare
Ok, so here is my two sense on the questions. Question 1, yes women and men are different one has a penis and the other has a vagina...sure we both bleed the same but so does a German shepherd and a Great Dane but they both are different from each other and are different from us humans. Question 2, yes definitely they're disadvantages to both genders, women have to carry a baby inside them for 9 months but men, mostly have to deal with the bills and work, pay for most of the dates and ect. Not saying one gender has it easier they both have pros and cons. Question 3, yes and no, yes men should hold doors for women but if going for equality technically then women also should hold doors for men, but to be real just hold the damn door it doesn't matter what gender you are just be a decent human being. Question 4, depends on who it is, a Feminist? No then they're going to hang me by my balls, but any of my relatives that are females? Hell yes they are my damn family, female friends? Idk truly I barely talk to them... Question 5, no cause I am a man and men are supposed to be heartless brutes enough said. Question 6, no, never in a eternity its like asking "Do you understand aliens? Or wild animals?" Women will never understand men and Men will never understand women...its like if you asked is a tomato also an apple, no...ever heard tomato, tamato yea male, female two different but similar things.
1kJay 6 kun oldin
her teeth really bothered me, I couldn't even concentrate on the conversation
Janice Coleman
Janice Coleman 6 kun oldin
Do *Black people and White people* it'd be pretty interesting
Subscribe Yetaa
Subscribe Yetaa 6 kun oldin
Good thing I never hold the door open for ugly girls otherwise they would get triggered
Kyle H
Kyle H 6 kun oldin
The Daoist philosophy of the Yin Yang is helpful when understanding masculine and feminine energy; men are not always and absolutely expressions of masculinity, but they typically exhibit this energy (yang) more so than women. And vice versa (yin) for women. The Yin Yang is like two fish chasing each other's tails and becoming blended by their opposite attraction; each side has elements of the other incorporated within itself which creates wholeness. Here in the west, we have inherited the cold materialism of the Greek atomists that locks our cultural perspective into a dualistic paradigm of separation from the other. This way of seeing has paved the way for most scientific and technological revolutions, but at a horrifying cost that has pitted us against ourselves and our environment. We are culturally conditioned to see separation where there is wholeness, and we try to hold the yin and yang apart from eachother which leads division within ourselves and thus a neurotic, ignorant, and destructive society. If masculine and feminine energys are not taken into account then there is no reasonable discussion to be had. Biologists call the obvious differences between males and females sexual dimorphism; we are inherently different, yet inherently the same.
Pen or Sword, which one?
Which sex is more willing to walk away from and end a family when they're unsatisfied with some aspect of their family situation? *Hint: They file over 80% of divorces in the United States.
Pen or Sword, which one?
Can you imagine shirts that have 'boys rule girls drool' written on them? Or shirts and bumper stickers that have 'boys rule', or 'silly girls trucks are made for boys', or 'boys rule the world', or 'the future belongs to men', or 'anything a girl can do a boy can do better' written on them? Attacking, belittling, or insulting males is obviously wrong and offensive and should not be acceptable in our society.
Dejan Stoimenovski
Dejan Stoimenovski 6 kun oldin
Why they used gay guys representing the male side? This is middle ground?
Ethan Tinklenberg
Ethan Tinklenberg 6 kun oldin
For me, the “disadvantages portion” was tough to hear purely because I’m a guy who’s struggled my entire life being more emotional than most guys. I’d cry more, be open more, be more flamboyant and feminine because I felt like it. I’m not homosexual, but I’d be called gay as an insult my entire life. I didn’t really have a place for much of my life until I became a bit more assertive and a bit more confident, which was forced upon me by the society I hated so much as a more emotional guy. I breakdown thinking about how a “searching” feeling dwells inside me, how I’m in this magical relationship but I still flirt, how I’m a more “masculine” man but I hate that I haven’t cried in a month or so. That’s the disadvantage to my gender, that’s our problem, emotional and mental health.
nhunghien2000 6 kun oldin
8:44 She used to be on a wrestling team? cool! So am I!
Kailey Torres
Kailey Torres 6 kun oldin
12:31 - This is exactly what I was thinking. She tends to answer from a place of what she's studied or been taught, rather than from personal experience. But I don't know 🤷
samii x
samii x 6 kun oldin
I'm so glad we don't have a problem with opening doors for eachother in England - it's just common courtesy calm your tiddies
Jo Kell
Jo Kell 6 kun oldin
Yo. So before even watching this. That opening line got me. Men dont realize how a quick change in demeanor from voices being raised, to a clenched jaw, to them even puffing out their shoulders in agression can trigger women to immediately be cautious... Like its not funny being towered over by an angry man who's more than a foot taller than you and doesn't understand the word no. Not in public spaces, not in daytime especially not at night. We are called sensitive to these experiences but a man will NEVER understand how unsettling it is.
Sylvester Ogletree
Sylvester Ogletree 6 kun oldin
Perfect question...where does the expectation of chivalry come from?
Manar Lezaar
Manar Lezaar 6 kun oldin
Why do men should open the door for you? Women want to be independent in the time that they want the men to open the door pay the Bill don't hit the women don't hurt them where is the independency? Women! Independent means to do each and every single simple thing by yourself
Zackery McMurray
Zackery McMurray 6 kun oldin
I like the brief talk of men wanting to fix things and women wanting validation or to be heard. I’ve seen this a lot in my life.
yee yee
yee yee 6 kun oldin
Brett's a feminist and I honestly cannot take her.
Israel Delahoya
Israel Delahoya 6 kun oldin
This video sucks
Sarah Green
Sarah Green 7 kun oldin
I grew up in an almost all woman family so I find it much more difficult to talk to men than woman. I don't mean to and most of the time they give me no reason to be anxious, but I still get scared when I have to talk to my Male professors. I'm working on it.
Sarah Green
Sarah Green 7 kun oldin
When I would walk into school every morning if there was someone behind me I'd hold open the door. A large majority of the time if someone was in front of me, regardless of their gender, they would hold the door open for me. It happened almost every morning I don't know if that's normal.
Isaac Franks
Isaac Franks 7 kun oldin
Classic anacdote fest
Corue 7 kun oldin
why does that one black lady talk with her teeth closed?
finest fox
finest fox 7 kun oldin
at 3:29 im wondering why the men didnt go down and sit in the chair
Random Acts
Random Acts 7 kun oldin
thank God!!!!!!!!thank God!!!!! may God be with us all and keep us all in the mighty name of Jesus Amen! May we all live for over a hundred years with long life and prosperity to glorify the mighty name of God! and may we live to go to heaven at the end in the mighty name of Jesus Amen! and remember we are not alone, God is with us and God loves us: remember this bible verse: For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future thank God!!!!!!!!
Jonvon Culaton
Jonvon Culaton 7 kun oldin
I wish they can do flat earthers vs anti flat earthers
Tahseen 7 kun oldin
She is saying She don't think people are inherently different again Man can't understand Woman. She doesn't feel understood. lol
Sheepo25 7 kun oldin
I love how civil this was. None of them were being aggressive or judgmental, they were just being real.
Gotta Have Faith
Gotta Have Faith 7 kun oldin
Every single episode is which group has it worse
f Noor
f Noor 7 kun oldin
Bully vs bullied
f Noor
f Noor 7 kun oldin
+ikke_sant ? I mean who were caught bullying . . . . . . Ok forget what I said!!!
f Noor
f Noor 7 kun oldin
+ikke_sant ? Ooh that🤐
ikke_sant ?
ikke_sant ? 7 kun oldin
yeah right like actual bullies would admit to the things they've done and show up like "yes hello i'm a bully, im ready to have a debate"