Movie Roles That Were Too Mature For Child Actors

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Making a movie isn't child's play - even for a child actor. Throughout Hollywood history, kids in the industry have been called upon to act in harrowing roles that push the limits of their abilities, and according to some critics, the boundaries of good taste. Here are some of the most famous examples of underage actors in mature roles…
Dakota Fanning, Hounddog | 0:19
Natalie Portman, The Professional | 1:07
Kirsten Dunst, Interview with the Vampire | 1:45
Christian Bale, Empire of the Sun | 2:23
Macaulay Culkin, The Good Son | 3:03
Jodie Foster, Taxi Driver | 4:09
Olivia Hussey and Claire Danes, Romeo & Juliet | 4:43
Jacob Reynolds, Gummo | 5:26
Sue Lyon and Dominique Swain, Lolita | 6:14
The entire cast of Kids | 7:09
Brooke Shields, Pretty Baby and The Blue Lagoon | 7:39
Linda Blair, The Exorcist | 8:31
Tatum O'Neal, Paper Moon | 9:31
Chloe Moretz: Kick-Ass | 10:20
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2-Dek, 2017



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Looper Yil oldin
What other movie roles do you think should've made this list?
trashcancherry Kun oldin
Looper hick
bill brad
bill brad 4 kun oldin
Sparsha D
Sparsha D 8 kun oldin
Looper Hey why didn’t you include The Orphan?
Richard Ball
Richard Ball 8 kun oldin
"Bastard out of Carolina."
Rambling Spirits
Rambling Spirits 10 kun oldin
Zena, (Zeen-yah), Ohio. It's was the first place we that we discovered tornados have smaller tornados looping around them. A 3.5 mile wide tornado flatted the town. Then 15 years later one nearly the same size did it again.
Julia Brummell
Julia Brummell 5 soat oldin
after seeing this in my recommended for 2 years i finally watched it.
Maddy The Bumble Bee
Lmao I’m named after Madeline Cohn, but my mom spelled my name as “Madalynn” not the original spelling.
casey b
casey b Kun oldin
all of these disgust me
Maureen Seel
Maureen Seel Kun oldin
Empire of the Sun is one of the most touching and gut-wrenching performances from Christian Bale EVER...I love that movie...brings me to tears every time.
Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips 2 kun oldin
And I was thinking I had rough moments in childhood.
D C 2 kun oldin
Let's not forget that many child actors are exposed to REAL abuse.Hollywood is a very dark place, and I'm not some religious nut, this is just a sad reality.
TheNoodlyAppendage 2 kun oldin
Yes, we must have 18 year olds playing 12 year old rape victims, because reasons....
Apple Shrubs
Apple Shrubs 2 kun oldin
As long as those kids aren’t making out with adults or smoking (for-real) I don’t really think it matters what role they play
Caprice Portia
Caprice Portia 2 kun oldin
JW41926 4 kun oldin
I would not call it protecting a child's innocence. Explain to me how child actors are allowed to be in dark R rated films, but if a parent plays pranks on their kid on UZvid, there is public outcry they loose custody.
yagurlceci 4 kun oldin
omg Brooke Shields was gorgeous
Hunter Weeks
Hunter Weeks 6 kun oldin
The Good Son is great! And I actually bought him as a psychopath
cryinqsippy 6 kun oldin
my granddad and my family thinks i look like brooke sheilds but shes so much prettier than me lmao
Jackie Aikin
Jackie Aikin 7 kun oldin
Today children are being exposed again like in the past because some most countries are very disturbing and teenagers are legal for an adult to be with. It's real life and it's creepy. Pedophile nation
Ricardeaux 8 kun oldin
Foster is definitely a witch. Didn't she also orchestrate someone to assassinate RR back in the day?? Why isn't that more well known lol
Ima Go Apesht
Ima Go Apesht 8 kun oldin
“Too young” but yet all of these kids completely knocked these rolls out of the park.
Tinni The Tinfoil Hatter
You should take a look at children-toys ; the world is ruled by men !
