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28-Fev, 2018

Michael Jordankobe bryantnbabasketballlavar balllonzo ballsteph currykawhi leonarddemarcus cousinsfirst takedocumentarytodaynewsdraftdunktop 10top 5nba got game tv



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Marc DeBenedetto
Marc DeBenedetto 17 soat oldin
Why can’t people realize that Kobe is the closest we’ve seen to Jordan, and Lebron is the closest to Magic. I don’t think we’ll see another Bird. Durant is in a new class of his own, and Giannis is the closest to him of his shooting gets better.
Joel Stucki
Joel Stucki Kun oldin
For the record, the reason Jordan didn't beat Bird in the playoffs is that by the time Jordan had a team that could win anything in the playoffs, Bird did not. The '86 Celtics were one of the best teams ever to take the floor. The '86 Bulls sucked except for Jordan. The fact that the '86 Bulls even MADE the playoffs was a huge achievement considering they only had one good player. If they had played each other in the playoffs between 1988 and 92, the Bulls would have destroyed the Celtics in that matchup. I think Larry was freaking incredible, but pointing out the Bulls' playoff record against Bird's Celtics is a stupid reason to put him above MJ. It's a team sport. Larry had a team and Michael didn't.
Chad Edward
Chad Edward 2 kun oldin
If you have the respect from your peers It’s worth more than any championship That’s the most valuable lesson here you clowns.
Michael Evans
Michael Evans 2 kun oldin
Arsenio was lame
JNY 69420
JNY 69420 3 kun oldin
Judes Von
Judes Von 6 kun oldin
If Larry is dirty then Jordan is overrated
james lachs
james lachs 10 kun oldin
Lol. Jordan has 5 million in couch change now.
Del Wayne
Del Wayne 10 kun oldin
Jordan palmed double dribbled etc etc if he played old rules he'd b nothing
Brad Pirochta
Brad Pirochta 11 kun oldin
Typical Jordan. This is why the Pistons walked off the court without shaking their hands. You don't give respect, you don't get respect. Simple as that. They always talk about how dirty Laimbeer was, but they always forget to say that he was a pretty good friggin' player. 4 all-star appearances. You don't get that by being a goon.
Deacon Frost
Deacon Frost 11 kun oldin
Larry bird doesn't jump...........he flys
Jim Vick
Jim Vick 12 kun oldin
That 2 handed windmill was the worst scored dunk in the history of the dunk contest... Any decent dunker can do a 1 handed windmill, 2 handed is utterly ridiculous...
vambo13257 12 kun oldin
Jordan changed his mind on Larry later on, he had great respect for Bird. Laimbeer on the other hand was notoriously dirty
Tyrannosaurus_STFU the III
"Sometimes I dream, that he is me... That's what I dream to be...... I dream I move, I dream I grove like Mike, I wanna be like Mike...." Yes it's real... Look it up
Gary Mercer
Gary Mercer 14 kun oldin
MJ comes across as a cry baby....wag wah wah..... Lam was dirty, Bird was brilliant and smarter than MJ
Steve Rivinius
Steve Rivinius 16 kun oldin
Two racists
Mooks2K66 16 kun oldin
All the greats were dirty. They did everything they needed to do to win! Jordan was dirty too! You don't win playing nice!
10 10
10 10 16 kun oldin
MJ my guy and is the GOAT. But Lambeir is a guy you want on your team.
Los Bombero
Los Bombero 16 kun oldin
Jordan is a cranky old guy, has been for decades. Not a humble bone in his body. Zero respect for almost every other player in history.
t de
t de 17 kun oldin
I didn’t know how racist Jordan was
t de
t de 17 kun oldin
Outside the center position Larry is the second best player to ever play after Jordan. But when Jordan played players just watched him in awe like it was the dream team playing in Barcelona. So it’s a bit difficult to compare affirmative action Jordan to legend bird.
Michael Berta
Michael Berta 18 kun oldin
For as great a basketball player Michael was, he is equally a great person and an example to young people.
Nakia Irvin
Nakia Irvin 19 kun oldin
white boys constantly show their jealousy of black men , and i believe it's because their white women love sucking and fucking us rather then their small pink baby dick having asses lol
RageAgainstTheMachine RageAgainstTheMachine
They Cheated on Wilkins in that Slam Dunk Contest! Fuck Jordan Fuck Bird Fuck Magic Fuck Pippen Fuck Who Don't Like What I Said!
Badass Frank Henry
Badass Frank Henry 20 kun oldin
6:50 ... AH wants to bum fuck MJ so bad.
