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17-Noy, 2018



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Comment Awards 3 oy oldin
I’m boarding a plane so I can’t write a description / put a thumbnail ok
Imani Namutebi
Comment Awards have fun on your trip wait this was two months ago but you still got GNOMED
Ray 68
Ray 68 2 oy oldin
+DiscordedHowl oops I mean m88888
DiscordedHowl 2 oy oldin
+Ray 68 mate - eight. *MATE-EIGHT*
phil moose
phil moose 3 oy oldin
Sounds gay but pk
Adzoftw 3 oy oldin
Comment Awards E X C U S E S
Wingedwolf 8 soat oldin
4:29 I miss blockbusters
Let Me Illustrate My Point
Liwiathan Kun oldin
please close the goddamn door
8:29 i just want to know how
Furrest YT
Furrest YT Kun oldin
7:31 SNEAK 100
Furrest YT
Furrest YT Kun oldin
the perfect thing to say: *-woah, dude!-*
Thairate Kun oldin
Is no one mentioning that the bus stop is in York?
_* Kun oldin
6:29 it looks really fake i think its fake
Daniel Maree
Daniel Maree 2 kun oldin
7:28 Me: what car
Ivan Quiles
Ivan Quiles 2 kun oldin
That last one' explained by Google : Eveready Battery Company, Inc. is an American manufacturer of electric battery brands Eveready andEnergizer, owned by EnergizerHoldings.
BunchOfRandomness 2 kun oldin
Suga Packets
Suga Packets 2 kun oldin
12:14 the eye doctor I go to has an xbox but no one knows how to turn it on (its hooked up but its covered In a glass box???)
Suga Packets
Suga Packets 2 kun oldin
5:10 that's trippy
Kool Cat
Kool Cat 2 kun oldin
9:57 That’s seriously awesome I want one so bad- Anyone know where you can get them?? 😖😖
Kool Cat
Kool Cat 2 kun oldin
For anyone else wondering- I did some research and they are sold out 😔😔 There is another jacket however, a purple one with paw prints
Firewall506 2 kun oldin
You think Condom is a bad name? I hear in Newfoundland, Canada there’s a town literally called Dildo
Sunset Hobi
Sunset Hobi 3 kun oldin
11:16 *splork*
Neo Ray
Neo Ray 3 kun oldin
How to time travel for free: Sleep
Zovtan Animation
Zovtan Animation 3 kun oldin
7:31 stealth 1000
I liek Milk Maiel
I liek Milk Maiel 4 kun oldin
4:21 "I can do myself"
Anaa Adrienne
Anaa Adrienne 4 kun oldin
Omg so I live in Manchester and went into town and was so confused lmao seeing the monsters
The Animator Is Animating
2:09 *_is my favorite_*
OriginShotZz 5 kun oldin
Those curved escalators at 1:34 are in Las Vegas I’ve been on them
Itz MitchMitch
Itz MitchMitch 5 kun oldin
2:08 reminds me of Coco Wheats
Mad Dogs
Mad Dogs 5 kun oldin
6:48..... guys thats a fucking onion
A Sad Cat
A Sad Cat 7 kun oldin
1:43 whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Connor Murray
Connor Murray 7 kun oldin
The cat at 4:44 has a genetic mutation known as polydactyly, it causes thumbs and extra toes (primarily on the front paws). I have two polydactyl cats, one of which is my profile pic
YayaFingerButters 8 kun oldin
12:17 When I was little I had an orthodontist that had a Wii and I think an Xbox in the waiting area.
Kotryna K
Kotryna K 8 kun oldin
Calbel copycat
DJ Umbreon
DJ Umbreon 9 kun oldin
Canada: 0:13
TaffyMatt 9 kun oldin
8:28 what the fuck how does that work?
Illavick 9 kun oldin
3:54 well life's too short so love the one ya got cause you might loose your leg and the stump looks like a butt
Fellipe Parreiras
Fellipe Parreiras 10 kun oldin
13:03 bruh.. so that 1400ish painting real... Cool.
Bokocop 10 kun oldin
0:42 It’s called a Rusty Claymore, uncultured swine
WallyWinka 10 kun oldin
It would be messed up is that Arby's customer died RIGHT THERE IN THAT BOOTH, and they just aren't mentioning it to whatever customer is sitting there reading the plaque.
WallyWinka 10 kun oldin
11:15 That will be impossible to actually use as a spoon without gashing or impaling the inside of your mouth.
WallyWinka 10 kun oldin
2:26 Cut off the picture on the bag AND in the background, so we basically can't see anything :/
Memoryhead the partygoer
15:10 Theres a place in Turkey called Batman.
Umbreon25100 11 kun oldin
*sees the Blockbuster* Time to move.
Lt. Husky
Lt. Husky 12 kun oldin
1:12 clever
Halloween Cookies
Halloween Cookies 12 kun oldin
As soon as I saw the fallen post that looks like a cigarette.. I got an anti smoking ad
Emma Faria
Emma Faria 14 kun oldin
1:00 That dog is cooler than me.
sweecy Swushswush
sweecy Swushswush 14 kun oldin
0:41 the legend of zelda botw players know u need 13 hearts to pull that sword out
mxddog 15 kun oldin
8:29 how the fuck is that possible
CJ Hunt
CJ Hunt 15 kun oldin
energizer and everready batteries are made by the same company
Cub5 TLK
Cub5 TLK 17 kun oldin
14:30 Castiel is that you?
