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Miles sings Post Malone Scene - SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE (2018) Movie Clip

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Watch the official 'Miles sings Post Malone Sunflower' clip for Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, an animation movie starring Shameik Moore, Liev Schreiber and Hailee Steinfeld. In theaters December 14, 2018.
A big-screen animated take on Spider-Man featuring Miles Morales, an Afro-Latino New York teen who is endowed with amazing powers similar to those of Peter Parker after a bite from a genetically engineered spider.
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3-Dek, 2018

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Arayah Alexender
Arayah Alexender 5 daqiqa oldin
Dad. You have to say I love you Me come on dad Dad.Say it say I love you dad Me I love you Dad...
alexandra coffman
alexandra coffman 18 daqiqa oldin
I'm Gay
I'm Gay 25 daqiqa oldin
Miles is totally me when singing a song I don't know the whole lyrics to
hentai god
hentai god 28 daqiqa oldin
Not sure but did he say puta
Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia 29 daqiqa oldin
What did he say when he fell
savvy Soat oldin
i still love this part lmao
Tion Demyers
Tion Demyers Soat oldin
Awesome I sall it to
Rui Xu
Rui Xu Soat oldin
2:44 he just ate his own universe
BoKo Bubbles
BoKo Bubbles Soat oldin
Edu Pal
Edu Pal Soat oldin
this is not sponsored by Sony
Element Jose
Element Jose Soat oldin
a hispanic/latino spider-man? hey im hispanic/latino TO!
small autistic boy
small autistic boy 2 soat oldin
I see Miles Morales with the voice of xxxtentacion.
Lars LeBlanc
Lars LeBlanc 2 soat oldin
this is freaking bs
Lars LeBlanc
Lars LeBlanc 2 soat oldin
let's all pretend that this abides all copyright laws *pretend*
g b.v hnc th h
g b.v hnc th h 3 soat oldin
Queer Queen of Tears
Miles mumbling like half of the words is such a mood
Pong Nguyen
Pong Nguyen 3 soat oldin
Tell me why swae lee sing like miles during the live show
Laura Holbrook
Laura Holbrook 4 soat oldin
I love this song to Death
Dave Hyppolite
Dave Hyppolite 4 soat oldin
follow me on my IG @f.a.n.x.x.x
G4W Gaming
G4W Gaming 4 soat oldin
He botched this song just like Sway Lee when he had to perform it live. That performance actually hurt though.
Kirk Lakhani
Kirk Lakhani 4 soat oldin
In a minute
Taye Boogie
Taye Boogie 6 soat oldin
Taye I utheyheg
William Poole
William Poole 6 soat oldin
Post Malone is a pretty boy
abstrakt fortnite
abstrakt fortnite 6 soat oldin
I cant stop watching clips of the movie after i saw it, its awesome see it if you havent.
Galaxy Death
Galaxy Death 7 soat oldin
Gadito Cintron
Gadito Cintron 7 soat oldin
Am i the only one that thinks they made the kid look like junior dat got murder by the trinitarios damn the kid talk dominican and looks like junior or its just me
Sniperz 7 soat oldin
1 like equals 1 less deaf person who listened to his singing
Justyn Charles
Justyn Charles 7 soat oldin
when he falls in the street miles says puta
Justyn Charles
Justyn Charles 7 soat oldin
WOW. sony just had to get their sponsor
NFLforever Oakland
NFLforever Oakland 7 soat oldin
Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil 7 soat oldin
This peasant doesn’t even have AirPods smh
alexander soto
alexander soto 8 soat oldin
I watched this movie and it's sad and funny
Victor Ibarra
Victor Ibarra 9 soat oldin
Victor Victor VICTOR
Angela .Clivio
Angela .Clivio 10 soat oldin
Wasn’t she dead?
artur avdyli
artur avdyli 10 soat oldin
This movie in 3D was fireee 😍😍💔
Fukōna Sakkaku
Fukōna Sakkaku 11 soat oldin
I really like this movie because of the animation, it reminds me a lot of the comics , but i hate the reggaeton in the movie :v
Richard Bryant
Richard Bryant 11 soat oldin
Richard Bryant
Richard Bryant 11 soat oldin
Midnight Cløver
Midnight Cløver 11 soat oldin
Laura x charlotte Overwatch
Kawaii anime girl
Echo Eighteen
Echo Eighteen 13 soat oldin
Miles is the man
Hello World
Hello World 13 soat oldin
3:36 He can say the n word
farah hasan
farah hasan 13 soat oldin
He looks exactly like junior RIP
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen 16 soat oldin
Cody Mainard
Cody Mainard 16 soat oldin
This song is sunflower
Larissa Marques Neves
Larissa Marques Neves 16 soat oldin
I watched the movie at the vip in Brazil and it’s so good! I recommend you watch it!
