Most interesting new NFL coach? Stephen A., Max disagree on Freddie Kitchens, Adam Gase | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith of First Take says that the New York Jets' head-coaching choice of Adam Gase has been the most interesting of the NFL offseason so far, asking if they couldn't find someone better. Max Kellerman contends that his track record isn't terrible and that the Cleveland Browns' hiring of Freddie Kitchens is the most interesting. Tedy Bruschi picks Vic Fangio with the Denver Broncos.
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10-Yan, 2019

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Paul Stottlemyer
Paul Stottlemyer 5 soat oldin
We have a Chubb lol is it Chubb Peter's lol😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Paul Stottlemyer
Paul Stottlemyer 6 soat oldin
Why would you bring Jay Cutler anywhere 😂😂😂
Noah Kelchner
Noah Kelchner 17 soat oldin
Motherfucker said they have a chub
Andrew Cobb
Andrew Cobb 19 soat oldin
Lol, Stephan A is a hack. Stick to basketball.
Dixie Normous
Dixie Normous 22 soat oldin
So you critize tom brady for not throwing in tight windows on Sunday but call out baker for throwing in tight windows instead of wide open guys. Huh? Did I miss something?
Pete Smith
Pete Smith Kun oldin
Why listen to these guys.Most of what they say is wrong or never happens.We all could what they do.
Gus McWilliams
Gus McWilliams Kun oldin
Adam gase’s players seem to hate him everywhere he goes. That’s a bad sign
Jamyson Frierson
Didn't know Cameron Heyward was on the Dolphins, I do know Cameron Wake is on there. Smh.
Joshua Bullins
Joshua Bullins 2 kun oldin
Gates in his second year lost his starting qb what do you expect lol
theshadowtalks 2 kun oldin
Casper was just hired. He is colorless. "People of color." Good griefz,
Chris Napolion
Chris Napolion 2 kun oldin
Good hire
Chad Wilson
Chad Wilson 2 kun oldin
Chad Wilson
Chad Wilson 2 kun oldin
Cameron Haywood??? Does this guy follow FB???
Brian Tan
Brian Tan 2 kun oldin
kitches has been in the NFL for almost 2 decades. but apparently hes inexperienced
Brian Tan
Brian Tan Kun oldin
+Water Bottles no once you reach a certain experience level. the one with the most skill would be one i would pick, along with any reasonable person with any sense in the slightest. especially when were talking about 20 years and 40 years. once you reach a certain threshold of experience it becomes negligible
Brian Tan
Brian Tan Kun oldin
+Water Bottles well since the someone we were talking about, freddie kitchens, has half the experience of some from the 70s. its really not equal to say 2 surgeries vs 400 surgeries.
Water Bottles
Water Bottles 2 kun oldin
+Brian Tan my point is there's more experienced people out there if someone has done only a couple of surgery's compared to someone who has done 400 of them who is the smart decision to go with the young guy who has only done a couple of surgery's or a guy who has done 100s of them the smart answer would be the more experienced guy you can't be that stupid if you are than don't even watch football because you're a dumbass.
Brian Tan
Brian Tan 2 kun oldin
+Water Bottles so if you've been practicing medicine for 20 years, then you arent an experienced doctor because theres doctors from the 70s LMFAO
Brian Tan
Brian Tan 2 kun oldin
+Water Bottles so by your logic, people have to be in the league since the 70s to be considered to have experience?? LMAO
Tach Man
Tach Man 2 kun oldin
Till Denver gets a LT QB, nothing changes. Can not rely on defense to score all your points.
P Pumpkin
P Pumpkin 2 kun oldin
Hire max as head coach because he has been predicting the demise of Tom Brady. One day he will be right.
Mark Bowman
Mark Bowman 2 kun oldin
RunningBlade2184 2 kun oldin
Hunter Henry is my favorite new coach
Eugene Jordan Jr.
Eugene Jordan Jr. 2 kun oldin
Wait and see what. 23-25 Is this what you're looking for?! Stop playing games with people. I want to know how some of the leaders of this team feel
Sam Phillips
Sam Phillips 2 kun oldin
I honestly think Adam Gase is a good coach. Dolphins have one of the worst rosters in the NFL, no coach could have made them legit contenders (and Gase did ok with that roster his first year). Not saying he is Belichick, but remember even he fizzled out in his first head coach job.
