Michael Jordan First NBA Game Full Highlights! Gets Standing Ovation in His NBA Debut!

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10.26.1984 Chicago Bulls vs Washington Bullets
*Michael Jordan NBA Debut (good quality)
*box score: www.basketball-reference.com/boxscores/198410260CHI.html
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18-Okt, 2018



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Pinoy sa Bahrain
Pinoy sa Bahrain 5 soat oldin
Rayzen_ONI 11 soat oldin
Damn! That hang time!
Lights and Motion Photo and Video
that guy jordan will have a bright future i tell you...
Rheal Nyce
Rheal Nyce 19 soat oldin
That fall could have ended his career or at least derailed it. Thank goodness it didn’t.
G Varela
G Varela 19 soat oldin
This nigga was floatin
Conrad Wolf
Conrad Wolf 20 soat oldin
The crowd knew from Day One...
BassStudent4life 22 soat oldin
The paint used to be a NO FLY ZONE. Fly at your own risk zone. Boy i missed those days.
Ronald Johnson
Ronald Johnson Kun oldin
O never seen a player performance like mike in every one know it true
Choko Lait
Choko Lait Kun oldin
Alberto Tibon
Alberto Tibon Kun oldin
Bill Lopez
Bill Lopez Kun oldin
The analyst said it best Jordan made everyone in his team play better. Lebron never did that ever.
Christopher Pitchford
A few months earlier, I arrived.
Java Futter
Java Futter 2 kun oldin
Lots of double clutching. That was a habit he got rid of after a while unless it was necessary.
Champ Touch
Champ Touch 2 kun oldin
I wonder how this kids gonna turn out??? 😉 GOAT🐐!!!
Xylk Maula
Xylk Maula 2 kun oldin
2:56 look at that travel
Danny Hogan
Danny Hogan 2 kun oldin
Wouldn’t it be crazy how different history would be if that early fall ended his career
jacquelineandron 2 kun oldin
Even down here in Australia where basketball is not that big we had kids everywhere wearing no. 23 on their backs. We oldies all thought, "Who's this Michael Jordan?"
The Kid Flames
The Kid Flames 2 kun oldin
Even at a young age, his energy, excitement to be at that level and the gusto with which he played - he was making those guys better and you could just see he was always going to be special. GOAT. PERIOD.
꧁꧂ Ꮧ Ꮼ S Ꮛ ꧁꧂
Lebron would have missed 5 games for falling after that dunk ...
Joe Mari
Joe Mari 2 kun oldin
Hindi pa bwakaw si Jordan noon pag tumagal tagal na nagiging bwakaw na sya kaya maraming points eh
Rapheal Francis
Rapheal Francis 2 kun oldin
Muhammad Firdaus
Muhammad Firdaus 3 kun oldin
1984, i am 35 years old in 2019..
Drew Biggah
Drew Biggah 3 kun oldin
And mfs compare bron to Jordan cut the bullshit.. Bron not even better then kobe let alone Jordan... Smh
charlie jenkins
charlie jenkins 3 kun oldin
Drew Biggah preach
max Rockatansky
max Rockatansky 3 kun oldin
I went to one game that year and I remember that Jordan was so smooth and made it look effortless that he looked “slow” doing it. In fact he was fast as hell.
TrinaM345 USofA
TrinaM345 USofA 3 kun oldin
I love MJ since those days up to now! I remember i skip my work everytime Bulls have championship games coz want to watch it live not replay:) (note: am still in different time zone then all the way from PI/ Asia)!!! :):)
Hunterboy 1115
Hunterboy 1115 3 kun oldin
Greatness 💪💪💪
cbmalta42 3 kun oldin
I’m going to assume Woolridge made that dunk.😂
Aroc tic toc
Aroc tic toc 3 kun oldin
U can tell this was his first games. Jordan aint wearing Jordans
charlie jenkins
charlie jenkins 3 kun oldin
Aroc tic toc lol
asd asdas
asd asdas 3 kun oldin
man this rookie gonna be good someday
Remar Morante
Remar Morante 4 kun oldin
2019 still goat
eduar ed
eduar ed 4 kun oldin
Damnn the goat taking care of business during his 1st game...mannn best ever ..n9body need to teach him shyt like kobe need to learn stuff his furst 3 years lol
Richie Krahe
Richie Krahe 4 kun oldin
Did air traffic control need to be notified when Jordan played? He just...floats, I don't quite understand the physics.
