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What are some of your favourite products from 2018?! LMK in the comments below!
how many of u guessed exactly what my faves would be lol ol ol ol lll
(launching feb 1st so exciTEEEE!!!)
Anna's 2018 faves video:
3 Looks Using Soft Glam Palette:
Fenty Moroccan Spice GRWM:
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Discount Codes:
Leah Alexandra Huggie Earrings + Reign Ring + Gold Bracelets
*Use code ALLANA for 15% off of your order
Smashbox primerizer obvi lol
Drunk Elephant D Bronzi
Loreal lumi glotion
Mac face and body (shade C2)
Too faced born this way concealer
Elcie slique concealer
Hourglass translucent powder
Kevyn aucoin medium sculpting powder
Lilah b bronzer
Becca sunrise waves bronzer (from the summer)
Marc Jacobs Omega Bronzer
Nars fort de france and Ibiza highlighters
Nudestix hey honey highlighter
and bondi bae bronzer
Clinique rosy cheek pop blush
Hourglass Brilliant Nude blush
Benefit gimme brow
Marc Jacobs Brownie Highliner
Lancome monsieur big mascara
Shiseido aura dew solar 02
ABH Soft Glam Palette
Fenty Moroccan Spice Palette
Makeup Forever 5C Aqua Lip Liner RIP
MAC Stripdown Lip Pencil - a worthy replacement
Dior matte lip glow 102 matte raspberry
Lancome Labsolu lacquer in 515 & 168 & 274
Lisa Eldridge Lipsticks
Burts Bees Lip Crayon Redwood Forest
Burts Bees Lipstick in Suede Splash
2017 FAVES:
Smashbox Primerizer
Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation
Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint
NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer
Glossier Wowder
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Becca Opal Highlighter
Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil Shade #3
Benefit 24hr Brow Setter
Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara
Dior Meteore Creme Shadow
Marc Jacobs Eye Conic Palettes
Dior 5 Couleurs Palettes
Makeup Forever 3C Aqua Lip Liner
Lancome Matte Shakers
Glossier Generation G Lipsticks (Jam, Cake, Like, Crush, etc etc)
YSL Tint-In Lip Balms #6 & #1
Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil
Nailz: unknown
FTC: This video is not sponsored and some of the above links are affiliate links XO

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9-Yan, 2019

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elisa scott
elisa scott 25 daqiqa oldin
loved the video, ordered the bronzer straight away from spacenk :-) could you tell me which highlighter brush you were using?
Miranda Starcher
Miranda Starcher Soat oldin
omg where are you earrings from!? I need those hoops in my life like right now !!!!
Olga Gurheva
Olga Gurheva 8 soat oldin
You are great, but why covering the foundation with the concealer, as well as contouring stuff with the bronzer and using blush which is almost the same as the bronzer? It all starts being ridiculous.
mysterioussauce 21 soat oldin
Thanks for all those great recommendations Allana. I really liked the way you actually used the products as you described them, very helpful!! I also really appreciated how you put the colours in the description, it makes it so easy when I want to refer back to, or when I want to go out and purchase one of the products. Love your videos and your fun and quirky personality. You're amazing!
kathleen swenning
kathleen swenning 21 soat oldin
You are becoming more and more beautiful, you seem so much more comfortable in your own skin, therefore more confident, you’re becoming more and more a woman, a sensual, multi layered, powerful Bawse woman, there is so much more to say but all leave it at that, know that what I have written are all awesome compliments in my book, it’s so amazing to watch you grow, I’m looking forward to watching your continued growth for as long as you keep sharing your life, and I am able to experience it from afar, but it does feel like I’m right there most of the time, Thank you!!!!
Tiffany Uy
Tiffany Uy Kun oldin
Jessica Sorge
Jessica Sorge Kun oldin
What’s the shade of the too face concealer
Sarah Ibraheem
Sarah Ibraheem Kun oldin
Hi Allana, i really really like your style and i wish that you would make a video on your rings collection i just love them and i like how you wear them together.
jose Assef
jose Assef Kun oldin
your makeup are so plain, it looks like you do not like makeup.
manehbag Kun oldin
I love how well blended your bronzer and blushes always look. So seamless! Great job you’re a lovely lady
Katrina Doerr
Katrina Doerr Kun oldin
Your skin looks stunning with that highlight and bronzer! I love how you apply your makeup and how its not like every other beauty guru. Love from Edmonton!
SMJ_Makeup Kun oldin
Also I’m really feeling this background- it’s given me modern day Belle vibes for some reason. Idkkk why
SMJ_Makeup Kun oldin
I’ve truly learned so many tips from you over the years - i applied my Mac face and body with my hands and got so many compliments on my skin whiiiich doesn’t happen often lol
Rima Kun oldin
I first discovered you channel when I saw your 2017 favourites, wow feels like yesterday been watching pretty much all of you videos since!
