Michael Jordan First NBA Game Full Highlights! Gets Standing Ovation in His NBA Debut!

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10.26.1984 Chicago Bulls vs Washington Bullets
*Michael Jordan NBA Debut (good quality)
*box score: www.basketball-reference.com/boxscores/198410260CHI.html
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18-Okt, 2018

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OelOel 2 kun oldin
I bet he'll be a bust
Mika Mikalson
Mika Mikalson 2 kun oldin
This kid might be pretty good some day...
Rockdawg 2 kun oldin
The BEST ever. The GOAT! Lebron SUCKS and he's a D-Bag!
Giant Killer
Giant Killer 2 kun oldin
Wow thanks for the upload this is great! Wish cable was like it is now but back then... 😏👍
mabood1212 2 kun oldin
How did I know Corzine's first name was Dave? I just saw Corzine make the play, and one neuron in my brain that has been dormant for 30+ years, woke up and said "His first name is Dave, remember?" So, I looked it up just to verify - and voila - that little neuron wasn't just living there in my brain rent free for nothing. It provided you this fascinating story!
Good Boy
Good Boy 2 kun oldin
4:55 it's so strange to see that one called travel. League has changed I guess.
Brewin Quinto
Brewin Quinto 2 kun oldin
Jordan is the prime example of drafting the best player available. Where’d Sam Bowie’s career end up?
Liquid bend
Liquid bend 3 kun oldin
History was made this day ... MJ rules !!
daryl holloway
daryl holloway 3 kun oldin
Reminds me alot of Westbrook
Early Earl
Early Earl 3 kun oldin
Jordan at his best in 1990
duyy 1
duyy 1 4 kun oldin
Why does he look like a bald rookie jimmy butler
EDCM Akainu
EDCM Akainu 4 kun oldin
mark my word he will be the Greatest Of All Time. im from the future folks believe me
TheAnonapersons 4 kun oldin
I already saw like 100 fouls that would be called in today's non hand check rule league
vgfjr505 4 kun oldin
Jordan is already smelling blood in his first game in the NBA. He just looks so athletic compare to the other players. Tenacious defender and real motivated to play hard, running the court like a mad man! Look at the competitive juice in just his first game. No fear or hesitation. I'm teling you, he smelled blood!!!
tatay tricks ky baby
Jordan era not enough for gsw
grosskopf2 2 kun oldin
Depends on what era rules you play by.
Steven Hir
Steven Hir 5 kun oldin
Back when all players wore the same color socks.
I Keeps It 100
I Keeps It 100 5 kun oldin
5:13 Say word?! MJ had a Shaqtin' the fool moment and caught the ill spasm in his first NBA game. Javele McGee!!! JM MJ
mt7able 6 kun oldin
It's Jordan's basketball. They're all just playing with it.
Mark Jason Mepieza
Mark Jason Mepieza 6 kun oldin
jordan in the open court is scary..he is fast, quick, strong other than that he uses counters, not flashy cross overs..notice how he reacts as defenders go the other way? in todays game, man he will terrorize everybody..remember how the pistons punished him? in todays game it would be flagrant foul, so hamds down mj tje goat
AJG JR 6 kun oldin
He even made Corrzine look good! 😎
Judah Tribe1969
Judah Tribe1969 7 kun oldin
Thanks for posting this!
Shivanth M
Shivanth M 7 kun oldin
And thus the legend is born!
Cheska Lorin
Cheska Lorin 7 kun oldin
Lebron watch this rookie year of micheal jordan..
cngzgul 7 kun oldin
*10:59** not a bad opening performance for a young rookie.*
Rommel Domingo
Rommel Domingo 7 kun oldin
MJ had 4 blocks
astrotony 7 kun oldin
3:37 Weird seeing him shoot from the side of his head rather than the front.
james gandolfini
james gandolfini 7 kun oldin
Mj is a cunt
Darren Cunningham
Darren Cunningham 7 kun oldin
Announcer at 11:01- "I tell ya. He's going to make an impact on this league..." Never heard truer words.
