Mike Pence Isn't A Lock For The 2020 Ticket

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Mike Pence was discussed at a recent 2020 strategy meeting between the President and his advisors. Which isn't a good thing for Mike Pence.
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8-Dek, 2018



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Just Human
Just Human 26 kun oldin
Hey America, Pence is the Christian taliban... I would rather have dumpf dunce as President
james watt
james watt Oy oldin
Blind loyalty to the fuhrer guarantees nothing. That's one of the lessons people should have learned from Hitler. Then again, learning isn't a RepubliKlan strong point.
Seiko Wolfe
Seiko Wolfe 2 oy oldin
As interesting does that sound... I'm not sure abput jettisoning, but he sure can't say "YOU'RE FIRED!!" to Pence.
Tom Voke
Tom Voke 2 oy oldin
Sure Mikey is a lock, lock as in he'll be locked up in jail.
Nancy Ann
Nancy Ann 2 oy oldin
Damn! You are good! ❤
jd dj
jd dj 2 oy oldin
It is sad that Pence like so many place more importance on party, position, and paycheck, than speaking up when it comes to what is right and wrong. This in itself should show Americans what most of our Congresspeople, Senate, House Reps, President, Vice President State and Local Officials are made up of, absolutely no ethics, no morals, no value in anything else but party, position, paycheck.
Khuong Khuu
Khuong Khuu 2 oy oldin
Pence for President 2020
David Porter
David Porter 2 oy oldin
Trump to save snap benifitsP
ANDRES Catella
ANDRES Catella 2 oy oldin
Tristan Möller
Tristan Möller 2 oy oldin
Why would you play both outros? The first one is good enough, one at all is good enough. But the second one is a little too loud anyways
Quix 2 oy oldin
I'm not sure Donald Trump is a lock for the 2020 ticket.
Sheboygan Shovel
Sheboygan Shovel 2 oy oldin
"17 times the dreams of a goldfish." Delicious
Just busting your balls
Americans tend to buy big suv's. Why?
stonesforlife 3 oy oldin
The 3 wealthiest countries in the world - Iceland, Switzerland and Australia are not among the top 10 polluting nations...
Totally Nameless
Totally Nameless 3 oy oldin
"Dreams of a Goldfish" is actually a great phrase. Has someone considered using that for a band name?
elbyguitars 3 oy oldin
I wish I could forget about Mike Pence.
S Miller
S Miller 3 oy oldin
3:00 Colbert's next children's book ideas?...
dlee t
dlee t 3 oy oldin
Colbert has surpassed Carson, imo. Acting is a good quality for a comedic role.
dlee t
dlee t 3 oy oldin
" A manilla envelope taped to a beige wall" --Shakespeare would be proud.
stevieinselby 3 oy oldin
Given that freight trains are really slow, and take months to get up to speed, "accelerating like a freight train" is actually really not a problem. It just sounds scary. Unlike global warming, which sounds nice, but is actually really scary.
Nika C.
Nika C. 3 oy oldin
throw the whole Pence away
Gigi Sinclair
Gigi Sinclair 3 oy oldin
Pence is a robot, not human.
W P 3 oy oldin
One week Stephen will sing the Friday song, very nice.
Donnell Coleman II
On Becky! 😂😂😂
Kay 3 oy oldin
So 37.1 gigatons is 60 times more than the combined weight of every asian elephant left on earth. That's the combined weight of 18.5 MILLION cars (More than all the cars in California), or 412 MILLION PEOPLE (More than the entire US population) in emissions alone. Think about that.
Kay 3 oy oldin
Actually I just realized I mistook giga for mega. Those numbers are actually 1000x higher.
Bear Moth Owl
Bear Moth Owl 3 oy oldin
"... 17 times the dream of a goldfish." xD
melvina628 3 oy oldin
02:42 Best joke: "dreams of a goldfish".
matt 3 oy oldin
I guess trumps people don’t have the heart to tell him he’s got no chance of getting re-elected in 2020 he lied about all his promises to the people he’s implicated in multiple felonies he can’t get his wall built or really anything more done now the dems have the house he barely won in 2016 if he loses any votes at all he will lose re-election plus he’s probably going to get indicted once he’s out of office
Virka Odinenko
Virka Odinenko 3 oy oldin
A M 3 oy oldin
Trump 2020 for Sing Sing.
RAINY DAY 3 oy oldin
really pathetic jokes. his career is going down the drain
imnotmike 3 oy oldin
I would say that Donald Trump isn't a lock for the 2020 ticket...
