MEN IN BLACK 4 Official Trailer (NEW 2019) Chris Hemsworth, Sci-Fi Comedy Movie HD

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MEN IN BLACK 4 Official Trailer (NEW 2019) Chris Hemsworth, Sci-Fi Comedy Movie HD
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The Men in Black have always protected the Earth from the scum of the universe. In this new adventure, they tackle their biggest threat to date: a mole in the Men in Black organization.
MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL - Official Trailer : uzvid.com/video/video-BV-WEb2oxLk.html
Comedy Movies 2019 : uzvid.com/group/PLuAiHxLeTqiRUTfxqgmBTEdeIivBtuedX
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20-Dek, 2018

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vishal karosiya
vishal karosiya 3 soat oldin
Old is gold... Agent k
Ladisa Anindya Pujiastuti
Thor part time job as man in black
damn!!! I'm so hot
damn!!! I'm so hot 20 soat oldin
Where is will smith?????Where
malinala rongg
malinala rongg 22 soat oldin
Is that the same woman as a Valkarie warrior in Thor Ragnarok?
Nilo Khatri
Nilo Khatri 23 soat oldin
Miss you will smith
Anesjka 2 kun oldin
Oh, look, another remake !
leo86 NZ
leo86 NZ 2 kun oldin
Fuck this will Smith ain’t old or dead to replace him
Abhay Bhati
Abhay Bhati 3 kun oldin
something is wrong with hollywood...giving iconic male roles to woman just to satisfy idiot feminist...woman have thier own like wonder woman..but whats with these..god help us
anshu yadav
anshu yadav 3 kun oldin
No where is will smith
Umer Gul Muhammad
Umer Gul Muhammad 3 kun oldin
1:18 those two are the same actors from Thor ragnarok.
super captain
super captain 4 kun oldin
It's just like thor and valkire
Sajina Saju
Sajina Saju 4 kun oldin
OmG Chris here😍
Jayson Velasquez
Jayson Velasquez 4 kun oldin
Hudson Bruce
Hudson Bruce 4 kun oldin
Thor Ragnarok sequel
Prabhuti Nandan Surywanshi
2:28 thor moment😂😂
Leo Giroux
Leo Giroux 4 kun oldin
oh my God here we go with you people stupid comments it's people like you that really make me angry I just watched the trailer for the Titans live action TV series everyone says I look good and is the most awful piece of crap I've ever seen. This looks good and you people are shiting all over it what the hell's the matter with you all
周宏富 4 kun oldin
New brand Lexus car ~👍❤
A Tae Stan but Supports Bangtan
*THOR* 😀
Deadpool 5 kun oldin
k pax
k pax 5 kun oldin
Apparently Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are the only two actors in Hollywood.....pass
Fatmir Xhaferi
Fatmir Xhaferi 5 kun oldin
And the first 3 were incredible better then this one,and tbh I think they just destroyed this movies
Fatmir Xhaferi
Fatmir Xhaferi 5 kun oldin
Wtf why without will smith,he was the main actor,and i bet like 80%of people watched this movie just because will acted in it !!
FalconX79 5 kun oldin
Yay, FIB...Feminists in Black. How hype I am.
NC.Orbit 5 kun oldin
Will smith ditched this movie to do UZvid rewind
Kal Morgan
Kal Morgan 5 kun oldin
off3nc3 5 kun oldin
Dude this looks worse then the all female cast of Ghost Busters . Fuck you Bollywood !
ajibooogrib duniya
ajibooogrib duniya 5 kun oldin
Amazing video
Lowkey Kings
Lowkey Kings 5 kun oldin
It’s a no from me *Simon Cowell Voice*
The Brick Masters The LEGO Master
If there is no will Smith, it’s not mib
killua 0878
killua 0878 7 kun oldin
when thor with gun 😁
Rapheal Yazzie
Rapheal Yazzie 7 kun oldin
Though Micheal Jackson was Agent M😂😂😂
Sampriti Datta
Sampriti Datta 7 kun oldin
Meh... Not the same without Will Smith. Once u go black, you never go back!
crissy babes
crissy babes 7 kun oldin
Their chemistry oh shit its like in the Thor Ragnarok omooo
SABRINA LONES 8 kun oldin
Looks good and funny
John Case
John Case 8 kun oldin
So Men in Black has decided to to go with PC Culture. Great.........
