Musical Genre Challenge with Ariana Grande

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Ariana Grande transforms Drake's "God's Plan" into an epic '90s diva hit and Kendrick Lamar's "HUMBLE." into Evanescence-style goth-rock in the latest edition of Musical Genre Challenge.
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Musical Genre Challenge with Ariana Grande
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2-May, 2018



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Nikol Gotfrid
Nikol Gotfrid 2 soat oldin
Its looks like he dont know what wear And He taken dress from 5 years Old baby 😂😂
Middle _AJ
Middle _AJ 2 soat oldin
Jimmy is always trying to steal the spotlight.🙄
Calud E
Calud E 3 soat oldin
Destiny Wippel
Destiny Wippel 4 soat oldin
am i the only 1 that doesn’t have a problem w what she’s wearing? i love it
Tea gal
Tea gal 5 soat oldin
The band are the real OG's man......they just have to look at each other and Boom!!!👏🏽
Hina Azfar
Hina Azfar 10 soat oldin
Ariana can sing anything
Hina Azfar
Hina Azfar 10 soat oldin
I really wanna listen to full version of humble ( goth rock ) by ariana grande
da streets part 3
da streets part 3 10 soat oldin
does she not have a torso???
Richa Pradhan
Richa Pradhan 13 soat oldin
I loved the way she sang Humble and God’s Plan 😍😍😍🔥😍😍😍🔥😍😍😍🔥😍😍😍🔥
KAYLANI WOODSON 15 soat oldin
I love how Ariana puts her style into everything she does so that she’s having fun
Daryl Clanton
Daryl Clanton 15 soat oldin
This day was on my birthday
Kieran Murphy
Kieran Murphy 16 soat oldin
3:27 when he starts singing I was dead XD
Danielle Galindo
Danielle Galindo 16 soat oldin
Did she take that dress from a 3 year old?
WolfStarAmelia !
WolfStarAmelia ! 17 soat oldin
Ariana singing goth rock but in her pink dress I’m confused
Gwendolyn Flecksing
Gwendolyn Flecksing 17 soat oldin
Gods plan nintys diva tho yeah????😱
Hugs not Drugs
Hugs not Drugs 17 soat oldin
That was fun Jimmy but it sure wasn’t ska lol
Hugs not Drugs
Hugs not Drugs 17 soat oldin
Yes my queen
Th3 pr0 Gam3r
Th3 pr0 Gam3r 20 soat oldin
Why does Ariana act so disabled
smiffywaii 22 soat oldin
Sweet Creature
Sweet Creature 22 soat oldin
Ariana really needs to bring out humble in that genre😍😍😍😍
Muhammed Çağlayan
Muhammed Çağlayan 23 soat oldin
Very beatiful
lan am
lan am 23 soat oldin
2:04 she really needs to do a full version daayum
Glenn Taylor
Glenn Taylor Kun oldin
is it just me....Ariana Grande makes me horny!
Eva Johnson
Eva Johnson Kun oldin
no matter who you are ya can’t really top how she sang humble in goth rock 🔥🔥😂😂
Zara Zadro
Zara Zadro Kun oldin
You have a beatiful voice
Zara Zadro
Zara Zadro Kun oldin
Ariana Grande you are special
Pradnyesh Morey
Pradnyesh Morey Kun oldin
0:59 this is way better than the original 👌🏻👌🏻
monika puri
monika puri Kun oldin
She was wearing a skirt. But no doubt she was looking good
Ariana stanner
Ariana stanner Kun oldin
1:41 for people wanting to rewatch the humble goth rock LMAO
Weirdcutiemissygirl2018 🌈🍭🍬😊
A year later she makes “god is a woman” does anyone else hate that song?
Trying to Love myself
Ariana is a Queen I respect😔👊🏼💕
Mono Coccyx
Mono Coccyx Kun oldin
That is one ugly dress!
Abby Jackson
Abby Jackson 15 soat oldin
I love Airana but what was she thinking with that “dress”
Akash Jaiswal
Akash Jaiswal Kun oldin
That dress made Ariana look like a midget. *Just a opinion tho*
Todji Thomas
Todji Thomas Kun oldin
She won the Grammy yesterday I thru up crazy
simply saanvi xx
1:56 😘
Zenny V.
Zenny V. Kun oldin
Who else skipped the Jimmy Fallon parts to get straight to the Ariana Grande parts?
Eva Richman
Eva Richman Kun oldin
Her dress looks like a baby blanket you get when you are first born😂
Adrielli Souza
Adrielli Souza Kun oldin
Ionait Mulligan
Ionait Mulligan Kun oldin
This is bob 🐠 Don’t let him sink! Leave a like
Lorenzo Santiago
That band tho
Caragh Herlehy
Caragh Herlehy Kun oldin
She bought an eight year olds dress
Jose Luna
Jose Luna Kun oldin
Ariana Grande should make a complete cover of God’s Plan
Jestine Alvarez
Jestine Alvarez Kun oldin
Ariana grande:)
Meg_Maverick Kun oldin
But seriously does she eat?