Victoria Clarke
Victoria Clarke 8 kun oldin
I was going to suggest Winona Ryder in the movie Mermaids but I just did some research and it turns out she was 19. I could’ve sworn she was younger.
Daniel Vidal
Daniel Vidal 8 kun oldin
It's called Léon: The Professional (1994) not just 'The Professional'
misha 9 kun oldin
as a 17 year old this is ridiculous. you do realise doing drugs and having sex (and also being raped) are things that happen in every day life for some teenagers???? they’re trying to reach an audience that can relate to something like that. but yeah, we get it steve. you stayed in ur mums basement until you were 30 🙄
kiffclout 10 kun oldin
kids play kids adults play adults And adults play teenagers
Z 10 kun oldin
It's acting and all fake lol!!!!
Genavieve C
Genavieve C 10 kun oldin
Yup I hate rape movies or when they like kinda show it. They can just say it if they want to add that to a movie.
Julia K
Julia K 12 kun oldin
what about Chloe graze moretz in runaway girl? she got raped, sexually assaulted and ran around with a gun and killed someone
Luke Bridger
Luke Bridger 12 kun oldin
What about Isabelle Fuhrman in Orphan?
Hannah Laurenzano
Hannah Laurenzano 12 kun oldin
I love Empire of the Sun!
Lateralus 7007
Lateralus 7007 12 kun oldin
Yea well keep the tribe away from child actors and maybe Id be more supportive. Since the Tribe controls the industry they will always be at risk. Gotta love the chosen people.
Kristen Green
Kristen Green 12 kun oldin
Hit girl is my favorite!!!
Aria Clements
Aria Clements 12 kun oldin
Juliet was 13, not 14. "She hath not seen the change of fourteen years." So she's not yet 14.
Britt Anne
Britt Anne 13 kun oldin
5:30 Louise.....Bob's burgers haha...
Julie Laugen
Julie Laugen 13 kun oldin
Why isn’t the crush in this?
Philthy Tanks
Philthy Tanks 13 kun oldin
Lol Kids got skipped over quick! I assume it’s Bc mentioning rape and AIDS would get this demonetized?
Alana Valadez
Alana Valadez 14 kun oldin
Hold up, we just gonna forget about Jena Malone in Bastard Out of Carolina?
HeyKirsty 16 kun oldin
did no one watch Hick? I'd hardly call Kickass Chloe's most controversial role in comparison.
Pauline Marie
Pauline Marie 14 kun oldin
Hick definitely deserves a place on this list more than kickass, for sure
TheHero1945 16 kun oldin
I know she was 17 but I can’t believe they didn’t mention Ellen Page in Hard Candy..
H3DDIE 17 kun oldin
I can’t believe they didn’t add KEN PARK or BULLY!
Orlando Pockets
Orlando Pockets 17 kun oldin
Fear everything. Obey.
Bro 17 kun oldin
When Natalie Portman said "One shot, not bad huh?" I saw only Hit Girl right there. Seriously. They even have similar faces, smiles, short hair and everything.
rageforthemachine 17 kun oldin
Pretty much anything Lara Wendel or Eva Ionesco was in.
Lux Meow
Lux Meow 17 kun oldin
I don't agree because when the kids are acting, they're not watching the movie as a whole. They don't see what we do on screen. Most likely when working with kids the directors make it more fun. Look at how well adjusted Natalie Portman turned out, Kirsten Dunst is also doing well still. I didn't watch this vid to know who else. So can't blame their downfall on a movie roll alone if that were to happen, something more is going on.
Tara Budke
Tara Budke 18 kun oldin
Chloe Grace Moretz character was awesome though
Mona Plauborg Larsen
What about Noah Wiseman in the movie "The Babadook"?
Mimi Cares for Kids
Mimi Cares for Kids 19 kun oldin
What the hell, I thought Romeo & Juliet was a cute high school lover story but their parent's fight. Not about sex, suicide and all the other stuff. They played that in Hey Arnold, weird
Briana .H
Briana .H 19 kun oldin
coccinelle80 20 kun oldin
Jodie Foster is an amazing actress
Asha 20 kun oldin
I find it interesting that they don't actually talk about how KIDS ends with one character getting raped on camera. It is a very disturbing moment.
