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Hey guys! Welcome back! In today's video i'm reviewing, demoing and wear testing the new MORPHE Fluidity Complexion Products! We have new foundations, concealers, and pressed powders!

It was definitely an interesting.....................outcome..........

Too Much Mouth's video (she included swatches!): uzvid.com/video/video-JRh73zM8IXE.html
MelaninRich Nyajal's (level 5 deep) Review: uzvid.com/video/video-8qv8U7Yzb9k.html
PrincessKae Review (level 4 rich):
Anika Kialani's Review (level 3 tan):



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11-Yan, 2019

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Thomas Halbert
Thomas Halbert 7 kun oldin
necklaces are from dollskill for those who are wondering!!
zuzu x
zuzu x Kun oldin
omg thank i was about to comment where sis
MakeupBy Seemy
MakeupBy Seemy Kun oldin
I love you, but you look like shit 😂😂😒
Tarannum Adrita
Tarannum Adrita 3 kun oldin
No one cares
Andy Gray
Andy Gray 5 kun oldin
Thomas Halbert I love your hair ♡
Samantha Castaneda
Samantha Castaneda 5 kun oldin
Thomas Halbert Yo... why am I blocked on Twitter? Literally don’t remember every saying anything bad about you 😂
xoxokay7 35 daqiqa oldin
I’m waiting for you to try the new Fenty concealer and powder
Belinda Day
Belinda Day 2 soat oldin
Did they pay u
Autumn White
Autumn White 6 soat oldin
Ty T.H.! I really appericate that u used other views than just ur studio cam i was able to c ur skin and what u were talking about irl. I wouldve had2buy online. no morphe anywhere in my state.
Nicole Chapman
Nicole Chapman 16 soat oldin
You know I’d be interested to see what your new routine is - light coverage foundation, powder, etc! Love the glam don’t get me wrong, but full beat is NOT office friendly
Altera Lee
Altera Lee 21 soat oldin
Yes honey you need a lot of those for your two faces. How's the lies going? It dragged you down. 😂 lol psycho.
toxic.pink Kun oldin
Getting McDonald's in the middle of a wear test and filming the skin up close with no beauty lights? Honestly, I stan.
Devon Payne
Devon Payne Kun oldin
This legit sounds like porn in the beginning 😂😂😂😂
barefoot _grasshOOper
They also should have released this during the summer. Maybe it would have got better reviews.
Lannette Santana
Lannette Santana 2 kun oldin
It looks like you turned orange by the end of the day the foundation is not it.
Ingrid Taylor
Ingrid Taylor 2 kun oldin
Love me some Thomas real asf 😍😍😍
Diamond Girl
Diamond Girl 2 kun oldin
I cant believe how bad this foundation is. Like it looked good as I was applying but 10 minutes later omg... it was all bad. Basically the same thing happened to me too. My sister,daughter and even my hubby commented on how bad it looked. I had my sister put it on too to see how it would look on her ,she is 18 has beautiful skin. Well , she was like hells nah.... it made her look like she had alot of wrinkles lol the only good think in have to say about the foundation is that it feels really good. I loved how it feels on the skin just hated how it looked.
Tailah L McDonnell Cox
Opthomology is an eye/vision specialist incase you wanted to know lol
Jhope's Baseline
Jhope's Baseline 2 kun oldin
That hair color on your friend is so pretty. Bright and ugh... I'm a sucker for bright colors.
Jhope's Baseline
Jhope's Baseline 2 kun oldin
God damn, you are looking healthy and gorgeous. Loving the look.
Haley Roxanne
Haley Roxanne 2 kun oldin
LMAO WHAT IS THAT. Whyyyy is it so orange and crusty?!
