Most Amazing Art Video #5 🌹Calligraphy Lettering Cake art Watercolor! Talented people are awesome

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Most Amazing Art Video #5 🌹 Calligraphy Lettering Watercolor painting! Talented people are awesome
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12-Yan, 2019

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Lazy Lora
Lazy Lora 6 soat oldin
I always love your videos, keep up the good work!
Mihaela Spulber
Mihaela Spulber 2 kun oldin
La prima era folosit un creion. 😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😑😣😑😣😑😑😣😑😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😑😑😣😑😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😑😣😑😑😣😑😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😑😣😑😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😑😣😑😑😣😣😑😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😑😣😑😣😑😣😑😑😣😑
Dominoes and drawings
5:50 this is why I love watercolour
Crab Gal
Crab Gal 3 kun oldin
This makes me want to go and paint something but I can barely get out of bed rn
Pandusia DIY
Pandusia DIY 3 kun oldin
In what application you draw?
Maarten Van der Zwan
Dayana Antunes
Dayana Antunes 4 kun oldin
Muito legal,adorei o violino
Ikrek Fazekas
Ikrek Fazekas 4 kun oldin
2:49 what your name pencils?
Insane Destruction
Insane Destruction 4 kun oldin
I believe that's a kuretake brush pen
Helen Mebus
Helen Mebus 4 kun oldin
Joanalyn Montero
Joanalyn Montero 4 kun oldin
Joanalyn Montero
Joanalyn Montero 4 kun oldin
Malak Walid
Malak Walid 4 kun oldin
All of them were nice and beautiful
Malak Walid
Malak Walid 4 kun oldin
gấu Con Bui
gấu Con Bui 5 kun oldin
Limbo Cat
Limbo Cat 5 kun oldin
Most amazing? *try me.*
Esmeralda Castillo
Esmeralda Castillo 5 kun oldin
mi favorito fue el violín
Xx_pug life_xX
Xx_pug life_xX 5 kun oldin
It's nearly my birthday My pet did just die 😭 Idc about the like But this wasn't a lie R.I.P Pipsqueak (my hamster) 💖🐹
Bella Lama
Bella Lama 5 kun oldin
Uddhav Patil
Uddhav Patil 5 kun oldin
Saira Saisha
Saira Saisha 5 kun oldin
Which app is that in 3:55
Modern World
Modern World 5 kun oldin
Procreate 😉
Mehndi Designs
Mehndi Designs 5 kun oldin
great, loved it
Мадина Сапаркулова
very good👍
mzpyt83 6 kun oldin
Sad Lil' Soap
Sad Lil' Soap 6 kun oldin
1:02 those are some crusty lips
Rocket 721
Rocket 721 4 kun oldin
They need some chap of the stick
Katy Lis
Katy Lis 6 kun oldin
Как приятно смотреть что есть люди у которых руки из нужного места растут , а не как у меня P.S.лайкайте коммент что бы попало в топ . удачи и веселья всем!!😘😘😘
Oreats Sherman
Oreats Sherman 6 kun oldin
ooommmmggg love your vids 😍😍😍
Brooke Sundeen
Brooke Sundeen 6 kun oldin
What's that app called where she wrote the word liquify?
Kawaii Cupcakes
Kawaii Cupcakes 6 kun oldin
Magic MiU
Magic MiU 6 kun oldin
И что тут уникального? Название не соответствует видео
Modern World
Modern World 5 kun oldin
А где в названии говорится про «уникальные»? Удивительные, да. Всё в названии и в миниатюре соответствует
fun sweet
fun sweet 6 kun oldin
mika mikala
mika mikala 6 kun oldin
Janshi Janu
Janshi Janu 6 kun oldin
What is the app you used for painting at 3:57?
Grace K
Grace K 8 soat oldin
Lol that’s my friends account. She uses Procreate for all her iPad calligraphy
morganlikesfoxes 3 kun oldin
Its such a funny name
Kawaii Cupcakes
Kawaii Cupcakes 6 kun oldin
Sra. Batata
Sra. Batata 6 kun oldin
5:30 😱😵
Tuqa Rabea
Tuqa Rabea 6 kun oldin
Toys Kids
Toys Kids 7 kun oldin
Emelia Onichi
Emelia Onichi 7 kun oldin
Heart watercolor painting =)
Emelia Onichi
Emelia Onichi 7 kun oldin
And polymer clay pandas are cute.
Nancy Cambara
Nancy Cambara 7 kun oldin
6:51 I think i can do that🐼
Monica St.Francis
Monica St.Francis 7 kun oldin
What is that tablet that you use or the app that u use on the tablet in this video?
Modern World
Modern World 5 kun oldin
iPad...app Procreate 😉
Ff Dgsg
Ff Dgsg 7 kun oldin
İ s i m s i z V a k a
Yha süper bir video 👍
Laura reine
Laura reine 7 kun oldin
Do you do this with whih application
Asma Muhammad
Asma Muhammad 7 kun oldin
Umnhgjyyg تحتحججكةمعزززد يضشءhtv
ChiaraMassu 7 kun oldin
5:15 what is?
