MINO(송민호) - ‘아낙네 (FIANCÉ)’ M/V

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26-Noy, 2018

YG EntertainmentYG와이지WINNER위너MINOSong Minho송민호미노민호힙합RapHip hopRapperXX아낙네MV뮤직비디오뮤비피앙세MINO 아낙네FIANCÉ



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Fikrlar 46 807
군주 33 sekund oldin
It doesn't matter how many times you heard this song, every time when the pre-chorus come, you'll always feel like the first time.
天空 49 daqiqa oldin
Okta Chandika Salsabila
Okta Chandika Salsabila 54 daqiqa oldin
why so many dislikes?
Chamina TV
Chamina TV Soat oldin
19 days 23M+ views? Why? 'Cause this song is lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Phuc Hoang Hoang
Phuc Hoang Hoang Soat oldin
"Lac Troi" sơn tùng -mtp?
Nbhila FL
Nbhila FL Soat oldin
Honestly im JYP stan but YG song is always make me shaking 😭
Nbhila FL
Nbhila FL Soat oldin
Not Stan but im fucking love this song and the choreography 😭
bùi luận
bùi luận Soat oldin
zattezatt Soat oldin
This may sound weird but, somehow I know that, since the first time I saw and heard this MV, this song is going to be special for me. I love, love historical k-drama. And this song is exactly my type. Made me watch a few historical k-drama.
송민호 멋있당!!!💙💚💛💜🖤
Yulia Husna
Yulia Husna Soat oldin
김진영 Soat oldin
비트가 너무 Butterfly effect 느낌인데
เบน คง
เบน คง Soat oldin
When I look mino I miss GD🌼❤️🐲
Joanna Eve
Joanna Eve 2 soat oldin
Jerald Evans
Jerald Evans 2 soat oldin
I was so confused. Cause a fiancé is the term for the man you’re engaged to. I thought he was singing to a man lmao. The term for the female counterpart is fiancée by the way
Christine 2 soat oldin
sooo proud of youuuu!!! inner circle is extra proud of your first solo!!!! i love youuu
love rosie
love rosie 2 soat oldin
kim lu-an
kim lu-an 3 soat oldin
Why after watching SOLO, UZvid recommending "Fiance' by Mino AHAHAHAHA HELP: Mystery needed to solve immediately!!
nyeongan 3 soat oldin
I just realized that the white thingy at the back were face of girls
이영림 3 soat oldin
신서유기에 나온 송민호 맞아?
Sturm Bergi
Sturm Bergi 4 soat oldin
Who created this beat? Also - Mino is seriously wasting his potential in YG. He needs to go solo.
ruth 1997
ruth 1997 2 soat oldin
Sturm Bergi Mino
Hi I Exist
Hi I Exist 4 soat oldin
My first impression: oh wow.. OH WOW... *OH WOW OK!!*
joan woo
joan woo 4 soat oldin
Hi please try watching Laboum's Turn it On MV --> uzvid.com/video/video-ZUYvvnaZnoI.html I feel like they are really underrated. aside from YG artists they are one of the group that i stan. they are so amazing i promise.
V S 4 soat oldin
This song is such a bop tho I'm shook
LoveYourselfAsMuchAsJinLovesHimself SugaKookie
I don't like the company YG but I don't care I don't stan the company I Stan the artists
princess bluepanda21
haaan naaah
haaan naaah 4 soat oldin
OfficialSusanKpop 4 soat oldin
Hi there i have a dance cover of this song i appreciate if someone can watch it
2s .e2
2s .e2 4 soat oldin
I like it
宋林英 5 soat oldin
Yasmin Desyane Hanipah
aaa syukaaa♡
Stine Bausager
Stine Bausager 5 soat oldin
I've heard this song more times than I've heard my own mother call my name
Minh đức Trần
Minh đức Trần 5 soat oldin
Mino chyooooo
mar bren
mar bren 6 soat oldin
JiSoo Kim
JiSoo Kim 7 soat oldin
Mino tu patrón💖
fazyno hoonie
fazyno hoonie 7 soat oldin
1M go go go. While waiting for Millions 😁
Irah Dawn
Irah Dawn 7 soat oldin
23, 146, 584
Ana's life
Ana's life 7 soat oldin
I'm obsessed ...❤️with this song!! Mino is rocking!!
