Michael Ketterer: Father Of 6 Scores Golden Buzzer From Simon Cowell - America's Got Talent 2018

America's Got Talent
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The pediatric mental health nurse from East Tennessee currently resides in Orange County, CA with his wife and six kids. Watch his dreams come true as Simon Cowell gives him the golden buzzer.
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In season 13, NBC's America's Got Talent follows Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and host Tyra Banks in their talent search, showcasing unique performers from across the country.
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With the talent search open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" has brought the variety format back to the forefront of American culture by showcasing unique performers from across the country. The series is a true celebration of the American spirit, featuring a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, jugglers, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying for their chance to win America's hearts and the $1 million prize. Follow judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and host Tyra Banks in their talent search!
Michael Ketterer: Father Of 6 Scores Golden Buzzer From Simon Cowell - America's Got Talent 2018
America's Got Talent




6-Iyn, 2018

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Bergliot Aminah Rolsdorph
Amazing .. What a great Dad..
Roman Joszczyk
Roman Joszczyk 58 daqiqa oldin
2:55 shivers down my spine
Daanos Soat oldin
Raw Talent it is
Arkya Das
Arkya Das 3 soat oldin
Rsn why Simon is the best judge!
Christina Rai
Christina Rai 3 soat oldin
He is just 😍 all way around! When the family came out...😭
al Sel
al Sel 3 soat oldin
I just LOVED it. Man i cud feel the anointing. I didn't even realize i listen to his music on a regular basis until now. The best is yet to come.
Kkwangstar 3 soat oldin
2:55 onward hit me so hard he made me a believer of heaven let me tell ya
Maria Prenga
Maria Prenga 3 soat oldin
Simon knows what he is doing 😢
krasusable 4 soat oldin
Definitely your dream daddy~
Sania Kambey
Sania Kambey 5 soat oldin
Ok I'm crying right now
vinesha kaleyvani
vinesha kaleyvani 5 soat oldin
Wat's the song name??plz tell!!
bert long
bert long 6 soat oldin
Are some of those kids illegal?! Rip them off their family! - dRumPf
Evodie S Faro
Evodie S Faro 6 soat oldin
😧 I don't like to cry but .... 😢 ❤
Cath Kaiser
Cath Kaiser 7 soat oldin
Love his big heart !
Skylar & Ivanna
Skylar & Ivanna 7 soat oldin
anyone else want him to sing dancing on my own, feel like itd fit his voice perfectly. pure talent!
Magical Bear
Magical Bear 8 soat oldin
Ever StanDinG
Ever StanDinG 8 soat oldin
this guy is so phony .. just made up some sob words because he knows in AGT singer+sob story=golden buzzer... and the black kid at 4:13 is looking at her like, can i go back to my real parents now? 😂 he even got a crippled kid with him to complete the show
maruette sumel
maruette sumel 6 soat oldin
are you so mentally disabled and thick to have no empathy like this? i wonder who hurt you
Earl J.Pimentel
Earl J.Pimentel 9 soat oldin
Thats my brother right there!. Love you mike!.
Nimfa Sitaca
Nimfa Sitaca 10 soat oldin
Simon is human!
Michael Miller
Michael Miller 10 soat oldin
Who are the curmudgeons who disliked this? Shame on them!
Anita Lemus
Anita Lemus 11 soat oldin
I want him or the guy with tick to win but his voice his voice gave me goosebumps!
InfinitySplitDa456 11 soat oldin
United Pursuit!
SPIM CLASS 11 soat oldin
I really really LOVE this version
gladson fernandes
gladson fernandes 12 soat oldin
Nice voice
Roosh 12 soat oldin
If I ever go on AGT, I will just walk on stage and say... "Children. Mental Health. Poor Children. Disabled Children. Dreams. America." *golden buzzer* 🎉
Jellal Dragneel
Jellal Dragneel 3 soat oldin
hahaaahaha. true
Reyjenald Tence
Reyjenald Tence 13 soat oldin
wow... he is an amazing dad with such beautiful kids. I just love how he comes to Americas got talent with such a heartwarming message...