ChiaraMassu 5 kun oldin
+Mai Art Grazie!!
Mai Art
Mai Art 5 kun oldin
they are watercolors in a tube, only that they are put on a palette so that they can make pills
Halil Yilmaz
Halil Yilmaz 7 kun oldin
Muaz Ali
Muaz Ali 7 kun oldin
Aparajita Chakravorti
it's BRIS time
it's BRIS time 7 kun oldin
First yayyy
Jamila Alfadly
Jamila Alfadly 7 kun oldin
You so inspirational 😍😍😍
Pooja Yadav
Pooja Yadav 7 kun oldin
You are the best
kali raelynn wyatt
kali raelynn wyatt 7 kun oldin
I love your videos!!
Na cozinha com Peterson Soares
Galera dá uma força no meu canal, estou começando a fazer vídeo de receitas agora, me ajudem a fazer o canal crescer. Obrigado
amitngfntr 7 kun oldin
I love it
FATIMA Vlog 7 kun oldin
انا كمان رسامه بحب قناتكم كثير ستمرو ياموبدعين😉😉
Ⲁlⲉ 98
Ⲁlⲉ 98 5 kun oldin
BUT.... This Is an Italian 🇮🇹 vedeo....
baili su
baili su 7 kun oldin
so nice
Keira Speers
Keira Speers 7 kun oldin
Hi the art is so pretty
Sheshasai Reddy
Sheshasai Reddy 7 kun oldin
I wish I could do paintings like them even though I know I can't cuz I'm just 12 years old,😂😭
Tiger Tas
Tiger Tas Kun oldin
Stop leaking your age please.
Ѧɳḯღε 4 Łαყʄ_xƉ
Hi do u like arts? Bcs I do and I super love sketching,paintings,coloring anything just connected with arts but still need to improve tho BTW I'm also 12
Erika Gerald
Erika Gerald 4 kun oldin
Sheshasai Reddy age doesn’t stop you with practice and desire you become better at something even painting
Laiba Amjad
Laiba Amjad 4 kun oldin
Same but 15
Laiba Amjad
Laiba Amjad 4 kun oldin
Sheshasai Reddy ohh really
Алекандра Стоянова
Это так красиво. ТЫ СУПЕР!
TigerQueen 5 kun oldin
Я нет из русский али я люблю русский язык 😝
Мира Дже
Мира Дже 7 kun oldin
Măřý Rein русские всегда живы!😀🇷🇺
Măřý Rêiñ
Măřý Rêiñ 7 kun oldin
Eduarda Severo
Eduarda Severo 7 kun oldin
Rockys wilde Welt
Rockys wilde Welt 7 kun oldin
Bist du deutsche/r? 3:38 was ist das für ein Tablet??
mein hasi Johanna hi
Keine Ahnung was das für ein ipad ist will es haber haben
Rockys wilde Welt
Rockys wilde Welt 4 kun oldin
+Kat ja ich meinte zwar modern world aber ok
Kat ja
Kat ja 4 kun oldin
Ich bin deutsche
Ich bin eine potato
Oder ein ipad pro 10.5".
Ich bin eine potato
Das ist ein Ipad pro 12.9" und die Software ist Procreate (-: Ich bin nicht so gut in Deutch. Ich bin Schwede.
Sukanta Roy
Sukanta Roy 7 kun oldin
This is super cool
Drawing Bad
Drawing Bad 7 kun oldin
Man I'd love to learn calligraphy T-T
Drawing Bad
Drawing Bad 7 kun oldin
+Adam G thanks man
Adam G
Adam G 7 kun oldin
Draw Your OC at least you can draw Hhh
shahd Ahmed
shahd Ahmed 7 kun oldin
العربى لايك🖒🖒
Maggi Murray
Maggi Murray 7 kun oldin
FATIMA Vlog 7 kun oldin
ممكن تشتركين بقناتي😊
عاشقة باريس
ولا أروع😘😘😘😍
team schaaap
team schaaap 7 kun oldin
3:38 witch program is it
Jessica Hillyard
Jessica Hillyard 7 kun oldin
team schaaap 10 pound tho
team schaaap
team schaaap 7 kun oldin
Thx man
Modern World
Modern World 7 kun oldin
Procreate 😉
Nature channel
Nature channel 7 kun oldin
So amazing talent😀 Just 1 like😑
Ella Baker
Ella Baker 6 kun oldin
Nature channel needy idiot nobody cares
KRISTAL Bon LPS 7 kun oldin
Я залипаю как красиво🎄
team schaaap
team schaaap 7 kun oldin
This is satisfying and cool 😎 🐑
Noella Daloba
Noella Daloba 7 kun oldin
Noella Daloba
Noella Daloba 7 kun oldin
+Rockys wilde Welt true
Rockys wilde Welt
Rockys wilde Welt 7 kun oldin
you are tired
Rockys wilde Welt
Rockys wilde Welt 7 kun oldin
Rockys wilde Welt
Rockys wilde Welt 7 kun oldin
First (second)
Jo Lina
Jo Lina 7 kun oldin