Michael Wilbon on Kevin Durant-Patrick Beverley ejection, Amir Johnson cell phone | SportsCenter

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Michael Wilbon joins SportsCenter to share his thoughts on Kevin Durant and Patrick Beverley being ejected from Game 1 of the first round of the 2019 NBA playoffs, the LA Clippers' chances of winning a first-round game against the Golden State Warriors, and Amir Johnson being fined by the Philadelphia 76ers for having his cell phone on the bench.
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14-Apr, 2019



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confusedwhale 3 kun oldin
All I can think when I see that thumbnail is, "Go ahead and kiss him. Let your love shine proud. Just do it."
John Ambroise
John Ambroise 6 kun oldin
This style of basketball was straight 90's ballin and it was great cuz it challenged you mentally and physically. A bunch of pussy calls nowadays. Imagine kd tryna to drive to the basket on the Detroit bad boys...gtfo
*jake *
*jake * 7 kun oldin
I respect his answer
miopera40 7 kun oldin
Both bad calls, comunists shouldn't be reffing
Tony A
Tony A 7 kun oldin
Patrick Beverley isn't from the southside, he is from the westside of Chicago he went to Marshall high school on Kedzie and Adams. I wish he was born earlier to play in the real nba in the 1980's he was interested in sports not gangs,he's saw it all. He's not feared on the court,i'm not talking fighting i'm talking about what he does that's defense playing basketball he's a westside ruffrider he play defense whether you like him of not. Derrick Rose is from the southside from Simeon high school, us westsider wanted Marshall to win and they lost. We love Derrick Rose like we love Patrick Beverley . Those two young men was fun to watch,we have Chicago love for them and Iman shumpert,Evan Turner and Anthony Davis
Gen. UnoKONGO 7 kun oldin
Wow ! When you think "Back-in-the Day"....Imagine Beverly pestering: Charles Oakley; Anthony Mason or John Starks like that.....Remember HEAT / KNICKS battles.....
kristyn mcintosh
kristyn mcintosh 7 kun oldin
I love that Wilbon is still on espn!
TheJking85 8 kun oldin
NBA = National Bitch Association
Chidi Okonmah
Chidi Okonmah 8 kun oldin
P. Beverly went to Marshall. White Sox - Southside Cubs - Northside Bulls/Blackhawks -Westside
Great Sisyphus
Great Sisyphus 8 kun oldin
People concluding that Beverly is smart from this don't know WTF they're talking about. This is what he does. As a fan of basketball, I love it. But provocation and annoyance are his bread and butter. The "smartness" came years ago when he figured out that this is his in in the NBA. Nothing new here. As for KD, we'll see if he can really control himself. If he can, he won this psychological game with Beverly. If he can't, Beverly won.
Ray Alexander
Ray Alexander 8 kun oldin
Beverly is a pestilence. !! He is a ugly cockroach with locks .Him and paul got alot in common. They are #shady
Flagg Staff
Flagg Staff 8 kun oldin
Mr. Wilbourne, mention the non-call foul on #30SC while shooting a 3ptr, trapped btwn 2 defenders & contact in the air?? Just say all the non-calls for both teams.
Hairguy 8 kun oldin
Loved Steph crashing over Beverly for that rebound
QuillsWay ASMR
QuillsWay ASMR 8 kun oldin
Thomas Bisignani
Thomas Bisignani 8 kun oldin
If you have a sick child give someone your phone and have them update you on your child. Tell mgmt you must sit in locker room for game because child is sick or just be at your childs side
Philip Fontaine
Philip Fontaine 8 kun oldin
Dude that Sh** was so funny. Watching Durant just like stampede him on that last play. Like dude I'm twice your size take that.
JamesJoyce12 8 kun oldin
Durant is like a child - a very... very... slow child.
The Fixer
The Fixer 8 kun oldin
I hate Beverley but I wish he’d swing on GayD
B. G20
B. G20 8 kun oldin
That's it? They got ejected? Come on the nba now is just so soft
perdió halo
perdió halo 8 kun oldin
fuck kevin Durant till I die
Travis Foster
Travis Foster 8 kun oldin
Patrick Beverly Is From The West Side Of Chicago 🅿️
Lord TraeD Izzo
Lord TraeD Izzo 8 kun oldin
I'm tired of Pat Beverly antics, cut it out play ball bruh.. All that yapping and flopping just makes him look dumb
Primo H
Primo H 8 kun oldin
I liked kev b4 he got to Oakland..nigga is a lame..he still hasn't stopped talkn
kwfown 8 kun oldin
Strat for defeating GS REVEALED: take your 12th man and teach him how to provoke KD, Curry, Green, Cousin; double ejection; PROFIT!!
