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Hey guys! Most of you may know that I was adopted, but I never really talk about it. I am hoping sharing my story can help someone else that may be struggling with a similar situation. If you have any questions for me, just let me know in the comments below.

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Nicole Elizabeth "Snooki" Polizzi is an American reality television personality who is best known for being a cast member of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore. For more up-to-date-news on the reality star, visit her official website: www.celebuzz.com/nicole-snooki...




5-Iyl, 2018

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maria8417 13 soat oldin
I’m adopted too from Guatemala!! I found out the truth about my adoption story!! It’s a story the world show know!! but for now I know how you feel and all this urges to meet your birth family
Ludmila Sandrita
Ludmila Sandrita 21 soat oldin
now I can't stop seeing how chilean you look! i was blind before, haha. I'm Argentinian, we are different, but you should totally go to Chile, It's an amazingly beautiful country and a safe country, you'll be surprised, and you'll see that most of people look like you.
Darina K
Darina K 22 soat oldin
You look indigenous
The Mama Lounge
The Mama Lounge Kun oldin
I HATE being the only child as well, I had two kids back to back just to make sure there wasn't only one. Feels on that!
The Mama Lounge
The Mama Lounge Kun oldin
Please vlog it if you meet them! 🤩
Isaac and Steph Austin
Idk if you’re into history but have you ever thought about how Pinochet was still the dictator in Chile when you were born. At this time they would take the children from the people opposing him (or desaparecidos), and giving them to adoption agencies. Have you ever thought of finding the agency your parents used and figuring out if you were taken from your mom illegally? Maybe she’s been looking for you but has no where to start... idk just a thought.
Rav3n 2 kun oldin
Omg this would be a great series/reality venture where you go on a journey to find your birth parents and siblings. Hell maybe Shane Dawson can help but it together 😍
Holly Rowen
Holly Rowen 2 kun oldin
Chitalian! 😘 Your inner strength is AWESOME!!!!
Jennifer Ortega
Jennifer Ortega 2 kun oldin
Would love to see a video of your birth parents! Would you ever adopt a child??
steph her
steph her 2 kun oldin
Good story, hope you support adoption and adopt yourself 😁
Cat Scott
Cat Scott 3 kun oldin
Wow this is like my life, except I was so fortunate to be adopted with my birth sister. And our birth parents passed away and were placed in the orphanage. So I've never asked any questions and my parents are my parents. Awesome the similarities!
Ayesha Live13
Ayesha Live13 3 kun oldin
I found my birth parents, was no happy ending...but it was worth it because I know who I AM and that is the best feeling and made me stronger!!! I look forward to sharing my story one day too! God bless you girl!
Jackie Gilbert
Jackie Gilbert 3 kun oldin
I was adopted at the age of a year and a half. Came from mexico to the united states. Just found out i was adopted about a month ago at the age of 25. My mother is encouraging me to meet my birth mother and biological sisters , ONLY problem is, i don't know spanish. I also always failed spanish class and now i wish i had payed attention lol. SO IS NICOLE YOUR BIRTH NAME OR WAS IT A NAME YOUR PARENTS GAVE YOU? My parents changed my name completely when they adopted me.
Star Nunley
Star Nunley 3 kun oldin
Snooki acts so mature then on the show.
Brian Cruz
Brian Cruz 3 kun oldin
I’ve always thought she looked Hispanic/Latin but thought that maybe Italians look lot like Hispanics
Stephanie Valdivia
Stephanie Valdivia 3 kun oldin
who would think that the girl from jersey shore was so mature, im starting to really like her
Adella Castro
Adella Castro 6 kun oldin
I never new you were adopted wow well you grow up very well.
Anna Luthi
Anna Luthi 6 kun oldin
Thank you, we sure do LOVE you. My Sweetie is adopted, but his parents are very wonderful! He is in his 60's and still has no desire to find out about his birth mother. I'm really proud of him. We have shared our life for over 30 years now.
Destiny Patterson
Destiny Patterson 8 kun oldin
Amazing Story! I'm adopted too, and I'm an only child lol. Its crazy how similar our stories are... even the reason why we were put up for adoption. So crazy. Lubb you Nicole!! 💖
C K 9 kun oldin
Please tell how you did your hair!?
ashleyperdue21 9 kun oldin
Nicole, you should reach out to the TLC show long lost family. They focus on finding and reuniting adoption families. I bet they would love to do a special on you!
Tyler Buttery
Tyler Buttery 9 kun oldin
If you ever see this Nicole. Do the DNA Kit & Who do you think you are? Show Whatever info you know about your birth parents would help the people find out more about you & your birth mom and dad ect!! I think you find it interesting.
