Musical Genre Challenge with Ariana Grande

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Ariana Grande transforms Drake's "God's Plan" into an epic '90s diva hit and Kendrick Lamar's "HUMBLE." into Evanescence-style goth-rock in the latest edition of Musical Genre Challenge.
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Musical Genre Challenge with Ariana Grande
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2-May, 2018

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Fikrlar 40 508
Jessy Govaerts
Jessy Govaerts 2 soat oldin
I really love her, but please give the little girl her dress back ariana!
_Every Drama_
_Every Drama_ 6 soat oldin
Shape of you in ska is a beautiful song
Ranvir Sohal
Ranvir Sohal 9 soat oldin
I am like Ariana I mean like when people write on a board even though I’m on the first row I have to get up and walk over to see
ItsJust Juvelle
ItsJust Juvelle 9 soat oldin
Ariana's dress keeps sliding through her elbows
Mary loves karma
Mary loves karma 12 soat oldin
Love her talent haaate her 'dress'
Emilyyy 12 soat oldin
I hate how she’s getting crap about her dress, she can wear what she wants, y’all act like you guys have a clue about fashion but who is the nationwide pop star? Not you that’s for sure, so you all can take a step back.
Mia Wallace
Mia Wallace 14 soat oldin
Omg Jimmy I am doing the doodle google for the year 2019 do you have any tips how to win
Kennedy Kubicsek
Kennedy Kubicsek 16 soat oldin
Ariana won the challenge
Junior Lozano
Junior Lozano 18 soat oldin
True artist 👏👏👏👏👏 Ariana Grande
Lucie Emma
Lucie Emma 20 soat oldin
Omg she kill it
Sophie Bromberger
Sophie Bromberger 21 soat oldin
She looks like the hottest candy wrapping I've ever seen
Emily Drever
Emily Drever 22 soat oldin
Omg when ariana sung humble she sounded like that girl who was tone death and was singing humble! I wonder if she based it off her or not
_PtySia_ xx
_PtySia_ xx 23 soat oldin
Dunja Kostic
Dunja Kostic 23 soat oldin
Sorry Ariana, fail stayl!
Lucia D.B
Lucia D.B Kun oldin
What the hell is she wearing
Jovan Mitanoski
Jovan Mitanoski Kun oldin
holy fcking shit ari's voice at the goth rock park damnnnnn
Tasangwa Mhoni
Tasangwa Mhoni Kun oldin
That dress is a joke
pratik mishra
pratik mishra Kun oldin
What the fuck is that dress
Midori Gurin
Midori Gurin Kun oldin
I just got here after watching “Ew!” and Jimmy sounds so different lol
Goyrl Gone Wild
Goyrl Gone Wild Kun oldin
I can't stand her - but she sure is talented!!!
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear Kun oldin
How can she not get chronic migrainesfrom that ponytail and bleeding feet from those heels???
zommmmmy Kun oldin
Stevie Spark
Stevie Spark Kun oldin
I need ariana to do more rock honestly
Kawaii Kitty Roblox
Ariana just made a Remix of “Humble” but... something’s not right... the Remix is better than the original...?
Savage Queen0923
Idk what the heck I just watched.... That was ear rapeee
deathly hallows
deathly hallows Kun oldin
Ariana can sing anything😍
Amanda Pirret
Amanda Pirret Kun oldin
If she turned her version of emo she would be like the new Avril Lavigne when she was younger...
Silvia Ramos
Silvia Ramos Kun oldin
Omg look at arianas dress
Rachel Osborne
Rachel Osborne Kun oldin
AJ Luna
AJ Luna Kun oldin
How can they do that with no planning???
Siraja Nishanth
Siraja Nishanth Kun oldin
Ariana and drake should date💕💕
Jyothika Naidu
Jyothika Naidu Kun oldin
I don't know but I felt God's plan is better and I want to hear it in her version
Dakotah Kloeppel
I wish o was ARIANA GRANDE because she IS my favorite singer
Nuwan Udara
Nuwan Udara Kun oldin
Wtf is she wearing. 😂😂😂😁
Gacha Marie
Gacha Marie 2 kun oldin
That dress is so short...
