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Most Exciting Player in College Basketball || UCLA PG Lonzo Ball 2016-17 Highlights ᴴᴰ

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UCLA PG Lonzo Ball
Freshman 6'6 190 lbs
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27-May, 2017

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J. Han
J. Han Soat oldin
Where is this skills when you need on lakers..
Lloydiee 4 kun oldin
He has a habit of landing on one foot every time he dunks. Isn't that bad?
Ben Benedict
Ben Benedict 5 kun oldin
he's only good at college but NBA nothing but air ball
-United- 11 soat oldin
its all about confidence....it will come
don ice
don ice 5 kun oldin
Lonzo needs to go to another team. Look at his peers. Look at trae young. He is better than most of them. Yet he is stuck in primordial ooze called the lakers
John Mark
John Mark 5 kun oldin
Now most boring player in NBA.
CaQuad_04 •
CaQuad_04 • 6 kun oldin
Imagine if he was as good as his dad
Taneisha Williams
Taneisha Williams 6 kun oldin
Lonzo needs this passion in nba. He would be better than he is nw.
Aaron Colima
Aaron Colima 6 kun oldin
Maureen Elam
Maureen Elam 6 kun oldin
got to the nba and looks lost
Eυяσrmh 10 kun oldin
Nice bulball
Bama Made
Bama Made 10 kun oldin
Well he's not playing like this in the NBA
Hamza Bare
Hamza Bare 11 kun oldin
Juansito sm
Juansito sm 14 kun oldin
Not gonna lie this year i was a lozno hater until he showed out at ucla i was impressed
Shivansh Dixit
Shivansh Dixit 17 kun oldin
His landing was one of the many reasons, he had to go for a arthroscopic surgery in his left knee. Much like Derrick Rose's. Landing explosively on one of your knee is a bad idea.
That NBA Live Mobile God
I guess ill like my own comment no one likes my comments :(
Joseph Asfour
Joseph Asfour 21 kun oldin
He reminds me of 2012 Chief Keef in this
Lil BBB 21 kun oldin
now look how good he is
yoitsjust 23 kun oldin
And .... Look at him now LOLOL Trash
Kee money 17
Kee money 17 22 kun oldin
yoitsjust his first year yea right now naw
Eli_The_Kid 23 kun oldin
WiLL LeIgH 25 kun oldin
He Had steph curry shooting in collage dayum
Don Loc
Don Loc 26 kun oldin
I swear the media got to his head and he started panicking more.
MedeVenx Gaming
MedeVenx Gaming 28 kun oldin
Lonzo Be Yourself PLEASEEEEE You need it to NBA
pettwaymichael 28 kun oldin
Man watching this I can see his problem in the nba is that he doesn’t have this type of freedom like in college he doesn’t feel like it’s the right thing to do is to shoot loosely which I think he should but his talent even now is off the charts
JKJUNIOR95 29 kun oldin
Lonzo need to see videos of himself
Cortez Iain
Cortez Iain Oy oldin
Ball brothers will have a better future if they're in NCAA.
Jymal Oy oldin
Wish he could step back 3 from the logo like this in the nba
I'm Your Huckleberry
I think he read your comment.
lol worst rockie player in the NBA
Pen Island
Pen Island 10 kun oldin
What’s a rockie?
First Name Last Name
Shut up you illiterate fuck
Flpsy Oy oldin
I just don’t get how you go from knocking down deep 3s like it’s nothing to becoming known as a bad shooter. I believe he’ll pull through
Henry Chen
Henry Chen 16 kun oldin
hes comin back
jonathan1604 20 kun oldin
Flpsy he is just timid. He needs time to get comfortable but he will get there eventually lmao
Que Sta
Que Sta Oy oldin
This shit coming back
dD Lithuania
dD Lithuania Oy oldin
1 year later... its actually sad
Jaques Simmons
Riley Dinkleman
Riley Dinkleman 12 kun oldin
Jaques Simmons not with Lebron on our team
Hypnos 0924
Hypnos 0924 Oy oldin
should have stayed in college at least until junior year. he could have honed his skills more. he joined the nba too soon.
mario figueroa
Only if they let him be himself in the NBA
Brian Mason
Brian Mason Oy oldin
i don't understand where is this guy
Rico Style
Rico Style 9 kun oldin
conner wilcox
conner wilcox Oy oldin
Seeing lonzo now just seems like his lost the confidence to be the main man in the offence
This is the Kent State fall before that Kentucky game where Zo hasn't been the same since. uzvid.com/video/video-gO_fCXF6L_c.html
I don't know why Zo played last year as I called his injury out before anyone else. I said in a comment section on last year on a video the Lakers need to check Zo's leg. I saw it even during summer league. He had no lift on his jump shot and he lacked athleticism. Even now he looks like he is still recovering from that knee surgery from July. It probably takes time to trust his leg and not fear re-injury. He has the same injury that Westbrook is out for now and has had 4 surgeries. I also think in preseason his playing with caution for fear of missing too many games in the real season. This is the reason Zo will probably come off the bench to make sure he is fully recovered. He looks like he is 75 to 80% now.
conner wilcox
conner wilcox Oy oldin
LakersWillRise I know he was injured but that doesn’t mean you can’t play aggressive, if the injury was so bad he couldn’t be aggressive then why was he playing
Lonzo has been playing hurt since he came to the Lakers. He hasn't been the same since that fall in the NCAA's against Kent State and his mother had that stroke. That Kent State is the game before he played Kentucky and Fox.
