[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "favOriTe"

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[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOOΠΔ) "favOriTe"
LOOΠΔ was designed to be at its maximum potential when LOOΠΔ 1/3, LOOΠΔ / ODD EYE CIRCLE, LOOΠΔ / yyxy, and YeoJin combine.
At its maximum power for the first time, LOOΠΔ's lead single 'favOriTe' declares the signature sound of LOOΠΔ at its complete form.
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xTokyo Sights
xTokyo Sights Soat oldin
Now i see the whole stan loona thing
s k
s k Soat oldin
I an thou, thou wigless me
It's sampled.
BLACKPINK fan 2 soat oldin
xodus 6 soat oldin
if XX has a girl crush concept i dont want you all bitches to hate other concepts
Emilly Vitoria
Emilly Vitoria 9 soat oldin
Esse vídeo é uma tentação pra mjm
Pablo M ́t
Pablo M ́t 9 soat oldin
I wonder what the 11k person who deslike this song was thinking!!!!
arden 11 soat oldin
Haseul & ViVi: *exist* Staff of Line Distribution and Screentime: y'all hear summin?
Javier Gutierrez Lozano
Hermosaa bombom rikoo cantas muy bien mamacita rikaaa preciosaa👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👌🌼🌼🎼🔥🔥😙🍍👐💜🍏😚👍💙🎶💝🌷❤🌸🌸😘👅👅👅👅👅
치명적인 13 soat oldin
Hyejoo Nation
Hyejoo Nation 17 soat oldin
Hyejoo Nation
Hyejoo Nation 17 soat oldin
M C M Entertainment
M C M Entertainment 17 soat oldin
0:50, 1:58, 2:58
krystal isafox
krystal isafox 20 soat oldin
솜사탕 21 soat oldin
좋은 노래좀 뽑자...노래만 좋은거 하나 딱 뽑음 더 올라갈 것 같은데ㅠㅠ
zhang'in askerleri EXO-L
Growl girl version💜😍
Yves Kun oldin
so this is what everyone was hyping up for years 🗿🗿
Watch 'Hi High' by LOOΠΔ
xodus 6 soat oldin
hi5hli5ht 5ting
hi5hli5ht 5ting 8 soat oldin
single handedly saved 2018
кเ๓๓เ Kun oldin
Now i get why people said Stan Loona. They are seriously amazing.
We're going🛫6M!!!
guido Kun oldin
kim lip owns my heart and soul
NB Kun oldin
idk who these people are but stan loona
KiraCartoons Kun oldin
they're all so cute god im so gay
Juliana Kissme
Juliana Kissme Kun oldin
Almost 6M views 😉
Z le
Z le Kun oldin
So this is the Loona everyone says to stan
hi5hli5ht 5ting
hi5hli5ht 5ting Kun oldin
LOONA repackage “xx” has just been announced! It’s gonna get spooky in here gays
Thatonefriend Kun oldin
I've been subscribed to their chanel for a few months how but never really checked out what they're doing but now I decided to see what's going on and boy let me tell you I need to stan them
upskies98 - ɢᴏ ɪɴᴛᴏ ᴏʀʙɪᴛ
Thatonefriend welcome to the fandom! honestly the girls are worth stanning, each of them have their own unique personalities (not to say they are huge dorks too lmao), and ofc they keep delivering good quality contents!
Kekai M
Kekai M 18 soat oldin
Yayayay, welcome to the loonaverse! If you have any questions we are all happy to help!
Miguel Alves
Miguel Alves 2 kun oldin
This song will forever be my shit
xodus 2 kun oldin
*staring intensifies*
xodus 2 kun oldin
6M ->>
crocodile tacos
crocodile tacos 2 kun oldin
uselessOrbiT 2 kun oldin
6M here we come!!!
uselessOrbiT 2 kun oldin
Orbits Keep Streaming!!!
They give off such SNSD vibes ...I just had to stan!
