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Miles sings Post Malone Scene - SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE (2018) Movie Clip

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Watch the official 'Miles sings Post Malone Sunflower' clip for Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, an animation movie starring Shameik Moore, Liev Schreiber and Hailee Steinfeld. In theaters December 14, 2018.
A big-screen animated take on Spider-Man featuring Miles Morales, an Afro-Latino New York teen who is endowed with amazing powers similar to those of Peter Parker after a bite from a genetically engineered spider.
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3-Dek, 2018



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Maquella Mills
Maquella Mills 19 daqiqa oldin
Jonah Skoog
Jonah Skoog Soat oldin
Consider suing Bloomington, IN, Eugene, OR, and Albuquerque, NM methamphetamine manufacturer and dealer Pat Jacobs (white, early 40s, brown hair) for injury.
Mint- mangos
Mint- mangos Soat oldin
Song at 1:27??
Gaming with Caleb benedict
The I love you dad scene is funny LOL.
Faith Morakinyo
Faith Morakinyo Soat oldin
Comicon is going to be a very interesting this year. 😏
Edyn Meyer
Edyn Meyer 2 soat oldin
I love spiderman so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😎😘😗😙😚
Tina Turner
Tina Turner 5 soat oldin
0:30 lmfao
Gaby Gibson
Gaby Gibson 8 soat oldin
My boy
Kennedy Innocent
Kennedy Innocent 8 soat oldin
He doesn't even know the whole song 😂 so his mumbling
Anet Castro
Anet Castro 9 soat oldin
#ATM SHGN hehehehehe!🤣
Jayvion Ortega
Jayvion Ortega 10 soat oldin
I love sunflowers
clapZZ clapZZ
clapZZ clapZZ 12 soat oldin
Sub to clapZZ clapZZ
asmr kitty
asmr kitty 16 soat oldin
Amazing movie! 😃🙌🏻🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Khaylia IDGAF
Khaylia IDGAF 17 soat oldin
When they tell me to sing at a family reunion
Canda Cquiroz
Canda Cquiroz 17 soat oldin
Uo bro
Uhhh Ozzy
Uhhh Ozzy 18 soat oldin
*oOoOooO sHe waNnA rIDe mE likE A crUuUiSE*
redbryder 18 soat oldin
What a POS movie....won't recommend it. ...its so unbelievable.....pure fake BS....just trying 2 make a $!!!!
Mitsuhiko Nishida
Mitsuhiko Nishida 18 soat oldin
suguindo eh
Mardelia Ramirez
Mardelia Ramirez 19 soat oldin
Wow i like chat song
Laura Davis
Laura Davis 19 soat oldin
I watch the whole movie
Grace Parra
Grace Parra 19 soat oldin
I love ittt💖💖👌👌
Micki Feagans
Micki Feagans 21 soat oldin
Lords Servant
Lords Servant 21 soat oldin
1:19 🤝✋😎
kimkim puii
kimkim puii 22 soat oldin
The popsicle wow wow 😯 what just happened to his ice cream did he break it?
Draco 23 soat oldin
I watched the movie spider man into the spiderverse
LightningShock Kun oldin
It’s funny how my mom always say miles relates to me a lot 😂. It’s true somewhat though!
Colt Smith
Colt Smith Kun oldin
Why is Spider-Man black now??
chabela Chicho
chabela Chicho Kun oldin
Laik si les gusta la música
Aniyah Fuentes
Aniyah Fuentes Kun oldin
What for I will faint
Aniyah Fuentes
Aniyah Fuentes Kun oldin
Tell your dad part
Aniyah Fuentes
Aniyah Fuentes Kun oldin
Lol so funny
The new Nathan b09 Evans
Cçcccfffnrvrcerebfreee r referee. Ewwffrq. W.
Lemon Tea
Lemon Tea Kun oldin
Ughhhh why is he cute? He’s not even real! 👅
Crizmudiool770 Kun oldin
1:33 PUTA
squink Kun oldin
1:27 how my classmates be hitting signs in the school hallway
becki jones
becki jones Kun oldin
Watched this movie today! Loved it! The fact that post Malone is "Spiderman's" chill zone just like mine was amazing to add to this movie!
epic roblox gamer
Jay Jayz Music
Jay Jayz Music Kun oldin
Klkklka aa😅😅😆😊😴😇kiosk sky
Rachel Ji
Rachel Ji Kun oldin
Wow...he's um...really off tune...XD
AlexGamingX 3
AlexGamingX 3 Kun oldin
1:56 made me die
Life with Cousins123
I watched it for free on video club it comes with my cable I don't need to go to any theatre again
DiDi love
DiDi love 2 kun oldin
Cool 😎
Jafar Villonor
Jafar Villonor 2 kun oldin
Officer I luv you
Jafar Villonor
Jafar Villonor 2 kun oldin
Sense I heard this song I know all the words
Ste X
Ste X 2 kun oldin
Wie heisst das Lied 1:28
Emma Vivian
Emma Vivian 2 kun oldin
Does anybody know the Hispanic song
Anthony Nazario
Anthony Nazario 15 soat oldin
Gleen Resuma
Gleen Resuma 2 kun oldin
Literally me when i first heard sunflower😂😂 REALLY LOVED THE MOVIE itssss soooooo greatttttt❤😍
Cheryl Valley
Cheryl Valley 2 kun oldin
What is that
Mary Ralte
Mary Ralte 2 kun oldin
( nice song for 10 hour ♫♫ )
Daniel Salomon Nieto Alonso
Alguien sabe como sellada
Bianca Palomares
Bianca Palomares 2 kun oldin
This is my favorite movie. Like if its yo favorite movie to.