Kelsey 5 kun oldin
she did the dna test! check her wikipedia lol
Jaznut j
Jaznut j 9 kun oldin
Would love to see a video of you doing an ancestry DNA result, I'm almost positive it would come back that you are 65% or more Native American and the rest is a mixture of European countries (due to colonization etc.) If you made a vlog on you going down to chile and meeting your birth family I think I'd cry hysterically and rewatch it 1,000,000 times. Oh pleasee share with us if you ever do! 💛💛💛
jasminee 20
jasminee 20 11 kun oldin
My husband is adopted and he wants kids so bad so that he can have family that looks like him. So I totally get what you meant, and I can’t wait to make tiny humans with him
mrs. robinson
mrs. robinson 11 kun oldin
I adore you Snooki. you are beautiful and sweet. I too am an only child. very lonely. I am a true fan of you. thank you for sharing your story. I have 2 daughters and 1 son. all grown up. I am a grandma of 7
Gina D'Amelio
Gina D'Amelio 12 kun oldin
I love how positive she is about it!
Johnny GiveD
Johnny GiveD 12 kun oldin
Sounds like his dad lied about the too m7ch sibilings thing
Leah Vaughn
Leah Vaughn 12 kun oldin
So interesting! I was adopted at birth and also am an only child & want a bunch of kids
JulianaHereOnEarth 12 kun oldin
I am interested in adopting I never had kids of my own even though I would be an amazing mother and I love kids for some reason I just felt that there's already so many kids in need that need a parent why should I bring kids into this crazy world? maybe that's a really messed-up way of looking at things but I really am interested in adopting a child and giving him or her wonderful life where they feel loved and valued. I guess the fears that I have is Will they always just want their biological parents? Will they always feel like I'm just a substitute? Thank you so much for making this video and sharing your story! And why do you say you're a hot mess? You sound like a loving wife and mother and in my book that is all that matters and you are not a hot mess! Lots of love to you sweetheart
Jess ScarNaye
Jess ScarNaye 12 kun oldin
I have considered adopting 🙂
Erik Avendano
Erik Avendano 12 kun oldin
DAYbyDAYdreamer 12 kun oldin
Hey Snooks...I'm adopted as well 😊 I did get some information about my birth parents and actually talk to some of my birth family...I know what you mean with all the questions...who do I look like? Who has my laugh, eyes, etc. Sadly, my birth mother had passed away a couple years before I found where she was so I'll never get the chance to meet her. You should definitely consider at least meeting them...I would give anything if my birth mother was still alive and I could meet her. And know, we were chosen and our birth mother's did what they had to to give us a better life. I am so blessed and grateful and I know you are too ☺️
Beauty Couture
Beauty Couture 13 kun oldin
I think you need 2 do it look your fam up . Life is over so fast you you can still have them in your life now . Go and make your mom happy 2 see her baby girl is oké. Thats 4 your and her heart. That 2 crazy having 2 gif your baby up so that she can live a good life. 😢
Lissette Lopez
Lissette Lopez 13 kun oldin
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Mighty The Magnificent
You're amazing girl. Don't ever stop doing you! 😊😗
We Are Legion!.
We Are Legion!. 14 kun oldin
I wish you and your family the absolute best!.🙏🙏🙏
Melissa Gallegos
Melissa Gallegos 14 kun oldin
Take Jersey shore cast with you!! Another family vacation!!
Barby Smith
Barby Smith 14 kun oldin
I was adopted too at 3 days old I had my parents that loved me but my kids want me to find out who they are I don't want to please get back to me I need someone that I can talk to
Poo Pee
Poo Pee 14 kun oldin
I think she is a amazing positive person and mother and her story she needs a book for
Katie Williams
Katie Williams 14 kun oldin
I was adopted as well. Finding my birth parents turned out to be a very dark experience. However, I have a total of 11 siblings from my birth parents and I am absolute best friends with one of my sisters. So there's a lot of good and a lot of bad that can result from seeking out your birth family. Some end on a positive note just like in the sappy movies on TV. But a large portion do not. Tread lightly. Proceed with an open mind and an open heart but with zero expectations. I wish you the best🌹
Amanda Roloff
Amanda Roloff 14 kun oldin
I was adopted also. I just found my bio family and found out I have 11 siblings.... very overwhelming, good luck to you.
