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10-Yan, 2019



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EXE-Edits 5 kun oldin
Leave suggestions for Part 2!
bjchit Kun oldin
Joe Girardi going berserk after A-Rod gets plunked.
not Sauer
not Sauer Kun oldin
EXE-Edits since you have a bunch of other Postseason walkoffs, I think it’d be fair to add Magglio Ordoñez walkoff HR to send the Tigers to the World Series
Galaxy Justin
Galaxy Justin 2 kun oldin
Bartolo Colon Homerun
ashley pyatt
ashley pyatt 2 kun oldin
Do one where it all hrs that hit the foul pole
Tyler Virdinlia
Tyler Virdinlia 2 kun oldin
Mookie Betts 13 pitch grand slam!!!
Hottiedonkey 2 soat oldin
Wow you must have had to look really hard for all those Orioles highlights.
Hottiedonkey 2 soat oldin
Fuck all these commercials.
Hayden Morck
Hayden Morck 8 soat oldin
As a dodgers fan, I can honestly say that you can have this video just be Game 5 of the 2018 WS and it’d be great.
Trevor Phillips
Trevor Phillips 23 soat oldin
5:11 “yes that was definitely a strike, he got the corner” as it shows the pitch being off the corner on the strike zone box
Lethal MGOrca
Lethal MGOrca 23 soat oldin
1:08 🐐
Chris Banales
Chris Banales Kun oldin
I still have PTSD from the past 2 World Series
J Feigelson
J Feigelson Kun oldin
as soon as i click on this video, i just hear in my head: "The 1-1 from Dyson. Bautista with a drive, deep left field, no doubt about it!"
Luke Sanchez
Luke Sanchez Kun oldin
Having A-Rod and David Ortiz on the same show together probably isn't a good idea
XxQuestXx 1208
XxQuestXx 1208 22 soat oldin
Luke Sanchez that’s what I have been saying
Kyle Dixon
Kyle Dixon Kun oldin
12:24 what’s Votto bitching about?
Anthony Kernich
Anthony Kernich 2 kun oldin
David Bote's walk off slam was epic
Thelegends Ofreality
I hat Game 4 because Dave Robert's decided to sit down their good pitcher and lost because of that. We would've won, but no. Dave Robert basically said we're not winning, let switch our pitcher.
Cisco C.
Cisco C. 2 kun oldin
Gotta have that Wilmer Flores game winner after the trade fiasco, what a moment.
Glasterz 2 kun oldin
best reactions at a 25% filled tropicana field?
rodprops 2 kun oldin
@3:52 LMFAO
David Harrington
David Harrington 2 kun oldin
David B
David B 2 kun oldin
Idea for part 2: Stanton's walk off HR on an 0-2 count against Seattle where you can hear the pitcher yell "SHIT" Another idea for part 2: Derek Jeters final AB at Yankee stadium
Eimob _
Eimob _ 3 kun oldin
I will never get over how much Eduardo Rodriguez looked like a 4 year old.
Kenneth Busler
Kenneth Busler 3 kun oldin
30 years later- Gibson's HR and Scully's call still give me goosebumps.
E K 3 kun oldin
Right after Puigs homers, When moreland homers, Puig puting his hands on his head and smashing them into the ground Mookie Betts reaction on his Grand Slam
Alex Pineo
Alex Pineo 3 kun oldin
5:10 um that’s a ball, I want what that announcers smoking
Bryce Barnett
Bryce Barnett 3 kun oldin
David Botes helmet went to heaven
Roky 3 kun oldin
I love that sound when the game ends in the blue jays’ stadium
Owen Jones
Owen Jones 3 kun oldin
Can you do best outfield throws
King Eris
King Eris 3 kun oldin
What a great memory watching joe Carter hit that home run to win the World Series. I was with my family watching that game and when he hit that ball we all went nuts. Boy did we party that night. So glad he made this video. One of the greatest
rulesvanhalen177 3 kun oldin
you must be a red sox fan with all those sox highlights and no Yankees
The Train
The Train 3 kun oldin
Please for part 2: prince fielder walk off when everyone fell down
CoreyThe Rocket
CoreyThe Rocket 3 kun oldin
How could the rays be on here. They don’t have any fans. It’d be no reaction
Steel Spartans
Steel Spartans 2 kun oldin
Im pretty sure the rays rank top 10 in tv viewers though so your wrong fam
Addie Forest
Addie Forest 3 kun oldin
Jake Lamb is so hot
Randoz 3 kun oldin
Nyjer Morgan made this list twice😂
Andrew Gorman
Andrew Gorman 3 kun oldin
I miss the 2014 orioles
Colin Buckley
Colin Buckley 3 kun oldin
Daaa Yankees lose
Frederick Glass
Frederick Glass 3 kun oldin
Every Yankee loss is a win for America!