James Campbell
James Campbell 2 kun oldin
Steven A. Thinks Hue should still coach the Browns.
bowlchamps37 2 kun oldin
Opinions of so called expert don´t mean anything when they are 50:50 at best. Why do networks even make these shows. And why the hell do I watch it.
Andrew White
Andrew White 3 kun oldin
“We still have a chub” come on man 😂
i Koalafy
i Koalafy 3 kun oldin
"We still have a Chubb". Poetic. Isn't it?
Joe D
Joe D 3 kun oldin
Gase isn’t special but he went 6-10 a season ago bc he was forced to start Jay Cutler after his starting QB suffered a season ending injury, plus he overachieved his first season and probably this season considering the dolphins looked to be tanking in the off-season oh and they were forced to start Brock fucking Oswiler for abt 5 games. Stephan A totally wiffs on another segment.. nice
Viscosco 3 kun oldin
i also have a chubb
Efistofélico 3 kun oldin
So many "stupid experts" commenting here...they are lost. Let the coaches work first...
Mack Peters
Mack Peters 3 kun oldin
Adam gase is the most overrated coach the fact that people give this man all the credit for an mvp season from peyton manning and an above average season from jay cutler is a joke
Bryan Mason
Bryan Mason 3 kun oldin
NFL....Not For Long...NFL is a dying league led by racists owners there isnt one African American or Latino or female coach that is worth a chance?? I will let you all have football this league is on its last leg
Water Bottles
Water Bottles 2 kun oldin
Lmfao move along dumbass can definitely till no one likes you jeez.
Castle Corn
Castle Corn 4 kun oldin
It's true though our supporting cast wasn't very good until they fired Hue and Freddie Kitchens took over
Ranji Singh
Ranji Singh 4 kun oldin
These dudes as well as Adam schecter shilling for Jets organization. I guess they want “access” from team, so they don’t bad mouth the decision, which was a horrendous one.
Neil Smith
Neil Smith 4 kun oldin
Broncos saying we have no qb and probably wont get one
HappyKillJoy Productions
"We still have a Chubb" 😂
King Oouzi
King Oouzi 4 kun oldin
Gary isn't sticking with Broncos and Fangio doesn't seem to sure about Case Keenum
Jeremy White
Jeremy White 4 kun oldin
he said we still have a chub haha! sorry, my adolescent moment is over, back to being 35 again.
TrendingPanda 4 kun oldin
Hey Stephen A what do you think about Drew lock to the Miami Dolphins
Snap Malloy
Snap Malloy 4 kun oldin
Thank you Adam Gase for sending the Browns Juice Landry for a 3rd and 5th. Beautiful trade. Gase will get irritated with a few on the Jets roster as well and hopefully the Browns will keep a close eye so they can steal from him again
Matt330H 4 kun oldin
Stephen A: “I think Bill Walsh is the most interesting hire of 2019 so far. Can’t wait to see what he does with Montana this year.”
Jack park
Jack park 5 kun oldin
The Randy Tomato
The Randy Tomato 5 kun oldin
SAS: "Were injuries always the problem?" RE the 2nd year Well, given that Miami didn't have their QB for THE ENTIRE SEASON, the answer is yes. Yes. That said, I'm interested to see if Gase continues to alienate players as a HC outside of Miami.
Ryan Roberti
Ryan Roberti 5 kun oldin
Steven A Smith is a dumbass
saintconnor 5 kun oldin
when the argument goes from: who is the best fit, to: who was the best brotha you couldve hired, maybe you should slow your role.
rockafellagold 5 kun oldin
He added Jay Cutler and Brock Osweiler it's all his fault the Dolphins sucked
rene tobar
rene tobar 5 kun oldin
Who cares if the coach is black or not. I’m not excited about gase but I’m not thinking whether he’s white or not.
Trapbilly ::
Trapbilly :: 5 kun oldin
Tf is he talking about Cameron heyward plays the steelers which is supposed to be your team Stephen A 🤦🏽‍♂️
Jesse Kauffman
Jesse Kauffman 5 kun oldin
I'm not a gase fan he couldn't do it in Miami he won't in ny
Anthony moffatt
Anthony moffatt 5 kun oldin
3 strike for adding jay Cutler 😂😂😂😂
paul christman
paul christman 5 kun oldin
Stephen a- racist, molly-big mouth, max- total d-bag! horrible show!
