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Hey guys! Most of you may know that I was adopted, but I never really talk about it. I am hoping sharing my story can help someone else that may be struggling with a similar situation. If you have any questions for me, just let me know in the comments below.

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Nicole Elizabeth "Snooki" Polizzi is an American reality television personality who is best known for being a cast member of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore. For more up-to-date-news on the reality star, visit her official website: www.celebuzz.com/nicole-snooki...




5-Iyl, 2018

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Azucena Barrera
Azucena Barrera 3 soat oldin
*its santiago chile not chile santiago
shawna jackson
shawna jackson Kun oldin
Did she mean she had siblings?? Because she said my birth parents had other siblings. Her birth parents siblings would be here uncles and aunts?!
Karina Power Woman
Karina Power Woman 3 kun oldin
Hello Nicole, I am from day one already Super fan of you. We seem too much on each other i'm also year on 23 November. Our characters seem well together. Everyone says it too. I am also adopted. But I also a very good band with my adoptive parents i'm truly blessed with my life else I was already longer death been in Colombia. I'm namely rolstoelgebonden. I'm also all the time to dubbing about my descent. I am also engaged in video blogging. Keep up I give you so much a tip they last because you become even older and your organic family as well. If you ever you biological family meet please have a DNA test down to 100% to know if you biological parents. I'm namely volunteer at plan Angel is a human rights aimed at together bringing relatives who each other for his lost by adoption. In addition to actually together bringing relatives find plan Angel important that people are supported and understood feel and be aware of their rights and opportunities. Since its inception has plan Angel various projects started with these two pillars as a basis. Many adoption paper knocking not. Now put myself there for in to adoption people to help. Keep up my powerwomen. Yours greetings, Karina
Sammantha sandoval
Sammantha sandoval 3 kun oldin
I think if you grew up in Italy you could say you grew up italian, but just having italian adopted parents, that doesn't make you italian living in NJ/NY. You grew up american. I'm just thinking if white parents adopted a black kid, the black kid wouldn't say they are white as well, and if they did, that would be incorrect.
Lori Averill
Lori Averill 3 kun oldin
You have an amazing outlook on being adopted. I'm very happy for you.
Destiny LSFACES 4 kun oldin
Follow my account for my story
Destiny LSFACES 4 kun oldin
Same B
Ismara Prieto
Ismara Prieto 4 kun oldin
I would love to talk to you
Ismara Prieto
Ismara Prieto 4 kun oldin
Hi Nicole! In August 25th 2018, had my first conversation with my biological mother, ” have proves”, I fell yoy! We are lucky!!!!!!
BwanaLana _
BwanaLana _ 5 kun oldin
You were probably stolen when you were born....and sold for a cheap price to some rich Italian Americans.....if your adoptive parents aren't open to telling you the truth and you're 30, they're HIDING SOMETHING SNOOK.
Sherbet_Bomb 5 kun oldin
Blood or not, those are your folks. Personally, I hate words like adopted, half or step. And try to reduce using them.
Jezabel-in-Hell 5 kun oldin
I could have SWORN there was a video a couple of years ago where Nicole went to Chile and met her birth mother and siblings. Maybe I'm remembering some alternate universe? Strange.
reinerca 6 kun oldin
I know I’m late with this but Nicole THANK YOU for sharing your story! Also, no shade at all but I’m sorry your parents aren’t more open to discussing your early childhood and background with you. I know you’re cool with it but I work as a family therapist for children who have been adopted and the adoptive parents not being forthcoming with information and being transparent in discussions with their kids honestly leads to about 90% of the difficulties within the home. Your parents are lucky you are SO resilient! Not all kids are like that. I hope that, even though your experience is different, you can speak as an advocate for people being open with their adopted children about where they came from because all of their kids’ questions are valid and understandable and have absolutely NOTHING to do with how much they love, respect, and appreciate their adoptive family. Love you!
Rosario Mendez
Rosario Mendez 6 kun oldin
You should do a show about meeting your birth parents! I would love to watch and I am sure others would too. I was not adopted but I am sure your story would help others!
