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Mike Posner - Move On

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Music video by Mike Posner performing Move On. © 2019 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.




4-Yan, 2019



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MEda Had
MEda Had 35 daqiqa oldin
I lost my Dad almost a year ago(March 31 , 2018) and I felt every word u said bro. I do cry when am alone too....even now while typing this. Thank You. and reading all this Positive comments from all this beautiful people is amazing. Love From Ethiopia.
Rohit Chavan
Rohit Chavan 3 soat oldin
Move On I wish Tracy Chapman was my friend She would know exactly what to say Beginnings always hide themselves in ends At some point, I will be okay I got high when I met you I got high to forget you I feel pain, I don't want to But I have to, yeah, I have to If I want to move on Move on Move on Move on If I want to move on Move on Move on Move on If I want to move on (move on) Move on (move on) Move on (move on) Move on If I want to move on (move on) Move on (move on) Move on (move on) Move on Went to see some shaman in Malay To hear some things I wanted to hear Everyone just wants to feel good Everyone just wants to disappear Call up girls that live in my hometown To help fill up the minutes Lit a match and saged my house down It didn't make a difference So I got high when I met you I got high to forget you I feel pain, I don't want to But I have to, yeah, I have to If I want to move on Move on Move on Move on If I want to move on Move on Move on Move on If I want to move on (move on) Move on (move on) Move on (move on) I know I got to move on (move on) Move on (move on) Move on (move on) Move on
gladys dobrik
gladys dobrik 6 soat oldin
i'm literally in love with this song and i don't know why, shit.
himanshu solanki
himanshu solanki 7 soat oldin
Inspiring one😍😍
Tf. He used to be so fine.
Vishvajeet Shah
Vishvajeet Shah 8 soat oldin
i lost my mom recently and my dad can’t walk right now he’s still in recovery,life has been much harder,i miss my mom everyday idk what’s next i hope we can find happiness again & Thanks for the song mile
Vishvajeet Shah
Vishvajeet Shah 8 soat oldin
Purple Grey
Purple Grey 8 soat oldin
Damn avicii I miss you. But I have to move one
Chris M
Chris M 23 soat oldin
Amongla Ozukum
Amongla Ozukum Kun oldin
This video will calm many broken hearts. Thank you Mike Love from India ❤❤❤
Keeper Of The Fire
Id join u
Anubhab Biswas
Anubhab Biswas Kun oldin
this brought tears and a smile. I wish all the best for you :)
Mister JC
Mister JC Kun oldin
I'm still going to comment weekly until his journey starts and every week while it's going on.
Mister JC
Mister JC Kun oldin
And also a note, to the douchebag who got my weeks 1 and 2 comments deleted politely go f yourself. . The only joke here is you
Mister JC
Mister JC Kun oldin
Week 4: been moving on. One day at a time. Seeing someone new who makes me happy
Dios Feo
Dios Feo Kun oldin
I wonder what song might come out of walking across America.
a e s t h e t i c v i b e s
Bob Ross?😂
BlueFlames 1
BlueFlames 1 Kun oldin
Way to be positive mike. Wish you all the best in life and I hope you find great things! Also, this song is amazing👌
Cuda Kun oldin
The thumbnail pic reminds me of Bob Ross.
Dennis Ryner
Dennis Ryner 2 kun oldin
This video always get me right in the soul & i always end up crying haha.
Еркебулан Багдатов
Mike, you are unreal cool! Thank you for this video!!!
jimin bae
jimin bae 2 kun oldin
It touch me...😭😭
99 s
99 s 2 kun oldin
thx for this icredible song. I'm going through a real tough time now, this song gived me power to face my life. All of us don't want to feel pain but we have to and we all will move on.
Blank 2 kun oldin
Who watched this video March 19th of 2019
Scoutz XD
Scoutz XD 2 kun oldin
This reminds me when my grandmother passed
Abhishek Padmanabhan
yet to hear the song with full attention....... But video was so motivational and powerful. It could touch the toughest of humans who are feeling down, just like myself.
Lalbiakzuala Chhakchhuak
Come walk in India too.
