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10-Yan, 2019



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EXE-Edits 2 oy oldin
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AlpineSpleen 11 kun oldin
Magglio Ordóñez’a walkoff home run to win the 2006 ALCS
LuisRF54 22 kun oldin
Bill Buckner's error, 1986 WS Game 6
MOO 23 kun oldin
Yankees: Martinez, Jeter and Brosius in 2001 Boone in 03 Didi and Judge in 2018
EXE-Edits Mazeroski
Chronow1 Chronow1
Angel Hernandez bad calls
Toxic BoInK
Toxic BoInK 5 soat oldin
8:15 not a joe buck fan but love that call
The Yamburglar
The Yamburglar Kun oldin
The King Felix and Adrian Beltre clip is priceless 😂😂😂😂
Darkk Kun oldin
bro i get chills after the bautista homer every time
Charlotte Cornell
Charlotte Cornell 2 kun oldin
where is the cubs winning the 2016 ws
Jamison Bryson
Jamison Bryson 2 kun oldin
'92 NLCS Braves vs Pirates!!!!!
jdsthird 5 kun oldin
19:01 "The game right now is at the plate. High fly ball into right field...she...is... _GONE_ ! " I still get goosebumps listening to Vin Scully make this call. Thank you for saving the *best* for last. *Cheers*
Nicholas Matteson
Nicholas Matteson 5 kun oldin
wheres the best reaction of all time- 2016 cubs
Howard Barnett
Howard Barnett 5 kun oldin
2:58 The game will be lessened this year.
Derek Milliken
Derek Milliken 6 kun oldin
Fisk waving the ball fair tho
Red Sox Fanboy 15
Red Sox Fanboy 15 8 kun oldin
The Holy Mackerel
The Holy Mackerel 8 kun oldin
Toronto fans shake the earth.
CloudyPlayz _YT
CloudyPlayz _YT 9 kun oldin
2:43 I only people were there...
I ThexHammer I
I ThexHammer I 11 kun oldin
Not a red sox fan but I always loved big papi
Brad Casalinuovo
Brad Casalinuovo 11 kun oldin
Nobody was at Tropicana Field lol
Michael Krasting
Michael Krasting 11 kun oldin
2008 World Series final strikeout
Timothy G Smith
Timothy G Smith 12 kun oldin
You can argue all you want about what sport is the best, but there is not a single moment in any sport as great as a home run in the late innings of a close, important game. The crowd, the players, the casters - it's all filled with such elation.
I ThexHammer I
I ThexHammer I 11 kun oldin
Beast quake probably comes close
Andrew Stow
Andrew Stow 13 kun oldin
Carlos Gomez is a stupid punk.
cdh79 13 kun oldin
did he hit the camera-man or the camera at 8:17? at least the guy's on the ground and the camera is spinning :D
Marcus Walker
Marcus Walker 15 kun oldin
Felix was ctfu at adrian LMAO
C McFarlin
C McFarlin 16 kun oldin
Bryce Harper doesn't deserve that homerun
Chad McFly
Chad McFly 17 kun oldin
What was votto complaining about ?
yoda8802 18 kun oldin
Beltre is easily the best guy in all of sports.
Sarah Jordan
Sarah Jordan 18 kun oldin
these moments of joy in sports are what I live for. :)
mowgli773 18 kun oldin
Showing Davis's home run in game 7 and nothing else from that game is criminal. The Cubs reaction to winning the series was better. Also watching the Davis home run brought back all those feelings of the loss of hope. Not cool
Roberturt 18 kun oldin
12:22 this idiot is saying "its not in his glove"
Brandon Bennett
Brandon Bennett 19 kun oldin
And the dodgers still lost the ws 😂😂😂
SSJPunchoutkid 20 kun oldin
Any of you hater who aren’t Sox fans Hating on the dodgers need to be quite because you gotta understand the dodgers made it to the World Series lmao your team sitting in the bench warming it up watch the World Series while your team is worse then the dodgers lmao it’s not like your team could beat them
Wilmer 455
Wilmer 455 20 kun oldin
Is it me or did anyone else see that guy running on top of the Cleveland dugout at 8:41 😂
bAker305 20 kun oldin
dont get too excited there, Joe Buck
Zack Savluk
Zack Savluk 21 kun oldin
David Ortiz - unbiased national baseball analyst
Aaron Serna
Aaron Serna 23 kun oldin
Who is ready for spring ball?!?!? I know I sure as hell am!!!
