Miles & Rylee's Cha Cha - DWTS Juniors

Dancing With The Stars
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Miles Brown and Rylee Arnold dance the Cha Cha to "Shake Senora" by Pitbull featuring T-Pain & Sean Paul during the Semi-Finals.




3-Dek, 2018




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Quineshia Stallings
Quineshia Stallings 11 soat oldin
Miles and Rylee's Cha Cha was fantastic I love Rylee's Outfit it is so gorgeous way to go Miles and Rylee I am so proud of you. 🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔
Caitlin Brazil
Caitlin Brazil 4 kun oldin
This is really good!! If Skye didn't win, he definitely should've won!
Smiley L
Smiley L 5 kun oldin
Every time Miles dances it's like a party.
Smiley L
Smiley L 5 kun oldin
Rylee is going to be gorgeous when she gets older.
Madison Treace
Madison Treace 5 kun oldin
Dang 😍♥️
Anna Hatch
Anna Hatch 5 kun oldin
I can’t get over how much Rylee looks like Lindsay when she dances 😄
Lee Cox
Lee Cox 6 kun oldin
Considering that this song is usually used for a Samba, I can see why Whitney would have been tempted to give the routine a Samba flavor. Unfortunately, it didn't have any discernible Cha-Cha content!
Queen Silver
Queen Silver 6 kun oldin
I want him to win so bad. The other competitors are amazing as well but Miles learning this through Facetime is unbelievable. Kid deserves it
Coll 44
Coll 44 6 kun oldin
Him and McKenzie are the top two
Greta Snukis
Greta Snukis 7 kun oldin
Dude rylee is a freaking powerhouse holy frick I love this so much
Francis Herrera
Francis Herrera 7 kun oldin
its_kare_bear_ 13
its_kare_bear_ 13 7 kun oldin
The dancing and choreography were amazing, but what were they thinking with the outfits? They're only kids and shouldn't be showing that much skin. Just my thoughts.
Tiffanye Young
Tiffanye Young 7 kun oldin
He's so fantastic. I literally can't tell who is the pro or the star any more!
J.D. K
J.D. K 7 kun oldin
I know this is sapossed to be ah PG but DAMN get it ya all.. ! WOW
Dimoney jackson
Dimoney jackson 8 kun oldin
Can't stop watching this
Fred Derf
Fred Derf 8 kun oldin
What`s this shit ? A pedophiles wet dream !!!!
Sissy Link
Sissy Link 8 kun oldin
MILES!! U 2 r ADORABLE!! I hope u WIN😉
Jala Williams
Jala Williams 8 kun oldin
bruh Miles is not playing.... I low-key think he could win
Junomaster2006 8 kun oldin
The mod should be shot. It’s clear that he’ll rape that women when puberty hits
Greg Kaifesh
Greg Kaifesh 8 kun oldin
Something sick about this .
aguyandhiscomputer 8 kun oldin
Little girl showing lots of skin and shaking her botty? Yeah, I saw a few sickening things.
Hope King
Hope King 8 kun oldin
Biy. She has grown alot since the beginning
Mrblend27 8 kun oldin
This a pedos dream
Cheryl White
Cheryl White 9 kun oldin
Wow.. I'm blown away. My eyeballs couldn't keep up with those quick steps.
Judith Nathaniel
Judith Nathaniel 9 kun oldin
I Love you miles, great job!!!!
AJ Demonheart
AJ Demonheart 9 kun oldin
I was skinny as a kid, but god does she have ANY body fat?!?
Mermaid Pig
Mermaid Pig 9 kun oldin
Marely Martinez
Marely Martinez 9 kun oldin
Love it
Sarah Lisette
Sarah Lisette 9 kun oldin
Best dance ever 💛
Bho Loo
Bho Loo 9 kun oldin
*This girl almost has no lungs and have just a couple of ribs*
Jasiel Gerena
Jasiel Gerena 9 kun oldin
Bho Loo can you not they are children
unicorn sparkles
unicorn sparkles 9 kun oldin
Who's the winner
NuroMusic 9 kun oldin
Bobo Karu
Bobo Karu 9 kun oldin
I like him but I want Ariana and Artyon to win. They are a good team
Adventure Kids TV
Adventure Kids TV 9 kun oldin
They are really good
Harrison Engle
Harrison Engle 9 kun oldin
0:56 my back hurt watching that
Beautiful Beloved
Beautiful Beloved 9 kun oldin
Jasiel Gerena
Jasiel Gerena 9 kun oldin
Marina Abroad
Marina Abroad 9 kun oldin
He is unbelievable! 😍😍
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance 9 kun oldin
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biscuits au Poulet
biscuits au Poulet 9 kun oldin
Who the hell is this kid
Jasiel Gerena
Jasiel Gerena 9 kun oldin
biscuits au Poulet WTF
Tom Niekamp
Tom Niekamp 9 kun oldin
Wow I didn't know this show was still on
Cameron Schmit
Cameron Schmit 9 kun oldin
Holy shit lol
jman 9 kun oldin
Looks a little inappropriate
M56doop Vu
M56doop Vu 9 kun oldin
Does miles have previous dance experience? He's so amazing!
