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Mike Posner - Move On

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Music video by Mike Posner performing Move On. © 2019 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.




4-Yan, 2019




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Dominic Metaxas
Dominic Metaxas Soat oldin
2:51 he looks exactly like a lesbian that’s we’ve all seen somewhere before.
Marissa Knerr
Marissa Knerr 2 soat oldin
Mike Posner, thank you. You and your music allow me to feel and progress. I'm forever grateful for you and your music. The beauty behind you is out of this world. When you travel you will have a place in New Jersey to stay. 💕
Shreeram Murali
Shreeram Murali 2 soat oldin
Now this is inspiration...
michael Eadon
michael Eadon 3 soat oldin
I don't really write comments but I think you're a great inspiration for people! *takes hat off*
Steven Book
Steven Book 3 soat oldin
Absolutely amazing song. I’ve been where u were, and yes, we do have to move on. Luv ya Mike
nocturnallyinsane 3 soat oldin
He's trying too hard to make himself happy. I hope he finds it.
Erika Guia
Erika Guia 3 soat oldin
I love you Mike 😘
Rose Briones Madlao
Rose Briones Madlao 3 soat oldin
You did well and I know you work hard, so be strong.
Aaron Meier
Aaron Meier 4 soat oldin
Glad this Song gets the recognition it deserves! Good song Mike Posner :)
10,000 subs with no videos
*"BEGGININGS ALWAYS END THEMSELVES IN ENDS"* The most striking line in this song.
Cooper Burchett
Cooper Burchett 4 soat oldin
This is amazing
Andrew Nixon
Andrew Nixon 4 soat oldin
Can I walk across America with you?
Pablo Paul
Pablo Paul 5 soat oldin
Mike Ponser looking like a young Bob Ross with that beard and that afro. Lol
Focus Films
Focus Films 5 soat oldin
Hey, I can weirdly relate, sometime March my great grandfather died last year and that was heartbreaking for me, and then June came along and I was diagnosed with brain cancer and I have recently finished treatment and the tumours have gone. Thank you
Another day Another migraine
Bob Ross 2.0
Patrick Oyula
Patrick Oyula 5 soat oldin
Dear Mike, happiness will end and the sadness will strike again but such is life and you will be ok. Live long coz you've got stories of Hope, Faith and Love to tell...and those are the best stories that humanity needs!
AS 6 soat oldin
Beautiful :)))
Jasmin W
Jasmin W 6 soat oldin
This was beautiful. Lots of love! 🌹
Leonie Lorch
Leonie Lorch 6 soat oldin
I cry and can't stop, just because I feel with you and I am glad of what you are, you are strong and you make life beautiful!
Zikho Zipho Ngcaweni
This song has Inspired me. I'm at a time where I've hit rock bottom, but thanks to this song and the video I am ready to pick myself up again and live. Thank you so much.
Kevin Batten
Kevin Batten 8 soat oldin
Bro people life your music that's you and no one could ever make music like you😘😘😘😘😘😘
Tim Williams
Tim Williams 8 soat oldin
Smash the thumbs up if you're listening to the new album out today 👍
Robbie Blunn
Robbie Blunn 8 soat oldin
Proud of you Mike!
Raven 8 soat oldin
And...... Ariana grande has most views for her music video in 1 day.confused.
phoenix b
phoenix b 8 soat oldin
joe barker
joe barker 9 soat oldin
i felt the same way when my best freind an nan died 7 years ago mike your not alone i love your music my friend keep it up lots of love joe
Wanito 9 soat oldin
I don't care about the views and likes or dislikes on this video..I love the song, it's very beautiful..Thank You Mike, hope you have the best of days for 2019 and onwards..💯💯
Contas Dd
Contas Dd 9 soat oldin
kygo, make a remix this music 👍
Worst Ever Official
Worst Ever Official 9 soat oldin
Enzo Niño torres Alvarez
I Miss Mike posner a hude fan here from PH ive been listening to u since 2009 😭😭🤩 u really inspired me
Victoria Bassat
Victoria Bassat 9 soat oldin
Your joy transcends. Thank you.