Badass Frank Henry
Badass Frank Henry 20 kun oldin
Bird owned Jordan.
Amanda tompkins
Amanda tompkins 25 kun oldin
I would love to see Julius earning slamming a contest in his prime.
Amanda tompkins
Amanda tompkins 25 kun oldin
Dominique was so good!
John Dough
John Dough 25 kun oldin
7:33 - yes it was a foul on Jordan's 3rd step which would be traveling. great player, just didn't think he need all the help.
Paul Donovan
Paul Donovan 26 kun oldin
All bullsark aside, manually PLACIN an orb-of-wind inTO a rim,needs to earn a player only 1/3 of a POINT for all da skill and accurate assessment involved!! Its like takinq a baseball,runnin towards da stands wit it,before TOSSIN it off of da field!!
Acoustic Shadow
Acoustic Shadow 29 kun oldin
Arsenio Hall the interviewer sucked.
Mustang Q
Mustang Q 29 kun oldin
Jordan wasn't great because he was faster or he jumped higher he was an avid student of the game.... He himself said he learned alot from bird.... David thompson "klay thompsons dad"..... Dr. J ..... Pistol pete.... Oscar Robinson.... The only person he never credit learning from is magic johnson.... I really feel like he admired magic so in jordan fashion he hated him lol..... Michael also bred this entire generation we see today.... Especially kobe who admired jordan so much he was diet jordan but with a 3 point shot... I remembee watching a tape about lebron and kobe during the usa practises... Lebron said he came to the court to shoot around and practise but kobe was already there since 4 am.... This was at noontime lebron continued to shoot around until 2 or 3pm kobe never left the gym.... Later on kobe said i learned from mike.... U aint gunna out work me muthafucker lol thats what makes u a legend and thats what jordan learned from bird
Jäger Meister
Fuck Jordan. If I were to choose to pay 100 bucks on an authentic Bird Jersey or 20 on an authentic Jordan jersey, I'd take the 33 over the 23 anyday. Bird wasn't dirty. He may have been cocky, but he'd always back it up. Jordan is just a fucking diva, who'd have achieved shit, if it wasn't for his *team mates*, especially Pippen and - prolly the biggest asshole in NBA ever - Rodman. While Bird was a REAL *team player*.
daryl D
daryl D 14 kun oldin
Jordan won 6 titles to birds three. Three were won before Rodman ever played there. Bird wasn't dirty like Bill or Isiah but he'd hold your uniform or something to screw you up. Bird was no angel. Jordan worked hard at basketball just like magic and bird
Keylord Apostol
That dunk with no foul... nowadays, you cant touch the player with the ball
Didn't enjoy your content. Lotta gum bumpin. No action.
For the record, Bird was a bad mammajamma....
Yeah...not worth it. Move on to other Jordan videos
Bedford Oy oldin
I will say this. When the Bulls first encountered the pistons in the playoffs, the bulls lost. Twice i believe before they broke through the pistons an then started winning the championships with the Bulls. Laimbeer and the bad boy pistons forced Jordan to be a more team player. Jordan basically by himself got bulls into playoffs but it was not until Jordan learned to be more of a team in order to win and keep winning. Laimbeer and the pistons were not going to let just one man beat them. You have to have a team of 5 players playing together to have a chance of beating them. I am not a Laimbeer or pistons fan. But if you understand the fundamentals and go back and watch Laimbeer made a lot of really good basketball plays, and he was a fierce competitor. But so was Jordan. Jordan had to evolve a little bit before being able to take out the pistons with his Bulls TEAM.
JMSIII Oy oldin
I have heard that Jordan is not a humble guy, and this shows it. I think he doesn't like Laimbeer and Bird because they are white. Lots of black racism in the NBA, then and now. Look at all the cheap shots that Bird took, sometimes a fractal fracture and still played. Jordan is the only player I have ever heard say Bird was a dirty player. Just watch what they did to Bird, compared to the "hands off of Jordan" era. Even John Salley said, the NBA changed the rules to protect Jordan so he would become the new superstar, and the NBA was marketing him as such. What an arrogant POS he is. I still remember the NBA refs who quit reffing because of the NBA being corrupt. Certain players did not get fouls called on them, while other players got fouls for doing nothing wrong...
jOSE Cant SEE Oy oldin
When someone calls Larry dirty they just admit they were not as good as the him all around. Bird was the best all around BB player on the earth.
Aussie Rob
Aussie Rob Oy oldin
Larry played fair but tough. Wore the singlet with pride . . . Dirty, you cant be serious!!!!!