Barney Miller
Barney Miller 4 kun oldin
Walked with the ball more than anyone in nba history
Amaru sheekuku
Amaru sheekuku 4 kun oldin
Mike should've just taken it easy. Did he forget he was a rookie??
MusicforMe123 4 kun oldin
When Jordan jumps he hangs in the air like there is no gravity beneath him.
Bigdaddytrucker 4 kun oldin
Mike fresh from North Carolina getting it done 👍
Piosan Salvare
Piosan Salvare 5 kun oldin
So he had that fade away from day 1, wow I thought he had developed such a thing with a couple of years of NBA... Freak
LJ Clark
LJ Clark 5 kun oldin
Damn...I forgot that Jordan's first dunk attempt looked like it was going to be his last...lol Hindsight is 20/20, but you could just see he was going to be a generational talent.
G. Bu
G. Bu 6 kun oldin
The days when basketball is a real sport, not a show business.
Brian 6 kun oldin
Listen to how loud and into it the crowd is back when no one had smart phones, like it is a championship game or something...so crazy to imagine
Jasper Jenkins
Jasper Jenkins 6 kun oldin
MaHorn before the bad boys were formed.
Badoodles 6 kun oldin
MJ is the one and only GOAT
Uptown Philly
Uptown Philly 7 kun oldin
Even though Mike got the spotlight ppl tend to forget Woolridge was a beast before Mike got there he was double double man
Vinny Booboo
Vinny Booboo 7 kun oldin
Ah, the sweet '80s!!! 😎
Jerald Evans
Jerald Evans 7 kun oldin
The Goat
Dave Revoir
Dave Revoir 7 kun oldin
Steven Runyon
Steven Runyon 8 kun oldin
That foul on Jordan at 3:07 would have been called flagrant 1 in today's game and the player who was fouled would be all angry. That should tell you how much the game has change for the worst. Today's game is so bad to watch nice to go back in the day and see the game game played at it's best.
Steven Runyon
Steven Runyon 8 kun oldin
If this was LaBum he would have been on the phone after this game trying to recruit 2 superstars to play with him the next year.
mak hines
mak hines 8 kun oldin
time flies when legends played the game... the 80s -best decade ever.
Jonas Hopson
Jonas Hopson 8 kun oldin
You see defense? I do .. that’s what makes him better than LB James . Plus many other reasons
Jonas Hopson
Jonas Hopson 8 kun oldin
He was number 3 ? Wtf
Nod Carillo L.
Nod Carillo L. 8 kun oldin
0:46 take a look at the three bulls head ( 2 3peats), history is somewhat written when jordan first set foot in Chicago.
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 9 kun oldin
if 4:55 this play ahppened in todays nba you will be ejected and will pay fines
jose jose
jose jose 8 kun oldin
Jordan is a one tough hombre...GOAT!
Michael Hart
Michael Hart 9 kun oldin
King James had a better game
Mark Ong
Mark Ong 7 kun oldin
Michael Hart yeah like that block he got. True King 🤦🏻‍♂️
illmatic826 9 kun oldin
The first step of greatness...
Antwaun Harris
Antwaun Harris 10 kun oldin
What people dont know he carried this team. It was alot of coke heads on this team and the NBA in 84.
Ricardo Johnson
Ricardo Johnson 10 kun oldin
Oooh so now I know where that dumbass rule came from that the hand is a part of the ball.
53mango 10 kun oldin
chicago love
chicago love 10 kun oldin
That Jordan kid is gonna make hundreds of dollars someday
Logan Morelli
Logan Morelli 11 kun oldin
Michael jorden is the best player ever
assmane999 11 kun oldin
Amazing to think 2 teams passed on the GOAT!!!
Thedarknate08 11 kun oldin
Vince McMahon did commentary for the NBA?
MoogIsle 9 kun oldin
Yeah he sounds just like him lol
DG Oskie
DG Oskie 11 kun oldin
Greatest basketball player of all time! As great a person?