Harish Joshi
Harish Joshi 3 kun oldin
Yes.... Life is really short and you still have to move on
Deepal Jain
Deepal Jain 3 kun oldin
Best video Mike love you
My dixie rekt
My dixie rekt 3 kun oldin
Looks like the most friendly next bob ross😂
Em X
Em X 3 kun oldin
I miss my dad too. Thank you for this video. You're such a strong & inspiring person.
Schoie2004 3 kun oldin
Enjoy every second dude!
Fan CHI-PING 3 kun oldin
I like the song
Jeffesson 3 kun oldin
*hit the feels*
Natasha Bosch
Natasha Bosch 3 kun oldin
Thumbs up!! This is inspirational ❤. Love your song
Jeun Chtri
Jeun Chtri 4 kun oldin
I support you bro as always
qayyum Psycho
qayyum Psycho 4 kun oldin
You should be gamer mike
HerrySis 4 kun oldin
I love you Mike. WE LOVE YOU :)
Alissa Lise Wyle
Alissa Lise Wyle 4 kun oldin
This kind of honesty and openness is what the music industry needs
Noah Galper
Noah Galper 4 kun oldin
You are amazing
FakeArt 4 kun oldin
I love this song because is beautiful. This video needs more views
Katarzyna M
Katarzyna M 5 kun oldin
I love you so much Mike for these words which you wrote. Great life and totally crazy moments mate! 💙
Edwin Catalan
Edwin Catalan 5 kun oldin
Amazing, it makes you feel so inspired . Great job Mike thanks for sharing this whith the world.
Mate Seng
Mate Seng 5 kun oldin
U look like U
NN Meitei
NN Meitei 5 kun oldin
Best Wishes, bro. Love from Imphal MANIPUR.
Blackfeather Phinn
Blackfeather Phinn 5 kun oldin
I listen to this everyday before I go out and start a Day with a smile.
Man In the world
Man In the world 3 kun oldin
Me also high five ✋
Warren Aquino
Warren Aquino 5 kun oldin
Aditya Rawat
Aditya Rawat 5 kun oldin
Its march 15
Comanche Scalper
Comanche Scalper 6 kun oldin
When avicii died we all lost a friend. Ill be following you for our friend. good luck mate.
John Tan
John Tan 6 kun oldin
Im 23, my dad is 64 and my mom is 57. I cry alone sometimes thinking my parents are going to pass one day...Im glad they are currently healthy.. Its hard coping with the reality.. My dad and mom raised me healthy and I am very grateful for all the things they have done for me..im so sad
ĐQP Karazzerii
ĐQP Karazzerii 6 kun oldin
You always make me better when i listen your song
Navarro Miriam
Navarro Miriam 6 kun oldin
Good luck! Hope you find what you are searching....
Gabby starting over!
Come to Maryland
Mister JC
Mister JC 6 kun oldin
Week 3. Been working through it all. Trying to get back on my feet. But as the song says. I am going to move on. And I have been
Neski - -
Neski - - 7 kun oldin
We love you Mikey!
空の魂 -VIN5MOK3ツ
Hailey Jo.
Hailey Jo. 7 kun oldin
i’m crying. again 😩❤️
brah For real?
brah For real? 7 kun oldin
Omg mike posner I loved you before I love you even more now. You just saved my life. And yes my name is mike
Fractured Opinion
Fractured Opinion 7 kun oldin
I thought it was bob ross on thumbnail
MATT 7 kun oldin
I relate to this way too hard.. yepp and there come the feels 🙄I mean damn allergies
BAP 8 kun oldin
I didnt know who was the red beard guy hahah This is beautiful btw 😄
Sparrow Acul
Sparrow Acul 8 kun oldin
Become a member of the church
Barbara O'Connor
Barbara O'Connor 9 kun oldin
Love to you x
amelia may
amelia may 9 kun oldin
Keep your head up man you got this and I'm sorry about your family members but I promise things will get a lot better good luck with your adventure 😊
Alex:D 9 kun oldin
If you dislike this then move on
Manawanui Turner
Manawanui Turner 9 kun oldin
Awsome positivity man
Denny Ardiansyah
Denny Ardiansyah 9 kun oldin
What a wonderful story 💞💞💞
Tearose tee
Tearose tee 9 kun oldin
Love u since ur first song.. keep strong!
the col haft
the col haft 9 kun oldin
I think u want more after I took a pill in Ibiza . U know another hit song . But all the best man . Go find peace deep inside u
webzenboi 10 kun oldin
as long as you're alive you can move on... "work" through it
Leonardo Dal Piva
Leonardo Dal Piva 10 kun oldin
Love this song, love your amazing job that you have been doing! Just keep it!!! And never forget that we love you so much!!!