Jennifer Washere
Jennifer Washere 6 kun oldin
Wow! I lived 30 minutes from you 😘
single mom life
single mom life 7 kun oldin
Hey Snooki..omg..I just luv u..I’m a jersey shore freak..as well as Snooki and jwoww..you guys are the best and your family is awesome..Lorenzo and giavonna are lucky to have you as a mom..adoptive mom or not..your great..💋💋
Gabriela Nahuelpán Escobar
Andrea Yonker
Andrea Yonker 8 kun oldin
My neice is adpoted from China but she's not addopted she is our little girl. We all love her so much and she fits just perfect into our family it was a instant connection and instant love from day one
bebe bebe
bebe bebe 9 kun oldin
The parents stole her from Chile it's hard to adopt kids from Chile from someone from u.s.a Google it that's why the parents don't want to bring it up
ytussiy 10 kun oldin
I need a video where you meet your birth family!
Turkish* Delight
Turkish* Delight 10 kun oldin
Your so sweet...i always loved you from jersey shore....your a grown up women (mom)..good job Nicole...
Priscilla Dela Cruz
Priscilla Dela Cruz 10 kun oldin
Thank you for sharing. You’re a beautiful soul.
Zoë Yzarra
Zoë Yzarra 11 kun oldin
Alguien puede traducir? Al español!
David B
David B 11 kun oldin
Hi Nicole, I hope you do meet your biological family. Please do some reading beforehand about other adoptee's experiences so you'll be as prepared as you can be. davidbbohl.com/author-qa/
Life with BrittanyMichelle
Thank u for being so trAnsparent u should check out the show on tlc long lost family
Collette Smith
Collette Smith 11 kun oldin
Beautiful soul 💖
Miss Muscle
Miss Muscle 12 kun oldin
I love your positive outlook!
Mond Kind
Mond Kind 12 kun oldin
I would def be interested, I believe it would help a lot of people.
lanahlee clifford
lanahlee clifford 12 kun oldin
I watched this video a ling time ago and when i looked back i JUST realized this is nicole
Ashley Lebron
Ashley Lebron 12 kun oldin
I’m Adopted n sometimes it’s hard but I’m so blessed that my adopted mom took me in
G L 13 kun oldin
Definitely meet them! They'd rest easy knowing how great of a life you've had, plus they'd be like extended family for you to love.
SouthernGirl 13 kun oldin
My Birth Mom was adopted when she was 5 years old. I was raised by my grandfather from the age of 3 years old in tell the age of 25 years old, When I was 12 years old he told me that my birth mom was adopted and when he told me that it took me a min but after that I told him I don't care that she was adopted and no matter what he will all way be my parent and he is my grandfather. sadly 2 years ago when I was 25 years old my grandfather passed away at 82 and when I found out that he died it was one of the most hardest days of my life because he raised me so to me he was my dad and grandfather and when he passed away I felt like I lost 2 people at one time, My grandfather was my only family.... I will say to everyone out there your mom and dad or who ever raised you does not have to have the same blood at you to be your parents, Parents are the ones that are there for you throw the good and the bad and the ones who care for you and love you. Because my birth mom was adopted did not make me change the way that I felt about my grandfather and to my my grandfather was grandfather/dad.
Karina Gonzalez
Karina Gonzalez 13 kun oldin
Tv show?