νικος γιώργος
This wasn't indicative of what was coming...
J.J. Wren
J.J. Wren 12 kun oldin
Came into the league absolutely fearless!!! GOAT!
Rakesh Davis
Rakesh Davis 12 kun oldin
Jordan seemed very anxious!
Panos GP
Panos GP 14 kun oldin
Lebron James 1!!Jordan 2!!!!
DON GIO'S WORLD 14 kun oldin
Wow! Looking back now.. MJ, was supper over rated! He sucked.
Brendan Harrington
Brendan Harrington 15 kun oldin
Basketball looked like a elementary school game back then lol
One Hit Wonders Softball
Tupacolypse Now
Tupacolypse Now 15 kun oldin
Just look at this man's first ever bucket at 2:03 and ppl talk about LeBron James wow these guys are some fags I'm sorry
Kyza Yorke
Kyza Yorke 15 kun oldin
First game and he was playing like he had already won chips with supreme confidence.true goat
salvador rodriguez
salvador rodriguez 16 kun oldin
Who was pick number 1and 2 that year in draft?
KiNG COMMAND 16 kun oldin
After this game "A LEGEND WAS BORN"
chong park
chong park 16 kun oldin
Commentator: 'He's going to make an impact on this league!'😂😂😂
jsmall10671 17 kun oldin
Already traveling at 10:23
Toxic Spitter
Toxic Spitter 17 kun oldin
8:03 that hang time block tho!
onebigkahuna69 17 kun oldin
#3 pick?
ChicagoDefense 18 kun oldin
And a legend was born..
DoJoee 18 kun oldin
19 years later, some bum from ohio came to the league and got compared to MJ's greatness.
Tupacolypse Now
Tupacolypse Now 15 kun oldin
How stupid are these people ???
BeachJedi101 18 kun oldin
It amazing, not a single person in the stadium knew they were witnessing the NBA debut of the GOAT.
John Pulford
John Pulford 18 kun oldin
Back when they played defence!
StreetBall YeetBall
StreetBall YeetBall 18 kun oldin
3:57 That was epic with the glitch and all
Bogdan P
Bogdan P 5 kun oldin
That's how powerful his dunks were
JOHN OMODI 18 kun oldin
his first nba shot that made was wicked 2:01
John Q. Public
John Q. Public 18 kun oldin
MJ took this bad team to the playoffs. In fact, he never missed the playoffs in his Bulls career. Broke his foot in 2nd year and management wanted him to sit out the season. He refused and came back to score 63 vs Boston in 1st round loss.
azzuranihil 19 kun oldin
a GOAT is born
funkyflights 19 kun oldin
I don’t think Bulls fans truly knew the ride they were about to go on...
jaclyn thacker
jaclyn thacker 19 kun oldin
Jordon sucked
SwEeZy 19 kun oldin
It was the KO folks. That's what gave him the power. As soon as his head hit the floor he became one with Basketball.
John Lewis
John Lewis 11 kun oldin
Euro American
Euro American 19 kun oldin
Damn, there was 666 comments, before mine.
MAK SOLI 22 kun oldin
I thought he got injured
Nano Villa
Nano Villa 22 kun oldin
you’re wrong if you think mj looks better in his first game compared to Lebron’s first game
Mick 20 kun oldin
Nano Villa yeah but the problem with comparing champions from different eras is that the older champs lifted the standard and laced the younger generation. MJ would have been the bench mark for players coming after.
bill bellychik
bill bellychik 22 kun oldin
@@@5:00 man even jordan over here almost ended his career before it even started by tryin to dunk on tha white man@ @!
Chris Lee
Chris Lee 23 kun oldin
The thing for me is everything was there including heart and desire but theres also this constant underlying grace in how his body moves thats unmatched. It raises everything he did from basketball play to art.
Cory Jarrous
Cory Jarrous 23 kun oldin
Something tells me to keep an eye out on this Steve Johnson fella. Looks like a player...
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2019 ? ? ?
Sick Beats
Sick Beats 25 kun oldin
s m
s m 27 kun oldin
Came back to watch the real goats beginning
God 27 kun oldin
*jordan plays every position as if there were 5 seconds left on the clock. that is true greatness.*
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