Kuda Liar
Kuda Liar 10 kun oldin
its hard when we don't have money
Kelly Crazily
Kelly Crazily 10 kun oldin
Mike Posner-My religion 💞🙏😚
MB_GT_AMG 10 kun oldin
Sometimes I cry at night because my bunny died and I feel like it is my fault, even though I brought him to the best doctors available. Sleep tight Muffin RIP
MB_GT_AMG 9 kun oldin
Don't be hating on me just because your mama didn't give you enough love like I did to my rabbit. People like you are the reason that I love animals more then humans
Mark Kennedy
Mark Kennedy 9 kun oldin
Stfu!! Idiot
Anshul Khandelwal
Anshul Khandelwal 10 kun oldin
Ricky Lopez
Ricky Lopez 10 kun oldin
Grieving is ok. Your dad made you to live your life...I’m sure he misses you too and is glad your able to lift that next foot in front of the other😇👍🏽🙌🏽
ADieselBoi 10 kun oldin
Love you man
Eric W.
Eric W. 11 kun oldin
nice share Mike. nice share.
Akatsuki Nakashima
Akatsuki Nakashima 11 kun oldin
Deekshith 007
Deekshith 007 11 kun oldin
Why I'm commenting....? cuz I want to :)
MD. ALAMIN 9 kun oldin
shadow stotistic
shadow stotistic 11 kun oldin
I really felt this song good song and i feel bad for your losses
Tejaswi Rawat
Tejaswi Rawat 11 kun oldin
Stay strong
Frosty_Freeze 11 kun oldin
You almost made me cry with how touching this is
Ray Nathanael Ortega
Praying for you brother. And March 1st was my bday lol
BOLD like a Leopard
BOLD like a Leopard 11 kun oldin
Fantastic song buddy.
Aravind srihari
Aravind srihari 12 kun oldin
Fuck the youtube algorithm. They recommend jonas brothere and not this great song. This is very much underrated.
David behind the scenes
1:09 That Moment when Avicii came...♥️😭
BLACKnMellow 12 kun oldin
beautiful song truly motivating. .......... good luck for the journey that you gonna embark on......
Vojko Breznik
Vojko Breznik 12 kun oldin
how is this song at only 7 million wievs
Small Town Dom
Small Town Dom 12 kun oldin
Good luck
zuckerbergen style
zuckerbergen style 12 kun oldin
Very inspiring and beautiful! My father died almost two years ago and it is still so hard for me. He was the most important person in my life and now this one had to go... But I also try to move on cause like its mentioned in the video life is short and you have to do the best out of it... Even if sometimes it seems impossible...
Nilupul Malinda Kulathunga
He looks so much like his father! My deepest condolences, man!
Jene justine
Jene justine 12 kun oldin
Now I'll actually listen to your music.. Beautiful song.. And even though I don't know you, extremely proud of your change.. People like you change the world and its shitty perception of how things should be
TruMan Styles
TruMan Styles 12 kun oldin
Love you Mikey, hope you have a beautiful journey! Would love to know which state youre walking, maybe I could catch ya! Peace and healing brother
Emmet Kelly
Emmet Kelly 12 kun oldin
I love people who are intelligent and create things for the rest of us. Pain fuels passion and for sure moves artists to make works. So I say look at your friend and your dad passing, the former one of my favourite artists and the latter no doubt a great human, as inspiration to help others. Good luck. I’ll subscribe now to purchase or listen to your music, hope it’s good 😊😁😁👼🏻.
Perry Torejas
Perry Torejas 12 kun oldin
Kept coming back to this video over and over again 😊😬😁
Zachary Wallman
Zachary Wallman 12 kun oldin
If you didn’t tear up during this video you’re a sociopath
Jamie F
Jamie F 12 kun oldin
Can i walk with you?
WarriorWolf 6299
WarriorWolf 6299 12 kun oldin
I feel pain I don't want to
Mister JC
Mister JC 13 kun oldin
Week 2. Last night my fiance left me. Been listening to this song alot to help give me strength.
Human Speed vs Animal Speed
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