David Anthony Stone
They are all going down. Nancy P will be the President
mitzi linn
mitzi linn 3 oy oldin
guess trump wants to lose the evangelicals ...or want Jerry Falwell Jr to be his running mate
Matt Kent
Matt Kent 3 oy oldin
He is like parsley that thinks the Earth is only 6000 years old and that evolution isn't happening and that speaking to woman alone is immoral. . . So. . . He is actually just a crazy person. . .
Tno Fenobi
Tno Fenobi 3 oy oldin
Koi fish ha ha
Khuong Khuu
Khuong Khuu 3 oy oldin
Mike Pence / Jeff Flake 2020
Sally Bowles
Sally Bowles 3 oy oldin
oooh the goldfish :D :D
Jayme Ann
Jayme Ann 3 oy oldin
Great reindeer names but also great stripper names!!
Blueberryymuffin 3 oy oldin
My cat hasn’t even grown her winter coat yet! We are in the middle of winter in Canada! My poor baby is predicting the end!
Terran Marks
Terran Marks 3 oy oldin
"My gratitude for that metaphor is 17 times the dreams of a goldfish.."
Adel Bush
Adel Bush 3 oy oldin
Giraffes are going extinct.
Andrea Hall
Andrea Hall 3 oy oldin
Finally, a decent man in politics and the still have to find something to bust his chops for????????????!!!!!!!!!!!! America is never satisfied! Leave the guy alone...there are enough evil politicians to go after.
Peppe Ddu
Peppe Ddu 3 oy oldin
Now Pence would have no trouble cooperating with Mueller to get Trump impeached.
Alex GottmitUns
Alex GottmitUns 3 oy oldin
Global warming "evolved" into "climate change"....
Grumpy Oldfart
Grumpy Oldfart 3 oy oldin
Pence is a tool. But what l find disturbing is that Colbert finds him bland and boring as if that matters.
Gerardo Ibarra
Gerardo Ibarra 3 oy oldin
When he smelled his finger I lost it haha
Kathryn Williston
I think Stephen Colbert has an erection in this video. :D
Tolerance 3 oy oldin
There should be no jokes told about our killing of our planet.
Anna Brenner
Anna Brenner 3 oy oldin
Love the weird images in this bit: "ghost of a plain yogurt," "seventeen times the dreams of a goldfish," etc.
pat comerford
pat comerford 3 oy oldin
For Pence the two greatest evils are abortion and LGBTQI rights, not the corruption of trump and the GOP!
Sam Sam
Sam Sam 3 oy oldin
Drink the koolaide
rodgebone 3 oy oldin
speaking of parsley...Pence IS like parsley; take it (him) away and no one would notice (ref The Fabulous Baker Boys). the man has no leadership skills or persona and contributes NOTHING
BTS and NCT Trash [Yuta's Smile]
How people don't see were destroying the planet is beyond me. If facts and science aren't enough to convince them than nothing except death will.
ZoanBlade90 3 oy oldin
1:10 So...he picked his VP well, then?
SWSimpson 3 oy oldin
Don't be surprised if Trump declines to run again, or is unable to run again. Pence would then likely run for president and Evangelical Cults will vote for him, even though he has knowingly lied for Trump and lies about his own harsh political career. He is an abomination.
Nonplayer Character
Jacob Maley
Jacob Maley 3 oy oldin
Becky, I see what you did there.
tbyjb 3 oy oldin
Pence is a closet case.
Kevin Street
Kevin Street 3 oy oldin
Ha ha ha, but seriously we're all going to die. It's crazy that all the scientists are warning us about this VERY REAL PROBLEM that's getting worse, and we all just seem to tune it out. When will the world get serious about climate change?
Jensen Parr
Jensen Parr 3 oy oldin
Pence is like Biden. Someone who knows a lot because of years of experience. No foreign policy experience. Biden wanted to bomb Rwanda's genocidal nazis.
bhmmaker 3 oy oldin
Pence is about to be indicted.
stilltoomanyhats 3 oy oldin
Was that a mic drop at 0:36?
Edward Ames Castellano
Ah yes.. Trump Vs. Pence. We'll see who can out-smirk who??
CreditDebitCards CostYouMoney
I say let's switch to hydrogen to power our transportation. Yeah-I'm sure there are those who'll say hydrogen production consumes more energy to produce than what it provides as a motor fuel but petroleum/gasoline is not so energy efficient when one figures in the amount of energy it takes to extract oil from the ground, transport it to refineries, refine into fuels, then transport to gas stations across the country.Hydrogen can produced using solar energy. Electric cars seem to be a viable option as well but I think hydrogen will be the best bet once the technology improves. Just my thoughts....
Clarence Hemeon
Clarence Hemeon 3 oy oldin
What are you talking about Stephen. You muricans measure everything in football fields.
