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Join Molly Baz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she makes dark chocolate chia parfait! This chia pudding is delicious on its own-and even better when layered with maple yogurt as a parfait. Leftover maple yogurt can be repurposed for breakfast and topped with fruit and granola. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure kind of dessert.

Check out the recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/chocolate-cashew-chia-pudding
Follow the Healthyish Feel Good Food Plan here: www.bonappetit.com/collection/feel-good-food-plan-2019
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Molly Makes Dark Chocolate Chia Parfait | From the Test Kitchen & Healthyish | Bon Appétit

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11-Yan, 2019

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Molly Baz
Molly Baz 8 kun oldin
A little pudd, a little yog, a little more pudd, a little more yog, and you’ve got yaself a tasty town chia parfait !
Shivanna S
Shivanna S 2 kun oldin
Molly, the 100th episode was Andy's Chicken soup....
Eva Kirsch
Eva Kirsch 2 kun oldin
How long would we be able to keep the 'pudd' in the fridge? :)
B Vegan
B Vegan 5 kun oldin
+Derek Moore _'You also are always saying the negatives of animal products. Sure fish contain harmful metals. They always have and they always will'_ There are no positives to be gained over plant foods from humans consuming animal flesh unless you are in a survival situation. Most people with an internet connection are not. _'quit spreading your false propaganda'_ I challenge you to prove wrong all that I have said. Bring it on lmao.
Derek Moore
Derek Moore 5 kun oldin
You also are always saying the negatives of animal products. Sure fish contain harmful metals. They always have and they always will. You can be vegan, but quit spreading your false propaganda.
WetWinky04 6 soat oldin
Clair needs to do gourmet red hots
skrek 15 soat oldin
Luiz Felipe
Luiz Felipe 16 soat oldin
We miss Brad
Luca P
Luca P Kun oldin
Is there a Bon Appétit shutdown too? A week without uploading :( Greetings from Italy!
Jon Beckham
Jon Beckham Kun oldin
The sure sign of a youtube cooking show..emasculated beta males and sub par looking females and this one has plenty of both
Le Hoang Nhat Nam
Where is ma wourder boy
Erica McKinney
Erica McKinney Kun oldin
Where’s brad
raverkid loki
raverkid loki 2 kun oldin
This video was number 887. Lol
Sami AMADDAH 2 kun oldin
I want to make a statement. It's culturally inappropriate not to share food. Why don't you share it and show us the other's reaction because we love sharing food.
Carrisa Amado
Carrisa Amado 2 kun oldin
Where the heck is Claire?!
Itiel López
Itiel López 2 kun oldin
4:47 brad is that you?
Monica Tool
Monica Tool 2 kun oldin
What could you use instead for the yogurt if you were Vegan?
dcn 2 kun oldin
why are all of the men who work there complete soyboys except brad
ChocoGamin3 3 kun oldin
lol so 100th episode or not?
Jericho Gonzales
Jericho Gonzales 3 kun oldin
Molly had me at "vegan coconut chocolate mousse".
PaseoDeLaEstrella 3 kun oldin
Molly could make a deep fried boot and I’d watch it.
Miguel Breton
Miguel Breton 4 kun oldin
love watching Molly make food
Gurmeet Sidhu
Gurmeet Sidhu 4 kun oldin
seems like Bon Appetit is trying to stretch this video to 10:00 with as many long cuts, red pants cameos and off the cuff questions as they can ... I don't mind red pant cameos
MrTingles 4 kun oldin
"This has gotten quite thicc." **smacks it repeatedly**
Zachary Zoet
Zachary Zoet 4 kun oldin
Needs red fruit, raspberries🍒🍊currants, 🍓 coulis or a big, fat lotus blossom spreading out over the glass’s rim.
mel macieira
mel macieira 4 kun oldin
She looks like the girl from the show YOU on Netflix.
Sellinga coerwa
Sellinga coerwa 4 kun oldin
Tommy, Andy Warhol called, unless you're cosplaying he wants his everything back.
