Mutilated Money? This Place Will Give You a Fresh Stack

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Let’s set the scene: you’ve just discovered your pup chewed away at your entire life savings. Or, last month’s rent was suddenly burned to a crisp after being left in the oven. Bizarre mistakes happen, but what can you do? Submit a claim over to the U.S. Department of Treasury where Eric Walsh, assistant manager of the Mutilated Currency Division, will examine and reimburse you for your damaged stacks. Cheers!
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2-Iyl, 2018

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Ticiane B.
Ticiane B. 9 kun oldin
Literally everyone's comments are getting so many likes so now I'm gonna comment 💁💁💁💁
Mqo 12321
Mqo 12321 10 kun oldin
Wait, if the wallet was leather, does that mean that the cow is a cannibal??
Jaden bourne
Jaden bourne 13 kun oldin
Surely you could get some decent counterfeit notes , leave em in soil etc and then get them reimbursed ? No way to prove they are fake because the indicators will be damaged ?
nccrawford 13 kun oldin
This would be such depressing work to me, as so many of your clients have probably lost everything.
Rithik Kompelli
Rithik Kompelli 14 kun oldin
Why a safe when you own a perfectly safe for your money oven!
Chocolatier 19 kun oldin
Poor cow.
IamMe 28 kun oldin
Who is stupid enough to put money in an oven
- -
- - 29 kun oldin
did he take out the stomach of the cow just to get his money back? Did the cow die? Was the stomach put back? Didn't he lose money having the operation to take out the stomach and put the stomach back?
nowknow Oy oldin
I only keep my money in the oven only after I soak it and freeze it
KrushKingdom Oy oldin
This is what a government service should be like.
buy a stack of fake cash, burn the a lil bit and there you go
lvlaple4Ever Oy oldin
Does Canada have something similar?
Joey Soon
Joey Soon Oy oldin
Some people hide money in the oven what the f*ck
MintyMango Oy oldin
Bitch traded his cow for a 20
Popcorn Oy oldin
this is cool as heck
Phillip Stofer
1:55 that looks amazing. What happened to that money and how can I creat such an amazing look 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I need to know I am an artist
Justo Talkalottashit
we require 51% of a bill. then shows clearly about 30% of 10 bills taped to a card being counted.
Imtiaz Ahmad
Imtiaz Ahmad Oy oldin
How can i gett change my burnt money in south korea ? (Dollar )
Andrey Rublev
Andrey Rublev Oy oldin
Can I use this service if I am non US resident (I'm from Ukraine)? If yes, how should I do it? Do I need bank account in US bank? Thanks
dakkar0902 Oy oldin
What did the butcher feel when he was told to keep stomach intact, so that the stupid farmer send that to Treasury for a wallet?
saiyansnake Oy oldin
That moment when your kid shreds your Utah football ticket money *LOL*
Tim Custer
Tim Custer Oy oldin
it is called Mexican money
Marian Pintea
Marian Pintea Oy oldin
Can someone tell me where Escobar threw his money in fire to warm up his family? 😁
MrKajithecat Oy oldin
Hm, thats helpful.
Why? Oy oldin
i stored money and guns in an airpocket in my duck pond...
Oxygen Ated
Oxygen Ated Oy oldin
I feel bad for em
Hia Pom
Hia Pom Oy oldin
This is one of the major weaknesses of paper currency. Not an issue for most folks with easy banking access, but to hundred of millions around the world who are unbanked (and another XX million folks who prefer that the bulk of their cash assets go untaxed), bitcoin and cryptocurrencies solves this issue nicely.
Percival Concord*
These are the real heroes.