taylor cousar
taylor cousar 14 kun oldin
by the way my real name is derrika mayers
taylor cousar
taylor cousar 14 kun oldin
hi i love a lot i want to be adopted by this woman in my program name is verna cousar she is the nice and pritty and some time she not so i look just like her and we both have a same attiude i want to know more about adoption i want too adopt to i want to have 3 bio first and then adopt 6 orthers i live with mmy mom she is a single mom i am lonley i do not have no body it not fun my mom she calling me names and push me away she do not want me to huge her or kiss her i feel like i do not have no body i do not have no friends only at my day program please help me out my mom she nice some times but you would not know what you would get behind close doors
mary flores
mary flores 14 kun oldin
That calls for a new show Nicole polizzi Journey finding her biological parents
redblueorange 16 kun oldin
“I’ll see if I can meet my birth parents one day if I find the time..” Said no one ever but Snooki lol
Sara Gerlock
Sara Gerlock 16 kun oldin
I havent even watched this BUT.. Im watching JShore right now.. And seeing how close she is to both her mother and father.. And i had to come and watch this because you can just see how much her parents love her. Like.. Those two are people who deserve to be parents. Im not sure if they have any children of their own but they deserve them. And I'm SO HAPPY that people so loving and caring WERE able to adopt a child and give her all the love and caring in the world! And Nicole may have been a bit wild in her early 20s on the show.. But WE ALLLLL ARE at 21/22! Her years were just in front of a camera, on one of the most popular television networks in the WORLD, and in a setting designed for partying and wild nights that lead to mornings of regrets haha.. But what im getting at.. Is that Nicole is a REALLY GOOD person deep down. Shes obviously a sweet heart. Super loving and caring as well, you can tell that from how she is to her friends and then later on.. Her husband And children of her own, Smarter than TV makes her out to be.. And I mean I WOULD TOTALLY be her friend if I met her! (Which is actually ironic that i haven't.. Her being a celeb AND.. Considering I'm her age.. Grew up in a town called Maybrook NY, BY NEWBURGH AS WELL! And then when i was 15 i moved toooo ....... YOU GUESSED IT, THE JERSEY SHORE.. *bitch* 😋)
Luis. Ignacio Garate Garate
I remember that I saw Jersey Shore and you were always my favorite participant and when I knew that part of you had Chilean roots I was very happy (I am from Chile) and your way of being is very Chilean because Chilean women are good at parties have a good time, are very fights, etc like your jajajaja. But you should come to Chile one day, we are the richest country in South America, with beautiful cities and landscapes, we have the tallest building in hiberoamerica, we are very similar To united states
Chula Mtz
Chula Mtz 17 kun oldin
I like that she’s Latina but it sucks her parents try to put her in Spanish class or something cuz she says Chile 🇨🇱 and it sounds like she’s saying chilly
SonyaA Padilla
SonyaA Padilla 17 kun oldin
Different jobs Its like shes ment to be my daughter
Irene Tanya
Irene Tanya 17 kun oldin
I help adoptees find their biological families for a living. I'd love to help you Nicole
Danielle L
Danielle L 18 kun oldin
Your mom and dad could pass away and you will never get to meet them so make time now. Your a grown women. Make time.
Cuzp00 Di
Cuzp00 Di 18 kun oldin
Your not italian
Karen Cepeda
Karen Cepeda 19 kun oldin
I didn’t know this! No wonder she always looked Hispanic/ Latin American to me. I never saw the Italian in her. Snooki you don’t need to tan, you have that natural melanin hun 😘💕
Natalie O'Brien
Natalie O'Brien 20 kun oldin
xicaozao 20 kun oldin
hey nicole! im sure i met your mother a few years back. i watched jersey shore back in the day and I met this chillena woman named Maria, i worked for her for a while. and as soon as i saw her i though she looked just like you, like exactly like you. But i didnt know you were adopted...
angel26 20 kun oldin
Would you ever adopt in the future?
Chantal Stephens
Chantal Stephens 20 kun oldin
That’s a great share!! I love your story!! I was adopted too at birth by my mom , she didn’t think she could have kids then her cousin got preggo and was going to abort but asked my mom if she wanted me! And I was with her ever since and have never met my birth mom and never had the desire to do so!! BUT I don’t know my birth dad and that is one thing I have always been curious about!
Kylee Cozart
Kylee Cozart 21 kun oldin
I’m from Newburgh😝
Corey Washington
Corey Washington 21 kun oldin
why am i just now finding out that she’s adopted?
Brandy M
Brandy M 21 kun oldin
My cousin was adopted from Honduras, her birth mom gave up the youngest 4 kids, she was 1 of 14 siblings. They were really poor....
