Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics Full Game Highlights | January 10, 2019 | FreeDawkins

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January 10, 2019 | Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics Full Game Highlights | January 10, 2019 | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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11-Yan, 2019

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Zin - Zeta
Zin - Zeta 11 kun oldin
Best audio editing I have ever heard on UZvid, as far as NBA highlights are concerned. *Subscribed*
Chadd Phillips
Chadd Phillips 10 kun oldin
Chilly 61 degrees. Lol, for real? Here in Milwaukee it goes from 105 to -15 in three months. NBA is soft because everyone is soft.
Planting The North
Planting The North 10 kun oldin
Great game Miami.
Ryan .305
Ryan .305 11 kun oldin
One of the best highlight videos I've seen on UZvid so far. I'm barely active, but wanted to take time to let you know because I really did appreciate the time and effort put into me enjoying Heat dominance on display on a rival! Thank you!
Raw 2.0
Raw 2.0 11 kun oldin
that dunk by james Johnson omg
David lopez
David lopez 11 kun oldin
Raw 2.0 forreal that dunk turned me on
Carvin Cadet
Carvin Cadet 11 kun oldin
Wade All-Star 🤩🤩🤩
Angie Natoyn
Angie Natoyn 11 kun oldin
DWade All Star
jinyu liu
jinyu liu 11 kun oldin
Old Wade still better than 40M CP3
DwadeFL4SHMV3 11 kun oldin
Give me Boston in the playoffs. We got that grind that make soft teams crumble and Boston looking like babies this year. Plus wade a different animal in the playoffs I like our chances 😎
Gigalodon 10 kun oldin
We play only as gooad as our opponents, so give us Boston or Philly
Chambers Heros
Chambers Heros 11 kun oldin
D,Wade n dion make everyone in heat look great to shoot
Chambers Heros
Chambers Heros 11 kun oldin
D,Wade is a game changer
Chambers Heros
Chambers Heros 11 kun oldin
Waoo Miami heat is hot like fire
The Star
The Star 11 kun oldin
50 year old Wade leading the team in scoring from the bench....
Elijah Miranda
Elijah Miranda 11 kun oldin
We win some we lose some young bloods💉☘️
Jayvee Cruz
Jayvee Cruz 11 kun oldin
DWade 💪🙂
novy acero
novy acero 11 kun oldin
Kyrie is done with his inconsistent teammates hes not happy anymore . he's going to leave next season.
Rihanna Fenty
Rihanna Fenty 11 kun oldin
Great win Miami
d 11 kun oldin
Only here for Wade comments
Sosh Vujisic
Sosh Vujisic 11 kun oldin
Kendall Fire
Kendall Fire 11 kun oldin
Celtics always struggle with Miami lol
Natan Mysli
Natan Mysli 11 kun oldin
Trade Kyrie, please. Celtics are better without him.
Elijah Miranda
Elijah Miranda 11 kun oldin
Like ur dumb asssssfffff get a life
Elijah Miranda
Elijah Miranda 11 kun oldin
Natan Mysli ur retarded
Zach AAE
Zach AAE 11 kun oldin
lets go heat nation !!!
Evander Berrouet
Evander Berrouet 11 kun oldin
Everytime the Celtics lose 1 game, all the haters come out. The Celtics would be the 4th seed out west with their current record. I still got them coming out the east.
PUT ARAGIS 11 kun oldin
The court looks like old Spurs court.
john arakas
john arakas 11 kun oldin
Celtics might suck but miami's defence is legit especially home dont sleep on them, from a Bucks fan.
jephte Yiphtah
jephte Yiphtah 11 kun oldin
Is this what you wanted Kirye to get violated
Elijah Miranda
Elijah Miranda 11 kun oldin
jephte Yiphtah u can’t even spell kyrie 😂 go and watch fortnite u bum
Rami Alsabek
Rami Alsabek 11 kun oldin
rishi raut
rishi raut 11 kun oldin
1:40 is it just me or did Kyrie getting postered make that play less hype. Dude just looked like a little kid
Sean Silverstein
Sean Silverstein 11 kun oldin
Two ads in a highlight video gotta go elsewhere. Bye for now.