People say Larry wasn't the quickest, or best jumper around, yet, when I watched him play, I saw many examples of his physical prowess.
B Y Oy oldin
I'll take Dominique over LBJ.
BBBYpsi Oy oldin
If I am being honest the NBA changed the rules for Jordan so he could travel & carry the ball.
Shaun Keyes
Shaun Keyes Oy oldin
Larry Bird was a bad man. I been arguing over him or LeBron for a week. I'd have to have him as my ST if I was picking an all time team. No way around it, not even 20 years after he has retired. He would shred the league way worst now a days.
Brophy Mation
Brophy Mation Oy oldin
Jordan charges. Nba is rigged has been for a long time. It's WWE. Defense is illegal. Literally there is even a rule called illegal defense! Retardedly easy to score.
Hebrew Christian
Larry Joe Bird is the Legend, every player in the NBA who ever played with, or against Jordan, and The Legend, clearly states Larry Bird was, and is the greatest player, shooter, passer, and scorer of all time. Ask Pat Riley chump.
Roblox Whiz
Roblox Whiz 27 kun oldin
This truly was an entertaining viewing experience for me. I've read the hater comments and I just flat out disagree - Birds highlight packages are the best there is. Seeing someone witness his exploits for the first time feels quite satisfying in kind of a weird way but this was fun watching. I don't know if there's a bunch of videos like these with younger people watching older highlights of legendary players but what a great concept. Anyway, Larry Legend is the mack daddy of them all. That's not my quote. Stephen A Smith, the one thing I agree with that he's said (On top of other Larry Legend praises). Young lady I hope you watch more Bird videos in the future study him nobody made basketball into art quite like Larry. Nobody in the history of sport has maximized their talent like Larry Legend. He is the most clutch player in the history of basketball, a winner since day one. Jordan had flash and incredible athletic ability, Magic was insanely agile with the ball, but nobody stuck it in their opponents heart quite like Larry Bird.
C man
C man Oy oldin
Jordan didn't like players that talked smack right back at him (Jordan was a big trash talker as well) giving him a taste of his own medicine. Larry CERTAINLY did that and Jordan didn't like it because Larry would taunt the opposition player matched up to him and would consistently beat them one on one. Jordan hated that about Bird, but they were never really matched up anyways. Bill Laimbeer was a goon and absolutely dirty but he was also a damned good center as well.
Mark Balrak
Mark Balrak Oy oldin
the game was physical in the eigthies and laimbeer was good at his game and i know cause i saw a lot of games throughout 1981-1990 and every team had one or two bad guys and bird was a great shooter but not a jumper
Jay notsure
Jay notsure Oy oldin
Yessiirr 910 port city
The only thing common about Byrd & Laimbeer is that they were both white.
Words of Wizdom
I may be forgetting about someone but anyone else remember anyone, ANYONE with hangtime/soaring abilities like Mike? Such a phenomenal athlete. I love LeBron "except for his racist bs against white people but mike is the goat. Based on skills alone. LeBron would moat certainly beat Jordan 1 on 1 if both were in their primes simply because lebrong is bigger and so much more physical and powerful he can use his body like shaq on push you away with ease so LeBron would simply over power him i think thats a fare and reasonable arguement that anyone with a high basketball iq would most likely agree with but Jordan was just another monster in an actual game setting and I think he proved it. Nevertheless I was very young when jordan was winning titles but I still gotnto see him play and if we were to make a top 10 plays of all time he would be 6-7 of them. The butt smack on the defender, the stair stepper dunk from the foul line the side fading jumper to hit the game winner in the NBA Finals. He was the most astetically pleasing to was he made it looks so amazing. Jordan kobe an bron were my 3 fan to watch of course I didn't get to warch oscar robinson larry bird bill rusel oscar hakeem kareen magic or pistol pete play. I've been so deprived
Scott Marty
Scott Marty Oy oldin
A few things to come to mind for me... 1. What an awesome era for NBA basketball. 2. Can you imagine being at the game where Laimbeer gets his 6th foul on a hostile court and he's making that slow walk back to the bench? 3. Laimbeer could have been to his spot a full 5 seconds before Jordan got there and there's not an NBA official in the land who's gonna call a charge on Michael on his home court. Not gonna happen. I love watching videos and listening to stories about these guys. Simply one of the greatest eras in all of sports. And I say that being a huge MLB fan.
