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Comment Awards
Comment Awards 22 kun oldin
I’m boarding a plane so I can’t write a description / put a thumbnail ok
Ray 68
Ray 68 14 kun oldin
+DiscordedHowl oops I mean m88888
DiscordedHowl 15 kun oldin
+Ray 68 mate - eight. *MATE-EIGHT*
phil moose
phil moose 20 kun oldin
Sounds gay but pk
Adzoftw 21 kun oldin
Comment Awards E X C U S E S
RennyBlade 21 kun oldin
Make sure to hit both the towers this time
Dominik Jolic
Dominik Jolic Kun oldin
7:30 Took me a while to see it
LOGAN REILLY 2 kun oldin
Once you start clapping you don't really stop, there is simply a longer interval between claps
OptimusHand 3 kun oldin
7:28 I thought that was the invisible boat mobile
gummy smile
gummy smile 4 kun oldin
13:16 i don’t know if you see what I see.. but ok
brookanne mitchell
brookanne mitchell 4 kun oldin
At 8:18 the post says the lighting is different and points to the idea that the light difference is coming from the window but the shadow from the light on the ceiling is pointing the wrong way. could be a mirror but there aren't any other shadows. Idk, just seemed like bogus to me the first time I saw it.
My Fears And Nightmares
0:42 Welcome to hyrule!
Wolfboy808 6 kun oldin
The Marcus
The Marcus 6 kun oldin
1:41 was drinking water and made me laugh so much that i spit all the water
Mr. Cub Fan 415
Mr. Cub Fan 415 6 kun oldin
1:38 Dramatic irony at its finest.
Keith G
Keith G 6 kun oldin
Cowbelly is the latest peddler of FAKE NEWS @15:18 Energizer and Eveready batteries are made by the same company - Eveready Battery Company
FinnThomas 7 kun oldin
Invisible car.
Edgel’s Rad
Edgel’s Rad 7 kun oldin
I have one of those tiny Nutella jars
Alphix 012
Alphix 012 7 kun oldin
Energizer is Eveready's parent company.
chicken man
chicken man 7 kun oldin
8:29 what the fujc
ur mum
ur mum 7 kun oldin
3:08 And it burns burns burns
faselblaDer3te 8 kun oldin
9:25 when you're too hip to play the piano's keys and sit on the opposite end instead
That One Random Gamer
That watermelon is actually very old. That's what watermelons used to look like before we humans selectively bred them for increased edible mass.
It’s Yo Boi Brochacho
5:37 nah this bitch an alien
Mayflower train set
holy fuck my old orthodontist also had a PS2 and a Ms. Pacman machine
Rebekah Wordsworth
Rebekah Wordsworth 9 kun oldin
When you found the new tiny jars of nutella in New world earlier today... illuminati
Matthew Franklin
Matthew Franklin 9 kun oldin
6:27 what are the chances michaels car and franklins bike are in that picture
Anomolous Cow
Anomolous Cow 9 kun oldin
2:41 Nononononononono GOd No FUcK WHY.
cae pow
cae pow 9 kun oldin
14:28 Once in France, I saw the "warning, forest animals" sign and the deer on it got a fuckin cape 👌
NathanTheMan 10 kun oldin
8:08 253
NathanTheMan 10 kun oldin
The drugs are slowly kicking in...
Stian Myrseth
Stian Myrseth 10 kun oldin
When u wanna be Calbel!
Cohaber 10 kun oldin
This is shit , half of them are comment awards and ehem I've seen this before
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith 11 kun oldin
0:11 when your in the classroom and other kids are doing something wrongbut you wanna see how it goes
Arasan M.
Arasan M. 11 kun oldin
9:31 I wanna go there.
Lucifer Fantom
Lucifer Fantom 11 kun oldin
If apple made cars... Would it have Windows?
Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez 11 kun oldin
when you forgot your underwear but they already started boarding your flight 2:59
ATHENA B 11 kun oldin
@ 9:21 THATS MY HOME TOWN 😂 and if you fond all of the monsters you could get a small prize at the end
Λυris 11 kun oldin
*Is there a video on how to make this?* 11:39
Λυris 11 kun oldin
_16 min dose of internet._
MrMeme 12 kun oldin
*Tranana* 6:41
HydraAssassin 12 kun oldin
At the start that is my dog before she died She died this year She looks likes her same collar and everything Even the floor is the same
Aleesa and Evelyn Doman
8:29 is obviously fake
71dembones 12 kun oldin
The failed candidate stickers would have been way better if it was a classic car instead of a 2015ish car but still pretty funny I guess
71dembones 12 kun oldin
We need selectively breed garlic to be in one giant clove like that. So much easier
Becky G
Becky G 12 kun oldin
2:28 well, yes that’s the popular lighthouse cape cod is famous for
Starzone88 12 kun oldin
my *gggerlfriend*
Kai E
Kai E 12 kun oldin
A cat with thumbs yikes
Agressive Pity
Agressive Pity 12 kun oldin
behold! the broccoltree!
why is life
why is life 13 kun oldin
5:35 :(
Zane Snyder
Zane Snyder 13 kun oldin
at 29 seconds i feel sorry for every other generation. Their dad got a painting, their son got a painting, their great grandson got a painting.
March Gaither
March Gaither 13 kun oldin
7:14 I don't get it pls explain
Chip Johnson
Chip Johnson 13 kun oldin
12:17 MINE DOES TOO :0
C'est Pr0dde
C'est Pr0dde 13 kun oldin
15:11 it's Canada
Alex Ford
Alex Ford 13 kun oldin
This idea is stolen from Calbel
Synthetic Silvally
Synthetic Silvally 14 kun oldin
10:04 I went to a hotel that had this!