Vlad Baje
Vlad Baje Oy oldin
Paper work, origami
People are complaining about banks and where to put their money meanwhile I still don't have money
telldem1 Oy oldin
Good to know! 👍
gillian apostol
One thing i can say for this. *oof*
7even 9
7even 9 Oy oldin
zeyad abuzied
zeyad abuzied Oy oldin
Who hides their money in an oven wtf
xMike_ V
xMike_ V Oy oldin
No one gonna point out the fact that this service could be used launder money
Mr Dank™
Mr Dank™ Oy oldin
new idea: put a strip of some kind of unbreakable material that will not break or get lost, dissolve all the other materials in pile of broken cash, count the unbreakable material things
Kobe W
Kobe W Oy oldin
1:40 “YES”
adrianTNT Oy oldin
Best thing about the oven is that it doesn't use my money to laundry drug cartels money.
Opal Sky
Opal Sky Oy oldin
Poor cow!
Maimpa Oy oldin
I thought it said mutilated monkey
Nik Murphy
Nik Murphy Oy oldin
How do they determine if a pile of ash is actually money?
bigdud Oy oldin
*stores money in fireplace* *WhOoPs LeFt ThE FiRe On*
WorDSearcH Oy oldin
Bruh what y'all be doing with your money, you have all that money but you cant one wallet
Hezkore Oy oldin
I don't get it... how do THEY make money? The money they get is useless, so they can't use that. And he said it's a free service, so there's nothing to be gained from that...
aye a walsh made it
Kye Talks
Kye Talks Oy oldin
I remember not long after polymers were brought out in Canada, someone who had been storing their cash in a can near the heater had continued doing that with the polymers. Which ended up resulting in the polymers melting together. He got reimbursed for it.
Penguiino Oy oldin
Just another reason for why I LOVE America
Cadence Dellafosse
Don’t cows have 8 stomachs or something ?
Huffer Minibot
Where can I find areas that exchange my play money for real ones?
Dean Zakrzewski
As the saying goes; "If a cow eats your wallet send it's stomach to the government"
PvMNero Oy oldin
I wonder if Canada has this service...
LittleArmyNut Oy oldin
If the wallet was leather does it make the cow a cannibal
AlboGravity Oy oldin
Sounds like a good way to wash (launder) your dirty money xD
home.coffee Oy oldin
assistant *to* manager
Vilosonin Oy oldin
They killed a cow for 10$ 👏🏽
Steven Brierly
so petrify aint that a harry potter spell?
Matthew McCabe
I can guarantee a lot of stupid you tubers use this service
blahblahblah Logan
I’ve legit wondered if stuff like this existed
RogueShot 247
RogueShot 247 Oy oldin
Couldn't you just burn fake money and they wouldn't realise
Avery Davis
Avery Davis 2 oy oldin
1.39 YAS
Luke H
Luke H 2 oy oldin
That's why we have mostly plastic notes in the UK
Screw The Net
Screw The Net 2 oy oldin
I like the forensic lab look of the place.
Dream Corners inc.
Good thing the cow part was aniamted
xMamoon 2 oy oldin
1- getting money wet okay i can imagine jumping in a pool with ur wallet or etc 2- losing ur money in a house fire okay i can imagine 3- shuving ur money in the microwave? thats gonna decrease what its worth brother..
Eliza Peek
Eliza Peek 2 oy oldin
This is why making money out of paper is a bad idea, it’s too fragile
Voltaire Oy oldin
+Eliza Peek I've sent bills through the wash for hours and they come out completely fine. They aren't made from paper, it's cotton fabric, my dude. Plastic is only better for anti-counterfeit but it's already basically impossible to counterfeit. I prefer paper personally
Eliza Peek
Eliza Peek Oy oldin
It’s easy to tear, and if it gets wet it’s ruined. It’s fragile compared to currency made from plastic like the Australian notes
Voltaire Oy oldin
It's not paper and it's not that fragile
Sophia Peterson
Sophia Peterson 2 oy oldin
That's what I call dirty money burnt by drug dealers
Daily Dumb
Daily Dumb 2 oy oldin
why are we spending our tax dollars to help idiots who thought putting money in the oven or microwave was a good idea?
