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Hey guys! Most of you may know that I was adopted, but I never really talk about it. I am hoping sharing my story can help someone else that may be struggling with a similar situation. If you have any questions for me, just let me know in the comments below.

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Nicole Elizabeth "Snooki" Polizzi is an American reality television personality who is best known for being a cast member of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore. For more up-to-date-news on the reality star, visit her official website: www.celebuzz.com/nicole-snooki...




5-Iyl, 2018

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Rose petal Garden
I never knew u were adopted snooki. Ur an amazing person love ur personality and nothing wrong with been adopted girl !!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Stephanie Augusta
Stephanie Augusta 2 soat oldin
I'm so drawn to adoption stories and hearing about it. I was never adopted but I've thought about adopting in the future. So hearing more about your journey or if you ever meet your birth parents would be awesome.
Hailey Gurkin
Hailey Gurkin 3 soat oldin
Wow, I had no idea you were adopted! I was adopted at 26 days old and my situation is kind of similar to you! I turn 21 in November and I have the opportunity to finally find out things about my birth parents and I am really anxious but excited to do so!
Angela Suppa
Angela Suppa 7 soat oldin
I’m also adopted raised by Italians. I’m Native American German and Irish and I say I’m also Italian lol
Angela Suppa
Angela Suppa 7 soat oldin
I also met my biological family and they are like my best friends. They don’t feel exactly like family bc the people who raised me are my true family but it is nice having them in my life. And I feel you on wanting someone who looks like you and my daughter fills that void too. I wa raised Italian in New Jersey.... fun fact we took a shot together at karma and smoked a cig together many moons ago lol
Sinead Keogh
Sinead Keogh 8 soat oldin
you might regret waiting x you not get to meet everyone you want to
Kodi Ham
Kodi Ham 8 soat oldin
Nicole, Have you taken the ancestry or 23 and me test? Most people are mixed, most Italians aren't 100% Italian anyway, Chileans (hispanic, latinos) may share some common DNA I.e. Spanish, European (north and south) etc.
Lauraaa 9 soat oldin
I thought I was content with my adoptive father (my parents divorced and I never really got to know my adoptive mother) but even though he had good intentions, I was shipped off to boarding school, I missed out on my childhood with him and I too was an only child. Thankfully no one bullied me for being adopted but I missed out on having a mum, siblings and family who just looked like me (I'm asian and my a-dad is white). The rest of my a-fam weren't exactly sensitive to it all either, always going on about how one would grow up looking so much like someone else in the family. I felt neglected. I grew up not being Asian enough for the asian students in school and I wasn't white enough for the white students either... it was a very isolating time for me. I also got separation anxiety because we moved around so much and I would create such tight bonds with mother role figures (nannies etc) this was when I much younger (before boarding) and this shit really affects you (it is cruel to separate a child from their mother - this is trauma!). I don't think my a-dad was fit enough to look after me on his own and I resented him for a long time, I've had depression since I was 17 and when I was 19, my bio sister found me on Facebook... I couldn't even speak their language because I was robbed of my culture. I am still hurting and I thought I would be healed after meeting my bio-fam... it just opened more wounds as so much info was held back from me growing up (a-dad lied about knowing my bio-parents names etc.) I'm completely against adoption now and I support preserving families instead; if you want to help out a child, you gotta help their family stay together to avoid trauma that adoption brings. I know a lot of adoptees feel the same and there are adoptees with happy endings, which is great but the adoption system is really fucked, we are not catalogue babies to satsify a rich white familie's needs.
mariana plata
mariana plata 11 soat oldin
Dont lose time!!!!!
Erin McMahon
Erin McMahon 13 soat oldin
You should do a DNA test! I never knew you were Chilean!
auslyn grace
auslyn grace 13 soat oldin
I was that kid that got told when she was ten 😄😄
marie duuhh
marie duuhh 14 soat oldin
I found out I was adopted at 19. Asked my mom how labor was & other birth questions & she & my dad told me. My adoption was closed so I know nothing. Just as you said my parents are my parents that will never change, BUT I do know that I have a brother who is older than me & knew about me. Being an only child gave me the curiosity to want to reach out to find him at some point. I really want to know my background as far as my roots & if we have any hereditary/genetic diagnoses or anything.
Justice Gonzalez
Justice Gonzalez 17 soat oldin
Yes! I’m adopted too ! I embrace everything from my adopted family more than anything!