Nathan Gold
Nathan Gold 11 kun oldin
Kyrie not a Good leader. This all his fault. I miss the team ball they use to play last year
Kani X
Kani X 11 kun oldin
Boston's problem is they shoot too many jumpers, too many contested long 2s
Trap Godda
Trap Godda 11 kun oldin
Anybody else notice how many left hand shooters heat have🤔
Gary Wintergreen
Gary Wintergreen 11 kun oldin
They had a game with all 5 starters were leftys. Check youtube
ytalo rafael
ytalo rafael 11 kun oldin
Dragic Jones jr winslow And Tyler ,4, thats a lot
Gary Wintergreen
Gary Wintergreen 11 kun oldin
Trap Godda old news bud but still amazing
Xavier Walker
Xavier Walker 11 kun oldin
Is jus our perimeter defense
D. Ross
D. Ross 11 kun oldin
What the fuck wrong with the Celtics?
VeritableVagabond 11 kun oldin
Who's the leader on the Celtics anyway? I can't tell.
David James
David James 11 kun oldin
Brad Stevens
Jordan B
Jordan B 11 kun oldin
Brad Stevens
gor9027 11 kun oldin
Would have never believed you if you told me a Celtics team without Kyrie or Hayward would go to Game 7 of the ECF to suddenly being the 5 seed at the halfway point of the 2018 season. They’re going to make the playoffs bc the bottom half of the East is laughably bad but they’ve been a disappointment.
sonofaballer96 11 kun oldin
gor9027 they’re just not playing their game. Everyone gets better after allstar weekend.
AlkamistStar 11 kun oldin
That Miami Heat hustle ball is so much fun to watch! 🔥 🔥 🔥 Btw the editing so damn good on this channel, great work!
the truth
the truth 11 kun oldin
Nice game heat.. Lucky night.. All shots fallen.. More to go for making the playoffs 🤣
Blaise 11 kun oldin
Father Prime 🐐
lets go miami
Jay MoB
Jay MoB 11 kun oldin
Plot Twist: Nobody Wants To Be A Valuable Assets For A AD Trade
King Cardinal Murphy
TNT needs to host the 2020 NBA Finals. The commentators are great and TNT reminds me of the old NBC
Melbester9 10 kun oldin
It reminds you of the old NBA on NBC because Marv Albert announced most of the games back then on NBC in the 90s. It's still him just that's he's on TNT now, which he's been commenting on the network for a long time now.
Chirayu Desai
Chirayu Desai 11 kun oldin
+D-GOAT#3 #heatnation yah he is pre old now.
THEKID6 11 kun oldin
King Cardinal Murphy Harlan, C-Webb, Reggie>Bremen, Mark Jackson, JVG
King Cardinal Murphy
+THEKID6 facts he's my favorite
THEKID6 11 kun oldin
King Cardinal Murphy only if Kevin Harlan called it
JUSTO MORO 11 kun oldin
Michael Oates
Michael Oates 11 kun oldin
Boston needs to go in the paint all they did was shoot jumpers no body puts there head down and takes it to the rack
Michael Oates
Michael Oates 11 kun oldin
It’s simply trades need happen. Kyrie dominates the ball way to fucking much. Tatum needs to get his ass on block he’s too f tall just to shoot jumpers. Look other than Morris and Smart everyone else needs be rearranged.
Darkshadow Darkshadow
This game show kawhi Leonard is better than kyrie. Kyrie can’t carry a team like lebron or kawhi
Noah Ark
Noah Ark 11 kun oldin
+Elijah Miranda you are the one know nothing bout bball😂
Elijah Miranda
Elijah Miranda 11 kun oldin
Darkshadow Darkshadow ur dumb asf why tf are comparing a point guard to a small forward u retard u don’t even know anything ab basketball
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 11 kun oldin
Kyrie: "Aye LeBron whats good bro...?" LeGOAT:"😂😂😂Whats up kid?" Kyrie:"You can call me whatever but please get me back with you....i wil admit it that the earth isnt flat or calling me a kid all the time and i wont care if i am in the spotlight but PLEASE GET ME AWAY FROM HERE!!!!!!!!!" LeGOAT:"Sayless pack yo stuff up you coming to LA." Kyrie"Im already packed up and ready dad." LeGOAT:"NUN UH DAT WEIRD GAY SHIT KYRIE FR....peace out"
RodeTranx 11 kun oldin
All this "trade" shit or what ever, you guys needs to stop, the team is just tired the fact that they flew to miami just after their game to the pacers. They ain't no machines.
Melvin Doe
Melvin Doe 11 kun oldin
Pog I was there
Nick Barry
Nick Barry 11 kun oldin
Love seeing the "celtics are done" comments again after one tough loss lol, We''ll see if that holds true come playoff time