Alex Gilbert
Alex Gilbert 14 kun oldin
Nicole Polizzi this is an incredible story! I was adopted from Russia and into New Zealand when I was two years old. I found my birth parents in 2013. I traced them down using Social Media. Different for me is that my birth father didn't know I existed. Your video is inspiring not only for me but for others adoptees around the world. My channel is all about my meeting with my birth parents. My birth father I have a video about and also a video with me meeting my birth mother. Thanks Nicole for sharing this. I am now continuing to help others adopted around the world with my own Facebook Page 'I'm Adopted'. Thank you Nicole!
kimgab123 14 kun oldin
Read primal wound.
Melissa Morquecho
Melissa Morquecho 15 kun oldin
Crazy a friend of mine was adopted from the exact same place with the exact story around that time. Curious if Cardenas/Ortiz sounds familiar? 🤔 I know Chile as a country was going through a lot at that time so I'm sure it happened to numerous families.
Alexis Papastathis
Alexis Papastathis 15 kun oldin
Get a DNA test kit off of ancestry.com see what family members you match up with and start off there
Lisa Martinez
Lisa Martinez 17 kun oldin
stop talking and being contradictive you're not content with your life you're not content with what God has given you your not content in who your adopted parents are and what they've done for you and how privileged you are because of them if you were content you would never want to open Pandora's Box to your past.
Lisa Martinez
Lisa Martinez 17 kun oldin
What questions do you have that you want to go to a country that you were removed from for greater reason and a greater purpose. what insecurities do you have about yourself and what do you say to your adopted parents who raised you and gave you all of themselves. there are many reasons why you would given up for adoption but you have to remember the god permitted you to come out of a really ugly circumstance do not Place yourself back there.
Lisa Martinez
Lisa Martinez 17 kun oldin
Snooki some things and people should just be left in your past there is a reason why God permitted you to not know who your birth family is. You really don't want to open a can of worms you may not know what's hidden in that past and how negative it can impact your life now you don't know what demons and that Pandora's Box your opening some doors are just meant to keep closed do not let your curiosity get the best of you and steal the gift that God has given you. if you go back to that passed and you connect to people that you were never meant to be connected to in the first place then you're going to have a world of problems in your life just leave it alone and leave them alone.
Jackie Gilbert
Jackie Gilbert 3 kun oldin
I think this is a HORRIBLE way to look at being adopted. It's a blessing, before i knew i was adopted. My birth mother couldn't afford to raise me and my sister since she was a single mother, but that doesn't mean she didn't love me. Giving up a child is one of the hardest things a mother can do. My birth mother gave me up and i now have such loving parents, and now knowing that i'm not their biological daughter but seeing how all years that they have treated me as their own has really opened my eyes. Now that i know i'm adopted, my mother tells me how my biological mother and sisters always ask how i'm doing, and well next year i will be making a trip to mexico to go meet them. No demons, no doors that were meant to be shut. Nothing but positivity and curiosity and a blessing to be able to meet the birth mother that wanted a better life for ME, and for her to see how much i've grown and blossomed.
Donna Maria
Donna Maria 11 kun oldin
Lisa Martinez if Nicole wants to ever meet her birth parents she can it’s her life and her choice . She can do what she likes . I was Adopted myself as 6 weeks old . As my parents couldn’t cope with looking after me so my auntie and uncle took me in . And that’s where I stayed . They are both now in their 70s . I’m grateful to have them as my parents . I just wish they was my real parents . They treated me better than my real parents .
Alma Elizabeth Myrtle
Hey snooks, Ive been thinking very strongly about adopting(idc what ethnicity, I just have always felt drawn to adoption my aunt took me in as her own daughter so I have my own story but I want to know about medicl stuff with my future children. Do they provide info to potential adoptive parents?
Nicole Arroyo
Nicole Arroyo 17 kun oldin
What I did not now know you were
Jamie Tombling
Jamie Tombling 18 kun oldin
❤ your story is almost identical to mine!
Mary Dee Flores
Mary Dee Flores 18 kun oldin
I think if you do have plan to meet them.. Do it now...
deenasparkles 18 kun oldin
I love you shared this with us. I would love more videos on this topic. One day I'm hoping to adopt a child, or two now that you've mentioned always missing siblings 😁 xxx
Snooki being adopted makes you special and unique...in the end when you do research and find out your blood genes you come to the conclusion of you're actual genetic history which is kinda fun just like those projects we work on in elementary school about our family history... we find out interesting things that could have remain mysteries and helps you too find out who you are now...Always be proud of who you are and where you came from never be ashamed it's always better to know than to not know or never find out....stay strong💖
Tiffany Bant
Tiffany Bant 18 kun oldin
Not sure if youre going to read this or not but I was adopted too, In the Bronx and than we moved upstate N.Y.. I met my birth mother when I was 14. I don't really remember my birth father. He passed when I was 5.. I would deffinetly consider meeting your birth parents.. I soo wish I could meet my father.. I literly think about him everyday. If I didn't meet my biological mother I would have never met my 10 year old half baby brother.. Goodluck.. I hope one day you do decide to meet your blood parents. It's never too late.. But don't wait too long, life is too short.
kristy lynn
kristy lynn 19 kun oldin
No Nino
No Nino 20 kun oldin
Snooki and her parents should take ancestry DNA tests and they'll all have Iberian percentages. You'll know what this means if you know the history of the America's.
