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So Morphe's newest launch is QUITE interesting...Check out my first impressions and review of the new Fluid Foundation, Concealer, and powders.
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Morphe Fluidity Collection
Morphe 35V eyeshadow palette (code EDGES) bit.ly/2sqrCTr
Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (my shade is Chai) www.toofaced.com/jackie

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Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time :)
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12-Yan, 2019

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Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina 7 kun oldin
Nikki M
Nikki M Kun oldin
I didn't like this foundation I think it was the undertone
Amy Amay
Amy Amay 57 daqiqa oldin
Hi queen
Yomaris Figueroa
Yomaris Figueroa Soat oldin
Dora the Explorer realness 🤣😂🤣😂
Gabrielle Chanel
Gabrielle Chanel 2 soat oldin
Morphe stick too brushes and eyeshadow palettes sis
Kennedy Congdon
Kennedy Congdon 2 soat oldin
I am LIVING for that eye look girl🔥🔥
Arbitrary Darkness
Arbitrary Darkness 3 soat oldin
A lot of the foundation shades look like eyeshadow colors and not colors that people actually come in. Wow
This is one of the prettiest eye looks I've seen you do! Love it
claudiarose_xo 3 soat oldin
Just really trying to find my shadw was going to purchase F5.80 then it was said again and i was awww hell no lol i removed from the cart. Rewatched it and realized that 💖
claudiarose_xo 3 soat oldin
i think mama you said F5.80 twice am I bugging? 6:11 and 6:30
Sheila Campbell
Sheila Campbell 4 soat oldin
i love your glasses
ItsMotherCheryl 5 soat oldin
She’s a pinker! 😂😭❤️
Random Person
Random Person 5 soat oldin
Legit all the foundations look like paint. Dull paint, no natural undertone
Sarah Dowell
Sarah Dowell 6 soat oldin
yall try making foundations with complicated undertones to please 7 billion different skintones... since yall feel the need to bash morphe for now doing it to yalls high ass standards
Taylor Thompson
Taylor Thompson 6 soat oldin
I’ve never watched Jackie’s videos before... but I’m here for it now!!
zeeditti 6 soat oldin
OHEMAA BONSU 6 soat oldin
Yaassss “with Nars & Born This Way “ cos we need more DEEP DARK with golden undertone cough cough “truffle “ 🙌🏿🙌🏿
destinyy rossseee
destinyy rossseee 8 soat oldin
Your so prettttyyyyyyy😩❤️❤️
Lisa Gross
Lisa Gross 8 soat oldin
“Gonna have to accept this Dora the Explorer realness- fight me” 😂🤣😭
Nadia Juarez
Nadia Juarez 9 soat oldin
a lot of shades doesn't always signify a completely inclusive shade range.
Irene Alamilla
Irene Alamilla 9 soat oldin
I love your energy such a beautiful person ♥️😘🙏🏻
Cristina Robbins
Cristina Robbins 10 soat oldin
The fact thst u gave ur friend concealers to review quickly. What a great friend
Vicky Tello
Vicky Tello 10 soat oldin
Bonnie W
Bonnie W 11 soat oldin
Jackie goes “I already got enough damn moisture “ at the exact moment I’m over here moisturizing my dry ass face to prepare for makeup
Jennifer K
Jennifer K 11 soat oldin
Good Lord that rag is dirty as HELL!
Ashlyn Jones
Ashlyn Jones 12 soat oldin
Do they not have someone or multiple someone’s on their team to be the voice for people of richer and darker skin tones? Like man it’s 2019. Why are these melanin queens still having to struggle with finding their shade? C’mon... someone, anyone... do better.
TiLi D
TiLi D 14 soat oldin
😱😱😱 what in the hell was Morphe thinking (clearly they weren't) the worst shades I've seen.
Nicole Harris
Nicole Harris 17 soat oldin
Subscribed woohooo ♥️
Esmee H
Esmee H 17 soat oldin
What a gorgeous eye look! You made it look so easy! Xx
Sarah Hotz
Sarah Hotz 18 soat oldin
You convinced me to subscribe! I really love the way you review make up without having to trample on the brand like most guru's out there! This is one of the most honest make up reviews I've ever sat through, thank you for you're input!
Royal Beautee
Royal Beautee 20 soat oldin
That palette thooooo👀😍
Real Talk New York With Janique
The morphe foundation is nice not all black women had the same complexion! The color range is nice but maybe not for you
Lemonade at 3am
Lemonade at 3am 20 soat oldin
Damn, the whole makeup lab has some color-blindness problems.
leaimani26 22 soat oldin
A friendly FYI...Soften is pronounced sofen, the T is silent. :)
Alexandra Crocitto
Alexandra Crocitto 22 soat oldin
this eye look is everything. cant get over how beautiful these colors look together. also you have the best eye shape!
