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28-Fev, 2018

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Cirru K
Cirru K 2 soat oldin
These dunks are plain compared to the dunks now.
erwin flores
erwin flores Kun oldin
Larry swept this this guy.
Lil Drezzy
Lil Drezzy 2 kun oldin
Did yah see how high mj was, holy mackerel
thetylife 3 kun oldin
That dunk contest with MJ and Nique' was the definition of EPIC!!!! Sure Nique is tremendous and dunked with more power..but I appreciate the grace and beauty of Jordan's more...They both can jump just as high at their athletic peak right there...Man...just look at MJ's head almost touching the rim whilst wearing the net like a crown.....
Francis Ramp
Francis Ramp 4 kun oldin
Aired at night. Filmed in the AM. Jordan is all "stopped up". "Columbian cold" from the night before ? ? ?
Scott ??????
Scott ?????? 5 kun oldin
Bird cheated. Nobody knew it but the basket was bigger for Larry. And the ball was smaller. Every time he got the ball, play was stopped, they'd hand him the smaller ball, put up the extra big basket and then resume play. You never saw it because the games were tape delayed for Larry. And such a dirty player. He would act like he wasn't paying attention and when you'd pass the ball to someone, he'd steal the pass. And he would pass to guys he wasn't looking at, now that's dirty. I see why Jordan didn't make it in baseball, along with not enough talent, because he would think pitching inside to move a hitter off the plate would be considered dirty. Bill made it clear from the day he got into the league that if you came inside, he was going to make you pay. It was no secret. He tried to intimate players from doing that. Happens in football, happens in baseball, happens in hockey, happens soccer. The closer you get to the rim, the plate, the end zone, the goal, the harder I'm going to hit you so next time you try from farther away. Jordan was a great player. Durant is the guy that reminds me of him. Curry reminds me of Iverson, but nobody reminds me of Bird. He was one of a kind. The best way to determine who was the best player ever, is highlight reels. All of Jordan's are of him shooting. Magic is more about passing. Wilt's are dunking and blocking. Birds are shooting, defense, steals, blocks, passing, his own rebounds back in the bucket, and most important, hitting game winners. There have been great talents in the league. Russell Pistol Pete, little Nate, Worthy, McHale, Shaq and Kobe. But none where the player Bird was. We will never see another guy like Larry, ever.
Raul Green
Raul Green 8 kun oldin
This was late night on WBBM-TV Channel 2 Michael Jordan made an appearance on the Aresino Hall show
Alexander MacNuff
Alexander MacNuff 9 kun oldin
fuck off with the fucking ads
bodensick 11 kun oldin
Great white players always get dissed by many of the black players. It bothers them that Bird, Stockton and Maravich were better then they were.
bodensick 11 kun oldin
Michael selling Bird too short. Hey Mike, how about your first playoff against Bird's Celtics? You remember...when Bird kicked yo' ass.
EBthere 12 kun oldin
Arsenio did a great show here with Michael.
jeff kemp
jeff kemp 16 kun oldin
They were all dirty back then, only the Bad Boys got the blame
Janet Dillingham
Janet Dillingham 17 kun oldin
Laimbeer was not playing basketball, for the game. He was putting on a show. He admitted it. He was in it to be the bad guy, the controversy, the hated, and he did it well. I hated him too, until I heard that. And then I understood what everyone should understand about pro sports, that it is the money, the money the money. And if you can’t find a way to make that money, you’re out.
Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor 22 kun oldin
Nique won...what a Dusty Finish
Gerrard Mandzukic
Gerrard Mandzukic 24 kun oldin
hahahaha the commentator said on MJ dunk.. "I couldnt do it in my dreams" hahaha
none of your damn business
1:40 Henry Horner Homes!
Michael Murphy
Magic and Bird built the NBA into what it is. McHale was telling a Bird story about when their commercial flight from Cleveland to New Jersey was delayed by snow. After McHale was finished, Shaq was shocked. "You guys had to fly commercial?" to Barkley "My first two years in the league we had to fly coach!", says Barkley. Bird & Magic raised the profile of the game, especially because of the East Coast / West Coast.
David Wiener
David Wiener Oy oldin
When you are 6 8, you don't need to jump...he dunked...he did better things Larry is the man
awfpunisher Oy oldin
Mike came back at the end and cleared up Bird being dirty, he even said some of his tricks were smart. You can go back to interviews of the time and Mike, while he did not hate Bird was always mad that he could not beat him. So he was ready to throw a small amount of shade, but had love and respect for him., However the same cant be said for Bill. lol
7A Oy oldin
Bill Lame-Beer=we don't like him too good. he's flopping out there!