Gabriela Proença
Gabriela Proença 9 soat oldin
Wow! I don't have words to say how this video is perfect and inspiring ! Stay strong! Can't wait to see you in Brazil someday. Lots of love
José Eduardo
José Eduardo 10 soat oldin
Mike, I'm making a confession and a commitment here: At some point in my adolescence, somehow, I lost the connection I had with my father. I still see him, spend weekends with him and mom, but I just can't "connect" with him (if that makes any sense). There's no conversation between us, just really small talk. Don't know why, how, and when it happened, it just did... Hugs, for instance, only happen when it's my birthday or his birthday. It's the same thing with him and my brother and sister. We talk with our mom, but not with him. Crazy, right?! Don't get me wrong, I love him, have nothing against him, but I just don't know what happened. I'm 27, he just turned 65 yesterday, and I've been thinking about this for many years, and I've been trying to break this invisible barrier, you know, but It seems soooo difficult. But anyway, what I want to say is that your video motivated me (and I'm sure many others) to try even harder, cause I know life is too freaking short and we only got one father in it... So I just hope someday you scroll down the comments and read this and know that you're not just making music, you're making a difference and I commit to you this: I'LL TRY HARDER!!! Peace in your heart in this terrible moment. *Sorry if I wrote anything wrong, I'm brazilian, so my english isn't that great.
Christine Le Pham
Christine Le Pham 10 soat oldin
Good luck on your journey! I hope you meet a lot of new inspiring people along the way 💕💕
Jessica Lundkvist
Jessica Lundkvist 10 soat oldin
You are soo awesome and fine person ❤big love ❤
Hacker Rio
Hacker Rio 10 soat oldin
I cried :)
Kaydee Pillay
Kaydee Pillay 10 soat oldin
This is so incredibly beautiful and raw. ♥️
Samantha Hutchison
Samantha Hutchison 10 soat oldin
This is amazing and it makes me so happy, I love you!!
Arindam Das
Arindam Das 10 soat oldin
I love this song so much that I want to use it on my video but unfortunately cant :(
Saman Auyb
Saman Auyb 10 soat oldin
Dont give up, Keep going on ✌️
KC Hughes
KC Hughes 10 soat oldin
start in Maine. You've got a crash pad to start from the east coast!
Vivek Singh
Vivek Singh 10 soat oldin
Dude you made me cry... i love you ... ❤️
blakebodaciousFTW 11 soat oldin
Mike, I want to walk with you
MD Rahin
MD Rahin 11 soat oldin
Goddamn it who’s cutting onions near me 😅
Sean Dolan
Sean Dolan 11 soat oldin
Wow... I was shocked when I saw this video. So much respect for this man after the 2018 I had too.
kafula Kafs
kafula Kafs 11 soat oldin
Have given you a like, Cuz I want to
sayaka espiritu
sayaka espiritu 11 soat oldin
Thanks mike, for being positive
Annabella Devers
Annabella Devers 11 soat oldin
I'm not crying, you are
stela nascimento
stela nascimento 12 soat oldin
Liandrie Senamrof
Liandrie Senamrof 12 soat oldin
Those who dislike are such a badguys😒
Michael Cruz
Michael Cruz 12 soat oldin
If i lived on america i would love to join you. I lost my sister to non-hodgkin lymphoma and i still cry when im alone too. I received my diploma today and im proud to say that i made it because of her.
Tara Vlogs
Tara Vlogs 12 soat oldin
Hey I think I might grow a beard! Oh wait... I'm a girl
Kjenta Thomas
Kjenta Thomas 12 soat oldin
Prashanth Pradeep
Prashanth Pradeep 12 soat oldin
Wow... Felt soo good watching that video :)
Saoirse Smith
Saoirse Smith 12 soat oldin
So hard when you lose your dad but never truly leave x
Hùng Vũ Nguyễn
Hùng Vũ Nguyễn 12 soat oldin
Don't know why I cry watching this. Just so beautiful. Good luck my man!
Rick 13 soat oldin
I smiled ear to ear the moment I see him smiling at 0:5
GeoNam Geonam
GeoNam Geonam 13 soat oldin
Can I walk with you.....love the song💓
Ava 13 soat oldin
This is soo soo important and heartwarming. You definitely went through some stuff, but you're so willing to get back out into the world. As a performer, it's so much pressure and mental health needs to be emphasized even more. So glad that you're open and able to communicate your feelings with the world, and those that stick around, are your true audience. :)
Anna Banana
Anna Banana 13 soat oldin
Ive been a fan since 2009 and i will tell u honestly, u became such an inspiration to the young ones back then and now. From cooler than me to this...im so proud of u Mike! Keep it up! Love and support from PHL 😊👌
Batkesig Mishigbazar
Batkesig Mishigbazar 13 soat oldin
Angelie Laguna
Angelie Laguna 13 soat oldin
I love you Mike!!!! ♡
Raghav Saraogi
Raghav Saraogi 13 soat oldin
You showed Avicii you were cool :')
ww ww
ww ww 13 soat oldin
Mrs. Sim
Mrs. Sim 13 soat oldin
iam not a fans but i like you!! keep doing well! keep strong mike... we here support you!!