Haley Roxanne
Haley Roxanne 2 kun oldin
BRUH id rather buy a foundation from wish
Insane Beauty
Insane Beauty 3 kun oldin
Morphe is a horrible brand I refuse to put it on my skin or my eyes, it turned you a weird yellow tint on video 😮
Livi Baby
Livi Baby 3 kun oldin
I hear that Michael Finch
Navila Vazquez
Navila Vazquez 3 kun oldin
I had to pause and comment after your chakra moment 🤣🤣🤣
Yoon Min
Yoon Min 3 kun oldin
You look like Grayson
Monica B
Monica B 3 kun oldin
I didn’t know a foundation could age people 30 years but Morphe found a way!
Monica B
Monica B 3 kun oldin
Girl those stains 😂😂
Leslie Sanchez
Leslie Sanchez 3 kun oldin
Whoa, this is the worst foundation close up I've ever seen
Mandy Basham
Mandy Basham 3 kun oldin
THANK YOU for that actual fucking close up! Other gurus will say that something looks bad and that they’ll “zoom in” so we can see and I honestly can’t see shit. “It’s settling into my fine lines and pores.” Bitch, where?! But you gave us the real tea, (and it wasn’t good, sorry not sorry, Morphe,) and I cannot thank you enough!
Tami Johnson
Tami Johnson 3 kun oldin
Hey Thomas. I've had a rough time finding my color. Thank you so much for your attaching other channels who can give us"Black Folks"another perspective to help us! That was an Excellent idea. Not every Content Creator does this❤👏👏👏👏👏
cynthia Rubio
cynthia Rubio 3 kun oldin
Your content is what im always looking forward to! Your honesty is what we all love. Thank you for being an Honest Queen 😘 p.s. your editing is hilarious ok byeee
Stephanie Missouri - Booth
Excited to hear what you have to say!!!
Lauren Jenkins
Lauren Jenkins 3 kun oldin
Lol love the Sam reference. Part of the cult here 🤷🏽‍♀️😻
Sarcastic Blank
Sarcastic Blank 3 kun oldin
Gothfruits and Ish??? holy fuck i never knew you were friends lmao Rin is one of my fav influencers everrr
notoriousPeanut 3 kun oldin
An aside: look at this shady bitch.
Bailey Dunton
Bailey Dunton 3 kun oldin
Ah yes, I too am part of Sams cult
Kinsie Davis
Kinsie Davis 3 kun oldin
Love it thank you for the honest review I trust yours so much on things like this because I think we have similar skin I’m very dry sensitive and acne prone 🙄
Ashley.Ford16 3 kun oldin
Do the "filter" pressed powders have glitter or shimmer in them? I was wondering if it was just the lighting in the close ups but it looked like there were shimmer particles on your face. I don't know if that's a just me noticing thing though.
Mrs. Lovelyg
Mrs. Lovelyg 3 kun oldin
🤔The foundation looked reddish/orangey. 😬
Melissa Brown
Melissa Brown 3 kun oldin
Has any women of color ever experienced staining like that with any other foundation before? That does not seem right
Leslie Sanchez
Leslie Sanchez 3 kun oldin
Only ones I got from wish that were made with cheap dyes
Tarannum Adrita
Tarannum Adrita 3 kun oldin
Celina _
Celina _ 3 kun oldin
Can someone tell me the name of the sponge he is using?
