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Metro Boomin - Borrowed Love (feat. Swae Lee & WizKid)

Metro Boomin
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2-Noy, 2018



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mr melatos
mr melatos 3 soat oldin
filipe bastos
filipe bastos 18 soat oldin
Swae Lee best vocal!
Team weezer
Team weezer 2 kun oldin
R B 3 kun oldin
There are so many songs on this album that should have been hits including this one. How is it not more popular..?
Celia 122
Celia 122 5 kun oldin
On est là QLFGANG ✌🏻🖤
Viani Fuamba
Viani Fuamba 5 kun oldin
James Groomes aka Jimmy of Lakeland bmore
Long term.or temporary i cant decide my finger on her panty line in Bmore she so fine
KAIYU KENN 5 kun oldin
Feat sauce !!!!
Malik 6 kun oldin
Song of Summer 2019 calling it now
amal ghoujdami
amal ghoujdami 8 kun oldin
Best song of àll infinity
amal ghoujdami
amal ghoujdami 8 kun oldin
Best rapper alive
Su Ertukel
Su Ertukel 8 kun oldin
best song of the year
TEBRİZTM 8 kun oldin
Bilge Su Işık Story?
ObiTV 10 kun oldin
Suave Caleb
Suave Caleb 10 kun oldin
Why is there so much French here?
The Refix
The Refix 13 kun oldin
When he says "She gave me a sign, my fingers on her panty line" ..Damn that voice hit so heard♥️😍
john jones
john jones 14 kun oldin
SOOOO STONEDDDDDDDD#$@!#$#@@#×=%*&% !
michael bentley
michael bentley 14 kun oldin
WizKid Killed it
Ramzi Grid
Ramzi Grid 14 kun oldin
pourquoi y a que des français ?
Ladder Love
Ladder Love 15 kun oldin
Hi Ba
Hi Ba 15 kun oldin
Grâce à N.O.S 😗😗 QLF
gutu ion
gutu ion 15 kun oldin
Il dois payer N.O.S pour la pub#qlf
Young Tropical
Young Tropical 15 kun oldin
Chill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amya Azerty
Amya Azerty 15 kun oldin
Mdrrrr la plupart des gens qui écoutent c'est grâce à nos 😂😂😂✌️
Garleik Gaming Play
Garleik Gaming Play 16 kun oldin
Love.you metrô bomming Brasil in 😍😍Sucessfull 👑
Livelovejd 16 kun oldin
wtf is with all those french comments, how does this song connect with PNL?
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 17 kun oldin
Escape 17 kun oldin
Yo would be dope if someone checks out my version on this instrumental uzvid.com/video/video-svHwZFFJUaY.html
Minh Quang
Minh Quang 17 kun oldin
What is style of firts singing ? After laughter come tears Please....... I am very intresting with this
Natalia Polynski
Natalia Polynski 18 kun oldin
Noemyskillz 18 kun oldin
This give me tht islandy vib3 ...gd shyt
Jose Bangers
Jose Bangers 18 kun oldin
Banger nation
Baran Karagöz
Baran Karagöz 19 kun oldin
Brown Cookie
Brown Cookie 19 kun oldin
why is the comment section filled with french niggas
Jhonny Aweey
Jhonny Aweey 19 kun oldin
Thot Patrol
Thot Patrol 20 kun oldin
1000th comment. Yeehaww
Gaith Hamdy
Gaith Hamdy 20 kun oldin
E J 20 kun oldin
Wsh ya que moi qui connaissait ce son avant la story de N.O.S ?
Àkràm Ø'ćh
Àkràm Ø'ćh 20 kun oldin
N.o.s 💪❤
DoggoDoesThings J
DoggoDoesThings J 21 kun oldin
This that English comment you be looking for
bad death
bad death 21 kun oldin
NOS il devrait toucher dla thune sur ce son
Gary Boy
Gary Boy 21 kun oldin
English has left the chat
JeonJungshook 22 kun oldin
Fkn HYPNOTIC! I love it!
F*ck a fake smile
J D 6 kun oldin
I just subscribed to your channel
abeer pandit
abeer pandit 23 kun oldin
Best song
illi shooter
illi shooter 23 kun oldin
Tekena A. Ibama
Tekena A. Ibama 23 kun oldin
Saw wizkid liked!
allan anselmi
allan anselmi 23 kun oldin
After laughter comes tears After laughter comes tears It's just hope, you gon' end up feelin' sorrow Melatonin, baby, take it this time We don't wanna end up hurtin' tomorrow Long term or temporary, I can't decide How much of my love can you borrow? Tighten up, baby, yes, I fell for you almost Tried my best to build you up from the bottom She wetter than a river Body say so much, she got me off the bottle I'm finally freed up She freaky as fuck, I leave, she gon' follow She gave me a sign My fingers on her panty line Rollin' up a dandelion Took a sec just to catch the vibe Second guessin', that's something I never wanna do Crack under pressure, that's something I'm never gonna do Melatonin, baby, take it this time We don't wanna end up hurtin' tomorrow Long term or temporary, I can't decide How much of my love can you borrow? Tighten up, baby, yes I fell for you almost Tried my best to build you up from the bottom Baby girl, just turn off the light, turn off the light Baby, show me love, baby, turn off the light Baby, ease my stress, baby, turn off the light Baby, back it up, don't turn up the fight Turn off the light, my girl, say you're fine I need that energy, I need that energy tonight Gyal, keep it cold and bun up the vibe Say, me no gon' live tonight, girl turn up the vibe Say, me no gwaan fight every day Love it when we play, love it when we, yeah, yeah Say, me wan' vibe on replay Leave me dumb crazy, love me, baby, yeah, yeah Melatonin, baby, take it this time We don't wanna end up hurtin' tomorrow Long term or temporary, I can't decide How much of my love can you borrow? Tighten up, baby, yes, I fell for you almost Tried my best to build you up from the bottom I'm callin' it quits Leave that for my ex We flipped the whole script I couldn't even risk it I don't give hints Goodbye, she was gone by six I couldn't read lips It's hard when I'm twisted
allan anselmi
allan anselmi 23 kun oldin
Qui est la grâce à nabil ?