Min Min
Min Min 18 soat oldin
I already watched the movie but it’s just so good
edvin svingen
edvin svingen 19 soat oldin
Movie version of swae Lee's rolling loud performance
Alpha __wolfz
Alpha __wolfz 20 soat oldin
Rasist scum hates miles
Meagan Gilley
Meagan Gilley 21 soat oldin
This is such a great movie ❤️
Alyssa Mendez
Alyssa Mendez 21 soat oldin
I just watched the movie omg love it
AJ G 22 soat oldin
Anyone know the song at 2:19?
NightZore 22 soat oldin
3:47 peni parker blushing So cute!!!!
Jonahrenz Jacob
Jonahrenz Jacob 22 soat oldin
i thought someone calling me when his dad calling him..LOL
Reinnfrux 23 soat oldin
What is he saying as he falls at 1:33
Angie ThunderStryke
Angie ThunderStryke 23 soat oldin
I’m going to see this movie and the animation looks SO FREAKING GOOD!!!!
Knifer J
Knifer J Kun oldin
Just watched the movie today. Great spider-man movie.
Ne Bro
Ne Bro Kun oldin
Man I miss this movie I’m about to go see it for the third time
JackayooGuitar Kun oldin
Nope, not seeing this movie anymore
Franco Garcia
Franco Garcia Kun oldin
QUICKBOTZZ 21 Kun oldin
1:33 did he just say “PUTA”?
Tydus Lumber
Tydus Lumber Kun oldin
What’s that sing called the one like at the end please reply.
Cristian Farías
Soy el único al que después de ver esta escena quiere unos auriculares sony?
Lt. yeet
Lt. yeet Kun oldin
Myles Dowell
Myles Dowell Kun oldin
Was that me or was that spanish?😂😂 like the comment if you agree like a littele bit of spanish
yEeT THis wHEat
yEeT THis wHEat Kun oldin
Honestly was the best movie I’ve seen in a long time
David Benson
David Benson Kun oldin
The movie was awesome
Mui 1728
Mui 1728 Kun oldin
Wrong song title
inaxkim_ Kun oldin
this is the best freakin movie ever
Tom Holland Is Mine !
*-Miles is the strongest-* *GWEN CAN SAY THE N WORD TOO, SHE’S SOUTH AFRICAN!*
Carmen Acosta
Carmen Acosta Kun oldin
Tom Bloom
Tom Bloom Kun oldin
Tom Bloom
Tom Bloom Kun oldin
Ya it was😎😎
aeipathy Kun oldin
i love this movie sm
Diiaz Nen
Diiaz Nen Kun oldin
Song 1:27?
Harry Potter And Wandney The Wand
I Watch Spider-Man Into the Spider Verse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gamerkid 98573
Gamerkid 98573 Kun oldin
This movie is so good and I don't even like spiderman
Matthew Allen
Matthew Allen Kun oldin
He got the air Force 1 looking fresh
Oranjj Kun oldin
Wait miles is Hispanic/African more like immigrant man???
Antara Tripathi
Antara Tripathi Kun oldin
I saw this and immediately knew I would die for Miles
Adhithyan U.S
Adhithyan U.S Kun oldin
What is you downlaod this movie.....
Emma LDM
Emma LDM Kun oldin
This is the most relatable moment of spider verse
Taye's Stuff
Taye's Stuff Kun oldin
I love how they changed the lyrics for that song cause it says she tryna ride me like a cruise ehh
Tirth Patel
Tirth Patel Kun oldin
The reason why I love this movie is because it looks so much like a comic book come to life.
Leon leafy
Leon leafy Kun oldin
Candy Cruickshank
Best movie I seen,,
AL a.k.a UCAY
AL a.k.a UCAY Kun oldin
Did he say: assalamualaykum to his mom? 1:06
Jloren Gaming
Jloren Gaming Kun oldin
Fire Movie
Fatima Muni
Fatima Muni Kun oldin
Seen the movie very interesting
Sára J.
Sára J. Kun oldin
,,Officer, I love you.´´ ,,Wait, what?!´´ XXXXXDDDDD
Levicorpus Tee
Levicorpus Tee Kun oldin
He says puta when he trips over his shoelaces
Mr.E Kun oldin
Even Miles mumbles some of the lines
Gillian Kun oldin
Official lyrics : Mm e eh uh maby ua rek Shi a sat skirt mm e h uh *inaudible mumbling*
Heavy D
Heavy D Kun oldin
Just punting this out buuuuttt Gwen is lookin like a snacc
ItsAaronGamez Kun oldin
I was really late to the movie i only saw until he was at the school
Delfox Kun oldin
*iN a mINuTe*
ItsMarley Kun oldin
*In a minute!*
TheDarkSkulls [GD]
Lol "Needless To Say I Keep in Check She Was All Bad-Bad Nevertheless Callin' it Quits Now Baby I'm a Wreck Crash at My Place Baby You're a Wreck" You Have To Say That Two Times
the title should be miles sing swae lee, malone sings second verse
Plan-T Kun oldin
This was the best scene there’s no competition