Kuuipokin3 19 soat oldin
I am adopted also, my mom adopted 7 children all together
BRANDON DAVIS 19 soat oldin
Do you still live in Nj.The only reason I watched the Jersey Shore was because it was set in Nj and I live there
Jessica Lizardo
Jessica Lizardo 19 soat oldin
Yes I remember seeing you on the view years ago and joy behar got all judgy and was saying you're not a real Italian without knowing your story. So disrespectful to speak for you regarding your identity. As a mixed race person it pissed me off so much and I'm still mad about it today lol
Andrea Lozada
Andrea Lozada 21 soat oldin
I love it your interview, I will like to adopt one day although I haven’t told my boyfriend yet-he was adopted too, and I know is a sensitive subject. 🧐
Mariana R.
Mariana R. 22 soat oldin
Nicole...it's "chee-leh-nah" and "chee-leh".
Vanessa Rodriguez
Vanessa Rodriguez 22 soat oldin
I LOVE you momaaa u the best snooks
Veronica Suarez
Veronica Suarez Kun oldin
Love seeing an American celebrity whose Chilean.My father is Chilean and mother is Cuban.Don’t you get annoyed explaining how its pronounced and where it’s located? Lol . It’s a beautiful country if you end up going and the cuisine is AMAZIN. I’m glad you were adopted by such a wonderful family❤️
Aimee de Jager
Aimee de Jager Kun oldin
My biological parents separated when I was 3 and then when I was 6 I stopped seeing my dad altogether (still trying to find out the whole story as to why). Anyways, my mom married my stepdad and he raised me as his own, he was the man I knew as my dad. I always knew of my other dad and wondered like what happened and everything. Come 2012 when I was 12, my dad adopted me because in South Africa, if a parent or guardian hasn't been in contact for 2 or more years they forfeit all legal rights to the child. So I was adopted and everything in my life has been great but this other side to me has always been out there... I had been to countless psychologists and talked through things with them but I never stuck it out with any of them long enough to get that "break through" that everyone talks about. So now 6 years down the line I decided enough was enough and I messaged my biological father and wrote down everything that I was feeling or had ever felt. He responded saying we should meet in person. Scariest and most vulnerable 30 minute meeting of my life. Since then I have gone to visit him and the rest of that side of the family a few times this year and things get better with every visit. It is so interesting to see this other side of me. Where I get certain traits from and why I do certain things and family history. Things are very new, scary and exciting all at the same time, but I've learnt that even though I need to guard my heart, the past is in the past and the only way we can all go, is forward.
Monique Williams
Hi I love how positive you are and sissy really does look like mama pretty girl...
mariela limo
mariela limo Kun oldin
Please find your parents I am so interested that is amazing !! Love to see a video like that
Sarah Farrell
Sarah Farrell Kun oldin
You're so beautiful, and I don't think you're a hot mess at all! Your mom must have a beautiful heart just like you! She must have showed you so much love because you're such a loving person. I can just imagine a young beautiful mom overwhelmed, and she wanted you to have the best life ever! That love has always stayed with you. Maybe one day you can look for them!!! Either way you have a beautiful life, and you can thank both your moms for that! Love ya Nicole!
Brandi anderson
Brandi anderson Kun oldin
she should have not gotten her upper lip done
WHAT CASSY Kun oldin
Do you know your old last name?
Vi qui
Vi qui Kun oldin
I’m Chilean ! And let me tell you, I’m pretty sure they know who you are or al least they have the doubt ! You look just like a Chilean girl! You’re an amazing person too and your personality is very Chilean 😂 you should be really proud of your birthplace because is amazing country 🇨🇱
DeeDee Kun oldin
I plan to work with adoption and foster care so this was so nice to watch! BTW I just started youtube, I would appreciate​ it if you would check it out!
Misty Williams
Misty Williams Kun oldin
do a vlog meeting your birth family please
JJ Squirdle Supastar
Snooks your awesome, continued success and blessings
Jacqueline Sallemi
Nicole, the longing never really goes away on either side mother or child. When I met my step dad and my sisters and brothers they showed me photo albums and my mom had a photo album that read, My Family. It had five oval pictures, mine and my two sisters and two brothers half-siblings. My step dad said she never ever forgot me. Sister told me she talked about me everyday. It was like I went on a sleepover and I was coming home later that evening. The timing is crucial better to know something you might not want to then have a regret of questions.