DoramasAsia 8 soat oldin
DoramasAsia 8 soat oldin
Ecem Rose
Ecem Rose 8 soat oldin
Missk vip
Missk vip 8 soat oldin
Mino plzsss gains more weight. I miss your chubby face
Kim Seokjin's 아낙네
This mv gives me that GD vibessss from heartbreaker/breathe mv 😍
burn crime
burn crime 8 soat oldin
1.25 speed is so lit😍
Tae with a bit of Suga jjang jjang man boong boong
Hands up who else is obsessed with this concept
BTS and EXO are friends so why not EXOL and ARMY?
0:36 0:40 That *AII* is so beautiful I love it.
Sarada Uchiha
Sarada Uchiha 9 soat oldin
Still streaming this and it gets beautiful when listening to it repeatedly!? His vocals really sound good. He is not growling like before. Uhhhh this song is really sexy and dope man
Florence Magar
Florence Magar 9 soat oldin
*Bop and I'm just 18 seconds in! Power of Mino😍*
dana Orich
dana Orich 10 soat oldin
That's an orgasm 😍❤️
Kim Seokjin's 아낙네
GD hyung must be so proud of youuuu. Im so proud of u too mino 😭❤
Mythili Srinivasan
Mythili Srinivasan 11 soat oldin
1:29 the dimples of the girl at left ❤️
Perlechenchen 11 soat oldin
before: uzvid.com/video/video-YuUemqCL53E.html thank me later hahah
연우러문 yeonurromun
앞머리내리면 꽃미남 앞머리올라면 상남자
Rose Ber
Rose Ber 11 soat oldin
I love the way he says: "Pretty Woman" *R.I.P Replay buttom.*
Hotel Shanti Priya
Hotel Shanti Priya 11 soat oldin
Wow this song is dope amazing mino oppa so handsome and talented wishing you lots of success😙😍
Ushani1000 12 soat oldin
Sri Lanka 😀
Pragati Rai
Pragati Rai 12 soat oldin
Mino oppa this song is amazing wishing u lots of success 😙😊😍
BLINK 12 soat oldin
Kenly Seven
Kenly Seven 12 soat oldin
Rek Gaming
Rek Gaming 12 soat oldin
fake con đỉ mẹ mày
Aya Zahwe
Aya Zahwe 12 soat oldin
No t nice
Mira 96
Mira 96 4 soat oldin
الناس اذواق وشكرا للزيارة
TripleONE _
TripleONE _ 12 soat oldin
23M ✅
It's a beautiful sky
It's a beautiful sky 12 soat oldin
999사탄 13 soat oldin
이미 외국인이 점령한 댓글 창입니다
everysing Annie
everysing Annie 13 soat oldin
똑똑 그대 보고 싶소 넘볼 수 없고 가질 수 없어 (So, sad) 뚝뚝 눈물 쏟아내도 그 고운 자태 한 번 비추지 않고 (너무해에) 내게만 까칠한 그녀는 유명한 화이 서울의 별 다 어딨나 Oh, in your eyes 걔와 함께면 넌 디스토피아, 내 발걸음 따라오면 유토피아 Pretty woman 워 워 귀티나네 이리 봐도 저리 봐도 이뻐 이뻐 넌 나의 아낙네 이제 알았네 아낙네 나의 파랑새 (Woo yeah) 꼭꼭 숨어라 나의 님 (나의 님) 머리카락 보일라 어딨니 (Where are you?) 못 찾겠다 꾀꼬리 (꾀꼬리) 그대 있는 곳으로 가리, 나 가리 쉿 아무 말 하지 말고 도망치자 멀리 나만 보고 이제 그만해 제비뽑기 한여름에도 걷고 싶어 너의 그 눈길 우리 둘이 야리꾸리 무리무리 Oh 그리워 너의 몸, 그리고 외로워 여기 밑 빠진 Dog 물 맥여 줘 배배 꼬아 마치 코브라 부끄러워마, Alright? Pretty woman 워 워 귀티나네 이리 봐도 저리 봐도 이뻐 이뻐 넌 나의 아낙네 이제 알았네 아낙네 나의 파랑새 (Woo yeah) 꼭꼭 숨어라 나의 님 (나의 님) 머리카락 보일라 어딨니 (Where are you?) 