joseph lepage
joseph lepage 23 kun oldin
When will Canada get to relive that moment Joe Carter gave us..
ThatOneShortyy 23 kun oldin
dude running over dugout 8:40
Kaedence Clark
Kaedence Clark 23 kun oldin
Ken giles punches him self in the face😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bradley Thompson
Bradley Thompson 23 kun oldin
Needs more Buster hugs
Allayna Groove
Allayna Groove 24 kun oldin
i love 4:55 - the ump is like 'the fuck was THAT?'
dr kronk
dr kronk 24 kun oldin
what about the 2011 cardinals
Jennifer Lerner
Jennifer Lerner 27 kun oldin
Where is the Mookie Betts 13 pitch grand slam??
Steve Ziemann
Steve Ziemann 28 kun oldin
Schwarber got robbed of the win for the homerun derby because Harper's dad started fast pitching for him.
Adrian Figueredo
Adrian Figueredo 28 kun oldin
When baez hit that homer of of Cueto I thought he hit that way farther than where it landed
JustNash 28 kun oldin
When me and my dad were watching the World Series, when the count was 3-0 on Puig I told my dad "Puig is about to do something". Well...
Justin Combs
Justin Combs 28 kun oldin
Carlos Gomez is a jackass. The Hernandez curveball to Beltre, followed by belly laughter is life. And no Cubs winning the World Series pile up on the mound? After 108 years? Still a great video. 👏👏
Chris Green
Chris Green Oy oldin
King Felix laughing at Adrian cracks me up everytime.
Anthony DiGiacomo
Anthony DiGiacomo
Eric Harper
Eric Harper Oy oldin
Loved the video, well done!
David Lucaa
David Lucaa Oy oldin
7:25 holy shit what a shot! Reminds me of Matt Stairs moon shot homerun from the NLCS
"He just punched himself in the face"
Tyler Pallotta
Although the Rajai Davis home run is the greatest moment in Indians history...in others opinions...I don’t consider ANY moment of that game to be memorable because it was just a heart-breaking catastrophe after they lost that game.
Tyler Pallotta
4:05, wrong time to stand 3/4 from first base and just watch to see if the ball will get out or not...
Raquel Batson
Raquel Batson Oy oldin
Carlos Gomez being a bat flip god. And that Shimmy though
Roberto Morales
The Edwin vs Ubaldo matchup makes me laugh cause there was no way it was going to go right😂
Jackson Wangle
No acuna grand slam?
Pacey Oy oldin
Those Blue Jays ones are the best. The fans are amazing. Team was amazing.
Barragan Boys
Barragan Boys Oy oldin
6:21 the announcer said Chris Taylor ? Who else heard it
Imar Rams
Imar Rams Oy oldin
Count how many Dominicans and Puertoricans play in this clip...they are awesome.
Johnathan Patrick
Whaddya mean Nyjer Morgan MAY have cost Washington a run?! HE DID!!!! 😝😝 Ain't nothing like that Joe Carter home run call, and Harry Kalas calling the final out of the Phillies' World Series clincher. 😊😊
Ændy Bœį
Ændy Bœį Oy oldin
Game 5 ALDS 1995 Edgar Martinez double down the third base line to score the tying run Joey Cora and the winning run from first base Ken Griffey Jr sending them to their first ever ALCS and saving baseball in Seattle as we know it.