Jacqueline Sallemi
Go online and find a Search Angel. They do the leg work, doesn't cost much. They should only charge you for copies and maybe a little bit of gas money but nothing more than about $30-$40. These are people who are part of the adoption Triad, either adopted, adoptive, or biological. As for the time element don't wait. If you want to know, do it now. I know as a busy mom, wife, personality, friend & everything you may have going on, don't wait. I tried for many many years and was coming up against a lot of brick walls. When I finally did find my family, my Mom had already passed away. And that's a Feeling that Never goes away. It can't be avoided. However, you have the time now do it and maybe being in a better position as you may be, as you may have more resources in the way of money and celebrity, you may be able to find even faster. I wish you much love and blessings in your search. It's wonderful that you had such a terrific adoption reality. Jacquie Capone
Daisy Batten
Daisy Batten Kun oldin
Love you Snooki!
Sonya R
Sonya R Kun oldin
I LOVE LOVE LOVE youuuu 😭😭
Izzy Reina
Izzy Reina Kun oldin
Yes please!!!
SF Kun oldin
wtf its snooki
Everything Star Wars
I think you should find out about your biological parents and siblings. Why not? You may regret that later in life if you don’t. Your on your own so your parents should not be upset by that. You have every right. Very interesting. Your the best Snooki !!
Alicia Lee
Alicia Lee Kun oldin
Lol a hot mess in Spanish lmao love you 😘
Brittney Bingham
Would you ever want to find your siblings?
Tania Kilman
Tania Kilman Kun oldin
I am from Chile Nicole and i am feel very good hearing about ur story and even though maybe u dont know so much about our culture u are part of it 😁 If you want to talk or want to know something about Chile talk to me 🇨🇱🇨🇱
Liz.marie Kun oldin
Awwwwww you are so cute
Aisha Lewis
Aisha Lewis Kun oldin
Enjoyed your video. Would love to see a vlog of you finding your birth parents.
Holly Auyeung
Holly Auyeung Kun oldin
I always felt like my foster family was my family :)
MandyMouse Kun oldin
Nicole, this may be the wildest comment you will receive. But I was also born on Nov 2, 1987 in Santiago Chile and adopted at 2 months old and brought to America. I grew up in Maryland and I do know my birth parents and family from Chile. I too have the same story, I have one sister but grew up here in America as an only child and my birth parents were very young and could not afford to take care of us both. I do not know how to speak spanish as well but my husband and I want to travel to Chile to meet formally my family, I feel like we have such similar life stories, mine not as wild but I feel so blessed to know my family in Santiago and encourage you to try and find and reach out to your family! It was worth it to me! Crazy stuff! My mind is blown!
Nicki Goldberg
Nicki Goldberg Kun oldin
I had pretty much the same situation as you growing up knowing I was adopted, being super content with it, and loving my family. The only difference is my parents know who my biological parents were, turns out they were only 16 when they had me. After growing more in more interested (especially about who I looked like!!!) when I turned 18 I flew to Texas (from NY) to meet them, and it was the greatest experience of my life. I had developed a newfound respect for them for loving me so much and giving me the life that they did with my amazing family. Definitely meet them if you get the chance! It filled a void in my life that I didn’t even know I had ❤️
Mitch Kun oldin
It’s so crazy to me that Snooki was so ugly (looks kinda better know because of cosmetic tweaks) and still had very high confidence and felt like wasn’t a tank. FYI, your nationality is american. Guess once an idiot...
Heather Spuduck
Heather Spuduck Kun oldin
Girl i understand all this on your level! I was adopted at birth! Ugh wish i could share everything with you!
Cat Chamblee
Cat Chamblee Kun oldin
I'm adopted as well and I'm so glad you shared your story because I love to share mine as well. A lot of people don't know much about adoption so it's really awesome that you are using your platform to share!
Erica Shoulson
Erica Shoulson Kun oldin
your so famous, i dont understand how they wouldnt have found you by now if they wanted too
Tosha Scott
Tosha Scott Kun oldin
I am adopted I got adopted when I was 15 months old by my dad’s parents my birth mother was a drug attic alcoholic and did it the whole time she was pregnant with me and my dad just did not know how to take care of me so his parents adopted me.. I believe I am the miracle baby considering what my birth mother did while pregnant with me, I have two other siblings there are my half brothers we have the same mom but different dad’s she lost them too
Camila Moreno
Camila Moreno Kun oldin
a hot mess but in spanish😭😭😭
I love that you’re open about wanting a lot kids. I have 3 already but would love to adopt. Why did your parents go to Chile? Did they know there’s shortage of babies in the USA?