Everything Sports
Everything Sports 3 kun oldin
Where is Prince Fielder bowling celebration lol
erin park
erin park 3 kun oldin
i stg if the dodgers lose the world series this year or don’t even get into the world series i will cry
Nate Burnett
Nate Burnett 3 kun oldin
U could tell after Moreland hit that three run homer Puig noticed he fucked up showboating the way he did against Rodriguez
ashdude55 4 kun oldin
i too would throw my glove in anger if i gave up a big homer like that in the world series
Frederick Glass
Frederick Glass 3 kun oldin
lol jokes on Puig, Sox stormed back to win that game because LA's pen is trash and Jansen is a useless fool
Tyler Pallotta
Tyler Pallotta 4 kun oldin
1:03, since the day this happened, I believed this to be the best walk off home run in history
Allen Pensinger
Allen Pensinger 4 kun oldin
The Giants World Series Wins
Meh-Tyu 4 kun oldin
Hey, where's the Cubs pennant-winning double play? That has to be one of the best reactions in recent memory!!
Petrichor 4 kun oldin
The ump at 12:34 must have been laying some damn good pipe with one of the Rays wives or something, holy shit. Downright embarrassing.
LOL SQUAD 4 kun oldin
8:40 lol that guy running in the back round
Jared chacon
Jared chacon 4 kun oldin
Thanks for putting the dodgers last, hope it can happen again this year, and as a hopeful dodgers fan, I really hope this is our year
Frederick Glass
Frederick Glass 3 kun oldin
You guys traded away a chunk of your key big bats and Woods to clear up space for that diva Harper who likely won't even sign in LA unless Dodgers FO literally gets on their knees and sucks off Scott Boras to reduce the asking price of Harper's contract. Lol and you think 2019 will be your year That's a joke if I've heard one. You guys are dumb enough to keep Roberts as skipper and resign a KNOWN postseason choke artists in Kershaw... Your run of recent Postseason play ended as soon as LA freed up all that cap space to try and land Harper. Puig was a part of that squad that kept LA alive. Now...you guys have Turner and a few others.
Rebecca Wade
Rebecca Wade 4 kun oldin
How do you not include the Red Sox winning the 2004 ALCS and/or World Series OR Betts' 13-pitch at bat grand slam off of Happ from 2018 OR the Cubs 2016 World Series????? I love a lot of these but those are essentials.
Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez 4 kun oldin
Many of these are great moments. Man, I'm a Rays and Mariners fan and both teams have never won a World Series. It would be so cool to see either one of them make it to the Fall Classic someday and be part of dramatic moments like these. 👍⚾
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer 4 kun oldin
I hate the redsox but I loooove big papi
Hijacker87 4 kun oldin
Hopefully we get puig back
Deathstrokestell 123
4:11 still makes me cry and 4:44
Lucas Owen
Lucas Owen 4 kun oldin
David Ortiz is the shaq of baseball
FlyHockey 22
FlyHockey 22 Kun oldin
Lucas Owen so true haha
treyson mcgrady
treyson mcgrady 5 kun oldin
How about Logan Morrison saying "No fucking way Goddamnit" after that umpire call? Or Jake Peavy chirping to himself after making a bad pitch in the World Series? Those were both pretty funny reactions.
inflameslp311 5 kun oldin
Carlos Gomez has been practicing his entire professional career for that moment.