JiggabooJones 8 kun oldin
Where are the plumbers I don’t understand
Black Panther
Black Panther 8 kun oldin
When You Get A Standing Ovation On Your NBA Debut Game. And When You Also Get A Standing Ovation On The Day That You Retire. You Know You Are The Greatest !!!!
topgrain 8 kun oldin
You kinda knew right then.
dante dt
dante dt 8 kun oldin
5:23 "...I think he's takin a breather more than anything"Haha!
Steve Watson
Steve Watson 9 kun oldin
Thanks for posting 👏
myline gulapa
myline gulapa 9 kun oldin
he looks like floyd mayweather lol
mezanine10 9 kun oldin
Olaujuwon was taken over Jordan. Houston never regretted that.
Mike Stone
Mike Stone 9 kun oldin
I was at this game. I still have my stub! My brother took me, as a birthday gift, from the day, before.
Bruce 10 kun oldin
They ran like gobling gang back then
Jaxon Stickels
Jaxon Stickels 10 kun oldin
Bad Genius
Bad Genius 10 kun oldin
wtf jordan doing dunkin short? lebron's first game was the still the best
Bad Genius
Bad Genius 9 kun oldin
just imagine this put mj in cleveland while lebron with pippen and rodman with a brilliant coach. Mj can't even make it to the first round
Bad Genius
Bad Genius 9 kun oldin
+Edward Thomas Chong yeah yeah chitchat just do it i'm tired of stories of yours
Edward Thomas Chong
I know I can twist your ankle anytime.... and outscore you....
Edward Thomas Chong
Simple..... what was Lebrons total number of games? Lets say Lebron has everything.... Did he ever took any resposibility... He will never had another ring without Allen in miami.... so just msg me if he never change team for a ring.... Lebron search team... Lebron can be terminated.... No Leadership, No accountability... Nothing...
Bad Genius
Bad Genius 9 kun oldin
lebron is all around player mj is just shooting and lock down defence your noob if you don't think all around player is the most dominant and can bring trash team to the finals. jordan can't do that I play ball your moron if you don't know what im sayin
Diego Cuneo
Diego Cuneo 11 kun oldin
2:03 what a move!
Jason Reyes
Jason Reyes 11 kun oldin
10:20 Who does that in their first NBA game?
Jason Reyes
Jason Reyes 11 kun oldin
Who gets double teamed in their first NBA game
Jason Reyes
Jason Reyes 11 kun oldin
Lebron is going to try to get this guy on his team.
Bobby Burns
Bobby Burns 11 kun oldin
The question is was MJ on the JUICE? Did he gamble on NBA games ? Including point shaving on bulls games? Was his Retirement retirements, Actually actually suspensions because of his gambling addiction. Was his fathers murder a mob hit? Conspiracies Maybe maybe not
PositiveEdge 11 kun oldin
That was a crazy fall MJ took off the missed dunk. Sick recovery.
Danny Isambard
Danny Isambard 11 kun oldin
That leaping ability and hang time was just unreal
Chang Kwang Oh
Chang Kwang Oh 11 kun oldin
And his last game, he was a Bullets 🤣🤣
Carnell Douglas
Carnell Douglas 11 kun oldin
That’s jimmy butler daddy in the thumbnail
Lucas Cruz
Lucas Cruz 11 kun oldin
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,...Jordan would destroy lebron and curry on the same night. Not just that the golden state warriors would get flat out stomped by the 90s championship bulls. The 80s prime time lakers would obliterate today’s warriors. The 80s Celtics would walk all over them and the bad boys known as the pistons would mug every single warrior and the one leading the robbery would be none other than Bill Laimbeer followed by his disciple Dennis “the worm” Rodman. Guys that would take Lebron’s soul include the aforementioned Jordan, Earving “magic” Johnson, Larry “legend” Byrd, Dennis Rodman(he would just beat him up and say it wasn’t him who done it), Karl “the mail man” Malone, Dominique “the human highlight reel” Wilkins, Clive “the glide” Drexel, “Big game” James Worthy, every center of the 80s and 90s including Vlade Divac, Moses Malone of a generation before, Dr. Earvin(duh), kobe Bryant aka da black mamba. I may have missed a couple of dozen more. The list is so long. By the way the glove would own curry.
grosskopf2 2 kun oldin
I agree with everything you said but you have to remember, today's NBA don't play by the same rules as back then