Musical Shopping | Rudy Mancuso

Rudy Mancuso
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30-Okt, 2018



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Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso 5 oy oldin
Thanks for watching. Enjoy!
cody skelton
cody skelton 17 kun oldin
Cayden Flores
Cayden Flores 23 kun oldin
Hay Rudy do you play fortnight
Cayden Flores
Cayden Flores 23 kun oldin
Love you bro
Fake Ninja
Fake Ninja Oy oldin
Why dont famous people come to merced, CA.
Dxddy Mari
Dxddy Mari Oy oldin
Rudy Mancuso Oh I enjoyed it 😂❤️🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽
Frank Murray
Frank Murray 8 soat oldin
39.99 great deal💶
RoseAndMolly 12 soat oldin
Zahrah Herman
Zahrah Herman Kun oldin
0:13 Rudy:🎶 Welcome to Target 🎶 Me: *👏👏👏*
Sibo Yall
Sibo Yall 2 kun oldin
Does Rudy not get weirded out at the fact that there's a lot of people who like him 😂😂😂
Chi Draws&Stuff
Chi Draws&Stuff 2 kun oldin
Wait wait wait.....Target sells food?!
Alesxis Santos
Alesxis Santos 3 kun oldin
Brazil any one
BeastyOwens 5 kun oldin
Walmart Has Left The Chat
Kamaya Thompson
Kamaya Thompson 5 kun oldin
I wonder what Target he's in because my Target is trash
ACE 6 kun oldin
do kissing
CB YN 4 7 kun oldin
Look at the description its sponsord by TARGET!!!???
Ralph Munoz
Ralph Munoz 7 kun oldin
Is this filmed at target in azusa California
N Hill
N Hill 10 kun oldin
3:05 Everything SAVORYYYYYYY!
Matthew Lopez
Matthew Lopez 10 kun oldin
Maddi VS Asmr
Maddi VS Asmr 10 kun oldin
Target doesn't have groceries...... Does it..... Here in Australia it doesn't
TheSlicingSword 11 kun oldin
That’ll be $5,000.
Daniela Camacho
Daniela Camacho 15 kun oldin
you are fun and a great weekend too many thanks
David Cavazos
David Cavazos 15 kun oldin
I love you so much 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🍦🍦🍦🦋🦋🦋💙💙💙💙🌈🌈
Møon Lxght
Møon Lxght 15 kun oldin
I wish employees would actually do this☹️
rsmushmi mushmi
rsmushmi mushmi 15 kun oldin
Just love u so much rudy😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍
Faizan Shamsi
Faizan Shamsi 17 kun oldin
This one was especially pleasing
TheLeah Channel
TheLeah Channel 17 kun oldin
Your such a great singer and Music writer I follow your Instagram TickTock Snapchat everything plus UZvid oh my god you’re so good at music and you’re so funny
Adam Crookes
Adam Crookes 17 kun oldin
I’ll pretend I’m working harder 👌🏼
Potato Kid
Potato Kid 17 kun oldin
WHAT!? Target in America sells FOOD!??? Not in Australia. Surprising.
ea pros
ea pros 20 kun oldin
Do musical macanic
Jasmine Holder
Jasmine Holder 20 kun oldin
"Spanish was no bueno"😂
Jasmine Holder
Jasmine Holder 20 kun oldin
Rudy your very handsome and cute
Rafael Alarcon
Rafael Alarcon 21 kun oldin
These musical videos are great
Miracle Ebbi
Miracle Ebbi 22 kun oldin
I am definitely going to target
skulliton 22 kun oldin
send that beat to a famous singer in that food market one i need that to be a song that would be fire I used an app called shazam for that food market thing if there is a song like it and it found Your Video xD
Brian Philip
Brian Philip 23 kun oldin
This guy is really Talented
FAUX 25 kun oldin
Hey guys, I think this video is sponsored by target.
Mark Anthony Reyes
Mark Anthony Reyes 26 kun oldin
Pretty cute ass in those khakis
mido bibo
mido bibo 27 kun oldin
Rudy. An intelligent guy
Soham Katoch
Soham Katoch 27 kun oldin
I love your passion for music🤩🤩
Predak 27 kun oldin
Love you bro! What a talent you got man 👏👏👏
Michael Elgawly
Michael Elgawly 28 kun oldin
Be careful w product placement, people might think it’s a sponsored video ;)
Shweta Official
Shweta Official 29 kun oldin
Just WOW!!!👌👌👌
Akeria Rivers
Akeria Rivers 29 kun oldin
Sheila Salanga
Sheila Salanga 29 kun oldin
Wat next at ur grandmothers house and ur grandma is crazy
Nick Gomez
Nick Gomez Oy oldin
Josh Reid
Josh Reid Oy oldin
You should definitely be a singer, you’ll be amazing and popular!
