Movie Mistakes: When does Film Continuity REALLY Matter?

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Film continuity editing errors and movie mistakes happen in big and small films. But do they matter?
Continuity editing is the process, in film and video creation, of combining more-or-less related shots, or different components cut from a single shot, into a sequence so as to direct the viewer's attention to a pre-existing consistency of story across both time and physical location.
Still think continuity matters? Test your awareness here: uzvid.com/video/video-ubNF9QNEQLA.html
Thank you to Dr. Karen Pearlman for pointing me to the research of Timothy J. Smith: uzvid.com/video/video-0t-ShsJmALA.html
My favorite Film Editing Book is...
"In the Blink of an Eye" by Walter Murch: amzn.to/20ujg6B
Find out about Walter Murch's theory on the relationship of eye blinking and editing: uzvid.com/video/video-0_rHsWleVmw.html
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Thomas Coispel
Thomas Coispel 2 yil oldin
Thank you very much ! I worked with so many persons who were obsessed with continuity, as if the only thing they wanted was making a flawless but commonplace story. Without risk there is no chance to make the difference...
Rylan Storm
Rylan Storm 2 oy oldin
+Yogesh S Awate it's full blown amateur hour.
Yogesh S Awate
Yogesh S Awate 4 oy oldin
In the first scene you also missed another thing, trains are different in different scenes
Vardhanam Daga
Vardhanam Daga 8 oy oldin
Couldn't agree more with you. It doesn't matter as long as it doesn't spoil the flow of the movie.
Leonardo Oliveira
Thomas Coispel Train changes and drink disappears. Right?
Jeremy Barlow
Jeremy Barlow 12 soat oldin
I actually thought the continuity error may have been intentional to allow the audience to experience the same WTF moment the character was having.
MarCuseusFX 23 soat oldin
A lot of these "errors" can be easily fixed in post.... yet they don't get fixed.
Brandon McDuff
Brandon McDuff 3 kun oldin
I just thought the slushi was gone
dj1298rotik 4 kun oldin
I'm the only one who thought the error was the speed of walking?
Media Buster
Media Buster 5 kun oldin
Of course, continuity matters. It doesn't go away because you don't notice it the first time or are unaware of it. In fact, it probably takes away from the fluidity of the movie. And like others have pointed out a reflection of a crew member is not a continuity issue. It's like saying because some people don't notice mistakes you shouldn't worry about them.
Allen P
Allen P 7 kun oldin
Noticed the jacket AND the child's drink.
Melissa Tracy
Melissa Tracy 10 kun oldin
Great info!! So important! Thanks for doing these videos! So incredibly helpful. Btw..The train was also two different trains!😂😂😂
fuzzy Gear
fuzzy Gear 10 kun oldin
The boy lost his smoothie!!
BREADCRUMBS 11 kun oldin
They have the best justifications for their mistakes
esmifrado 13 kun oldin
Humans dont look to human faces at movies for some odd "random" "scientific" reason, they look because that is where the action lies, and where the action comes from. If the guy is Bruce Lee we tend to look at his moves not at his face. Its just a matter of where the relevant action lies.
Bharath Kumar
Bharath Kumar 15 kun oldin
Dear sir please suggest mE a book to become professional editor anD tell me when we should put music in the scene &When we shouldn't
Eli Big
Eli Big 17 kun oldin
unless you are a fil maker, videographer director or any one else who works with film otherwise it won’t be easy to notice those litle mistakes
Rohan Sanjith
Rohan Sanjith 17 kun oldin
What are the movies u edited?
Sachin Bansal
Sachin Bansal 19 kun oldin
the essence of the scene is more important than continuity, unless the lack of it, is evident easily to a non-qualified viewer.
Eddy Briones
Eddy Briones 21 kun oldin
I used to think that continuity "errors" were all caused because editors didn't notice them, but this video helped me realize that it's because of the shot that was already taken having an emotional impact. I used to hate continuity errors because it seemed like something unprofessional to me. Thanks to this video, I've realized through the poll you made that it's not as bothersome as i made it out to be. It would be a cool idea to use this for a movie idea!