Ever Quintanilla
Lonzo will be special it sad people hate on him because of his dad
Kirk Meyers
Kirk Meyers Oy oldin
Dude already the Goat, only ones that can challenge him are his brothers.
Kid Dash
Kid Dash Oy oldin
Eagle Nation
Eagle Nation 2 oy oldin
I hope he can play the way he used to in the nba
Emil Galicia
Emil Galicia 2 oy oldin
Whats the name of the song at first
TMRW Intro by Luke Christopher
jamal jones
jamal jones 3 oy oldin
What if he played all four years
Son of Deadpool
Son of Deadpool 28 kun oldin
I wouldnt be able to wait
Lau Prayer
Lau Prayer 3 oy oldin
Keyon Cossey
Keyon Cossey 3 oy oldin
I bet he play like this year Been a fucking with lonzo since UCLA days
xart23x 3 oy oldin
@2:32. Zo's first diss to KUzma
Gseric47 3 oy oldin
3:14 1-2-BOOM
Leandre Schmitt
Leandre Schmitt 3 oy oldin
sin run place reverse above process guideline gene session far TV.
Addrick Brown
Addrick Brown 3 oy oldin
Sick can't wait for the jersey to come in
Joe Hayes
Joe Hayes 3 oy oldin
Where has the killer instinct gone?
Lakers Will Rise
Lakers Will Rise 3 oy oldin
It was gone because Lonzo played hurt all season. He was hurt since summer league.
Muse Russell23
Muse Russell23 3 oy oldin
I want to see this lonzo again on the lakers
Seth Pemberton
Seth Pemberton 4 oy oldin
I wish he did this in the NBA 😞
Sijan Grg
Sijan Grg 4 oy oldin
What’s the intro song??
most exciting in college, most boring in the NBA!!!!
First Name Last Name
kawasakiindustries You're a loser 😂😂😂😂
Kaloime Emonyon
Kaloime Emonyon 5 oy oldin
It’s weird to see a Lonzo highlight reel with so many confidently taken(and MADE) three pointers
LakersWillRise 4 oy oldin
He played hurt.
Melvin Johnson
Melvin Johnson 5 oy oldin
Most overrated first round pick in a long time.
Lakers Will Rise
Lakers Will Rise 5 oy oldin
What you see here will return in the NBA. You do know Kobe threw up air balls in his first year and played out of control. Zo is a point guard with far more responsibilities. But you will see the 2nd year. Zo played with an injury.
Teresita Martinez
What is the title of the song
Washmi Wijeratne
Washmi Wijeratne 6 oy oldin
What happened to lonzo if only he was this great for the lakers they'd be killin it right now
Albert edmond
Albert edmond 4 oy oldin
Washmi Wijeratne so we judging guys career off they rookie season
KJay 6 oy oldin
This man out here taunting mfs, celebrating, having killer instinct, and everything. In the NBA he changed his whole demeanor😂
Harrison Gilbert
Harrison Gilbert 7 oy oldin
Great video and everything but what happens to the commentators at 3:20 is the most incredible thing I have ever seen in my life.
High projectile three for lonzo ball
airdyn Hardy
airdyn Hardy 7 oy oldin
😂😂😂most exciting my ass
He will find his aggression in the nba and when he does he will be unstopaBALL
Germaine Powell
Germaine Powell 7 oy oldin
Did Kuz get dunked on? 👀👀 2:30
Gaming w/ Moises -_-
Man only if he played like this in the nba
serdar kilic
serdar kilic 7 oy oldin
FG% 3P% FT% 35.9 30.5 44.9 in my opinion He will be one of the The Most Disappointing NBA Players. He is mostly like spoiled child
GUTS 4 oy oldin
serdar kilic keep that same energy next season
Robert Reynolds
Robert Reynolds 7 oy oldin
This is JV. He’s in the Varsity now and it shows. Hit shot is fundamentally incorrect and I’m not sure he’s going to be strong enough to handle guys like Westbrook and Simmons.
SilentMarqus 7 oy oldin
Robert Reynolds “going to be” I think he knows he has to get stronger to cover guys like Westbrook and Simmons. His frame is going to get thicker. 20 years old is youngg
Namboss Awesome
Namboss Awesome 8 oy oldin
Wow so exciting.....? Noooooot most anticipated bust
Yungflacko38 8 oy oldin
I can’t be the only person watching this in 2k18 wondering what happened?
here HE come!!!!!