MzJazzy 20 kun oldin
Imagine snooki with a Spanish accent how funny would that be Lol
Marilynn Lopez
Marilynn Lopez 20 kun oldin
Go look for them before it's to late
Sandia Delli Gatti
Sandia Delli Gatti 20 kun oldin
We first new Yorker we the colony on dad side
Sandia Delli Gatti
Sandia Delli Gatti 20 kun oldin
Ohhh I knew it..lol my mom is me So American Mayan..from Yucatan..sweetie
Peggy Felix
Peggy Felix 20 kun oldin
Ur so cute. I really want to meat u i always watch ur shows like ill never miss a show but did deena have her bby already but yea ibreally want to meat u tho.
melissa aedo
melissa aedo 21 kun oldin
Well, im chilean, if someday you want to come to chile, maybe a can help a little bit with the spanglish thing hahah ♡
brazilchick9 22 kun oldin
MTV is going to make this happen...watch...🤑🤑
La Dynamita Estrada
La Dynamita Estrada 22 kun oldin
Love you Snooki!
Monica Kaldunski
Monica Kaldunski 22 kun oldin
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Roxanne Buzanoski
Roxanne Buzanoski 22 kun oldin
Hahaha hot mess but in spanish love the hot mess that you are
Sandy Ell
Sandy Ell 22 kun oldin
Hi Nicole. Thank u for sharing ur story. Noting something that u said about u not speaking Spanish tho u r from Chile...a child does not have a natural ability to speak the language from their birth country, we pick up our language(s) from the environment in which we grow up. Just because a baby is born in, say, Japan, doesn't mean that he/she will have a natural ability to speak Japanese, unless he/she grows up learning that language. It was very brave and very loving for ur parents to give u up so u could have a better life. I think it would be awesome for u to meet them one day, if u could. Smiles from Canada!
June San Miguel
June San Miguel 22 kun oldin
We adopted our baby girl 7 months ago, we literally were at every dr appointment and in the room when she was born. She actually looks just like me so that’s pretty cool, I’ve wondered how she will feel knowing she’s adopted. She is so loved and has 3 older brothers who just adore her too.
Laura M
Laura M 23 kun oldin
as an adoptee, i love your story. you embrace it as a gift, which as a mom you understand it was the hardest thing to do, give up your child. My curiosity led me to do the ancestry and found my biofamily(after 4 years.) Growing up I looked completely different and was always asked "what are you?" did you receive the same or did you blend in with your family?
Julie Gilmer
Julie Gilmer 23 kun oldin
you could you the translator machines that just came out. Basically wile u talk the thing translates everything u say in there ear like ear buds
Rachael Beaudoin
Rachael Beaudoin 23 kun oldin
I might adopt a child someday
Mohammed Shafiq
Mohammed Shafiq 24 kun oldin
I love you so much xox hearts
Mohammed Shafiq
Mohammed Shafiq 24 kun oldin
My girl always looking perfect
becky M
becky M 24 kun oldin
Find your birth parents since you want to but do it before it’s to late.
vegaan mommy
vegaan mommy 25 kun oldin
can you speak Italian
robert sanchez
robert sanchez 25 kun oldin
so shes not actually Italian?? what the fuck...why does she sound like it. God dam american mind control/ programming.
ryan austin
ryan austin 25 kun oldin
I am adopted to from Canada
Bridgette Young
Bridgette Young 26 kun oldin
nicole! i just wanna share that i was raised in kentucky but my biological father is in hawaii. i was 8 years old when i fonally met him. anyways now i am older i have a son and here in a couple weeks he is meeting my dad for the first time and im so stoked!
Abigail Vasquez
Abigail Vasquez 26 kun oldin
Snook, i love u, ive been watching u on Jersey shore,i love all of u guys, n yes id like to ask how u just how u dealt with being adopted n knowing that u werent kin to ur parents now..... I absolutely adore u, n i would love ur advice..... #snookiforever
carolina lina
carolina lina 27 kun oldin
its awesome how this was one entire take, not edited. 👏👌
Camille L
Camille L 27 kun oldin
Oooh! my birth mom prob doesn't speak English either and I grew up with French culture and American culture. But my birth parents are in Asia.
