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Most Exciting Player in College Basketball || UCLA PG Lonzo Ball 2016-17 Highlights ᴴᴰ

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UCLA PG Lonzo Ball
Freshman 6'6 190 lbs
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27-May, 2017



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XChronicHash 6 kun oldin
he can do this on the suns
King wolves
King wolves 8 kun oldin
When lonzo was actually good
I want this version of ZO 2!!
Luke Roberts
Luke Roberts 10 kun oldin
Yea but now look at Zion compared to this kid
Danny L
Danny L 11 kun oldin
College Lonzo was special, I thought he was gonna kill it in the nba
OGManny 11 kun oldin
He had so much confidence in college, he let the haters get into his head and started questioning his skill when he got in the NBA
largec 13 kun oldin
I don't expect Lonzo Ball to be a star in the NBA, I only expect him to be just a role player. My expectations for Lonzo are pretty low, and that is for a good reason. The vast majority of the players drafted into the NBA turn out to be just role players, the stars that really stand out in the league come around every so often, and that's the sad reality. I think this is a good reason why the NBA is so watered down today, too many role players, and not enough star studded players, hopefully things will change in the future.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 14 kun oldin
People forget he was the best player in the country in college
Ladidadida 1133
Ladidadida 1133 14 kun oldin
Chino hills/ UCLA lonzo is my favorite player...idk what the hell happened when he joined the lakers
ChrisbeFoSerious 18 kun oldin
After the whole BBB debacle I seriously think we’re going to see this aggressive Lonzo in the 19-20 season.
Ladidadida 1133
Ladidadida 1133 14 kun oldin
I hope so *kodak voice
martin esquivel
martin esquivel 19 kun oldin
@0:57 is when fultz shooting form got effed for life
Tstaten4 19 kun oldin
I need to see this Lonzo in the NBA
Saint Aubyn
Saint Aubyn 21 kun oldin
But why doesn’t he attack like this more often in the NBA?
Kingslaying Master
Kingslaying Master 23 kun oldin
It's the undershirt lol
Ivan 5
Ivan 5 26 kun oldin
Lonzo will have a BREAKOUT year 3! Watch out!!
FirmBooty 19 kun oldin
Ivan 5 I hope
Maurice Mallari
Im starting to realize that what Zo needs is his own team where he is showcased as the primary ball handler. He wont be that dude in LAL as long as Lebron is there.
Bilbo Swaggins
He never shouldve left college. I dont understand why some 19 and 20 year old players think theyre NBA ready when theyre not. Lonzo couldve developed his game and become a much better overall player had he stayed in college an addition one or two years. Instead he decided to go to the big leagues when he clearly wasnt ready and the pressure and hype crippled his confidence and his ability to the play the game at a high level.
Be at ease
Be at ease Oy oldin
Welp I guess you now know there's a huge difference between college and the NBA LMAO
stevenson juillet
stevenson juillet 21 kun oldin
Actually he changed, aside from maybe the shooting distance, his mentality changed and it was a wrap for him from there
Mike909ism Oy oldin
His dad was right, coach Walton messing with Lonzo game too much, let him do his thing, the Lakers were losing before he got there.
Diesel Fuel
Diesel Fuel Oy oldin
we need this lonzo at the lakera
AdrianSpurs1 Oy oldin
Why is he better in College than Right now
Ted Mosby
Ted Mosby Oy oldin
Zo we miss you. Lakers badly needs you
Adam V
Adam V Oy oldin
2:30 future teammates
MA215 Thegoat215
Welp...Lanzo is wit the real boiss now...and hes kinda trash
Kai Crawford
Kai Crawford Oy oldin
I came back to this video because Ik lonzo has potential, and he can play like this if he wants.
Brandon R
Brandon R Oy oldin
Where is this killer instinct in the NBA? I watch UCLA and chino hills highlights and Lonzo controls the game and takes it to the other team. In the NBA looks like he just doesn’t care.
Gigz24 2 oy oldin
I feel like he waiting for his brothers 😈😈
907 gonefishin
907 gonefishin 2 oy oldin
Shoulda stayed in college cause you suck in the NBA.