Tyler Weather
Tyler Weather Oy oldin
1:04 7:26 Matt has the best reactions of all time! I wish he commented every game
L.Pasteur Oy oldin
8:11 - That HR by Rajay Davis was beautiful. He had two strikes, was facing one of the premier closers in the game of the World Series and he was doing what most of today's hitters don't do in this situation..... choke up on the bat. All he was trying to do was make contact and he ended up hitting it out. Most people are trying to play "hero ball" with one mighty swing but not Davis. And he ended up hitting a home run anyways.
L.Pasteur Oy oldin
+Jeff the ARMY - Regardless of the outcome, it was a great at bat.
Jeff the ARMY
Jeff the ARMY Oy oldin
Cleveland still choked tho LMAOOOOOO
Eduardo Gomez
Eduardo Gomez Oy oldin
Anyone else see Kobe in the background of the thumbnail?
Edog54 Oy oldin
is that kobe in the dodgers jersey in the background of the thumbnail?
Year Round Halloween
Edog54 Nah
Ethan K
Ethan K Oy oldin
No Red Sox winning the World Series?
owen v
owen v Oy oldin
So... scoreboard?
Emiliano Arteaga
1:29 how to steal someone's shirt
Noir Phino
Noir Phino Oy oldin
the home run derby should be judged by distance instead of amount, to make it more competitive
Tribefan 133
Tribefan 133 Oy oldin
Oh yeah yeah
Captain Man5
Captain Man5 Oy oldin
SillyMidOff Oy oldin
Anyone else get triggered by the fact they keep calling them WORLD champions? They're national champions...they haven't beaten any team from around the world to get there. It's like Man City winning the Premier League and the commentators saying "THEY'VE DONE IT, THEY'RE WORLD CHAMPIONS"
RinkyDink Productions
Toronto is in Canada. So you can't really call it National because it isn't one country
SillyMidOff Oy oldin
Captain Man5 yes that’s exactly what I’m saying.
Captain Man5
Captain Man5 Oy oldin
SillyMidOff That’s like you saying they should change it to the National Series and It shouldn’t be World Series cause they’re not playing anyone else in the world.
James Hagens
James Hagens Oy oldin
David Ortiz overdramatic ass. I’m sure a few cracks were in the floor as his fat Esther Rolle looking ass ran around that studio like a hooligan 😂😂😂😂😂
Carlos Reyes
Carlos Reyes 2 oy oldin
Woooooooooowwwww increíble⚾⚾⚾⚾
Matthew C
Matthew C 2 oy oldin
love ortiz' reaction
King Doge43
King Doge43 2 oy oldin
You gotta admit, Jays fans reactions are insane.
The Holy Mackerel
The Holy Mackerel 8 kun oldin
Most teams have a city rooting for them. The Jays have an entire country as a fan base. They are the loudest fans in MLB hands down.
TruetotheBlue Oy oldin
I'll agree to that. Although its been a while since they went to a WS but, the fans still travel amazingly well and root for their team as good as any I've seen even if the team is bad during a season. Watching the fans in Seattle for example it almost feels like I'm in Toronto.
Hottiedonkey 2 oy oldin
Wow you must have had to look really hard for all those Orioles highlights.
Hottiedonkey 2 oy oldin
Fuck all these commercials.
Hayden Morck
Hayden Morck 2 oy oldin
As a dodgers fan, I can honestly say that you can have this video just be Game 5 of the 2018 WS and it’d be great.
Trevor Phillips
Trevor Phillips 2 oy oldin
5:11 “yes that was definitely a strike, he got the corner” as it shows the pitch being off the corner on the strike zone box
John Palmer
John Palmer 11 kun oldin
According to that strike zone box, the right side of the ball hit the corner, so yes... it was a strike. The entire ball doesn't have to be in the strike zone.