Joesiff Mann
Joesiff Mann 4 kun oldin
chia pet
twitte0king 4 kun oldin
I though she hate chocolate
Phuoc Tran
Phuoc Tran 4 kun oldin
Dope video, Molls. Still waiting for that Claire video to drop, BA.
homiefromfl 5 kun oldin
Who is the brunette with the dark red bellbottoms in the background?!?!?
homiefromfl 5 kun oldin
Read the comments below.... Veronica Spera :D
treeba531 5 kun oldin
"You guys"... "You guys"
FADI ZAHR 5 kun oldin
more Miss red pants 7:31
CJ Vasquez
CJ Vasquez 5 kun oldin
who is the woman with the red pants
Josef Grubb
Josef Grubb 5 kun oldin
That was not several hours later the same people were in the same spot
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson 5 kun oldin
Molly Makes... my heart sing.
CookingJunkies 5 kun oldin
Patrick White
Patrick White 5 kun oldin
By yog, I belive you mean to say GURT!
unknownfancy 5 kun oldin
Words pudd and yog feels so foreign yet familiar hahahaha
rabbit cult
rabbit cult 5 kun oldin
high horse
high horse 6 kun oldin
lmao her lisp
Zach Sorensen
Zach Sorensen 6 kun oldin
Who is the GORGEOUS women in the background with the red pants and where is her show? I also have the biggest crush on Clair.
Lucy G
Lucy G 6 kun oldin
Little mixy-mix...little sneaky-peeky... :)
Shrestha Ayush
Shrestha Ayush 6 kun oldin
we want brad and vinny
9soccerplayr 6 kun oldin
she is relationship goals
Mursey 6 kun oldin
Uhh, whos that in the red pants @ 6:10 ?
Esteban Sepulveda
Esteban Sepulveda 6 kun oldin
Y’all should make edible brownies, cookie, etc
Ms3704 6 kun oldin
Would it be the same if i use ground chia seeds?
purple arts
purple arts 6 kun oldin
Could we use regular cow milk instead of almond milk or cashew milk?
Cameron D. Mitchell
I thought Molly didn't like chocolate 👀 That tasting felt off 👀
Jared Thistle
Jared Thistle 6 kun oldin
Yo, don't eat raw cashews. Those things are poisonous. For your health.
ASMRdaddy 6 kun oldin
Molly looks parfait
Honorable Cnote
Honorable Cnote 6 kun oldin
Molly is so great and cute!
aurélie 6 kun oldin
loving the healthy recipes! x
李峥 6 kun oldin
Is Chris siiting on a dustbin?😂
metaMarcy (Marcy Currier)
She sounds like Carla
Everyday Gamer
Everyday Gamer 6 kun oldin
You know what’s annoying about the BA channel? I struggle to decide who’s my favourite; is it Claire? Is it Molly? Is it Brad? I’ll never truly figure out.
More Less
More Less 6 kun oldin
t h e m o u t h f e e l
Micah Woodard
Micah Woodard 6 kun oldin
Molly was a nice breath of fresh air! You guys are all talented though. Chris was having a good ole conversation back there😂😂😂
Momson theNet
Momson theNet 6 kun oldin
As a person with lactose intolerance I feel very seen
Troy Budol
Troy Budol 6 kun oldin
Molly has orange hands
Ella Mccarter
Ella Mccarter 7 kun oldin
When she said it was delicious it almost looked like she was forcing herself to say it. She took one small bite and swilled it so quick and said it’s grate
themadbatter 7 kun oldin
You can tell she's not actually from nyc by how happy and nice she is.
Albert Esteva
Albert Esteva 7 kun oldin
My friend who doesn't watch BA videos, saw Molly and thought she was pregnant. any info on that.
Jatin Jena
Jatin Jena 7 kun oldin
It's 103rd.
sonia gladue
sonia gladue 7 kun oldin
Looks disgusting but I love Molly!
Shrek T
Shrek T 7 kun oldin
i couldnt help stare at your orange palms
Erik Peterson
Erik Peterson 7 kun oldin
Rad Brad?
ava meinert
ava meinert 7 kun oldin
i wouldn't say it's "healthy" but that sure is a buzz word so go for it
Who's the hottie with the red pants?
Purple Gum
Purple Gum 7 kun oldin
Too much nonsense. Had to fast forward majority of the video.
slugga06 7 kun oldin
Molly looking hot as always. Who is red pants? Let's see her in a video.
.m. 7 kun oldin
who's the girl in the red pants? she's pretty
sixpartmix 7 kun oldin
Is she 17?
Avetor UAC
Avetor UAC 7 kun oldin
wy bad cacao)? vegan 0_0 only 6:08 home nutella)
espruill82 7 kun oldin
Tip: put the chia seeds in the jar first, or just pour the liquid half way, put in chia seeds, and then pour the rest so that it's easier to mix. I'm still trying to convince myself to like dates, but I'll give this a whirl.