Evan Fields
Evan Fields 20 kun oldin
Two Harnony Korine scripts on the list? Most of his work could work on this list.
Christina Bricker
Christina Bricker 20 kun oldin
Where’s my new boo bear? I want to get them safely across the veil
Jane Francis
Jane Francis 21 kun oldin
you guys screwed up a few film titles, man
Sakoya Spruill
Sakoya Spruill 22 kun oldin
What about the Shirley Temple movies???
Elizabeth Schuyler
Elizabeth Schuyler 22 kun oldin
Romeo and Juliet 1968 had younger actors I think.
Annette Mercer
Annette Mercer 23 kun oldin
The opening scene of 'Kids' with the two kids making out - the girl was 12 - was seriously disturbing
Benty Baroon
Benty Baroon 24 kun oldin
What about all the little kids who played “The Munchkins” in wizard of oz?? Weird stuff.
Mewtata 23 kun oldin
Benty Baroon I’m not sure any kids did. Those were adults with dwarfism.
Catz1a 25 kun oldin
the worst part is how, most of the time, the kids and movie want you to see the treatment as these children as disgusting...yet viewers still sexualize the kids. even counting down to when Portman turned 18 smh
Dani Leonard
Dani Leonard 27 kun oldin
Huffing glue huh??
Michael Kelligan
Michael Kelligan 27 kun oldin
Ahhh but thats what the Harvey Wiensteins in Hollywood like!
Rob Yagenmyer
Rob Yagenmyer 27 kun oldin
I feel that Gabriel Damon's role as Hob in Robocop 2 should have made the list.
Jasmin 27 kun oldin
Lord Of The Flies.
Rose Gunn
Rose Gunn 27 kun oldin
Really seems like whoever made this video really didn't get the purpose of Natalie Portmans character in the professional
Cassandra Craig
Cassandra Craig 27 kun oldin
On a similar note it bothers me when they have actors in movies that are in nude or sexual situations that are playing underage characters. I remember in the original Stepfather, it shows a girl showering...she's supposed to be 14. In Sixteen Candles, they're watching the prom queen shower, 16. In Leprechaun, stunt boobies of a girl (you know, never shows the face and boobies in the same screen...). It's pretty sick if you think about it.
Adalina 28 kun oldin
I feel like the boys from the boy in the stripped pyjamas should have been listed
LaGrAubee 28 kun oldin
I know this isn’t a movie but, what about Taissa Farmiga and Evan Peters? When they shot Murder house Taissa was 15 and Evan was 23
Antiunna Butchee
Antiunna Butchee 29 kun oldin
Pretty Baby
Caoilo Potter Winchester
First off I in no way condone this, which is part of the reason I don't like the original work, Juliet is 14 in Romeo and Juliet while Romeo is in his mid to late 20's in the play. So while there are five years between Leo and Claire. I personally hate that Romeo and Juliet is seen as a love story. It is a story about a guy who has his ego damaged when a beautiful woman turns him down he just happens to fall for her younger even better-looking cousin? and Juliet, while intrigued in the good looking Romeo, doesn't seem overly interested until she finds out he is a Montague and there for her sworn enemy. Who else would a rebellious teenage girl want to marry if she is being forced into marriage? Sruly, not Paris who has been picked by her parents. So if she does not want to go to a nunnery or marry Paris, why not do what her father wants and marry but the son of his enemy who is alluring with his looks and extra years.
Christian Slack
Christian Slack 29 kun oldin
Hollywood is really a bunch of perverts, pedophiles and sexual deviants. Kevin Spacey was so obvious to me as soon as I couldn't sit all the way through America Beauty.
MariTheWolf 29 kun oldin
"Making a movie isn't Child's Play." I'm glad it's not. Cuz Chucky is an idio-
Mathilda 29 kun oldin
I beg to differ on one of them
Serai3 Oy oldin
If you're young enough to play Juliet, you're too young to play Juliet.