Kekai M
Kekai M 18 soat oldin
YAY! Welcome to the loonaverse! Feel free to ask if you have any questions!
mielchaud 2 kun oldin
Thanks I'm gay
jeongguksoft 2 kun oldin
don't y'all think about ViViD and favOriTe being writed like that? VVDOT? or... iifavrie? maybe i'm a detective
upskies98 - ɢᴏ ɪɴᴛᴏ ᴏʀʙɪᴛ
jeongguksoft and then XX teaser dropped, detective mood : ON
Topek997 20 soat oldin
honestly we're all detectives at this point
I Live for Taengsic so yeah I'm dead inside
brb gonna stan loona
Kekai M
Kekai M 18 soat oldin
YAY! Welcome to the loonaverse! Feel free to ask if you have any questions!
HEIRS DANCE 3 kun oldin
Hello everyone, we are a cover group from Recife - Brazil. We recorded an MV cover for Hi High - LOONA; We hope you like it. uzvid.com/video/video-duPl39USpRA.html
Shxlby ‘
Shxlby ‘ 3 kun oldin
Loona is so underrated but they are so talented and their music is great
»R∞Watson. 3 kun oldin
Sigo calva desde que ESTO pasó... (En realidad mi peluca voló en ViViD... pero digamos que fue acá xd)
Katherene Anguiano
Katherene Anguiano 3 kun oldin
Flying Turtle
Flying Turtle 3 kun oldin
It's called sampling
Minyoongi 99
Minyoongi 99 3 kun oldin
No me gusto
Pendant 3 kun oldin
the lesbiangers snapped
hi5hli5ht 5ting
hi5hli5ht 5ting 3 kun oldin
Goodbye stage this Sunday! Please continue to support Loona 🙏🏼
rosi lintang
rosi lintang 3 kun oldin
Aku mengakak dlm sunyi😑
Stephanie Night
Stephanie Night 3 kun oldin
I just discovered these girls yesterday, and I think they're my new favorite girl group. That was fast. They just threw me so much quality content all together. I'm just impressed.
Lart L.G
Lart L.G Kun oldin
A girl of culture.
————— 3 kun oldin
Stephanie Night well buy the album and their first comebacks album
Stephanie Night
Stephanie Night 3 kun oldin
Thank you all for the welcome. Yes, I've been watching their solos and sub-unit videos. I'm a bit obsessed with the Odd Eye sub-unit. And I really liked Olivia Hye's solo ft. JinSoul. Tbh, everyone in general is awesome in this group. And I love that they have a unique sound and concept. Those are things that I really appreciate in a Kpop group.
hun 3 kun oldin
Welcome! they have so much to offer, i recommend you watch all of their solos and subunit songs.
Juxn Xguilerx
Juxn Xguilerx 3 kun oldin
Welcome to loonaverse 🌘
Helena Puente Rodríguez
sTAN LOONA BITCHES 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😍😍💜💜😍💜😍💜😍 sTAN TALENT
JG YE 4 kun oldin
LOONA just needs to breathe and I’ll fall heads over heels for them and die.
Jeongyeon yoo
Jeongyeon yoo 4 kun oldin
friend: PLS WATCH LOONA'S MV me: no.... *5 minutes later* me: Um.... what is this?? **click** *3 minutes later* Me: CAUSE YOOU MY FAVOOOORITEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Kekai M
Kekai M 18 soat oldin
Welcome! Feel free to ask if you have any questions!
elba jonazo :v
elba jonazo :v 4 kun oldin
i came here because the “stan loona”
hun 3 kun oldin
lol everyone story
Pão De Keje
Pão De Keje 4 kun oldin
This is my favOrite song kjkj
Kai Kazi
Kai Kazi 4 kun oldin
#Chuu- You Attack My Heart
HyunA's monkey
HyunA's monkey 4 kun oldin
Great song but honestly I wish the backing instrumental had been given time to breathe. Everybody is complaining about line distribution but what it needs is your fave singing _less_ because the beat is fucking amazing and deserves a moment of its own.