Lethal MGOrca
Lethal MGOrca 2 oy oldin
1:08 🐐
Chris Banales
Chris Banales 2 oy oldin
I still have PTSD from the past 2 World Series
J Feigelson
J Feigelson 2 oy oldin
as soon as i click on this video, i just hear in my head: "The 1-1 from Dyson. Bautista with a drive, deep left field, no doubt about it!"
Luke Sanchez
Luke Sanchez 2 oy oldin
Having A-Rod and David Ortiz on the same show together probably isn't a good idea
Luke Sanchez
Luke Sanchez Oy oldin
TruetotheBlue they denied a trade to get him or denied him in the draft
TruetotheBlue Oy oldin
@Luke Sanchez Actually A-Rod originally wanted to be a Red Sox not a Yank. It was MLB and the Players Association which denied Boston a chance to get him so he went to the yanks. Secretly I'll bet they are best buddies.
XxQuestXx 1208
XxQuestXx 1208 2 oy oldin
Luke Sanchez that’s what I have been saying
Kyle Dixon
Kyle Dixon 2 oy oldin
12:24 what’s Votto bitching about?
Anthony Kernich
Anthony Kernich 2 oy oldin
David Bote's walk off slam was epic
Thelegends Ofreality
I hat Game 4 because Dave Robert's decided to sit down their good pitcher and lost because of that. We would've won, but no. Dave Robert basically said we're not winning, let switch our pitcher.
Jeff the ARMY
Jeff the ARMY Oy oldin
Cisco C.
Cisco C. 2 oy oldin
Gotta have that Wilmer Flores game winner after the trade fiasco, what a moment.
Kelly Hryniuk
Kelly Hryniuk Oy oldin
Cisco C. Definitely
Glasterz 2 oy oldin
best reactions at a 25% filled tropicana field?
rodprops 2 oy oldin
@3:52 LMFAO
David Harrington
David Harrington 2 oy oldin
David B
David B 2 oy oldin
Idea for part 2: Stanton's walk off HR on an 0-2 count against Seattle where you can hear the pitcher yell "SHIT" Another idea for part 2: Derek Jeters final AB at Yankee stadium
Eimob _
Eimob _ 2 oy oldin
I will never get over how much Eduardo Rodriguez looked like a 4 year old.
Kenneth Busler
Kenneth Busler 2 oy oldin
30 years later- Gibson's HR and Scully's call still give me goosebumps.
E K 2 oy oldin
Right after Puigs homers, When moreland homers, Puig puting his hands on his head and smashing them into the ground Mookie Betts reaction on his Grand Slam
Alex Pineo
Alex Pineo 2 oy oldin
5:10 um that’s a ball, I want what that announcers smoking
Bryce Barnett
Bryce Barnett 2 oy oldin
David Botes helmet went to heaven
Roky 2 oy oldin
I love that sound when the game ends in the blue jays’ stadium
Tyler Pallotta
Cubs stadium sound... YYYEEEAAAHHH Blue Jays sound... HHHOOOAAAHHH
Owen Jones
Owen Jones 2 oy oldin
Can you do best outfield throws
King Eris
King Eris 2 oy oldin
What a great memory watching joe Carter hit that home run to win the World Series. I was with my family watching that game and when he hit that ball we all went nuts. Boy did we party that night. So glad he made this video. One of the greatest
rulesvanhalen177 2 oy oldin
you must be a red sox fan with all those sox highlights and no Yankees
The Train
The Train 2 oy oldin
Please for part 2: prince fielder walk off when everyone fell down
CoreyThe Rocket
CoreyThe Rocket 2 oy oldin
How could the rays be on here. They don’t have any fans. It’d be no reaction
littleboy746 Oy oldin
It's players and fan reactions guy
Steel Spartans
+Jeff the ARMY god fucking damnit i really need to check before i post
Jeff the ARMY
Jeff the ARMY Oy oldin
+Steel Spartans *you're
Steel Spartans
Steel Spartans 2 oy oldin
Im pretty sure the rays rank top 10 in tv viewers though so your wrong fam
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