Tunderwolf 782
Tunderwolf 782 2 kun oldin
Someone eles sing the song.
Jenessy !
Jenessy ! 2 kun oldin
Mary Kuchar
Mary Kuchar 2 kun oldin
Hey guys
Manish Manandhar
Manish Manandhar 2 kun oldin
this movie is just best than any other spiderman movies
Kami-Lea Burggraf
Kami-Lea Burggraf 2 kun oldin
I think heys good
Yolanda Mercado
Yolanda Mercado 2 kun oldin
Me to
Yvette Marston
Yvette Marston 3 kun oldin
Ghcgjj4j H6j Jhdhdhdh has been identified by 8hjxb
WeXy_ TV
WeXy_ TV 3 kun oldin
2:19 music ?
Zakira Beverly
Zakira Beverly 3 kun oldin
LaSaundra D
LaSaundra D 3 kun oldin
2:25 ya u thought!!
Kevin Xpl
Kevin Xpl 3 kun oldin
Okkkkkkk 1:56 and also at 1:33he might of said a bad word or not.
Veronica Hernandez
Veronica Hernandez 3 kun oldin
Stacy Rainey
Stacy Rainey 4 kun oldin
I like the song.
Garii 4 kun oldin
sae Ceejay
rajohn burrell
rajohn burrell 4 kun oldin
That's my favorite song 😊👌🎤
HARP SEAL 4 kun oldin
in the comic i never saw him speak spanish. thats cool!
Gamergirl Playz
Gamergirl Playz 4 kun oldin
In the song it says “she wanna ride me like the cruise” but who is miles taken about hmmmmmmmmmm
Jelly Jam
Jelly Jam 4 kun oldin
You’re fuckin stupid
coolgamer master pro
I thought I he was good 0_0
Lmentrix 5 kun oldin
I dont like the song at all
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Luv dis new spiderman
Chaniya Evans
Chaniya Evans 5 kun oldin
Jenvie Editz
Jenvie Editz 5 kun oldin
Oml an anime girl xD
Rutaba 001
Rutaba 001 5 kun oldin
What's the second song? At 1:05?
My Bunny Snow and Dreniya
I was looking for this song
RULIX 5 kun oldin
0:3-0:29 я так дз делаю
jesse Rivera
jesse Rivera 5 kun oldin
I liked this movie alot to be honest....
Hayley Keating
Hayley Keating 5 kun oldin
I've watched the movie in the cinemas and it was amazing i love it
Garden_lover Flower4
I am as same as Miles,if I dont know the lyrics,I'l hum instead😂
Patato Everything
Patato Everything 5 kun oldin
Didn’t know when the movie came out. So i watched it online lol Best movie I’ve ever watched, beats all spiderman movie. Link to movie online : m4uhd.net/watch-movie-o77yi-spiderman-into-the-spiderverse-2018-movie-online-free-m4ufree.html
Vicky Duran
Vicky Duran 5 kun oldin
How long this movie to come out on Fandango now
SneakerholicBeez 5 kun oldin
Love it
Franciose18_xoxo 5 kun oldin
finally had the chance to watch the movie......holy shit I LOVED IT!!!
Hairo Takashi
Hairo Takashi 5 kun oldin
I like how he was like “WHAT THE” and how we just see him fall
Jelly Jam
Jelly Jam 4 kun oldin
He actually says Contra
XxGamerxX MSP
XxGamerxX MSP 5 kun oldin
Why did I laugh??
Leslie Galicia
Leslie Galicia 5 kun oldin
Ya quiero ber la pelicula
Totville TV
Totville TV 6 kun oldin
Just a thought:His dad must be mixed with Hispanic to have a last name like "Morales" to pass down to his son. Bronx girl here who took the train and roamed the 5 boroughs and I can tell you this movie gives authentic New York City vibes. The culture mix, the spanglish,the subway etc this movie was beautifully made. I love the new spidey!
Heidi Mohammed
Heidi Mohammed 4 kun oldin
shannon hixon
shannon hixon 6 kun oldin
It sounds worse when you sing
Kay 6 kun oldin
Kami-Lea Burggraf
Kami-Lea Burggraf 6 kun oldin
I really want to see this movie
*Brownie Studios
*Brownie Studios 6 kun oldin
Me too
koo kimxxx
koo kimxxx 6 kun oldin
i miss this movieee
кιяιsнιмα έίјίŕό
"And this fry is my- -universe." **EATS IT**
The Mischievous's
The Mischievous's 6 kun oldin
0:12 that's when it starts
Raven Gaming
Raven Gaming 6 kun oldin
i want to buy this movie and this movie has my favorite song what’s up danger sunflower
yar maw
yar maw 5 kun oldin
What you danger still really guud tho
yar maw
yar maw 5 kun oldin
Raven Gaming
Raven Gaming 6 kun oldin
i want to buy this movie but it’s like something my favorite wait this movie has my favorite songs
Sanahanbi Waikhom
Sanahanbi Waikhom 6 kun oldin
This is awsom
Stephanie Erukaa
Stephanie Erukaa 6 kun oldin
Vəonəll Nəl
Vəonəll Nəl 6 kun oldin
miles is kinda cool kid
Nchey Mbamalu
Nchey Mbamalu 6 kun oldin
Swae Lee’s real name is Miles
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