Movie Roles That Were Too Mature For Child Actors

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Making a movie isn't child's play - even for a child actor. Throughout Hollywood history, kids in the industry have been called upon to act in harrowing roles that push the limits of their abilities, and according to some critics, the boundaries of good taste. Here are some of the most famous examples of underage actors in mature roles…
Dakota Fanning, Hounddog | 0:19
Natalie Portman, The Professional | 1:07
Kirsten Dunst, Interview with the Vampire | 1:45
Christian Bale, Empire of the Sun | 2:23
Macaulay Culkin, The Good Son | 3:03
Jodie Foster, Taxi Driver | 4:09
Olivia Hussey and Claire Danes, Romeo & Juliet | 4:43
Jacob Reynolds, Gummo | 5:26
Sue Lyon and Dominique Swain, Lolita | 6:14
The entire cast of Kids | 7:09
Brooke Shields, Pretty Baby and The Blue Lagoon | 7:39
Linda Blair, The Exorcist | 8:31
Tatum O'Neal, Paper Moon | 9:31
Chloe Moretz: Kick-Ass | 10:20
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Looper Yil oldin
What other movie roles do you think should've made this list?
Bella Gonzales
Bella Gonzales Kun oldin
Looper Isabelle Fuhrman in orphan
artemis arrow
artemis arrow 4 kun oldin
maybe pick some male child actors?
Jackie Loyd
Jackie Loyd 4 kun oldin
The girl next door..the one movie even Stephen king sats he has trouble watching is a true story about a young girl being abused and tortured almost to death that's a little kids who's doing it and that's honestly way worse then half the movies you should on this list..
lydiaagizellee 11 kun oldin
Did everyone just forget about American Beauty??
lydiaagizellee 11 kun oldin
Looper American Beauty. It always gave me the creeps
Global Y T Viewer
Global Y T Viewer 5 soat oldin
you totally missed... Vampire - Chloe Moretz in ... LET ME IN ... same guy who made Colverfield horror movie she murders people in a small town..
Shanelle Biddle
Shanelle Biddle 9 soat oldin
Kick ass was a good movie
Doctor Roses
Doctor Roses 10 soat oldin
There's plenty of kids that are professional and mature for their age, it's just sexual content that bothers me, go look up Shirley Temple and her early career, very disturbing, there are some pedos out there
Megan Wazowski
Megan Wazowski 11 soat oldin
my middle school science teacher was cousins with linda blair. she said that movie fucked her up so bad. she’s doing better now though
SJMcFly 14 soat oldin
RIP Mac Miller
IeatyellowSNO 14 soat oldin
The good son was a great movie. For most of these people, their younger role was much better than their adult roles.
Shelyna Emerald
Shelyna Emerald 16 soat oldin
It's crazy how people get angry about Fanning acting a part in Hounddog but when kids are abused in real life, nothing gets done.
Andrew Danner
Andrew Danner Kun oldin
Seen it seen it seen it seen it
Karin Allen
Karin Allen Kun oldin
I've always wondered about Miko Hughes, who was only three years old when he played the brought-back-from-the-grave-possessed little kid in Pet Sematary. The movie includes shots of him menacing and murdering people that couldn't have been done with fancy editing or a double. He was just old enough, at three, that doing those things would have been some of his earliest memories. I hope he came out sane.
Trex The Third
Trex The Third Kun oldin
I reckon the Hebrews are at fault for this
Jessica Rodriguez
What about Once Upon a Time in America
I Smell Toast
I Smell Toast Kun oldin
Sorry like but films involving rape never make me feel better. They bring up bad memories so suddenly im often pushed to the point of being actually sick and shaking. Sometimes its so shocking and inexpected it seems crude and purely cruel to show.
Amythyst Parker
Amythyst Parker 2 kun oldin
Miss Victoria
Miss Victoria 2 kun oldin
3:38 OMG IT'S BABY FRODO!!!!!! Sorry
Ultraviolet Morgan
Ultraviolet Morgan 3 kun oldin
Cloe Moretz was also in a movie called "Let Me In" which was even more disturbing and had some pedo undertones.
naerial 3 kun oldin
Just ask, does it make children look sexy? Then don't do it.
George Barrett
George Barrett 3 kun oldin
“How dare they cast a child in the role of a child.” FFS GTFO. This channel seems to thrive on pot stirring.
Nakith Nakitah
Nakith Nakitah 3 kun oldin
Where is MY LIFE AS A DOG?!