John Patrick Juan
John Patrick Juan 3 kun oldin
Apply all of it please. Cover up your mess sweetie. 😉
Mo n
Mo n 3 kun oldin
Hey T- this was a really good review. Like super thorough. Second vid of yours I've watched (first was w/miles jai), but keep on keeping on and do you! Also... thx for including reviews by black youtubers... respect
SoyEvelyn OtraVez
SoyEvelyn OtraVez 3 kun oldin
Billie eilish necklaces looking like 🤔😃😍😘
katrin sablowsky
katrin sablowsky 3 kun oldin
Love that real and honest close ups 😘
Shi Eun Lee
Shi Eun Lee 3 kun oldin
Omg where did you get those earrings :o
BumbleBre 4 kun oldin
I am really digging your look in this video, especially the one dangley earring 😍🔥 keep slaying ily
Stephanie Delveaux
Stephanie Delveaux 4 kun oldin
“Whatever cult Samantha Ravndahl runs” lmfao real tho
Jessyontti Adams
Jessyontti Adams 4 kun oldin
I knew you loved black people when you said “who do wear makeup day long”
Vaeda Bobaeda
Vaeda Bobaeda 4 kun oldin
Just wondering what blush you’re wearing?? It’s such a beautiful shade
Vanessa V
Vanessa V 4 kun oldin
Yasssss Too Much Mouth is my girl I’m so glad you linked her video 😍
Vada Keese
Vada Keese 4 kun oldin
Why do I for feel like Thomas and Levi Bernhardt be good together?
Holly Bond
Holly Bond 4 kun oldin
No tea no shade, but they are literally counting on Jaclyn Hill fans to make their money 😂 I love Jaclyn Hill but after this many reviews no one is gonna buy this
Serena Shimungalu
Serena Shimungalu 4 kun oldin
For the future say African Americans it’s more respectful thank you
MommyOf 6AmazingKids
JamieRose Wilson
JamieRose Wilson 4 kun oldin
loved this review and your honesty
Plant Based U
Plant Based U 4 kun oldin
These foundations just look so bad, why would anyone want to pay $18 for bad foundation when the drugstore has much cheaper? Or get Fenty if you want a good shade range and without skin staining. I just found fenty too dry for me in the winter. Morphe concealer is also a no go for the under eye I don't need crepes.
Alexandria Becker
Alexandria Becker 4 kun oldin
Better or worse than the demon Maybelline 24hour full coverage foundation..
Mason 4 kun oldin
I think that the foundation looked good on you except your under eyes. And it’s a little dry. Use a setting spray or a moisturizer spray
Sadie Chavera
Sadie Chavera 4 kun oldin
We love a dedicated to their review qwueeeeen, thanks for the non studio lighting 💕🧚🏼‍♀️
Liz Valle
Liz Valle 4 kun oldin
Hahaha I love your face as you're bringing in the Micky D's!!!
kaitlynn donovan
kaitlynn donovan 4 kun oldin
“whatever cult samantha ravndahl leads” THOMASSSSS
Ultrablue22 4 kun oldin
Jenni Moore
Jenni Moore 4 kun oldin
Omg it looked like fucking dog shit by the end of video wrap up... No maam!
kathryn danhauser
kathryn danhauser 4 kun oldin
Jaclyn hill “this concealer is going to be a top concealer of 2019” .....never seen more creasing in my life
Alexandra Brought
Alexandra Brought 4 kun oldin
This is my first Thomas Halbert video and I just need to know if he will start reviewing foundations more frequently because those close ups are amazing and extremely helpful
Samantha Barrows
Samantha Barrows 4 kun oldin
Whatever cult Samantha Ravndhal leads.... I HAVE NEVER RELATED SO HARD IN MY LIFE. I’m over here like “Sam uses all cream products so I’m using all cream products. I’m effortlessly slightly sweaty” 🙌🏼
miseyann manning
miseyann manning 4 kun oldin
Thomas without even watch your review is the ONLY one I am trusting........
Princess V
Princess V 4 kun oldin
Maybe you need Yolihe the one that does people faces and facials...
Sam 4 kun oldin
Hey you looked like ImAllexx
nicole 4 kun oldin
Megan Sarah
Megan Sarah 4 kun oldin
It says" 24 neutral , 22 warm, 7 warm, 7 olive" or something on the initial pop up-- I'm assuming one is intended to say "cool"--- plz advise sis
Christine Germundson
Loving the close-ups, very helpful 👏
Calem Winchester
Calem Winchester 4 kun oldin
you look better bb, I'm glad ❤. p.s MMMMM yummmm, you a whole snacc
Sam 4 kun oldin
Why aren't I getting your notifications? I literally love your channel!
