Mutilated Money? This Place Will Give You a Fresh Stack

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Let’s set the scene: you’ve just discovered your pup chewed away at your entire life savings. Or, last month’s rent was suddenly burned to a crisp after being left in the oven. Bizarre mistakes happen, but what can you do? Submit a claim over to the U.S. Department of Treasury where Eric Walsh, assistant manager of the Mutilated Currency Division, will examine and reimburse you for your damaged stacks. Cheers!
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2-Iyl, 2018

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Dumb Comment
Dumb Comment Soat oldin
Money is not real
Galfor 2 kun oldin
Seems like a terrible waste of time.
SNKRhead Games
SNKRhead Games 2 kun oldin
The money you have in your house is absolutely nothing when it comes to you losing your house and all the money you put into your house.
JoshTheAnimator 2 kun oldin
*But does it cost money to do it?*
StrikeDragonn 2 kun oldin
What happens if I live in another country? How am I suppose to get broken money into fresh money again?
TheEpere15 2 kun oldin
Ask your country? If you're just and American living in another country then just mail it to then like normal.
Aztec MC
Aztec MC 2 kun oldin
Hi. I have $45 million in cash that has completely turned into what looks like dirt. Give me money pls.
Siddique Mohammed
Siddique Mohammed 3 kun oldin
Time to find Pablo stash
pukeylukey199 3 kun oldin
You just gave criminals a way to launder money 6k wet it say 600 "loss" but you get clean money back.
Duane White
Duane White 3 kun oldin
Take it to the bank if you have both serial numbers they will give you new bills
AirlinersHD 3 kun oldin
Wow!! You will reimburse more less 40 million $, and you print one lorry truck full of cash each day... LoL.
Jerry R.
Jerry R. 3 kun oldin
Good to know
GroupHug 3 kun oldin
hmm..... so smuggle money into the us by burning it then giving it to these fools ? got it.
Christopher Winspear
Good way to catch tax dodgers...dealers etc etc?
Alex Payne
Alex Payne 3 kun oldin
It's nice to see one branch of government actually do something helpful.
Jesus Murrieta
Jesus Murrieta 3 kun oldin
So this where tax money goes to 🧐
Mad Preacher
Mad Preacher 3 kun oldin
Damn. I. Drunk and high this shit is crazy
CuteOnces 3 kun oldin
Oops Canada's money is plastic you can swim with it but burn it and you get cancer
CuteOnces 3 kun oldin
When the cashier gives me a ugly bill I give it back and say give me a good looking onr
BoostBoys 4 kun oldin
WeRnIS 4 kun oldin
Poor cow :/
Chandler Ford
Chandler Ford 4 kun oldin
Code Black
Code Black 4 kun oldin
So the farmers wallet Is more important than a cow's life, aye that's pretty good
Zix Zizia
Zix Zizia 4 kun oldin
Where do they get their money from then? Tax?
Zix Zizia
Zix Zizia 2 kun oldin
TheEpere15 😭😢
TheEpere15 2 kun oldin
Yeah, that's how the government works...
Henri elliot
Henri elliot 4 kun oldin
So all that money the joker burned in Batman, he will be able to get back ?
Beedy KH
Beedy KH 4 kun oldin
Why recover money and pretend it has a value while we have the Rockefeller family that can print new money out of their asses at any time.
GreenGrounds 4 kun oldin
And the price for renewing the money is the money he was given
Xander Richards
Xander Richards 4 kun oldin
Bro American money is so trash
The_Gaming_Syndrom 5 kun oldin
Banks mostly do that over here
Gerardo Rodriguez
Gerardo Rodriguez 5 kun oldin
The U.S. is in dept
Jackson M
Jackson M 5 kun oldin
Australia has waterproof, crinkle and tear proof money made of flexible thin paper-like plastic. Makes life a lot easier.
_FBI _
_FBI _ 5 kun oldin
*So whats the profit*
RAYA LUNA 5 kun oldin
Jason 5 kun oldin
fireproof it
Andrew Gonzalez
Andrew Gonzalez 5 kun oldin
I'm curious. Has anyone ever attempted or succeeded in submitting counterfeit money in which was intentionally damaged in order to get reimbursed?
SideWayz 5 kun oldin
I would have sent the whole cow
warrdog _
warrdog _ 5 kun oldin
If they d existed long time ago in Columbia Pablo would ve been alive.
Christine Jose
Christine Jose 6 kun oldin
Why would anyone put money in an oven?
Seamus 6 kun oldin
A bank?
Theo Marx
Theo Marx 6 kun oldin
Put the money in the bank
Alex The Dyslexic Penguin
Moral of the story is... Check people's ovens first when robbing a house.
Living With The Guzmans
FUCK OFF 6 kun oldin
Make counterfeit money and burn it a little so you could not tell the difference and send it to these guys to count
dean raynsford
dean raynsford 6 kun oldin
Wow. That’s a great service
Hud Adnan
Hud Adnan 7 kun oldin
Yeah , but can it bring back the mone you paid for fallout ?
Marco Giove
Marco Giove 7 kun oldin
I remember my little lad putting my wallet in the washing machine it had around £230 in I managed to save it. It was all stuck together really bad but I dried it on the radiator
Blake Grigorian
Blake Grigorian 7 kun oldin
Thats it, imma burn ones n say they were hundreds lol
InPics 7 kun oldin
If I cut a 100 dollar in half then I can I say it’s two 100 dollar bills and get 200 bucks
Buchka Urjinee
Buchka Urjinee 5 kun oldin
InPics States, you must submit more than half of the paper bill intact. This is in part to prevent people from ripping money in half and replacing both halves.