Mice Plays
Mice Plays 14 kun oldin
BTS_ARMY_Amina Amina
Why am i here
BTS_ARMY_Amina Amina
11:43 w e e d ?
BTS_ARMY_Amina Amina
Yes im just joking mate
Tsundere Dorito
Tsundere Dorito 12 kun oldin
have you never heard of weed?? not as in marijuana, just normal weed? it’s a thing buddy
Bean // Art, Tutorials, And More!
My dad collects cool dollar bills, he had 6 real $2 bills
Rex AKA Alberts Nemesis
When dying, you are put in an eternal rest. With this, you will now catch up on the sleep that was cut off when you were given birth to.
zommer123bubble 14 kun oldin
song please
Skyler Almanza
Skyler Almanza 14 kun oldin
For the last one about "Energizer not using it's own batteries in its flashlight," because of the Eveready batteries in the Energizer flashlight, it's technically wrong, since Eveready is a subsidiary owned by Energizer.
SkeeK 14 kun oldin
8:29 how tf does that work-
Football 14 kun oldin
The last is because it’s cheaper to use some other cheap batteries than using their own high quality ones
paperjam 18
paperjam 18 14 kun oldin
5:29 *insert sneak 100 here*
Kian McLoughlin
Kian McLoughlin 14 kun oldin
4:05 Godzilla ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
nice 14 kun oldin
5:36 Wtf
Tobisay Rodriguez
Tobisay Rodriguez 14 kun oldin
1:28 i live i uruguay, those are called "Cantos Rodados" and there are a lot of them
Devyn Wicks
Devyn Wicks 14 kun oldin
8:29 *_excuse me wtf_*
melonboy me
melonboy me 14 kun oldin
4:47 o jesus crust burn I with fir cats are evolving
Susan Omega
Susan Omega 14 kun oldin
14:43 [insert surprised pikachu meme]
Cheese Face
Cheese Face 14 kun oldin
kill the cat hes trying to evolve!!!
catnip addiction
catnip addiction 14 kun oldin
I thaught this is like some r/facepalm
Good_ VibZes
Good_ VibZes 15 kun oldin
xiiyaenxzi 15 kun oldin
Wambold But With A 'Q'
7:31 What car?
Meteor Gamer
Meteor Gamer 15 kun oldin
Boi my barber has an xbox 360 to play cod and such when you’re waiting.
Mario Cardenas
Mario Cardenas 15 kun oldin
use the fork to eat the meat and the chopsticks for the apple sauce
pinkypoop 7
pinkypoop 7 15 kun oldin
5:37 WTF!!!!!
Mario Cardenas
Mario Cardenas 15 kun oldin
friend: hey do you have any sporks? me: no but i have a spoon fork friend: so... a spork me:...no
Marc Felisme
Marc Felisme 15 kun oldin
This is Calbel content The shame
KatieKKLLLAS Richard
5:10 😳🤔
Dark_lord_ Gamer
Dark_lord_ Gamer 15 kun oldin
14:12 is that teeth?
Angie Babe
Angie Babe 15 kun oldin
5:38 SATAN
Lakitu 15 kun oldin
2:45 Weird flex but ok.
davidsirmons 15 kun oldin
"This pill bottle tells you the last time you opened it." D: WHAAAT??? That's fucking GENIUS!!!
The Dream catcher
The Dream catcher 15 kun oldin
6:17 sumthin similar happened to me, I took a picture of Niagra falls at three different angles with my polaroid camera and when I came home, as I was putting them in my album I noticed those three pictures fit together and made a full picture of niagra falls including a red boat a blue boat and a random bird 😂 also got a picture of the niagra with a rainbow beside rainbow bridge 😂
sans 15 kun oldin
that hand one was not interesting it was fucking terrifying
Luke Bonini
Luke Bonini 15 kun oldin
11:54 there is a piece of that firetruck at my local military base. don't ask how I got in there to see that...
Profeta Saru Productions
3:49 how is he related to luffy?
Kristina Duffy
Kristina Duffy 15 kun oldin
Nice Chopstick fork.. Me: Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Me: *Chork*
Soap Theory
Soap Theory 15 kun oldin
6:30 hmmmm looks to good to be true
Neonsoldier 976
Neonsoldier 976 15 kun oldin
Right after the cigarette post joke finished a cancer ad popped up
Mikan's Giant Bongos
7:37 is from the Burger King I work at, I think
Maybe The Best
Maybe The Best 15 kun oldin
1:45 wait
Jacob Gross
Jacob Gross 15 kun oldin
11:29 my friend did this at least once.
Mr.Pikachu 15 kun oldin
7:28 Sneak 100
thebeastgamer 87
thebeastgamer 87 15 kun oldin
7:32 hey guys just got my new invisible car.
ShadowWolf 15 kun oldin
This content isn't even good *Cowbelly: Releases a new series of mildly interesting* Ok cool
Cale Cardin
Cale Cardin 15 kun oldin
Medium Approach Medium Productions
Eveready is a division of Energizer
TD BEELZEBOSS 15 kun oldin
The curved escalator at 1:33 is in the Westfield shopping centre in San Francisco. It’s also really weird when you go up it for the first time.
Alexandre de Souza
Alexandre de Souza 16 kun oldin
9:32 This is where the Ninja Turtles get together. I hope it sells pizzas.