MizzChocs 28 kun oldin
I was adopted at age 5 months. I am 35. Just met my birth family recently. I started wondering when I had my own family...around 30. Its called adoption "FOG". I love my adopted family dearly but I wanted to know what traits etc my birth family shared with my kids. I didnt want them to grow up not knowing dna family just repeating the cycle. I say GO FOR IT. Your mom is STILL your mOm. U need to do this for Yourself AND ur kids!!
pauly715 28 kun oldin
Nicole , I'm adopted also! I was always upset about being adopted but2 this video you made me feel that I am truly blessed! I was wanted & like you said my biological mother loved me enough to let me go into a family that could care for me!!! Thank you girl for being so honest & sharing your story. I also now am content!! I did find my biological mom and all's I can say is I wuda had a hella life (not good) This is something only you can decide to do (finding biological family) it might be good, it might not. Best of Luck sweetie
SKISAY 29 kun oldin
Holy shit! I'm an only child and I'm a bitter bitch 🤣😂. True story!
Kaitlyn Cousins
Kaitlyn Cousins 29 kun oldin
Upstate New York represent
youngroyalty Oy oldin
Man, watching this makes me feel so annoyed because your so fake. The reason why I say this is because in June when you were at Drai’a night club I watched a fan bend her entire over the couch and hug you and instead of responding to her “I love you Snooki” your the best you just pull your body away and kept smoking you cigarette. The girl was so embarrassed and ashamed and I was surprised because I use to love your personality but it’s all fake just so your broke ass can collect coins. Stealing money from strippers and shit! Smh
Alison Gutierrez
I'm just saying one of my family members or me can be a interpreter bc we are Mexican just ask if you need one
Carol Hernandez
If you decide to search for your birth parents, be extra careful by not hurting the parents who raised you. Also take into consideration that they might not want to meet you & if they happen to know who you grew up to be, hopefully they don't use your career to try to get money from you. Over all if you decide to meet them, then please talk about on a future story time.
Angela Nichols
I was adopted at 2 from Hoboken new jersey and she adopted my 4 siblings and the biological birth mother and father contacted us I was 12 when I met my birth dad but habe only talked on phone with birth mom
Carolina Silva
People: please DO an investigation before write anything about Chile, we are not a poor country...in fact we are the safest country in Latin america, we have the best economy, the best army, the most beautiful places, our country is growing every day, for that reason MANY immigrants come to Chile...well thats other story, and also the other countries hate us...thats other story too hahahahaha✌✌
Carolina Silva
Maybe your adoption was illegal...try to do an investigation, Chile its not a country that you can adopt so easy, many chilean families are waiting for an adoption now and in the past too, in your time perhaps was because the dictatorship, everything was illegal and many babies were stolen✌✌
Mily 15 kun oldin
melissa aedo si viste el video, vas a saber que ella dijo que le gustaría conocer a su familia biológica🤦🏻‍♀️
Carolina Silva
Carolina Silva 20 kun oldin
Te gusta opinar? A mi también...saludos
melissa aedo
melissa aedo 21 kun oldin
Para que va a querer averiguar, si ya pasó? Y es feliz así? Que siga siendolo
thao nguyen
thao nguyen Oy oldin
mtv needs to make this into a show!
Kim R
Kim R Oy oldin
Thanks for sharing boo.
Gianna J
Gianna J Oy oldin
Many newborn babies were stolen and sold in false adoptions by the corrupt Chilean government under the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet from the years 1973 to 1990. I highly encourage you to look into finding your birth parents if you are an adopted Chilean born during that time, as there is actually a very real chance that your birth parents NEVER placed you for adoption. Since the end of the dictatorship, many Chilean parents have come forward and said that the hospitals took their babies from them against their will and the babies were never seen again. Watch "Children of Chile" a documentary about Chile's broken adoption system and all of the children stolen from loving families during this era.
Jessica Trasvina
I'm so happy that you grew up in a loving household!
Daina Peña
Daina Peña Oy oldin
I was asking that question about your adoption and look found this today.
Alice Kiesov
Alice Kiesov Oy oldin
Always be proud of your roots
A New Love Official
I hope you find your biological parents one day because they are part of who you are today. Even if they didn't raise you as their child but still, you are lucky enough that they think about your bright future. No parents would want to let go of their children but I think they have a very good reason for doing it and that is very heartbreaking .
Vanessa Munguia
Snookie you should make a video of how you make that puffy bun I love it!!!! Always fit you perfectly
To Our Daughter
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