Peter Aiden
Peter Aiden 8 kun oldin
ThaT was an increadible catch!!!
el charm razy
el charm razy 9 kun oldin
Men In Black without WILL SMITH??? come on...this isnt right.. right??
Jez B
Jez B 10 kun oldin
I love all the new actors and the old ones. I'm curious how they would make the transition of characters.
Daya lucky
Daya lucky 10 kun oldin
alaa fayez
alaa fayez 12 kun oldin
No Will Smith no fun!!!
Rohit Rana
Rohit Rana 13 kun oldin
Widya Nurbaeti
Widya Nurbaeti 13 kun oldin
Gak main di thor maen Di MIB nih hahah
Yuli Dee
Yuli Dee 14 kun oldin
Changes couple MIB4 wow...
Arushi badola
Arushi badola 14 kun oldin
No Will Smith... what the shit
Juan Aguilar
Juan Aguilar 14 kun oldin
Absolutely garbage 🤢🤮
Ravindra Singh
Ravindra Singh 14 kun oldin
Not the same without Will Smith but one should always be ready for a change...love Chris Hemsworth!!
Jason Allendale
Jason Allendale 15 kun oldin
jum creation
jum creation 16 kun oldin
Can't accept mib without will smith 😡
Geriel Odisac
Geriel Odisac 16 kun oldin
Another shit
Jestine Ibardo
Jestine Ibardo 16 kun oldin
Valkyrie and thor. Lol
sound wave6
sound wave6 16 kun oldin
This probably good
Mayerlin Urdaneta
Mayerlin Urdaneta 16 kun oldin
A eso le falta Will Smith sin duda algunaaaaaaa😒
Fyke L
Fyke L 17 kun oldin
First was independence day and now this. What's next, I am legend?
Micaela Tower
Micaela Tower 17 kun oldin
Família Em primeiro lugar
Will smith ???
hermful virus
hermful virus 17 kun oldin
MIB 3 is much better than this TRAILER 😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍I love MIB 3
jentaSole 18 kun oldin
Cool. And where is Will Smith?
LeVelle Coley
LeVelle Coley 18 kun oldin
I like it, says MIB international. Could’ve gave them cameos and I would’ve been instant sold. Liam neeson is a damn treasure.
Kerja gawe
Kerja gawe 18 kun oldin
How can MiB come so funny with Liam and Chris? You got f*cking kidding me!
Christie Richardson
Christie Richardson 18 kun oldin
Umm...but....someone’s missing...🤔 For real?
Shie Cam
Shie Cam 18 kun oldin
Brit Brit
Brit Brit 18 kun oldin
Look I understand this whole females run the world empowerment thing going on right now but we didn't need this. 😂
Swgwm Boro
Swgwm Boro 18 kun oldin
Thor leaving hammer and picking useless guns
Fitness Magnet
Fitness Magnet 18 kun oldin
Ooh wow
John Chan Chan Qiyang
chris hamsworth in men in black 4 i can wach it
ChonsaWings 19 kun oldin
I'm curious about this movie, eventhough it's not with the original actors, it still looks entertaining. And I like the chemistry between Chris and Tessa.
Sibahle Ndlovu
Sibahle Ndlovu 19 kun oldin
I'm excited to see this
Ankush Manhas
Ankush Manhas 19 kun oldin
Why....why...just give me one answer...whyyyyyyyyyyy....what is it's need??? Why are you destroying such a beautiful and amazing series...😯😲😔😕😏😠😠
hen tai
hen tai 19 kun oldin
Men in black and now we have a woman then it will become women in black
Ruti Ponce
Ruti Ponce 19 kun oldin
O_O ... NO,no,no,no,no, please noooooooooo. Cmon! MIB isnt the same witht out THE MEN (WS & TLJ) in black...