Lexy Jay.
Lexy Jay. 23 soat oldin
I wasn’t even 30 seconds in and I already adore you!
Nemo William
Nemo William 23 soat oldin
Who is she??
RedHair andLipgloss
60 shades & Jackie couldn’t get ONE good shade? Smh....
Karla Herrera
Karla Herrera Kun oldin
I feel like you started the review negative
Elysse Lawrence
Elysse Lawrence Kun oldin
Morphe just got dragged to fuck bruh😅😂
Ada Elizabeth
Ada Elizabeth Kun oldin
yes have a variety of shades but let them match? I feel like being inclusive is a trend. If you're not ready to match the shades you're not ready to launch it.
Nikki M
Nikki M Kun oldin
I'm a light skinned woman and was looking at those darker shades like 😒 Who are the people with these under tones
Brooke Carlson
Brooke Carlson Kun oldin
So stunning!! Your makeup always looks so beautiful (not that you need makeup (natural beauty (can’t relate)))!
Amber Rays
Amber Rays Kun oldin
That starlit powder she used on her eyes is my favorite highlight ever!!! I use the shade 13 or 12 I believe ..? I can never go back to pressed highlights after using it... But that eye look with the green, yup that's everything!!
Thal Lu
Thal Lu Kun oldin
How did you get the Morphe foundation it's not even out in the site yet. I looked for it comes out January 17.
Amber Rays
Amber Rays Kun oldin
White house press alerts!!! Bahahhaha God I love Jackie!!!!
Kirsty Boor
Kirsty Boor Kun oldin
Shelby Elizabeth
1:33 omg omg jackie is so fucking beautiful what the fuck like a soft floral perfume ad ugh
Kleopxtra -
Kleopxtra - Kun oldin
JACKIE. The final look is OFFENSIVE. How the hell are you so bomb? Wtf 🤬
Kleopxtra -
Kleopxtra - Kun oldin
So close to 3M ‼️
cattycorner Kun oldin
Love you vids. Always full of detailed info and very entertaining! TY for the "double conceal" tip
Shelby M
Shelby M Kun oldin
"she's a pinker"
Lily Loera
Lily Loera Kun oldin
You're right... I'll be back lol subscribed immediately. You're hilarious!
Alice in Wonderland
Halsey Is My Real Name
your beautiful
Abcdefg Abcdefghijk
smh 60 shades and they still can’t get it right
Bernice Woghiren
If the thumbnail is their real advert morphie needs to take a back seat and think again Can you find any black people with a palm the same color as their face
Jasminn Dove
Jasminn Dove Kun oldin
Please review EveryHue Tinted Moisturizer. You can build it up to a foundation and the undertones are perfect for poc. It can be found at Blushington in LA, NY and TX or on their website😊
Zee zee 6
Zee zee 6 Kun oldin
When you shoes the back of your head..I’m dead 😂😆😂😂
Richon Badger
Richon Badger Kun oldin
You're channel is my favorite. besides keeping me informed you keep me rolling lol. Your videos make my day.
Ashley Loi
Ashley Loi Kun oldin
Yes, I love that eye makeup ! 😍
Jade Chambers
Jade Chambers Kun oldin
Anyone else notice how she pronounced “soften” with a hard “t” lmao
GlamForHisGlory Kun oldin
If I’m your same shade in fit me (coconut) will this work for me ? Rewatching your video before I purchase 😂😂
heavenhobi Kun oldin
i'm only 20 seconds into the video and i already subscribed,,
jordan harris
jordan harris Kun oldin
Time stamp 18:30 girl you got me 😂😂 I did it
Kayla Playa
Kayla Playa Kun oldin
Tricia Wilson
Tricia Wilson Kun oldin
Even though I’m on the light spectrum I always watch your stuff..you are definitely very unique and I love your videos 😍
Nahla Aly
Nahla Aly Kun oldin
Subscribed... you're so pretty and talented... and your sense of humour just got me hooked on this channel.
Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina Kun oldin
Welcome :)
Tashanna Francis
I hate these shades all the companies make them with red or pink undertones ...it’s hard to stock your kit because there’s so many hits or misses with darker foundation shades only MUFE. NARS. always have shades that match us and look good
Lilach Tsubary
Lilach Tsubary Kun oldin
The eyes are so beautiful!!! The products of the face not so much... Many colours that not combine together, a lot of mass /: Love U!!! Xoxoxox
All About Zay
All About Zay Kun oldin
When you turned around it threw me way off 😂😂
Anna Krystine
Anna Krystine Kun oldin
What pencil liner are you using??
Norstef Kun oldin
Love that you have stopped with the preach about subscribing!