Einniv Xel
Einniv Xel 5 kun oldin
This just in..... McCarthy just hired by the packers hahahahah
L D 5 kun oldin
2 strikes cause of Jay Cutler
bptboy 5 kun oldin
Tedy 'we got a chubb' Bruschi
Prometheus All
Prometheus All 5 kun oldin
Why i didn't get hired😢🏈
mike stumm
mike stumm 5 kun oldin
my dude Bruschi says "We have a Chubb."
Sam Kassouf
Sam Kassouf 5 kun oldin
Well said Max
Kevin 5 kun oldin
Gase to the Jets is a put up or shut up job for Gase/Darnold. Gase knows what he's doing with a good qb, if Darnold doesn't grow in the next 3-4yrs you'll know what to do with him and Gase. Good hire
Tyler Cover
Tyler Cover 5 kun oldin
Like the broncos I also have a Chubb 😂
GiggleZenMaster 5 kun oldin
"we still have a chub" @5:05 lol.
curtflirt2 6 kun oldin
Jets just want to stay down AND THEY WILL TOO!
Ed Neg
Ed Neg 6 kun oldin
J Mag
J Mag 6 kun oldin
We still have a Chub 😂
Colin Kaeperdick
Colin Kaeperdick 6 kun oldin
Lmao we still have a Chubb, I about spit out my drink when I heard that at 5:06
RarelyEvenn 6 kun oldin
The more and more I listen to Stephen A. Smith discuss NFL topics, the more I think he should be banned from talking about football.
FMR393 6 kun oldin
"have a chubb" idk why but i couldnt stop laughing when he said that lol
Dtay E
Dtay E 6 kun oldin
Gase suck!!!
john KnowsSports
john KnowsSports 6 kun oldin
The Browns should have went with Greg Williams and kept Kitchens at OC
f conzo
f conzo 4 kun oldin
Kitchens blackmailed the Browns-said he would only consider being the HC-and Baker got to let Kitchens call the shot by breaking the tie on hiring him over others. That is not a good start using blackmail like that but Steven A will be happy as we are trying to hire a black DC!
Jon Jon Bailey
Jon Jon Bailey 6 kun oldin
Dat happened w Jets N Pats w Bellickick
john KnowsSports
john KnowsSports 6 kun oldin
The Jets should have kept Todd Bowles and fired the GM The Jets did not retain talent on D
H Eck
H Eck 6 kun oldin
The NFL is obviously racist no black head coaches 😂
Ron and Rhonda
Ron and Rhonda 6 kun oldin
Kitchens asked the players what are plays they like to run. It is no surprise that we started seeing plays that look very familiar to OU fans. We sit and rattle off games where Mayfield ran this play and that play while at OU. Baker ran Riley's offense for 3 years and they worked together so much that Riley said he and Baker could just look at each other and have an entire conversation without saying a word. People criticized the OU offense for having receivers wide open all over the field. Riley schemes plays that way and Baker is a master at executing. Kitchens said he began to understand what Baker likes to run and feels comfortable with. Baker and Kitchens understand each other. They understand having to work for what you get because they both have that background. Kitchens seems to know just how far to let Baker go. Baker has said that he thought he got "too comfortable" at OU his last year. I suspect that Kitchens know how much rope to give Baker and I, as a Sooner, am thrilled they have a great working relationship. I am even more thrilled that Riley did not answer the NFL calls and that Joe C. and the new OU president realize what a jewel they have in Riley. Boomer Sooner and Go Browns.
GreezyMajor 17
GreezyMajor 17 6 kun oldin
Between Gase Kingsbury Who Are Losers And Only Good On One Side Of The Ball & Fre Kitchens Who Really Hasnt Shown Anything, I Think Fangio Is The Best Choice At Least He Did His Job In Chicago, Tampa Bay Really Won This Offseason With Bruce Arians, Max Forget How To See At 6:42😂😂
James Hollister
James Hollister 6 kun oldin
Greg willams gets no credit
Pick em right
Pick em right 6 kun oldin
Definitely the broncos hire!! Defense will be top five next year! And with Kubiak as OC, the broncos should be able to score!! Great hire by the broncos!!