Voltaire Oy oldin
+Daily Dumb If that's what you're referring to then yeah you're right. I thought you may have said something much stupider. Anyway, this service barely costs anything and helps people enormously. This is a good service
Daily Dumb
Daily Dumb Oy oldin
+Voltaire yes we are, who do you think pays the workers who do this? It's a free service, so the person who wrecked their money is not paying. And unless you think all of the workers who are counting the damaged bills are working without pay out of the goodness of their hearts, that money has to come from somewhere. It is a government program, so it is payed for in taxes.
Voltaire Oy oldin
It's not like we are paying them in tax dollars
Vapor doggo
Vapor doggo 2 oy oldin
Really? He took that poor cows life to get back like 50$ dollars?
im actually lost
im actually lost 2 oy oldin
Yes... *the cow is dead*
RaidZeroHero 2 oy oldin
Good thing I don’t need to worry cuz I always blow my money b4 I see it
Ra - Ra - Rasputin
This would actually be a fun job
erin richoo
erin richoo 2 oy oldin
Here's a brilliant idea...... don't keep large stacks of money out of the bank!!! The money that you do keep home should be in a safe!
Amelia Fisher
Amelia Fisher 2 oy oldin
Who the actual hell puts their money in the friggin oven and microwave? Like stop it, get some help
monbebe 2 oy oldin
Is it free???
Gaming With Nate
Gaming With Nate 2 oy oldin
How do they make money? xd
Sombrero dog
Sombrero dog 2 oy oldin
Help The dog ate my money
Faye Sophia Colle
What if someone bought fake money and burned it ang brought it here? Lolz
Stacy 2 oy oldin
WOW! 😲
Lars Nordhagen
Lars Nordhagen 2 oy oldin
This place: pours out pile of ashes “I can give you $250” GameStop: first ever made, signed copy of Mario “I’ll give. You $3”
Ethan 2 oy oldin
Very good people!!!
Wesley 2 oy oldin
when can I start
EasyLamYT 2 oy oldin
I'd just burn a dollar bill and claim it to be a 100 dollar bill
Jethro Teece
Jethro Teece 2 oy oldin
But they don't make any money so what is the point
casian dan
casian dan 2 oy oldin
Money is only real if you believe in it. We have a society That is now based solely on a $. So who's your real God. The one the church tells you to worship. Or the one you carry in your pocket 😂🤣
Voltaire Oy oldin
Edgy boi
Iz Laws
Iz Laws 2 oy oldin
Dats why we have plastic money
Aubrielle Weiser
Aubrielle Weiser 2 oy oldin
Omg 😂 I had a condom commercial talking about the birds and bees I’m deceased
DJ Cyaniide
DJ Cyaniide 2 oy oldin
>Make counterfeit money >Burn counterfeit money to hide the imperfections >Send the money to U.S Dept of Treasury >Receive new, authentic bills equal to the amount you counterfeit. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Sentient2x 2 oy oldin
So can I just burn a pile of bill shaped green paper?
GialloNero 21
GialloNero 21 2 oy oldin
So you can get fake cash, burn it, then give it to them and they'll give you the equivalent of the money in legitimate notes. Cool.
Sit down Science
Sit down Science 2 oy oldin
That must be the hardest job
Rahul Kandukuri
Rahul Kandukuri 2 oy oldin
SLAY trixs
SLAY trixs 2 oy oldin
Did they kill the cow!!
Game Mode X
Game Mode X 2 oy oldin
I want to know how they reconstruct that pile of literal ashes.
Blazing Ice
Blazing Ice 2 oy oldin
Couldn't you fake the money if all they use are scissors and scalpels?
RIN SuGaR 2 oy oldin
Oh gosh, did y’all see that black ash cash.
Simon Danger
Simon Danger 2 oy oldin
Or just live anywhere else and have way more durable plastic bills
COco510 2 oy oldin
*lives in Canada* oh, yes we totally need this
Coolpastapigs 2 oy oldin
That farmer is such a bad person. Its his fault he left that wallet there, and it’s not fair to put a cow through that just to get it back.
John Wick
John Wick Oy oldin
Coolpastapigs the cow will still die later.So i dont care.
KJvlogs 2 oy oldin
Mabel I would want to work there when I grow up... lol
Ambigram Art
4 oy oldin