Daisha Williams
Daisha Williams Kun oldin
Does anyone know what brush she was using when she applied the no° 15 finishing powder? ☺️
illustriousoul Kun oldin
I need these companies to stop adding shades just for the hell of it. I don’t have time to be swatching 20 shades in the store.
Mayela Hache
Mayela Hache Kun oldin
Girl, my skin is not deep, I don't even wear makeup that often, bit I'll binge watch your videos cause your energy makes me happy
Stephanie Bby
Stephanie Bby Kun oldin
Pause 3:54 lmaoooo I’m dead
Tolz 4321
Tolz 4321 Kun oldin
Whyyyyyyy did you take off the glasses I was going to zoom in 😂😂😂👌🏾
Anna Aparicio
Anna Aparicio Kun oldin
I Love watching your videos, you are so beautiful and you have a wonderful attitude!! You make me laugh 😂😂 every time I watch your videos. Your eyes look good and thank you for this video. 🤣🤣
Brooklyn Z
Brooklyn Z Kun oldin
Tía Jackie, can you please consider reviewing the LA GIRL Pro Mixing Pigments? We would love more drugstore, affordable makeup launches this year? You know, for us struggling sistas out chea!!
Leah Lasher
Leah Lasher Kun oldin
Everything did seem very cool, which is weird. I usually find everything too yellow on me. But I was told recently on two separate occasions that I have olive-y skin. I don’t even know how to shop for that😅
Monique Alexis
Monique Alexis Kun oldin
Guuuuuurl, you lookin good af! 🔥👀
KEARiiA WRiiGHT Kun oldin
A couple of those shades just looked like red clay dirt 😣😪
Addison Schmitz
Addison Schmitz Kun oldin
can I just say how much I love Jackie. she's so funny and doesn't care about what people think of her opinion. she's always honest and overall Jackie is what I aspire to be as an adult.
Monette Nicole
Monette Nicole Kun oldin
Alright I subscribed. I really love how you speak your mind & I totally agree that people that are fair tone or medium tone shouldn’t be speaking for darker tones. It just doesn’t make sense like you said it’s not informational. Thanks Jackie! I’ll be back! 😉❤️
Milk And Honey Acreage
I mean didn't they do a study with several black people? Why not bring a bunch of black women into the lab and try to match all the different undertones. You know look at the real thing! Seems like they just guessed. I agree there was way too much pink and red.
Daprincess11 2 kun oldin
Can we just get aunty Jackie to 3M subscribers already
Hurrikane K
Hurrikane K 2 kun oldin
Jackie: She showed up to work we might as well make her do something!! Me: Oh Jackie *Giggles profusely*
YB D 2 kun oldin
Actually with the your glasses on you kinda givin me Edna from the Incredibles vibes lol
Michelle Johnson
Michelle Johnson 2 kun oldin
I just found your channel and let me say you absolutely stunning 😍
Gabriela Garza
Gabriela Garza 2 kun oldin
I gotta admit, you’re right about not swatching lighter shades on your skin, I’ve seen other influencers swatch colors that are not even from their shade range ,like, how’s that suppose to help us? Going to your own shade range really helps people from that same range have an idea what morphe is putting our there.
Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina 2 kun oldin
NoahMArt01 2 kun oldin
Literally the concealer did nothing for you. Morphe needs to make them more full coverage because all I could look at after the full glam was on I was distracted by the undereye
taniaXO 2 kun oldin
Lmao i fell in love with your personality 😂😂😂😂🥰🥳🥳 i might as well subscribe cause i mean ima be coming back right 😂🤷🏻‍♀️😜
Newo Ikkin
Newo Ikkin 2 kun oldin
Why do i want your hand with the concealer swatches for an art piece
Ashley Ongweso
Ashley Ongweso 2 kun oldin
Jackie you should just come out with your own damn cosmetics line at this point🤨
Rosa Costa
Rosa Costa 2 kun oldin
AH AH you betta subscribe to my naija sista. ok ok....I am only 50% naija but in naija...50 is 100. SUBSCRIBE< LIKE ohhhhhhhhhhhh ah-ah
Hannah Grace
Hannah Grace 2 kun oldin
Why do all of those deep colors go from brick red to orange Cheeto? TF MORPHE
Adelyn Derya
Adelyn Derya 2 kun oldin
I was thinking of trying this foundation out. As someone w olive neutral undertones that’s in between the level 2-3 shade range it’s tough. The closest for me is the shade BECCA ultimate coverage creme in “Buff”. Which is funny cause most shades under Buff in other brands are always more pink. ANYWAYS, hopefully there’s a shade for me. Thanks for the review !
MsMdip 2 kun oldin
Man, Åre these for people or for pumpkins? SMH
Danielle Corbin
Danielle Corbin 2 kun oldin
The complexion colors are so off Morphie, wow. :(