Blini Mujka
Blini Mujka 8 kun oldin
Why am I even watching this i dont have any money in the first place
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 8 kun oldin
How farmer know which cow? And if farmer cut stomach out why not cut stomach open himself?
Eddy Lorenzo
Eddy Lorenzo 9 kun oldin
Thumbs up to the treasury
Johnathan Buckhouse
Johnathan Buckhouse 12 kun oldin
That is so cool!!! 🤙🏼
Anton Dereke
Anton Dereke 15 kun oldin
rip cow
HAx2 15 kun oldin
Our country is going cashless. Most people don't carry notes unless they are very old.
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen 16 kun oldin
I lost 40k dollars because I accidentally buried them
Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph 18 kun oldin
That's why we must use digital currency.
im jeff
im jeff 18 kun oldin
Can you help me I accidentally told elon musk to send my 10dollar to space
DREW J KEENE 19 kun oldin
Get a bunch of fake money burn it and send it in
Anonymous Youtuber
Anonymous Youtuber 19 kun oldin
One word u. S. A
Paul Gibson
Paul Gibson 20 kun oldin
TMI about the money in the cow's stomach, though it makes sense if you really think about it. We normally shove money into "piggy banks", which is kind of like shoving it into a cow's stomach.
5K VENOM 24 kun oldin
I wanna meet the ppl who store money in ovens... or ppl who get money wet and put it in the micro wave
fresh new me
fresh new me 24 kun oldin
You kill the cow o mg
Etizo Man
Etizo Man 24 kun oldin
Or you know... just send it to the treasury and they’ll match it penny for penny.
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 24 kun oldin
An atm cant even take a dollar with one little tear, but they take anything damn.
Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'
Lol people just send their drug money in
Su Fauz
Su Fauz 24 kun oldin
What about mutilated kidneys, Will they?
f dmt
f dmt 25 kun oldin
Kawaii Ghost ._.
Kawaii Ghost ._. 25 kun oldin
Dam I kinda thought they were gonna clean the money and like put them back together or some shit
JiaStillNoob 25 kun oldin
The dog ate my homework
Sir Chiddi
Sir Chiddi 25 kun oldin
If its mutilated how is it fresh?
Crisp Crane33218
Crisp Crane33218 25 kun oldin
It’s the van der linde gangs money from blackwater
Mr Alpha
Mr Alpha 25 kun oldin
soon very soon fiat money will be worth $0 - cryptocurrency will take over
george lucas
george lucas 25 kun oldin
Do we have something similar in the UK?
ShadowMaster 45
ShadowMaster 45 25 kun oldin
cant you burn fakes and get real money for it? it will be alot harder to make sure its not fake
NotADullJack 26 kun oldin
Oh yeah yeah
Anime Anime
Anime Anime 26 kun oldin
Did he kill the cow!?
Victor 26 kun oldin
That's why I never have cash, better with a credit card
God spelled backwards is doG
*Bruh they bout to flex*
RonSeanDon 27 kun oldin
Where's the money eating insects
Jose Lara
Jose Lara 27 kun oldin
Who else didn't knew this department existed in the U.S until this video popped in your recommended?
Alfred Murdock
Alfred Murdock 27 kun oldin
Lol thats in my city
Sagnik Biswas
Sagnik Biswas 27 kun oldin
0:08 Real *Black* Money dude
Gino Marian
Gino Marian 27 kun oldin
CJ 17
CJ 17 27 kun oldin
How’d the farmer know without seeing the cow
General Zubbis
General Zubbis 27 kun oldin
Why not just use a bank account wtf
Troll Huntaaa
Troll Huntaaa 27 kun oldin
Can you reimburse me for my invisible money? It was over 3 million but I can’t find it
Richard Nixon
Richard Nixon 27 kun oldin
That's not very cash money of them
Census 28 kun oldin
Fraud. I sent 2 bucks they sent me back $1.87.
ItsStrive 28 kun oldin
Canada has plastic money lol
john son of Morris
john son of Morris 28 kun oldin
Is the cow okay?
GIGABROTHER YT 28 kun oldin
I have a question,how does this company make profit if all you do is refund people's lost money? Do they maybe pay a membership or an insurance of some sort?
Jake Hughes
Jake Hughes 25 kun oldin
Its a government departmwent. Part of the treasury they simply take bills no longer suitable for circulation and replace them
Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz 28 kun oldin
The farmer couldnt just wait till the cow pooped out the wallet? He had to kill it and send them his stomach... i hope that 20 dollar bill in your wallet was worth a cows life
peter scorciolla
peter scorciolla 28 kun oldin
When you’re just a cow eating some random food you found on the ground so the farm man decides to rip out your stomach for that delicious food you just snacked on
Abdulalim Omar
Abdulalim Omar 28 kun oldin
What is the budget of your department?
Matthew Hansford
Matthew Hansford 29 kun oldin
I shit gold
Harold Buford
Harold Buford 29 kun oldin
This is cool.
Raven Moore
Raven Moore 29 kun oldin
Their you go a free government service in America :p but being serious now that’s something that really good and really helpful by the sounds of it
Waltz 29 kun oldin
What if you got counter-fit money than burned it than handed it over to them. Would you get real money for your fake money?
The Joker Joker
The Joker Joker 5 kun oldin
Michael T
Michael T 5 kun oldin
Yeah and then they find out and you go to jail
J Light
J Light 7 kun oldin
Someone tell us! I was just thinking the same thing too😂
Doc. FunkBlack
Doc. FunkBlack 29 kun oldin
So this is a free service?
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