Zachary Willis
Zachary Willis 8 kun oldin
Patrick Beverly is from the west side
Dave Arcuri
Dave Arcuri 8 kun oldin
Fuck basketball
Hanford Reach
Hanford Reach 8 kun oldin
michael wilbon is a force of nature
Bear 7
Bear 7 8 kun oldin
How does the NBA still attract viewers?!?! This is the NBA now?! This is straight up SHIIIIIIIIIT!!! Y’all can have this stupid ass kitty cat bball. What a crock of shit.......
Billy Boy
Billy Boy 8 kun oldin
Media is the King of Drama Queen 👎👎😱😱👎👎
Tim D
Tim D 8 kun oldin
Beverly is from the westside of Chicago
Biz Denardo
Biz Denardo 8 kun oldin
Refs need 👓
BGOOD2 Life 8 kun oldin
Would you like to be, in Patrick Beverly position? The sacrificial lamb trying to contain the best player in the NBA. Kevin Durant. Agree or Disagree? Just curious.
Luka xXlunch pail guyXx Doncic
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 8 kun oldin
#37 on trending street
aj j
aj j 8 kun oldin
luvlgs1 8 kun oldin
i'm a huge warriors fan for years, but I love Patrick Beverly. tenacious D to the Nth degree. gutty little guy...
Raptors Nation
Raptors Nation 8 kun oldin
These refs are hoes smh
Kenneth Petovic
Kenneth Petovic 8 kun oldin
John Hollins
John Hollins 8 kun oldin
If Patrick Beverley, played against James Harden. Would James Harden get ejected from the game? Or just Patrick Beverley? I believe Patrick Beverley would be the only to get ejected from the game.
Angelo Junio
Angelo Junio 8 kun oldin
better NBA games without those Patrick Beverly kinds
Sheldon Gray
Sheldon Gray 9 kun oldin
The rigg is in play. Watch!
DNIC 9 kun oldin
Man making excuses because he is from Chicago. Gtf out of here Wilbon!!! Nothing southside about u!!!
swerve Woods
swerve Woods 9 kun oldin
Warrior fans can eat a dick
Fred Felton III
Fred Felton III 9 kun oldin
KD don't want that Beverly SMOKE
ATL 1 9 kun oldin
Patrick Beverly isn't the biggest, he isn't the fastest, or the strongest, any kid can be Patrick Beverly.
Hi Tops 2 Hi Hats
Hi Tops 2 Hi Hats 9 kun oldin
"The 1st half of this one was close". HAAAAAA!!!! After all thee years they STILL don't realize the Warriors don't start playing until the 3rd quarter? HA!!!!
Darien J
Darien J 9 kun oldin
Pat from the West side of Chicago never said anything about south side
Ty Lito
Ty Lito 9 kun oldin
Ppl freaking out bout the phone thing is pathetic. Could yall imagine if youre at work checking to see if your daughter is good and your boss took money out your paycheck..
Jerry Beloin
Jerry Beloin 9 kun oldin
Who wouldnt love Beverly ok maybe if he wasnt on your team 🤣🤣
TDB 9 kun oldin
How did Amir Johnson get fined? Bruh he was checking on his sick child. That’s bullshit
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 9 kun oldin
He never said southside of chicago and patrick Beverly is from westside of chicago wilbon is supposed to be from chicago and dont know that cmon wilbon
Ricochetrabitt 9 kun oldin
Who cares, it was a cellphone. He wasnt in the game and neither was Joel. They act like he was texting in a bomb threat
Mike Bellagio Music/Gaming
Orlando will show the league there back
Charles T.
Charles T. 9 kun oldin
Beverly is trash.. he doesn’t play basketball he plays trash and dirty because he has no real skill... he should have been thrown out the league when he destroyed Westbrook’s knee on a dirty play... one of these days karma gonna catch up to bev, either that or a two piece... funny how Beverly doesn’t try his dirty plays on player who will puts hand on him...