AnnieMustange 2 kun oldin
Your eye around makes me think of Kate Winslet.
Kimberley Hague
Kimberley Hague 2 kun oldin
Does anybody know where Allana's earrings in this video are from ?? Need them!
Chrissy V
Chrissy V 2 kun oldin
What’s your favorite lip moisturizer? I have very dry lips and feel like I’ve tried EVERYTHING, both high end and drugstore.
Mima Flow
Mima Flow 2 kun oldin
try laneige sleeping mask,I else like sol de janeiro lip balm is a little expensive but it is great
Mollie Kravitz
Mollie Kravitz 2 kun oldin
I love how natural and glowy you do makeup. Also...those Burts Bees lipsticks are incredible. I am obsessed and going to keep picking up more colors.
Shannon O'Brien
Shannon O'Brien 2 kun oldin
What shade do you wear in the too faced born this way concealer?!
The Anna Edit
The Anna Edit 2 kun oldin
ALLANA! You babe. Also this video is basically my beauty shopping list for 2019 x
Melissa Andrea Gutiérrez
Your skin looks INCREDIBLE here 😍 (yes, even with your blemishes)
Aisha Shabbar
Aisha Shabbar 3 kun oldin
I bought Nars Fort de France because of your recommendation and it's my top makeup product from 2018 for sure!!
JanisSmithe 3 kun oldin
The last video I watched that you put out was with you seated far away, color-balanced to super yellow, and with these crazy - almost psychotic - editing cuts. If this video is what you'll be putting out in the future I will probably re-subscribe. Good list, too.
Steffi 3 kun oldin
i have the lancome monsieur big in the waterproof version and i put it on, cried really hard for 15 min and it did NOT move. The best waterproof mascara that exists
Elvira Ali
Elvira Ali 3 kun oldin
please please also mention the favorite perfume~~~~~~~~~~~~:)
St. Driscoll
St. Driscoll 3 kun oldin
Do you have some kind of effect on makeup being discontinued?! Sephora doesn’t have 274 or 515 ever... and Stripdown isn’t on the MAC site 😭 Hoping you’ve just pushed sales so much that they are just out of stock!!!🤣
St. Driscoll
St. Driscoll 2 kun oldin
Ok whew. It was just out of stock on MAC yesterday.
Kylie J. Dunmire
Kylie J. Dunmire 3 kun oldin
Favorites videos make me love makeup even more. I love hearing fellow beauty junkies talk about what they love and why they love it.
Jennah Elomari
Jennah Elomari 3 kun oldin
Every time I watch your videos , I get "Kate Winslet " vibes from your face. Utterly beautiful and extremely likeable ❤
Mangopoppy 3 kun oldin
Allana, can you please do a jewelry collection video? Or your favorite jewelry brands. I am looking for nice classic pieces and could use your help! 😊💕💍
Soma’s Makeup Diary
I am a huge fan of Smashbox the original Photo Finish smooth & blur Primer! I am going to give the primerizer a chance this year!
MissBlazinAsian 3 kun oldin
5c is back on the Makeupforver site! I ordered one the other day and it arrived the next day :)
Kara Ferrari
Kara Ferrari 3 kun oldin
I literally just went out and bought Drunk Elephant D Bronzi and Mac Face & Body tonight because of this video so thank you but also my wallet hates you
Kelcey Fleming
Kelcey Fleming 3 kun oldin
Enjoying this with the closed captioning on: "Kevin of Kwan" "...love to bathe my entire bra potty in bronzer"
0811vanmanka 3 kun oldin
Would like to see more looks form Fenty Moroccan Spice Palette it is so beautiful
Jessica Zajicek
Jessica Zajicek 3 kun oldin
Where are your rings from?
miaxlou _
miaxlou _ 3 kun oldin
You should defo try the YSL Touche Éclat All-In-One Glow foundation!!!!
Jessica Ray
Jessica Ray 3 kun oldin
Ugh! I miss Lanmas!!!
Eri M
Eri M 3 kun oldin
You got me hooked on the Lancôme mascara as well,it was not a love with first use but, boy oh boy,didn't I change my mind! It is, that good. One my favourite products this year was,also another mascara,Dimension de Chanel . Honestly ,it makes my modest lashes look AMAZING and it's also smudge proof and long-lasting.
Lorraine Bollin
Lorraine Bollin 3 kun oldin
“ nothing 2 glam today “ lol serious when do u Ever do glam u like me are more of a eyeshadow collector cause u rarely do any intense extravagant eye ( shadow ) looks
Kalyn Pirwitz
Kalyn Pirwitz 4 kun oldin
I’m so glad you are putting it on as you tell us!! I hate videos that are just like hey this is what I like... I wanna see the product!