Cheza Rose
Cheza Rose 3 kun oldin
The good son is one of the best movies ever
Kiyle Kitty
Kiyle Kitty 4 kun oldin
Is that Holland Roden at 00:10
Mary eunice
Mary eunice 4 kun oldin
forgot danelle Harris from Halloween 😆😆
M.J. Dossey
M.J. Dossey 4 kun oldin
why are the subtitles censored in weird ways? "taken", "ending", "relations"... hard of hearing and Deaf people deserve to be able to understand this video as it was intended. stop censoring subtitles when you don't censor audio.
wingedguardian 4 kun oldin
im surprised mysterious skin wasnt on here, that was messed up and very sad
TIAGO FLYNN 5 kun oldin
Now I guess everyone who's watching this as a kid or an adult is rethinking being an actor
çeci n’est pas une pipe
A 16 year old Claire Danes too old to play Juliet?? Come on. 16 years old?? How can you compare that to Jodie Foster being a prostitute at 12 or M.Caulkin a killer at 10??
Briana Abrams
Briana Abrams 5 kun oldin
MaddaM Metzo
MaddaM Metzo 5 kun oldin
I was surprised that when Leon - The professional was talked about, they didn't mention the orionally intended relationship between him a grown man and her a 12 year old girl who fell in love with the much older Hitman and him buying her a nice dress and stuff. Most of the scenes were cut from the cinema version yes, but they are still available on DVD and probably Blu Ray. Don't get me wrong, I kinda liked the dynamic of this completely opposite duo added in the cut scenes, but it was still a surprise for me, that it wasn't mentioned here.
teambeining 5 kun oldin
For some of these films, kids ARE going through the situations. We want to keep our kids young and sheltered, but these films are meant to show some of reality. They are supposed to make you feel uncomfortable. The public gossip is probably worse for the child actors than filming.
picknbeansmamma 6 kun oldin
The Good Son is one of my favorite movies...
Frankie Phillips
Frankie Phillips 7 kun oldin
Is the professional the American title for Leon?
Ashlee Knowlton
Ashlee Knowlton 7 kun oldin
What I find interesting about this list is The maturity and the talent of these actors as children. I mean Jesus the professional is one of the best movies I think I’ve ever seen. She plays the role so well it’s scary.
Fmblogger04 7 kun oldin
Michael Jackson WAS a Pedo! Look at his girlfriends - Brooke Sheilds, Tatum O'Neil - he was picturing them when they were children.
Inu Kazam
Inu Kazam 7 kun oldin
I remember when I watched The Good Son. Used to seeing Culkin in comedy, at first the audience laughed at the stuff he did, like when he throws the dummy off the bridge. When he threw his sister to the ice, there was absolute silence, as it finally dawned on the audience that this was no comedy. By the time he attacks his own mother the audience were gasping in shock.
David Lindsey
David Lindsey 7 kun oldin
Blair didn't fracture her spine in the levitation scene. In an interview on Eli Roth's Have History or Horror, Blair said her spine was fractured by faulty rigging in the scene where Regan sits up and lays back quickly and violently.
Chris Macks
Chris Macks 7 kun oldin
R Kelly bought me 😪here to think about all these kid actors at that age I wondered what they was doing behind closed doors🤔
Abdul Aziz Azmi
Abdul Aziz Azmi 8 kun oldin
Because of this video, i've wrote a story called Young Superstar. It's a story about a young child actor who becomes famous when he portrays a mature role in a controversial film/movie. The boy was way too young but he pull off such a challenging role very greatly and proves his talent and versatility as an actor.
Hannah Shoshana
Hannah Shoshana 8 kun oldin
It really helped Tatum O'Neal that she was costarring with her father, a genuinely loving parent.
Hannah Shoshana
Hannah Shoshana 8 kun oldin
Wow, I didn't know Scorcese took those steps to protect Jodie. Too bad that crazy guy still stalked her (I refuse to use his name)
Deborah Meyer
Deborah Meyer 8 kun oldin
I've never understood why Jena Malone in "Bastard Out of Carolina" is left off of these lists. Her character was raped, assaulted, and brutally beaten by her stepfather.
Tishara Doby
Tishara Doby 8 kun oldin
The exorcist was one of the first paranormal kind of movie
Tishara Doby
Tishara Doby 8 kun oldin
When I first saw kids I was disgusted
Salmakia77 8 kun oldin
Excuse me, but if the characters are kids who should play them? 60-year-olds? 🙄🤔
Alex Walker
Alex Walker 9 kun oldin
Some of these are just people being sensitive
E. Williamson
E. Williamson 10 kun oldin
Bugsy Malone was just Chicago for kids - discuss.