ISMAIL OMAR 22 kun oldin
I think of CONTINUITY as a tool, just like the mind misremembers past events. We are but flawed creatures.
NikiWin 22 kun oldin
2:12 your voice cuts off 😎
FC WHAT 23 kun oldin
Very interesting video and confirms what I have subconsciously have been doing without really thinking about it. Totally agree it’s about getting the scene to work.
Only Anonymous
Only Anonymous 24 kun oldin
What's the name of the first movie?
Alec Hänninen
Alec Hänninen 27 kun oldin
I notice quite easily mistakes. Example fake snow (soap powder etc) is easy to notice. Items are replaced wrongly etc. I did notice at once that jacket. My visual memory has been tested and I got really good results. I work time to time with art and paintings. My skill helps me lot. I have also found lost, small items like rings and keys (lost in the nature) even I was just a kid. My parents thought that I was odd by good way. :) What a pity I am too old to find a job in movie industry. My skill has also helped me in Archaeology. Thanks for video. I gives useful information and hints for viewers.
ArrowTheWolf 28 kun oldin
I thought it had to do with the 180 rule or something,
CircumCrippled TV
CircumCrippled TV 29 kun oldin
Who can find the continuity error in the three-minute film “Changes” by BibisBeautyPalace on UZvid?
Tung Ming
Tung Ming 29 kun oldin
The jacket wasn't the only continuity mistake in the first scene.
life thing or happing now.
Why see all theses problems when the movie is so entertaining
varun Vijay
varun Vijay Oy oldin
Did anyone notice about the metro/train that passes?
MinRin Kim
MinRin Kim Oy oldin
Everyone says "i saw the train " when i'm over here THE JACKET
lohit raj
lohit raj Oy oldin
There are 2 kinds of editors in this world : 1 who work with directors Martin Scorsese Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick 2 who make youtube videos criticize others work n make nonsense
I have seen carefully the "Full metal Jacket" clip and there is no continuity error. In the first shot we see the sargent approaching his left hand to the Soldier`s estomach but in the next shot we discover that the sargeant stops and open his left hand fist before touchin the soldier´s estomach at the same time he punches with his right hand. We did not see that coming!. The Soldier did not see that coming!
hang kikuta
hang kikuta Oy oldin
Does anyone know what film it is in 2:27
Bearded Bjorn
Bearded Bjorn Oy oldin
Didn’t even notice the jacket error. I thought it was the trains. The first train was plastered with advertisements, the second one wasn’t.
Justine-Paula Robilliard
The scene of the dad carrying his son down the stairs and in the mirror/window is the camera is not continuity error, it is lazy grading, a very different topic, you did not change scene/take, it was continuous and if you had, and there is the right tools, right in Final Cut, to mask out the mistake, or you could drop the scene into Resolve and in less than an hour job a goodin...but no, you hide behind "continuity" which by the way is not the task of the script supervisor, it should be done a unrelated person, a 3rd crew member, and it is not all that hard to do...Now in digital production, with iphones, a screengrab of each scene and a log kept.... If the director is lazy and refuses to hire a continuity supervisor, what is the editor to do? Stand in the corner, drop his/her undercrackers and produce 3 helicopters??? Nope...sometimes it is just dumb luck, the best example of "oh shit we goofed.." James Blond driving a car between 2 buildings...1st time you see the car from, the back it is on it's left hand side, right wheel off the ground, cut to the reverse, left down, right up...a total goof...but in the course of the movie, you hardly notice it...unless you are looking for it... Today 99% of errors can be graded out, we have the skills, the technology, to change almost everything in the scene...and actually from reading the comments on this video, most greater than 90% did not notice the jacket...or no to jacket, to no jacket... Focus on the pennies you loose sight of the dollars...
Welcome to My Brain
the kid was also holding a drink and then it disappeared.
Keziah Okosodo
Fabian Tomaschek
By the way, the color of the train changes too. When it leaves the tunnel, it is white. When it passes, it is silver.