Tiffanye Young
Tiffanye Young 7 kun oldin
grace rachel
grace rachel 10 kun oldin
yo it's trendin!!
liv 10 kun oldin
Katherine Sinco
Katherine Sinco 10 kun oldin
Anyone else notice that this is on trending?!
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 10 kun oldin
With Your Shield
With Your Shield 10 kun oldin
Dear Lord!! Me: Remember when we could move like that? My Body: yes 😭
YOU GOT MAIL! 10 kun oldin
FBI OPEN UP!!!!!!!!!
Grace Son
Grace Son 10 kun oldin
I feel like all of their dances look the same, they always use the same choreography. SO they basically don't learn new things for each dance. I dont think that they should win the mirror ball
Vodik 10 kun oldin
*_he is quite short_*
Tiffanye Young
Tiffanye Young 7 kun oldin
Perhaps, but he makes the best of it, and he can move!
Jasiel Gerena
Jasiel Gerena 9 kun oldin
Vodik ikr what was the point of the girls wearing heels tf
Sychrari 10 kun oldin
What is the point of being dancer? Waste
Tiffanye Young
Tiffanye Young 7 kun oldin
What's the point of you posting?
Jouri Alk
Jouri Alk 8 kun oldin
Sychrari then why are u here watching?
Fintan 10 kun oldin
Do the young girls need to dress like that?
aguyandhiscomputer 8 kun oldin
Right, too much skin showing.
Jasiel Gerena
Jasiel Gerena 9 kun oldin
Fintan it’s for dance purposes it’s a costume. Do you notice how they have a ponytail? For dance purposes.
Malwina Szawracka
Malwina Szawracka 10 kun oldin
Who got eliminated?
Tiffanye Young
Tiffanye Young 7 kun oldin
no one
John Preciado
John Preciado 10 kun oldin
I hope kid not gay.
Jasiel Gerena
Jasiel Gerena 9 kun oldin
John Preciado why do you assume if you like to dance and you are a boy you are gay? If he is gay that won’t affect you would it?
ana machado
ana machado 10 kun oldin
Song name
stephsmithanie 10 kun oldin
Go Jack, Go Jack......I mean go Miles go Miles!!
TheMedical Wolf
TheMedical Wolf 10 kun oldin
Lucky boy.
haruno siobana
haruno siobana 10 kun oldin
BTTF3 thema
Luca D
Luca D 10 kun oldin
The lyrics and female outfits are wholly inappropriate
Elizabeth Richards
Elizabeth Richards 10 kun oldin
charliemcnuggets 10 kun oldin
Something about half naked kids dancing for adults doesn't seem like a good idea
Kenzie Black
Kenzie Black 10 kun oldin
Amazing!!! Go miles!!! Great job wow. But also youre a kid and winning doesn’t matter. Have fun- that’s all that matters in this!
MartinMoves 10 kun oldin
*Baby Boogaloo* *✌🏻😁*
Andrew Adami
Andrew Adami 10 kun oldin
Its kinda funny watching miniature humans dancing.
Follow Jesus
Follow Jesus 10 kun oldin
Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life!
L Nicole
L Nicole 10 kun oldin
Miles is seriously talented. He is a natural. Get this kid some dancing shoes because he belongs here permanently.
Carlos arranz fernandez
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danceballetacro 10 kun oldin
he is fabulous!!
MArie Livingston
MArie Livingston 10 kun oldin
Wawow!!! Wawow!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😍😍
liz lamont
liz lamont 10 kun oldin
This kid moves so naturally, favorite performance of the night
J, L
J, L 11 kun oldin
I hate the choices these teachers are making whit the music that's not a cha cha music wtf honestly they dont have any music knowledge
Hingle McCringleberry
Because they want a sexualized song
J, L
J, L 10 kun oldin
+LittleDancerEditsX well I guess they need to find producers with some knowledge on music culture and style
LittleDancerEditsX 10 kun oldin
J, L The thing is, the Mentors don't even pick the music, the producers do
msdogooder 11 kun oldin
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Tiffanye Young
Tiffanye Young 7 kun oldin
Whoever this is, get a life please!! No one wants to be bothered with your Sunday School lesson. I'm Christian, but people like you are annoying
Jasiel Gerena
Jasiel Gerena 9 kun oldin
msdogooder Does god hate you if you are gay? If so why did he make them?
Relaxation TV
Relaxation TV 11 kun oldin
Excellence beyond age
imtocool 11 kun oldin
Pedophiles are probably all over this
aguyandhiscomputer 8 kun oldin
Yup, they like all the little girl skin and shaking the booty.
