Musical Shopping | Rudy Mancuso

Rudy Mancuso
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30-Okt, 2018

Musical Shopping | Rudy Mancusorudymancusomusicalshoppingmusical shoppinganwarleleponshannahstockinganittabrazilalessocelosoiphone xs by pineapplesuperhero therapylento



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Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso 16 kun oldin
Thanks for watching. Enjoy!
Conner/markus Conner and markus
Rudy Mancuso i always enjoy im from the netherlands
Denils Gh Studios
Denils Gh Studios 6 kun oldin
Dude we didnt watch
Fatima Basit
Fatima Basit 6 kun oldin
Rudy Mancuso i love this series 😍❤️
Isaiah Molulon
Isaiah Molulon 7 kun oldin
Hi Rudy
Candice Clark
Candice Clark 9 kun oldin
thank you for making videos and entertaining us
Charlie Ramirez
Charlie Ramirez 5 daqiqa oldin
Rudy I liked how this time. The person was happier than the other Ones
FredyMartinezTV 3 soat oldin
this is really great ! Congratulations
Renata Styrkacz
Renata Styrkacz 4 soat oldin
That part with food very good
Renata Styrkacz
Renata Styrkacz 4 soat oldin
Rudy that was amizing you are pro
Reece Harbottle
Reece Harbottle 7 soat oldin
Mohamed Thajudeen
Mohamed Thajudeen 14 soat oldin
The girl from brazil is Shakira because shes married to Eden Hazard who is a football player from Belgium
king_kakarot vegeta sucks
Yo this is awesome I subscibed
Akithedrawingfreak 18 soat oldin
Where's the nearest Walmart?
Imported TV
Imported TV 21 soat oldin
Instead of all the singing how about grabbing the poor guy a basket or cart lol
MHM Bigarab
MHM Bigarab Kun oldin
Why does all the songs have a breaking heart into it
garbage bin
garbage bin Kun oldin
3:22 the way he pronounces R is just so cute to me
Summer Fantasy
Summer Fantasy Kun oldin
His singing has improved A LOT. Just watch some of his old singing videos and then you will know the difference
Danya Fradkin
Danya Fradkin Kun oldin
This should be an advertisement for target..
Lilian Elhindi
Lilian Elhindi 2 kun oldin
I love the fact that you are a musician.
Wolfie YTAwooz
Wolfie YTAwooz 2 kun oldin
Its ya boi Allen
Its ya boi Allen 2 kun oldin
He went broke from all the stuff I’m guessing
Teare c
Teare c 2 kun oldin
I’m from Australia and I am just wondering if America and other countries sell food at target ! Or was it just coles or Safeway .
Samantha Vallarta
Samantha Vallarta 2 kun oldin
Hey Rudy i went to target and I didn’t see an employee like this😐🤔🤔
GamingForLife 5678
GamingForLife 5678 2 kun oldin
2:54 what about the mini pizza place? Oh wait I don’t think all targets have a mini place to serve pizza NVM.
Piggie Adventures
Piggie Adventures 2 kun oldin
The effort you put into these videos though 😂
Indiyah Lestrange
Indiyah Lestrange 2 kun oldin
Target is like Lotus Casino- time goes by quickly but you feel like it's only been minutes. And best of all, you never want to leave.
Justin Damsker
Justin Damsker 2 kun oldin
Omg he commented on my comment
Tristan Rondina
Tristan Rondina 2 kun oldin
For some reason this is asmr for me😹
abdeslam chouiben
abdeslam chouiben 2 kun oldin
I love this I subscribed hit the bell and liked this video I like the part when he said he was hungry I love your videos so much
Scorpion Ninja xx
Scorpion Ninja xx 2 kun oldin
Hahahahahha good song rudy
eggb-88 XP
eggb-88 XP 3 kun oldin
Dilnoza Yusupova
Dilnoza Yusupova 3 kun oldin
Beautiful face
رناد ،
رناد ، 3 kun oldin
احلا إعلان مره ممتع وما تمل وأتت تشوف
Nivesh dave
Nivesh dave 3 kun oldin
A No Swear Video , Okay
ared18t 3 kun oldin
Poor target guy chooses the wrong women for him :'(
Preston Takayama
Preston Takayama 3 kun oldin
SamiSteel 84
SamiSteel 84 3 kun oldin
I like the first song
Memusa rdx
Memusa rdx 3 kun oldin
My relationship with target resume in one video😆😆
Wolfy Positive
Wolfy Positive 3 kun oldin
Their’s a thing called “Cart”.... You know that right?
awonderingcloud 0-0
You never disappoint
Lara Zayn
Lara Zayn 3 kun oldin
The home section🔥😂
minemorf 3 kun oldin
WHOEVEVR 3 kun oldin
عبدالله حسين
it is inspiration marketing wow!
• Raina Kishun •
Lol if only you came out with this 5 weeks ago when I did this project on stores and how they are arranged. I chose target for my topic and got a 100. When you came out with this I literally was like “ommggg!”😂
Aria King
Aria King 4 kun oldin
I have the same birthday as you i love you so freaking much and I hope you live the best life you can