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah 20 kun oldin
5:38 this fingers would be good for playing bass
White Diamond
White Diamond 20 kun oldin
sauce boi
sauce boi 23 kun oldin
3:25 okay i just cant see it
Tsuyu Asui
Tsuyu Asui 24 kun oldin
0:43 That's the master sword.
Jeff Rowley
Jeff Rowley 18 kun oldin
And also where I live
jackie richardson
jackie richardson 24 kun oldin
Bill TheCat
Bill TheCat 25 kun oldin
7:32 holy fucking shit I legit didn’t see the car the first time and didn’t get it, so I went back and then I saw it HOLY FUCK
Russian Raccoon King
Oh No No
GloomyBear 26 kun oldin
8:28 Yeah, uh, that’s concerning.
Chloe Nicole
Chloe Nicole 28 kun oldin
8:29 I’m sorry what?
Amir Mirza
Amir Mirza 28 kun oldin
I had that phone with free data and calls in my hotel room on my vacation in Singapore
Jonathan Stephenson
Jonathan Stephenson 28 kun oldin
My brother and sister cats both have "thumbs" it's a genetic abnormalitie, and on their thumbs they have a extra claw to right below the regular claw
TheJamCart 28 kun oldin
Oh shit I saw the sword the other day.
VAJ LPS 28 kun oldin
8:28 how is that even possible....?
jo 29 kun oldin
10:46 this actually looks like it could be an actual work of art
jstu 29 kun oldin
Oh yeah yeah
Fennekin Silver
Fennekin Silver 29 kun oldin
5:37 ALIEN!!!!
Weird Lonely guy
8:29 HOW
Weird Lonely guy
1:29 this will now be the most liked video in youtube
Mermaidgirl 20067
12:01 that’s so sweet my grandpa just passed from Alzheimer’s and if he was still alive I would totally buy that for him ...he had a cat in the earlier stages but we had to give it to his brother cause he forgot when to feed it and let it outside
Kyle Hayes
Kyle Hayes Oy oldin
Text to voice is the most annoying thing in the world.
gorilla glue
gorilla glue Oy oldin
Energizer makes Eveready batteries.
Paris Smith
Paris Smith Oy oldin
I’m from Somerset England!
Apple With eyes
Wow England has a few interesting things 😂
Delta Kingpin
Delta Kingpin Oy oldin
the Japanese know how to build a bathroom
William Leverone
2:21 woah that's my state
hope dean
hope dean Oy oldin
9:33 where is this??
WallyWinka 10 kun oldin
I don't know, but unless those nasty sewer pipes are NEW AND UNUSED, I ain't eating in there :P
pingpongpung Oy oldin
1:51 *you're
Scrubscribe to PewDiePie
Arthas Menethil
0:13 You read that in a half whisper voice.
Christopher Walken was having a day.
Duskstar 55
Duskstar 55 Oy oldin
3:02 *The Duckening*
Gabe Reynolds
Gabe Reynolds Oy oldin
Door, I don't feel so good.
Soitisisit Oy oldin
13:03 Whoa! So fun fact: Watermelons all used to have that pattern as they used tp have a lot more rind to them which grew in that pattern. They have been selectively bred to be larger, longer, sweeter and have a greater percentage of edible melon ever since the Renaissance. ( We know this from historical paintings from the Renaissance and surviving records of watermelons throughout the decades of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. ) This melon is a throwback to the classic watermelon actually eaten by people 500 years ago. Maybe I'm the biggest mega-nerd there is, but I find that fantastic and wonderful.
Oh No
Oh No 3 kun oldin
I love this and by extension love you, my good melon friend.
seth olsen
seth olsen 17 kun oldin
thank you for saying this so I didn't have to you are my hero.
D.A. Mahardhika
idont evenknow
These are the only things I watch now
GearheadGames Oy oldin
10:04 I saw one of those when I stayed in Budapest. Is it just a European thing or something?
Plohka Plohka
Plohka Plohka Oy oldin
12:17 mine has a nintendo 64 and an xbox
Jack Hentschel
In relation to the egg at 12:47 I get them from my chickens occasionally it is more common in older hens a few of mine are 4 years old and produce eggs like these every so often
Evan Kinnaird
Evan Kinnaird Oy oldin
7:20. I guess those reviews are BEHIND them! (heh ima nerd ( ° ͜ʖ °) )
Ole Morel
Ole Morel Oy oldin
6:48 thats an fucking union
Mateusz J
Mateusz J Oy oldin
12:55 wtf I’m just thinking about the chase and then a post about it
Brendan Woolwine
14:29 Mercy coming to revive your dead ass
Pazgon lol
Pazgon lol Oy oldin
Oh snap, a new upload from my favourite UZvidr, Calbel! *oh wait*
Yellow Fish黃魚
15:17 I was eating Nutella atm too coincidence?
Cowerdnerd Despacito
Where is that block buster
Potrick Oy oldin
sophia ferrari
dude i finally found the car from 7:31
300,000,000 Pixels
7:32 wheres the car?
Melody Oy oldin
I get youre a bot but... 2:25 really???
purefandom :3
purefandom :3 Oy oldin
2:26 Yeah I go to that light house a lot. It has a really nice view of the ocean...But I mean. When you live on a man made island and you happen to never be over 7 miles away from said ocean. I guess you could say that you always have a nice view of the ocean.
disney nut
disney nut Oy oldin
8:28 how?
Lucas TEP
Lucas TEP Oy oldin
5:38 So he can be a elite for haloween and hold a energy sword properly
SuggarWolf Oy oldin
4:44 when you know cats are going to dominate the world
katy Oy oldin
12:01 i'm not crying you are
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