Topek997 20 soat oldin
i mean, we got the dance break i guess?
Hy Ks
Hy Ks 4 kun oldin
Who's the first girl that shows? 😍
Hy Ks
Hy Ks 4 kun oldin
Nese Pilav thank you, she's so cute
Nese Pilav
Nese Pilav 4 kun oldin
Pedro Barros
Pedro Barros 4 kun oldin
heejin princess
Pedro Barros
Pedro Barros 4 kun oldin
Pedro Barros
Pedro Barros 4 kun oldin
best music, love love love love:)))💗🤪
Pedro Barros
Pedro Barros 4 kun oldin
p e r f e c t
Pedro Barros
Pedro Barros 4 kun oldin
Левый Прохожий
Айщ~ Прямо в моё кокоро~~ Слишком горячо
Katherine Agata
Katherine Agata 4 kun oldin
I like this song
Aerron Wong
Aerron Wong 5 kun oldin
Kim Hyun Jin is my favourite lovely and cute girl
Tiah das Nutella
Tiah das Nutella 5 kun oldin
I think I love these girls now
hun 3 kun oldin
Rocío Torres
Rocío Torres 5 kun oldin
es imposible dejar de fangirlear con este mv y cON LOONA EN GENERAL
주물주물주물 5 kun oldin
국내보다 해외 인지도가 더 높은거 같은데... ㅋㅋ..
Julia Brito
Julia Brito 5 kun oldin
They are so powerful OMG I'M IN LOVEEE ♥️
Nor Qazidah
Nor Qazidah 5 kun oldin
this deserves more views
오리 야나는
오리 야나는 5 kun oldin
I like more favorite than hi high ;-;
hun 3 kun oldin
That's Ok! everyone have different tastes :)
• blue ink •
• blue ink • 5 kun oldin
a masterpiece
Marcus月饼君 5 kun oldin
Too much member.... I watch 3 times still havent get sense those face. Too messy for me...
Lovely orbiting loonatic
+MsYogaGrrrl I wasn't trying to be rude tho lol
MsYogaGrrrl 4 kun oldin
+Marcus月饼君 Here's some help for you--their company, BBC, has released a solo for each girl since October 2016, along with 3 sub-units: 1/3; Odd Eye Circle; yyxy (youth youth by young); and each MV/teaser builds upon the prior to make an ongoing storyline about the "Loonaverse" for us "Orbits" (their fandom name). Here are their names, positions, official colours, animals, sub-units and appearance times in the MV: Heejin (#4 in survival show MixNine; main dancer, lead vocalist, center; bright pink; rabbit; sub-unit 1/3) :11 :37 1:08 1:31 2:18 Kim Lip (main dancer, lead vocalist; red; owl; sub-unit Odd Eye Circle) :22 1:05 1:10 1:20 2:32 Yves [pronounced "Eve"] (main dancer, lead vocalist; burgundy; swan; sub-unit yyxy) :26 1:38 2:46 Jinsoul (main rapper, lead vocalist, visual; blue; betta fish; sub-unit Odd Eye Circle) :31 1:25 2:50 3:10 Choerry (vocalist, rapper; purple; fruit bat; sub-unit Odd Eye Circle) :45 1:33 Chuu (main vocalist; peach; penguin; sub-unit yyxy) :48 1:44 2:58 Hyunjin (was in survival show MixNine; main dancer, vocalist, visual; yellow; cat; sub-unit 1/3) 1:00 Olivia Hye (lead dancer, vocalist; black; wolf; sub-unit yyxy) 1:10 2:39 Vivi (visual, vocalist; pastel rose; deer; sub-unit 1/3--also the only foreigner--from Hong Kong) 1:11 Gowon (lead rapper, lead dancer; Eden green; butterfly; sub-unit yyxy) 1:13 1:55 Yeojin (lead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist, maknae; orange; frog; rumoured to be the "/" in 1/3. but didn't appear with them) 1:18 Haseul (leader, main vocalist; green; bird (which she's afraid of...); sub-unit 1/3) 2:25
MsYogaGrrrl 4 kun oldin
+Lovely orbiting loonatic Don't start with the hyper-defensive attitude, Orbit...This person is clearly new. Rather than getting snappy and snotty, you could have nicely explained than to him. Your way drives off potential fans--be nice.