K Irie
K Irie Kun oldin
You turned out to be a very well mannered woman and mother
Kandis Goytia
Kandis Goytia 2 kun oldin
Hi nichole my name is kandis I have so many qs . Well too start me and my family adopted my little brother but he his technically my cousin we took him in after the fact that my uncle and his gf were hudge druggies and were living off the streets off and on so we were blessed to get him when he was just 3 months old and the judge granted us full custody when he turned 3 . Hes 7 now but I and my family dont know how to tell him about his story now that hes growing we tell him that he was a gift given to us and that as he gets older we will explain more and more what we mean. When did you find out? And how did you feel? Were just afraid that hes gonna tell my parents so ur my parents or that he might throw it in our face or get upset for us keeping such a secret .
Marina Hantzis
Marina Hantzis 2 kun oldin
My husband and I want to adopt eventually since I cannot have biological children due to a chronic medical condition. We don’t even know where to start! We are so worried about the process possibly failing us and being heartbroken and of course, the financial aspect of the process (agency fees, etc). We would love to adopt a baby one day from anywhere on the globe! Any tips or insight from anyone would be so helpful :) PS we are from Jersey (woop woop!)
Chris Aceves
Chris Aceves 2 kun oldin
Get it nicole!
C Drake
C Drake 2 kun oldin
Yooo I live close to where you grew up
Daniela Palomares
Daniela Palomares 2 kun oldin
I really hope u get to communicate with ur birth family ❤️
belladani4ever 2 kun oldin
I don't really associate you with being adopted although I know you were. Im just a curious person and always wanted to know how you felt about being adopted, if you met them or had the desire to meet them. I wondered if your birth family knows who you are, if they tried looking for you, and what their lifestyle is there. I always wonder what if you weren't adopted how your life would be. Thank you for being so personal with us. I hope one day you find your birth family just to know what your background is and to find your similarities.
Jorge nolasco
Jorge nolasco 2 kun oldin
Im adopted and when I meet my real parents I didn't feel nothing is like meeting a Random person but yes I got to meet my sister and I did feel love for them 👌
Here kitty kitty kitty
Oh 🤦‍♀️ the poofy fish lips. Why?! Why would you do that to yourself.
Fedor Amuricano
Fedor Amuricano 2 kun oldin
She really did say "When i was 22 i got my dad drunk" ????
rme rme
rme rme 2 kun oldin
Valerie Nickole
Valerie Nickole 2 kun oldin
I’m curious about adoption. My husband and I are thinking about adopting a child but I’m worried that they may cut ties with us when they grow up. Is this something you have thought about?
Edgar Wilians
Edgar Wilians 2 kun oldin
I present to you my whore
Ashley B
Ashley B 2 kun oldin
I was taken in by my grandparents on my dad's side. My biological mom, never told my dad she was pregnant, until I was a month old and in foster care. My dad was 18, and I had major health issues. My grandparents didn't want me not knowing my real family, so they raised me as their own. My dad and I, have had a rocky relationship. As he left me when I was 7 and moved to Clifton Park, NY with my step mom, brother and sister (I'm up by Dannemora, NY [Prison Break]). Even better, is the fact I have a sister by my biological mom that knows nothing about me because my grandmother on her side, told my (grand)mom who raised me that I was a mistake. And her life would be better if I was never born. Sweet of her huh? I do, however, have 3 little brothers and a little sister by my dad; Whom, none of us see each other as half siblings. We're just brothers and sisters. And I, being the oldest. Am looked up to a lot. They love their sissy. Plus. My little sister, has made me an auntie, twice and a Godmommy twice to my niece and nephew (at 27, i have no kids). Still. Everyone in my family, says I'm a blessing. All my friends love me. Anyone I meet, becomes a friend. You take the good, and you take the bad. Good luck in your journey sweetheart. I hope you find what you're looking for and that you find you find peace with it all ❤
My husband and I really want to adopt Can u please make a video about what things you loved that ur parents did for you and what things you would have loved for them to do Of course it doesn’t take away from the amazing things they did Just want to hear more from adopted kids on what is the best method to go about life with them All love 💛
Fealisha Cunningham
REAL TALK W. EMA STAR My sister was adopted and we were supposed to let her know from day 1. It wasn't to be a secret. My stepmom (sister's mom) passed away 8 years ago and my sister found out she was adopted due to an older child being mean. Finding out she was adopted after losing the only mother she knew has made her have trust and anger issues. So my advice from the perspective of having an adopted sibling ... let them know and explain how much you love them. Also if you have biological children don't treat your adopted children differently.