Kyohey Carter
Kyohey Carter 13 soat oldin
I love you forever
Micaela Bezuidenhout
Micaela Bezuidenhout 14 soat oldin
Duuddee, this is some really good shit
wonky 14 soat oldin
Aqot The d_Evil
Aqot The d_Evil 14 soat oldin
Wow 💕💕💕💕💕💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💕💞💕💞💕👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍💞💞💕💕
wow😍 14 soat oldin
Top music!!!!!!!!
ccbobby20 14 soat oldin
All the best in your journey
prtpc 7
prtpc 7 14 soat oldin
beginnings always hide themseleves in ends -- move on
Dhalla P07e3h
Dhalla P07e3h 15 soat oldin
My eyes are sweating
Chriller 15 soat oldin
Like WTH 2.2 K dislikes. show some respect for the man.
Scouse 15 soat oldin
I love this
Magicpudding 16 soat oldin
Whana be like mike, see you out there
TheLastFirebender 16 soat oldin
Fuckin hell bro. Some real talk right there!!!
marty stauffer
marty stauffer 16 soat oldin
I can’t help but bawl my eyes out! This is so genuinely beautiful, if this doesn’t give somebody some sort of inspiration I don’t know what would... truly amazing mike thank you!
Dpook 16 soat oldin
what a sad and amazing story
Kitten Mochi
Kitten Mochi 16 soat oldin
It took my breathe away. I am glad im out of depression.
ilove2929 17 soat oldin
Powerful one ❤ Oh u should adopt a pup, if i want to 😉
ThisisTurki 17 soat oldin
so sorry about your dad, and good luck with your walk, see you out there
Angie Ryno
Angie Ryno 17 soat oldin
this is so damn cute, and legitimately made me cry
Jacqui Adams
Jacqui Adams 17 soat oldin
Wow, did not expect that! Amazing! Go for it. Life is what you make of it. Enjoy and thankyou for the amazing video.
Mare-Lise Badenhorst
Mare-Lise Badenhorst 17 soat oldin
Wow I just love this song. I hope you find healing and God is Blessing your life because your toughing other peoples life with your song and helping them to heal and move on with whatever their battling with in their life right now. Keep on writing and singing such inspiring songs. God Bless you and Stay strong Mike.
monikant sinha
monikant sinha 18 soat oldin
Move on buddy. I hope my friend up there in heaven would do the same as i did....move on....
Shaquib Imdad
Shaquib Imdad 18 soat oldin
R.I.P Avicii and mike's Dad😓😓
Kristine Naling
Kristine Naling 18 soat oldin
What an inspiring story Mike Posner!!! ❤️
lovesgibson 18 soat oldin
I cried
Matthew Mitchell
Matthew Mitchell 19 soat oldin
I can relate. 2018 was an awful year for me in so many ways. It felt like the shattering of all my dreams and a complete loss of joy. I’ve never felt so hopeless, lost and alone in all my life. I’m still recovering and there is still so much that isn’t right. But i survived the worst of it and I feel the journey to rediscovering happiness will take me to places I never anticipated. The key is not to give up hope and keep looking for a rising sun on the horizon. I’ll be with you in spirit while you walk across the land. Peace
Alex Cusack
Alex Cusack 19 soat oldin
Ok I’ve never loved anything more thanks mike 💖
Slewyn Sunil
Slewyn Sunil 20 soat oldin
hey man you've gone through a lot, hope your life gets better, we know it will.
Princess De Leon
Princess De Leon 20 soat oldin
That was really awsome! You made a good decision, move on. You're right life is short and we only live once. Life must go on. Enjoy the LIFE 😇❤ #MIKEPOSNER
Mariale Pizzi
Mariale Pizzi 21 soat oldin
Simplemente gracias
Jack G.
Jack G. 21 soat oldin
He is one of the most real artists we will ever know.
Alyicia Teal
Alyicia Teal 21 soat oldin
He’s forest gumping it I love it.
Andrew Shadap
Andrew Shadap 21 soat oldin
Simply beautiful
Andrew Shadap
Andrew Shadap 21 soat oldin
May their souls rest in peace.
Jasmine Carter
Jasmine Carter 21 soat oldin
I love you mike 💗💗
Keith Higa
Keith Higa 21 soat oldin
Truly it is a beautiful story, but man umm mike I seriously need you to be real about this and not be going through some sort of manic fit because everything that’s been going on in your life with all your losses. For me, I really need this, and you to be legit in this is legit how you feel...please. I absolutely love it and all I can say is same...