Fo Reel
Fo Reel Oy oldin
Was very weird to lump Larry Bird in with Bill Laimbeer on dirty play. Completely untrue, and factually incorrect. A rare mistake for his Airness.
Fo Reel
Fo Reel Oy oldin
The Jordan Rules
Gregory Warrick
Then Michael walked in and was all like “I want $40 million” and they were all like “ok”
rafikz77 Oy oldin
I thought MJ was tough What a crybaby...
Jimmy Jameson
Jimmy Jameson Oy oldin
brings out the true racist in that cocksucker....both those blax are racists.
Layne AIC
Layne AIC Oy oldin
Is the interviewer Mr. MC Hammer?
Layne AIC
Layne AIC Oy oldin
+The Beatles i thought it was Pete Best 😂
KristaL Mac  LeoD
theNerve of jordon to call Bird DIRTY.
Terry Smith
Terry Smith Oy oldin
MJ has affected me ever since I heard about him as a kid.
Todd Sanders
Todd Sanders 2 oy oldin
Larry bird was great you have to give him credit that's the real white chocolate
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 2 oy oldin
MJ greatest of all time
Test Flyer
Test Flyer 2 oy oldin
Michael is an ass for comparing Bird to Lambeer...
Moreno12 2 oy oldin
Jordan isn't 0-6 vs bird. Jordan was 0-6 vs the celtics. He played 1vs5
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 2 oy oldin
Larry ... L-E-G-E-N-D
Lightning Brigade
I miss the NBA of the 1980's & 1990's.
Tracy Yeary
Tracy Yeary 2 oy oldin
Charles Oakley with Chicago played dirty also so did Barkley it was the time of the league that allowed it before started given out techs or ejection
Kevin Dufresne
Kevin Dufresne 2 oy oldin
Here is the truth. Jordan was obsessed with to going down as the greatest basketball player of all time, and to many, if not most, he accomplished that goal. He certainly gained the most accolades, largely due to his coaching and team mates and winning Championships. A person with true class does not tout himself, he lets others do it for him, he is humble and accepting of other opinions. Jordan tarnishes his image by running down other truly great players to try to lift himself up above them. That is not what a person of true class does, plain and simple.
Kevin Ketchum
Kevin Ketchum 3 oy oldin
But Michael did a lot of trash talking himself to get inside the head of other players. Some of it was borderline "dirty". He would lull guys with subtle trash talking to get them off guard and then score on them. It's the pot calling the kettle...He was about equal to Larry in "cheating." Also, Jordan routinely carried the ball, aided by the refs...
ultrakool 3 oy oldin
I like how stockton never went with the baggy jordan style trunks and kept his shorty shorts til the day he retired. ha
mrbeaverstate 3 oy oldin
Jordan meant that Larry was white.
Pam Mckellar
Pam Mckellar 3 oy oldin
Jordan was flash and electric ! Bird was a general and a winner !
Jody Craun
Jody Craun 3 oy oldin
Guess how many times Jordan beat Larry bird in the playoffs. 0-6
Robert Hawn
Robert Hawn 3 oy oldin
Bird Kobe Kareem Russell Magic Walton that dude that played in Chicago il you are talking about physical talent LeBron James basketball talent James might be able to make a top ten list if Olajuwon Big O West and other great players slip your brain cell
Garrett Schupp
Garrett Schupp 3 oy oldin
Bird is only player in history that can say I beat them all, even Jordan. Nobody back then can say they beat all the greats then include Jordan, only Larry. Nobody back then can say it and nobody now nor the future can ever say it because none can lace it up with a Jordan in his prime again alone regardless all the other greats during birds career, Jordan alone is the primary factor and Bird is the only man ever on this earth that has done it.
Kedron Young
Kedron Young 3 oy oldin
Jordan is by far the Best Ever! As soon as Jordan had ONE all star with him.... He never lost a championship! Bird is most def in the top 5 of all time but he said himself... Jordan is the best ever!
Kristopher Rolstad
Lambier looks like he’s always running with diarrhea in his shorts
Buckmark 3 oy oldin
I've never heard anyone else say Larry Bird was dirty except for MJ.
Barry richman
Barry richman 4 oy oldin
Labron would destroy MJ on one on one ???
For all those saying that mj is the only one to ever say bird was dirty, c'mon guys. Bird is famously dirty!!! Even HE has admitted to it in the past! C'mon guys.