못 찾겠다 꾀꼬리 (꾀꼬리) 그대 있는 곳으로 가리, 나 가리 너는 그림 속의 움츠린 떡, Woo 난 침이 꿀꺽 넌 나의 주인공, 난 너의 츄잉껌 Woo, let's boogie on & on 우린 불이 튀어, 이제 숨통이 틔어, 영원히 네게 충성 아름다운 넌 이뻐, 이뻐 랄라라라랄라 랄랄라 랄라라라랄라 랄랄라 랄라라라랄라 랄랄라라 Where ma bishes at 내 아낙네 꾀꼬리 (삐요삐요삐요) 나, 가리 (엥엥엥) 꾀꼬리 (삐요삐요삐요) 그대 있는 곳으로 가리 나가리
ARMY BOW CH 13 soat oldin
I love song minho😘[and winner]
Irah Dawn
Irah Dawn 7 soat oldin
Thank you so much! 😊💙
CHI-EMSI Swag 13 soat oldin
Lạc Trôi - Sơn Tùng M-TP numberone uzvid.com/video/video-Llw9Q6akRo4.html
맹자 13 soat oldin
송민호만에 색깔과 음색을 거의 완벽히 살려냄 안타까운 점이 있다면 아낙네 뜻 자체가 남의 집 부녀자고 그걸 토대도로 만들었으니 애들이 듣기 좋은 노래는 아니지만 일단 노래 개조아
맹자 Soat oldin
+ikkie16 그렇군요 좋은 답변 감사드립니다
ikkie16 9 soat oldin
결혼 안한 성숙한 여자도 아낙네라고 했요. 아낙네 자체가 되게 넓은 의미의 여성을 가리킵니다. 송민호 본인도 이 아낙네라는 단어를 사전적인 의미가 아닌 그리움의 대상으로 표현했다고 했어요.
Bentagonie 13 soat oldin
This song deserves more views
PI A 14 soat oldin
23 M ✅
ZHEZOON Channel 14 soat oldin
Duel Mino and Jackson wang
Robson Wesley
Robson Wesley 14 soat oldin
i love you mino
Ho Trương
Ho Trương 14 soat oldin
so good @@
23M🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉worth listening 😍
LM5hassnatchedme already
This is soo much better than solo quality wise, teddy or whoever the producer was gave this song justice.
Essi Kah
Essi Kah 4 soat oldin
+LM5hassnatchedme already Mino so talented right 🤩
Cry Sobbing
Cry Sobbing 12 soat oldin
LM5hassnatchedme already its okay 😁 just want to let you know. All song in his album are made by himself
LM5hassnatchedme already
+Cry Sobbing oh..sorry I didn't know that. He did great💯
Cry Sobbing
Cry Sobbing 13 soat oldin
LM5hassnatchedme already the main producer is mino himself haha
Fado Ayani
Fado Ayani 14 soat oldin
Go Go 🤯🥃2019
레프터 14 soat oldin
아버지 정답을 알려줘! 아버지 : 오키도키요
2KPOOP 15 soat oldin
Up up
Un Known
Un Known 15 soat oldin
REPORT the nonsensical and delusional spamming comments. You don't have to reply to them - they won't listen and they'll try attacking even more. Just keep streaming and stay positive!
Loan Nguyen
Loan Nguyen 15 soat oldin
Đoạn điệp khúc hay đó
Random Person
Random Person 15 soat oldin
Random Person
Random Person 15 soat oldin
😊😊😊😊😊👍👍👏👏👏👏👏😻😻😻😽😽23 million nxt 25 million.
h 97
h 97 15 soat oldin
23M 🔥
son nguyen
son nguyen 15 soat oldin
I am lạc trôi
Ryan Isti
Ryan Isti 14 soat oldin
La.. La.. La.. Go Away.. Go Away.. Bee yo.. Bee yo.. Bee yo..