Bama Belle
Bama Belle 10 kun oldin
I never understood the controversy surrounding The Professional. I kind of feel like it's people's own dirty minds to see something other than what I believe the filmmaker intended. This man and this child, for the first time in their lives, found love with each other, pure, parent/child love. I laughed when Matilda told the hotel clerk Leon was her lover. I think it was meant to be funny. She liked to play tough grown-up, and cause trouble. Matilda had a rough life. It was obvious she was physically & emotionally abused by the adults in her family. She wasn't loved by anyone but her brother. Then her entire family is murdered, including her innocent baby brother. She's traumatized, terrified, angry and incredibly smart. So yeah, she was edgier than most 12 year old kids, still, she was just a little girl who needed to be loved and protected the way all children do. Leon was a hit man with a sensitive heart, "No women, no children.". He couldn't turn away a child in need. He opened his door, then his heart. Not only was his love for Matilda strictly paternal, but he was probably the only adult who had ever loved her. In their brief time together he became her father. Makes me want to cry thinking about it.
Donki Kick
Donki Kick 11 kun oldin
Why do captions go to great lengths to censor words that could be considered buzz words?
Eli Reinhart
Eli Reinhart 11 kun oldin
And now we have Riverdale, with 26 year olds playing 16.
Chelsea Granger
Chelsea Granger 11 kun oldin
if they understand the role and don't have an issue doing it then i don't see what the problem is. from their perspective it's work. the only people being shocked are the audience and half the time that's the purpose of the film. not to mention that at this point in time a lot of people (unfortunately) are already having sex at 15. i think it would be worse to have younger people WATCHING than it is to have them acting in it. watching as a story you, for that 2 hours, believe in it's reality. that's where danger lies.
ngpi1987 11 kun oldin
What about The heart is deceitful above all things, that movie features a child being raped plus forced to drag, and the actual kid actor was groomed by the director Asia Argento.
McNutty 11 kun oldin
Pretty baby
David Samuel Peckinpah
Meanwhile In every country in Europe...
David Samuel Peckinpah
Yeah Kirsten Dunst tore it up in Interview. One of the best movies of the Era.
omg me too
omg me too 13 kun oldin
Someone should have taken Brooke shields away from her parents. Obviously they didn’t have her best interest at heart. Between these super inappropriate movies and the play boy spread. Dang.
Harold Johnson
Harold Johnson 13 kun oldin
The professional was awsome
Keith Weidner
Keith Weidner 13 kun oldin
Zen-yuh, lol.
P. Candice Goddard
P. Candice Goddard 13 kun oldin
The baby from The Blue Lagoon was cute.
Isha Kudale
Isha Kudale 13 kun oldin
Jake Gyllenhaal in october sky
kissepurr 14 kun oldin
Dunst who? A list... I think not
Arty Choke
Arty Choke 14 kun oldin
I feel like anyone who made a comment about these kids roles are just perpetuating the idea that if you’re not a fully developed adult you can’t be mature or handle anything. Y’all out here acting like younger people don’t go through a lot of the same things as adults.
Queen Mercy Makeup
Queen Mercy Makeup 14 kun oldin
Damian Oman should be on here.
Lee Croft
Lee Croft 15 kun oldin
I always imagined The Good Son was the real Home Alone 3. Makes the first two Home Alone movie's more interesting.
Nuppy 15 kun oldin
I swear to God if kick-ass is on this list I'm gonna stab somebody
Nuppy Kun oldin
I actually didn't watch the whole video, but just in case yeah I'll do it anyway
Sammy -Chan
Sammy -Chan Kun oldin
Did u stab anybody?
Kerri P
Kerri P 15 kun oldin
Ummm Tatum O’Neil and Jodie Foster in Foxes? Lol.
Kerri P
Kerri P 15 kun oldin
Sorry, Not "Foxes", should have said "Little Darlings"
MichelleLove85 15 kun oldin
Kids was a jacked up movie.
Von Jones
Von Jones 15 kun oldin
Ammara Shah
Ammara Shah 15 kun oldin
Oi no that film is called Leon eff off Americans changing all the names to films for some really stupid reasons not all Americans are stupid and need titles which are more on the nose
Eve lyn
Eve lyn 16 kun oldin
Idk bout y'all but kids in my year were aleady yapping on about criminal minds episodes at the age of 7, I had puff of a cigarette at 8 out of curiosity, at age 9 me and my friends would go to the library and sneak out books about sex, drugs other "adult" topics out of the restricted section - which honestly just made society make a lot more sense to us the time....at age 10 I'd already had my first kiss and knew all the curse words due to my music/other kids....by 11 and 12 pretty much everyone I hung out with talked like they knew about gangs, racism, war, conspiracy theories, politics, rape, pedophilia and domestic violence....13/14/15 experimenting with drugs, sex, alcohol, parties, figuring out personal identity etc...and that was the norm for us, not sure if our parents could see beyond our innocent faces and the polite demeanor we liked to showcase around them....my point being, even if you try to shelter your children from sin or whatever, living in the world we're in today it's somewhat inevitable that they'll become interested in these things, whether they actively engage in these activities idk, that's up to them... I feel like so many of us have just forgotten what it's like to be young and constantly stumbling into the unknown. Your children know more than they want you to think they know.