Jami Marie
Jami Marie 13 soat oldin
EverydayShay Irène
EverydayShay Irène 13 soat oldin
I need him beautiluf eyes to look at me not close 👓 👀😍👀👓
Anne A.
Anne A. 14 soat oldin
His eyes are so beautiful
Chris Corbo
Chris Corbo 14 soat oldin
I love his voice. Incredible
Peanut 14 soat oldin
He´s from United Pursuit! Great band! :) I think each one of their singers could easily get a golden buzzer really!!!
Cassie Luv
Cassie Luv 15 soat oldin
I think my thumb is stuck to the replay button :-( can someone help?
rukatron 15 soat oldin
When you have all four judges in your pocket, because of your background history...
Danielle Kook
Danielle Kook 15 soat oldin
Makes me cry every time I watch this
OP Legend
OP Legend 16 soat oldin
Who disliked this?
Mike C
Mike C 16 soat oldin
His eyes are beautiful! It’s why he sees so far to help others! 🔥🧡
Channaelise Rich
Channaelise Rich 16 soat oldin
He reminded me of Superman. Literally a Super beautiful man inside and out.
Taylor Tibbetts
Taylor Tibbetts 17 soat oldin
i honestly cried because of how sweet this was and his voice is so genuine and real. so so beautlful
Jokerbros uk
Jokerbros uk 17 soat oldin
Theres the winner
Juanse Laverde
Juanse Laverde 17 soat oldin
Rick Guerrero
Rick Guerrero 17 soat oldin
What a blessing that I watched this for the first time on Father's Day
Kacie Lysne
Kacie Lysne 17 soat oldin
I’d buy his album in a heartbeat
Kacie Lysne
Kacie Lysne 17 soat oldin
When he was closing his eyes so hard when the music started playing.. that’s when you know, you feel that soul, that someone is special. Kind of like James Arthur when he was on here... he always closed his eyes so tight and it’s like he was giving his soul to the music
Kacie Lysne
Kacie Lysne 17 soat oldin
Fernando Torres
Fernando Torres 17 soat oldin
What's name of the aong?
Fatima Aziz
Fatima Aziz 17 soat oldin
This was so beautiful to watch I actually cried oh my god I wish him the best
ElfGirlWarrior 18 soat oldin
This guy deserved the golden buzzer! ⭐️♥️⭐️♥️
aniyah dickson
aniyah dickson 18 soat oldin
Close your eyes and listen
It's MOMO 18 soat oldin
OMG best audition ever
anthony baioa
anthony baioa 18 soat oldin
Father of 7 ! Hey zaddy
Hani Calista
Hani Calista 19 soat oldin
He got his golden buzzer actually for his story tho!
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 19 soat oldin
I want my heart to be as big as his.
Abhijeet Khatri
Abhijeet Khatri 19 soat oldin
Nice singer and nice person keep it up man we r proud of u
Lucky Maria
Lucky Maria 19 soat oldin
It gives you a lot of hope knowing there still are good people on this world
MARLON TIBIO R. 19 soat oldin
He makes me cry. I can feel the Story and emotions towards the person he is singing for. Absolutely beautiful.
Ricky Naicker
Ricky Naicker 20 soat oldin
I hope this guy goes through to the finals. Big heart, huge talent and brilliant performance. Ricky Naicker from beautiful South Africa
pachy 20 soat oldin
Idk why but evry time I watch this I begin to cey
Stephanie Murray
Stephanie Murray 20 soat oldin
A good person, and good looking and a good voice , god bless him and his ,,
Bharani Nath
Bharani Nath 21 soat oldin
Simon doesn't give Golden buzzer so easily. If he did, you know you must really be too good.
Marie Essberger
Marie Essberger 21 soat oldin
Truly beautiful.❤
Ultraviolence 21 soat oldin
You know you're THAT good when Simon Cowell presses his Golden Buzzer for you. A huge clap to Michael for being a driven, incredible and passionate singer/dad/person.
