Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon Surprise NYC Subway Performance 06/13/17

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Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon Surprise NYC Subway Performance 06/13/17




14-Iyn, 2017



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Андрей Мотенко
Ждём теперь Урганта с Лободой в переходе в Москве
roncherry Soat oldin
That was SO good
M F198
M F198 4 soat oldin
Miley and Fallon are both liberal douchebags.
Steve Walters
Steve Walters 4 soat oldin
Cool for that kid to get the mic from Jimmy!
Ligma Ballz
Ligma Ballz 10 soat oldin
damn from hozier to now Miley *IM FOR SURE SLEEPING IN THE SUBWAYS FROM NOW ON*
Kiet Le
Kiet Le 12 soat oldin
This is dumb
Ray C
Ray C 14 soat oldin
the people on the subway be like ppl: wait stop the train was that Miley and Jimmy sing party in the US.
lcf34 14 soat oldin
Best things in life happen when you behave like a 13 years old
SS Beau
SS Beau 15 soat oldin
Shouldn’t she have a giant dildo and him a bottle of whiskey in his hand. They seem naked without them.
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson 15 soat oldin
I don’t see how celebrities are constantly staying relevant by doing literally nothing
Charles I
Charles I 18 soat oldin
At the end.. all the people walking up like what just happened
Charles I
Charles I 18 soat oldin
She should be a country singer
Andrei Ulchianu
Andrei Ulchianu 18 soat oldin
That guy is useless
jayson murphy
jayson murphy 19 soat oldin
I had hoped Jimmy Fallon would be funny this time. Miley killed that Dolly song and that bucket drummer was amazing!
pyrolife italy
pyrolife italy 19 soat oldin
Although I dislike miley cyrus, she has a lot of talent.
Tim Lombardini
Tim Lombardini 19 soat oldin
Jimmy be tapping that
General YeahYeah
General YeahYeah 22 soat oldin
I wouldn’t have been excited to see Miley
NDN KEN 23 soat oldin
I wish more celebrities did this
ZEROFUX Kun oldin
Miley is trash
Todd D
Todd D Kun oldin
Todd D
Todd D Kun oldin
Miley Cyrus tranny when you.WAKE.up thank me for setting you straight..Sodomites
Anthony Marquez
Anthony Marquez Kun oldin
I can't stand Jimmy Fallon
Keka g
Keka g Kun oldin
Bvgbwe sc. x. C, k j. Buk gtfbtrbbrvr ed sv. S $§§_£^¥_|¥]
Keka g
Keka g Kun oldin
RrhHmvbn vbcz %#*;+7;1234$& xvnv. V gm,n
c. ramirez
c. ramirez Kun oldin
Well first of all, everyone knows what Hannah Montana sounds like...
Michael Edge
Michael Edge Kun oldin
Two major douchebags.
M P Kun oldin
Miley is way too good to be singing Party in the USA. She needs some writers
Phlegethon Kun oldin
8:04 this woman is like me “who was she?”
o0musique0o Kun oldin
Security everywhere !!
Nostrodumbass 8
Nostrodumbass 8 Kun oldin
Why is this in my recommendations. He's not funny and she is only famous cause her dad had 1 song people forgot about.
Raafee Khan
Raafee Khan Kun oldin
Her voice is a how you know it's her.
Desiree Johnson
Desiree Johnson Kun oldin
I love them lol
Desiree Johnson
Desiree Johnson Kun oldin
I would've known from the jump it was her. Her voice is amazingly different
Виктор Иванов
Скоро увидим урганта с какой нить певицей в метро!
Antonio Manzanares Lozano
Surprising? But the musicians already know to play party in usa? I dont know rick....
JanEn3 Kun oldin
cindy hatch
cindy hatch Kun oldin
Surprise who, the performers or the audience? There was 2 mike's waiting for them
Mindy Schaper
Mindy Schaper Kun oldin
Instantly recognizable as Miley Cyrus, especially once she opens her mouth. Also a very obvious wig.
Jon Sigh
Jon Sigh Kun oldin
Jimmy Fallon has got to be the worst replacement for the tonight show. He is such a mousey little twit. You know he likes penis. And one thing miley will NEVER be able to disguise-her huge roast beef twat.
Anirudh Agarwal
Anirudh Agarwal Kun oldin
Damn the gypsy part was awesome... After cover blown.... They started sucking again with there new age music... I mOld may be for all this
Saurabh Sharma
Saurabh Sharma Kun oldin
Hannah Montana!!!!!
Alexander Arnold
These are all clones.
Rusty Shackleford
You’re not funny
Ethan Gretsky
Ethan Gretsky Kun oldin
Why can’t all her music be like this 😭
Bob scafidi
Bob scafidi Kun oldin
She’s a slut.
Jay Walt
Jay Walt Kun oldin
We know you in wigs Hannah I mean Miley 😁 Idc what anyone says about her she can sing💯👌🏾✌🏾
cmp0714 Kun oldin
Exactly where Miley belongs ...the subway, with all the rats
Curly ai
Curly ai Kun oldin
I would grab that fucking mic and sing
Jamie Dahlin
Jamie Dahlin Kun oldin
Another reason Miley is fuckin dope
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Kun oldin
Denim dan over here
randumz randumz
randumz randumz Kun oldin
Are we supposed to think they just did that out of the blue when there's two mics there
Артем Горбунов
Кто это такие?
Dee Holt
Dee Holt Kun oldin