Gaby Juarez
Gaby Juarez 2 kun oldin
We love you Nicole ❤️ Have been a Fan since u started jersey shore ❤️ don’t put excuses , behind of ur head ur always curious then u should give it a try to look for them ..life is not granted for anyone , Do what u gotta do ❤️❤️❤️
Indi Perez
Indi Perez 2 kun oldin
Can u do a video talking about a lot of questions the people may ask u when u say you are adopted ? I'm adopted too and the people sometimes ask me questions that hurt my feelings and sometime that annoying me
Mapododa1 2 kun oldin
Here comes an MTV show
Micci Dawn
Micci Dawn 2 kun oldin
Your beautiful in and out
M.C Vlogs
M.C Vlogs 3 kun oldin
She short like me
Kimberly Alcaraz
Kimberly Alcaraz 3 kun oldin
I’d love to do your makeup if you are ever in LA Snooki! Such a big fan! Love ya! #MeatballPower
queengigi87 3 kun oldin
I wonder if u had a Spanish name from your biological family!!! Haha that would be weird to see u as anything other than nicole/snooki
Charles Fyffe
Charles Fyffe 3 kun oldin
Tell Ronnie I said hi
Kelly S
Kelly S 3 kun oldin
This whole video is spot on. You sound exactly like me. Except I never wondered why my mom didn’t “want” me. I’m Hispanic grew up with a white family. This video is so sweet❤️
Jada sanderson
Jada sanderson 3 kun oldin
Never knew you were adopted! Growing up a lil badass watching jersey shore I always thought you were a dark skinned Italian girl
Glorimar Martinez
Glorimar Martinez 3 kun oldin
They hit a nerve with that left side of the upper lip huh I still lovvvveeeee you snooks
Geena Schmidt
Geena Schmidt 3 kun oldin
I love you so much. You’re such an inspiration and you’re just amazing. Btw I think Chileans speak Portuguese
Friye Amen
Friye Amen 3 kun oldin
Who fucking cares!! #UglyBitch🤮
Quick-Sword Ilena
Quick-Sword Ilena 3 kun oldin
Does it make you want to adopt a child ?
Quick-Sword Ilena
Quick-Sword Ilena 3 kun oldin
I get why your mom doesnt like you asking about your birth family but i feel like that isnt the right attitude to have about it just cause they are still the reason you were born so to be curious about it is totally normal
Michelle Power
Michelle Power 3 kun oldin
Love you snooki I've been subscribed for a while i feel like this video is blowing you up a bit on the UZvid scene so warning you might get some hate/rude comments, I know you good at not caring about that shit. But yea anyway love u!
girl from south
girl from south 3 kun oldin
Snooki, respectfully, you should learn how to say Chile correctly. It is not pronounced the same way the hotdog condiment is.
victoria williamson
Listening to your story felt like I was listening to my own. I was adopted from El Salvador at 5 months and grew up in Massachusetts. I just had a baby girl who is 6 months and she’s also my mini me! I’ve always wondered about my birth family and I know I have siblings as well. I hope one day I could find my family. Let me know what steps you will take to find yours. I’m not sure how to start the process. Love you 💕💕
Luciana quiroga
Luciana quiroga 4 kun oldin
Perla Hernandez
Perla Hernandez 4 kun oldin
I was adopted at 4 days of being born my real mother was my adopted mother sister I was kid number 6 and all of them she gave for adoption I was the last one I found out when I was adopted at age 21 I forgave her and she passed away two years
Sydney Lewis
Sydney Lewis 4 kun oldin
My mom just recently went and flew to ohio from alaska to meet her birth mom and family. She looks just like her mom and she feels so much more confident and whole because she knows where she came from and all of that. She knows my grandma is of course her mother and always will be but it was a cool experience and loved it! They still stay in touch. I think its definitely worth it, specially for health reasons. My mom found a lot about her health that all added up now. Love you!!