付和雷同 Oy oldin
I'm neither filmmaker nor editor but as a fan of movies I interested in filmmaking stuff. I usually don't care about continuity error and mostly don't notice them. In my personal opinion other audience (my friends for example) doesn't really care about them too. They also doesn't care about plot-holes and unfulfilled foreshadowings. If it is a good movie, audience doesn't care about an error because they pay attention to what happening rather than what they're watching. Only people who cares about them is filmmakers and watch-mojo.
Solomon Gorringe
train is different
MrKockabilly Oy oldin
Let it be said that continuity errors in films DOES NOT affect the USEFULNESS of the product/film. BUT it does reflect on the COMPETENCY of the people (attention: script supervisors) tasked to prevent those. It's like one wrong note in an orchestral performance, a typo or a wrong grammar in a novel, a failed pixel in a high resolution camera. No big deal, and no one would notice, but even if someone did, the more lofty aspects would prevail. But again it shows that someone is a little negligent on his role.
cumquatrct3 Oy oldin
Small mistakes don't matter, like an occasional reflection of a camera operator. Major mistakes do, because as soon as people notice on mistake, they're more likely to go looking for others, or other problems with the film. If the sound quality changes noticeably, or background notice appears and disappears, then people stop treating the film with respect.
Why nobody cares about the title that was shown from the very beginning?!) I watched it once and I liked it, but the title just jumped out of my head... Someone, please give me a hint! (I did a PrintScreen of the actor in an aim to find a movie title via google images search but failed)
@This Guy Edits, I forgot to mention that your channel is a treasure, thanks a lot, very interesting)
+This Guy Edits thaaaaaaaaanks a loooot!! :D
This Guy Edits
end of love
dawfydd Oy oldin
In cases the power of the film can carry any mistakes, but the lesser films become the more bloated and full of references and stupidity they become the most these mistakes get pointed out and frowned upon. Three cherry picked examples, we asked 3 scientists their opinion on controversial topics it was our mistake though we didn't find three that agreed within the time window! luckily this guy did! - but a point it does not make its an appeal to authority. These "face" points are correct when dealing with shots with human beings as the focus, but get quite lost when for example all three stormtroopers are wearing a helmet and one of those helmets the top of their heads hits a door. - Boy that's distracting! Not only that with newer superhero films we are rewarded with paying attention to little details.. so eyes are searching for any noticeable thing now it is a massive change in behavior i expect if you eye track marvel fans for example or Star wars/Trek you'd find their eyes much more all over the place with focus still on faces.. but we are moving away from that just as film evolves our behaviors also do. I disagree with you completely the landscape is changing, in a world full of reboots using movies that aren't based in the rebooted universe but using the title to boost sales, this stuff matters now more than ever.
dawfydd Oy oldin
Yes, it is important when the film SERIES is held to a high standard, the more plot holes and mistakes made by massive multi-billion dollar companies within huge series worth more than some countries is very important because it was quite possible for them to get it right in the first place. The thing defenders of "small mistakes" seem to forget is these movies are million/billion dollar productions it is reasonable to expect a certain amount of professionalism otherwise what is the difference between the latest Star Trek Film and the Star Trek Fan Film Axanar. Limitations put onto the fan film by CBS, funding, professionalism plot writing is all well on point above and beyond a studio with billions of dollars to burn on coffee, so why would a loyal fan put up with a lesser product that costs more to produce? Nobody should, hence the numbers for certain films getting reduced more and more, as CGI becomes easier to work with the more fantastic artists will produce better content for a fraction of the cost hollywood uses, and people will seek entertainment elsewhere.
