Models Without Makeup

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Five famous professional models from around the world reveal their makeup-free faces and misconceptions about beauty and the fashion industry.
See more of the models' photos and hear more insight on the Buzzfeed post: www.buzzfeed.com/eugeneyang/models-without-makeup
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Today Is Tomorrow
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Made by BFMP www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam
Models represented by Supreme Management
Vasilisa Pavlova
Britt Maren
Maria Borges
Anastasiia Ivanova
Anja Cihoric
Makeup by Maya René
Special thanks to Upasna Khosla
Women Management
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28-Noy, 2015

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Isabella Sirkis
Isabella Sirkis 11 kun oldin
They actually look very pretty to me without makeup ♥️
Carol Ferreira
Miss Cellaneous
isn't it kind of ironic how buzzfeed frequently makes content promoting 'normal bodies' of varying shapes and sizes, all the while criticising the 'unrealistic' looks of models, and then comes out with this video, which promotes and publicises models, describing them to be normal and not what people think.
Maltese Fan
Maltese Fan Oy oldin
the odd thing is with these models is that they look like normal women do with makeup on. i bet so many people dislike these women for having that natural beauty to them.
pepper mints
pepper mints 2 oy oldin
no makeup looks better imo. makeup kinda makes people look like blow up dolls :D
Jonathon Miller
Jonathon Miller 2 oy oldin
Skinny girls are better
mrCiHs 2 oy oldin
Anja Čihorić my actual sister ♥️
lemon 3 oy oldin
i mean they still look hella pretty without makeup ;-;
bridgette nenadovic
i cant believe these girl are called pretty, they are fugly as can be, u call ur self models
streetfights guild
still have make up on
Rove R
Rove R 4 oy oldin
Well to look beautiful with make up you gotta have beautiful features atleast one or two perfect feature. I've seen so many people who don't look that good even wearing makeup. Anyways beauty is only to skin deep. What matters the most is beautiful heart.
Blue 4 oy oldin
They all look so beautiful oh my god
Phuong Ngo
Phuong Ngo 4 oy oldin
The girl in the white t shirt looks so much better without makeup. No offense but the makeup artist made her eyes look too far away from each other. I just expect more from a makeup artist.
Jodiann Walker
Jodiann Walker 4 oy oldin
Good makeup depends on good skin; and when you have good skin you don't need makeup! When you shower and wash your face well, you don't need a lot of makeup or any makeup. You'll probably try it for special occasions, but you won't live in it!
Jodiann Walker
Jodiann Walker 4 oy oldin
None of these models are without makeup! Why are you lying like that?! That's the no makeup look that you used to make them look natural, but it's not natural!
Gee rams
Gee rams 5 oy oldin
The one on the thumbnail looks like a grasshopper
divine 6 oy oldin
2:00 she reminds me of lily collins
Amelia Hotchkiss
Amelia Hotchkiss 6 oy oldin
There all so damn gorgeous
Isabella Cordi
Isabella Cordi 6 oy oldin
They look like they are wearing makeup without makeup
ItsChelsea 6 oy oldin
I love models makeup it's so natural
EllieHamlin 7 oy oldin
Damn, they're all gorgeous!!
Sea Skimmer
Sea Skimmer 7 oy oldin
Thing is a lot of them still have makeup on by the looks of it. It's just not so obvious. If make up were to disappear altogether we could all get used to people how they look which would be NORMAL! A few years of make up free men and women and i think the world would be a nicer place and not everyone would be hung up on looks.
HitProof 7 oy oldin
Good now Make them shave their heads and nobody will look at them again
BeyondC 7 oy oldin
You shouldn't put make up on black people, doesn't help
Panda_Pandas PANDA
They still look beautiful without makeup
Jessica Nicole
Jessica Nicole 8 oy oldin
Lol there called models for reason there suppose too look good with and without makeup 😂
The Losers
The Losers 8 oy oldin
I think that everyone is perfect because you are alive and god gave you life and a great opportunity
Philippa Cork
Philippa Cork 8 oy oldin
Wow! The Black women is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!💕
Lil Cactus
Lil Cactus 8 oy oldin
They are so beautiful even without makeup!👠💅🏻💄😁
Kay Bee
Kay Bee 8 oy oldin
I wish they would stop telling models to change themselves.