Kyle O'Bryan
Kyle O'Bryan Oy oldin
Did any of you watch Jordan's Hall of Fame Speech? He was a complete asshole. I think he only spoke well of Stockton because they were inducted together. Do you think he would speak well of anyone he was currently playing against? Jordan was almost psychotic in his will to be the best.
Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts Oy oldin
Bird did, micheal
Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts Oy oldin
Bird beat all the great of his time, no one else can say that, I beat you you and you,lol
Vincent Harris
Arsenio Hall, bad interviewer.
vincent   muller
those were great games god bless you all.
Jeffrey Huggins
Jordan is the best ,Attitude , The GOAT best of all time. Saw him play !
Joe Jordan
Joe Jordan Oy oldin
Pete Maravich was the best ball handler in the history of the NBA in the best passer Larry Bird was the most clutch player the NBA's ever seen Michael Jordan was the most spectacular once again Jordan ever beat bird in the playoffs in Michael Jordan is always crying about being hit by lambier you going to the middle that's what happens in that era now the snowflakes back then you get hit voice text
Bill Harris
Bill Harris Oy oldin
Forgot just how weak arsenio was as an interviewer. At least chunky was funny
Andrew Kling
Andrew Kling Oy oldin
you can have everything in the world and still be a whiny bitch
Unicorn Steaks
Laimbeer was an incredibly dirty player. But that was a charge by MJ. He got all the calls.
Bear Blackhawk
Great tl see jordan interviewed. Lebron cant hold a candle to Jordan. MJ always dressed well spoke well. Represented the nba top shelf.
Bcool4now Oy oldin
Hey idiots, jordan was a rookie in the bird playoffs, bird was an experienced winner- kobe never beat jordan in playoffs
StaD Malufet
StaD Malufet Oy oldin
Bcool4now HEY idiot! When bird was a rookie he made it to the ecf, defeated by dr.J but nxt year he got rematch with dr. J and he beat him and went to finals beating the moses malone's rockets. Fyi. Bird never got flat zero in playoffs like jordan. So dont make excuses of being rookie. Bird was so dominant even in his early years in Nba.
Ivan Lendl
Ivan Lendl Oy oldin
MJ=best basketballer ever AH=worst interviewer ever
Ja'Maul Redmond
Lol, Jordan the politician, "No derogatory stuff" , like yelling "Shot midget" to Mugsy???
Wow. I dont wanna doubt Jordan about anything but I never once heard a player call Larry Bird a dirty player and Ive watched every video of pros telling Larry Bird stories. Now Laimbeer? Yeah all of them say that, including Bird. Putting his foot down when they go up in a way thatll roll their ankle when they come down. Dirty sht like that
Laimbeer takes bad angles. First he went for a charge inside the key. Then he went straight down, even somewhat the wrong side the lane and then fouled. Make Jordan step to the center, do that circus shot or get blocked. Bird played 1/2 step ahead Laimbeer played 1/2 step behind.
ralph tynan
ralph tynan 7 kun oldin
Lambeer NEVER EVEN touched him on that reverse! Jordan was a pampered BITXH...ONLY reason it was called!
My My
My My Oy oldin
Funny, I've heard a lot of NBA'ers talking about Bird and you're the first one I heard crying about Bird being a dirty player!
UW 1999
UW 1999 Oy oldin
Jordan is a fucking sellout BITCH
Charles Harmon
Charles Harmon 2 oy oldin
Jordan jealous of not beating Bird EVER in the playoffs so he calls him a dirty player. Classless.
Fred Spain
Fred Spain 2 oy oldin
Arsenio Hall was a joke. Such a kiss ass.
wyakee vinegar
wyakee vinegar 2 oy oldin
Bird was as bad somebody no one could see him but trust if any of birds championship teams had to face the 96 bulls there will be problems
Metal RocksOn
Metal RocksOn 2 oy oldin
The most overrated player ever!! Put him on those scrub teams LeBron took to the finals and Mike wouldn't have even gotten them to the first round! Still jealous of Larry you petty boy!
Cirru K
Cirru K 2 oy oldin
These dunks are plain compared to the dunks now.
erwin flores
erwin flores 2 oy oldin
Larry swept this this guy.
Lil Drezzy
Lil Drezzy 2 oy oldin
Did yah see how high mj was, holy mackerel
thetylife 2 oy oldin
That dunk contest with MJ and Nique' was the definition of EPIC!!!! Sure Nique is tremendous and dunked with more power..but I appreciate the grace and beauty of Jordan's more...They both can jump just as high at their athletic peak right there...Man...just look at MJ's head almost touching the rim whilst wearing the net like a crown.....