Nhlanhla Gumede
Nhlanhla Gumede 19 kun oldin
No Will Smith? No Tommy? Plus a woman (but it's MEN In Black), then it is Thor: No thanks, I'll eat my popcorn at home watching National Geographic thank you very much. Continue with your "feminism" bullshit Hollywood, you yourselves will watch the movies that you make.
Cristina Lagrada
Cristina Lagrada 19 kun oldin
fuck those people who kept whining about will smith and tommy lee not being there! things change!!!! Fuck your sentimental feelings!!!
Tajrin Tumpa
Tajrin Tumpa 19 kun oldin
Thor with valkeriyen 😂
Maura Firefly
Maura Firefly 19 kun oldin
i cant stop thinking about Ragnarok watching this :)
Adyaron Mahera
Adyaron Mahera 19 kun oldin
my ultimate crush
kudos2ya37 20 kun oldin
total crap this movie will bomb we only hope..
Temsu Mong
Temsu Mong 20 kun oldin
Can't wait
makmak de torres
makmak de torres 20 kun oldin
[골든 스튜디오]Golden Studio
Thor retired.......
Hopesndreams 20 kun oldin
Sorry but this looks like shit, wtf were they thinking...
Royal Suites Condotel Reservations
trash without smith., real thing on him
Bontags Harmone
Bontags Harmone 20 kun oldin
Dude's worthy, it's beta ray bill!
lina panggabean
lina panggabean 20 kun oldin
Kurang greget,gak ada chemistry
ALOK CHARI 20 kun oldin
This is the worst anybody can ever expect. This imagination and script and story is SHIT without WILL SMITH. Will smith is a living legend and he will always be. How can movie makers even think about making it without The great actor Will smith. @Will smith- This is really disappointing.
Alex Layne
Alex Layne 20 kun oldin
Why can't will smith and tommy lee be in here
Aeros Xue
Aeros Xue 20 kun oldin
No smith? No MIB!
Logan Peters
Logan Peters 20 kun oldin
why does he scream for almost every scene
Widji Thukul
Widji Thukul 20 kun oldin
Where is will smith ? Retired and has neutralized i think. Lol
Anonymous Jr.
Anonymous Jr. 20 kun oldin
Ooohhh SNAAAP!!!! LES TWINS I REPEAT....LES TWINS IN M.I.B? HAHAHA...i cant wait to watch this movie. Hahaha im going nuts! 😍😍😍😱😱😱😱
Edgar Lozada
Edgar Lozada 20 kun oldin
Still like the classic MIB.. will smith
Edwin Lubere
Edwin Lubere 20 kun oldin
MIB without Will Smith ? HARD PASS
Melissa Ebio
Melissa Ebio 20 kun oldin
Yep the Thor ragnarok actor is there wait.... OH SNAP
Ernest Raykulov
Ernest Raykulov 20 kun oldin
The classic Man in Black will always be the best.
charles ofomata
charles ofomata 21 kun oldin
This is no men in black... Please get another title for the movie not men in black
Nurul Asyiqin
Nurul Asyiqin 21 kun oldin
Will Smith please.....
Lust Love
Lust Love 21 kun oldin
Wily Haze
Wily Haze 21 kun oldin
If you have not watched, watch it here uzvid.com/video/video-UhhOF1e9Kx8.html
Linton Thomas
Linton Thomas 21 kun oldin
No Agent J, That's so Lame!!!
KRISH DR 21 kun oldin
BIGWORM 510 21 kun oldin
This is going to flop WORST than Ghostbusters. MIB4-Will Smith-No Tommy Lee Jones=💩💩