Taquan Gregg
Taquan Gregg 2 oy oldin
Lonzo must got that space jam curse right now.
rell to bodymore
rell to bodymore 2 oy oldin
Lol how u doing thing in college but not that good in the nba
Logic Panda
Logic Panda 2 oy oldin
Dennis Smith was better to watch
Leakes 2 oy oldin
Yall gotta understand its his first year in the pros yall have to give the man some time to improve with his scoring/shooting, the nba is on another level than college.
Nutty 2 oy oldin
This lonzo gotta come back man.
Shinji Bing
Shinji Bing 2 oy oldin
At +00:50 is the moment Fultz mind told him he can no longer shoot a basketball and like mike shoes swapped shooting abilities with Lonzo
Nick Wilson
Nick Wilson 2 oy oldin
It’s hard to believe this is the same guy who shot below 50% from the free throw line last year. I wonder if the pressure got to him or maybe it’s the better defenders or a combination of both because he just doesn’t seem as confident in the NBA. But the shot still has to be there. He’s obviously got the potential.
Muke Duke
Muke Duke 2 oy oldin
Eli Gramling
Eli Gramling 2 oy oldin
who else is watching when he is n the nba
Iam GeeBaby
Iam GeeBaby 3 oy oldin
Still watchin this til this day 💯 @ 1:19 🤒😵🌊 *High Asf* Lol
ben cochran
ben cochran 3 oy oldin
Such a stud
Marquis Webb
Marquis Webb 3 oy oldin
why can't he shoot like this now
Kervens Lasseur
Kervens Lasseur 3 oy oldin
Well...whatever happened....whatever was the spark ...he seems to be coming back
TenorMan96 3 oy oldin
4:13 future teammate lol
Christian Pablo
Christian Pablo 3 oy oldin
0:46 the face that we will not see at his nba game
Curt El
Curt El 3 oy oldin
He lost his confidence somewhere
Kevin limarr sagbigsal
Lakers made him a passer and facilatator
Bro Beans
Bro Beans 3 oy oldin
The problem is the fact he went to the lakers if he went anywhere else he’d be like this but it’s to late now
Boom Bass
Boom Bass 3 oy oldin
he doesnt have that kind of confidence anymore
Levin Angelo
Levin Angelo 3 oy oldin
Bbcshan thapa
Bbcshan thapa 3 oy oldin
Now a bust in nba
Lil Stencil
Lil Stencil 3 oy oldin
Lmao Zo was a god in college
Kip Denarian KREW
Today is the night lonzo scored 0 points and got booed by his own team... SMH
adrenalinex4 3 oy oldin
did this nigga 4get how to play basketball? hes fuckin garbage in the nba.
YoungDaggerDick LLJ
He honestly looked like a good player in college
Cesar 3 oy oldin
Lanzo was good in college, but became an average nba player. Is cruel reality..no one to blame
Eco Castro
Eco Castro 3 oy oldin
Ball needs to be more aggressive in Nba. But his defense is quite good. He needs to adjust.
Lonzo getting exposed in the NBA
Mauricio Galvan
Mauricio Galvan 3 oy oldin
The Lakers needs this Lonzo ball rn
James Marcum
James Marcum 3 oy oldin
Broke jump shot
James Marcum
James Marcum 3 oy oldin
London does not suck
James Marcum
James Marcum 3 oy oldin
Lonzo sucks typo
James Marcum
James Marcum 3 oy oldin
London sucks
James Marcum
James Marcum 3 oy oldin
Can’t do that in nba
James Marcum
James Marcum 3 oy oldin
He do that in the nba he’s not ready
Kobe Bryan
Kobe Bryan 3 oy oldin
How is he doing this
Twiist 3 oy oldin
well atleast I now know why Mike Korzemba thought he was going to be 'Steph Curry with a 40+ inch vert'
Ryan L
Ryan L 4 oy oldin
Kean Gabriel
Kean Gabriel 4 oy oldin
Zo need to be more confident on lakers like this, i swear he's more aggressive right now.