Laurie Baker
Laurie Baker 4 kun oldin
This is the most gorgeous makeup look!
gelateria2004 4 kun oldin
Nobody noticed the "crasher" in the background at the end of the video? So funny🤣🤣🤣
Betty Yuan-Cardinal
Wow, all that concealer! Is it necessary to even put a base on first?
Mira Parker
Mira Parker 4 kun oldin
Weird, I find the Mac F&B even stickier than the IT CC. It stays super tacky I can’t stand it.
Kate Kositzky
Kate Kositzky 4 kun oldin
I’d love to know if the warm soul I own is the old formula or the new one. How can I tell? Do you know when the formula changed? Any insight is appreciated!
notacheerleader 4 kun oldin
Old school Lan vibes in this video 👌🏼👌🏼
GoldBloodedBeauty 4 kun oldin
Omg the twist off brush is a game changer!!
Yocheved Lam
Yocheved Lam 4 kun oldin
Why do u look so different in this vid?
Nini panini
Nini panini 4 kun oldin
I‘ve watched it 5 times
Sherry Jensen
Sherry Jensen 4 kun oldin
Yay!!! I’m so glad you posted this! I’ve been waiting for your favorites of the year video and can’t wait to get my hands on a couple of these products. 😍 I was wondering if you have any favorite skin care products (under eye treatments, face serums, etc)? And secondly, do you have a list of makeup brushes you prefer? I’ve been using the same 3-4 for a long time and i desperately need an upgrade! 🙈😅🙏
valhoff3 4 kun oldin
Favorite moment in makeup this year: I was shopping at our local new “clean cosmetic” store, Botanicca Bazaar, and the owner, former supermodel Leilani Bishop, complimented MEEEEE on my highlighter when I was wearing BECCA Bronze Waves!!! I love these videos! ❤️😘
Bobbi B.
Bobbi B. 4 kun oldin
2018 favorite = Meryl
Heather O'Neal
Heather O'Neal 4 kun oldin
Loved this! Where is your lamp from??
J D 4 kun oldin
Bare minerals complexion rescue tinted moisturizer won me over this year! Beautiful sheer and glowy application.
A Till
A Till 4 kun oldin
Can you review the new fenty concealer? 😊
Lianne McMahon
Lianne McMahon 4 kun oldin
Stunning, I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store!
Robyn Joyce
Robyn Joyce 4 kun oldin
You should do a video revisiting your past favourites to see if they still hold up
justitokeeto 4 kun oldin
The entire time I watched the show You on Netflix I couldn’t stop thinking how u remind me so much of Beck 😳
B. Monday
B. Monday 5 kun oldin
skincare favourites for 2018??
Patrice Bailey
Patrice Bailey 5 kun oldin
I’m so pissed I never got my hands on the Becca bronzer 😭😭😭
Patrice Bailey
Patrice Bailey 5 kun oldin
Omg yasssss it’s a full face
jessica gonzalez
jessica gonzalez 5 kun oldin
How are you feeling about your Charlotte tilbury products? I LOVED your full face CT video- how do you feel about the products now?
TrebleCryss 5 kun oldin
Umm yes hair!! 😍
victoria sevilla
victoria sevilla 5 kun oldin
this whole background, living room, aesthetic ugh i LOVE the rusty tones and pops of green yeeeeesssss
Christine Mack
Christine Mack 5 kun oldin
What colour is you born this way concealer? xx
Natalie Kassir
Natalie Kassir 5 kun oldin
Please do a “full face of last years favorites” video!! I would be interested in seeing how you feel about those products you once loved!!
Wendy S.
Wendy S. 5 kun oldin
I want to try all your favorites love how your makeup turns out always 👌💕💕💕💕
Fatin Elwir
Fatin Elwir 5 kun oldin
I’m so sad those Lisa Eldridge lipsticks are sold out 😞
krys cobián-ayerdi
the kevyn aucoin documentary on netflix is fantastic if you haven't checked it out already
Rose H
Rose H 5 kun oldin
How does the hourglass powder compare to the laura mercier powder?
lifewithcassidy 5 kun oldin
This background tho!!
Silvia Gutierrez
Silvia Gutierrez 5 kun oldin
Hola! Thanks for your videos. A a really Kevin Aucoin Sculpure powder fan, I have to say you that since the moment I bought the Nyx Taupe blush I forgot the Kevin one. You have to try it. It’s 😍😍😍 besos
Mario quintana B
Mario quintana B 5 kun oldin
What brush you use for your highlighter?
Courtney Rollins
Courtney Rollins 5 kun oldin
I know you JUST did some clean beauty videos... but can we get a FAVS video for clean beauty? Love you!!
makeupbynicole 5 kun oldin
ugh im obsessed with you can we just be friends already?