Aidan 9 oy oldin
Benji Nieto
Benji Nieto 9 oy oldin
Got Jason Kidd's passing skill with Michael Carter Williams height and size is all I see but a better offensive motive than Carter Williams he has decent defense its so underrated if u don't think so look his highlights up
Lucas Velasquez
Lucas Velasquez 9 oy oldin
really missing him at ucla this year, ucla is ass without him ):
ocredo 9 oy oldin
Oregon's floor is gorgeous
Vince Tionko
Vince Tionko 10 oy oldin
And now he’s in the top 7 running for nba all stars, averaging 10.2,7.1,7.1. I’m proud of Zo
Nathan Oei
Nathan Oei 10 oy oldin
What an ugly jumpshot
gguod 300
gguod 300 10 oy oldin
Curry of college
Todd Wolfe
Todd Wolfe 10 oy oldin
5:21- "Who you callin' a gentleman?"
he liu
he liu 10 oy oldin
he deserve a NBA champion ring!
Rico 10 oy oldin
Typical college player. Not made for the nba
Nick 10 oy oldin
His stepback Nasty
wizy 10 oy oldin
Lol why can he do that in the NBA naw
Ilyas A. Mehkri
Ilyas A. Mehkri 10 oy oldin
he is now
Joseph Thornton
Joseph Thornton 10 oy oldin
Do Grayson Allen
Raven 10 oy oldin
That look Lonzo gave him at the first dunk. You know for sure they had beef.
Kevin Mancero
Kevin Mancero 10 oy oldin
I don’t even recognize the guy... wow
JaVaughn McGregor
JaVaughn McGregor 10 oy oldin
This don't even seem like the same guy. I knew he was official last year in college. I just had to go back a re-live those moments to make sure I'm not trippin' cause I know what this dude is capable of. That's how I know that everything that's going wrong in his pro career has got to be internally. He has pundits thinking that he can't shoot and that he's unatheletic which is false. The man can hoop big time. If the Lakers had "this UCLA Lonzo", they'd easily be going to the playoffs. Maybe as a 6th seed out west.
The Greatest
The Greatest 7 oy oldin
JaVaughn McGregor but his team and his coach suck.. they don’t run plays for lonzo, they should at least run 4 alley oop plays for lonzo per game
J C 9 oy oldin
You are correct
Kings_Finisher Fortnite
Only if he was this aggressive right now
yatlong lee
yatlong lee 10 oy oldin
He will be a goat after he feel comfortable
Lakers Will Rise
Lakers Will Rise 11 oy oldin
He will be. Give him time. The most important thing is you can see what he can do.
Renske Hendriks
Renske Hendriks 11 oy oldin
React naked sake eventually pack media achievement large defeat.
GrownManRyan 11 oy oldin
Lonzo Ball dunking on Kyle Kuzma at 2:30
AWESAMKID 11 oy oldin
still waiting for this lonzo ball to show up :(
GrownManRyan 11 oy oldin
he did in the past few games
Edo Bisdak Vlogs
Edo Bisdak Vlogs 11 oy oldin
If only he plays like this in NBA...
4Davidzhao 11 oy oldin
Most Hyped*
Damilola Olugboji
Damilola Olugboji 11 oy oldin
That boy cold
EAT PANT 11 oy oldin
Take away his money and see if if don't start playing like he did at westwood lol
He and his family already had money. Of course, not as much as he has no, but they were always living comfortably in Chino Hills.
YouWorkit 11 oy oldin
Go back to College
Ricky 11 oy oldin
He dubble dribbled at 3:22
Lakers Will Rise
Lakers Will Rise 11 oy oldin
I believe Lonzo has been laboring a calf injury since he came to the Lakers and that's the reason he isn't as quick and lacks the athleticism he had in high school and college. You can easily see from his high school and college tapes that he is not moving the same. He looks like 2 entirely different players. I believe he has to heal that injury and he will have to wait until the season is over to fully heal. This is the reason his elevation on his shot isn't the same with the Lakers. Compare the Lakers to this and you will see he lacks elevation on his legs.
Clunkiestfir 7
Clunkiestfir 7 11 oy oldin
miss this lonzo
Ilyas A. Mehkri
Ilyas A. Mehkri 10 oy oldin
he's back
Marcus Bernardez
Marcus Bernardez 11 oy oldin
Wish he can play like this on our Laker!
Eddie Flickinger
Eddie Flickinger 11 oy oldin
Lakers coaching fucking with his instinct and confidence.
The Greatest
The Greatest 7 oy oldin
Eddie Flickinger exactly, and they need to run alley oop plays for him at least 5 times per game
logician32 gaming
logician32 gaming 11 oy oldin
He also played like this in the summer league, Then when the season started, He's bricking open shots . Walks the ball up the court and does a lazy pass to the perimeter guy and then hangs out in the corner. WTF is going on?
Lakers Will Rise
Lakers Will Rise 11 oy oldin
Lonzo did not play like this in summer league. Yes he had a triple double but to me he still lacked athleticism. Lonzo has been playing with a calf injury and it even showed up in summer league which prevented him from playing in the summer league championship..