Servant Of-Yeshua
Great video!!! Thank you
Stgfre 4 oy oldin
Michael Jordan had many calls in his favor. The first clip was a perfect example. He gets past Dennis Rodman and he goes to the basket. Bill Laimbeer is there to guard him, and Michael charges him and throws him to the ground, and the referee call a foul instead of a charge.
1138 PrefixTHX
1138 PrefixTHX 4 oy oldin
Bird playing dirty? Aggressive sure but that was back before raging pussies highjacked the aNBA. No fuckin way he just mentioned him in THE SAME BREATH as Lambier. 0-6 in the playoffs says Bird has the edge on Jordan and maybe he didn’t like that.
robert feeley
robert feeley 4 oy oldin
big thug, but that was his talent
James Brown
James Brown 4 oy oldin
Hey, what a terrific video.
markyncole 4 oy oldin
That Slam Dunk winning from pose by MJ from the Free Throw Line is on a billion shoes 30+ yrs. later,that's how iconic that slam Dunk Contest win was for him.
John B
John B 4 oy oldin
That was a charge foul on mj over lambier. Lambier was stopped completely. Of course lambier probably hacked mj a minute earlier.
john Simmons
john Simmons 4 oy oldin
DAMN this is old
1000Kbaby 4 oy oldin
Bird had 5 HOFERS in his starting lineup when he was playing Jordan I find it funny how people leave that out of the equation when they talk about Young Jordan vs Bird in his prime like Bird didn't step on the court with the team advantage or anybody stopped Jordan the individual stop Bird was great but not on Jordans level as far careers and individual dominance
LinkofEuropa 4 oy oldin
Lmao, he referred to him as not much of a dirty player but more of a intelligent player. Listen to what he's saying.
John Squire
John Squire 4 oy oldin
Larry Birds basketball i.q. was the equivalent of a b.s. a p.h.d. a bachelors degree and about 20 other types of degrees that only a select few can earn in a lifetime of study and Bird had it and I'm sure glad M.J. cleared up that fuck up of bringing up Birds name along side Lambiers which had no business being said in the same breath.
Seminole Nation
Seminole Nation 4 oy oldin
Watch a Dominique Wilkins highlight real. He does double pump rebound dunks without touching the floor. No one does that. No one.
C Besmehn
C Besmehn 4 oy oldin
I remember larry laying on the ground a lot and picking his massive beak. I remember one game he was eating a dirty diaper that LJs grandmama gave him. Birdshit.
Peter Brown
Peter Brown 4 oy oldin
MJ= G.O.A.T.
chazbukowski 5 oy oldin
Yeah, Laimbeer would never block his shot, but what the fuck is Jordan blathering about challenging him to go outside? Like Jordan would ever go outside to settle it with Laimbeer. Laimbeer would crumple him up and throw him in a garbage can, and Jordan knows it. Jordan is just a fake-tough pussy.
Maurice Williams
Maurice Williams 5 oy oldin
Jordsan was all ways concieted
Shah-Allah Shabazz
Nique got robbed in 88
bryston franke
bryston franke 5 oy oldin
tf? Bird wasn't dirty......
This is Laflare Tv
Head at the rim
nomedigaasi 5 oy oldin
I disagree that Bird was dirty, although he did talked too much!
John Donahue
John Donahue 5 oy oldin
The GOAT.......
stone phillips
stone phillips 5 oy oldin
6:50 that's cute
Joey Bishop
Joey Bishop 5 oy oldin
Laimbeer was so underrated. His toughness was just the times... The whole east at the time played hard.
TenThumbs Productions
45?!? C’mon now. Human highlight threw down a 50!
Scott Rackley
Scott Rackley 5 oy oldin
Ok, I'm all on board on Laimbeer being a complete dirty player, the videos are all out there. The reasons Mike gives are nonsense, yes the video given was a "flagrant" in today's game. And he was an asshole. But the explanation that he impeded your way to the hoop because he couldn't "block your shot" is nonsense. Laimbeer was dirty for a lot of things, but impeding your way to the hoop was his job.
rickt1951 5 oy oldin
Bird????? I never seen it.
slikdarelic 5 oy oldin
Dominique's name should've been in the title as well.. 😑
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 5 oy oldin
Great video! !! I must agree 100% with Michael Jordan's statement about Laimbeer being the dirtest player in the league!!! He's one of the main reason's why I hated the PISTONS of the mid 80's and 90's because of their dirtyness style of play on the court!!! Michael Jordan is and always will be the best player in the world no matter what!!!