Pick em right
Pick em right Kun oldin
Jay’s World we need nick foles
Jay’s World
Jay’s World 5 kun oldin
Pick em right need a QB first
anthony dagostino
anthony dagostino 6 kun oldin
The Jets went from a project new coach who failed to another project head coach who failed ALREADY!! As a Jet fan, I'm sick of the Coslets, the Herm Edwards, the Mangenious's - ITS WAS TIME TO BRING IN AN ESTABLISHED WINNING COACH WITH PLAYOFF WINS ON HIS RESUME! Too frigging late. Watch another failed coach fail for 3 years and waste Darnell's potential.
Time Bandit
Time Bandit 6 kun oldin
Adam Gase beat patriots
hgonz14 6 kun oldin
Much better than the dumbass Cardinals coaching hire.
Santi Ago
Santi Ago 6 kun oldin
Blacks make up a little over 12% of the US population, but anything less than 100% representation is RACISM!
nick wolf
nick wolf 6 kun oldin
Like you not being serious right?? That was a bad joke right??
Donnie Hosein
Donnie Hosein 6 kun oldin
Seems like every year we question whi the HC is of the Jets 😂 Lord help us.
Marco Biondo
Marco Biondo 6 kun oldin
Brownies finally have a Kitchens for a Baker.
micah hoover
micah hoover 6 kun oldin
"Mhhmmh"- Molly Molly. Shut up!!! Its getting ridiculous!
Kris Roops
Kris Roops 6 kun oldin
no black hc’s smh
Henry C
Henry C 6 kun oldin
It’s time to BAKE in the KITCHEN 🔥🔥🔥
Roberto Pellegrino
Roberto Pellegrino 6 kun oldin
This guy is SAS is ridiculous. He really should not talk about football, just stick basketball. He really is foolish.
Ced Mc
Ced Mc 6 kun oldin
if you add j cutler you should never be a coach! !!!!!!!!!!!!
k c
k c 6 kun oldin
Nowadays you have to have your head coach be the offensive guru, because if you have a defensive-minded coach true has a great offensive-minded assistant on a staff they're gone after a good year..
k c
k c 6 kun oldin
We still have a chubb....
Prince Blizzard
Prince Blizzard 6 kun oldin
The jets are not trying to win with this pick as the coach...imo!
James Bingham
James Bingham 6 kun oldin
Freddie Kitchens? Did they even interview Marty Patio?
str8upskol 6 kun oldin
James Bingham Stevie foyer and Chad stairwell were also available
Brownstown69 6 kun oldin
Thanks Steven A Racist
Christopher Gutierrez
I really want jay cutler to be on first take , i would pay to see him and Stephen A get into a verbal altercation lol
Jay Rayburn
Jay Rayburn 6 kun oldin
Elite 11
Arigato Akeeyama
Arigato Akeeyama 6 kun oldin
No black man got hired as HC.
Water Bottles
Water Bottles 2 kun oldin
Lmfao but 90% of the NFL players are black so stop crying.
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Molly looking good.
EZ R 6 kun oldin
The afc east is making sure that the Patriots continue to have the easiest season every year. If your a Bills, Jets or Miami fan, you will never have a chance as long as The NFL wants Brady and Belicheat around.
powerrage93 6 kun oldin
He did make the playoffs and he played in that game with a back up QB against Pittsburgh. I think this is a solid hire. Darnold is more talented than Tannehill. I think Gase could develop him.
Cage Edwards
Cage Edwards 6 kun oldin
Laura m Rutledge
Laura m Rutledge 6 kun oldin
First take wouldve did better to hire me instead of molly
mike prince
mike prince 6 kun oldin
The jets are like the browns they ll never win there the leauge s jokes as organizations
Breon Mitchell
Breon Mitchell 6 kun oldin
Fire All Black coaches...Hire All Caucasian COACHES.....Fired All when draft Rookie QBS
Ty S
Ty S 6 kun oldin
ESPN couldn't do better than Stephen A Smith?
LegendofVII 6 kun oldin
Adam gase? Hahaha I feel bad for jets fans.