Alex Talkey
Alex Talkey 7 kun oldin
has anyone told molly she looks just like dianna agron lol
Prof Chaos
Prof Chaos 7 kun oldin
Instead of cashew milk, isnt the same to just add water and some more cashews? Because cashew milk is just cashew+water, amirite?
Jonathan Jackson
Jonathan Jackson 7 kun oldin
Definitely not healthy lol
gibberish name
gibberish name 7 kun oldin
Am I just being an old curmudgeon or does Molly come across as way less knowledgable as other hosts? Part of it is the "pud/yog""ce sal" shortening of all the words (but that's just because I'm an old). Maybe that's in the edit, maybe it's the rush to film x number of videos a week, but it is what it is, but even little things like who would fill a jar with liquid then top with seeds, THEN precariously try to stir everything without making a big mess?! why not stir it in the GIANT BLENDER carafe? or pour the seeds first THEN top with liquid and shake? Maybe it's just this video showing the off camera people tricking/correcting her and not cutting that out. Or maybe I just trust Carla because she reminds me of my mom cooking.
Omanyte 7 kun oldin
Molly giving a shout-out to NY hometown was nice. 👌
Paul Brush
Paul Brush 7 kun oldin
Molly, you are satisfying.
Paul Brush
Paul Brush 7 kun oldin
No creep intended
Hahahaha Hahahaha
Hahahaha Hahahaha 7 kun oldin
0:21 she sounds like anastasia in 50 shades of grey omg
galemoy 7 kun oldin
If I just blended the chia seeds with the other ingredients and still let it soak over night, would it be the same output? Just even smoother? Like i would prefer just no chia lumps whatsoever. Same question for steal cut oats. If I blend the oats to a power in my vitamix and then cook them over the stove with milk for 30 minutes, would it be more of a consistent feel? If anyone has done either, please advise!
justin carroll
justin carroll 7 kun oldin
Was this what you were making in the background when brad was making his last video. Haha trigger warning!
Applesong -iscool
Applesong -iscool 7 kun oldin
883 videos on this channel
steven song
steven song 7 kun oldin
yippayy it looks easy!
Pepper 7 kun oldin
Zero editing
txjoh19 7 kun oldin
I will have to try that. By the way, the lady in the Burgundy pants, what was she cooking?
Ken Pung
Ken Pung 7 kun oldin
molly, why is it that you're always talking in these videos? Give me red pants girl, Claire or Brad, or just put an end to this miserable channel.
Oh Ok
Oh Ok 7 kun oldin
You guys should try to make gourmet lunchables. I just think that'd be a great idea, a spin on the lowest possible quality food for children the USA 'round.
Gethazzor3 7 kun oldin
yall were really pushing for that 10 minute mark huh
Rachel Bennett
Rachel Bennett 7 kun oldin
Really want to try this.
Scout Micucci
Scout Micucci 7 kun oldin
"Oh my God, Celebration Station!" has to be the whitest phrase I have ever heard and I love it. 😂😂😂 I'm stealing it to use immediately lol👍
Scout Micucci
Scout Micucci 7 kun oldin
I am also a fan of "mixey-mix" and "sneaky-peeky" lmao
_KiwiGaming_ 7 kun oldin
Can Clair do a chef makes a gourmet dorito
DrunkenGuitarGuy 7 kun oldin
shes really hot but i guess i'm the only one that finds all the acting that goes along with these videos really "cringy"
Wobblejiggle -
Wobblejiggle - 7 kun oldin
Red pants girl is thicc.
Lain Lycoris
Lain Lycoris 7 kun oldin
"it's really healthy for you!" Noooo... It tastes amazing but Maple syrup is just sugar... Tastey but not exactly pure health food there.
How To Make Dinner
How To Make Dinner 7 kun oldin
Yum. Throw me a cookie crumb or a granola cluster and I'm with ya! 🍪
WeeItsNookies 7 kun oldin
Girl in the gray top with red pants looks hot af. I demand more of her.
Chloe Scott
Chloe Scott 7 kun oldin
Oooh chopped hazelnuts would be SO good on top of this!
future top chef master
Molly is a sight for sore eyes, I was already tired of Andy. Honestly, I just want more Brad... I miss him.