Lovely orbiting loonatic
Theirs only 12 that's not a lot compared to other groups and they all have solo songs but you do you boo
infad jung
infad jung 5 kun oldin
SPREAD THE LOVE!! WE ARE LUVIA!! WE ARE BACK WITH NEW VIDEO!!! Covering LOONA - Hi High, please like, comment and subscribe our channel!!! Thank you!! We will improve ourself in the future, please keep waiting for us!!! uzvid.com/video/video-FaFWSoKHkhM.html
Shadow Lord
Shadow Lord 6 kun oldin
Heejin's wink tho😳😍😵
jimin's jibooty
jimin's jibooty 6 kun oldin
I love how this isnt the typical cutesy concept😱🔥❤❤
hun 3 kun oldin
Hehe well they have cute concepts too! but they are so versatile that can do any concept.
Maxair Moon
Maxair Moon 5 kun oldin
Know that they are versatile. Just saying.😊✌They do cutesy concept or maybe not. Have you checked Loona 1/3 unit mv? Odd eye circle and yyxy? Just sharing.✌
sam !¡
sam !¡ 6 kun oldin
stan talent, stan loona
Andrea Ante
Andrea Ante 6 kun oldin
*BRRRRRRRRRAAA* part so lit! I'm into deep deeper falling in love this group
Shadow Lord
Shadow Lord 6 kun oldin
are you a new orbit?🙂
Diana Martínez
Diana Martínez 6 kun oldin
Diana Martínez
Diana Martínez 6 kun oldin
gracias, gracias
skjult kraft
skjult kraft 6 kun oldin
yerbuA Zednanfer
yerbuA Zednanfer 6 kun oldin
i love her the one whos dancing!
yerbuA Zednanfer
yerbuA Zednanfer 5 kun oldin
Shadow Lord the one whome who dances the whole song!
Shadow Lord
Shadow Lord 6 kun oldin
which one?
Tae Coffe
Tae Coffe 6 kun oldin
*0:37** OMG she KILLED me, help me !!! I'm going to die, nooooo*
hun 3 kun oldin
Her name is Jeon Heejin!
Sona Tine
Sona Tine 5 kun oldin
*시작해 !!*
미나 7 kun oldin
No dance version? Someone knew dance version? Thanks
Rizky Aulia Ryalvin
is loona a girl version of nct? no offense just asking
crocodile tacos
crocodile tacos 2 kun oldin
Nilsu ugh TEA
Nilsu 6 kun oldin
loona won't add more members, nct will
amy sunshine
amy sunshine 6 kun oldin
Well, their structures have some similarities, but nct has multiple units and members can be part of multiple units. Loona has 3 different units, each girl is part of only one. They had a 2 year predebut project, where every girl got a solo sing with an mv, and then a couple of girls would form a unit and promote a solo song befire the next few girls would be introduced. After all 12 girls debuted and the last subunit finished promoting they came together to form the group and had their debut.
Hoshi Hoshi
Hoshi Hoshi 7 kun oldin
i'm here after watching loona tv #412
Shadow Lord
Shadow Lord 7 kun oldin
same here
sxncheq 7 kun oldin
10-8-18 L♡ ♡NA favOriTe
Hanbaby_Bubble 7 kun oldin
Sorry if this seems a bit random but could any of you check out the girl group Lipbubble? They recently had a comeback but with the lack of attention they have I’m scared they’ll disband...