Kody Beals
Kody Beals 5 kun oldin
How is magglios walk off to send the tigers to the series not on here 🤯🤯 comerica was rocking when he hit that 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Frederick Glass
Frederick Glass 3 kun oldin
and then you proceeded to promptly go out with a whimper in 5 games to STL... *mic drop*
John Myles
John Myles 5 kun oldin
Tough bit there in the middle for Tigers fans.
James Burdick
James Burdick 5 kun oldin
Carlos Gomez uploaded this video
Njgorlin 1
Njgorlin 1 2 kun oldin
James Burdick ya
Echo Vision
Echo Vision 5 kun oldin
This was the Red Sox’s luckiest year of their life
XxQuestXx 1208
XxQuestXx 1208 22 soat oldin
Echo Vision how did JBJ’s grand slam in the 8th taste 🙃
XxQuestXx 1208
XxQuestXx 1208 22 soat oldin
Echo Vision it wast luck we had generally the same team as last year and didn’t get anywhere. Yeah mookie and JD has good seasons but so did lots of other players.
Forward Straight
Forward Straight 22 soat oldin
+Echo Vision u know what? Astros fans, I respect them. But they never tend to get cocky or insult other teams for their skill like u here^^; Thus u must be advocating for one of the teams in rivalry position with Boston.
Echo Vision
Echo Vision Kun oldin
Brian Dubowik I clearly stated that I was an Astros fan before your comment
Brian Dubowik
Brian Dubowik Kun oldin
Would you like to explain this “luck”? You’re probably a Yankees fan who’s still mad about that 16-1 game in the division series
Zachary Chang
Zachary Chang 5 kun oldin
6:21 Just me or does it sound like the announcer said Chris Taylor
Kenneth Busler
Kenneth Busler 3 kun oldin
He clearly said "Manny Mota"
EaglesYT 5 kun oldin
Zachary Chang just u chief
Jacob Truelove
Jacob Truelove 5 kun oldin
Bautista bat flip gives me goosebumps, crowd is insane
Jacob Truelove
Jacob Truelove 3 kun oldin
Frederick Glass as a Jays fan, I couldn’t care less... I’ll take 2 playoff series wins over a mid season brawl:)
Frederick Glass
Frederick Glass 3 kun oldin
Bautista is a scumbag. Odor rocked his shit in a fight the very next season.
Aya Newman
Aya Newman 5 kun oldin
a little surprised that madison bumgarner didn’t make it into the video! he doesn’t react often but when he does, boy is it entertaining.
Jurassic man
Jurassic man 5 kun oldin
Yay Phillies in 08 thanks for that. I needed that after a long school day
Jordan Shepherd
Jordan Shepherd 5 kun oldin
Neftali Feliz striking out A-Rod for the penant win in 2010
Owen Mohler
Owen Mohler 5 kun oldin
Todd Frazier after Gary Sánchez’s two-run double in Game 4 of the 2017 ALCS is missing
KneeDeep2231 5 kun oldin
I cri as a Dodgers fan cause that home run meant absolutely nothing soon enough
ashley pyatt
ashley pyatt 2 kun oldin
The hr ment something
Joe RK
Joe RK 2 kun oldin
Matt Yule it’s going to be hard.. I highly doubt back to back. You beat a young yankee team and a injured Astros team that underperformed. Don’t act like hot shit
Alejandro Diaz
Alejandro Diaz 3 kun oldin
Matt Yule you’re delusional
Chipotle Janitor
Chipotle Janitor 3 kun oldin
+Adrian Duran 2010, 2012, and 2014 I guess we have to play like ass eventually to pay for our 3 rings.