Oz da GAP
Oz da GAP 11 kun oldin
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TimeOUT X 11 kun oldin
I guess I missed the memo but apparently kids who are OBVIOUSLY being sexualized are simply being "cuuuute" and "adorable". Okay, fine, I quote the lyrics to the song they just danced too "shake that body, shake Senora....shake it Senora, yeah baby got back!...girl just bend over, I'll get behind and you can unwind " I'm not even gonna comment on the sexual moves they were making because I'm mostly addressing retards. FACT IS this generation is so overly perverse you clearly won't except the reality of this situation until.....well I give it about 10 maybe 15 more years then child pornography will be so prevalent all governments will make it legal along with dropping the age limit of sexual encounters from 18 to 13 [Many parts of the world the legal age is 14!!!! In Georgia of USA it's 16 if married.]. Lets not forget that most clothing accentuates sexuality , you'd have to be brain-dead not to notice. And don't get me started on the women's march on Washington DC last year where children wore something called a 'Pu$$y Hat' and carried 'Pu$$y Dolls' pushed out by the 'Pu$$yHat Project' and a company called 'America's Kid's' while big signs screamed "Pu$$y Power!!!"!!!! BUT HEY "who are you to judge?" it's all in good fun right? *😐Looks at a billboard of missing children😕💔* ANNND QUE THE DELUSIONAL BACKLASH TO THIS REALISTIC COMMENT.....SMH [Edit: so far the comments are in agreement with my disgust. I'm not sure how many will stand with me but sadly I'm sure many will stand against me ]
aguyandhiscomputer 8 kun oldin
+YOU GOT MAIL! Their parents (mom) were probably dancers (cheerleaders) and dressed like that all the time. As a father of 3, I'm glad my wife and I have our kids at a Christian dance studio that dresses modestly and doesn't use sexy songs like that.
Esther Grace
Esther Grace 9 kun oldin
SOOOO TRUE! Thank you.
I am Who I am!
I am Who I am! 9 kun oldin
Pedophiles are going to be the *NEW MINORITY*
YOU GOT MAIL! 10 kun oldin
IKR. Where the fuck are these kids parents?
Bobisworld 10 kun oldin
Kevin arbogast jr wow I'm glad someone else is awake. I'm sitting here sickened by how sexualized these kids are and no one bats an eye (well not enough someone's). Whoa, perverse is right and so sad. Little girls in midriffs popping their booties. And that's normal and ok.
Sélen Treminio
Sélen Treminio 11 kun oldin
Aw he is so good 😢🤩
Caroline Mahf
Caroline Mahf 11 kun oldin
Finn G
Finn G 11 kun oldin
Dorianna 88
Dorianna 88 11 kun oldin
jeweleethegeek 11 kun oldin
sub to pewdiepie
Greg Bolter
Greg Bolter 11 kun oldin
FAN-tastic !!
Sammy H
Sammy H 11 kun oldin
Is nobody bothered by how little they dressed the underage girls in? #pedophiles much
Bobisworld 10 kun oldin
Not just the dress but the moves as well. It's all disturbing
Taco Lover
Taco Lover 11 kun oldin
The way they over sexualize young girls is disgusting they have the boy fully clothed and the girls half naked as if pervs aren’t watching
aguyandhiscomputer 8 kun oldin
Yup, little girl skin helps ratings. Sick
Taco Lover
Taco Lover 9 kun oldin
Beautiful Beloved it’s disgusting
Beautiful Beloved
Beautiful Beloved 9 kun oldin
cellogirl20 11 kun oldin
As a shorter, amateur male lead he's pulling out all the stops!
rj20za 11 kun oldin
Amiyah Goodman
Amiyah Goodman 11 kun oldin
#15 on trending
Greg Silverman
Greg Silverman 11 kun oldin
It's just mind blowing that they do so well just by learning the dance from video. And i can't believe that Miles has been learning the dances ever since juniors choice by video
Chris Enright
Chris Enright 11 kun oldin
Sad they have girls dressed like that being that young.
Yukatagirl Gaming
Yukatagirl Gaming 11 kun oldin
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Yea those girls are definitely going to grow up to be real respectful women 😝
Hayz eee
Hayz eee 11 kun oldin
MacKenzie was my fav only from knowing her off dance moms but he definitely is my new fav and deserves the win, he’s improved so much
Sarah Touchard
Sarah Touchard 11 kun oldin
Well this is so unbelievable miles did such an outrageous job and also so did Riley I cannot believe what they did like what what that is so beyond amazing like oh my gosh that is so good they deserved all times and I hope they did I think they did I think they did all 10 amazing so beautiful
chri mar
chri mar 11 kun oldin
Her legs are going to break....
maria garcia
maria garcia 11 kun oldin
Love you so
Digital_get_Down 11 kun oldin
Those people put Malcolm in the middle of this?
It.z.marlene 11 kun oldin
#teamLindsay ayy Iove you guyss❣
Ellie Martos
Ellie Martos 11 kun oldin
Kyle Parker
Kyle Parker 11 kun oldin
I have to say his feet were great and his technique always seems to be fantastic. He just needs to make it look more natural. 9 out of 10. His best dance by far
Nella J
Nella J 11 kun oldin
Miles is amazing!!!! This cha cha is one of my favorites on DWTS. The fact that he learned this dance without any rehearsal time is crazy. It just shows how talented he is. Having dance experience helps too since he can learn choreography fast. Miles should have a great career ahead of him. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💯💯❤️❤️ Miles is the winner of DWTS jrs in my opinion. :)