QHXX GLAN 4 kun oldin
1:25 lol my mom in the background
Roping Tobe
Roping Tobe 4 kun oldin
Even though it’s an ad it’s entertaining
Madison Flagg
Madison Flagg 4 kun oldin
Omg this is so funny! At 1:54 made me on the floor dying with laughter!
citron grenadine
citron grenadine 4 kun oldin
JCR Flippers
JCR Flippers 4 kun oldin
Comment down below for which bit you liked the most I liked the food isle more
Te'Mar Carlisle
Te'Mar Carlisle 4 kun oldin
"39.99 great deal." 👍😅
Ashley Perkins
Ashley Perkins 4 kun oldin
Get me a thumbs up if u like target because I do
Sm D
Sm D 5 kun oldin
You have enough staff yep Yep Yep no you don’t
Keyvan Nik khakian
Keyvan Nik khakian 5 kun oldin
Hey Its Jewel
Hey Its Jewel 5 kun oldin
Trisha Belle
Trisha Belle 5 kun oldin
This should be an ad.
Day Dreaming Miriam
Ur hilarious
Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo Lopez 5 kun oldin
Your total is 1 small loan of a million dollars
Panda Sabi
Panda Sabi 5 kun oldin
Wwefan Numberonefanofwwe
Since when does rudy go somewhere musical and is not forced to sing
H Carter
H Carter 5 kun oldin
Do more videos with lele Ponds
Iluv music75
Iluv music75 5 kun oldin
Note to self: Don't ask him how much decor costs....👍👌❤💛💚💙💜
Charis Valenzuela
Charis Valenzuela 5 kun oldin
If i never heard rudys. Music i never would have knew what good music 8s💕💕💕💕💕😧😧
emmanuel otieno
emmanuel otieno 6 kun oldin
BARBERS in town .Coming for the Mancuso hairstyle ,Say no more
SYED SAQIB 6 kun oldin
Rudy with his weird hairstyle looks like a bacterain camel
Reyna Cortez
Reyna Cortez 6 kun oldin
I love your video
Happy Little Bunny
Happy Little Bunny 6 kun oldin
I wonder how long it took to switch clothes back and forth bet you its a pain
Francesca Rachel
Francesca Rachel 6 kun oldin
Very creative👌🏼
Zarah Williams
Zarah Williams 6 kun oldin
U r one of my favourite youtubers
Adrian Solano
Adrian Solano 6 kun oldin
Regular UZvidrs: sponsored by multi thousand dollar google or Apple Store apps Rudy: sponsered by a multi billion store
15,000 subscribers with no videos
*sponsored by wallmaaarrttt*
Mia Spear
Mia Spear 7 kun oldin
So talented 😍
Isaiah Molulon
Isaiah Molulon 7 kun oldin
I like de last won
Serena Frost
Serena Frost 7 kun oldin
AiraTheArtist 7 kun oldin
Great job dude. This is awesome and hilarious at the same time.
Julia Houle
Julia Houle 7 kun oldin
I love the music that you play for your outtro
Meow- MAZING! 7 kun oldin
great deal.
Sam Q
Sam Q 7 kun oldin
I wish I still had target :(
Onyx Cherub
Onyx Cherub 7 kun oldin
Why is this me in target? I walk in for a PEN and then my ass is going home with a truckload of things I suddenly needed.
Jessica Meyberg
Jessica Meyberg 7 kun oldin
Jessica Meyberg
Jessica Meyberg 7 kun oldin
I love this
Alyssa Liouse
Alyssa Liouse 7 kun oldin
Como isso vicia???¿¿¿
just me
just me 7 kun oldin
okay, that´s it. I´m never going to target again.
Kreativna bas kreativna
praveen kumar
praveen kumar 8 kun oldin
love u rudy ur awsomee ...tons of tallent in vid
Captain Doom
Captain Doom 8 kun oldin
Ellllllectronics great deal! 😂😂😂
JasonChew 96
JasonChew 96 8 kun oldin
Love it!
Cagri Adanur
Cagri Adanur 8 kun oldin
Best part 2:55 - 3:27 I could listen to this all day long. The beat is great!
JenMarAny Vids
JenMarAny Vids 8 kun oldin
Spanish was no bueno😂
Shanice Brown
Shanice Brown 8 kun oldin
Crazy but cool
ashbala khan
ashbala khan 8 kun oldin
target better havesponcer you or at least gave you discount or free stuff for this video . its soooo good
Melanie collins And Gacha
I love u
Isaac Lopez
Isaac Lopez 8 kun oldin
Watched this at target
You should do a musical bar
Ghaleah Alhussan
Ghaleah Alhussan 9 kun oldin
After watching this video I really want to go to target 😂
Casey gaming
Casey gaming 9 kun oldin
Everytime your hair switch to wavy and then curly wavy curly wavy curly wavy
Apro Frido
Apro Frido 9 kun oldin
Wow so talented. You are somtehing Like my Idol❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😊
Dilnoza Yusupova
Dilnoza Yusupova 9 kun oldin
At target market
Gacha Gaming
Gacha Gaming 9 kun oldin
I love it nice singing btw
mafia مافيا
mafia مافيا 9 kun oldin
Lydia Stanton
Lydia Stanton 9 kun oldin
Love the musicals Rudy! Your sooo talented keep up the good work! ❤️
Фаррух Розиков
It's awesome
Alireza Lp
Alireza Lp 9 kun oldin
It was one if tge best musicals rudy ever made