Jenny Gross
Jenny Gross Oy oldin
I think flowers in the arctic should be on list
coccinelle80 20 kun oldin
Jenny Gross *attic
skinny legend
skinny legend Oy oldin
people nowadays are so sensitive. it's not like any of this is actually happening. it's all fake deal with it y'all
capie44 Oy oldin
Tatum smoking at nine-years old is the product of the tobacco industry requiring the productions they contribute to "advertise" smoking by up to 60% of the actors/actresses. The public, that would be you, tolerate this because they are willing to overlook this abuse to get their own jollies off the screen. If the public was really caring, they would be sending emails and letters to Directors telling them they are not going to view movies that have smoking in it. But are offended by violence, sexuallity, and vulgar language.
JDeppFan2272 Oy oldin
They... are... acting. It's just a role. Why is this such a big deal? I mean, people aren't complaining that 10 year old KIDS are forced to WORK hours on end each day. Nope, that's not a big deal... the pretend role they are playing in a STORY is the big deal. Give me a break.
jay son
jay son Oy oldin
Movies like these were made because we didn't have snowflakes and safe spaces back then. My God you f*ckers have ruined a great nation🖕🏻
Abdullah Ansari
A young actress playing Juliet is pretty normal
Dev Lo lo
Dev Lo lo Oy oldin
If Dakota fanning was okay with it then who cares smh
kambermusic Oy oldin
Welp, that was a creepy eleven minutes I just took
Tay Underground
Honestly prefer it over actors being old and playing teens
Roberto Arteaga
Harley Q
Harley Q Oy oldin
Savage acts of violence?! “ Kevin McCallister “ was defending his home!!! It’s not like he was going out and attacking people!!! 🙄🙄🙄
Chito Dʀɛaʍs
This is why these child actors are professional. They seriously good, they see it as a role and a job, nothing more. That's why they could do it. I swear these child actors are a lot more matured than me and I'm 19.
librarose79 Oy oldin
And yet people complain when they cast 20 year olds as teenagers. Can't win them all.
Ascent Oy oldin
So I guess the parts should have been given to 20 year olds?
Victoria Hatzson
Great choices
Victoria Hatzson
Good choices
Dancenasticgirl 812
These are all white kids...
L’enffrontée deeply disturbed me. Anything with a 13 year old girl in sexual situations with an adult man upsets me.
Billie is my life
Y'all should add Sasha pietrese in pretty little liars
"Movie Roles That Were Too Mature For Child Actors", or "Watch Hollywood Molest Young Children and Promote Pedophilia in Broad Daylight Without Any Negative Repercussions" I can see this being used as evidence in a trial on the Supreme Court to shut Hollywood down and incarcerate the corrupt puppet masters. Permanently.
Ian Hornbuckle
That little boy in Gummo is the ugliest kid I’ve ever seen 😂
Thanos’ Gay cousin
if a lot of people had their way we'd be out here with the most boring shit movies. I mean they act like the kids are really out here killing or dying or someshit. Its acting ffs. The story is supposed to provoke strong emotions and tell a story.
bryonnajones Oy oldin
Poor Brooke Shields and the girl that got injured...
Rebekah Robbins
Millie Bobby brown really looks like Natalie Portman
phoenix stewart
Chloe grace mortez had a much more controversial role than kick ass in hick t age 14 where she is subjected to abuse and playing a very adult role where she ends up killing her capture
Soft Edits
Soft Edits Oy oldin
7:07 she looks like Lydia from Teen Wolf 😮
Holly Wileman
Holly Wileman Oy oldin
I looooove the professional
Robin Lofton
Robin Lofton Oy oldin
Christen donn playing Claudia was fucking PERFECT! My mom thought that she was CGI’d to look and sound like a child.
Dragon Flies411
They forgot about the movie called The Lover
M D Oy oldin
Here is the thing. These are movies and the movie "Kids" is about what a lot of teenagers do and shouldn't have been as shocking as it was to people. I watched it at like 14 and related to some of it for sure. I was making stupid reckless decisions at that age that may not have been as intense as theirs but they were similar. They're not unrealistic most of the time.
Rick Kirby
Rick Kirby Oy oldin
Several of them are Academy Award winners now.
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