Hi Lol
Hi Lol 8 oy oldin
They all look so much better without makeup 😫
Ny'yah Slater
Ny'yah Slater 8 oy oldin
Like im not tryna say it to be rude or to just say it and how they all look amazing without make up i think the red head was better before the make up becuz her eyes were to bold
Unicornyyy Channel
I have a big butt and a big boobs and I never felt sexy, I always hate my body 'cause I always wanted be tall and skinny like you girls LOL!
NuttyX33 8 oy oldin
Tbh their skin ...JUST W0W
JomoWhore 8 oy oldin
Obviously they're models because they're naturally gorgeous. Blows my mind that even people who are objectively 'perfect' still have insecurities.
Marisa Howard
Marisa Howard 8 oy oldin
I loved Britt Karen’s photo shoot photo she looks like shakira
Marisa Howard
Marisa Howard 8 oy oldin
Britt Maren is sooo pretty and I liked her advice portion
Marisa Howard
Marisa Howard 8 oy oldin
Every one of these girls hit the dna lottery
Marisa Howard
Marisa Howard 8 oy oldin
Anastaiia and Anja are soo pretty
Marisa Howard
Marisa Howard 8 oy oldin
@ buzzfeed... how is Anja cihoric from Serbia and Canada?
Sonja Rajkovic
Sonja Rajkovic 8 oy oldin
Is it just me, or is it very hard to watch this video without feeling pititiful? Nope...oh well it's just me...
Jorden 1314
Jorden 1314 8 oy oldin
It’s honestly not that much of a difference. They’re gorgeous
Hannah Guy
Hannah Guy 8 oy oldin
All of these women are amazing and beautiful. They are so inspiring and ask gorgeous with or without makeup. I love their confidence. ❤️
Joyful Noise
Joyful Noise 8 oy oldin
They all look so much better without makeup, but that redhead is stunning!
duh_itz_ terrianna
The girl in the thumbnail has eyes farther apart than my mom's legs
Amanda Wan
Amanda Wan 8 oy oldin
I think that they look so much better without the makeup, all of them...all beautiful women
Akina Speed Stars
This proves nothing. They are still insanely attractive. Doesn't help if your face looks like a ballsack.
Infrno. 8 oy oldin
100% proof make up doesn't make a difference
blackngold cuttlefish
I just have to echo everyone else...these women still look beautiful (maybe even better) without the makeup. When I take mine off, I look like a swamp-dwelling troll. lol. I don't cake a bunch on, but I know what to do to amp up my looks by a couple of points. And I have a fair amount of acne, too...if you took my foundation off you'd be like.....oh
Anah Halliwell
Anah Halliwell 8 oy oldin
Their so pretty.
Echo Ryu
Echo Ryu 8 oy oldin
anastasiia is so pretty.. i love her hair and her face and everything♥
ርસ૯ᄁվ 8 oy oldin
Without makeup is better
Kyler 8 oy oldin
Someone being beautiful or fit isn’t an “unrealistic” beauty standard, just saying
Selena Dolan Lovato
Now I feel a whole lot uglier
온난 9 oy oldin
They are so much prettier and charming without makeup😍😍
Zariyah Leviste
Zariyah Leviste 9 oy oldin
The black girl us so damn beautiful. I'm so into her face... I can stare at her the whole day 😭 and I'm so envious of their skins!😭😭
Hotchochero 9 oy oldin
And this is why they are models. Natural beauty. I look loads better with makeup, I don't wear alot but I need it otherwise I look like a drug addict.
DS2DIO DS2DIO 9 oy oldin
I don’t know what you’re trying to show us they look even more beautiful when they take they’re makeup off. Any girl would kill to look like one of them.
Adelaide laden
Adelaide laden 9 oy oldin
"I dont care what everyone else thinks im tallest in the building." I LOVE THAT
hi you
hi you 9 oy oldin
Models look better without makeup tho
Doll Face
Doll Face 9 oy oldin
OMG Anastasia is ridiculously super beautiful.
ViLaNiN YouTuber
ViLaNiN YouTuber 9 oy oldin
Anastastiia looks prettier without makeup in my opinion
uncle uncle
uncle uncle 9 oy oldin
When I saw the girl in the thumbnail I just thought "oh her eyes got closer without makeup"
I'm not shaming her but I actually think she looks AMAZING with no makeup on (Anastasia Ivanova). Her freckles are the cutest and her eyes! Wish her and all the other models the best!