Frederick Glass
Frederick Glass 3 kun oldin
+Hijacker87 Dodgers beat themselves out of a title because Roberts is a fucking retard of a manager. Dodgers FO should've fired him the next morning. Instead, they kept the guy and resigned your choke artist Kersh to a new contract. And you guys lived and died by the long ball. Won't win a World Series with only 3 guys hitting over .300 and the rest hitting .140 or worse
Glez20 5 kun oldin
What was Votto telling the umps?
Glez20 4 kun oldin
Ian Klingler ahh yes thanks
Ian Klingler
Ian Klingler 4 kun oldin
Glez20 in Miller park, the center field wall can easily trap the ball making it a home run and not a catch.
Sports mixes 24
Sports mixes 24 5 kun oldin
Thank you puig
Deathstrokestell 123
He was so fun to see him play
Conn28 5 kun oldin
Video suggestions best fan reactions
Arturo Mesirca
Arturo Mesirca 5 kun oldin
The Rajai Davis homerun still makes me scared
Videogamelover58 2 kun oldin
Me too
Heel Charisma
Heel Charisma 2 kun oldin
+Arturo Mesirca I doubt he meant rooting against. No one outside of their own fanbase, roots for the Cubs.
Arturo Mesirca
Arturo Mesirca 3 kun oldin
+Frederick Glass you mean rooting against
Frederick Glass
Frederick Glass 3 kun oldin
I think the entirety of every fanbase rooting for the indians that WS about shat themselves in shock when Rajai Davis went deep to tie the game
Windy City Baseball
Same bud.
Joseph Fleeger
Joseph Fleeger 5 kun oldin
That Baez HR and Bote Grand Slam get me every time.
Videogamelover58 2 kun oldin
Me too :D
Dorvid 5 kun oldin
Eduardo Rodriguez actually apologized for reacting that way, but I don't understand why. As a Sox fan I just felt it showed how hard he was trying and how much he cared. Also, Ortiz is a treasure.
Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly 16 soat oldin
I agree! I had someone tell me their fave player for the Sox was JD drew cuz he never showed emotions I just don't get it.
Tyler Virdinlia
Tyler Virdinlia 2 kun oldin
The thing I don't get is Eduardo gets praised for this but when Carson Smith slammed his glove in the dugout earlier in the season he got thrashed for it. (I know he got injured) I agree stuff like this needs to be focused on more shows how much passion some of these guys have for the game
MrUHOH415 5 kun oldin
I would have done the same thing if I was Rodriguez or Big Papi
E K 5 kun oldin
The Rodriguez thing was perfect for baseball. It needs more emotions. Player shouldn't have to APOLOGIZE for showing emotion. Also I felt bad for E-Rod, but that added to the emotion of the game, made it more interesting to watch from a pure baseball fan standpoint. The emotion in that game made the outcome that much more interesting. Yes, Ortiz is amazing :D
Jacob Hsu
Jacob Hsu 5 kun oldin
I miss Puig already.
Michael 2 kun oldin
+Justin Chavez I just got herpes trying to read that
Justin Chavez
Justin Chavez 2 kun oldin
You play ball like a girl :0
Joe RK
Joe RK 2 kun oldin
Justin Chavez LMAOOOOOOOOOO I’m done arguing with you. You use the logic of a 8 year old. Can’t wait for la to be the first team ever to go the World Series 3 times and lose 3 times
Justin Chavez
Justin Chavez 2 kun oldin
La made it to the ws hou did not so I’m not sure about that one
Joe RK
Joe RK 2 kun oldin
Justin Chavez lmao you do realize Houston would have kicked la’s ass this year right???? Houston did not play well in the playoffs. At 100% the Astros would have easily beaten the Red Sox. Please do research next time
Clyde_Sherburger 5 kun oldin
I cant fucking stand seeing that Puig homerun anymore. Roberts and Madson can get fucking ebola
Andrew Seyffert
Andrew Seyffert 5 kun oldin
ken giles punching himself is so cringe everytime i watch it
Left Wing Authoritarian
thank you for uploading!
Left Wing Authoritarian
for your next, do nasty MLB pitches please