Hanbaby_Bubble 6 kun oldin
yuratchkaplisetskys Oof sorry, they have little to no fans so I feel a need to promote them endlessly and I know but it’s better than nothing:/
Can you please stop spamming in the comment section? You don't need to promote your fav group every few days. Anyway, attention from international fans won't really determine if they disband or not, it's attention from the South Korean market. Album sales are the biggest factor in a group's success.
Hanbaby_Bubble 7 kun oldin
harshly honest Well thank you for recognizing their improvement~
blackfeather 7 kun oldin
I know about there comeback i hate the song but the Mv was a improvement from POPCORN but i just ignore them =)
HanYu Lovesx
HanYu Lovesx 7 kun oldin
I love JinSoul~~~~
K- PlutÃo
K- PlutÃo 3 kun oldin
Me too
yikes corperations
yikes corperations 7 kun oldin
loona is serving us high school hoe looks!
BangTwice PinkVelvet
Came from Hi High, my first time listening to this, i like both, very catching
Majda 7 kun oldin
Call me baby 😕😕
Jessica 7 kun oldin
twitter.com/intl_loona/status/1046453432209604608?s=21 LINK TO HOW TO VOTE FOR LOONA!!!
Chelby Keene
Chelby Keene 8 kun oldin
the vocals and dance are there but where’s the fashion
hun 3 kun oldin
Yeah this was more like a performance mv! i recommend you to see hi high
pmanlicious II
pmanlicious II 7 kun oldin
their company want this MV focus on the song, choreo and their visual
Army Trashu
Army Trashu 8 kun oldin
this was just a performance-focused mv so most of the focus was on the dance
Edenilson Albuquerque
K- PlutÃo
K- PlutÃo 3 kun oldin
Jinsoul linda
chibinokaze 8 kun oldin
Orbits, let's vote for LOONA onn MTV EMA 2018 Best Korea Act. www.mtvema.com/ko-kr/vote#best-song No need to sign up or login, just click vote then revote again, it' unlimited vote. LOONA is going Hi High✋✋✋
kim namjoon is hot
kim namjoon is hot 8 kun oldin
isnt this their debut song? i really like it!
kim namjoon is hot
kim namjoon is hot 8 kun oldin
+Kalysha Utama ah thanks! ill check it out!!!!
Kalysha Utama
Kalysha Utama 8 kun oldin
No this is their pre-debut single. Hi high is their official debutsingle
jeojang supremacist
the first three to sing were the also the first girls in their respective units
すき 9 kun oldin
2:45 "kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin"
Poly The ladybug
Poly The ladybug 9 kun oldin
The way favorite is written cracks me up
peachie guk
peachie guk 9 kun oldin
i cant remember if i stanned on Aug 6 or 7 uGh buT I STAN IN THE END
Javier Meneses
Javier Meneses 9 kun oldin
VIVI'S WINK AT THE END (3:24 watch full screen)
TheOne 9 kun oldin
This is the style im looking for, finally i found it
camren clexa and jenlisa af
rookies of the year yay
Marcy S
Marcy S 10 kun oldin
Last hours, go and vote m.mwave.me/en/vote/kpop-poll/view?voteSeq=900820&tab=vote
Hyo-Sonn Jeon
Hyo-Sonn Jeon 10 kun oldin
Everyones saying that their choreography is different from other girl groups but I think it all looks the same as other girl groups. They’re all really pretty tho.
Mark De Villa
Mark De Villa 9 kun oldin
Atirudrev 9 kun oldin
in my personal opinion, loona stands out from the other groups become of the story behind the videos, the universe created for this story, the theories, etc :) i don't think they are the best at singing or dancing, but for a rookie group i think they are great and have a lot of potential :)
celestial 9 kun oldin
Hyo-Sonn Jeon not their choreography but their discography haha! their discography is really rich and diverse, they explored many genres and even brought one into kpop (new - yves) ! :)
Jade Goppel
Jade Goppel 11 kun oldin
I love LOONA!!!!!!!!!!!