Security blocking where people are going...haha yeah not a surprise performance, but still cool.
Frank Nash
Frank Nash Kun oldin
Look as the filthy concrete
Christine Leng
Christine Leng Kun oldin
love her energy
rsellers71 Kun oldin
To bad they are wasting their GOD given talents being puppets of the New World Order... just saying
Colin MacVicar
Colin MacVicar Kun oldin
See Miley you can still be ready sexy and still be fully clothed.
vidhi maru
vidhi maru Kun oldin
Jimmy doesnt know the lyrics..He is trying so hard😅
Some people sure missed their train there
bunny ali
bunny ali Kun oldin
All the people already knew that the girl was miley
Gary Winthorpe
Gary Winthorpe 2 kun oldin
A very talented stoner girl
Scott Lundquist
Scott Lundquist 2 kun oldin
Boss, I’ll be running 30 minutes late today. There’s a bad ass party in the subway and I’m attending. Sorry, not sorry.
Ruben Rivera
Ruben Rivera 2 kun oldin
Loved it no political puns, just a party in the USA that's what it's all about !!!!
Jim Beam
Jim Beam 2 kun oldin
Two shit stains. Who cares?
Steven Giordano
Steven Giordano 2 kun oldin
You Suck🤗
Jason Ratchford
Jason Ratchford 2 kun oldin
Sometimes I forget that skank can actually sing...hmmm Miley sounds pretty good too
Greg 2 kun oldin
If the guitar player and the bucket drummer are real street performers, I hope they got paid!!!
Falketto Kun oldin
Greg I‘m pretty sure the guitarist ist Jaco Caraco, her actual guitarist...
Petr123 paco
Petr123 paco 2 kun oldin
What a surprise! Two of the biggest hoes in Hollywood faking a surprise performance. What a shocker.
YourLocalPlug 2 kun oldin
Miley = Alabama wannabe
CS:GO Prime | Hot AF
Why the street performer get no money
Isaias Nm
Isaias Nm 2 kun oldin
People only want fame and take pictures for their profiles on the Internet, the world has gone crazy and if you do not know anyone shout or praise her as they have done in this video.
Lenny B
Lenny B 2 kun oldin
She sounds kinda bad 😂
Abdel Aziz
Abdel Aziz 2 kun oldin
First time seing Miley Cyrus wearing that much
pegatrisedmice 2 kun oldin
How does one manage to ruin Miley Cirus live performance. Oh It's Jimmy Fallon. But seriously, she is actually a very good singer and Fallon literally has nothing to offer there beside her. He"s horrible comedian and singer. Fuck Jimmy Fallon
Rxmzy Cunch
Rxmzy Cunch 2 kun oldin
3:47 you can see Jimmy Fallon checking if his real fake hair didn't come off
Golden STORAGE 2 kun oldin
Cocaine addict junkie getting cute how far would these fucking junkies go for publicity
Foo Kelevra
Foo Kelevra 2 kun oldin
Jimmy’s shit
Daniel Renshaw
Daniel Renshaw 2 kun oldin
Dear Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon kill yourselves. - America
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 2 kun oldin
Y'know it's fake when a crowd like that forms and actually cheers..
Nathan Beach
Nathan Beach 2 kun oldin
Flanked by high end DSLRs and we get a phone video, but at least it's horizontal
Natalie D. Wang
Natalie D. Wang 2 kun oldin
Amazing Miley!! Love it
Stringer Media
Stringer Media 2 kun oldin
Cool Surprise.
Jangbricks Rogers
Jangbricks Rogers 2 kun oldin
So cringe at 4:15
chef marc
chef marc 2 kun oldin
Ok, and who the f... is miley cyrus?
Tim Raestrup
Tim Raestrup 2 kun oldin
Damn Jamie Lannister can sing
Steve Smith
Steve Smith 2 kun oldin
Such an amazing tree to have you guys perform in front of people wow you guys are so awesome pieces of s***
Marcella Sayara
Marcella Sayara 2 kun oldin
Eu ia morrer do coração se eu encontrasse com a Miley assim... Minha infância todinhaaaa
absurd heroes
absurd heroes 2 kun oldin
Fake ass
Tahmid Rahman
Tahmid Rahman 2 kun oldin
I remember when I was in New York I met the guy who was playing on the buckets with the drumsticks
Ericka Mariana Escobedo Barroso
Es irreconocible, luego luego me habría dado cuenta que es ella.
Johny Doe
Johny Doe 2 kun oldin
That was totally cool.....👍🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Ashley Hough
Ashley Hough 2 kun oldin
She’s so awesome 👏 I would so hang with her !
Anthony Leigh
Anthony Leigh 2 kun oldin
Never really cared for her but boy can she sing. That rendition of joleen, a song I don't care for, wow, she nailed it.
Hassan Tofan
Hassan Tofan 2 kun oldin
Nicholas Doan
Nicholas Doan 2 kun oldin
Could've done without the yee haw's .
Colin MacVicar
Colin MacVicar Kun oldin
Or Jimmy for that matter
Vera 1957
Vera 1957 2 kun oldin
Jim Fallon has got to be the most untalented person out there
Sah. B.
Sah. B. 3 kun oldin
Can you find the security guard? I did! I win!
Colin MacVicar
Colin MacVicar Kun oldin
Sah. B. He’s standing beside Waldo.
fatwallet13 3 kun oldin
Total set up!
ozing ruttum
ozing ruttum 3 kun oldin
Miley Cyrus really got a good voice👌👌
The Munday Review
The Munday Review 3 kun oldin
Chills! Love her voice!
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