A.J Kingston
A.J Kingston 9 kun oldin
This is actually a dumb idea. Kd doesn't have to take over in this series like he did last year. The warriors can just give the ball to curry and make him go off. Making him "slow down" Durant does nothing. He still going to drop 20 on him. Put bev on curry so he can shut him down. Advise from a warriors fan
LA Clippers
LA Clippers 9 kun oldin
I love Pat Beverley but not the expense of keeping him over the chance to get KD, Kawhi, or any other star. We're NOT going to win games from Pat's big mouth.
LA Clippers
LA Clippers 9 kun oldin
Pat is 6'1 and skinny. Someone like Steven Adams can injure him very easily. He needs to stop being a pest like Rob Pelinka and Rich Paul and just play basketball. Shut up and dribble!
LA Clippers
LA Clippers 9 kun oldin
Pat needs to just play. All his talk is just to camouflage that he lacks real talent. We need KD or Kawhi's talent more than we need Bev's scrappy attitude with mediocre talent to take us to the next level.
Gail Aldea
Gail Aldea 8 kun oldin
But his team need him to eject, distract or injure key players of opposing team. Beverly value is far more bigger than their most talented player as he will take out the shooting capacity of his opponent star players, so clippers ultimately wins!!!
LA Clippers
LA Clippers 9 kun oldin
All the Clippers had to do was win that Lakers game and we would be the 6th seed facing Portland today. Stupidity.
Barry Davis
Barry Davis 8 kun oldin
STR8HT TRUCK'N 9 kun oldin
Beverly is from the west side. Commitment. Wilbon u from Chicago u should know this. South siders dont have that edge anyway that west siders do. Isiah Thomas Beverly Tony Allen. Tim hardaway wezt side got them thugs
Tigerex966 9 kun oldin
Another week another KD ejection, he is trying hard to creat a bad boy image!
Tigerex966 9 kun oldin
Klay was ICE COLD!!!, until it mattered. Good deefense though. Bad calls and make up calls for those bad calls.
Tigerex966 9 kun oldin
I said this before, the way to beat Golden state is to go after KD, Cousins, and Green and get them to add up those techs and get ejected, maybe a whole future game, and KD fell for it, luckily they had a big lead at the time. COusins wanted to but, but kept his cool because a max deal is lost if he goes crazy and they lose a game, Green will not get a max but millions will be lost if he has to sit out a game and they lose when contract talks come up. KD does not have to worry about anything he gets max win or lose championship or not if he gets a technical or ejection, he has no worries. So he is the one to focus on for other teams to get him ejected.
bokim rain
bokim rain 9 kun oldin
This is example of the principle getting between two black players that he doesn't under stand anyway and passing out judgment that he doesn't understand is just black banter
Cantoxii 9 kun oldin
Michael wilbon so nice gentle talking to everyone who isn't named Tony Kornheiser
DJuan Brown
DJuan Brown 9 kun oldin
I feel like we gone see the famous Draymond Soccer Kick and the Beverly Bomb Knee Tackle. We’ll see you next week on WWE
Rahsaan Henderson
Rahsaan Henderson 9 kun oldin
Somebody need to just take Patrick Beverly out with a hard foul or some shit he is fucking wack!!!
Darrion Strong
Darrion Strong 9 kun oldin
Pat from the westside 💯 🤦🏽‍♂️
Hunch Burnem
Hunch Burnem 9 kun oldin
Oh how cupcake tries to be hard. Keep going paper tiger, dubs don’t need you anyway. Exactly why you went there, get a ring without needing to do any work. POS bum.
XOTheOverdose 9 kun oldin
Man, I don’t think Amir is wrong, IF he was really checking on his ill daughter. No occupation comes before your child. Being a father is your first occupation if anything. Do I feel like he should be fined? No, but at the same time, I know the NBA has it’s rules & they can’t really lift their foot off the rules for one person. I’d just run with the consequences as a man & move on.
Bobby Rich
Bobby Rich 9 kun oldin
Nba rigged lol
Last scene missin
Last scene missin 9 kun oldin
It's BS to give them techs. Beverly wanted it and kd is just playing basketball.