dawfydd Oy oldin
and yes in cases the power of the film can carry any mistakes, but the lesser films become the more bloated and full of references and stupidity they become the most these mistakes get pointed out and frowned upon. Three cherry picked examples, we asked 3 scientists their opinion on controversial topics it was our mistake though we didn't find three that agreed within the time window! luckily this guy did! - but a point it does not make its an appeal to authority. These "face" points are correct when dealing with shots with human beings as the focus, but get quite lost when for example all three stormtroopers are wearing a helmet and one of those helmets the top of their heads hits a door. - Boy that's distracting! Not only that with newer superhero films we are rewarded with paying attention to little details.. so eyes are searching for any noticeable thing now it is a massive change in behavior i expect if you eye track marvel fans for example or Star wars/Trek you'd find their eyes much more all over the place with focus still on faces.. but we are moving away from that just as film evolves our behaviors also do. I disagree with you completely the landscape is changing, in a world full of reboots using movies that aren't based in the rebooted universe but using the title to boost sales, this stuff matters now more than ever.
Jpof Gwynedd
Jpof Gwynedd Oy oldin
Whoa. I thought you were talking about the different trams in that opening sequence
andrearusky Oy oldin
That 3rd shot of the train is also pretty obvious continuity mistake, but the reflection of the cameraman is just a blooper/goof, which by the way, could have been easily fixed in post by masking/rotoscoping
Niklas Olsson
Niklas Olsson Oy oldin
They’re not full of it. What Murch, Hunter and Schoonmaker says is absolutely true. Any professional editor knows this. People in general know little or nothing about what editing is all about.
Rebooted Oy oldin
I noticed the train only because I didn't think there'd be two mistakes lmao
willie freeman
There are two types of people in the world, details people and big picture people
calicops951 Oy oldin
The missing glass shot was on purpose. It is foreshadowing that Leonardo is going to suffer with the same hallucinations when you find out he is a patient too.
Doctor Manhattan
Avengers: Infinity War. Enough said. Smh.
Simion Alexandru
3:52 what is that movie ? I have to research that scene a little bit... for..sience purposes !
Simion Alexandru
Thanks man ! :)
This Guy Edits
apocalypse now
HappyRadio Oy oldin
I think that these kinds of errors are like typos in a book. Sure, it is a mistake, but it doesn't ruin the overall story and as long as you understand what the author meant it's not doing any harm.
Continuity matters occasionally. Like if someone is pointing a gun at someone, and then after a cut the other person has the gun, that obviously matters a lot - but an error like that is going to be caught way before considering continuity for continuity's sake.
In that first scene the train changes and the milkshake disappears as well. I didn't notice the jacket at all though.
Dan Abrahams
Dan Abrahams 2 oy oldin
Not being funny but the kid has . drink in the first scene also, so two mistakes
Brandon Farley
Brandon Farley 2 oy oldin
I would say that music videos break the rules of continuity editing by flashing many different wardrobe ensembles throughout the sequence. Take any popular music video for example and you'll see the singers and dancers magically switch clothing, automatically.
Photographic elements
Couldn't agree more. We have become programmed by youtube channels clickbaiting for views that continuity errors make the entire movie fail; eg, "Everything Wrong With...," Most of these errors are never noticed when watching the film for the first time and never detract from the film. However, since you showed examples of 'Jurassic Park,' what I noticed, when watching the film for the first time, in the theatre, was "Getting out the Jeep scene," showing a flat expanse, vs a cliff when the TRex attacks and tosses the Jeep/Ford Explorer over the side/kids crawl out in trees. This was a change made after they had shot that first scene & Spielberg did not want to reshoot it. Even for something as big as this, it still just momentary, and then the movie pulls you back in. Also, the term you were looking for, eye attention on screen (or mouse locations on a computer screen), is "heat mapping." Love this discussion, look forward to more videos.
Jnsk 2 oy oldin
if the filmmaker is in the shot, it pulls the audience member out of the film, so I disagree with the idea that continuity rarely matters.
Jonas B. Ingebretsen
NO SPOILERS: I just wanted to add: Shutter island's phantom glass stems from the fact that we shift between the point of views of the protagonist and the lady. Water is symbolic to the main character which he attempts to suppress, thus we don't see the water from his point of view, only the lady's.