Deep Dish
Deep Dish 3 oy oldin
That should of been labeled about the environment not the homophobic VP
A horse with No Name
Keep in mind folks, in a televised interview recorded for posterity (or possibly evidence), Pence said without reservation or hesitation that no one involved in the Trump campaign or transition team was at any time in contact with Russians. He was either kept insulated by those involved or he’s lying. My bet is on the later.
intuitknit 3 oy oldin
Climate change. Not funny Stephen.
Brian Downes
Brian Downes 3 oy oldin
I'm curious, would you do an extended bit making fun of Kobe Bryant's skin tone? Rihanna's? Jennifer Lopez's?
MrG0TH1ER 3 oy oldin
Let’s be honest, Pence the “great Christian” would spit in Jesus’ face if he came back.
Charlie gruchy
Charlie gruchy 3 oy oldin
Hannity, may be seen as a possibility. and as qualified as many others in the administration
LiquidHigger 3 oy oldin
These are the end times!
Ganiscol 3 oy oldin
Its funny, they actually believe trump will be able to run again... 😂
Oh Yeah?
Oh Yeah? 3 oy oldin
I like how the Little Train That Could Kill Us All is carrying an elephant with a frontal lobotomy scar, representing the GOP and their stance on the global warming that could kill us all.
Ryan Linden
Ryan Linden 3 oy oldin
FYI Cobert, Pence cannot be fired. He can only be impeached by congress. Which needs the house and the senate. It's not going to happen and I'm a dem.
Armin Kleinemas
Armin Kleinemas 3 oy oldin
hey stephen the clown i am halleberry remember me????xxxminibierxxx at minds.com u are reading from a promter so u are the puppet
yo lo
yo lo 3 oy oldin
Boring :/
King of Whiskey
King of Whiskey 3 oy oldin
Wait Santa would have a Becky? I thought he was married. 😂
Nosivo N
Nosivo N 3 oy oldin
Here is a Xmass song. " America's the laughing stock/ trump supporters think's ok / oh don't worry fvcks / Mueller's on the way. Go to hell, go to hell / go all the way / have some fun going down / going all the way.
Ethan Larsen
Ethan Larsen 3 oy oldin
This show is such a joke now. All he talks about is Trump. Utter baby and an utter cry baby. This is coming from a Liberal
Ran dy
Ran dy 3 oy oldin
This reject would have zero show content if Trump wasn't elected. Loser
Ran dy
Ran dy 3 oy oldin
+Pat Doyle yeah, SC is a snowflake. I'll bet he gets his nails done, professionally.
Pat Doyle
Pat Doyle 3 oy oldin
WAAAAH! Poor snowflake.
DrMossydog 3 oy oldin
Mike Pence ISN'T a lock for 2020? Ok, well, maybe there IS a God after all.....
Juli Callahan
Juli Callahan 3 oy oldin
Indiana doesn't want him back. FYI.
Space Singer
Space Singer 3 oy oldin
Liberal facade at its best!
Ravenkiko 3 oy oldin
It would be inconceivably sad if future generations of children had no live Reindeer so Santa/Christmas stories wouldn't bring Joy to them bcus it made no sense...
chinookvalley 3 oy oldin
David Keith was on LSSC to talk about Climate Change and what he and those IPCC bastards are doing to the earth and her inhabitants in the name of Global Warming. Why no follow up? Too real? Spraying aerosols of sulfuric acid, toxic chemicals and heavy metals to reflect sunlight - well, they are DOING IT and it is proving to raise the temperatures and humidity worldwide. They have no remorse, no soul, no empathy, and NO science.
Aaditya Chandrasekhar
I thought be so boring was Ben Carson's approach :/
chinookvalley 3 oy oldin
Does that include people inside the Empire State Building?
CatMom 3 oy oldin
Individual 1 is clearly delusional if he thinks he'll be on the 2020 ticket.
DDS029 3 oy oldin
Read the Nutritional Chart on the side of a pack of plain rice cakes. That's Mike Pence.
Blarney Street School
Pat Walker
Pat Walker 3 oy oldin
For the sake of our country and Life on Earth, we have to somehow keep these theocratic kooks from infiltrating our government.
Yani Banani
Yani Banani 3 oy oldin
Mike Pence looks like someone who eats dry ass salad, unseasoned chicken, bread, and water
Crimson Prose
Crimson Prose 3 oy oldin
No joke: When I saw the title of this video, I wondered who Mike Pence was and clicked on it to find out. I guess that's a testament to his blandness.
WildwoodClaire1 3 oy oldin
Mike Pence possesses the innate charisma of a soggy cardboard box occupied by a homeless man with bladder leakage issues.
Elena Christian
Elena Christian 3 oy oldin
Poor Mikey. His dreams of the American Inquisition, dashed.
WildwoodClaire1 3 oy oldin
Neither is Trump.
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