Instantly Ageless Era
You look amazing! Im hoping to win my first pro-makeover with the MAC giveaway at HOWDOO, wish me luck!
Izza 5 kun oldin
For sure my new fave beauty youtuber. PLEASE stay honest, that is def what makes you stand apart for me. Now i need everything in this video!
Diana Rusnov
Diana Rusnov 5 kun oldin
If your cream eyeshadow is drying up, just pour a few drops of visine or any eye drops and mix it. Did it with one of my Chanel eyeshadows, and it came out like new! :)
Emily Kaitlyn
Emily Kaitlyn 5 kun oldin
Stunning look girl ! Defiantly going to pick up the Born This Way concealer and hourglass blush!
Dona youssef
Dona youssef 5 kun oldin
why does she copy samantha ravandal though????
Dona youssef
Dona youssef 3 kun oldin
+Adriana Nicole she copies the way she talks and jokes. does friends have identity crisis and do that too???
Adriana Nicole
Adriana Nicole 3 kun oldin
Dona youssef they’re best friends lmaoo they have similar tastes
Jovana Jordanov
Jovana Jordanov 5 kun oldin
Vanessa sneaking in the background! 😂
Maria S
Maria S 5 kun oldin
A replacement for 3c please!
ophelia OOO
ophelia OOO 5 kun oldin
Hey Love your vids and the Monsieur Big mascara as well. My issue is just that I never can really get it off. I use a micellar water but that boy stays on my lashes forever... Any Tips? Anyone else having the same issue?
Lauren Kay
Lauren Kay 4 kun oldin
ophelia OOO I use that mascara too and mine comes off easily with grape seed oil. That's all I use on my eyes with warm water - been using it for years!
Rebecca 5 kun oldin
Oh my 😍 that look is amazing and sooooo beautiful and warm ❤️❤️❤️I loved it!!! Owen Wilson WOW!! ☘️💋 I wish I had gotten my hands on the L.E. velvets lipsticks too... I'm glad you got a chance to have them though (: thanks for sharing!!!!
Vashti Ramsaroop
Vashti Ramsaroop 5 kun oldin
This is the first video of yours that I've seen - - discovered you from Samantha Ravndahl - - and I really enjoyed this vid. I look forward to checking out more of your content. The look that you created is just beautiful on you! Thanks for all of your hard work to do this vid! :-)
Antonio Cotior
Antonio Cotior 5 kun oldin
I adora the Mac Face&Body but it just breaks me out and breaks my heart
Chelsea Walker
Chelsea Walker 5 kun oldin
Love the set up! 😍 You look great btw
Andrea Dyck
Andrea Dyck 5 kun oldin
Love how you compared it to your last year's favorites :)
Michaela Gillan
Michaela Gillan 5 kun oldin
That was a great video, thanks!
Jena Froese
Jena Froese 5 kun oldin
Omg so many of these are products I love!! 💕
Judy 5 kun oldin
Absolutely - mac face & body the best!
Juliana Marko
Juliana Marko 5 kun oldin
I love this makeup look You look absolutely stunning and glowing
Marissa Coubrough
Marissa Coubrough 5 kun oldin
Has anyone watched “You” on Netflix? I swear, Allana is Becks. I seriously think they’re related in the best way. ♥️
samlibs 5 kun oldin
Your hair is looking exceptionally dope in this video!
Jordyn Mara
Jordyn Mara 5 kun oldin
Also to your no-buy bronzer pact that didn’t happen.. I told myself I wasn’t going to buy any more lip balms (lip balm junkie here) and 3 balm dot coms, 1 clarins balm and 2 laneige lip sleeping masks later I too am a no-buy fail you aren’t alone lol xx
Jordyn Mara
Jordyn Mara 5 kun oldin
I haven’t read all the comments (obviously I’m busy watching the video and am not a crazy person) so I’m not sure if someone has mentioned this BUT you should do a video revisiting all your 2017 favourites and see if you still love them since finding new favs! Xx love you
J D 5 kun oldin
Your makeup is so glowy and nice , you really know your face. And btw I love the background
Brianna 5 kun oldin
So happy to see you back on the UZvids :) Some of my favorites from 2018 are the L'oreal Lash Paradise mascara and the Benefit Goof Proof brow pencil. I started to dive more into non-drugstore makeup which is nice. Also, the L'oreal Glowtion is BEAUTIFUL but it unfortunately broke me out and I was so disappointed lol
Corina G
Corina G 5 kun oldin
Omg THANK YOU to whoever told you about the nudestix packaging...my life is also changed🙈
Shelby Hamilton
Shelby Hamilton 5 kun oldin
I loved the Marc Jacobs bronzer too! Bought it because Jamie Paige Beauty talked about so much and now I’m obsessed!!