Glittery Kittery
Glittery Kittery 16 kun oldin
How about "Bastard Out of Carolina?"
Alia Ris
Alia Ris 16 kun oldin
I'm surprised *THIS IS ENGLAND* was not on the list. Stephen Graham as a junior skinhead was cursing, harassing, smoking weed, and oh, making out with a mature woman--without stand in. Try to beat that.
Shelbs McGregor
Shelbs McGregor 16 kun oldin
What about the shining???
JINLOVE011 16 kun oldin
I love natalie portman
JackieFuckingChan 17 kun oldin
I love kickass
The Menagerie K
The Menagerie K 17 kun oldin
Kids should have been number 1
Anonymous Don
Anonymous Don 17 kun oldin
Ummm why sprouse twins the heart is deceitful above all things wasn't on here it should have been number one
TG Huffine
TG Huffine 17 kun oldin
These Hollywood sickos "love" children, but not in the Normal Way!
Carolina Navarro
Carolina Navarro 17 kun oldin
nikki reed in 13
Ava McGhee
Ava McGhee 17 kun oldin
I loved the movie the interview with the vampire
S H O O T I E 18 kun oldin
If Hit Girl was older, it wouldn't be cool
cheyenne_kim 18 kun oldin
I'm 19, I literally look 14. HIRE ME PLEASE!
rg lma
rg lma 18 kun oldin
Brooke did have a body double for the nude scenes during Blue Lagoon
jimins jams
jimins jams 19 kun oldin
Claire Danes was very lucky to work with Leonardo DiCaprio :((
Blood doesn't make a family
DAKOTA FANNING AAAAAAAH I love Dakota fanning so much.
yiki yiki yeet
yiki yiki yeet 19 kun oldin
isn't kevin from home alone already a "cold blooded pint sized psychopath"
Lexis Hendrix
Lexis Hendrix 20 kun oldin
I thought it was Interview With the Vampire?
Manda George
Manda George 20 kun oldin
I actually live close-ish to Xenia. It’s actually pronounced “zeen-ya” not “zen-ya” :)
MadakiNomaroishi 21 kun oldin
Hollywood will do anything to rape kids 👌 anyone who disagrees also rapes kids 👌
I am Shade
I am Shade 21 kun oldin
The positions children are put in, in acting, is why my children will never be allowed to act. If they are over 18 and want to pursue it, that's their choice, before then it's a hard no. Sometimes it's not hard to see why former child stars lose their shit and get into hardcore drugs and alcohol.
Cali Espinoza
Cali Espinoza 21 kun oldin
Woah woah woah back up ............she had a child with her cousin?........
Swear To Me!
Swear To Me! 21 kun oldin
Christian Bale was just brilliant in Empire of the sun! Already then
Jennifer Rivera
Jennifer Rivera 21 kun oldin
Given what we now know about Hollywood's perverts, is it any surprise they're willing to have actual children act out their fantasies?
Destiny Kemp
Destiny Kemp 21 kun oldin
uh what Romeo and Juliet have you been reading????
Chris Andrew
Chris Andrew 21 kun oldin
I have worked on many films and believe me, what happens on set is so disconnected from reality.
Denise Eulert
Denise Eulert 22 kun oldin
Back in 1919 D.W. Griffith made the movie "Broken Blossoms" starring the 25-year old Lillian Gish as a 14-year old girl. It was such a harrowing role that he told her he was casting an older person because a teen couldn't do what he was going to put her through. Maybe a kid could have done it but I kind of agree with him.
Jeremy Stone
Jeremy Stone 22 kun oldin
I loved the original Lolita film.
Jeremy Stone
Jeremy Stone 22 kun oldin
I HATE Taxi Driver with a passion. This movie is the worst use of child actor.
Debbie Hubbard
Debbie Hubbard 22 kun oldin
Kirsten Dunst was amazing in Interview! She portrayed that character perfectly. Everyone was good but she really stood out.
Lisa Poku Boateng
Lisa Poku Boateng 22 kun oldin
Would it make sense to press the dislike button.
nutella 24 kun oldin
And orphan?
TheHappyCamper01 24 kun oldin
I would say Melanie Lynskey's role in Heavenly Creatures is a good contender. She was only 15 and she had two sex scenes. One with an adult man, and one with a 16 year old Kate Winslet, and another scene where she killed her mother with a brick.