Turbocat 9 kun oldin
1:14 that fan between beverley and durant definitely got his moneys worth
weeh Dinga
weeh Dinga 9 kun oldin
fuck NBA ref and NBA itsRIG they want Houston and GSW on the Finals too bad Blazzers win the last game of the season that ADAM SILVER FAG plan did not work, suck my dick NBA ESPN RIG REFS and System
Aubrey Smith
Aubrey Smith 9 kun oldin
Isn't KD going to be suspended? # FuckKD
Angel 1908
Angel 1908 9 kun oldin
Yea he is right! But don’t care what anyone says the way Embid sound explaining it was Hilarious 😂
Francisco Sosa
Francisco Sosa 9 kun oldin
Stop ejecting players for this shit, it’s like you bitches are like HOLD ON THINGS ARE GETTING TO INTERESTING AND COMPETITIVE, BETTER FUCK IT UP FOR THE FANS.
Trenton Gipson
Trenton Gipson 9 kun oldin
If patrick was 6-8 mannnn it be over
DJaySplitSecond 9 kun oldin
Beverly signed a check with his mout that his ass couldn’t cash!!
a180baller 9 kun oldin
Yo we need wilbon on a morning talk show he keeps it real
Curry 1
Curry 1 9 kun oldin
Refs are a complete joke anymore
Zeke Montgomery
Zeke Montgomery 9 kun oldin
If that was the case then he should’ve been with his sick daughter
ModernDay MilkMan
ModernDay MilkMan 9 kun oldin
Okay, we get it. Patrick Beverly is “tough” . If I didn’t know any better, he’s a clout chaser. But your 10 ppg won’t matter here, so...
tramont davenport
tramont davenport 9 kun oldin
He's wearing the white sox hat in honor of Nipsey
youngrosie1 9 kun oldin
Beverly from the west side of Chicago he played at Marshall high school 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 9 kun oldin
Pissed me off when wilbon said that so thirsty to give Southside some clout
Robin Hood
Robin Hood 9 kun oldin
That was a weak ass ejection. The LGBT progressive movement has reached the league as well.
Focuz Hard
Focuz Hard 9 kun oldin
KD. Forget the Knicks and Nets. Make the Bulls great again!!!
Amad Zee
Amad Zee 9 kun oldin
The Knicks have never been great
John Pacheco
John Pacheco 9 kun oldin
Durant didn't even push him Beverly dove forward lol
Spencer D.
Spencer D. 9 kun oldin
Bro they missed so many calls against the Warriors too. It was just bad officiating all around.
James Ballsworth
James Ballsworth 9 kun oldin
how can a professional referee be so tone deaf? THEY AREN'T THERE TO WATCH YOU BLOW YOUR WHISTLE, YOU WEASEL. let them play for fucks sake.
Edward Anguiano
Edward Anguiano 9 kun oldin
That ref is a bitch. Let them play and talk shit. It’s the playoffs man wtf?!
B defonzo
B defonzo 9 kun oldin
Common, really ref misses a call all the time.
Costone90 9 kun oldin
Kevin looked like he was trying to jump the guy. calm down Kevin
Ty Lito
Ty Lito 9 kun oldin
1 guy cant jump a guy, dumbass
Shaun Strong
Shaun Strong 9 kun oldin
Just good playoff bball
swissbeats2k 9 kun oldin
Kevin Durant is so fuckin soft and sensitive!
Part-Time Vegan
Part-Time Vegan 9 kun oldin
Shout out to PB from Arkansas!
asterisk911 9 kun oldin
You do have to wonder about Rivers's strategy. Everyone says the Warriors got lucky in 2015 that Curry didn't have to face Beverly who was hurt (as well as Conley and, for most of the series, Kyrie) but Doc Rivers is deliberately stopping Curry from having to face Beverly in 2019 so that Beverly can, what?, hold KD to 23 points on 16 field goal attempts?
ROBBIE SilentHiLL 9 kun oldin
I’m from Chicago south side wild 100ths and moved out of there many years ago. I hate it when dudes from the south side think they’re tough and bring that attitude everywhere soooo annoying. Bruh youre in the NBA man.... woooow... “I’m from Chicago, so I’m automatically tough so oh better hide and run from me” yea ok..
zyl zyl
zyl zyl 9 kun oldin
If KD wsnted to hit him he would had done something but he had his hands behind his back wjen he was getting off the floor
嗯哼大王 9 kun oldin
Partick is a fight dog.Good player.
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