Random Person
Random Person 15 soat oldin
What are you doing here then go and make music
Vanhung Pham
Vanhung Pham 15 soat oldin
Mino anh lactrôi sơn tùng mtp from Vietnam my?
김승현 15 soat oldin
난 얘 싫음.ㅡㅡ
ikkie16 9 soat oldin
싫은데 여기까지 와서 표현하고 가시네 ㅋㅋ 집착쩔어
ALLSTAR Faker and Quân Chanal
This is coppy " lạc trôi " :)
ALLSTAR Faker and Quân Chanal
every one is max stupid that is my mean :))
Erzatitania32 Mb
Erzatitania32 Mb 3 soat oldin
The treacherous say HI
Ryan Isti
Ryan Isti 12 soat oldin
ALLSTAR Faker and Quân Chanal Hahahaha.. What do you mean..??? 😇😇😇
Cry Sobbing
Cry Sobbing 13 soat oldin
ALLSTAR Faker and Quân Chanal isn't you?
ALLSTAR Faker and Quân Chanal
You is stupid you said very stupid :)
이러ㅓㅓㅓㅎ케헤 섹쉬 한데 신서유기 에서는 짜라 투수트라는 내친구 이러고 있냨ㅋㅋ
Un Known
Un Known 15 soat oldin
HAPPY 23M 😊💕
Essi Kah
Essi Kah 16 soat oldin
23 million!!!
Jovana Pavlov
Jovana Pavlov 16 soat oldin
he looks like gd a loot 😄
Alleya Cainoy
Alleya Cainoy 16 soat oldin
Nexx To
Nexx To 16 soat oldin
Robiiah Alma
Robiiah Alma 16 soat oldin
so swag MINO, and please let seung yoon have solo album too :)
김정욱 16 soat oldin
정확히 22998000회에 들어옴
Adam Aris
Adam Aris 16 soat oldin
trying to be like GD
Ryan Isti
Ryan Isti 4 soat oldin
Hei... Anyone Who reads your writing must also be a bit negative, what if you read it from someone else hm..??
Mira 96
Mira 96 4 soat oldin
كلي زق
Adam Aris
Adam Aris 6 soat oldin
Random Person ni sorang lagi, semua nak triggered sgt asal? masalah betul adoii
Adam Aris
Adam Aris 6 soat oldin
Ryan Isti that’s what i’m meant, is not that i’m saying bad things abt mino haih 😪
Adam Aris
Adam Aris 6 soat oldin
Baithy Satsuky wah bahasa, sukahati panggil orang bodoh. nak triggered sgt asal? bukan aku hina mino, betul la he’s trying to be like gd bcs same company under YG adoii masalah betul 😪
마민하 17 soat oldin
송민호 아낙네 쩔어요
한상은 17 soat oldin
M10 CR7
M10 CR7 17 soat oldin
Korean singer has blatantly plagued when the Vietnamese singer is just a little frosty as the korean singer vietnam plagiarize their music now they direct the style of the vietnamese singer is humiliating for Korean singer
Mira 96
Mira 96 4 soat oldin
We live in world when people think some concept own by them wow . No one have rights to wear their emperor close or concept instead of Vietnam LOL I'm dieing 😂😂😭 What about saying this to every Korean ,Japanese Chinese dramas ,they all copying your country hahaha
Baithy Satsuky
Baithy Satsuky 11 soat oldin
+M10 CR7 diam lah kau Vietnam anjer lu. Patut ah negara tak maju. Tak habis habis condemn karya orang. Dasar negara miskin
Ryan Isti
Ryan Isti 12 soat oldin
If you have business with other artists, solve your problem with that artists.
Uzumaki Nagato
Uzumaki Nagato 13 soat oldin
+M10 CR7 pls stop this immaturity if you don't want to believe the reality than rest well in your fantasy world .Just once trust me and go watch 'The treacherous' and 'Masquerade' trailer .
M10 CR7
M10 CR7 13 soat oldin
+Random Person So why Vietnamese singers just turned a bit like Korean singers are the Republic of Korea said imitation
윤현우 17 soat oldin