Mateus Pereira
Mateus Pereira 23 kun oldin
The beat carry this music
anemico 24 kun oldin
Check out my italian version on my channel💔
Sad Sin
Sad Sin 24 kun oldin
Whats with these french niggas?😂
Belki's Ch
Belki's Ch 24 kun oldin
Seydouh Toure
Seydouh Toure 24 kun oldin
Merci NOS
mateong mateo
mateong mateo 24 kun oldin
just an english comment passing by
kylle merculio
kylle merculio 24 kun oldin
( fake smile )
Dogan Enver
Dogan Enver 24 kun oldin
Qui est la grâce au snap de N.O.S #qlfcefaisceputaiiinderapfrrr⚡️🌏🌏
Dastric Pastrificus
Dastric Pastrificus 25 kun oldin
If there is any evidence of Swae Lee being the king of melodies, this song is it.
Julien Petit
Julien Petit 26 kun oldin
Thanks N.O.S team PNL on est là ou pas ???🔥🔥
Carlos Ruiz
Carlos Ruiz 26 kun oldin
this song makes me wanna drink a martini in a private island dancing slowly with my man😜
Kaptain Amerika
Kaptain Amerika 26 kun oldin
Etsylac 26 kun oldin
Tosin Esan
Tosin Esan 26 kun oldin
Comments 70% french 30% metro gon shoot ya
Russ 789
Russ 789 26 kun oldin
aleksandra volim te
Russ 789
Russ 789 26 kun oldin
vesela volim te
the 7 of us
the 7 of us 27 kun oldin
Killa Kxm
Killa Kxm 27 kun oldin
Spanish comments everywhere ahhhh
I commented this video
N.O.S écoute ça le coquin
Ademo Igo
Ademo Igo 27 kun oldin
Ademo Igo
Ademo Igo 27 kun oldin
Nous tous
I commented this video
Mdrrr même moi il m'a amené ici
Chris Coombs
Chris Coombs 27 kun oldin
and far along come Spanish people niggas whomst just discovereth fire
ZeyD 28 kun oldin
PNL , QLF around the world✌
L Algerienne
L Algerienne 28 kun oldin
Les qlf sont al 🐆
NASS _59
NASS _59 28 kun oldin
L Algerienne on est al mgl🇩🇿🇩🇿
NASS _59
NASS _59 28 kun oldin
NOS PNL merci
baby doll
baby doll 28 kun oldin
i love it! thnk u guys💜💛💜💛💜💛💜
Alan Shandou
Alan Shandou 28 kun oldin
Qlf nda
Rahim Dhalwani
Rahim Dhalwani 29 kun oldin
Messi King
Messi King 29 kun oldin
No more the best song of this album
SuccOnMyPeen 666
SuccOnMyPeen 666 29 kun oldin
Just a English comment passing through👋🏽👋🏽
Bastou ESTRD
Bastou ESTRD 29 kun oldin
Qui est la a cause de la storie de nos😂
I commented this video
Kim TaeTae
Kim TaeTae 29 kun oldin
Fake smile brought me here
Cristian Reyes
Beats like this are to fuck all night too.
Keenoo mohammad Ridwaan
Here because of NOS PNL 😂😂😂
Lulu Oy oldin
Tbh fav song
VecTa _
VecTa _ Oy oldin
N.O.S 💪🏽
Tropical99 Oy oldin
Metro is evolving. Great to see.
Yann marant Jsjdkdkdkdn
Natalia Breese
Wizzy issa killer
PNL NOS Oy oldin
béjita sama
béjita sama Oy oldin
how much of my love can you borrow ;(
This song is just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Well done Metro Boomin, it’s an amazing beat. Well done to Swae Lee and Wizkid, amazing vocals.
Genesis Ortega
why are all these comments gibberish.
Le_Dromadaire Oy oldin
Tom Diligence
Tom Diligence Oy oldin
Merci NOS
Jawed Beladam
Jawed Beladam Oy oldin
- Mia
- Mia Oy oldin
Avouez touts les français on est là après avoir vu la story de N.O.S 🌑
Ken Zou
Ken Zou Oy oldin
PaPa C
PaPa C Oy oldin
This song slaps diiiiiifferently
ral phlauren
ral phlauren Oy oldin
does anyone know the song in the intro ??
hasan mehmet
hasan mehmet Oy oldin
Is Dark Energy Getting Stronger?
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