Moi meme
Moi meme Kun oldin
She sounded exactly like Evanescence 😲😲
NVJ Kun oldin
We need more of this .
mademoiselle08 Kun oldin
i would love to loop this 1:46 over and over again, sorry play button:(((
Vishwajit Singh
Vishwajit Singh Kun oldin
Goddess out there
Studio J
Studio J 2 kun oldin
Lol she mentioned hot topic shopping and I lost it 😂 I’m not goth 😂
Big Guy Little Girl
I didn't realize how many genres of music there really are
BRY DMC 2 kun oldin
Ariana voice is so good
Medha sahni
Medha sahni 2 kun oldin
What is Ariana wearing? Is so funny 😂😂
Steven 2 kun oldin
Let her record a metal album, im so down XS
Jamie Robinson
Jamie Robinson 2 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-ZFzAvWvqdH0.html please watch my debut music video!!
Marie Marie
Marie Marie 2 kun oldin
she is so cuteeee😍
Renee Lemos
Renee Lemos 2 kun oldin
Her dress is disgusting.
Jackie slave 2.0
Jackie slave 2.0 2 kun oldin
Whats the outro?
Sarrah Lucero
Sarrah Lucero 2 kun oldin
My fav singer and has my name but spelled like arriana
dayron Diaz
dayron Diaz 2 kun oldin
Arieyana i love you win i was 7 and naw I am 11 me and my friend love 7 rings
Madison Law
Madison Law 2 kun oldin
Gods plan 90s diva sounds like Mariah Carey
Neither None
Neither None 2 kun oldin
Not saying this isn't impressive, but come on people, this is pre-reheresed.
Clementine 2 kun oldin
I need ari to make goth rock songs now
Christina Goetz
Christina Goetz 2 kun oldin
It said 90s diva she's like YEAH I GOT THIS BACK UP
PH Gaming
PH Gaming 2 kun oldin
Nat_da_ POTATO
Nat_da_ POTATO 2 kun oldin
Ariana is so talented but her dress it's so....so....so short
highspirits 2 kun oldin
i need the full gods plan 90's diva
Allirah Whybrow
Allirah Whybrow 2 kun oldin
Im sorry but She need some glasses
RBD4 DLL 2 kun oldin
Crazy Livi Fortuna
Crazy Livi Fortuna 2 kun oldin
Her skirt is shorter than my patience
Let's Golf
Let's Golf 2 kun oldin
she's the best guest of all time with Jamie Fox
Beckie Corfield
Beckie Corfield 2 kun oldin
I think she stole that dress from my doll also how come she's squinting to read the song and genre
Leon Vandini
Leon Vandini 2 kun oldin
so sweet when she tries to read the titles 🤣👍
roblox master7
roblox master7 2 kun oldin
Crazy Livi Fortuna
Crazy Livi Fortuna 2 kun oldin
Arcelia Linarez
Arcelia Linarez 2 kun oldin
Jimmy you should tell Ariana that my friend hase a crush on her
ivette durazo
ivette durazo 2 kun oldin
why is ariana wearing a baby dress
Mhzi hmzi
Mhzi hmzi 2 kun oldin
What is she wearing?😒😒😒😒
asmat87n 2 kun oldin
Ariana is the best singinger of my hole in to inter life she is a good lady. Every day I watch her video and songs it's beautiful.
IGOR GORBUNOV 2 kun oldin
Arlene Sayre
Arlene Sayre 2 kun oldin
Can I order an album with ariana’s cover of god’s plan 90’s diva?
psy psy
psy psy 3 kun oldin
Omg talent everywhere 😨😭 even jimmy. Somebody signe me this dude lmao
Michelle Paredes
Michelle Paredes 3 kun oldin
I love Ariana Grande but is she wearing a skirt as a top🤔🤔🤔
Batu Del Rey
Batu Del Rey 3 kun oldin
sit down bitch
Oggi Ariana Grande aveva in dosso un vestito di una bambina piccola di massimo 3-4 anni
Ciara Lee
Ciara Lee 3 kun oldin
What is that outfit Ariana ?!
Quelin Benade
Quelin Benade 3 kun oldin
Your dress is not you ari!!
unicorn lover piano
i want to ere gods plan cove ron 90 divas by ariana
Rit a
Rit a 3 kun oldin
The weird side of YouTube Hi
She looks like she is in a child’s dress
The weird side of YouTube Hi
She sounds amazing tho
Natthania Noah
Natthania Noah 3 kun oldin
The dress she is wearing looks like a child's dress but I don't know what to say its so short and small it's literally like she is wearing a child's dress and she is too tall for that dress
Cassie Hanson
Cassie Hanson 3 kun oldin
The Roots are the real stars of this game.
Eleven Fernandez
Eleven Fernandez 3 kun oldin
Girl put some clothes on
Hikari 3 kun oldin
I want full version of goth rock humble by ariana, please
Arzu Yanardağ
Arzu Yanardağ 3 kun oldin
Hi, how are you, dear?
Jaiden Martin
Jaiden Martin 3 kun oldin
Im so sorry but what the hell is she wearing?
Marciana Marciana
Marciana Marciana 3 kun oldin
Ariana is a ?????
snap crackle k pop
snap crackle k pop 3 kun oldin
all i can think of is y her dress is so short -._-.
Christabel Edosuyi
Christabel Edosuyi 3 kun oldin
Na WA oo.. See her gown.. 😂.. God have mercy... It look like those six years old gown 😂
_mylifeassylvia_ 3 kun oldin
Buy matching diamonds for 6 of my bitchs and she can't buy her self some glasses😂💔 *_Subscribe to my UZvid channel_*
Gülben Şengönül
Goth rock😍👍🏼
شيماء المالكي
plz more ari game like this
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