Francis Ramp
Francis Ramp 2 oy oldin
Aired at night. Filmed in the AM. Jordan is all "stopped up". "Columbian cold" from the night before ? ? ?
Scott ??????
Scott ?????? 2 oy oldin
Bird cheated. Nobody knew it but the basket was bigger for Larry. And the ball was smaller. Every time he got the ball, play was stopped, they'd hand him the smaller ball, put up the extra big basket and then resume play. You never saw it because the games were tape delayed for Larry. And such a dirty player. He would act like he wasn't paying attention and when you'd pass the ball to someone, he'd steal the pass. And he would pass to guys he wasn't looking at, now that's dirty. I see why Jordan didn't make it in baseball, along with not enough talent, because he would think pitching inside to move a hitter off the plate would be considered dirty. Bill made it clear from the day he got into the league that if you came inside, he was going to make you pay. It was no secret. He tried to intimate players from doing that. Happens in football, happens in baseball, happens in hockey, happens soccer. The closer you get to the rim, the plate, the end zone, the goal, the harder I'm going to hit you so next time you try from farther away. Jordan was a great player. Durant is the guy that reminds me of him. Curry reminds me of Iverson, but nobody reminds me of Bird. He was one of a kind. The best way to determine who was the best player ever, is highlight reels. All of Jordan's are of him shooting. Magic is more about passing. Wilt's are dunking and blocking. Birds are shooting, defense, steals, blocks, passing, his own rebounds back in the bucket, and most important, hitting game winners. There have been great talents in the league. Russell Pistol Pete, little Nate, Worthy, McHale, Shaq and Kobe. But none where the player Bird was. We will never see another guy like Larry, ever.
Raul Green
Raul Green 2 oy oldin
This was late night on WBBM-TV Channel 2 Michael Jordan made an appearance on the Aresino Hall show
Alexander MacNuff
fuck off with the fucking ads
bodensick 2 oy oldin
Great white players always get dissed by many of the black players. It bothers them that Bird, Stockton and Maravich were better then they were.
bodensick 2 oy oldin
Michael selling Bird too short. Hey Mike, how about your first playoff against Bird's Celtics? You remember...when Bird kicked yo' ass.
EBthere 2 oy oldin
Arsenio did a great show here with Michael.
jeff kemp
jeff kemp 2 oy oldin
They were all dirty back then, only the Bad Boys got the blame
Janet Dillingham
Janet Dillingham 2 oy oldin
Laimbeer was not playing basketball, for the game. He was putting on a show. He admitted it. He was in it to be the bad guy, the controversy, the hated, and he did it well. I hated him too, until I heard that. And then I understood what everyone should understand about pro sports, that it is the money, the money the money. And if you can’t find a way to make that money, you’re out.
Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor 3 oy oldin
Nique won...what a Dusty Finish
Gerrard Mandzukic
hahahaha the commentator said on MJ dunk.. "I couldnt do it in my dreams" hahaha
none of your damn business
1:40 Henry Horner Homes!
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy 3 oy oldin
Magic and Bird built the NBA into what it is. McHale was telling a Bird story about when their commercial flight from Cleveland to New Jersey was delayed by snow. After McHale was finished, Shaq was shocked. "You guys had to fly commercial?" to Barkley "My first two years in the league we had to fly coach!", says Barkley. Bird & Magic raised the profile of the game, especially because of the East Coast / West Coast.
David Wiener
David Wiener 3 oy oldin
When you are 6 8, you don't need to jump...he dunked...he did better things Larry is the man
awfpunisher 3 oy oldin
Mike came back at the end and cleared up Bird being dirty, he even said some of his tricks were smart. You can go back to interviews of the time and Mike, while he did not hate Bird was always mad that he could not beat him. So he was ready to throw a small amount of shade, but had love and respect for him., However the same cant be said for Bill. lol
7A 3 oy oldin
Bill Lame-Beer=we don't like him too good. he's flopping out there!
Fo Reel
Fo Reel 3 oy oldin
Was very weird to lump Larry Bird in with Bill Laimbeer on dirty play. Completely untrue, and factually incorrect. A rare mistake for his Airness.
Fo Reel
Fo Reel 3 oy oldin
The Jordan Rules
Gregory Warrick
Gregory Warrick 3 oy oldin
Then Michael walked in and was all like “I want $40 million” and they were all like “ok”
rafikz77 3 oy oldin
I thought MJ was tough What a crybaby...
Jimmy Jameson
Jimmy Jameson 4 oy oldin
brings out the true racist in that cocksucker....both those blax are racists.
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