Mitchell Reid
Mitchell Reid 2 oy oldin
The shutter island one was deliberate. The protagonist is afraid of water due to his past, therefore he doesn't see water in his hallucination
jonathan ibarra
jonathan ibarra 2 oy oldin
Tom Satchel
Tom Satchel 2 oy oldin
Half the examples given, surely aren't continuity related??
Whitley Coleman
Whitley Coleman 2 oy oldin
I have always thought of continuity errors as the things that take away from the story due to errors on set or in the plot. Things like Hermione being able to distract a werewolf. A lot of things pointed out I did not notice until it was pointed out. I have caught these errors after rewatching movies several times. For the average viewer no it’s not important and it’s not noticeable and so long as it doesn’t ruin the scene or pace of the film it’s not important. The jacket is not important cuz we are watching this guy cross the street with his kid and secretly hoping a bus doesn’t come out of nowhere,the gas tank is not important cuz we are thinking about the fight, the crew member in the back is not important cuz we’re looking at Jack. Anal retentives and cherry pickers are likely hugely impacted by this and tend be a very vocal over their perfectionist woes.
gordon 2 oy oldin
Its Stephen Stills! He’s the talent!
Ash Calv Cast
Ash Calv Cast 2 oy oldin
Thanks for sharing this! I am an amature filmmaker here. I'm really eager to learn the basic and advance filmmaking. All your videos taught me a lot even without enrolling for being one! Btw, I'm into mobile cinematography and I hope you could also share some thoughts about it. Thanks again!
Dance God
Dance God 2 oy oldin
What dumbass shoots a scene where the camera man has to stand in front of a mirror? That seems really easy to avoid. The ones you showed in better movies were unnoticeable and also hard to avoid, but the ones in the movie you worked on were rookie mistakes.
Will Engle
Will Engle 2 oy oldin
That scene though where the guy is walking down the stairs holding the kid and you can see the camera in the reflection, that would be super easy to remove in after effects. Just sayin.
Jim Thomas
Jim Thomas 2 oy oldin
typical millennial so fucking anal about trivial matters.
ChinaMo 2 oy oldin
I noticed the drink, not the jacket...
Rylan Storm
Rylan Storm 2 oy oldin
Yeah, the emotional aspect of the back of his head as he walked down the stairs would have been difficult to recapture. Sounds like BS to me. Refilm it without the cameraman im reflection.
pgtrots 2 oy oldin
Ok, so you're shit at your job. Good luck.
William Brochstein
very well done thank u for all your work liked
Da Pumaface
Da Pumaface 2 oy oldin
When it happens really really often and is really really obvious is when it's annoying. I found that happened in Wolf Of Wall Street and I honestly found it incredibly frustrating
Markus Burrer
Markus Burrer 2 oy oldin
I think, continuity errors are not important most times, but sometimes they can be annoying. For example in Terminator, when the car crashed into the police office. You can see the light from the car shining into the office, but when the car hits the front the headlights are off. I just thought: what happens there?
Commentator541 2 oy oldin
The jacket is a problem? How about the fact that it's a completely different train????
J.F.L. Bousquet
J.F.L. Bousquet 2 oy oldin
The crew member on "Pirates..", the hand on the velociraptor or the air bottles on "Gladiator" are NOT "continuity errors", check you facts before making a video about the subject. They shouldn't be seen, they are mistakes, but not continuity errors.
Yeah, he doesn't quite understand the definition of continuity error.
demovidtest 2 oy oldin
This is not a good topic - the essence of editing is about "continuity" across all the cuts within a film. Continuity is all about how much you can get away with in service of telling the story. NOTHING in film is edited continuously unless you're editing multicam footage in sequence from the same take. Scripty's job is meant to minimize these problems an editor would face - but ultimately, if people are noticing these things and it's ruining the movie for them, the bigger problem is with the film in general, not a tiny continuity error that the audience didn't buy.
Jeremy Mclean Films
I've always thought that shutter island error was deliberate because of how thematically obvious it is
Totoro 2 oy oldin
I noticed the train was completely different. And that when he crossed the tracks, he seemed to suddenly teleport forward into the car park.
Authenticate 4 Me
Did you notice that in the first scene the train shots are from different trains!