Nazira Kashfi
Nazira Kashfi 9 oy oldin
The last one looks like Hermione a little bit
Rochelle 9 oy oldin
They’re all so beautiful.
Anastasia Vujicic
Milana's World
Milana's World 9 oy oldin
Uggggggh they r soooooooooo pretty
littleBIGthought 9 oy oldin
i cannot believe 25 is considered old by any means, even in modeling...
Yanah 9 oy oldin
SERBIA!!!!! 💘💘💘💘💘
lee croix
lee croix 9 oy oldin
Even though so many ARE naturally skinny, as a former model I can confirm that the diet that I was on caused bulimia and was very stressful, I'm very happy you five have all of these aspects naturally!
Isa DH
Isa DH 9 oy oldin
what is crazy is that all of them are younger than me and a look like their baby
Bubble Toaster
Bubble Toaster 9 oy oldin
Skinny shaming Made me suicidal in high school
Samuel Jackson
Samuel Jackson 9 oy oldin
Spoiler alert! Theyre still prettier than you
katie x
katie x 9 oy oldin
i relate to being too tall and too skinny.I used to get made fun of for my thick dark eyebrows now everyone is jealous
cappertillar 9 oy oldin
“Life is hard when you’re beautiful, thin and talented. GOD!”
Diamante Dea
Diamante Dea 9 oy oldin
Everyone looks best without makeup
Eliza Lin
Eliza Lin 9 oy oldin
Take it from a model, my job is damn hard.
Margaret Finny
Margaret Finny 9 oy oldin
Not only do they all essentially look the same without makeup, the black model in particular legit looks like a teenager, like how!?
INatalkaI 9 oy oldin
They're young, healthy, take care of themselves and hit the jackpot in the genetic lottery. Of course they're naturally beautiful!
Someone 9 oy oldin
I’m still upset they look flawless without makeup and I don’t know what to do to assimilate such nice skin. But I really bow down at their hard work and dedication.
oi 9 oy oldin
Samantha Grace
Samantha Grace 9 oy oldin
Super beautfuil
Jess Karr
Jess Karr 9 oy oldin
Comparison is the thief of joy...My new favourite quote
Moment Keeperz
Moment Keeperz 9 oy oldin
Mermaid Channel -Entertainment Love & Peace
Mild touch up is there you know tinted moisturiser, concealer for zits and cosmetic lip colours and cosmetic eyebrow touches and some people do this cosmetic eyeliner
Beauty With Des
Beauty With Des 10 oy oldin
Skinny shamed....
Its Ya Girl Brie
Its Ya Girl Brie 10 oy oldin
they know they got foundation on don’t lie 😂 u know ur skin ain’t that flawless 😂💕
Whatever Art
Whatever Art 10 oy oldin
Pretty either way
Fior Holland
Fior Holland 10 oy oldin
They should have models suggest beauty routines that they do for their faces because holy damn their skin is gorgeous!
Marcela Luévano
Marcela Luévano 10 oy oldin
Honestly women look so much better without makeup
Sosa 10 oy oldin
Praise be to Allah. Women are evil. It was narrated from the Prophet (peace be upon him) that women will form the majority of the people of Hell. It was narrated from Imran ibn Husayn that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “I looked into Paradise and I saw that the majority of its people were the poor. And I looked into Hell and I saw that the majority of its people are women.” (Narrated by al-Bukhari, 3241; Muslim, 2737)
M.Ä.Y :1
M.Ä.Y :1 10 oy oldin
3:42-3:45 The girl actually looked like a doll when she closed her eyes her skin looked plastic. I don’t mean to be rude don’t take this the wrong way seriously it looks like that she looks so beautiful. Anyways embrace yourself no matter what do not listen to people who bring you down.
Topi Sukuvaara
Topi Sukuvaara 10 oy oldin
Like if you love their look without makeup more than makeup on. I do.
M Palmer
M Palmer 10 oy oldin
Can I be honest all these gorgeous women are most beautiful without make up
Caitlin Gaffney
Caitlin Gaffney 10 oy oldin
nice, now i feel hidous!! the skin without makeup is better than mine with makeup
Your average piece of Bread
Is the girl doing their makeup wearing clothes?
Star strucc
Star strucc 10 oy oldin
They're flawless 😍
Arion Briyel
Arion Briyel 10 oy oldin
I think the makeup seemed to mainly only fit a specific type of face and skin tone
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