Aileen Schreiber
Aileen Schreiber 22 kun oldin
I was adopted as an infant to the best family ever. I share many of your thoughts and beliefs. I did 23 and Me and found my birth mother a year ago. I did Ancestry and have found my birth father. Even if you just match with 2nd or 3rd cousins, it’s still possible to find your birth parents. I have a new sister in my life and we need each other more than ever. It has helped us to each make sense of many of the challenges in our lives. Good luck and I would recommend doing Ancestry first. I know you said you’re busy but just remember that none of us, including your birth parents, are getting any younger.
Glenda David
Glenda David 23 kun oldin
Sweetie I think Adopted Children are even more special because they are chosen. My Husband is adopted and he is very happy and he loves his parents as much as I love mine, I see no difference at all! Don't worry about the past keep moving forward Snooki, Look how wonderfully happy you are, focus on positive energy :)
Alinta Daniels
Alinta Daniels 23 kun oldin
Your soul knows babe! That's why your searching for truth. Mine came at 28 and found out who my father was .. ((mum lied)) neway found him and met him plus the little bro and siss and it's going pretty well but I will warn you (emotions and thoughts will arise)) push through it and find your peace! Because it's apart of you you are and it's your right to know who you are and where you come from. Plus you get to find out all your health history, culture, family members and pass that on to your kids! Don't let it get you down 💪🏼listen to your soul and find who you are xxx from Australia Might want to look into getting a therapist to help you process shit! Lol I deff needed one ☝️ at the time as I had thoughts of I wasn't wanted and wasn't made out of love and wasn't needed and so forth. But in truth we are all here for a spiritual (human) journey and come from something bigger and that made me think 💭 dude I actually matter!! I am special and needed 💖 (I find this in Jesus) each to their own tho xx
elisabet diaz
elisabet diaz 24 kun oldin
I hope Nicole finds her parents one day. Also try learning castellano Spanish (it’s the Spanish chilenos speak) it’s easy and I’m chilean myself and maybe if you watch chilean novelas they’ll help? It helped me getting my accent since I’m American and didn’t know much
Mendi Acosta
Mendi Acosta 24 kun oldin
A P F 25 kun oldin
Snooki, your nationality is Chilean. You’re mixing up ethnicity and nationality. Nationality is the country you come from. So you your nationality can’t be Italian unless you’re from italy. Your ETHNICITY is Chilean but you identify as an Italian American.
Thomas Austin
Thomas Austin 26 kun oldin
Duck face
carolina cartes
carolina cartes 27 kun oldin
I’m from Santiago Chile 🇨🇱💕 I saw you for the first time when I was eleven years old in the jersey shore and I’m so happy that u born here 💕😭😭😭
USAForceProducts 27 kun oldin
Do you think when you reunite with your birth parents that it would be an mtv show?
Morales Marie
Morales Marie 28 kun oldin
Look for ur parents and siblings!!!! ❤
FaerieSensai 28 kun oldin
I didn’t even know you had a channel...
Vivz McCrea
Vivz McCrea 29 kun oldin
hildasolano7389 29 kun oldin
U have a sister in Chicago. She's was adopted by a rich couple in Santiago, Chile. You two look identical. She's 27 now. Her name is Mercedes.
Luigi Botta
Luigi Botta 29 kun oldin
¡Que Bonita chilena! 😍😘🇨🇱
Tiffany Oy oldin
I wasn’t adopted, but my dad died when I was nine months old, so I don’t remember him and I don’t know much about him or his family.
none of your buisness
I hope you find your birthparents ❤
Tanya Butterworth
On ur birth family
Tanya Butterworth
What ur family name
29chilena Oy oldin
I have no clue if you will see my comment but I was adopted from Chile in the 80's also. I've had kinda the same questions you have in yr video and would like to connect someday to see if my siblings are just like me. I am blessed for the life I have been given, but I saw this huge thing about illegal adoptions during the time I was born and am praying that I want a stolen baby. Now in my 30's I am more curious to find out and/or find them just don't know how to go about doing it and like you said finding the time is even more difficult.
djnyc Oy oldin
Omg its snooki
Savanna Furr
Savanna Furr Oy oldin
My adoptive family werent that nice ..... My bilogical mother said she didn't want a ugly ass white baby but I really want a connection with my bilogical mom more than anything do have any suggestions for me.... BTW I LOVE U 😘😘
monbooboo the fool
wow this made me cry. I love how Nicole's just completely content with the entire situation and it's just beautiful that there's no hatred or deep upset with her story. It's beautiful and inspirational.