D Moon
D Moon 4 oy oldin
Hopefully his landing techniques have changed. Haven't seen him dunk in awhile though
JoKe ToNg
JoKe ToNg 4 oy oldin
he will going to be another Steph Curry (shoot 3s) if Ball keep playing well in Lakers with LBJ in...
collj86 4 oy oldin
Longo has to just get in the gym and work. I mean he doesent have to being highly paid But seriously dude can’t even make a free throw or layup
BJ The Barber
BJ The Barber 4 oy oldin
I wonder what happen to this guy I hope Lonzo gets back to this confidence
D Wavy
D Wavy 19 kun oldin
Defensively he’s great but offense idk what’s up I think it’s a mental thing. He’ll get it though
Arwinsanity 4 oy oldin
How come he cant shoot 3s now in the lakers ?
James jones
James jones 4 oy oldin
Big league exposed this nigga.
iamglad ancheta
iamglad ancheta 4 oy oldin
Why is he "too shy" to play like this on the NBA?
Deadz Deadz
Deadz Deadz 4 oy oldin
I don’t see this confidence in the nba can he can clearly develop it again
Jaydee Destacamento
Lamelo next
A N T I Everything
If Lonzo played like this on the lakers😩😳
FirmBooty 19 kun oldin
Mohammed Mubashir You gotta fix your first comment 😂
Mohammed Mubashir
Mohammed Mubashir 19 kun oldin
He could get traded this summer
FirmBooty 19 kun oldin
Mohammed Mubashir What the hell are you saying?
Mohammed Mubashir
Mohammed Mubashir 20 kun oldin
He will, may be not on lakers but he is only gonna improve
Rick Rias
Rick Rias 4 oy oldin
i from the Furture:this guy cant shoot
khen 17
khen 17 4 oy oldin
Lonzo just needs to be more confident with his shots
Kunal Ketkar
Kunal Ketkar 4 oy oldin
What happened to this guy
Cristian wright tv
How come you only have 5 subscribers
Cristian wright tv
JustBombsProductions no problem 💯
No idea bro. I was seriously worried, but thankfully it's back to showing 145k. I appreciate you pointing it out Cristian!
Owen Jordan
Owen Jordan 4 oy oldin
If only he plays like this in the nba
NBA FANBOY 4 oy oldin
that shot was so broken sure against college players but not at the nba level he needs so much space to get that ugly shot off he has to take a stepback which makes the three from a simple to a difficult shot scouts should have seen this a mile away take that away theres not much to his game passing i guess maybe at best
Jonny Poulard
Jonny Poulard 5 oy oldin
Damn... What happened to this man
John Smith
John Smith 5 oy oldin
Luke and magic and his father and the media ruined this kid and he is just a kid his confidence is gone and he is pg but they don’t let him be what he is.
Where is this skills when you need on lakers..
Lloydiee 5 oy oldin
He has a habit of landing on one foot every time he dunks. Isn't that bad?
Elbert Patena
Elbert Patena 5 oy oldin
he's only good at college but NBA nothing but air ball
-United- 5 oy oldin
its all about confidence....it will come
don ice
don ice 5 oy oldin
Lonzo needs to go to another team. Look at his peers. Look at trae young. He is better than most of them. Yet he is stuck in primordial ooze called the lakers
John Mark
John Mark 5 oy oldin
Now most boring player in NBA.
CaQuad_04 • DangeRuss
Imagine if he was as good as his dad
Taneisha Williams
Lonzo needs this passion in nba. He would be better than he is nw.
James Aaron Colima
Maureen Elam
Maureen Elam 5 oy oldin
got to the nba and looks lost
Eυяσrmh 5 oy oldin
Nice bulball
Bama Made
Bama Made 5 oy oldin
Well he's not playing like this in the NBA
Hamza Bare
Hamza Bare 5 oy oldin
Juansito sm
Juansito sm 5 oy oldin
Not gonna lie this year i was a lozno hater until he showed out at ucla i was impressed
Gaming for life and a life after that.
His landing was one of the many reasons, he had to go for a arthroscopic surgery in his left knee. Much like Derrick Rose's. Landing explosively on one of your knee is a bad idea.
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