Amanda Perry
Amanda Perry 4 kun oldin
but after finding her cousins and such my mom had a way better life. non of them talk and my mom is so lucky to have her parents.
Amanda Perry
Amanda Perry 4 kun oldin
my mom is adopted we looked for her birth mother and she is deceased but my mom did ancestry DNA and she found a half sister. but like you my mom had a great life. my grandparents are my grandparents. she was always told from a child and my grandparents always were fine with her looking.
JuJucandybeads 4 kun oldin
Blessings love, u encourage so many... Completely relatable 🙊🙉🙈💋💋💋xoxoxoxo
flyewr1907 4 kun oldin
My suggestion is do a spinoff by meeting them
Charlene Baltimore
Charlene Baltimore 4 kun oldin
I don't care for this Jersey Shore franchise and roll my eyes at the sound of Snooki but I enjoyed this video and glad that she's not bitter about being adopted. My dad was given up as a baby and was never adopted, grew up in foster care and this was in America!
Grace 4 kun oldin
I’ve always wanted to adopt 😇 There are a few adoption stories in my family as well, including my mom 💕
Grace 4 kun oldin
I wonder if your biological family in Chile has ever heard of or seen the Jersey Shore but the thought of that being their biological child they put up for adoption never crossed their minds
Karla Avila Garcia
Karla Avila Garcia 4 kun oldin
Maria Padilla
Maria Padilla 4 kun oldin
I love Chile. Latina. Awesome
Aluxe Lux
Aluxe Lux 5 kun oldin
Dawn Davis
Dawn Davis 5 kun oldin
Look for them before its to late and u regret not doing it sooner
Saage Picasso
Saage Picasso 5 kun oldin
Nicole love you ❤️✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼
Melynda Fitt
Melynda Fitt 5 kun oldin
Does anyone else think it is wrong for society to coerce poor people to give their children away to wealthier people? I also hate that society shame and blames poor people for giving their children away, instead of shaming and blaming wealthy (almost always white) adopters who drive the adoption market. I wonder how much her adoptive parents paid to adopt her and what would have happened they had sponsored her family instead of taking her from them? #AllFamiliesMatter. Even poor ones. Even ones with darker skin than ours. And does it ever bother anyone else that is costs far less to adopt a brown or black baby than it does a white one? (www.npr.org/2013/06/27/195967886/six-words-black-babies-cost-less-to-adopt) And girl, you need to read The Primal Wound. You might find out that you aren't as big of a hot mess as you think you are, but you are just having *very* normal reactions to the loss of your original identity, heritage, culture, language, name, and family. Stop and think about your experience in the context of the current situation with children at the borders. Scientists have been shouting at the top of their lungs how damaging it is for children to be separated from their mothers because of the mental health crisis it causes in families. For both parents and children. “Sudden and unexpected family separation...can add to that stress, leading to emotional trauma in children." Also, “Research also suggests that the longer that parents and children are separated, the greater the reported symptoms of anxiety and depression are for children.” The separation of children from families has been called “inhumane,” and warnings have been issued that it has “a dire impact on their health, both now and into the future.” fortune.com/2018/06/15/doctors-trump-border-separation-policy-causing-mental-health-crisis-families/ Adoption isn't a magic eraser. It doesn't invalidate the trove of scientific findings that point to one unmistakable conclusion: Separating kids from their parents is detrimental to their physical and mental health.There's no adoption unicorn sprinkling rainbow confetti on your heart to help your pre-verbal infant mind deal with the sudden loss of your mother, which at six months was your entire world. You and your original family still bore the effects of sudden separation. Even if you are happy and love your adoptive parents (which is a wonderful and good thing!), it doesn't negate the fact that you - as an infant - experienced the trauma of being separated from your original family. Even if your adoptive parents had no idea the impact it would have on you, it is still there. Even if you are not yet able to wrap your head around it, it is still there. I think adoptees might have it even harder than the children at the border because we can all see how absolutely wrong it is in that situation.But with adoptees, we act as if decades of research about the neurological, physiological, and psychological impact of losing one's original parents doesn't apply. Adoptees rarely have that staggering loss acknowledged, much less are given the space and support they need to make sense of what happened to them. Now that I know you are an adoptee, so much of you makes sense. Behaviors I once rolled my eyes at are now met with the deepest of compassion and understanding. You aren't a hot mess. I promise.
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