Mark Pressman
Mark Pressman 2 oy oldin
Great video for filmmaking! I often stated that if you're caught up in the emotion of the scene you likely won't notice or care. Glad there's good examples here to back that up. My favorite example is in "When Harry Met Sally", when Harry and Sally are fighting outside the building after they ran into his ex-wife. On the cuts back and forth, Meg Ryan has crossed arms and then uncrossed arms - through several cuts. When I've pointed this out to people, they never noticed. Because the performance are THAT good!
MgelinFilms 2 oy oldin
For the crew member in the window, couldn't you have used editing software to remove his reflection in the window?
F7sus4 3 oy oldin
Also, there are two different trains - white one with advertisements, that magically turns into a silver one, few seconds later.
Bram Slootmans
Bram Slootmans 3 oy oldin
1:29 you know that this was on purpose right...
Robin Gilliver
Robin Gilliver 3 oy oldin
If you think continuity doesn't matter, YOU don't matter.
Jim Baugh
Jim Baugh 3 oy oldin
Wolf of Wall Street really bothered me, editing sucked. Way to many jump cuts, could not watch without wondering how this ever got passed MS
Jim Baugh
Jim Baugh 3 oy oldin
You missed the train in the beginning. Different train on parting shot
Ben Igler
Ben Igler 3 oy oldin
in my opinion the train was completely off
Sasu Attiogbe Redlich
Is it tho ? what if the guy just decided to take off his jacket ? Oh mama
Sasu Attiogbe Redlich
BTW is this the same train ?
Sasu Attiogbe Redlich
you where just sitting too long on the computer
Sasu Attiogbe Redlich
oh lol
Scum 1254
Scum 1254 3 oy oldin
First the train has commercial on it. Afterwards its plain metallic
Scum 1254
Scum 1254 3 oy oldin
And it is a diffrent train
Charlotte Riddle
Charlotte Riddle 3 oy oldin
The cup is supposed to disappear.
H. T. B.
H. T. B. 3 oy oldin
I have a friend that is addicted to CinemaSins, and considers continuity just as major as the script. Here's an exert from his Halloween (1978) review. "The film is also hindered by being filmed in California (palm trees. In Illinois. In October) which could break the reality of the film" That one nitpick took the film took the film from a 10 to an 8 in his eyes! We don't even live in America, he has no idea what the geography of palm trees are like there!
Harry Eaton
Harry Eaton 3 oy oldin
Continuity in the cutting room is made immensely easier if you have a script supervisor doing their job on the day (or days) of the shoot, maintaining proper wardrobe from shot to shot, props and prop placement etc. I have to admit you're correct though if the scene is engaging enough you don't notice, and I find the people that notice the less obvious stuff are the type of person who probably doesn't engage with films much and tends to chat a lot while watching.
Harry Eaton
Harry Eaton 3 oy oldin
The one in Terminator 2 also makes a bit of sense, they probably didn't have enough budget (or legal permissions for that matter) to fly a chopper around with a damaged (or fake damaged) cockpit window, so while they can do CGI for the breaking into the cockpit shot, the rest of the flying is just going to be whatever good shots they can get with the limited rent time of the chopper and stunt pilot. Same with the Commando yellow Porshe, it's easy to have a damaged prop that the characters get into but for the actual driving scene they didn't want to beat up a perfectly good expensive car.
Harry Eaton
Harry Eaton 3 oy oldin
Probably the best mix is to have the director working on emotion and framing, and the script supervisor working on reducing continuity issues so the director doesn't have to worry about it.
PriceDown 3 oy oldin
The Office seems really good at this
Foozo 3 oy oldin
i completely missed the jacket at the beginning i thought he was talking about the C-Train changing
Stevey Smile
Stevey Smile 3 oy oldin
Different train, jacket, and the kid is missing is slurpee.
Anthony gomulka
Anthony gomulka 3 oy oldin
In wolf of wall street, when Margot catches Jordan cheating she goes to slam the door she's clearing going to slam the door then "stumbles" instead.
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