Tiến Đạt Vũ
This video is a little dark, has to increase max screen brightness
Sally Lefale.
Sally Lefale. Oy oldin
So fanny loving it ❣️
Dilianys Martinez
Rudy iam cuben
Eva Lai
Eva Lai Oy oldin
I love the Cute guy so much!XD
Avi Sepeda
Avi Sepeda Oy oldin
It's so good
Eri Pablo Calmo
I use to go on that torget
Boardz _76ers
Boardz _76ers Oy oldin
WoLf 3xiss
WoLf 3xiss Oy oldin
SpaceFox ONE
SpaceFox ONE Oy oldin
My guy Rudy back at it again 😂👏👏
Traci James
Traci James Oy oldin
He is like my idol
Imran Asif
Imran Asif Oy oldin
Gręæt Dęæł
Kero Black
Kero Black Oy oldin
Best ad
Victoria Turkina
omg you're genius latinius
Manpreet Singh
I love your voice
noe perdomo
noe perdomo Oy oldin
You are soooooo hot
Evelyn rosales
great deal
panda range panda
He is so awsome 😱😱😱
Kinberli Garcia
Don’t y’all see Rudy hair at the end😂🤣
LPS Dollars
LPS Dollars Oy oldin
Great deal😉
yakee mayee
yakee mayee Oy oldin
rudy you are the best singer pianoist and director♥️♥️♥️🥀
Aidyl Herrera
Aidyl Herrera Oy oldin
I like the target market because is like a latino song
Jayline Pacheco
you’re so amazing! I love you so much 😭❤️
BKL Universe
BKL Universe Oy oldin
you are good at singing
claudia correia
Uuu my are wet
YEE HAW Oy oldin
Why does every song involves a depressing breakup? 😂😂
Cecelia Hagery
Is this sponsored by target cuz if it's not that crazy
kawa cerna
kawa cerna Oy oldin
Que pilas amigo....😎😎😎😄
vlad productions
Why do youtubers sound so cheesey when they get a paid promotion?
Yvonne Gisele
Yvonne Gisele Oy oldin
I love Rudy ❤️
Lucie Luz
Lucie Luz Oy oldin
💛 This!
Its your David
I like the food staichen
ariana tordjman
ariana tordjman 2 oy oldin
i need the full backtrack of the food scene
Infinity gacha
Infinity gacha 2 oy oldin
During the electronic part I felt like I was on crack (no shade)
stephanie the Llama
Go to target:3
Strike Gaming
Strike Gaming 2 oy oldin
Lupita  Jimenez
Lupita Jimenez 2 oy oldin
I Washington Evelyn Target store is like this
امسي خلوي
افضل قناة عندي
evlienace 2 oy oldin
The electronics song is amazing!!!!!
Mad Skill Mill
Mad Skill Mill 2 oy oldin
don't you have to pay for that
Jaydon McAdams
Jaydon McAdams 2 oy oldin
Raise your hand if you knew it was Target ✋
Gerald McPatterson
I dont have hands.!😠😡😡😡😡😠😡😠😡😪😖😭😭😭😦😦😭😭😢😭😭😢😭
Christian Gossler
William Bailey jones
His hair changes every teleport
QUEEN A Pope 2 oy oldin
Your voice I the best voice I have ever heard
Kiara Rovalles
Kiara Rovalles 2 oy oldin
Omg am dieting I whis I was your sister
Enguuneeg Eng
Enguuneeg Eng 2 oy oldin
#🎯 Target
Who the fuck buys clothes from target
Fortnite Toker
Fortnite Toker 2 oy oldin
jervey thomas
jervey thomas 2 oy oldin
Jayda Iordanidis
Jayda Iordanidis 2 oy oldin
The food song is actually really catchy
TheChickenWhoCriedWolf WOLF
hmmm, I still don't know who he's sponsored by...🤔
Sonny Tran
Sonny Tran 2 oy oldin
How are there two of you
Sabin. 2 oy oldin
I just noticed he used green screen
Andrew Evans
Andrew Evans 2 oy oldin
Your name tag says Randy
Tessa Marie
Tessa Marie 2 oy oldin
Love love love hahaha saw the short clip on IG and had to watch the full video
esdras sagastume
esdras sagastume 2 oy oldin
“24.99.. great deal”
J0LT3X 2 oy oldin
3:30 Aai shfwaa sheyjef, yep.
ranran Martinez
ranran Martinez 2 oy oldin
1:33 imagine one of the costumers see rudy singing and going in circles with a camera
zaid azhar
zaid azhar 2 oy oldin
I thought this man lex luthor superman
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