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 2 kun oldin
Omg everyone's got about 1K or more likes in their comments.... I am sure that I will get one like nd that will be me myself and I
Okletsplay Royale high
Where are the audience I can’t see them apparently
Madison Wright
Madison Wright 2 kun oldin
I love her dress OMG she looks so cute😍😍😍😍love you ariana grande 🌷🌷🌷🌷
Madison Wright
Madison Wright 2 kun oldin
She's soooooo cute hahahha
Madison Wright
Madison Wright 2 kun oldin
Billy Ek
Billy Ek 2 kun oldin
I understand why many of today's teens like her -- she always looks like she's 12yrs old dressing like a wannabe prostitute. No parents in their mind would want their children to have her as a role model. Most of the 90s songs by female singers were for more creative and less sexually explicit than the crap she sings/"writes". Thank you for profiting from the dumbing down of the younger generation. :)
Julieta González
Julieta González 2 kun oldin
Ari is queen, but... what is she wearing?
Alissa Venzen
Alissa Venzen 2 kun oldin
Ariana can sing (my fav singer)
Jamelia Flow
Jamelia Flow 2 kun oldin
She needs some glasses
Sabrina Kátia
Sabrina Kátia 2 kun oldin
Roupa engraçada kkll amo ela
frunefarian 2 kun oldin
I think the dress was SUPER CUTE 😂💟😍
Charu Sankar
Charu Sankar 2 kun oldin
Her humble>actual humble
D!ZZY Vila Nova
D!ZZY Vila Nova 2 kun oldin
Don't see why she doesn't get implants. She looks like a child..but got damn she can sing 😂😂😍
Muammer Erdem Mergen
Amk cücesi çik kısaymış lan
Inaya Ahmed
Inaya Ahmed 2 kun oldin
1:47 watch his face change
Inaya Ahmed
Inaya Ahmed 2 kun oldin
80% of comments are about her dress 15% of comments are about glasses 5% others...
shida rashid
shida rashid 3 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
Mahan 98
Mahan 98 3 kun oldin
Please somebody explain the dress🤔
Leonardo Suguimoto
Leonardo Suguimoto 3 kun oldin
What a ugly dress
Helen alice faye
Helen alice faye 3 kun oldin
Tryna look baby doll-ish with an actual baby doll dress? Lol
Avery O'Dylan
Avery O'Dylan 3 kun oldin
Msrija Solic
Msrija Solic 3 kun oldin
Omg Ariana
beepIL 3 kun oldin
HAHAHA that dress... it looks like that retarded horse with two legs running, It's like she got only legs and shoulders and hands WTFFF
The Roots are a great band. Takes talent to do all those different genres.
Bella Baby
Bella Baby 3 kun oldin
All that money that girl has n she still hasnt gotten her damn eyes fixed... Ill never understand it.. I mean suregery, glasses, contacts.. Come on girl...
u n k n o w n
u n k n o w n 3 kun oldin
she look like a roblox character
u n k n o w n
u n k n o w n 3 kun oldin
she needs boobs bye.
Nadezhda Makarova
Nadezhda Makarova 3 kun oldin
That dress. 🤐🤭🤮
Roan _ Fowler
Roan _ Fowler 3 kun oldin
Ariana would make such a good goth rock song 😍❤️😂
Muna Moon
Muna Moon 3 kun oldin
Did anyone understand what she was saying?
caua fabrizio
caua fabrizio 3 kun oldin
Ela tá parecendo uma anão nesse vestido Caralho kkkkk
kevin gunter
kevin gunter 3 kun oldin
Is that my baby dress
brûler 3 kun oldin
id be askin for lyrics the whole time lmao
Gabe 3 kun oldin
Silly ari She thought that skirt was a dress
The Mooney Bros
The Mooney Bros 3 kun oldin
Sheril Walsh
Sheril Walsh 3 kun oldin
wow they both good as singing
MattStreams 3 kun oldin
What that dress
Jessica W
Jessica W 3 kun oldin
1:50 am Me: ugh I’m going to sleep I have school 2am Also me: ‘Ariana grande and Jimmy fallon funny moments’
Violetta Taula
Violetta Taula 3 kun oldin
"I saw Ariana Grande wearing a skirt as an outfit on Jimmy Fallon, so I went into my nona's closet and found a skirt and wore it as an outfit"
James Allen
James Allen 3 kun oldin
Who else skipped the Jimmy parts
Natalie 3 kun oldin
Ariana grande nailed this!