Lory Lopez36
Lory Lopez36 4 kun oldin
Ella P
Ella P 4 kun oldin
THANK YOU for the closeups, no other UZvidr does that so it’s hard to see what the problem is!!!
Carissa Mz
Carissa Mz 4 kun oldin
Can other UZvidrs take notes and do close AF close ups like Thomas to help us out 👏🏻 📝
Westielover2012 4 kun oldin
Tell me WHY you zoom in on your skin and all I could look at were your beautiful eyes?!? Jeez my eyes are boring
shea maloy
shea maloy 4 kun oldin
i can't believe u had rin and ish over wow what a crossover i lov u guys
CJDxxxLyrics 4 kun oldin
What moisturizers you use??
Sara Marie
Sara Marie 4 kun oldin
Ummm hard pass for me
kitty Collins
kitty Collins 4 kun oldin
Use coconut oil. That shit removes everything. I swear because I'll have lipsticks and just let that shit sit for a minute or 2 on top of the makeup and you can just wipe it all off without any trouble
Devon arizon
Devon arizon 4 kun oldin
Love you for always being honest
HeirOfGlee 4 kun oldin
I love this format, the second microscope like pull up to the face was it.
Alicia Miller
Alicia Miller 5 kun oldin
Oh no sis Edit: this same shit happened to me when I used fenty
Camille M
Camille M 5 kun oldin
i like the wear test on the products, and how you show closeups of it in different lighting. most reviews i see are just first impressions and thats not really helpful for me
Sara c
Sara c 5 kun oldin
Thank you for a honest review I know it was not easy lol
Natalia Hernandez
Natalia Hernandez 5 kun oldin
OMG I loved loved loved this video This was the most honest review about a product. I loved how he showed everything like up close so we could see, because sometimes when UZvidrs are "far" from the camera it all looks perfect, and when they "zoom" in we can't really see how a product performs, so that was amazing Thomas. Congratulations!!
Andrea S
Andrea S 5 kun oldin
Sadly that happens to me with the Fenty foundation as soon as I put it on 😪
Swauvette R
Swauvette R 5 kun oldin
60 shades of Home Depot earth toned shades.... Hhhmmmmm...I can buy all this and paint my bathroom with it
Avery Allen
Avery Allen 5 kun oldin
this review slapped and was very detailed, thank u!!
Aspartame F2X
Aspartame F2X 5 kun oldin
"24h long wear? gurl, who would wear foundation for that long" LMFAOOO
Crystal Holland
Crystal Holland 5 kun oldin
The linking the black youtubers was a good thing. You fucked up yes but atleast you doing the best you can.
Jerrilee Tineo
Jerrilee Tineo 5 kun oldin
I would love a skincare routine I have dry skin to but I'm always looking for new things to try out
xraevicious 5 kun oldin
Great video.
Arielle King
Arielle King 5 kun oldin
*morphe has left the chat*
Pri Naveira
Pri Naveira 5 kun oldin
Love this new format. Not every make up guru shows how their skin looks up close and theyre like “my skin looks like this and this” but we cant actually ser how the profuct performs. Keep it up babe
Rainbow Melody
Rainbow Melody 5 kun oldin
The close ups are super helpful, please keep doing those!
Kelly Rettinger
Kelly Rettinger 5 kun oldin
If you are 10 years old and have no texture. 😂
Emilia Lola
Emilia Lola 5 kun oldin
I don’t even care for it because I have normal to dry and I couldn’t use it , because everyone is saying that it is desert dry 😬😬 why is every brand bring out matte foundation and concealer 😭
Dixie Mayfield
Dixie Mayfield 5 kun oldin
I honestly don't give a damn about these foundations. But I am happy about the shade range and I want to support that.
Sariana Angel
Sariana Angel 5 kun oldin
If you know you know 😂😭