Jennifer Mallon
Not to be morbid, but the longer you wait the less likely some of them will be around, you know?
Kahlimah Oy oldin
My friend's sister is chilean born in the 80s and was stolen from her birth parents as a kid. Their parents never new until they researched it. They thought they were saving a kid from a poor family. Turns out she was stolen from a hospital and sold to an adoption agency. They met their birth parents and apparently it was the hardest, most emotional experience especially for the birth parents because they weren't even able to communicate with her as she didn't know Spanish. Please take some time to see if this is the same situation for you as you were born right when it was at its peak. Especially because the story of why your birth parents gave you up literally mirrors the story my friend's family were told.
Josefina Marin
I really liked this video, I am a chilena, I live here and I was born here and thst's so wird cause I never wolud've thought of having a sligthly conection with you but I have hahah it's super nice that you took it so well and you are open to meet them someday.
Sagal Oy oldin
Wow, this is nice I didn’t know that.
Katia Hernas
Katia Hernas Oy oldin
Loved this video. I related to every single thing you said. Im adopted and also an only child, also from upstate (albany area). There was never any need for me to seek my birth parents because I knew that the love my mom gave me was the best I could ever have. I also feel that "what if I wasn't adopted?" like what would I be doing if I was still in Russia. Thanks for sharing your story!!
Esvanidosa Oy oldin
Maud Trenité
Maud Trenité Oy oldin
Why did I not know snooki was adopted wow im a dumb bitch
Jakub Graf
Jakub Graf Oy oldin
I was adopted from Eastern Europe at 3 years old to a British mother and grew up in new York and I am same believer as you, I love my mum good luck hun x
Alejandra Mendez
If you're married? Where's your ring and your husband.....
María Ah
María Ah Oy oldin
Amo Santiago, Chile 🇨🇱 ¡súper chido que creciste en una familia con amor!
china doll
china doll Oy oldin
You could contact Constanza del Rio Director. Nos buscamos it’s a non government Organization in Chile
Nataly Castillo
Te amo nicole❤️ Eres la mejor❤️❤️
Anna Maria
Anna Maria Oy oldin
Great story! I’ve always wondered about this. Thanks for sharing :-)
Esperanza's Channel
Yaasss your latina by blood im so happy love you girl 💙💙💙💙
Ashley b
Ashley b Oy oldin
I was adopted as well but I love my mom who did adopt me
Lilly Dann
Lilly Dann Oy oldin
My home town is so close to yours! Wow 😱
JM JT Oy oldin
The child always suffers being torn away from it's birth mother. There is more than we know that bonds a child in the womb to it's mom. Very sad when they feel pressured to give their own babies up. At 6 months old there must have been quite a connection and subconscious memories. Let's face it, the alcohol and wild ways may have been a side effect.
JM JT Oy oldin
You look and your mannerisms are fully Italian. Beautiful.
Adriana s
Adriana s Oy oldin
Snooki is Latina
Elizabeth Letellier
Isn't is Chilean ( CHILL-LAY-AN) not chileana??
Rökhoal Oy oldin
Why dont you send them money .. i think you should take care of them like they cared about you. Chinese ppl would have killed you. Thre you off a cliff. :/
Rachel Torres
Rachel Torres Oy oldin
I hope you find your birth parents and do another video about it
Monique Bevan
Monique Bevan Oy oldin
Netflix or someone should turn this into a doco series! Starting from now all the way through to her meeting her birth family ❤❤❤
Juan Angel
Juan Angel Oy oldin
“Just in spanish” 😂😂😂😂😂💜
Monique Bevan
Monique Bevan Oy oldin
How did I not know you had a page until today! OBSESSED 😍 LOVE YOU xxxx
Mia Oy oldin
Ooh i knew you were spanish