Gloria Pardo
Gloria Pardo 5 oy oldin
larry bird was the man
Roger Cobbs
Roger Cobbs 5 oy oldin
who is the man seating with Mr. Hall
Amadis Demitrius
Amadis Demitrius 5 oy oldin
The clip of laimbeer fouling out is actually not a dirty play by him at all. Might even have been an offensive foul on MJ but Rodman hauled him down.
Blue glue
Blue glue 5 oy oldin
Jordan jealous coz at that time Bulls can't beat Piston. 88, 89 & 90.
LinkofEuropa 4 oy oldin
Jordan's not really jealous, in fact, if you watch some of the games of the ECF, the Piston were very rough, ESPECIALLY on Jordan. Ever hear of Jordan Rules and what Isiah did basically everytime Jordan went up?
Blue glue
Blue glue 5 oy oldin
Jordan is Liar, there was a video jordan blocked by Laimbeer face to face, Laimbeer is a good center, defender, blocker, rebounder and 3 point shooter. See this video that jordan blocked by Laimbeer...uzvid.com/video/video-fV298N025m4.html
JayTheAdviceGuy 5 oy oldin
Even though Laimbeer could be considered dirty (by MOST, in fact) the plays shown here actually were NOT dirty. lol
Donnell Adams
Donnell Adams 5 oy oldin
Bird beat Michael in the playoffs because Michael was a second year player with no help. McHale HALL OF FAMER. Bird HALL OF FAMER ROBERT PARRISH HALL OF FAMER. DENNIS JOHNSON HALL OF FAMER. MIKE WAS TO YOUNG TO BEAT THE CELTICS
Darrall Jr Williams
Tell that to Isaiah when they were putting the 1992 dream team together 9:45 🤔
Standing In The Rain
I don't think Michael was giving Larry enough credit. After all, Larry didn't need to jump very well. He was one of the best shooters in the history of the NBA and a good trash talker too.
Albert Reus Castelló
Bill Laimbeer betten than Dave Corzine
Toni Stark
Toni Stark 5 oy oldin
Larry Bird shooting form till this day is flawless
jgould30 5 oy oldin
Typical for this show, they always used to sit around and rip on white people.
Yu-Gi-Oh in da hood
Pistol Pete is the real 🐐
John Funk
John Funk 5 oy oldin
Jordan stop whining !!
Thunder'sDad 5 oy oldin
Arsenio is such a bad interviewer.
toomani bandz
toomani bandz 5 oy oldin
I wish MJ would run for president
Floyd Banks
Floyd Banks 5 oy oldin
Dominque got screwed by the judges the year the dunk contest was in Chicago.
Owl29 6 oy oldin
Wallllk! uh, Carry!
PeterLambert2211 6 oy oldin
Jordan is teaching a master class here. Don't get emotional when someone is playing dirty, figure out how to beat them KNOWING they are dirty. Also, listen to how often Jordan says something like, "Not to knock him..." and how he finds ways to compliment people. I know he was a monster competitor and my favorite of all time but this is really interesting.
Greg lastname
Greg lastname 6 oy oldin
Jorden was a great dunker... Larry bird is a legend.
Charles Harding
Lol come on now
Henry West
Henry West 6 oy oldin
Bird was dirty,but it was in the confines of the game.larry bird is larry legend.i have notging bad to say about larry but one of the geeatest legends to play this game.back then,all that crying shit didnt matter.if u came in the middle,your ass will get fouled!!thats the real game.not like now with players who cry alot like lebron james.i dont thin he should be called king.
Mike Lindner
Mike Lindner 6 oy oldin
Larry Bird, Larry Bird, Larry Bird !
Clifford Clopeck
Clifford Clopeck 6 oy oldin
Jordan is dirty as well. They had the jordan rules. Pushing off holding shoving. Never gets called hardly because he was Jordan. The game they won against the Jazz he pushed off of Russell yet no call. Jordan was a dirty player
sweetie pie
sweetie pie 12 kun oldin
and who's the commentator at that time?...Isiah Thomas...!Hahaha..that man Jealous and hated Jordan so badly...
Mr. 86
Mr. 86 Oy oldin
Ah so you saw it too lol slapping the whole hand on a steal but laimbeer made it.
68air 6 oy oldin
Jordan traveled nearly every possession
Kenneth Ketchum
Kenneth Ketchum 5 oy oldin
so true. or was it a carry.