Reesa De Grilla
Reesa De Grilla 3 kun oldin
Ariana stole some little girl dress
Averie Eaton
Averie Eaton 3 kun oldin
I got ChIlLs when she sang “Humble” omg she’s great!
Kelly Truong
Kelly Truong 3 kun oldin
this was posted on my birthday lmao
Kaycie Playz
Kaycie Playz 3 kun oldin
Her dress is pretty....special
Nabimanya Faith
Nabimanya Faith 3 kun oldin
Wow!!! Perfect and on point
alex reid
alex reid 3 kun oldin
nita morris
nita morris 3 kun oldin
Belinda Davies
Belinda Davies 3 kun oldin
Ariana you were soooooooo good
Falling Love With A Marshmallow
She looks like she wears her babysister's dress. 😂
hello itsgioo
hello itsgioo 3 kun oldin
is it only me or does he remind you of ted Mosby too?
Rafael Ribeiro
Rafael Ribeiro 3 kun oldin
First: Is she blind or what Second: What's up with that skirt
Alexzea Mitch
Alexzea Mitch 3 kun oldin
The dress seems impracticality short
Beikypacha Syuhlo
Beikypacha Syuhlo 3 kun oldin
So thin only skeleton ,no muscle. Selena is much much more better than this thin witch.
Beikypacha Syuhlo
Beikypacha Syuhlo 4 soat oldin
+RandomRandomRandom123 Ok thank you for giving me some advice. I'll never judge anybody by their looks. But you know Arian is Illuminati child. Showing the devil spirit in the Church. Lol
stop body shaming. and here's an idea, people don't judge people solely based on their body types. Ariana has a beautiful body, i don't care what you say. You're opinion is invalid.
Beikypacha Syuhlo
Beikypacha Syuhlo 2 kun oldin
+Dajana Glapski Sorry for making you disappoint ,but I just reveal the real she is. It's true Ariana is very thin ,only bones .How can people like her ?
Dajana Glapski
Dajana Glapski 2 kun oldin
What a shit comment. She is a tiny girl. That's just how she is. Dont make someone feel for how they look....
Can I get 100,000 subs without any video?
Can someone give Ari glasses 😂
honey. 3 kun oldin
what song in the 90s was used for 90s diva???
Analisa Borja
Analisa Borja 3 kun oldin
Chris Rauch
Chris Rauch 3 kun oldin
She is amazing.
bangxtan 3 kun oldin
what the fuck is she wearing
Saida Noor
Saida Noor 4 kun oldin
When she was singing God's plan in a diva version, I couldn't even recognize the song😗😀👏👏👏👌👌👌👍
Braelyn Vinson
Braelyn Vinson 4 kun oldin
Just sayin if i wanted to i could sing better than ari
Lucy Gacha-life
Lucy Gacha-life Kun oldin
Maybe you could post some videos on your progress for singing 😇
Freddy Krueger
Freddy Krueger Kun oldin
u wish
Chloe Drown
Chloe Drown 4 kun oldin
Alexandra Zakka you know that I wasn’t making fun of her right? I was telling other people not to make fun of her.
Larisa Suljevic
Larisa Suljevic 4 kun oldin
Fjchjkv Fgjjcgkk
Fjchjkv Fgjjcgkk 4 kun oldin
Ugly dress!
The Black Girl
The Black Girl 4 kun oldin
Omg Jimmy 😂
Black Rifles Matter
Talentless bitch, america hating bitch, u suck
juliannaxduhh h
juliannaxduhh h 4 kun oldin
How did you make all those songs sound so goodddd!!!😮😮😮