Ultraviolence 21 soat oldin
There's so much passion, life and color in his voice. He is not just a great singer, he is also a great dad and a human being in general. By the way, his eyes emanates something so magical. This is a brilliant audition. ❤️
Maria Prieto
Maria Prieto 21 soat oldin
NiNi to #6
NiNi to #6 21 soat oldin
I love Simon!!!
Crazyman 935
Crazyman 935 22 soat oldin
Simon looked hella gay
Nicolae Cauni
Nicolae Cauni 22 soat oldin
This is the first time when i cry beautiful family and story his voice is something special and i hope too have a nice carrier in music need people like him with pure soul 😊😊😊
AgWil Free
AgWil Free 22 soat oldin
I have watched him over and over again on UZvid so I could just see him though I love the show
Vilat Sasax
Vilat Sasax 22 soat oldin
maybe he should change his glasses. he could show more of his eyes. because his eyes is beautiful...
Supantha Gogoi
Supantha Gogoi 22 soat oldin
This made me cry so hard.😭😭❤if only more people loved the way he does.what a huge heart he has.i wish I had a man like him in my life.
Sultan Ayu
Sultan Ayu 23 soat oldin
I hope he win the show
Mr M
Mr M 23 soat oldin
What's with the sob story at the start??
Skipper Nemo
Skipper Nemo 23 soat oldin
Literally having goosebumps while watching this☺️☺️
Sultan23 23 soat oldin
Hy the best 💪🏻
Naeemo Iraqi
Naeemo Iraqi 23 soat oldin
صوت عذب جدا
leila rezazad
leila rezazad Kun oldin
so emotional , brings tears to ones eyes. very very special person
Greg Gomes
Greg Gomes Kun oldin
Nathaniel Quijano
I cried when all his children ran towards him and I saw someone in a wheelchair. That kid reminds me of my sister. This man will get far in the competition. He can actually win this whole thing.
Isabella Martinez
He was my nurse when I was in the hospital he brought me and my friend a popsicle that’s so crazy I new he was a Christian singer but wow he killed it
Ahinata Yo
Ahinata Yo Kun oldin
Everyone waiting for perfect moment to stand n shout....lol :)
Christine Walters
Tears here too
Q K Kun oldin
His voice is for sure amazing, but his goodness and heart are absolutely brilliant. World needs people like him.
Nganthoi Laishram
Can't stop crying. It's beautiful to watch. Everything
Eponine Kim
Eponine Kim Kun oldin
The life story and the compassion on how he delivers the song got met into tears. Happy Father's Day 👊❤
NetWolf3D Kun oldin
Sebastian Bijan
Sebastian Bijan Kun oldin
Just for being a great human being he should win this year.
WingsOfAnarchy Kun oldin
I am just saying, his first reaction to the gold buzzer was to turn straight to his family
RahCuna Kun oldin
What's name song?
Mohd Fared
Mohd Fared Kun oldin
the pain in this guy's voice.....
Brioni Fields
Brioni Fields Kun oldin
Micheal awesome job you really touched me with your story ❤ 😢😢 and that voice is amazing....
Elaiya Ubmil
Elaiya Ubmil Kun oldin
lil wowzerz
lil wowzerz Kun oldin
Looks like logics long lost older brother
Royce Reid
Royce Reid Kun oldin
He is so darn good. Showed his emotions amd we felt it. But tbh im sick of just singers getting the golden buzzer. Im not saying he didnt deserve it, because he did, but so many others deserve it too. Its a bias system. I mean how good was the guy with the diablo
Lon Sniper
Lon Sniper Kun oldin
truely a Big Heart...
Digitalbumpin Kun oldin
True Beta Male weakling with his little sissy nose ring and tats.
gematria79 Kun oldin
Fatherhood really humanized Simon. I know the entertainment business is tough & cold, but finding your compassion is a blessing .
Chad Moosuk
Chad Moosuk Kun oldin
What a beautiful specimen❤️
Jenn K
Jenn K Kun oldin
I wish he sang the whole song, Obsessed with his cover, way better than the original.
Maya Simova
Maya Simova Kun oldin
Wow. He is really good
Anne Montefalco
Anne Montefalco Kun oldin
I cried. Cause I really feel the song.